Prodigal Son (2019) s01e13 Episode Script

Wait & Hope

1 My little boomerang.
- What? - After my arrest, my entire life disappeared.
Colleagues, your mother.
Oh, everyone's your best friend until they find out you're a serial killer.
Then, poof.
I mean, this cancel culture has just gotten a little out of hand.
Then they brought me here.
With nothing.
But you you came to me.
And you kept coming back.
Even though you probably shouldn't.
But I'm your father.
And you're my little boomerang.
I'm just confused.
You have no idea what these visits do to me.
What you did to me.
My boy I made you.
You destroyed me.
Malcolm, what are you doing? I came to tell you, face to face.
- Tell me what? - That you're a crazy old man.
A sick lunatic living in a delusion.
We never had a relationship.
Because none of this is real.
I never loved you and you'll never see me again! (DOOR OPENS) (DOOR CLOSES) Morning, Mr.
DAVID: It certainly is for you.
The cardiologists were able to stabilize Prime Minister Zandun.
He's recovering with a good prognosis, thanks to your consultation.
The administration wanted to show their appreciation.
Oh, the echocardiogram does all the heavy lifting.
I just shared my thoughts.
(CLEARS THROAT) Are all of my privileges being reinstated? Well, I have no idea, Martin.
Well, I have to admit I have felt a little isolated lately.
Though, I suppose that's rather the point of solitary confinement.
(CHUCKLES) Haven't spoken to my boy in weeks.
I miss the little guy.
I bet he misses me, too.
WOMAN (OVER SPEAKERS): We hold this Phalakasana.
Feeling connected to our body.
Reminding ourselves that we are lucky to be alive today.
JOHN: We have to stop meeting like this.
WOMAN'S VOICE: As we move into Garudasana, We remind ourselves we deserve happiness.
Pressure Pushing down on me Pushing down on you, no man ask for Under pressure That's enough yoga for today.
Right, Sunshine? Puts people on the streets (SIGHS) Breakfast of champions.
And join me tomorrow night for exclusive coverage of Cal Taylor's wedding.
Scion of the legendary Taylor family, the evening promises to deliver glitz, glamour and all the gowns.
"Life is an adventure.
" (SING-SONGY): Good morning.
- Mother.
- Darling, I am so excited you are finally going on vacation.
I brought a bon voyage gift.
You look wonderful.
Do I? For an island vacation? Definitely.
I swear, the last time I had to fly commercial, I felt like I was on the last chopper out of Saigon.
Flying commercial, your own personal Vietnam.
Oh, joke all you want, but this is important.
You have been consumed by your work and your father and all this murder.
I'll admit, I've been through some stuff, but I'd be perfectly fine with a little staycation here in New York.
Oh, no.
Wrong island, dear.
You are gonna be sipping daiquiris and listening to the waves and sleeping in a hammock.
Restrained, of course.
Now, come on, your ride is waiting.
No, my flight's not for hours, and I can take a cab.
Oh, no.
I have arranged something far better.
My mother called in a police escort? Kid, I'd drive you all the way to Tahiti if I could.
Nice suit.
I'm proud of you.
Why is everyone acting like I'm deploying to a war zone? I'm going to a resort.
And that's a good thing.
We all just want you to be happy.
Do you know how to do that? Yeah, sure.
I'm familiar with the concept.
DISPATCH: Attention all units.
We have a 10-54 DOA at 328 Pearl Street.
Forget about it.
I'm not taking you to a crime scene.
Come on, it's practically on the way.
My-my flight's not for hours.
- Bright - Look, I'm taking care of myself.
But I can still help.
How about quick drive-by, then straight to the airport? In and out.
I promise.
But only because I want everyone to see you in that suit.
What up, Miami Vice? DANI: Aw, that's no way to talk to a friend, JT.
How is everything? Were you able to kill James Bond or He's going on vacation, download me quick, then we're off to JFK.
JT: Our vic's name is Jules Connor.
Former district attorney.
Been in private practice for the past decade.
This dude was connected.
Talk to me about that camera.
The security system is all in-house and it's all been fried.
Our killer covered his tracks.
Based on the murder weapon, he had a flair for the dramatic.
Double-barrel flintlock pistol.
Walnut handle, gold filigree.
A real pirate's gun.
Dates back to the 1730s.
I have two.
EDRISA: Who invited their coke dealer? (LAUGHS) I mean, hello.
(WHISPERS): I love your chicken.
Okay, now, I'm glad I brought you.
