Private Eyes (2015) s02e16 Episode Script

Look Who's Stalking

1 This week on Breakfast with Becca, we've got makeover magic with Emily Fleet and a visit from nutritionist Bob Leonard.
OK, great.
Let's cue up the next one.
Hey, I got your text.
What's up? Becca left me a voicemail saying she needed to see us after her show.
- She seemed upset.
- Shh! And be sure to tune in on Friday when I sit down for an exclusive chat with City Councillor Samantha Bowman.
She's running for mayor and the old boys' club is running for cover.
See you then, 'cause no breakfast is complete without Becca.
OK, cut! That's a wrap.
Here you go, Ms.
- Change this.
- It doesn't seem - like there's a problem.
- Sometimes Becca's idea of a crisis can be somewhat overblown.
Oh, come! Becca.
Matt! Great to see you! When are we gonna book you as a guest on the show? I'll have to check my schedule.
That's what you said the last nine times I asked.
I'm gonna make this happen, Matt.
You mark my words! Great show, Bec.
Where are we with the Samantha Bowman interview? I submitted the interview questions yesterday.
I'm waiting to hear back.
Keep it light though, right? This isn't "gotcha" TV.
I gotcha! Love this girl! Love this girl.
[CHUCKLING, SIGHING] I had to bend over backwards to get that interview approved.
Maggie's great but she's never met a piece of fluff she didn't like.
Is she the reason you called us? No.
But she is one of the reasons I need you guys to keep this to yourselves.
Any hint of a scandal and Maggie'll break into a rash.
- Keep what to ourselves? - Shh! Follow me.
- Your water, Ms.
- Thanks, Tina.
And pick up that dry cleaning for me, all right? Already done! And I only asked last Tuesday! Ah, millennials.
Your wish is their when I feel like it.
Oh, hey Becster! Great cooking segment this morning.
Colour me amazed! Thanks, Jeffrey.
And may I say your weather report this morning made the downpour seem like a guilty pleasure.
Calls himself a meteorologist.
He wouldn't know a cold front if it smacked him in the face.
Becca, as fascinating as it is to get a glimpse inside your glamorous world of sugar-coated insults, could we get on with this, please? OK, so I got to the studio this morning as usual.
Came to my room to leave my things here and go to hair and makeup and then I found this.
I don't get it.
Aren't flowers in a dressing room a good thing? Was there a note? "You will be mine.
" What am I gonna do, Shadow? Am I missing something? It's my stalker.
He's back.
I see you and you see me Watch you blowin' the lines when you're makin' a scene Oh boy, you've got to know What my head overlooks The senses will show to my heart When it's watching for lies 'cause you can't escape my Private Eyes They're watching you Private Eyes They're watching you, watching you, watching you Watching you You better fill her in.
[SIGHING] Well, Shade and I had just started dating.
And I had my first meteorologist position, delivering the weather on Channel 3's morning news.
And that's when the flowers appeared in your dressing room.
Always with notes in powder pink envelopes.
At first, the messages were pretty innocent, you know? Like old-fashioned valentines.
But then they got scarier and scarier.
Until they became outright threats.
I couldn't sleep, I couldn't eat.
I lost my concentration at work.
Finally, my doctor had to prescribe medication.
It was a pretty horrible time.
Did the police finally catch the guy? Yeah.
His name was Harvey Stanwell.
There was a trial; he was convicted.
They gave him a restraining order and some community service.
Wait, that's it? After making your life complete hell? The prosecutor said we were lucky to get a conviction at all.
- OK.
So, where's Harvey? - I have no idea.
I haven't thought about him in years until this morning.
It's OK.
We'll find him.
We should contact the officer in charge of the case back then.
Yeah, Sergeant O'Donnell.
- He worked out of the 57th - No.
No police.
No one can know about this.
- Becca - The last time this happened, the story was all over the press.
And you've seen these guys in here! They feed on gossip like this.
Not to mention I don't want Jules getting upset right before she's going away to Italy.
I just want this guy stopped and I want to move on with my life - like nothing happened.
