Project: Anchor SPM (2021) s01e02 Episode Script

O Captain! My Captain!

-Nurse, how's my friend?
-I'm not sure just yet. Okay?
Help, it hurts!
What should I do?
Help, it hurts!
Nurse, help!
It hurts!
No, it hurts!
I don't want it!
I haven't injected it yet.
See this?
Relax, Jat. This is just a painkiller.
It'll only hurt for a second,
or else, your foot will hurt forever.
No, don't do it! It hurts!
-Aaidaa, are you okay?
I didn't mean it, I swear!
Aizat is the team anchor.
He's tough.
You're finally here.
Come help me with that wimp.
Come on!
Hilmi, no!
No, Hilmi!
Aaidaa, relax.
Aizat is tough. He'll be fine.
Wait. Aren't you guys fighting?
For Aizat's sake.
Okay, you've been given painkillers.
Try to rest to help reduce the swelling.
Jat, don't thrash around like that.
My hand hasn't healed yet.
Sorry, Hilmi.
The needle was huge!
That's enough.
Let's go and see the warden
to get his medicine and stuff.
-Let's go.
-Sorry, not too many visitors.
One by one, please.
Let her go first.
She has been anxiously waiting.
I truly am.
How's your foot? Are you okay?
What did the doctor say? Is it broken?
It was dangerous
for you to sit on the ledge.
I've been sitting there for years
and nothing ever happened to me.
Want to know why?
Because there were no crazy girls
throwing rocks at me like you did.
Now the doctor said that
I might not be able to play rugby again.
Do you want to be responsible for that?
Do you think I'm joking?
I'm in pain, I don't have time
to joke around with you.
You should just leave.
Seriously, just go.
-I'm sorry.
Wait, I'll get that for you.
-I can handle this.
-Let me help you.
-You don't have to.
-You're in pain, let me help.
-Okay, you do that.
-Give it to me.
I knew you couldn't.
-Don't even bother.
-I can help you!
We were gone for a minute
and you got all chummy together?
Poor Aizat.
-How did he fall like that?
-I know, right?
Tai Ying, hopefully,
he didn't break his foot.
If he breaks his foot,
he can't play rugby.
If he can't play rugby,
he can't become a national player.
Hey, this is nice.
Thank you, I'll return these later.
You don't have to.
I have something new.
Hey, Jat. What's this?
I have a plan.
You'd better plan to brush your teeth.
You smell!
Do I smell? Do I?
-Don't do that.
-Is it that bad?
It smells horrible.
Try and test me.
Try or test you?
Wait, who's Henry?
Don't disturb me.
Hydrogen, helium, lithium,
beryllium, boron, carbon,
nitrogen, oxygen, fluorine.
This is my memorizing technique.
Do you have a technique?
Mine's even better.
What is it?
Daa, are you okay?
Okay, just a little stressed.
Daa, SPM is around the corner.
Your seat is far away from me.
How should we
Don't die!
This plan is called Project Anchor SPM.
Are you on painkillers or are you high?
No, I'm serious.
This is just like a game of rugby.
We need to have an anchor
and we can only pass to the back.
The faster we pass the ball
to the winger, the faster we'll win.
To win the game, what do we need?
We need an anchor and we need a team.
It's just the same with the game of SPM.
But now, we have to find our own team.
Got it?
Okay, so what's your plan?
Did you fall on your head or on your feet?
Because the nurse
only X-rayed your foot yesterday.
No, relax.
Just listen, just play along.
Now for this project,
the Anchor will pass
the answers to the back.
We will have Mirrors.
The Mirror
has to pass the answers
from the Anchor to the whole team.
Do you understand? It's simple.
But the thing is,
we need a smart kid for the Anchor.
So you want me to pass my answers to you?
Are you crazy? What if we get caught?
It's not you.
Okay, I deserve to claim this from her.
It's not like she hasn't done this before.
What are you talking about?
How do you think Jaja gets
to be the Top 3 in our batch?
No, we can't.
Aaidaa is the purest, kindest,
and sweetest in this school.
I don't want you
to tarnish her reputation.
It's Aaidaa.
What's with you?
-Don't do it!
-Why not?
Do you have a crush on Aaidaa?
Botol, tell me.
Is it just me who can't see
what's so good about Aaidaa?
Yes, it's just you.
Okay, listen.
Let me be your Anchor.
Why? I'm in the Top 2, aren't I?
Yes, you're in the Top 2,
but you're a science nerd.
You don't do very well
in Malay and history.
Because she's perfect,
I don't want you to ruin her.
And because she's perfect,
she won't agree with your idea.
Hey, I'm talking about results.
You're thinking of something else.
On Aaidaa's behalf,
I totally reject your idea.
And on Aaidaa's behalf,
who's responsible for my foot,
I have my rights.
What's this?
Have you asked her yet?
Botol, tell me
that I'm right and he's wrong.
Jat, right now my pH is neutral.
So nobody's right or wrong.
-Jaja, can you help me?
-What is it?
Please send this.
