Private Eyes (2015) s02e15 Episode Script

The Hills Have Eyes

1 [SHADE]: Hola, papa! Hey! Could you rustle up a cup of coffee for me and - what smells so good? - Macaroni pie.
Have one on the house! We're workin' on a new menu.
More like I'm workin', he's eatin'.
Yeah, I figured as much.
Ha ha ha! Everyone has their gifts.
It's a staple from my country, the perfect comfort food.
My son used to eat it by the bucketful.
- You have a son? - Yeah.
He's in Trinidad, I think.
What did I just step in? Well, first rule about Shona is do not talk about her son.
Why? What's wrong with him? I don't know.
What part of the first rule don't you understand? Yeah, but you guys are dating now.
- Isn't that what couples talk about? - [BEEPING] Hey, could I get two cups of coffee to go, please? Angie wants me to meet her client.
Wait! You think Shona wants me to ask her about her son? First rule about dads, never meddle in their dating lives.
- [SIGHING] - Thanks.
- Good luck! - Thanks.
Have a good day.
So, where the hell is this guy? Relax.
He'll be here.
Did I mention I gave up free breakfast for this? Twice.
And it gets more interesting every time.
So, who we waitin' on exactly? Tyler Hill, but I doubt that's his real name.
- And what does he do? - I don't know.
You don't know? I thought we didn't take on clients without vetting them.
He sent a request to meet along with two days' pay in an encrypted email.
Let's just say I was curious.
Think that's for us? 100 paces northeast, turn left and follow the dirt path.
Well, this is the path.
Hey! You have got to be kidding me.
You're Tyler Hill? Sorry for the cloak and dagger.
I had to be sure the premises were secure.
And why didn't you mention that you're like, 11? First of all, I'm 12 and a half.
Second, if I told you my real age, you wouldn't have agreed to meet me.
Kid's got a point.
Can you please not encourage him? We came all the way out here.
Let's hear what he has to say.
We're not a babysitting service.
You know I can hear you guys, right? On account of my youthful ears.
OK, fine.
What is it? A lost puppy? Missing bike? A buried treasure in Mr.
Witherspoon's vegetable garden? I want you to look into a murder.
I see you and you see me Watch you blowin' the lines when you're makin' a scene Oh boy, you've got to know What my head overlooks The senses will show to my heart When it's watching for lies 'cause you can't escape my Private Eyes They're watching you Private Eyes They're watching you, watching you, watching you Watching you Dad, this is Miss Everett and Mr.
Shade, the PIs I mentioned.
Can you hook us up with a couple of juice boxes? Cranberry OK? - Sure.
- Yeah.
I'm sorry.
He insisted.
You knew about this? Yeah.
I blame myself.
His mother and I recently separated.
I've been working a lot.
He's alone way too often.
So you don't put much stock in whatever he's about to show us? Well, he once thought the Sorensons were taken over by a zombie virus.
Turns out it was a smoothie cleanse.
Come on in.
Don't listen to my dad.
He's not even here half the time.
Sorry to hear about the divorce.
At least I scored on sympathy gifts.
Dad gave me a drone and mom gave me a camera, so I jerry-rigged them together.
I call her the Bedford Falcon.
She's our eye in the sky in Bedford Hills.
I've got hundreds of hours of footage.
- Don't the neighbours complain? - Why would they? I'm keeping our neighbourhood safe.
Is that what you call it? That's Miss Holly Brown.
She's a substitute teacher at our school and the murder victim.
What makes you say that? Every morning, she comes out to do yoga.
She hasn't come out since Saturday.
Maybe she quit.
- Ms.
Brown never quits! - Or she's sick.
- Or on vacation.
- Or had a family emergency.
Or any number of reasons.
There's more to the story.
Everyone on the street hates her.
Why? What did she do? Miss.
Brown is the only person who treats us kids like adults.
She's not afraid to talk about sex or religion.
We even talked about drugs after Ryan Sims got caught with pills in class.
Pills?! Already? Whatever happened to cherry bombs and girly magazines? OK, so there's some tension with the parents.
There's still no evidence of murder.
I'm getting to that.