- OK.
We'll be discreet.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Well, according to his court-appointed attorney, Harvey Sandwell completed his community service and hasn't been in trouble with the law since.
So why is this guy suddenly stalking Becca again? She's back on the air for the first time in years.
Maybe seeing her sparked his obsession? Did we find a way to contact him yet? His Ameechee page says he volunteers at his community centre Mondays and Wednesdays.
He should be there now.
All right.
Text me the address.
Let's go.
Zoe, see if you can track down where the flowers were ordered from and more importantly Who ordered them.
On it.
[MAN]: I'd been fine for weeks and then one day, I just couldn't stop thinking about my ex-girlfriend.
So I got in the car.
I was gonna drive over to her apartment But you called your sponsor.
- He helped me realign my thinking.
- Good work, Dale.
Thanks for sharing.
Let's take a five minute break.
Stalkers Anonymous? Which one's our guy? The leader of the group.
That's Harvey.
Hey! Harvey! Mr.
Shade what're you doing here? I think you know exactly what I'm doing here.
I'm Angie Everett, a private investigator, and Mr.
Shade is my partner.
How can I help you? You can start by leaving Becca alone! Becca? I haven't had any contact with her in years.
So you're denying sending flowers and a threatening message this morning? - What? - It showed up in her dressing room, - just like the old days.
- I had nothing to do with that.
And why should we believe you? Because I'm not that person anymore.
I feel terrible about everything that I did back then.
But now I take medication and I'm helping other men who are struggling with the same obsessive tendencies.
Where were you between midnight and 6 a.
? At home with my wife and kids.
- You have a family now? - Yeah.
And I wouldn't do anything to jeopardize that.
You know we'll be checking that alibi, Harvey.
Please do.
You won't find anything.
Shade I know you don't trust me.
But you have to take this situation very seriously.
And why is that? Not only is this person stalking your wife, but they've gone to the trouble to copy me.
Whoever this person is, they need help.
Well, yeah, that's why they cancelled Bring Your Daughter to Work Day.
All right.
Oh, hey! Does one of those happen to belong to me? It could if you run a credit card number for me.
Are you attempting to bribe a police officer with a glorified milkshake? What if I sweeten the deal with [INDISTINCT WHISPERING] Oh, I'm going to hell.
OK, I'll do it.
Do I still get the coffee too or is it like a trade? - Yeah.
- Thank you.
So what's the story with this? Becca has a stalker.
- Yeah.
- Hm.
He left a bunch of roses in her dressing room this morning.
I tracked down the florist, got the credit card number but it was an online order and the name was fake.
Jeez, a stalker.
Serious business.
All right, this'll just take a second.
Hey! You didn't tell me there's a blood drive here.
- We should donate! - Yeah, you know what? This actually got cancelled.
I don't know why I had that on my desk.
Hey, the number's up! All right.
Let's find this cardholder's name.
O M G.
After meeting Harvey, I have a hard time believing he's stalking Becca again.
He seems to have really turned his life around.
A leopard that crazy - can't change his spots.
- [BUZZING AND RINGING] There's Becca.
This is Zoey.
- I'll catch up with you later.
- All right.
- Hey - Shadow! Hey.
I'd like to introduce you to Councillor Samantha Bowman, a hero of mine and this city's next mayor.
Well, I hope you're right about that.
Nice to meet you.
Aren't you the one who got arrested? - Shadow! - No, it's fine.
Look, I will take the recognition wherever I can get it.
Yes, I was part of the protest to prevent the destruction of parkland in my ward.
As you know, the environment's really important to me.
I've based my entire campaign around it.
Samantha stopped by so we could discuss the interview.
We're gonna go with a more intimate format so we can really dig in to those questions.
Samantha, we're on a pretty tight schedule.
I'm sorry, this is my campaign manager, Simon Murphy, also known as my task master and my right hand man.
Nice to meet you.
Now, if you'll excuse us.
I'll show you to the board room.
You'll want to follow me.
Join us, Bec.
- I'll be right there.
- OK.
