Private Eyes (2015) s02e17 Episode Script

Brew The Right Thing

1 What kind of message Are we trying to give Soldiers in the fields Oh, thanks Shona.
Are you sure you're gonna be OK flying to Italy all by yourself? - I'm not a child.
- I never said you were.
- And there will be a pilot.
- Of course there will be.
But honey I'm a father.
- It's my job to worry.
- I know.
And thanks.
It must be hard watching your little girl grow up, flying off to Europe by herself with nothing but last year's clothes on her back.
I see what you did there.
And honey, just because you flash those pearly whites at me does not mean that I'm gonna [SIGHING] - Fine.
I give up.
- Ah ha! Here.
Take it all.
- Ah! Grazie mille! - Yeah, yeah, yeah.
- I'll hit Queen after school.
- OK, honey.
Have fun.
I love you, baby.
- Ciao, Papa.
- Hey, boss! - Hey.
- Fancy a carpool? You know what? I can't.
Angie just called, she wants me to go meet a couple of friends of hers.
Public transit it is, then.
A little time with the common man would probably - do you some good.
- See you in a bit.
See you, Shona.
- Hey! - Hi.
Why do you smell like strawberries? It's my hair.
I ran out of the usual conditioner.
Very fruity.
- You're not helping.
- Oh, hey! I'm going right by that cool soap shop on Queen.
Oh, yeah? I love their Rainforest Revival.
- Would you? - Yeah, no problem! I'll swing by the agency after I'm done.
You are a lifesaver.
Il piacere è tutto mio Le plume de ma tante! [LAUGHING] [ANGIE]: There it is! - Wayward Wally Brewery.
- Little early to be - hittin' the suds, isn't it? - It's noon somewhere.
Like where? Reykjavik? We're not going to day drink.
I wanted to introduce you - to the brothers who run it.
- Friends of yours? Yeah, from the old neighbourhood.
So who is this Wally who went Wayward and why? Their dad.
One day, he just up and left.
Seems an odd thing to commemorate.
The guys found a recipe for an IPA in their dad's old stuff, figured they'd give it a go and five years later, - they've just won a Golden Tap Award.
- Well, that's impressive.
Yeah! They're great guys.
- I thought you'd like to meet them.
- And? And they could use a celebrity endorsement, - and the only celebrity I know - Is me?! Yeah.
I use the term "celebrity" loosely.
No, no.
It's on the record now.
As a celebrity, I feel it would be irresponsible of me to endorse a product that I couldn't stand behind fully.
And you also need to know that I have a very sophisticated palate.
You're gonna like their beer.
And you'll like Miles and Dylan.
They're hardworking, friendly Miles, how could you do this to us?! How is this my fault? Well, I'm not the one who closed up last night! - You're saying I'm incompetent? - You heard what he said, Miles.
Negligence! Well, maybe we can get a second insurance inspection.
Hey, guys.
What's going on? Oh, Angie.
Miles forgot to lock off the valves last night.
They were locked up before I left.
Then explain to me why thousands of gallons of beer - literally have gone down the drain.
- I don't know, Dylan.
Maybe somebody broke in and opened the valves.
Are you saying this was intentional? - Well, yeah.
What else? - Prove it.
He doesn't have to.
We will.
Really? Angie, that would be amazing.
Uh guys, we'd be happy to help you, but why don't you just file an insurance claim? We tried.
You just passed the adjustor on the way in.
He's calling it negligence.
Yeah, which means we're out of pocket.
- So you just brew more beer! - It's gonna take at least two weeks to get a fresh batch, and we had contracts that were expecting delivery today.
Not to mention we lost about 30 grand in product.
That kills the reno plans.
- You guys were planning to expand? - Yeah.
After we won the Golden Tap, we scored a contract to supply the upcoming Summerfest Music Festival.
The plan was to expand into the rest of the building and increase production by 30%.
The dream was an experiential brew pub.
Looks like that's down the drain too.
