Project: Anchor SPM (2021) s01e03 Episode Script

Ghost of Locker

I have warned you,
but you were stubborn.
You still chose your mom.
Now you've become just like your mom.
You came crawling back to me.
I'm sorry, Dad.
From now on,
don't ever disobey me.
I want you to prove
that you're my daughter.
Not your mom's daughter.
Were you daydreaming?
Let's go home.
Let's go.
Let's go.
Daa, are you bringing home bricks?
These are books.
Trial exams are coming up.
What about your dirty laundry?
All washed, dried, and kept in my locker.
In your locker?
You'd better bring your clothes home.
If not, you'll face
the wrath of the Locker Ghost!
Our school is behind a cemetery.
Why should we be afraid
of something so stupid?
If you want to be afraid,
be afraid of that.
Jat, can you take care of my guitar?
I'm not bringing it home.
That's it?
You seem relaxed.
You guys are the ones going home.
I'm not.
Listen, about the Anchor.
What's up? What's your plan?
This is crazy, Jat.
Fifty questions will be hard to track.
Isn't there any easier way?
-Yes, but I will think about it.
-How to avoid getting caught?
I will also think about that.
Aaidaa knows all this?
You don't have to worry about that.
Jat, I am anxious about this.
But because I believe in you,
I'll try not to be.
Bye, Jat.
Take care, Botol.
This place is huge!
How did you find this house?
Jaja sent me an SMS.
Full address.
So go find Jaja. Why are you bothering me?
I want to talk to you about the Anchor.
We can talk about it in school.
Why did you need to come here?
No, we can't.
The whole school is counting on you.
Whose fault is that? Yours, right?
I'm not having it. Get out of here.
You're kicking me out?
I walked all the way over here.
So? Just walk all the way back!
If you want to help me,
let me study in peace and quiet.
I thought you were kidding.
It has been a while
since we last hung out.
Hang out?
Don't listen to him.
He tells all kinds of lies.
-What's happening here?
-Oh my gosh.
Who is this?
Mummy, this is Aizat.
I talk about him all the time.
I'm just about to make dinner.
Come in and join us.
-Okay, let's go.
-Come on in.
Make yourself at home, Aizat.
You both should bring him
to have a look around the house, okay?
Okay, let's go.
Let's go.
Peace be upon you, Awang.
Peace be upon you too.
-You guys have a large pool.
Do you want to swim?
Dad said swimming is good for your joints.
That's true.
Your foot hurts, right?
From your fall?
Is it when I fell because of Aaidaa?
Yes, it really hurts.
Okay, let's go.
-Can I really swim?
This is our dad's collection.
He likes to collect things like these.
It's like he's proving
he has traveled to these places.
He's proving it to whom?
Hey, your dad went to STIA?
Put that back!
What's with you two?
Oh no!
Mummy! Dad's home.
Didn't he say he'd be back late?
Yam, the master is home.
Hey, let me just greet your dad outside.
That's okay.
Wait until he comes in to greet him.
-But he's just outside, right?
We have to get ready.
Why do you need to get ready?
That's okay, you can just wait here.
We're going to get ready, okay?
Get ready?
Tuck in your shirt.
There, you look handsome.
This place.
It always makes me proud.
I heard your rugby team lost.
Against SSG?
How did that happen?
They're just SSG.
Well, something happened
with our students.
Do you remember when we were training?
Your boots were ruined so you took mine.
I gave them to you
because you were my senior.
But do you remember
what happened after that?
I was punished by the coach.
I had to run around the field
because I didn't wear boots.
I really hated you at that time.
But I should thank you. Do you know why?
If you didn't push me
when I was your junior,
I wouldn't become who I am now.
And then I wouldn't
become a minister, right?
I respect you.
You were the head prefect in 1967.
You're still here until now.
You're very loyal.
Honey, how's work today?
We have a guest.
Who touched this?
Yam, how many times have I told you?
Don't touch anything here.
I can handle it.
Try to listen carefully.
I touched that.
Who are you?
Aaidaa and Jaja's friend from school.
I'm sorry, I was excited.
You're Zubir Hisham, right?
How do you know me?
Coach Arshad always talks about Batch 67.
STIA was four points behind during
the final match of the 1967 Nationals.
And time was running out.
Wouldn't you know it?
The team anchor,
Aziz Shaari got injured.
So, he was out.
The coach was ready to give up,
but suddenly a Form 4 student
played with Form 5 students
using his own strategy.
Wings left and right.
He became the beak in the middle,
rammed through the opponent,
and scored a try in only 12 seconds.
Coach Arshad said that was
the best try he had ever seen.
It was 11 seconds.
Not 12 seconds.
What's your name again?
Let's have dinner, Aizat.
Put that back.
Let's eat.
This room hasn't changed at all.
Do you want to see the vault room?
SBP Trial papers have just arrived.
That's all right.
Are you sure?
I believe you.
See that chair?
It's still the same chair
since Principal Dolah.
The one who resigned
after the death of a student.
The death of a student?
The one who became the Locker Ghost.
Din, you're a minister now.
Do you still believe in ghost stories?