So did you track down Harvey? Well, the jury's still out on him.
We're gonna stay on top of it.
What's wrong? Was Zoey able to find out who sent the roses? Yeah.
Let's go talk about it.
Talk about what? Who was it? The name on the credit card was Becca D'Orsay.
[BECCA]: I can't believe you think I'd actually stoop so low as to pose as my own stalker? I mean, for what? The publicity? Look, you have to admit you have been known to seek attention from time to time.
Yes, I can be a bit dramatic.
- A bit?! - OK.
Even if I did pull off a stunt like this to raise my profile, I wouldn't be stupid enough to use my own credit card! Yeah, you're right.
I'm sorry.
OK, look.
Someone is obviously trying to make you look bad as they drive you crazy.
You guys really don't think that Harvey did this? He runs a support group for other stalkers and he has an alibi.
Yeah, but all the details were the same.
The original stalker trial is the third thing that comes up if you google your name.
- You googled me? - The roses, the pink envelope, the note.
It would be really easy for someone to find out the details of the original attack - and just mimic them.
- So anyone could be my stalker? Can you think of anyone that might have accessed - your credit card information? - Not at the studio.
I always keep my wallet locked up in this drawer.
Here's the credit card right here.
Any chance you forgot to lock this drawer yesterday? Well, no I I guess.
What is it? Well, I I had a fling, recently.
It was nothing serious, - it was just a boy at the gym.
- A boy?! He was more of a boy toy.
He's a personal trainer.
Better and better.
Does this boy toy have a name? Lance Masters.
Seriously? I leant him my credit card because he broke a veneer and he needed a new one and he couldn't afford it.
Can't have a boy toy with only one front tooth.
Apparently not.
I mean, I guess Lance could've copied my credit card number.
I broke up with him two weeks ago and he wasn't very happy about it.
He's gonna be less happy when he talks to us.
Where can we find this Lance? He works out of a gym next to a vegan juice bar in Liberty Village.
Of course he does.
Tina! Tell Maggie I'm coming! [SHADE]: I can't believe Becca's dating a gym rat.
That is such a double standard, like you haven't dated a few wow! What? What? "Wow" what? Nothing.
I just, uh I found Lance's profile picture.
Let's see.
Maybe I should get a boy toy.
So much muscle, so little time.
Do you think you can pull yourself out of dream land for five seconds and come up with a plan? Already done.
You search Lance's car and - I'll search Lance.
- [GROANING] [MAZ]: Hey! What are you doing back here? I thought we were supposed to meet at the restaurant.
I got off work early and I thought I'd pick you up this time.
- Oh, wow! - And I'm glad I did because it looks like that blood drive - wasn't cancelled after all! - Oh.
Yeah, I don't know what I was thinking.
Oh well! We can do it next time.
Why not now? I mean, we still have time to donate blood before dinner.
Yeah, I I I can't.
Why not? All right, look.
I don't like to talk about this too much, but I was on a police exchange in England a few years ago back when there was an outbreak of mad cow disease.
No, I don't have it.
It's not like I wasn't exposed but the upshot is that I can't give blood.
That's it.
Doctor's orders.
For life.
- That's awful.
- Yeah, I know.
I mean, you think I don't wanna donate, you know, while I can? It feels good to give! I'm a charitable guy, right? So yeah, it sucks.
Yeah, I'm sorry I hit a sore spot.
Oh, that's OK.
Let's just go to dinner.
Strangely, I could murder a steak right now.
Yeah? Well, let's get back - into those mad cows! - Let's! Come on, Angie! Big waves! Slam! - Slam! Slam! - [ANGIE GROANING] How about sit? - I really need a drink of water.
- Sure, sure.
- Absolutely.
- Oh, thanks.
You know, you are really good at this.
It's a gift.
Well, you're doing really great.
Some of the women I train aren't half as ripped as you.
Well, which half would that be? Because I am sore all over.
So is there a special someone in your life? Guy like you must get swiped right a lot.
Oh, you know.
I have my moments.
Come on.
Who is she? Was.
It didn't go so well.