That's Mr.
Moffatt, Holly's neighbour.
I don't know what he does, but he's weird.
Once I saw him with a gun.
The night Ms.
Brown disappeared, I landed the Bedford Falcon on Ms.
Brown's roof and that's when I recorded this.
Are you suggesting that Holly's body is in there? I know it sounds crazy, but I need you to look into Mr.
Respectfully, little man, this is completely insane.
Respectfully, big man, you've already cashed my advance.
According to my contract, you owe me two days of work.
[SHADE]: Kid drives a hard bargain.
[ANGIE]: You're not kidding.
That's the last time I take on a client without checking at least the basic details.
- Like what? What grade he's in? - Shut up.
This is completely nuts.
Just knock! If she answers, it's all over.
And if she doesn't? - Can I help you? - Oh, hi! I'm Doris Foster.
I'm an old friend of Holly's from university.
And I'm her husband, Wesley.
We just bought a house in the neighbourhood.
We were hoping to surprise Holly with a visit.
Welcome to Bedford Hills! Gabe Moffatt.
Unfortunately, your friend's not here.
Any idea where she went? I think she went to her sister's.
Not sure when she'll be back.
I'd invite you in for a cup of java but I'm late for work.
You're gonna love it here.
Did he just finger-gun us? - Yeah.
Now I'm really suspicious.
- Yeah.
There's a light on.
OK, we are not breaking into someone's house based on poor energy conservation habits and the musings of a 12-year-old.
Ah ha ha! Who said anything about breaking in? You know, you didn't have to tell him that we were married.
You opened the door.
I just went with it.
You're a retired hockey player.
- He might have recognized you.
- So I am famous, then? Word travels fast in a place like this.
Now we have to pretend any time we see anybody.
So what's wrong with that? I'm pretty quick on my feet.
Yeah, but who's gonna believe I settled for you? Ha ha.
There's a bunch of open cabinets and drawers in here.
Maybe she was looking for something.
Yeah, or someone else was.
There's no signs of struggle and her car is still in the driveway.
I'm not likin' the looks of these dirty dishes in the sink or those papers on the porch.
Maybe she was in a hurry.
She had drinks with Gabe on Saturday, the day she disappeared.
OK, maybe this kid's on to something.
[HONKING] - - Holly's Ameechee, Instagram and Facebook accounts haven't been updated since she disappeared.
I can't find anything on Gabe.
Totes! Thanks.
What's goin' on? Holly's sister Carmine studies horticulture at Guelph.
So, I assumed the name of one of her classmates and got her number from her mother.
Then I contacted Carmine and assumed the name of one of Holly's classmates and chatted her up like we were besties.
You're gettin' good at this.
Bottom line, Carmine hasn't seen Holly for six months.
And yet Gabe said she was there.
I also pretended to be a parent at Holly's school.
Confirmed with the secretary that Holly called in sick Sunday night and is at home recovering with the flu.
I didn't see any signs of a flu.
Or any signs of Holly.
So, Holly disappears Saturday afternoon after having drinks with her neighbour Gabe.
No trace of her Sunday, yesterday or today except for the one phone call Sunday night.
Assuming that was really her.
[ANGIE]: I'm on my way.
They were out of jalapeno.
All right.
Meet me out front.
I think it's time we go see what old Gabe is up to.
- - - This is completely insane.
- I know.
What kind of banh mi place runs out of jalapenos? No! I mean being here in Pleasantville.
I can't wait to write up this report.
Suspect is guilty of garishly painting his garden trellis.
Am I sensing some issue with our suburban friends? Like you'd wanna live in Bedford Hills.
What? It's clean, it's safe, the people are friendly.
What's not to like? It's all manufactured! The white picket fence, the 2.
1 children, the lame barbecues that everyone pretends to enjoy.
Methinks we struck a nerve.
OK, yeah.
My uncle lived in the 'burbs when I was a kid.
He had these monthly barbecues filled with dumb activities like bocce ball and sack races and one time they even hired a clown.
I hate clowns.
Everyone hates clowns but what's wrong with bocce ball and sack races? They're not real games! They're just exercises in forced camaraderie.
