Prodigal Son (2019) s01e12 Episode Script

Internal Affairs

1 GIL: I brought you onto the team because you're the best at what you do, Bright, but not when you get like this.
BRIGHT: I'm like this because of you! Get the hell out of my precinct.
BRIGHT: Gil, no (BRIGHT SIGHS) Bright? Bright, open, open this door.
(BEEPS) - (LOUD WHIRRING) - Open this door.
What are you doing? Open this door.
(ELECTRICITY CRACKLING) - (WOMAN SHOUTS) - DANI: Bright! NEWSMAN: Authorities continue to investigate the blackout that affected Midtown last night.
But as of this morning, we have no official word on the cause of the incident.
Can you help me with this? Are you ready? Am I ready? I slept a full three and a half hours.
Okay, three, but it was quality.
There was definitely some REM mixed in there.
You're used to being the smartest person in the room.
Not today.
Coppenrath is a police psychiatrist.
Internal Affairs trusts him to make sense of minds like yours.
Don't worry, I got this.
All I'm saying is, don't underestimate him.
We've given our statements on the incident.
Now it's up to you.
(KNOCKING) Come in.
I'm Dr.
Good morning, Doctor.
Please, call me Simon.
Have a seat.
So, this is a psychiatric evaluation.
My recommendation to Internal Affairs will determine if you are mentally competent to continue consulting with the NYPD.
No problem.
Simon says.
More or less.
It looks different in here.
The case board.
I removed the crime scene photos.
I find it difficult, in these police settings, to keep the focus on you.
So, I try to create a safe space.
Not sure I have a safe space.
You can have one.
But it takes work.
I specialize in the treatment of inadequately processed trauma.
And, got that.
(CHUCKLES) They warned me about this.
The humor.
But I have to say, I I enjoy it.
What else did they warn you about? Well, we're trying to understand what happened last night, here at the precinct.
The incident.
The incident? Yeah, that was Actually, I have no idea what that was.
Insane Dude lost it.
And I say that as a friend.
Why were you assigned a case so soon after Watkins kidnapped you? I was ready.
I'd been in the hospital for weeks.
(KNIFE SLASHES) The stab wound missed all my vital organs.
(SCREAMS) Surprisingly more unpleasant was the metacarpal fracture.
How did Lieutenant Arroyo feel when you reported for duty? He was thrilled.
GIL: Absolutely not.
Gil, please, I need a case.
What you need is a leave of absence.
- I told you, I'm fine - Fine? Watkins tortured you.
And I emerged unscathed! Well, scathed.
Moderately scathed.
You're going home, Malcolm.
Rest, recuperate.
That's an order.
COPPENRATH: Were you concerned about Bright's mental state? Of course I was.
If Bright was an actual state, he'd be Florida.
Gil had me drive him home.
And all he did was rant about how the hospital only served red or green Jell-O.
Apparently, lemon is where it's at.
Now, orange, orange can be either, you know, orange or peach-flavored.
But the difference in hue is barely discernible.
Bright, to bed.
Thank you, Ilsa, though I should warn you.
My son does not respond particularly well to direction.
Detective Powell.
How lucky Malcolm is to be surrounded by this army of nurturing women.
I'm just following orders.
Mom, did you make a new friend? Ilsa is my little homecoming gift.
She can run your baths, administer your meds and prepare your meals until you have sufficiently recovered.
Mom, I don't need anyone She also competed in the German judo team in the '92 Olympics.
Should you have one of your more unruly nightmares.
ILSA: I have placed fresh sheets on your bed and warmed them with a hot water bottle.
Would you prefer whiskey or bourbon in your hot toddy? Uh, whiskey.
Thank you.
So, how is he, really? I, I don't think it's my place to Oh, if I don't hear it from you, I certainly will not hear it from anyone else.
He wants to come back to work.
(EXHALES) Something happened between Malcolm and Watkins underground.
Something more than he will admit.
He didn't mention anything, but Bright has been through a lot.
My son sleeps in chains, subsists on sparkling water and licorice, and can barely take care of a parakeet.
But he is still here.
Please, you might be his closest friend.
I want to help him, Mrs.
- I just - (PHONE BUZZING) I'm sorry, one second.
I need to take this.
Homicide, where? Potter's field, Bay Terrace got it.