What happened? She was everything I ever dreamed of, you know? Pretty, in great shape, a celebrity which could've been great for my personal training image.
That is so romantic.
And then she ruined everything by dumping me! Oh, wow.
You're running a bit hot, huh? It's the protein powder.
Really? Bingo.
I had a whole plan, you know? She was gonna introduce me to her celebrity friends.
I could have really made something of myself.
That's just the way the power bar crumbles.
Hey, Lance.
Does this look familiar to you? 'Cause it's familiar to me.
My daughter gave it to my ex-wife Becca for Christmas.
Hey, you're Matt Shade.
You two know each other? Yeah.
We're private investigators.
We're looking into a stalking incident directed at Becca D'Orsay.
Stalking Wait, you think I'm stalking Becca?! Stalkers are known to covet personal items from their victims.
How do you explain this? - But - You just admitted you're upset over Becca dumping you.
I'm an intense guy! Women find it sexy.
They don't, Lance.
Lance, the scarf? OK.
I took the scarf.
The night Becca told me it was over, I lifted it from her purse.
But I just wanted to make her call me looking for it, OK? Look at me.
I'm not used to rejection.
[SHADE]: Oh, come on! That guy had motive, opportunity and he was hoarding a souvenir of their relationship.
He is suspect number one.
There's no way that that guy had the idea to look up the details of Becca's previous stalker and copy them.
We've gotta be missing something.
Well, let's call her and let her know what's going on.
- [DINGING] - He had my scarf?! Ugh! That was couture! I I think you're missing the point.
We haven't ruled Lance out as a suspect but he's definitely not looking like a shoe-in as your stalker.
Are you sure? I mean, he was really upset when I told him that we were through.
[SCREAMING] Becca? - Bec? - Becca? Hey! You OK? Inside.
- - [SINISTER MUSIC] I feel terrible! Someone must have stolen Mrs.
D'Orsay's extra fob when I stepped away from the security room.
Please, tell her I'm sorry.
Well, maybe next time you go for a pee break, you'll remember to lock the office.
OK? Thanks a lot, Gus.
All right, we're gonna take the bear and the note back to the lab, see if we can't find any trace elements of the stalker's DNA.
Do you think that's likely? Seems like he really knew what he was doing.
Avoided the cameras, snatched the fob from security.
How's Becca handling this? I better go check on her.
[JULES]: Mom! Are you OK? I can't believe this is happening.
I'm fine.
- Hey, Don.
- Good to see you safe, Becca.
Stay as long as you like.
Grandpa told me about the first stalker.
That must have been awful.
I don't want you to worry about me.
That's my job.
We can talk about it in the morning, OK? Right now I just wanna get some sleep.
Put it out of my mind for a bit.
- OK.
- Goodnight.
- Love you.
- Night, sweetie.
Hey, this way, honey.
- Thank you.
- Goodnight.
Do you need any help with those bags? No, it's all right, Dad.
I got 'em.
See you.
Can I get you something? A drink, maybe? Yeah.
Yeah, I could use one.
[SHADE SIGHING] You're safe here, Becca.
- You know that, right? - Oh, yeah.
I know.
It's not that.
It's just sometimes I wonder if this is the universe telling me to get over myself.
What do you mean by that? When this happened the last time, I was the Channel 3 weather girl.
Perky and smiling.
Standing in short skirts next to the big green screen.
And here I am years later and I'm doing the exact same thing.
But you've got your own show now.
But is it really any different? I try so hard to make it about real issues, Shadow but all anyone wants me to do is give my opinion on fashion trends or workout tips or how to stuff a throat pillow.
But you got that big interview.
Samantha Bowman's the real deal, isn't she? Yeah.
Yeah, she's amazing.
Did you know that she implemented a pilot program in her ward to improve the quality of curbside recycling? She held an open bid and she chose the company with the greenest profile.
- You did your homework! - Exactly! But all Maggie wants me to ask her is where she shops and what she eats and what the name of her Labrador retriever is.
[SIGHING] How did you do it? How did you change who you were and and actually make it stick? [SIGHING] I had help.