Hello, Dr.
I was just on my way To poach ivory in the Serengeti.
Sorry, I had to do it.
Comedy comes in threes.
But you can't leave until you see this.
Villefort is a central character in The Count of Monte Cristo.
One of my favorite books growing up.
"I let him place the box in the hole he had made, "then, whilst he stamped with his feet "to remove all traces of his handiwork, "I rushed on him and plunged my knife into his breast, "exclaiming, 'I am Giovanni Bertuccio; "'thy death for my brother's; thy treasure for his widow.
'" In the story, the Count's life is destroyed by three men Villefort, Danglars and Fernand.
And he enacts his vengeance on them all.
We may be looking for a revenge killer with a penchant for poetic justice.
And if your profile's right, then two more bodies are gonna drop.
We're not gonna let that happen.
While you are on vacation.
What's this? (CLICK) Edrisa! Land mine! It's a black widow.
We got a bomb.
Get me ESU, the bomb squad and the level-one mobilization.
All non-essentials clear the area.
Everyone, evacuate now.
Edrisa, - Get your people out of here.
- Get the body, let's move.
Let's move! Let's go.
Come on.
What the hell is a black widow? A Russian anti-personnel mine.
Been around since the '50s.
Taliban love these things.
Keep that thing steady, bro.
The only thing keeping this place from blowing is a weak creep spring on the pressure plate.
Oh, good thing I don't have a hand tremor.
You're making jokes? There's no reason for you to stay here.
I can handle this until the bomb squad gets here.
- We're not leaving you.
- It's fine.
- I - (MINE CLICKS) (METALLIC TICKING) That's the spring.
It's activated.
Okay, turn of events.
This mine is definitely not stable.
Uh, which means I need to speak quickly.
Uh, JT, auction houses will have records of the gun's sale.
Gil, the killer identifies as the Count, which means that the victim would have deemed him inferior or unworthy in some way.
And Dani? Yeah? Uh never mind.
I have a plan.
Go! Come on.
All right.
- What's the plan? - (PHONE VIBRATES) (EXCLAIMS SOFTLY) Might as well go out with a bang.
I only have a second.
My boy, it's your father.
I'm back.
I'm, uh A little busy? I bet.
Yeah, just stabilizing a triggered land mine that a Count of Monte Cristo- inspired killer planted in his victim's office.
Was the first victim Villefort? Or W uh, wait, you're-you're holding a live mine? Yeah, everyone cleared out.
It's just me.
Thinking of a really bad plan and, um saw you called.
And you picked up? Why? Honestly, I have no idea.
Pray tomorrow I got to go.
- Higher, high - Pressure on the people I'd say that went well.
People on the streets Oh, should I have said I love you? Why Love, love, love Love, love Insanity laughs Under pressure we're breaking Can't we give ourselves One more chance? Why can't we give love, give love Give love, give love This is our last dance This is ourselves - Under pressure - (GRUNTS) I think I'm gonna miss my flight.
Today, we welcome back a member of our group.
Martin, how are you feeling about your solitary confinement? Well, first of all, uh, it's great to be back.
Um, I have to tell you, Stanley, I was in a pretty bad place.
I thought my son was dead.
(SCREAMING) Got a little dark there for a minute.
(CHUCKLES) But, uh, I have come to learn my boy is just fine.
I was even able to help him deal with something explosive at his work today.
- That's positive.
- But I worry about him.
He's not okay.
And I'm not sure I have the, uh, the emotional tools to help.
Perhaps we could do some, uh, therapeutic role-playing, you know, to help me with my, uh, my self-destructive behaviors.
All right, Martin.
- Let's see who - And Hector could play Malcolm.
(SIGHS) I don't want to.
I'm always Malcolm.
Because you're good at it.
You know, you-you really capture his essence.
(SIGHS) Malcolm.
- You look great.
- Hey.
I just want to say, um I'm a changed man.
No, I know you have some questions, and I haven't always been forthcoming, but I'm an open book.
I just I just want to help.
But, Dad, you killed people, and you're a dick.
- Hector - MARTIN: That's-that's that's all in the past.
Uh, I just want to help you, son.
And here's something I should have said before.
I love you.
Nah, I'm not saying it.
It's important to me.
Come on, it's important.
Say it.
I love you, too.
Edrisa said that gun's all we've got left from the crime scene.
Nothing else was salvaged.
Please don't rub it in.
It's just a car, boss.
Right now.