Well, not if Angie and Matt here can prove that it was a targeted attack, right? So what time did you close up last night? I did the final taste test at 9 p.
I got in at 7 to find the place completely flooded.
So that's about a 10 hour window.
Speaking of windows, what kind of security system do you have here? Well, we're strictly a lock-and-key outfit at the moment.
Shade? Have a look at this.
The dust on the sill's been disturbed.
There's scratch marks on the latch.
So it was a break in.
This won't be enough to convince the insurance company.
What about you guys? Our interest is brewing.
I see you and you see me Watch you blowin' the lines when you're makin' a scene Oh boy, you've got to know What my head overlooks The senses will show to my heart When it's watching for lies 'cause you can't escape my Private Eyes They're watching you Private Eyes They're watching you, watching you, watching you Watching you Hope you didn't mind me jumping in - and offering our services.
- Oh, of course.
If we can help the brothers out, why wouldn't we? Jerry's Rigs is in the same building as Wayward Wally.
The boys' expansion plans are pretty ambitious.
They'd be taking over the entire space.
And putting Jerry out of business.
I wonder how Jerry feels about that.
- Nice rig.
- Oh, thanks.
[GROANING] All the kids nowadays want side pipes and dual exhaust systems.
I blame those damn Fast and Furious movies.
I put my foot down on nitrous oxide.
Nobody needs that stuff.
The freedom of being an independent.
My name's on the garage door so I get to say what's what.
So what do you say about Wayward Wally's expansion plans? You're not here about a custom job, are you? Everett and Shade.
We're private investigators.
We're looking into a break in that happened next door.
A break in! And you think I did it? No.
We're just asking around.
I've known those boys for years.
I worked with their father in this very shop.
Mind you, back then it was the whole building, but I taught Wallace everything he knew.
Sounds like you got a lot of history here.
Oh, yeah.
I'd be pretty upset if my life's work was being displaced by a beer tasting room.
You're crazy! I got a double wide down in Florida waiting for me to retire.
So you're happy about the expansion? I'm thrilled! In fact, the truth is I would've left years ago except the boys were young and struggling and my rent covered 'em over a few rough spots.
Were you here after 9 p.
last night? Home every night by seven.
Wheel of Fortune.
And this morning? Open at eight, like clockwork.
Although this morning when I came in, the boys were yelling.
I just thought they were brothers being brothers.
Someone broke in, drained the vats.
They lost all their beer.
- Damn.
That's bad.
- Yeah.
Maybe don't pack up for Florida just yet.
So, what'd you think of our Snowbird back there? He doesn't strike me as the cat burglar type.
If he wanted to go South so bad, he could've gone any time.
Why sabotage the brewery now? Why right after their Golden Tap win? Well, the local craft brew scene's exploded in the last few years.
Maybe someone's at loggerheads with the new kids on the block.
[ENGINE STARTING] Just give me a second.
When we asked you to start researching the local craft beer scene, - this isn't what we meant.
- I did the research online.
I just wanted to be extra thorough.
Because you're dedicated to your job.
You betcha! There are a lot of players in this game.
But it's all about flavour profile.
Now, there's filtered, unfiltered, seasonal, hoppy, - wheaty - Grumpy, Sleepy.
It's a big, beautiful beer world out there.
And here's a big, beautiful black coffee to bring you back to our world.
So, I narrowed it down from the master list and came up with five different competitors.
And, unlike the trend of the last decade, they're also not overly hoppy.
- But you circled one.
- That's the one that makes the most sense: Girl on a Bike.
I mean, I don't usually drink beer or any alcohol of any sort, but that's actually really good.
- That's pretty good! - Right?! Ladies! It's not even noon yet! It is in Halifax.
Other than flavour profile, what makes Girl on a Bike a likely suspect? They won the Golden Tap Award the last three years in a row.
This year was their first loss.
It was a pretty big upset.
Upset enough to sabotage Wayward Wally? Maybe the competition between these rivals has finally come to a head.