You know, I thought Bright's mom and that weird German lady had him on lockdown, but I should have known.
It takes more than a hot toddy to put him to sleep.
(INDISTINCT CHATTER) The gang's all back together.
What the hell are you doing here? You just can't find good help, can you? Should you be back at work? Right, you invited yourself.
Is that something you do often? Insert yourself where you're not needed? Yep.
Oh, yeah.
One hundred percent.
I'm always needed.
Not always wanted.
Bright! You're back! Seven abdominal stitches and a fracture to your first metacarpal, and you still look great.
(SIGHS) I might have pulled his medical records.
I was worried.
But you're here now.
I am here.
So let's go take a peek at this body? COPPENRATH: I get it.
You need to work.
Perhaps it's a coping mechanism, the job.
Do you enjoy your job? I do.
Because you're good at it.
You feel fulfilled when you start to unlock a patient's mind.
And it probably helps you understand yourself.
Well said, but your patients are killers.
How do they help you understand yourself? This graveyard is under control of the Department of Corrections.
Inmates dig the trenches.
For whom? Homeless, the indigent.
Anyone without families to claim the remains.
JT: Watch the dirt.
They developed this land for agricultural use.
The lime will do a number on your Gucci loafers.
GIL: Inmate was filling in the grave this morning, found a body that didn't belong here.
Unidentified male, early 20s.
Cause of death? Ah, bruises around the neck are consistent with strangulation.
Lividity in the extremities suggests that he's been dead for at least 48 hours.
And second-degree burn marks.
One on each temple.
JT: The techs did an analysis of the footprints around the grave.
Eliminated the gravediggers, but were able to isolate one.
A size-14 boot.
Well this is a professional disposal job.
But the M.
doesn't speak to a professional kill.
Hit men employ a more efficient, perfunctory method.
But not our size 14.
This strangulation implies an unskilled, desperate murder.
Unlike the burn marks, which suggest torture or intimidation.
This profile is a contradiction.
All right.
Let's double back to the prisoners and try to I.
our vic.
DANI: I'll run John Doe's fingerprints, see if he's in the system.
JT: Corrections officers claim they didn't hear anything, but (INDISTINCT WHISPERING) Did something else happen at the crime scene, Mr.
Bright? I'm fine.
That's not what I asked.
You were looking off, like you saw something.
What was it? (INDISTINCT WHISPERING) YOUNG BRIGHT: He tried to kill us.
Too soon for a pee break? You're an expert in psychology, Malcolm.
You understand what I'm looking for.
Intractable symptoms of PTSD.
Flashbacks panic attacks recurrent hallucinations.
Were you experiencing any of these symptoms? Absolutely not.
And I'm not just saying that because otherwise you would declare me deranged and I would lose my job slash-coping mechanism.
(LAUGHS) See, now, this is stimulating.
Two overeducated adult men sparring over psychology.
So, what happened at the crime scene? Nothing.
I told you I was fine.
DANI: Something happened out there.
Bright looked spooked.
Or even paler than usual.
Which is saying something.
Did Lieutenant Arroyo agree? Did he bring you back on? GIL: No.
Bright is one of my team's best assets, but administrative leave is always recommended following an incident in the field.
Then how did Bright know to show up for the autopsy report? I told him! Malcolm Bright composed a 100% accurate profile of the Kingdom Lake Killer that is the stuff of legends.
(CHUCKLES) Are you into any of the true crime boards? Websleuths, Justice Quest? He has quite quite a following.
Also, I just missed him.
Oh, don't write that.
(LAUGHS) DANI: Tristan Johnston, 21.
His prints were in the system.
Couple misdemeanors for shoplifting.
He was strangled, and the other injuries indicate that he was beaten severely prior.
The burns remain a puzzler They predate Tristan's death by at least a week.
- What do we know about the guy? - He was a runaway.
Talked to the dad.
Said Tristan lived at home outside of Atlanta, up until he went missing about a year ago.
He had a, uh, credit card in his dad's name when he took off.
The last charge that Tristan made before he turned off the account was $5,000 at the Vosler Institute.
The Vosler Institute? Some kind of self-help organization, right? Books, lectures.
They got a spot in Midtown? They also have many attributes of a cult.
In fact, it's on the FBI's cult index.
Was there a traumatic event in Tristan's family around the time he ran away? Yeah.