Did you ever consider that maybe you suck at said games? How was I supposed to learn when they purposely excluded me? As long as there's no issue.
This might be him.
All right, Gabe.
What are you up to? It looks like he went to a hardware store.
That does not look like a garden trellis.
What's this guy doing? A shovel, an axe, some bleach.
Something tells me he's not bakin' a cake.
I've seen this episode of Dexter.
It doesn't end well.
- I think it's time we talk to Maz.
- Yeah.
[MAZ]: Let me get this straight.
A twelve-year-old kid has a crush on his teacher, and now he's convinced that the neighbour he's spying on illegally has hacked her to bits? Do I have that right? Holly's social media has been dark since Saturday.
You said she called in sick on Sunday, right? Murder victims tend not to do that.
We don't even know if that was her! And if she's sick, then why isn't she at home? Maybe she was with a friend.
Maybe she has a lover.
Why is this any of your business? Her car is still in the driveway and she hasn't done - her yoga in days.
- I haven't done yoga ever! I'm not dead! The neighbour, Gabe Moffatt, was buying bleach and plastic sheeting! That's the full murder kit! Maybe Holly went somewhere she didn't want the neighbours to know.
Can you just look into Gabe, please? There's no trace of him on social media.
I did.
He happens to have a profession for which having a social media profile is frowned upon.
Gabe Moffatt is a cop.
Our serial killer is a cop?! Shh! Keep your voice down.
We have to be as quiet and professional as possible now.
How's it going? What are you doing here, Tyler? It's after midnight! Perfect time to test the Falcon's new, nocturnal upgrade.
I've added night vision lenses capable of seeing up to 400 yards.
Does that baby really work? Hey! Don't you have school tomorrow? Can you please just go home? If you really want to know what happened to Ms.
Brown, you have to let us do our job.
[ELECTRIC SAW BUZZING] We have to get inside.
He's cutting her up! [SHADE]: Wait.
He's coming.
You have to go home now.
So you believe me, then? Here we go! Here he comes.
[GRUNTING] All right.
This is where you dig.
Me? That's your job.
Well, you're the one who's convinced there's not a body in there.
You have stronger forearms on account of the hockey.
[GUN BEING COCKED] Hands in the air.
We don't have any weapons and we haven't broken any laws.
We'll see about that.
If you're gonna write me up, I'm writing you up right back.
What the hell are you talking about? Lurking and loitering for starters.
How's that gonna look on your little building code report? What building code report? - You're not with the city? - No.
We're private investigators.
My name's Angie Everett and this is my partner, Matt Shade.
Oh! Thank God.
What are you doing out here? [SIGHING] I'm renovating the whole basement.
This'll be my new bathroom.
I'm dropping the floor two inches myself, sneaking the dirt out to the bushes at night.
Why all the subterfuge? No permit.
And it's a nosy neighbourhood.
So why did you lie about Holly? - Did she hire you? - No.
Let's just say it was a concerned neighbour.
Does this concerned neighbour subsist on a diet of pizza pops and cranberry juice boxes? Tyler Hill strikes again.
You know him? He once thought the Gilmores had a poltergeist.
Turned out to be their new garage door opener.
He's concerned for his teacher and frankly, so are we.
She left under some pretty strange circumstances.
I think I know what this is about.
Holly and I are fond of each other.
- You're dating? - Just good friends.
For now.
But Bedford Hills is very conservative.
Sometimes people talk.
Why did you say that she went to her sister's? I get why that looks weird, but I swear, I was just trying to protect her.
Protect her from what? I think Holly has a substance abuse problem.
When I was there last week, I found opioids in her house.
Did you consider reporting her? No, I just I just wanna get her help.
So why do you think she ran? I invited her over on Saturday to talk.
When I mentioned the pills, she got defensive.
Now I calmed her down, went to pour some wine but when I got back, she was gone.
And you haven't heard from her since? I texted her a dozen times, but nothing.
To be honest, I'm really worried about her.
When I see anything I I think of you Oh Oh, sing it to me, baby I'm sorry about yesterday.
Oh, it's OK.
He didn't know.