Angie's pretty great, isn't she? Don't you dare tell her I said that.
Well, thanks for letting me know.
Yeah, see you.
Oh, hey! That was Maz.
There was no DNA on the stuffed animal or the note left in Becca's apartment.
So we're back to square one.
Afraid so.
What's wrong? What do you think the chances are of Maz actually developing mad cow disease? What? Well, he told me this story about him being in the UK during the epidemic and I looked it up and the virus can lay dormant in your spinal column for years.
What? Maz hasn't been to London, Ontario, let alone London, England.
He was havin' a laugh, as they say.
He lied.
I can't believe this.
Well, what prompted this little confession of his? I went to meet him for dinner.
I suggested we donate blood.
And he got out of that one big time.
Oh, my God.
Is Maz afraid of needles? Uh, yeah! Like terrified! When we were in grade school, it took both of the gym teachers and school nurse to wrestle him into a booster shot.
[LAUGHING] Mad cow disease.
That's a good one.
You're up and dressed early.
Turns out sleeping wasn't as easy as I thought.
Besides, I have the interview with Samantha today, so I wanna get there and get ready.
You're gonna get through this, Becca.
You know that, right? Of course.
Mom? You're trending.
What? Yeah, the stalker story.
It's all over social media.
Let me see.
Including the fact that my previous stalking incident caused a mental collapse, forcing me off the air?! Who would leak something like that? Jules, can you find who started that? Yeah.
Ah, OK.
It all started with @partlycloudy100.
Can I see that? "Becca D'Orsay has a stalker.
Colour me amazed.
" Take me to the studio.
Now! Tina! Morning, Hank! Morning, Missy! Sarah! Good to see you.
Tina! What have I told you about being late, Tina? It won't be tolerated, Ms.
- Jeffrey! - Ow! How dare you expose my personal struggles on Twitter?! I do not know what you are talking about.
Oh ho ho! "partlycloudy100"? God! You couldn't even be bothered to come up with a decent alias? Well, I thought you'd appreciate the shout out.
Every tweet is a good tweet, as they say.
Nobody has ever said that! Ever! Oh, yeah.
If you think some second-rate cloud caller like you is gonna rattle my cage with a cheap move like this? Did you send the flowers, too? What?! Absolutely not.
But you knew about them.
Tina told me.
You're trying to wreck my career because you're jealous.
Jealous of the big interview, jealous of the fact that I made it out of the weather racket and you didn't.
Jealous of you? Oh, please! There is a storm front coming for you, Jeffster.
And it is gonna smack you right in the right in your cheap, little Becca, calm down.
I can't breathe.
You OK? Hey, Becca! - [GASPING] - Becca? Call 911! Becca? Becca! Hey! Hey! Look at me! Becca! [BIRDS CHIRPING] - Becca D'Orsay? - Yes.
This is my ex-husband, Matt Shade.
As I suspected, Ms.
D'Orsay, you suffered an anaphylactic reaction to peanuts.
Peanuts? But that's impossible! Becca's known about her peanut allergy since she was a little kid.
She's always extremely careful.
And the studio is strictly peanut free.
Yes, we called them to check but we also tested the water you were drinking before the attack.
It tested positive for peanuts even though there are none listed in the ingredients.
You mean someone laced my water on purpose? The police have been notified.
Thanks for lettin' us know.
"If I can't have you, no one can.
" Shade the stalker's following through on his promise! All right.
I'll let Maz know.
Maybe he can assign an officer to you at the studio.
- Becca, where are you?! - Maggie! - What are you doing here? - Becca! Thank God you're OK.
Oh, I was worried! Oh, yeah! I'm totally fine.
And completely capable to do the show.
No, no.
I just got off the phone with Simon, Ms.
Bowman's campaign manager.
OK? And given the circumstances, he thought it best just to cancel the interview.
No! No, Maggie, you can't let them do that! - I've done all this preparation - I'm sorry, Becca.
There's nothing I can do.
I scheduled a rerun for this morning.
Listen, listen.