His mother died.
Lung cancer.
Cults prey on those with low self-worth.
Schizotypal thinkers.
Tristan was a loner and a perceived failure in an unhappy family life.
A cult offered him a sense of belonging, a place where he could feel welcomed and validated.
Have you heard of them? The Vosler Institute? Uh, cult psychology's not really my area of expertise.
GIL: Based on Tristan's bank records, we went to visit Vosler.
And Bright went to bed.
Or so we thought.
I have developed a treatment program.
A treatment program that removes those traumas.
Here at the Vosler Institute Doesn't look like a cult.
we can help you ascend to a better life that's just waiting for you.
Thank you.
Oh, there are, uh, books available for purchase.
Just say hello to one of my ambassadors.
- Quentin Vosler? - Yes? NYPD.
We need to ask you a few questions.
Of course.
We're investigating a homicide.
Victim might have been involved in one of your programs.
Tristan Johnston? Tristan? Yes, he, uh, was one of us, but he rejected my program.
Left the Institute.
I can't speak to what happened to him after that.
Do you have any records that could tell us what types of treatments he received here? Who he worked with? Uh, the inner workings of my organization are proprietary, Detective, involving multiple trade secrets, so unless you have multiple warrants Excuse me.
Okay, maybe it is a cult.
GIL: He's hiding something.
Check into his business practices, see if we can start pulling those warrants.
We hit a dead end with Vosler.
But Bright had plans of his own.
All classes are open to the public, but Quentin's very selective as to who he'll accept in our private therapeutic regimen.
I really want to work with Quentin himself.
He enrolled himself? (CHUCKLING): What a knucklehead.
You got to love the guy.
So, I'll just go ahead and process your responses.
I've never seen a score this high.
Is that a good thing or a bad thing? Bad I guess.
But it's great for your future here.
Your experience with trauma is compelling.
It was a minimally altered Myers-Briggs.
Hardly difficult to crack for us overeducated adults.
I think we could really help you.
My God, I hope so.
(CHUCKLES) What led you to the Institute? My friend, um, Tristan Johnston.
Does he still take courses here? Uh, I'm-I'm not sure.
We, we have so many members.
When would you like to start? Right now.
Cash or check? COPPENRATH: You were conducting your own investigation.
Did you worry about Lieutenant Arroyo finding out? - Losing your job? - A little.
But going home scared you more.
Why is that? He can't go home, he can't follow orders, and he can't sleep.
That's why he works these cases so hard.
Well, I was afraid my comically Germanic nurse would try to judo me to death.
Tell me about Vosler.
I'm Quentin Vosler.
Thank you for revealing your pain.
Is this really gonna work? The ideal candidate for my therapy is someone with resistant trauma.
That's you.
Yeah, I just, uh YOUNG BRIGHT: He tried to kill us.
I want it to go away.
Well, this treatment is just the first step on our journey together.
Is that? Electroconvulsive therapy.
You're scared.
COPPENRATH: Electroshock? - You're kidding.
- Tristan's burns indicated he went through the same treatment.
That procedure is only administered after psychiatric review with certified technicians and anesthesia.
Vosler's out of his mind.
Today, anyone can improve their body using plastic surgery.
I believe people should be able to electively improve their minds as well.
With this, we can purge your memories and ease your pain.
I promise.
So, what did you do? Oh, I let him shock me.
People like Vosler make me angry.
The false promises he makes.
The way he appeals to the vulnerable.
I wasn't vulnerable.
I was trying to solve a case.
Really? When Vosler promised to erase your pain, some part of you wanted to believe that he could.
Wasn't that more important than the case? Nothing's more important than the case.
Oh, explain that to me.
I grew up inside a case.
Living with a killer.
If I'd have solved that one faster, more people would have been saved.
When I put myself in danger to find a killer, I'm not thinking about me.
I'm thinking about them.
The victims.
People like Andi.
(CLEARS THROAT) How many times have you been through it? The treatment.
Why? (CHUCKLES SOFTLY) It's such a cliché.
Crap parents.
But Quentin already purged your mind.
Why do you stay? Don't you have other family, friends? Our friends' and family's negativity can hinder our progress.
Those don't sound like your words.
More like Quentin's rules.
Is that why Tristan left? You knew him, didn't you? (SIGHS) Tristan recruited me to the Institute.