Let's put a ribbon to make it cute.
Is your foot okay?
It's better now.
Here's a get-well fund for you.
That's too much trouble.
It's fine.
-What's this?
-Aaidaa sent this.
Why? Don't you want it?
No, no.
But she has done various things to me.
It's not her fault. She didn't mean it.
Okay, she didn't mean it.
If she really wants to apologize to me,
I want her to come here
and give this to me herself.
-All right.
Oh gosh.
-Peace be upon you.
-Peace be upon you.
What was that?
Say it properly!
Peace be upon you too.
Aaidaa, where are you going?
To see Aizat.
Aaidaa, did Aizat ask you to do anything?
Here. I'm doing it.
-No, I mean
Come to my office.
Close the door carefully.
What's the matter, sir?
About the bunting case,
do you know who was behind it?
No, sir.
Your position as the head prefect
is given by the administration.
So you work for the administration.
I think and I believe
a head prefect like you
will not lie to me
to protect other students.
That's right, sir.
Among all the students here,
you are my watchful eyes.
Yes, sir.
What's this?
Supplements and painkillers.
-Why would you give that to me?
-Because you're hurt.
Why did I get hurt?
I'm asking you.
I threw a rock at you
and you fell from the ledge.
Sorry, I don't know what else I should do!
I forgive you.
How's your foot?
Just like this, Aaidaa.
It feels weird now.
The doctor said
that there was a torn ligament.
I might not be able to play rugby anymore.
You know I'm not smart like you.
I'm not.
I thought
that I would have something else
if I failed my SPM.
I could try out
to become a national rugby player.
But now, this happens.
I don't know what to do.
I don't know.
Aizat, I'm really sorry.
Just tell me what you need.
Do you want me to tutor you?
Study with you?
-I can do that.
It's too late for all that.
Then what should I do?
Just tell me. I'll try to do it.
What's this?
Project Anchor SPM.
You want to help me, right?
This is the only way.
You have to give me the answers during SPM
just like you helped Jaja
during the trial exams.
You planned all of this!
And here I am, feeling sorry for you.
I didn't plan to fall from the ledge.
That's all you!
-I said I'm sorry!
-That's not enough.
You've ruined my future.
You have to build it back up.
But this is crazy, Aizat!
If we get caught, my results will be void!
This is the risk you have to take
after what you did to me.
But you started it!
You scribbled on my photo!
You're telling me, I started it?
Have you forgotten
the rugby match against SSG?
This is wrong and crazy!
You're crazy, Aizat!
Hey, Aaidaa!
You're responsible for this!
You did this to me.
I didn't even ask for it!
This is all your fault!
This is crazy!
It's illegal!
Doesn't he care
what would happen if we get caught?
What will I say to Dad?
Hey, Aaidaa.
Why are you talking to yourself?
What are you doing here?
You know me.
Feeling the vibes.
Writing lyrics.
What song?
The song is not finished.
I only wrote some lyrics.
I don't get it.
What is it about?
I don't know. I
I'm in the middle.
While writing the lyrics,
I was on the fence.
I'm in the middle.
I want to know if it's right or wrong.
I write these lyrics
to get a clearer answer.
So what's the answer?
There's no right or wrong.
There's only responsibility.
Hey, what's wrong with you?
I'll do it.
But if we're really doing this,
you have to do it my way.
-Got it?
-Got it.
My Project Anchor is on!
Hey, Aaidaa agreed.
She agreed with our Project Anchor SPM.
Did she tell you she agreed to do it?
If you don't believe me, go and ask her.
-Okay, so this is on?
-It's on! It's really on.
-If that's the case, I'm in.
Mi, you?
Hey, Aaidaa. Wait up.
Now I've got
the seating chart for our batch.
So I know who to add to our project.
Zaim and Tai Ying.
Hey, are you listening to me?
Don't you feel weird?
People are staring at us.
No, I don't feel anything.
You and me talking right here
like we're friends?
It's not normal, okay?
We'll get caught easily.
Hey, I'm friends with everybody.
Yes, but not with me.
That's right.
You don't hang out
with anyone other than Jaja.
-Don't you have friends?
-That's not the point.
The point is if we're going to do this,
don't be too obvious about it.
The whole batch might find out.
But do you understand what I said?
Zaim, Tai Ying.
Do what you need to do.
All right.
Tai Ying.
So that's the plan. You got it?
Got it.
But don't tell anyone about this project.
Promise me.
I promise.
-Promise for real.
-I really promise!
If anybody asks you,
you have to say you don't know anything.
I don't know. What do you mean?
That's right. You're cool.
No, seriously.
What do you mean?
Aizat talked to me.
Come here! I'll tell you everything.
I have something good.
Be gentle.
Listen up.
Hey, hold up.
How many of us know about this now?
2, 4, 6, 8, 9, 10.
So there are 10 of us
including you and Aaidaa.
There are 10 of us.
Okay, that's fine.
That's fine.
We'll make it happen.
Aaidaa, I can't believe it.
You'd still plan to help me.