Down the road, maybe, if we decide it's a good idea, we can reschedule it then.
OK? In the meantime, I need you to rest and look after yourself.
[SIGHING] Becca, this is just temporary.
You know that.
Do I? I'm gonna get to the bottom of this.
I'll call you when I know somethin'.
Hey! I got your message.
How's Becca? She's demoralized.
Samantha Bowman backed out of her interview.
Maz just brought Becca's assistant Tina in for questioning.
Zoe's gonna update us if she hears anything.
This is serious now, Ange.
We gotta find this guy before he tries somethin' else.
I put a timeline together.
It's all the stalker incidents, people's various alibis, and any relevant events in Becca's life.
So, who's obsessed with Becca enough to try to take her life? I don't think anybody is.
What do you mean? We already know the culprit started out by mimicking the stalker from years ago.
The red roses The pink envelopes, the notes, yeah.
So if the new stalker got all those details off the internet, they also could have learned that Becca took time off work to recover.
You think the reason for all this is to try to keep Becca off the air? The Samantha Bowman interview was scheduled for today, but now it's canceled.
Check this out.
The flowers showed up the day after Becca submitted her questions for approval.
Maybe there was somethin' in those questions the future mayor didn't want to be asked about.
We just need to find out what.
Thank you so much, Detective.
It feels so good to get all that off my chest.
It's just part of my job.
It's totally fine.
You take care now.
That's Becca's assistant.
You're letting her go? I really should have been a therapist.
I just spent the last hour hearing about how Becca helps her improve her performance.
But do you think she had anything to do with the assault? Becca keeps her water in a mini fridge in her dressing room with her name on it.
Anybody could have had access.
It's gonna be impossible to pin somebody down to that.
What's wrong? I'm sorry.
I just really wish we could donate blood together.
I know you're not allowed and I feel bad for bringing it up but it's really important to me.
It is? Yeah! In college, I volunteered at a hospital and one night, this kid came in and he'd been in a really bad car accident and needed blood.
He was O negative and believe it or not, the hospital was out.
- Oh jeez, that's terrible.
- I know! But then this guy in the waiting room stood up and said, "I'm O negative!" - Wow.
- It's just a simple act, but to me, that guy was a hero.
It's not your fault.
I know you'd be a hero if you could.
But you can't on account of the cows.
You know, I actually talked to my doctor after we spoke, and it turns out they got the dates wrong.
So - What do you mean? - Well, mad cow disease wasn't really a thing when I was in London, so Last time I go to that doctor, right? But, uh apparently, uh I'm good to go as far as donating.
- That's so great.
- Yeah.
You know they're still taking people? - Great! - And you even get a free donut and a glass of orange juice.
Lucky! OK! Let's go! Let's go! Yeah! Nice! Wonderful! Thank you! - OK.
- All right! [SHADE]: Turns out politics isn't very interesting without the scandals.
There's gotta be something in these questions that made Samantha back out of the interview.
Becca wasn't exactly going for zingers.
Topics of the interview include: Samantha's love of knitting, her two dogs, the heartbreak of selling her family cottage.
What about this one? The recycling program that took place in her ward.
Well, it's not exactly breaking news.
The contract was awarded six months ago.
No one else is asking about it because it's a done deal.
Maybe Becca inadvertently picked at an old wound.
It may be worth a fishing expedition.
It's the only nibble we've got.
Let's check out the recycling company.
You OK? Yeah.
Top notch.
Just marveling at the intricate process involved in jabbing a metal tube in one's arm and then extracting the fluid necessary to sustain human life.
[GASPING] You know what? Let's not do this.
No, it's fine.
It's important to you.
We can do it.
It's just a needle, right? Takes 30 seconds.
Goes in and out.
Right? Well, actually it takes about eight minutes.
Really, we can come back.
I just have to concentrate - on not dying.
- OK.
- Detective? - Yeah.
Are you OK? - I'm a detective.
- Yeah, you are you OK? - I am a cop and detective.
- OK, wait, stop.
Get away from him.
It's fine.