Bright, talk to me about The Count of Monte Cristo.
Well, the story begins on the 24th of February, 1815 in Marseilles, when a three-masted ship - named the Pharaon - Kid.
The Count was in prison for 14 years because he was wronged by three men.
Our killer identifies with that.
To him, this wasn't murder.
Connor was executed for a crime.
His original sin.
Lieutenant Arroyo, there's a Inspector Boville on the line.
- Who? - It's my father.
Boville was the detective in The Count of Monte Cristo.
He must have figured something out.
He called me at the crime scene - when I was alone with the mine.
- Why'd you pick up? I was in a weird place.
I'll talk to him myself.
Put him through.
- The hell you just say? - Excuse me? You're gonna talk to your dad, we do it together as a team.
Are you sure this is a good idea? Nope.
Whitly, you're on with me and the rest of the team.
Really? The gang's all there? I hope you're calling about the case.
Well, yes.
I've been thinking about your body.
You know, Villefort was procureur du roi - "prosecutor to the king.
" - Our victim was a former D.
He could be responsible for sentencing our killer to prison.
Mm, I don't think it's so one-to-one, Malcolm.
- You said there was a bomb.
- JT: Land mine.
Who said that? Nobody.
I don't think the bomb was meant for our victim.
I think it was meant for all of you.
You know, the police do prosecute for the king.
Maybe you should have joined the family profession, Malcolm, by which I mean medicine.
- Okay, we're done.
- H-Hold on.
Could this be about something the police helped cover up for Connor? Oh, that's good.
Is that you, Gil? Who else is there? Should we do quick introductions? Dr.
Whitly, if you don't have anything else Now, I would like to discuss the cause of death.
He used a flintlock pistol.
An antique.
Oh, how romantic.
And intricate.
You know, uh, it takes a lot of time and investment to load and fire.
Our killer wasn't in a rush.
He savored all of this, every detail.
Which is why they may run the risk of being overly myopic, you know, that they may, uh, focus too much on the details and miss something in the overall gestalt.
That's how we're gonna catch him.
I got a hit on the gun.
The pistol was purchased at an auction last year by William Voight.
He's a money manager to the one-percenters.
Oh, there's a lady cop? Oh, how wonderf - Your dad seems nice.
- (SHORT CHUCKLE) - He's not.
- Mm.
Why would a guy like William Voight kill Connor? Let's find out.
(SIGHS) (CLEARS THROAT) You'll look beautiful in either.
Oh, I don't need empty flattery, I need an actual opinion.
And flattery.
It's not every day one scores an invite to a Taylor wedding.
They're practically American royalty.
I know.
Well, the network actually asked me to cover it.
Cal Taylor, war hero, returns home to blah, blah, blah.
(CHUCKLES) Ainsley, that is fabulous.
I'm so proud of you.
Oh, I know this assignment isn't really that big a deal, but It may not be a big deal for you, but I was exiled to social Siberia after your father's arrest.
It's taken me 20 years to get back.
Yes, my invitation may have been late and, yes, I may be sitting in the nosebleeds, but Wear the green.
You always look hot in green.
- Where is everybody? - (MUFFLED SHOUTING) (MUFFLED): Hey.
Hey, hey! Hey! (MUFFLED YELLING CONTINUES) - The Sword of Damocles.
- GIL: It's another trap and Voight's at the center of it.
BRIGHT: We trip any of these wires, the swords will fall, and they're all anchored to Voight.
If he moves, he dies.
What're you doing? I'm gonna save this guy.
You and JT, get up on the balcony.
(SPITS, COUGHS) - You got to get me out of this.
- Good idea.
I need you guys to cut the lines, one at a time.
But what about the swords plunging at our key witness? - I'm gonna catch them.
- GIL: Bright.
- We have to call someone.
- BRIGHT: Who we gonna call The department of falling sword death? That's us.
Besides, I'm a two-time silver medal axe thrower.
Silver medal.
Start cutting.
JT: Here comes number one.
Now two.
Number three.
Oh! (GASPING) Now you.
Okay, William, while we're here, do you have any idea who would do this to you? No, I-I didn't see his face.
He must have drugged me, and then I-I-I woke up like this.
DANI: Bright, cutting now.
You know, your antique pistol was recently used in a homicide.
Yeah, Connor.
Look, yeah, it wasn't my gun.
I acquired it for one of my clients, uh, for a collection, and I-I think these might be his swords, but it-it wasn't him who did this.
DANI: Got another one.