And you wonder why we drink.
[HICCUPPING] [INDISTINCT SPEAKING] You must be the girl on a bike.
Rosie, master brewer and owner.
- Have you had a sample? - I would love one.
- Nice logo.
- Thanks.
It's also tattooed on my cheek.
Ahh! [CHUCKLING] Golden Tap Award winner, huh? Three years running.
When is this year's competition? Ugh.
It just happened.
- Did you win? - No.
Wayward Wally did.
I don't agree with the judging, but the brothers worked hard for it.
Yeah, except all that hard work is now down the drain.
- Literally.
- Oh, the lost batch.
I heard about that.
Rookie mistake.
I thought Miles was better than that.
He is.
We think someone broke in and sabotaged the vats.
Another competitor, maybe.
What? No.
No crafter would do that to another.
- We're a community.
- Except business is business and the market'll only bear so many pints.
Who are you people? Just a couple of beer lovers trying to help out our friends.
Well, I would never do that to Miles and Dylan.
Because crafters are one big, happy family? And I have nothing to gain.
Not following you.
Can you keep a secret? Look, I'm not exactly an independent brewer anymore.
I sold out to Laughlin Brewers.
Laughlin Brewers? But they're a A big corporate conglomerate? I know.
I know.
But after my third win in a row, their acquisitions team kept coming around.
Wouldn't take no for an answer.
- So you took a buyout? - Well, not at first.
But suddenly, my distributors started falling off.
I lost out on a couple big contracts.
Outlets started denying me shelf space.
And you think Laughlin was responsible for that? Well, I can't prove it.
All I know is that once I signed that paperwork, all my problems evaporated.
Laughlin Brewers wanna take over the craft game from the inside out.
If anyone tried to mess with Miles and Dylan, my money's on them.
Let's get down tonight I said Let's get down tonight I said, let's get on down Tonight Maybe we should just let her sleep.
I need her expertise.
It'll be faster this way.
- Wake up! - [EXCLAMATION OF SURPRISE] What's up, boss? I've got a plan, but I need your help.
- This one's a little more fruit forward.
- All right.
Do you two mad scientists really think - this is gonna work? - Sure! It's just like when a wine maker mixes different grape varietals together to make a blend.
Except it's beer.
Oh, ye of little faith.
- You wanna try it before we go? - Definitely not.
Let's go.
[MAN]: Matt Shade! I'm surprised.
I thought you were more of a wine guy.
Oh, no.
I still am, but I have to admit the craft scene has stolen my heart.
- Guy Brant.
- Oh, Sarah Piece.
Pleased to meet you.
Sarah's been working with me and I think we've come up with something here that is truly special.
It's a delicate combination of barley, malt, hops and a couple of other things.
I'm perfectly content to keep my little operation small and contained, but Matt has been trying - to convince me otherwise.
- Is that right? Well, with corporate backing, we'd be able to focus our time on coming up with new recipes.
Besides, rumour is that Laughlin Brewers has been buying out the independent breweries quite aggressively.
I have to admit, I wanted to see behind the curtain for myself.
I can assure you, we respect the independent craft breweries and what they bring to the market.
That's why we're so interested in growing our craft profile.
That's good to hear, Guy.
So, uh Girl on a Bike is one of yours, correct? You guys must have an inside source.
Yes, it's true.
Girl was one of our acquisitions last year and we couldn't be happier with them.
Even after they lost a Golden Tap Award to Wayward Wally? Who, incidentally, was just the victim of vandalism.
What? Wait.
Do you know how bad the damage is? You hadn't heard? No.
They haven't called me yet.
Why would they call you? After Wayward won the Golden Tap, we made them an offer.
Miles asked for a few days to think it over.
But enough about the competition.
Let me get a taste of the beer Matt Shade is gonna stake his reputation on.
Ah ha ha! Interesting.
Agh! Ugh! Yeah, you better stick to wine there, Shadow.