He tried to reconnect with his father.
Quentin forbid it.
Tristan's dead.
I work with the police.
I'm here investigating his murder.
I think Quentin was responsible.
He wouldn't.
When I get out of here, I can make sure he never hurts anybody else.
Can you help me? I can't.
I'm scared of him.
Then you should come with me.
You said you had crap parents.
When you lived with them, how did you feel? Vulnerable? Trapped? How do you feel here? (CRYING): I have nowhere else to go.
You've thought about leaving before.
I can tell you how many times.
ANDI: What are you doing? This ECT machine is evidence.
It ties Vosler to Tristan.
Come on.
Let's get out of here.
I can't believe I'm doing this.
Don't worry.
I'll take care of you.
I have to call my team.
I need Lieutenant Arroyo in the 16th Precinct.
I have a witness from inside the Vosler Institute.
(TIRES SCREECHING) (SCREAMS) Andi! How did Bright react to Andi's kidnapping? He was losing it.
I mean, I could see that.
But I didn't want to lose him.
(SIGHS) You could've gotten yourself killed.
I didn't, but I can't say the same for Andi.
We need to arrest Quentin Vosler before she ends up like Tristan.
How am I supposed to get a warrant? All we've got is your eyewitness account and-and whatever this is.
The brass knows what went down with Watkins, Bright.
They'll think you're nuts.
- Tell me what you did with Andi! - Mr.
- Where is Andi? - I don't know.
That's why I'm here.
She was taken by them.
Your team said you became aggressive with Vosler.
Saving Andi had become an obsession, hadn't it? Another way to avoid your own trauma.
- I was fine.
- "Fine.
" There's that word again.
Whenever you say you're "fine," a warning bell goes off in my head.
Okay, I wasn't fine.
I'm a mess.
But I'm a mess that works.
Well, I'm not arguing that you're bad at your job.
No, you're bad at yours.
I am trauma.
I'm good at my job because it helps me understand the human mind.
That shouldn't preclude me from police work, it should qualify me for it.
What do you really know about trauma, Simon? Ten years ago, I was on vacation with my daughter.
We rented a little cottage in Sunken Meadow Beach.
And Lily loved the water.
She'd swim for hours.
It was the perfect trip and our last together.
I was driving, my daughter was in the passenger seat, and I looked away for a split second, you know, to find a better radio station.
The car flipped, and she died on impact.
And for a while, I told myself it was inevitable, a tragic accident.
It was.
But not blameless.
I couldn't move on until I acknowledged my role in the crash.
So stop lying to me, Bright.
Stop lying to yourself.
Something happened when you were underground with John Watkins.
You're haunted by it.
Tell me what it is.
Your father was going to kill you.
Should we continue with the case? I'm here because I fear for the safety of my members.
The only thing they're afraid of is you.
It has been suggested that my institute shares some of the characteristics of a cult.
Now, the van that took Andi was identified by my members.
I don't know his name, but we've had run-ins with this man in the past.
He would call Andi's kidnapping an "extraction.
" You're talking about a deprogrammer.
They save cult victims.
Reunite families with their loved ones.
Save them? He re-traumatizes them.
Undoes all my good work, and now, with Tristan, he's escalated to murder.
Deprogrammers have questionable methods, but that doesn't make them killers.
Do you have any idea who hired the deprogrammer? Andi's late mother was American.
Her father is a Spanish national.
He owns a manufacturing firm in Barcelona, and he would spend any amount of money to get Andi back.
Deprogrammers cater to wealthy families determined to reclaim their wayward children.
I know someone who can help.
So many black sheep of New York's finest families have been wooed by these cults.
There's a very healthy rolodex of deprogrammer types floating around Park Avenue.
A-And why were you so eager to assist in the investigation? Gil.
Lieutenant Arroyo is a friend, and I enjoy when my friends are indebted to me.
Sorry, don't you plan on asking me about Malcolm's mental health? Uh, w-w-well, what do you think? You should fire him immediately.
Until then, I will do all I can to help with his precious cases.
So I set meetings with every deprogrammer in New York City.
My cousin Ariana was recruited by the Moonies in the '80s.
We had a hell of a time getting her out, but as they say, forgive, love, unite.
We'll need milk and sugar.
Unless you'd prefer something stronger? The only thing we don't serve here is Kool-Aid.