- Oh, God! - Ooh! Who's the client? Because right now, - they look pretty guilty.
- You know I can't tell you that.
Is he connected to Connor? Come on, William, tell me before it's too late.
Bright, you can't threaten him.
I'm not threatening him, just being pragmatic.
- This is scary stuff.
- JT: Cutting the next line.
Another one.
Oh, God! Aah! Calvin Taylor! Your client was the Cal Taylor? - Yeah.
- There are only two left, and they're tethered to him.
We're coming down.
Like a deadly 7-10 split.
The Taylors.
A few years ago, - the boat crash.
- GIL: I remember the story.
Official report was that a cook's daughter stole a boat and crashed it, drowned in the sea.
It always stank of a cover-up.
Couldn't we talk about this later? Hopefully.
You cut, I'll catch.
DANI: Okay, here it comes.
(SHOUTS) So is now a good time to talk? Connor and I worked for the Taylors.
We handled the whole Isabella situation.
Which situation, exactly? Well, she was the cook's daughter.
She didn't steal the boat, she wasn't alone.
Cal Taylor was with her.
They were an item.
He was drunk and high (GRUNTING) and she was underage.
Not the type of details you want spilled on Page Six.
After the crash, Cal was able to swim to shore, but Isabella wasn't so lucky.
But you covered all that up.
Connor handled the police and I moved the money.
- Isn't it Cal's wedding tonight? - Yep.
Tally and I are doing a whole thing.
Watching it live.
She's gonna wear a hat.
(CHUCKLES SOFTLY) When we spoke to my father, he called the killings romantic.
I think our Count would agree.
He's gonna kill Cal at his own wedding.
DANI: Well, if it's about the accident, then it's got to be somebody close to Isabella.
What happened to the cook? Her father.
We sent him back to Ecuador.
You and JT run down her family.
Bright and I will talk to Cal.
You should call your lawyer.
We're not done.
Dani got a hit on Isabella's father Ernesto.
He reentered the country five days ago.
Not a coincidence.
Just a moment.
I'm On vacation, I know.
I tracked your flight.
How is the beach? Oh.
I'm really enjoying myself.
Oh, that's wonderful.
I can just hear it in your voice.
You're having fun.
Yes, well, I'm doing what I love.
Mother, I, uh, I have to jump off.
I-I think I see a conga line forming.
(HANGS UP) I don't understand.
This fit two weeks ago.
Cal? I'm Lieutenant Arroyo.
This is Malcolm Bright.
We need to ask you some questions.
About Isabella.
Love the crossbow.
Do you shoot? No, I, uh Who are you? MAN: Hey, Cal, can you give us a second? (CLEARS THROAT) BRIGHT: Mr.
Taylor, we need to speak - with your son.
- GEORGE: Can it wait? - The kid's all nerves.
- It can't.
We're concerned someone may be targeting him, using a weapon from your own collection.
Yes, my attorney called.
Those were stolen from a warehouse at The Met.
Unfortunate, but Cal is safe here.
Do you remember Ernesto Cora? He worked for you.
Gentleman, really, this is neither the time nor the place.
- Will you please - Ten years ago your son killed Isabella Cora and covered it up.
Now a killer is back for poetic justice.
My son was not on that boat.
You're protecting Cal.
Makes sense.
It's what any father would do for their son.
GIL: Mr.
Taylor, two men have already been attacked.
One killed.
Cal's in danger.
GEORGE: Lieutenant, you're standing in the Taylor Estate.
Built at the time of Fort Knox, with security to match.
My family is safe.
This really is a stunning home.
Your family fortune came from bootlegging, right? Running whiskey from Canada.
Your commissioner will be here tonight, but I'm sure he could swing by earlier if need be.
Ernesto worked here for years.
He knew this place inside and out.
But bootleggers rarely use the front door.
You said you had security at every entrance.
But what about the entrances security doesn't know about? He said the tunnel leads out over there.
The only other access point is a mile away.
I'll sweep the east end.
Found something.
Hello? The wedding committee are taking orders for dinner.
I've got the menu.
They're thinking Ecuadorian.
Ernesto? Don't move.
Ernesto, stop.
Ernesto! Hands where I can see them.
Look at that.
Ernesto hasn't confessed yet, but he will.
Thank you for your help.
No problem.
But he definitely did it, right? Yes, and we got him.
I don't understand it.
What was his plan? And what drove him to these lengths? It (LAUGHS): Doesn't fit your profile? We got this.