Shade? [ANGIE]: So, Laughlin Brewers made Miles an offer and he never mentioned it.
- Neither did Dylan.
- Maybe Dylan doesn't know.
Why would Miles keep something like that a secret? Because he wants out and he's afraid Dylan won't take the deal.
And what better way to force a sale than to sabotage your own brewery? Oh, hey.
How's it going? Any leads? Yeah, one.
When were you gonna tell us about the Laughlin Brewers offer? - What Laughlin Brewers offer? - Oh, you know.
The one where they offered to take you on under their craft umbrella.
Salary, swag, shiny new digs.
Miles, is this true? You didn't think to tell me? [SIGHING] Come here.
I'm sorry.
I should've told you about it.
Just I know it's been a tough five years and we both worked our asses off.
I just thought after the Golden Tap win - that we had a real shot.
- We do, OK? And I want this just as bad as you do.
[SIGHING] Look, does Whitney know about the offer? Yeah No.
I know what you're thinking, but no.
- There's no way she would do this.
- Dude, listen to me.
- You know I love Whit.
- Dude, no.
You can't deny that she wants you to be rid of this place.
You know what? I'm not having this conversation.
All right? I've got work to do.
[SIGHING] What was that all about? When we started Wayward, Whitney was super supportive.
OK? Nobody really understood the time commitment - this place would take.
- She didn't sign up to never see her husband.
You really think she'd do this to you guys? I don't know.
I don't You know what? Just I'm sorry.
I'm upset.
Just forget I said anything, OK? [WHITNEY]: Yeah.
Dylan can shoot his mouth off sometimes but he's not wrong.
You realize what you're saying? Look, when the boys first moved in to their dad's old shop, we were kids.
It was fun, but how was I supposed to know it would consume every waking minute of Miles' life? And the Laughlin Brewers offer would free up all that time.
Yeah! The boys could take the buyout and walk away, or take the perk package, have the infrastructure to hire more bodies.
And you'd get your husband back.
Well, I thought Miles should at least talk to Dylan about the offer.
But he didn't.
So you popped by the brewery and opened the taps to force his hand? What?! I would never do that! No.
The decision has to be Miles'.
Where were you last night after 9 p.
? - I was at the office.
- Until? Ah late.
I was working.
I'm a graphic designer, so I freelance.
Can you be a little more specific about the time? I think I got in around 11.
I really don't know, guys.
Are we done? Sure.
For now.
- I'd say we struck a nerve.
- Yeah.
She was not working late at the office.
So where was she and why lie about it? At the brewery, opening the taps? Not unless they have valet parking.
This is dated yesterday but no company name.
Piece of cake.
How many valet companies can there be in Toronto? 57 companies?! Really? Can no one park their own car anymore? Ah, it won't be so bad.
We'll split the list up.
Come on, there's three of us.
I love those little red valet blazers.
OK, two and a half.
I'm so jealous.
I can't believe you get to go to Italy.
Hey, you could've come too! If I hadn't flunked science, I'd be right there with you.
I heard it's so easy to get wine there! And all that pizza and all those boys! Jealous, jealous, jealous.
Yeah, Well, when you put it that way, it does sound pretty great.
- Oh, sorry! - Sorry! Jules.
Um How are you? I'm I'm I'm fine.
And you? I'm fine.
Just doing some last minute shopping.
Oh, for Italy.
You? Just shopping.
I just needed a new grip for my lacrosse stick.
- Uh I should probably go.
- Yeah, me too.
- Bye.
- Bye.
Oh, my God.
Is that the first time you guys have talked since the big breakup? It is, isn't it? - Um - Wow.
That was like awkward, even for me just watching.
You said that already.
Are you OK? I don't know.
Back again? We know you weren't at the office last night.
You valet parked your car at a restaurant not too far from the brewery.
Close enough to run back there and open some taps.
All right, fine.
I lied.
So you did sabotage the brewery? No.