(LAUGHING) She gave that boy everything she had, and he joins a cult? I mean, how hard is it to accept a trust fund, settle down, and pop out a few grandchildren? Tell me about yourself, your work.
Well, it starts with extraction.
Pick 'em up, pull 'em out.
Then comes debriefing.
These kids are all brainwashed.
I can snap 'em out of it.
Marsh, a few more people outside would love to chat with you, too.
When Bright found Curtis Marsh, I knew we had our guy.
Been doing this long enough, you just feel it.
You got nothing.
We got your boots.
They're a match to the prints we found at the crime scene.
That's enough to hold you for 24 hours.
- Tell us where Andi is.
Should've known this was a setup.
How'd you find me? You come highly recommended.
Because I get results.
JT: Results like murder? Tristan Johnston left Vosler.
He didn't need your help getting out.
Everyone needs a little help from time to time.
That's the job.
But this job was tougher than usual.
That big, important client wanted Andi back, and you couldn't deliver.
You needed to get to Andi, so you tortured Tristan.
GIL: But then something went wrong.
You lost control, you strangled him.
Next thing you knew, Tristan was dead.
What kind of a deprogrammer allows himself to lose control? GIL: Curtis was trapped.
After we questioned him Bright wasn't satisfied.
He was absolutely convinced that Curtis had to be working for someone else.
Arroyo said you became unhinged.
You refused to accept that the case was closed.
BRIGHT: Because it wasn't.
And this argument with Gil, that's what triggered the incident? It led to it, didn't cause it.
I'd been worried about Bright all day.
Now I was scared.
I-I could have handled it better.
It wasn't all his fault.
Now it's really time to go home.
A cult deprogrammer must be skilled, have an understanding of the complex psychology of mind control.
Curtis is the muscle, not the brains.
Otherwise, he never would have killed Tristan.
There's someone above Curtis, the real deprogrammer.
They're controlling everything.
I was right from the beginning.
You're in no state to work a case.
I've been working this case.
I brought you onto the team because you're the best at what you do, Bright, but not when you get like this.
"Like this"? I'm "like this" because of Martin Whitly, because of John Watkins, because of you.
What? You asked for my help.
You knew I couldn't say no, and you brought them all back into my life.
You did that.
You started this.
(SIGHS) Get the hell out of my precinct.
Gil, no.
Bright, open, open this door.
(BEEPS) He tried to kill us.
(WHIRRING) Bright, open this door.
(ELECTRICITY CRACKLING) He did what now? Your "incident" wiped out the entire precinct's electricity.
It wasn't my intention.
Well, what was your intention? Because it wasn't about solving the case.
I did it because I had to, because I, because I needed it.
And what did you need exactly? Tell me the truth, Malcolm.
You electrocuted yourself.
You could have easily died.
What happened with John Watkins? What were you so desperate to forget? He told me something.
Watkins? What did he say? That when I was ten years old, Martin Whitly tried to kill me.
My father tried to kill me.
Well, that's terrible, but you knew he was a predatory psychopath.
I know that.
(SIGHS): My rational overeducated mind understands who he is.
But the child in me thought he cared.
(SIGHS): Loved me even.
Now I can't see that anymore.
All I can see is me.
Age ten.
And you mean that literally, don't you? You are hallucinating.
When Quentin shocked me the hallucinations stopped.
It worked.
(SIGHS): The ECT purged my mind.
But he came back.
So you shocked yourself again.
You just completed your profile.
You're not gonna sign off on me working here, are you? (CLICKS AND SETS DOWN PEN) I'm sorry, Malcolm.
I can't.
Listen, you can get help like I did.
It takes time and commitment, but you're very intelligent and your friends here care about you.
I'll miss them.
You need real help, Malcolm, not just a coping mechanism.
Good night.
What about Andi? I was the only witness to the kidnapping, and you just declared me mentally unstable.
Well, I'm sure Lieutenant Arroyo and his team will find her.
"Her"? I never said Andi was a woman.
So, I assumed.
Does that matter? You're lying.
Excuse me? All that business.
The pockets, writing of notes, stirring your tea.
When I ask you a question, you never make eye contact.
Because I'll see the lies.
(SCOFFS) Look, you're in a very dark place, Mr.
Bright, but turning that profiler's gaze on me won't solve your problem.