No, I'm talking about me.
I never asked you about your son.
His name is Noah Ruano.
And he got into the University of Toronto and was excited to come to Canada but then his father poisoned him against me.
Oh, well where is he now? He stayed in Trinidad.
We lost touch.
That's gotta be hard.
I mean, he's your son.
I mean, I wrote him letters, hoping to re-establish contact.
So I finally gave up.
The last letter came back return to sender.
Seriously? It's OK, Don.
I'm over it.
Hey, Don.
Could I get a chai tea and a blueberry scone to go, please? Zoe.
If I gave you a name and a city and an approximate birth date, could you track a guy down for me? I just need his phone number.
My contract says I'm only allowed to work for Miss Everett and Mr.
I'm Mr.
And I pay cash.
Gabe Moffatt isn't a murderer.
He's just building a bathroom.
And he has a gun because he's a police officer.
So there's no reason to believe he's hurt Holly, OK? So where did Ms.
Brown go? We don't know.
Maybe she went to go visit a friend.
It's not our business.
All we know is that she was having drinks at Gabe's - and they got into a minor argument.
- About what? Adults have adult problems.
Is that why she was so upset at the barbecue? - What barbecue? - Mr.
and Mrs.
I just heard from Brayden McShane that she showed up there on Saturday.
What did Brayden McShane say exactly? Just that it didn't go well.
You can ask Mrs.
Green at the do-over.
- The do-over? - Tonight.
She's hosting another barbecue to make up for it.
I guess it's time for Mr.
and Mrs.
Foster to meet the Greens.
GREEN]: Cocktail sandwiches? I'm Wesley Foster, this is my wife Doris.
I love what you've done back here! Oh, it's so nice to have people move in with taste! Bedford Hills is the perfect place to raise a family.
Exactly why we're trying! Hopefully we'll have a bun in the oven real soon.
Although it's proving to be a bit of a challenge due to the low sperm count.
She's kidding, of course.
We're just so happy to be out of the city.
Doris has such fond memories of barbecues from her childhood.
You know, the bocce ball, sack races, those hilarious clowns.
Have you all met my husband? - No.
- Let me introduce you.
You made me a clown lover.
Payback hurts.
I'd like you to meet Doris and Wesley Foster.
They're new to the neighbourhood.
Welcome to Bedford Hills.
You couldn't ask for a better place to have a family.
Wow! Word travels fast.
Do you guys have children of your own? Both of ours have moved out.
Kale is an undergrad at UBC and Flora just started medical school at Stanford.
- Wow.
- We value education here at Bedford Hills.
Did you know that we have the highest number of high school graduates in all of Canada? - Really? - Wow! Woodside High with honours.
Well, chalk up two more in the high school graduate column! We love being empty nesters.
There's so much to do here.
Outdoor movie night, bingo Fridays.
Oh, and Sherman plays indoor soccer with the boys.
Maybe you can take Wesley sometime.
Well, excuse me.
The sausages won't flip themselves.
I wanted to talk to you, actually.
What is up with your neighbour Holly? I heard she caused quite the scene last Saturday.
Oh, yes.
Well, I mean, she did show up and all but you know, she's an acquired taste.
Holly and I get along swimmingly.
That's not what we were told.
Is it the Buckmans you were talking to? Oh, OK.
Between you and I and the fencepost, Holly did show up here and she did indeed cause a scene but that's between her and the Buckmans.
[BOTH]: Hm.
So, have you thought of a name yet for the little one? - Oh, Mrs.
Green told me.
- Oh, I'm not Zoe if it's a girl, Don if it's a boy.
Good, strong names.
We don't believe in non-traditional labels.
None of this androgynous stuff, am I right? Speaking of non-traditional, what's going on with your neighbour, Holly? We heard she caused quite the scene last Saturday.
Oh, I didn't see her.
Honey, what are you talking about? She came in and she I'm thinking of someone else.
To be honest, Holly just doesn't quite fit in.
Prancing around in those yoga pants, mixing her recycling, sneaking my daughter chocolates when she knows our views on sugar.
We have been more than tolerant.
This is my daughter, Maya.