I'm sorry! I knew you lied about mad cow and I thought I could trick you into giving blood and overcome your fear by telling you the hospital story.
Which was stupid because you clearly do have a phobia and I totally underestimated it.
You made up the hospital story in order to help me get over my fear of needles? I know.
I'm the worst girlfriend ever.
It's actually kind of sweet.
I mean, I shouldn't have lied to you in the first place.
I mean, mad cow disease? I was dead in the water.
Thank you for letting me get away with that one.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
So what do we do now? You totally do not have to go through with this.
No, I want to.
As long as you're here with me.
I might throw up on you.
That would be unfortunate.
[ANGIE]: According to news reports from six months ago, five companies were given the opportunity to bid on the recycling contract.
It was eventually awarded to a newcomer, Trafalgar Recycling.
- Never heard of 'em.
- The CEO is listed as Huh.
That's weird.
What? Well, back when this was published, the CEO was this guy, Jason Phillips, but now he's not on the website anywhere.
Well, maybe he got fired.
Six months after scoring the largest contract in the company's history? That is a little odd.
Yeah! Somethin' stinks and it ain't the recycling.
I'm thinkin' maybe we should have a little chat with Mr.
PHILLIPS]: I didn't do anything wrong.
Do you know who says things like that? People who did something wrong.
How did you lose your job as CEO of Trafalgar Recycling? I can't talk about it.
Well, you can talk to us or you can talk to the cops.
Your choice.
Look, I was just the front man.
The front man? All I had to do was smile and say the right things on camera and when the deal was awarded, I got paid and left.
You're saying that Trafalgar paid you to be pretend CEO.
Why would they do that? You don't get it.
There is no Trafalgar.
- But their website is - Is fake, along with everything else.
The carbon neutral processing plant, the hybrid electric recycling trucks, the forest restoration project, they just did whatever they needed to to win the bid.
Who's "they"? Grand Ridge Waste Management.
I know that name.
They were in the news for dumping toxic waste in the lake a couple years ago.
Who at Grand Ridge actually hired you? It wasn't them.
It was some other guy.
I don't know his name.
He wired me the fee.
Don't leave town.
- What do you think? - I think Samantha Bowman's got some explaining to do.
Why would she rig her own pilot recycling project? Money? Takes cash to run a campaign.
Grand Ridge does have deep pockets.
Not to mention it'd give them an in with the future mayor.
I'm really starting to regret admiring that woman.
- [BECCA]: You sure about this? - [SHADE]: Sort of.
But we haven't been able to find any concrete evidence that Grand Ridge rigged the bid or that Samantha took a kickback from it, but a backroom deal would explain why she wanted to cancel the interview.
I can't believe this.
I was her biggest supporter! I'm sorry, Becca.
Well, this really changes everything.
What do you mean? An hour ago I called Samantha personally and begged her to reinstate the interview.
She agreed.
We're going live in 20 minutes.
Are you planning on confronting her? You're damn right I am! Didn't you hear what I said? We don't have any evidence yet.
And didn't you just say that Angie's getting some? Yeah, but what if she doesn't get it in time? Think about this, Becca.
If you're wrong, it could ruin your career! And if you're right? If she did a dirty deal with municipal money to get a kickback for her campaign and I sat there with her talking about fruit smoothies, - I'd look like an idiot.
- [KNOCKING] Makeup's asking for you Ms.
I'll be right there.
So what're you gonna do? Welcome to Breakfast with Becca.
We are live today with an exclusive one-on-one with mayoral candidate Samantha Bowman.
- Welcome, Samantha.
- Thank you.
- You look wonderful.
- Oh, isn't that nice - of you to say! Thank you.
- First question.
- [BUZZING] - Who are you wearing? Hey.
Anything? [ANGIE]: Not yet, but when I was staking out Grand Ridge, I saw a bunch of their dump trucks headed to the Port Lands.
It seemed odd.
I'm following one now.
Keep me up to date.
I'd like to talk to you about the recycling program in your home ward.
Now, that's a cause that's very near and dear to my heart.