Come on, Bright, you promised.
I pulled a string, I got you on the next flight out.
Powell will give you a ride.
- Gil, I'm - No, Bright, you're not.
All right? I can handle this case.
I need you to handle you.
DANI: You don't look like someone thinking about taking a vacation.
I don't like Ernesto for this.
Wow, you just can't take a break, can you? It's not that.
Isn't it? I think it's time that you had the profile turned on you for once.
Why can't you just tune it all out? Walk away from it? What are you so afraid of? I'm afraid of me.
The more relaxed things are out there, the more time I have to think in here.
And when that happens - It's terrifying.
- Yeah.
Imagine a theater that only plays horror films about you.
That is the worst idea for a movie theater I have ever heard.
I don't think anybody would go.
Right? But the problem is I'm trapped inside.
All right, so, where are we really going? I have a terrible idea.
Oh, what a wonderful surprise.
And you brought company.
Oh, delightful.
I'm Martin.
What has he told you about me? All good, I hope.
Whitly, this is Detective Powell of the NYPD.
A friend? - Partner.
- Ah.
Whatever you kids are calling it these days.
Have a seat.
Uh, how are you? I heard you met John.
JOHN: We brought you on that camping trip to take care of you for good.
I was worried about you.
After he kidnapped me, John Watkins told me about the camping trip.
You took me there because I found the girl in the box.
(SHORT CHUCKLE) John always had an active imagination.
(WHISPERS): What are you doing? You were going to kill me.
MARTIN: Malcolm.
(CHUCKLES) I have done bad things.
But I never did that.
I mean, if I wanted to kill you I would have.
We're here to solve a case.
Let's do that.
We arrested a suspect.
A good one.
Ticks all the boxes.
But something doesn't feel right.
All right.
Tell me everything.
JT: They called Isabella a thief.
Said she was high.
It's a good thing she didn't hurt anyone else.
My daughter was a genius.
She could have been an engineer or an architect.
Instead She drowned.
And when you started asking questions, they fired you.
- Ruined your family.
- Connor.
They're the real criminals, working for the Taylors.
Those men are devils.
All of them.
- But I didn't kill anyone.
- Then who did? And why the hell did you come back? (SIGHS) I-I got to say, I don't like Ernesto for this, either.
We're agreed on that.
Why? He has all the indicators of suspicion.
Means, motive, opportunity.
Oh, but where are the intangibles? The passion, the finesse.
The joie de vivre.
Killing people is not easy, believe you me.
You're right.
Where's the drama in this story? Well, I'll tell you.
Between father and son.
George Taylor always wanted his son to live, uh, a certain life, even if Cal didn't agree.
(WHISPERS): And according to Page Six, Cal has felt trapped by his family for years.
If George is forcing Cal into a life he doesn't want Marriage without love That could cause anyone to snap.
So you think Cal's gonna kill his father.
Well, I mean, I could be projecting.
But he certainly has motive.
Add to that a classical education, enough time in the Army to learn about land mines.
He could be showing off for his father.
An almost narcissistic display of premeditation.
Which means his final act of justice will be delivered in the most public way possible.
The wedding.
We have to stop Cal before he kills his dad.
"'Fernand!' Monte Cristo cried.
'Of my hundred names, I shall need only tell you one to strike you'" - Mr.
- Oh, come on.
We have to crash a wedding.
They're never gonna let me in like this.
MARTIN: Wait, uh, y-you can take her shopping, my boy, on me.
Go on, you kids.
Have fun.
(LINE RINGING) Gil, I need you to go back in with Ernesto.
- Are you - On the plane? No.
Kid, you're done.
I can explain.
Dani and I went to see my father.
I think George Taylor is in danger, and Cal may be our killer.
The commissioner has a ton of cops working that event.
Even if your hunch is right, they're not shutting it down.
Ton of cops.
You know anyone who could let us in? I got a guy.
You look amazing.
That is the first smart thing you've said all day.
- (CLASSICAL MUSIC PLAYING) - (INDISTINCT CONVERSATIONS) Well, that went surprisingly smooth.
Hey, before, when you were gonna, like, uh, blow up and everything, what were you gonna say to me? Oh, just something about the profile.
Nothing important.
JESSICA: Malcolm? (SIGHS) I knew you'd never join a conga line.
What the hell are you doing here? Also, you look fabulous.
Oh, you, too.
The green and your eyes, and Do you really want to know why we're here? A case? God.