I'm not the bad guy.
Why did Curtis kill Tristan? Did he just forget to pop a few pills, or is he just that out of control? I have no idea; I never met the man.
You're the deprogrammer.
No, I'm not, but you can't see that, because you're riddled with trauma and the aftereffects of electroshock and God only knows what else.
I didn't shock myself last night.
(CHUCKLES): What? (WHIRRING) Bright, open, open this door.
(ELECTRIC BUZZ) (PANICKED CHATTER IN BACKGROUND) BRIGHT: Curtis was taking a heavy dose of antianxiety medication.
Was that for his rage issues? Anxiolytics can help regulate anger.
I'm not asking you as a doctor.
I'm asking you as his doctor.
You prescribed them to him, Simon.
That doesn't prove anything.
By itself, no.
That's why I set all this up.
I knew Curtis Marsh had someone protecting him, someone on the inside.
I knew if I was right, you'd try to discredit me to IA, shut down our investigation.
You lied to me about knowing Curtis.
There's your name, right there on that bottle.
Your lies that's all the proof I need.
I wasn't lying.
I was asking the questions.
This was my review! It's all on tape.
The room's wired.
My team has been watching you all along.
Your team? They think you're nuts, Malcolm! I mean, I almost feel sorry for y My profile's complete.
You're under arrest, Dr.
Well I'm impressed.
Nothing gets past you, Malcolm.
One last question.
Did you see this? (MUFFLED SHOUTING IN BACKGROUND) Actually no, I did not.
- Drop it now! - We will shoot you! Get me a hostage negotiator down here right now! Have a bus standing by! (BREATH SEETHES) Damn it.
Where's Andi? (PANTING) Just tell me where she is.
This isn't you, Simon.
You're a rational man, a doctor.
You're not a killer.
How do you know that? Because of Lily, your daughter.
She didn't die in a car accident.
Don't you dare.
She died in a cult.
You couldn't save her.
So you became a deprogrammer.
- Andi reminded you of her, didn't she? - Stop.
I see you what you're doing.
- I'm trying to understand.
- Yeah, yeah.
You're trying to make an emotional connection.
You're expressing empathy.
I'm a psychiatrist.
I know that move.
You're right.
This is stimulating.
Two overeducated men sparring over psychology.
That's not how it works.
Trauma doesn't just go away because somebody pretends to understand you.
(SOFTLY): Yeah.
You're right.
- (LOW WHIRRING) - (BRIGHT SIGHS HEAVILY) I was just distracting you long enough to do this.
(SCREAMS) (PANTING) He's alive.
Where's Andi? He didn't give a location.
Damn it.
You were with him the whole day.
He must've let something slip.
He removed the case boards to make a safe space.
He'd want the same thing for Andi.
Someplace remote, hidden.
Andi reminded him of his daughter.
It was in his story.
The last place they were happy: the cottage.
Sunken Meadow Beach.
Go! Now! Gil's got an address for the cottage.
GIL: She's locked up there.
Police! (PANTING) Andi Andi, it's me.
You're gonna be okay.
(SOBBING) I got to ask a question, Bright.
Can I stop you? Nope.
Are you okay? You freaked out Dani pretty good.
I'm f No.
I don't think I am.
You would've gone through with it, wouldn't you? If you hadn't found that pill bottle you would have shocked yourself.
(SIGHS DEEPLY) I'm not sure.
How is that okay? It's not.
But you know that you're not okay, so that makes it okay.
I'm not exactly following.
You need a vacation.
Someplace with a beach.
I know it's not easy for you to slow down, Malcolm, but I want you to try.
Go hop on a yacht or a helicopter or whatever else they're doing on Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous.
(LAUGHS): That's that's totally not a show anymore.
That's a shame.
(CHUCKLES) I don't want to see you around the precinct for two weeks, you hear me? Loud and clear.
Hey, Gil.
I was wrong.
It's not because of you.
I'm sorry.
I know, kid.
I know.
I get it.
You're a manifestation of my subconscious.
It's all so devastating.
"He tried to kill us.
" But he didn't.
(WINGS FLAP) - (SUNSHINE CHIRPS) - (CHUCKLES SOFTLY) I'm a civilian now, Sunshine.
We're gonna have lots of time together.
Just you, me and We're gonna be okay.
MAN: Greg, move your head.

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