I told you, no matter how much that place drives me crazy, I would never do that to Miles.
So where were you? I was having dinner with Evan.
And he is? The boys' uncle, a guardian angel of sorts.
He used to work with their father and really picked up the slack when Wallace walked out.
So if you were just out having dinner, why lie to us? I don't know.
I was I was embarrassed, I guess.
I'm trying to get Evan on my side.
To try to convince Miles to take the buyout? Yeah.
He was one of the initial financers for the brewery, so I figured if he could just talk to Miles, then Look, I don't You should just talk to Evan yourselves.
[SHADE]: Thanks for coming to meet us.
Oh, anything for the boys.
They're my brother's kids and ever since their mom passed, we're all the family we got left.
Whitney said that you two were having dinner last night? Yeah.
She wants me to talk to Miles about selling the brewery to the big guns.
- What'd you say? - I said I'd try, but Miles is stubborn and Dylan is too.
They're fighters.
They didn't have that much of a childhood.
They had to grow up pretty fast.
You mean with their dad walking out? Well, this was my big brother and my hero.
Jerry and him and I, we spent years working in that shop and then one day he's gone.
I was gutted.
I can only imagine what it was like for the boys.
Whitney said you were like the boys' guardian angel? Oh, yeah.
Like, I try to help out where I can.
I made some good investments.
I helped get them through college.
And you loaned them the money to start the brewery.
Yeah, I did and they worked their butts off.
I can't believe that somebody just like, comes and tries to destroy it all.
Do you know of any enemies they might have? No.
They're local heroes.
I guess there's always somebody trying to stick it to the good guy though, right? Oh! Well, here's a local hero now.
Hey, Dylan.
What? OK.
Calm down.
Where are you? All right.
I'll be right there.
Something happen? Yeah.
There was another attack at the brewery and Miles has been hurt.
He's in the hospital.
That's quite the lump you've got there.
You sure you feel up to talking? Oh, sure.
It's my ego that took the brunt of it.
So what happened? Well, I was staying late to finish up a batch so we could fulfill our Music Fest contract.
I went to the back office to do some paperwork.
And then I heard a noise out front.
[ANGIE]: Did you see anyone? No.
I went to check on the vats, and that's when I got hit from behind.
When he didn't answer his phone, I went over there.
Found him on the floor.
- Yeah, I thought for a moment - Hey, hey.
Let's not go there.
That damn brewery, Miles, is gonna kill you.
Come on, babe.
It's gonna take more than a hit to the head to keep me down, all right? Well, it's a good thing you have a thick skull.
Hey, how's the equipment? A total loss.
- What? - Yeah.
- No.
- The coolant lines are down, damaged beyond repair.
Air regulators, filtration systems, everything.
- What time did you find him? - It was around 7 p.
And the weapon? It was a wrench.
I left it where I found it.
The police are sending over a forensics unit to see what they can find.
That's all well and good but you gotta start lookin' at the signs here, OK? That old place is a jinx.
All right? Maybe we gotta seriously consider the Laughlin Brewers offer.
They're gonna set you up in a new facility.
It's a bigger profile.
You'll get more foot traffic.
Evan, no.
There are people out to get you over there.
Just because the going gets a little bit tough doesn't mean we need to up and quit.
You're not your father, Miles.
And no one's gonna think lesser of either of you.
We need the money.
Let me call Laughlin Brewers, tell them we'll take their buyout offer.
Come on, Miles.
We could all use the money to get back on our feet.
Maybe they'll let you stay where you are and you won't have to give up on your expansion plans.
[SIGHING] Why don't you call me Why don't you call me - Hey, Jules.
- Hey.
How was shopping? Um about that, actually.
I'm sorry, but I didn't get a chance to make it - to the store for you.
- Oh, no worries.
I can smell like fruit salad for another day.
Did you buy any cool travel dresses? Actually - I didn't get anything.
- Nothing? Man, if my dad gave me a lot of cash, there's no way I'd be bringing back change.