Just whatever you do, please don't embarrass me.
We will do our best, Mrs.
Bright, there's Cal.
W You can't be here.
And yet here we are.
Do you have a second? I'm calling security.
It's about Voight and Connor.
Funny story.
Cal killed one of them.
Are those canapés? (DOOR OPENS) - What the hell are you doing? - We're looking for a killer.
And knowing your history in that department Will you stop? Please.
It it was the worst night of my life.
Because you were driving the boat.
Yes, but I loved Isabella.
After the explosion, I-I looked for her everywhere.
I ran up here to the house, I called the Coast Guard, but suddenly, there was my dad.
Cal, what did your father do? BRIGHT: He did nothing.
Because he never wanted you with Isabella in the first place.
I told my dad we could still save Isabella.
But he knew I was high.
My dad said I had to think about my future, my life.
It was worth more than hers.
She's always known that.
What? Isabella grew up here, in the world of aristocracy, but George Taylor never saw her as anything more than a worker.
He deemed her unworthy of the family, of their storybook life.
And then he tried to erase her completely.
But the report says they never recovered the body.
What if she's alive? You're saying that our count could be a countess? It fits.
That's why Ernesto came back To stop his daughter.
When I was here this morning, there was a 1902 Colt pistol in that case.
Where is it? (INDISTINCT CONVERSATIONS) JESSICA: Yes, the entire time I had no idea he was a serial killer.
Are those canapés? Okay, so we definitely found the bad guy, - and it is not the groom.
- George Taylor.
He's the villain in Isabella's story.
And her final target.
All these old families got skeletons in the closet.
Mine had 23.
Uh, I forgot.
JT sent me this.
It's the last-known photo of Isabella.
Okay, and Cal said there was an explosion when the boat crashed.
She could have burns.
Now, imagine you're Isabella, waiting for the perfect moment to get your revenge on George.
- Which is? - She'd want him on display, but unaware of his vulnerability in an easy, prominent position, standing center stage.
(CLINKING) His toast.
Okay, you search the room.
- I'm gonna get that microphone.
- Okay.
Yes, I think George would like to say - Hey! - Oh! - (EXCITED CHATTER) Sorry.
Just Okay.
Hi, everyone.
Um, before George gives his toast, I'd just like to say a few words about uh, dads.
Because that's a thing people do.
BRIGHT: So, we all know that weddings are really for the parents, right? Do you know that strange man? Oh, I don't think so.
I mean, who could tell from way back here? This is your dream coming true.
Um, George, you and, uh your wife gave Cal the best life possible.
Private school.
MAN: Cal never had braces.
George, this whole day is really a testament to you.
Every father wants what's best for their son, right? When I was a kid, I knew my father would've done anything for me.
But that doesn't mean that he was always right.
You see, fathers do bone it from time to time.
(TITTERING) That perfect life they always wanted for you Maybe it was all wrong.
That special girl that they didn't approve of Maybe she was the one.
That accident they covered up (PEOPLE MURMURING) maybe it didn't have to be so tragic.
He's not worth it, Isabella.
None of them are.
You can find peace.
Without killing.
Dumas said it best: "All of human wisdom can be summed up "in these two words: 'Wait and hope.
'" Thank you.
Gun! (GUNSHOT) You saved my life.
Thank you.
You should be in cuffs, too.
And you will be.
That was outstanding.
You're-you're a hero.
- What is your name? - Malcolm.
I'm Jessica Whitly's son.
Yes, he is.
Darling, I find myself underwhelmed by the social scene here.
Shall we? You really were spectacular in there.
And you did look happy.
When I'm on a case, I usually am.
Well, to each his own, my love.
A heart Hmm Thank you.
Its own sound I guess murder really does follow you everywhere.
I could say the same for you.
(LAUGHS SOFTLY) Hey, you want to know something weird? The table they put Mom at It was full of media people.
Almost like she got the invite because someone in that world went to bat for her.
I don't know what you're talking about.
Did she look happy? Very.
You did a good thing, Ains.
CAMERAMAN: Ainsley? We're ready for you.
I'll see you later.
A thwarted assassination attempt, a killer seeking revenge and a bombshell cover-up inside sources assure me will rock New York society to its very rich core.
Nothing like a wedding to remind a girl why she's single in the first place.
After the break, we'll have an exclusive report you won't want to miss.
I'm Ainsley Whitly reporting for ADN.
Well, that was a heck of a show.
What should we watch next? MAN: Greg, move your head.

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