Maya, have you met the Fosters? Negative.
Nice to meet you.
Buckman was a little too eager to say how tolerant she is with Holly.
Told you.
Fake camaraderie.
You wonder why I hate the 'burbs! Hey! You're pretty handy with a wrench.
Holly taught me.
Holly, huh? What's she like? She's cool.
Not that Mom agrees.
Did you happen to see her at the barbecue on Saturday? I stayed home.
She came to our yard later.
- What time was that? - Maybe 4:30.
She and Mom were arguing.
What about? Something about clothes because I saw Mom throw Holly's top in the garbage later.
Why would your mom have Holly's clothes? Parents are weird.
You're right about the suburbs.
Too many secrets.
Especially in the Buckman household.
You thinkin' what I'm thinkin'? Yeah.
Every good barbecue has parting gifts.
Whoa! Mini candy bar wrappers! I thought the Buckmans were a no sugar household.
Tea bag.
A sock.
Guess the dryer ate the other one.
[CHUCKLING] Zoe! Sure you don't wanna join in the fun? Mmm no, I'm good.
And totally not distracted by a side project.
This is pointless and gross.
What are we doing? Is that blood? This changes everything.
[MAZ SIGHING] Guess I got your attention now.
Yeah, well, a missing person's bloody top has a way of doing that.
The fastest I ever processed a piece of evidence in my entire life.
It wasn't contaminated, was it? No, thankfully it wasn't.
Now, it appears that Holly was the victim of a first degree, vegetative assault.
- Meaning? - Beet juice.
It was beet juice, Angie! Oh, come on! How was I supposed to know that? I mean, thank God it wasn't carrot! I mean, those stains never come out! Or rutabaga! Can you imagine? Do not make me out to be an idiot, OK? Something fishy happened to Holly Brown and you know it! No.
You know what I know? You're startin' to lose it.
OK? I love you, but you are going off the deep end here.
She's been missing for almost three days, Maz.
- What do you expect me to do? - I don't know.
Maybe stop taking cases from the cast of Stranger Things? [ZOE]: Morning, Don.
Here you go.
A large chai, just like you like it, and a blueberry scone.
So, do you have an update for me? I found Noah Ruano.
Already? - Oh, that's great! - Yeah, he lives in San Juan.
He's 35 years old.
He works as a manager at Hotel Bastion.
Trouble is when I called to confirm he was there, I didn't expect him to answer.
You didn't speak with him? I panicked! Everything just came out! Now he knows his mother's looking for him.
And why I do not deserve these delicious treats.
And why Shona is so gonna kill me.
Maybe she'll forget after she talks to him.
Noah wants her to call? You're right.
It's a bad idea.
No, no, no! It's it's only a bad idea for the other Boyfriend of the Year contenders! 'Cause I wrapped that trophy up! Thank you so much! Thank you! Hm! Dryer on the fritz? Oh, we're an air dry family.
Better for the environment.
What can we do for you, Mrs.
Foster? Actually it's Everett.
Angie Everett.
- I'm a private investigator.
- And I'm her partner, Matt Shade.
We were hoping you guys could answer a few questions for us.
What's this about? We've been looking into the disappearance of Holly Brown and we found something troubling in your garbage.
You looked in our garbage? Those chocolate bars are Mayas.
That's not what we were talking about.
You said that Holly didn't go to the barbecue.
Then what were you doing with this? Oh, my Lord.
That is not what it looks like.
Cliff, tell them.
Well, we don't know for sure that that's what Holly was doing, honey.
What are you guys talking about? Holly was not welcome at the barbecue, yet she showed up anyway.
And I think she was peddling drugs.
What makes you say that? I saw them with my own eyes.
They were in a brown satchel, all these little blue pills.
And I think she was trying to sell some to my daughter.
Emily, please.
It might have been vitamins in those bags, and we don't know that she was looking for Maya.
Well how did those pills get into Maya's school, then? Look, she was in my yard.
And I think she was high.
After she got that juice stain on her shirt, I caught her stealing one of my tops right off the line.
So you threw beet juice at her to keep her away from your daughter? I may have yelled at her for stealing my shirt but I certainly did not throw that beet juice.