What is it? What happened? I, um bumped into my ex-boyfriend, Liam.
Right? Ever since then, I've just felt bad or sad, or maybe empty.
I don't know.
Even though you're broken up.
I thought I was over it.
But we weren't supposed to talk at all before I left.
That was the deal.
You know? A clean break.
Breakups are never clean.
So I'm learning.
Well, do you still feel like you have stuff you wanna say to him? Like what? What would I say? How about everything you just told me? We rollin'? Say hi to your Uncle Evan, there.
Hi, Evan! Hi.
Ready to get measured? - Hey, what about you? - Hey, Dylan.
We just thought we'd stop by with an update.
The police only found fingerprints from you and your brother, Whitney, Jerry and Evan.
So no leads there.
What are you watching? Look at what you're up to.
You're gonna be taller than your Uncle Evan is.
- Really? - Do you know that? I know it! I know it! Come here! Say hi to Uncle Evan! Dad left shortly after this video was taken.
What's wrong? It's over.
What's over? I just got this this morning.
Laughlin Brewers are rescinding their offer.
[ANGIE]: Why? They just got tired of waiting around for an answer.
They moved on.
I'm so sorry, Dylan.
There's no way to keep Wayward Wally going? Well, it's just we don't have enough money to pay out our existing contracts, let alone rebuild.
- You know, it's - What are you gonna do? We have to sell the building.
Yeah, it's just the last asset we have.
Is there any way we can help? We know a couple of agents, probably get you a good price.
Thanks, but it's already in motion.
There's a company that's interested.
You move fast.
Oh, no.
They've been after this building forever.
- Who are they? - Some numbered company.
We get an offer from them about once a year.
You don't say.
When exactly did this last offer come in? Just this morning.
It's perfect timing, I guess.
[ENGINE STARTING] Maybe a little too perfect.
And why a numbered company? What are they hiding? Could be these attacks weren't about the beer at all.
Someone's been after their property but the boys keep turning down their offer.
So this company tries to bankrupt the brewery, then pretend to ride in on a white horse - to secure the sale.
- Hold on.
Any luck? I talked to the real estate agent.
He doesn't have a name for the numbered business.
Oh, well.
It's probably a shell anyway.
He did have an address.
Texting you now.
We'd like to speak to the person in charge of the Wayward Wally's Brewery purchase.
That's the Westfield CFO.
I'll let him know you're here - if you'll just have a seat.
- Thanks.
Now it all makes sense.
When will this city's appetite for flipping finally die? Not until they've torn down the last real neighbourhood that has any soul left at all.
That strip where Wally's is, I wouldn't be surprised if Westfield's trying to buy up the entire block.
I'd like to give this monster a piece of my mind.
Evan? When my brother Wallace left, the boys were really young and their mother, she was in no condition to keep the business afloat.
- So you offered to buy her out.
- Yeah.
And she refused.
God bless her.
And I can't say I blame her.
A lot of good memories in that place.
But Jerry decided to open his own shop in there, so that kept some rent money coming in the door.
So how do the boys figure into this? Well, about five years ago, the boys said they wanted to open a brewery in their father's honour.
I thought it was sweet, if a little ill-conceived.
- But you let 'em go for it.
- Well, it's their building.
I can't exactly stop them.
So why offer to buy it now and why be so secretive about it? Because the boys are proud.
And they're stubborn.
They're just like their father and just like their uncle.
They hate charity.
As for the timing, I mean, it's kind of appropriate, don't you think? Maybe a little too appropriate.
Do you think I have something to do with the sabotage? Maybe with Jerry retiring, you thought it was the right time to squeeze the boys out.
That's ridiculous.
The place has sat empty for years.
Why would I want to redevelop it now? You didn't.
Boys said they get an offer every year.
I can see how this looks from the outside, but those boys, they're like sons to me.
I make that offer every year as a sort of check-up, and I'm actually secretly proud that they keep turning me down.
If you'll excuse me, I actually do have a conference call.