I'm so happy!
Hey, Cripple!
-What's wrong?
-You jerk.
You said it'd only be Zaim and Tai Ying.
How did it get to be ten people,
even involving Jaja?
Wait, you don't want to help Jaja?
I invited them
so that your answers can reach Jaja.
Or you really don't want to help Jaja?
Listen here, I don't want you
to do as you please after this.
I don't know if it will work.
So what's your plan?
Tonight, we'll test your theory.
Meet me in the hall at 10 p.m.
The time will come
We're all
The same
Although this self is
Hey, why did you stop?
Keep playing, it's good.
What song is that? It sounds familiar.
Is it Misha Omar's song?
It's your own song?
Why didn't you tell me?
You're just like Botol.
No, seriously.
It's good.
It's just I couldn't believe it.
Everybody in our batch
sees you as a genius.
But nobody knows that you
People see me the way they want to.
Is it their fault?
You're right.
People only see us the way they want to.
But don't just give them
the power to do that.
What do you mean?
We have the power too, right?
The power to show people
what they can see.
Come on. Let's do the test.
Let's go.
First of all
We can't use the sign language
you used before.
Because I understand it.
So if I can,
the invigilator might understand it too.
So we'll change it.
I'll show you.
That's if you want to pass
the answers to people on your right.
If you're passing to the left,
use your left hand and foot.
-Let me see.
-Check it.
-Which one?
-This one.
I don't understand.
Why is yours still wrong?
Because you weren't as relaxed.
It was obvious you were
giving people answers.
You have to relax, okay?
Be casual.
No, no.
You got it wrong in the middle.
But you got it right again in the end.
I couldn't focus,
looking at you being all robot-like.
When I picked it back up,
I copied everything.
Once it was done,
I copied it from the bottom up.
That seems okay.
I have to teach Jaja.
I can see.
I can still see it.
I don't think I can see because
these two desks will be occupied.
I can't see anything.
You can't see it from anywhere.
Daa, if that's the case,
we can't use Plan A at all.
And then?
We include the whole batch.
Hey, Aaidaa.
You can't do this!
You said we're in this together, Aaidaa!
Hey. Thanks, Aaidaa.
Why is he thanking me?
Hey, Hilmi.
Why is everyone staring at me?
I don't know how,
but your project with Aizat
You know about it?
Aaidaa, I think the whole batch knows now.
What's up with your game plan?
Did it work out?
I don't know, Botol.
I need to think more.
Hey, I'm okay.
But it's just those guys.
They're counting on it.
Why were Tai Ying and Zaim staring at me?
That's weird.
Hey, you're the best, Jat.
Thanks, man. That's awesome.
I'll buy you lunch sometime.
-Thanks, man.
-Wait, what's going on?
-Hey, tell me. What's going on?
You told the whole batch?
-Did you see that?
-Are you okay?
That's the girl you like?
Seriously, her?
Are you crazy?
Oh my gosh.
Wait, how many students know about this?
More than 10 people have asked me.
They thought I was in on it.
I'm dead.
Who told them?
That's not the point.
The point is, word got out,
now everybody knows
and they're counting on
something that's canceled.
And what's your plan then?
I need your help.
What help?
Call the whole batch.
Aaidaa has let me down.
Now it's time for me
to let the whole batch down.
You like that, don't you?
A bit.
That's mine.
We have something to confess.
We were the ones who told the whole batch.
Not Aizat.
We were really counting on it.
So when we found out
that you don't want to do it
We panicked!
We spread the word to the whole batch.
We thought that when you find out
that the whole batch
is ready to support you,
you'll join us.
I know I've been mean to you this year.
But when Aizat said that you'd help us,
I was very happy.
It wasn't because of Aizat,
but because you wanted to help us.
I don't understand you, Tai Ying.
Why were you counting on me?
You're not a bad student.
You're in the Top 10 of our batch.
Why would you want to cheat?
Look at me.
Someone like me needs 20As
to compete with 10As
from students like you.
Aaidaa, my family is not well-off.
I'm their only hope.
That's just me.
You don't know what's going on
with our batchmates.
Everyone has their reasons.
must have your own reason too.
I can't.
Relax, Jat.
I'm not used to addressing
the whole batch, Mi.
You're the head prefect.
That's why I'm not the head prefect.
You're not the head prefect
because you're a troublemaker.
Believe me, they'll want
to listen to what you have to say.
Mi, the whole batch respects you.
They respect you too.
Aizat, believe me.
Peace be
Peace be upon you.
Peace be upon you too.
And also,
good evening, Tai Ying.
I know that you now know
that Aaidaa and I
were planning
to do something for you guys.
I don't know
how to break the bad news to you.
But I do have to tell you.
Aizat, wait.
I agree to be your Anchor.
There used to be a male student
who hid in the locker
to escape being caught by the warden.
Hey, don't stomp your feet.
Are you afraid of the Locker Ghost?
-I didn't ask for all this!
At night, when we're alone in this school,
sometimes we can hear it.
Can you still hear the footsteps?
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