Well if you didn't, then who did? OK, it was me.
She was ruining the barbecue! What exactly happened? Why do you care who threw the beet juice, Mrs.
Foster? I'm not Mrs.
My name is Angie Everett and this is my partner, Matt Shade.
We're private investigators.
Have either of you heard of Holly using or selling pills? No, but it wouldn't surprise me if she was into drugs.
I mean, with all the meditation and yoga - Is Holly in trouble? - Don't defend her.
Women like Holly, they operate on their own level.
What do you mean by "women like Holly"? Let's just say what Holly wants, Holly gets.
Excuse us.
Did you see that look? Do you think Holly and Mr.
Green were having an affair? [MR.
HILL]: Hey, buddy.
Your friends are here to see you.
You OK? I'll leave you guys to it.
The Bedford Falcon is grounded.
And so am I.
Your dad told us about the petition.
You can only fly it in the park now, huh? I was planning to take it to the next level.
I just dropped all this coin on an external mic.
We didn't see you at the barbecue.
Dad was working.
I don't really like those things anyway.
I hate those group events too.
There was a cute girl there.
Do you know her? She's a weirdo.
Always on her own doing weirdo things.
Hmm that doesn't sound familiar at all! Hey, um, you mentioned you had hundreds of hours of drone footage.
You still got it? Yeah.
Why? 'Cause we need your help.
So Mr.
Green says he plays indoor soccer.
That's every Tuesday at 6PM at the Bedford Civic Centre.
We're trying to see if Mr.
Green and Holly are in any way connected.
You think they're doing it? [NERVOUS CHUCKLING] Let's just focus on Mr.
Green for now, OK? He drives a red sedan.
Can you find any footage of him leaving? Here we go.
Last Tuesday, 5:55.
Red sedan on the move.
Can you see where he's going? - That's weird.
- Weird how? The Civic Centre is west.
His car's going east.
Hang on.
Is that him? What's he doing back there? Holy crap! That's Ms.
Brown's house! "Indoor soccer" my ass! Mr.
Green has been a very naughty boy.
I see someone Like you To call my very own One chicken roti, extra chutney.
- Hey! - Oh, hey! Does she know yet? - She's about to find out.
- You haven't told her? No.
I wrote it on one of the order slips, that way it's a complete surprise.
BLT on brown.
It's the next one.
My life is not yours to fix.
Maybe you should hold off on that Boyfriend of the Year award.
"What Holly wants, Holly gets.
" And it appears Holly wanted you, Mr.
Green, or perhaps it was you that wanted Holly.
Which explains why you were reluctant to invite my husband to play indoor soccer.
You never went, did you? Will you please keep your voice down? It's not what you think.
- Where is she? - I don't know! But you wanna know what I did with her? This.
12th grade calculus.
All this talk about Bedford having the most high school graduates? I wasn't one of them.
Until Holly.
She was tutoring you? Helping me get my high school diploma.
For years, I lied to my wife about graduating high school.
I couldn't take it anymore.
So Holly hooked me up with an adult correspondence course.
And your wife assumed you were having an affair.
Crazy, I know.
I just finished my exams on Tuesday.
I'm waiting on the results.
Please, don't tell my wife.
She doesn't know any of this.
She does now.
Why on earth didn't you tell me? I thought you'd be ashamed.
Oh, Sherman.
[SIGHING] And what about Holly? I'm really starting to get worried.
Yeah, so are we.
This whole thing might have to do with drugs.
Do you know something? She asked me for a favour.
She said she had to take care of something and wanted to borrow my credit card.
You didn't give it to her, did you? It's the least I could do after all she's done for me.
We need to know the last place that card was used.
You sure this is the place? Paid for with Mr.
Green's credit card since Saturday.
Holly's definitely here.
So, Saturday, Holly goes for drinks at Gabe's where he mentions the pills that he found in her house.
Knowing he's a cop, she panics and runs back to her house - to hide her stash.
- Or maybe to sell it quickly.
But with Gabe on her tail, she needs to make herself invisible.
So she runs down the street to borrow Mr.
Green's credit card.