Why do I feel like there's more to his story? It's the old too-good-to-be-true caution flag.
And the annual check-up thing, does that even make sense? So what do you think he's hiding? I don't know, but I bet there's a certain mechanic who might.
Well, Jerry, looks like you'll be taking that trip down to Florida a little bit sooner than you expected.
Dylan told me that they've given up the brewery and they're selling the building.
A damn shame.
Did they mention who they were selling it to? - No.
- Evan.
Well, at least they know they'll get a fair price.
He's a good man.
You have known him for a long time.
Wallace brought Evan in as an apprentice.
He was determined to turn his little brother into a world-class mechanic.
But Evan was more about the numbers.
So he handled the money? Well, it worked out that way once it was clear he was no grease monkey.
Was Wallace disappointed? No, it worked out for the best.
Once Wallace left, Evan put up this wall, split the joint in two, allowed me to stay on.
He's done a lot for those boys.
More than he'll let on.
Mind you, part of it could be the guilt.
Guilt over what? Oh, he and Wallace used to fight a lot.
- Fight about what? - Oh, money mostly.
You know, despite the fact that we were doing well, we always seemed to be struggling, so The last time we all saw Wallace, Evan had it out with him and they had a real knock-down, drag-'em-out battle.
I stayed out of it.
And do you think that's why Wallace left? Evan clearly thought so, 'cause from that point forward, he was committed to keeping that family whole.
I see the steam coming out of your ears.
- What have you got? - Something about that story Jerry told us.
Yeah, it struck me too.
Evan never mentioned handling the finances of Wallace's shop.
A lot of business coming in, not a lot of money - to show for it.
- And then an argument about money the day Wallace disappeared? What does a 20-year-old argument have to do with the brewery or Miles or Dylan? I guess it's time we brew up a new theory.
So 20 years ago, Dylan and Miles' father walks off after a fight with Evan.
Evan spends the next two decades secretly helping his nephews: managing the shop, sending them to college.
Even helping them start the brewery five years ago.
He's an investor.
How does it help him to destroy the brewery? A choice piece of real estate? What, at the height of the market? It'd be the worst business decision the guy ever made.
So what's the trigger, then? What's changed? Winning the Golden Tap? The Laughlin Brewery offer? Jerry wanting to fly South? Or something about the building itself? It's gotta be the brewery expansion.
What are we looking for? I don't know, just something different.
Well, they're goin' big: - shop, café.
- Lots of natural light, real open concept.
That's it.
What? What's missing from this picture? The wall that separates Wally's from Jerry's.
It's being knocked down as part of the expansion.
And when did Jerry say it went up? Right after Wallace left.
He built it to separate the building into two.
Well, why would anyone care about a wall? Why go to all that trouble to prevent it from being torn down? I can think of one reason.
And if you're right, we're not looking for a saboteur.
We're looking for a killer.
- Hi.
- Hi.
How's your patient? Growing impatient.
I think that's a good sign.
Come on in, guys.
Miles, can I get you anything else? How 'bout a new brewery? Oh, baby.
I would if I could.
- I never wanted it to end like that.
- I know.
Don't tire him out.
- OK.
- We won't.
Things seem to be getting back to normal.
Yeah, gettin' there.
Who would've thought all it took to knock some sense into me was a third degree concussion? Actually, there's something we wanted to follow up on.
Do you have any paperwork from the shop from before your dad disappeared? Like account ledgers, blueprints, bills.
Yeah, my father was a real pack rat.
It's a trait that I unfortunately inherited from him.
What's this for? It's just a theory we're working on.
Guys Look, I'm sorry, but it's over.
Whoever did this, - they won.
- That's funny.
I never pegged you for a quitter.
Nice try.
But even I have to face the facts every once in a while.
It was a nice dream.
I'll tell you what, Miles.
How about you leave the facts to us and don't give up on that dream just yet.
You're sure this is not a load-bearing wall? Sure I'm sure.