We engaged a company called Trafalgar with a commitment to efficient and affordable waste management.
And this is the CEO of Trafalgar? Jason Phillips? I don't know, actually.
I've never met him personally.
- [WHISPERED]: What is she doing? - [SAMANTHA]: Is there a reason - you brought him up? - What is she doing?! Jason Phillips isn't who you think he is, Ms.
He was hired to pose as the CEO of Trafalgar just long enough to win the bid for the recycling contract in your ward.
In fact, Trafalgar doesn't even exist.
It was an elaborate front for the true recipient of the contract, Grand Ridge Waste Management.
Can you explain that? I have no idea what you're talking about.
- You don't? - No.
As far as I'm aware, Trafalgar won that bid fair and square.
If there's any deception, I certainly don't know about it.
[BUZZING] Please tell me you found something.
You're not gonna believe what I'm seeing right now.
I'm sending you a video.
Just stand by.
You said a moment ago that you never met Jason Phillips.
- Why is that? - Because I wasn't personally involved in vetting the candidates.
That was handled by my chief of staff, now my campaign manager, Simon Murphy.
Hey Fred, can you swing camera two around to get Mr.
Simon Murphy, please? What the hell is happening here? Mr.
Murphy, were you responsible for the backroom deal that resulted in Grand Ridge Waste Management being awarded the recycling contract in Ward 52? And for posing as my former stalker and for trying to poison me in order to scare me out of doing this interview? That is ridiculous.
Samantha, you know this isn't true.
You'd better have proof of this, Ms.
Just cut to a commercial.
Right now! No.
No, wait.
Put this on the screen.
Oh, my God.
Are they just dumping waste into the woods?! That's what it looks like to me.
Simon? Please tell me that what I'm seeing and hearing isn't true.
We needed money for the campaign, Samantha.
- Grand Ridge was offering - I don't care what they were offering.
Look at what they're doing.
You took something that was important to me and you destroyed it! - Samantha - No! Ms.
D'Orsay, I am so, so, very sorry about this, and I wanna make it clear to everyone watching that I take full responsibility for what happened.
I will get to the bottom of this and I will make sure that it never happens again.
And that's a promise.
Well, you heard it here first.
We'll be right back after these very important messages from our sponsors.
Well, Maggie looks happy.
Nothing like a takedown on live television to drive up the ratings.
Simon's denying it, of course, but with all the execs at Grand Ridge rushing to point fingers, the proof will be out soon enough.
Plus, there's surveillance video of Simon's car parked down the street from your condo.
You know what I still can't figure out? How he got your credit card number.
I made a contribution to Samantha's campaign three months ago.
He had it the whole time.
Simon can run a campaign, that is, but he can't hide.
How long you been sittin' on that one? Oh, my God! Bec! The head of the network was watching and she wants to talk about transitioning Breakfast with Becca into a mixed-format of news and talk! Are you serious? Yes, I'm serious! Look out, Katie Couric! And Matt, don't think that this counts as an appearance because I'm still comin' after you.
Well, congratulations, Becca.
You deserve this.
Well, none of this would have happened without the two of you.
And thanks so much for your help, Shadow.
You were really there for me when I needed you.
What are ex-husbands for? I'll tell Jules everything's OK.
Well, I better get back to work! I'm researching a piece on climate change called Don't Sweat It: Fighting Global Warming Through Fashion.
Tina? Tina! It looks fine.
It's not clotting.
What's it called when your blood doesn't clot? What? Hemophilia? - Yeah.
- You do not no, you do not have hemophilia.
Well, Maz, did you really overcome your mortal fear of needles to give blood? He was incredibly brave and only bit the nurse twice.
Oh, she had that coming.
Hey, we're gonna go grab some food.
You guys wanna join? No, thanks.
I gotta get home.
- I'll take a rain check.
- Not hungry? - Ew! - Not hungry? All right.
See you tomorrow.
What's your biggest fear? Hot yoga.
What's yours? Watching you do hot yoga.
What? Why would you Ah.
Where you goin'? None of your business! But don't wait up.
I did not see that comin'.