Which upsets his wife, who wrongfully assumes that Holly's having an affair with her husband.
Splash goes the beet juice.
Holly has to change her shirt but she can't go home because Gabe's sniffin' around.
So she runs next door, steals a shirt off the line but gets caught by Mrs.
Only to wind up here, in this crappy motel where she calls in sick to school on Sunday and stays until now.
Why here? Do you think this is where she's dealing? Why don't we ask her? Holly Brown? Hey, hey, hey! You've gotta stop running! We know about your opioid problem! Look, I don't have an opioid problem.
My neighbour does.
Gabe? He invited me over for some wine and I was looking for glasses and that is when I found - his stash.
- Wow.
I'm guessing he wasn't pleased.
He said to pretend that I never saw it.
He said if I ever breathed a word to anyone, he'd frame me and end my career.
So what exactly was your plan? I just needed to hide and get these drugs out of my school.
Holly, we can help you.
- If we go to the police with - No.
Gabe is the police.
He'll just pin this on me.
I mean, he assured me that there's no way these pills can be traced back to him.
Because he skimmed them from evidence.
They're invisible.
But I can't let him get away with this.
I know what this does to communities.
I've seen this in my school.
What am I gonna do? There is one thing we could try.
Hi, Holly.
I was worried about you.
You disappeared on me there.
Well I was upset about what I found.
You mean about what you took.
Where's my bag? Just say what it is, Gabe.
I'm not wired.
I chose this place so we could talk freely.
Those drugs ended up in my school, Gabe.
Kids are dying! These things are everywhere, Holly.
You can't escape it.
They don't get it from me, they'll get it from someone else.
You won't get away with this.
Just tell me where my pills are! You lookin' for this, Gabe? Mr.
Shade! Thank God you found Holly's drugs.
I really appreciate you helping me find her.
Drop the act, Gabe.
We all know these are yours.
Well I don't know what you're talking about.
- I found those in Holly's house.
- He thinks you're wired.
That's why he's not telling the truth.
Look, it's one thing to be a user, Holly, but dealing is something I can't tolerate.
Not when these things get in the hands of kids.
The way you turn it on and off, that's impressive, man.
Whatever you think you're doing, stop.
You got nothing.
I don't.
But that does.
- [WHIRRING] - External microphone.
Highly sensitive.
Caught the whole thing.
Smile! You're on candid camera.
[SIRENS BLARING] Drop the Weapon! Get your hands in the air! [INDISTINCT SPEAKING OVER RADIO] Well the kid was right.
I'm I'm sorry.
But the next time you pull something like this, maybe you give me a call first? Just tell us the recording checked out.
Loud and clear.
Be careful with that thing.
I told you that external mic you bought would come in handy one day! The Bedford Falcon flies again.
I didn't mean to yell at you.
I'm the one that should apologize.
What are you saying? I'm scared to reach out to him again.
That's why I overreacted to you back there.
I'm sorry.
Nothin' that a little macaroni pie can't cure.
You know that number you found for Noah? Do you still have it? - - It's a great party.
Thanks for having us.
Thanks for coming.
See? This is what the suburbs are about: the community, the camaraderie.
Next thing you know, you'll be making us play bocce ball.
Hey! I never got the chance to properly thank you two.
You saved more than just me; you saved the whole neighbourhood.
Actually, the credit goes to this young man right here.
Thank you, Tyler.
You and your crazy flying robot are true heroes.
The pleasure's all mine, Ms.
Although regrettably, the Bedford Falcon has been grounded.
Well, you never know.
People might change their minds.
Besides, there's more to life than flying a drone.
That's debatable.
I'm gonna go dance.
Take me on a mission Sweep me on a sunset holiday There's an opening on the - bocce ball court.
Come on.
- No.
No! Come on! Come on! [INAUDIBLE SPEAKING] Forget to be uptight Just keep rising up I want to feel you by my side And go together Searching for something true - Yeah! - Wow! Sunken through Searching for something true Something true Something true Something true [EXCLAMATIONS OF APPRECIATION] - The Bedford Falcon flies again! - Something true Something true - [CHEERING] - Something true Something true