And you got your contractor's license from? Hours of watching the Property Brothers.
Well here goes nothin'.
[GRUNTING] What the hell do you guys think you're doing? Uncovering a 20-year-old murder.
What are you talking about? Your message said there was a breakthrough in the case? Oh, we did have a breakthrough.
Unfortunately for you, forensic science has come a long way since the '90s.
It's not gonna be too hard to figure out who put Wallace in the wall there.
You don't understand.
Oh, no, no.
We do understand.
Most of it, anyway.
Back in the day, you, Wallace, Jerry, you all worked together right here, in this building.
The boys said he trusted you.
He must have been really upset when he caught you skimming the books.
You killed your own brother to make a quick buck.
No, it was an accident.
We were arguing, sure.
And he shoved me and I shoved him back and he fell over on the lift and it broke his neck.
So why didn't you call 911? Because there was money missing and people knew we were fighting and no one was gonna believe me.
I never meant to kill him.
Was it you who attacked Miles last night in the brewery? I was just trying to destroy the tank.
He came out of nowhere! Yeah.
Save it for the police.
Do Dylan and Miles know? They will shortly.
This is what I dreaded the most.
I spent my whole life taking care of these kids.
Guilt can be a strong motivator.
I've given those boys everything.
Everything except the truth.
And carry on - But don't say a word - [SIREN BLARING] Hey.
How you guys holding up? I can't believe Dad never left us.
How'd you guys find out about the embezzlement? Well, we searched through some of those old ledgers you gave us.
Shortly before your dad disappeared, there was a slight variation in his signature on the company cheques.
You know, I spent my whole life hating the wrong person.
It's over now, OK? The insurance money should come in in a couple of days.
And you could use it to pay off your debts or start over new someplace, if you want.
I think we should stay here.
All this it's gotta be for something.
[JULES]: Thanks for coming.
Um how was the rest of your day with Carly? Short.
We went home right after we ran into you.
Sorry if I - ruined your shopping trip.
- No, no.
I guess I'll just go shopping in Italy.
So some coincidence, bumping into you.
Are you sorry it happened? What? No! Why? - Are are you? - No! No.
Um just the opposite.
Me too.
I think.
But, um, what do you mean? I thought I was good.
You know, with us not being us but I'm not.
Me neither.
I mean, as soon as I heard your voice Cool.
But I'm still going to Italy.
Nothing's changed.
Maybe we could just talk sometimes? Just as friends? I don't think I can just be friends with you.
I don't think I can be just friends with you either.
So where does that leave us? Hey there, love Tell me, are you A dreamer like me? Even after sleep You believe in your soul In love, no one's alone Hey you two, you got a sec? Yeah, what's up? Hey, babe.
So I have something to show you.
- [SIGHING] - Oh, my God.
Babe, it's perfect.
- Yeah? - Yeah.
You know what? - I think Dad would like it too.
- Yeah.
Ooh Recycling day! Wait, wait, wait, wait! Hold on! I got it! No, no! I can No, no, no.
I got it.
It's the least I can do.
- Thanks for talking to Jules.
- Oh, that.
It's no problem.
She's a good kid.
Plus, girl stuff can be hard sometimes.
Tell me about it.
Don't tell me about it.
I'm just happy she's happy.
What are you doing here? Get out of here! - Go enjoy your weekend.
- Copy that, boss.
Hey there, darling Well, everybody, they can play for life We can live like we're alive And running free You know, true love follows dreams - Hey.
- Look what I have here: the last case of the original brew.
- How'd you score that? - Well, let's just say the brewery has a new celebrity endorsement.
Oh, Shade.
Those guys really deserve a break.
So this is a bona fide collector's item, huh? For special occasions only.
Like this one? Ooh To a job well done, partner.
I'll drink to that.
Ooh Hey there, love Tell me, are you a dreamer like me? Even after sleep You believe in your soul In love, we're not alone Ooh Let me Be the one, oh