Don't you?
Don't tell me you don't know the story?
There used to be a male student
who didn't want to go to Friday prayers,
so he hid in a locker
to escape being caught by the warden.
And then he fell asleep.
The next day, the semester break began.
He woke up in darkness.
He realized that the locker
was locked from the outside.
He was trapped.
He screamed and cried out for days.
He kicked the locker door.
Nobody heard him.
It was a school break.
Once the semester break was over
and the students came back,
they opened the locker
and found his body.
He died.
Since then,
once the semester break is about to start,
students will quickly empty their lockers.
If they don't do that,
they will be haunted at night.
The Locker Ghost will appear.
Banging lockers here and there.
But you know, Awang?
At night,
when we're alone in this school,
sometimes we can hear it.
Someone crying for help.
I don't know, Din.
The entire time I've been a warden,
during my night rounds
at the dorms until now,
I haven't heard anything.
If you don't believe me, let's go.
Go where?
Let's go find him.
Let's not do that.
We crushed him.
That must've hurt.
On this side, everything belongs to Jaja.
Jaja is just like her dad.
Jaja is lucky.
I hired a personal trainer
for her since she was young.
The same can't be said about my dad.
If my shoelaces broke,
I had to buy new ones myself.
What about Aaidaa?
Does she have a personal tutor
since she was young too?
She lived with her late mom
after our divorce.
Everything that I have ever trained her,
her mom did not continue.
She can only read books
and play the piano.
I hired a piano teacher to come
teach her at home once a week.
But she was out of tune.
She thought what her mom
taught her was enough.
She didn't want to take exams
to raise her grades.
Every time people ask her grade,
I feel ashamed to say.
But I heard her play in the school hall.
It was okay, not bad.
What was it?
Beethoven? Mozart?
I don't really know about that, but
I think it was her own song.
Just like her mom.
She only wants to create.
She doesn't want to take exams.
Aaidaa, play Für Elise for Aizat.
Let's see if you can
still keep to the tune.
-Dad, she doesn't have to
That's wrong.
Start again from the beginning.
Start again!
See that?
That's why I told her to take the exam.
Start again!
Aaidaa, start again!
Aaidaa, start again.
-Uncle, that's enough.
Now I want you
to play from one octave higher.
I told you, one octave higher!
I said enough is enough, Uncle!
-What did you say?
-I said enough!
Look at her!
Aaidaa, play!
If you torture her again,
I will break this.
Do you dare?
Let's see what happens.
Aaidaa, let's go.
Aaidaa? Aaidaa, let's go!
-Let me go.
-Let me go!
Did you know that your dad is crazy?
I have to go home.
Don't you understand?
What's wrong with you?
You came into our house
and now you're taking me with you.
My dad is the only family I have.
You wouldn't understand.
Darn it!
Darn it!
Honey, that's enough. Calm yourself down.
That was so rude.
-But then
-Nobody's allowed out tonight!
-You're leaving her alone outside?
-I don't care.
Ungrateful daughter!
Daa, where are you? Are you okay?
Aizat sprained his ankle
on his injured foot.
I'm helping him
until we can get some medicine.
-Medicine? Where?
-The boy's dorm.
Ja, sorry. I'll come home in a bit.
The gate is locked. How should we get in?
It's fine, we'll go in
through the hole there. Let's go.
Like I would!
And then?
Do you want to use the front gate?
And risk the guard calling your dad?
I can't do that! If my dad found out
Seriously? You're still thinking
about what that crazy man will say?
Watch your mouth!
I know my dad is different,
but he's still my dad.
He must be worried.
Call him!
Ask him if he's really worried.
I'll call him!
Dad, I
Who's your dad? My daughter is at home.
She's not rude.
She didn't go out with boys at night.
She's grateful
for everything I have given her.
Dad, I'm sorry.
I'm coming home.
You come home
only when you know your place.
Think about what I've done
for you all this time.
If you think you can do that tonight,
come home.
If not, you can stay out for all I care.
Hey, Aaidaa.
Hey, Aaidaa.
-I didn't ask for all this!
I'm supposed to be studying at home!
SBP Trial is coming up!
How did I even end up here,
with you of all people?
This is stupid!
Hey, Aaidaa.
I'm sorry.
You were right.
This is my fault.
I shouldn't drag you away
from your own house.
I'm really sorry.
But what if you stay here,
just for one night?
Your dad is still angry.
I will go apologize to your dad tomorrow.
But I'm not forcing you.
Let's go.
-Are you done?
Okay, I'll go back to the girl's dorm.
Are you okay?
Are you afraid of the Locker Ghost?
Don't say that!
I always stay over
during the semester break.
Nothing ever happened.
Why didn't you go home?
You're not the only one
with parent troubles.
You heard that, right?
That was nothing.
You can just sleep here.
Is that okay?
It's semester break.
Pawang is not here.
Just don't get caught.
That is if you trust me.
Why do you have to take off your shirt?
Put it back on!
I sleep shirtless, you know.
It comes from over there.
-Come on.
-Let's go.
Can you still hear the footsteps?
Let's go!
Hey, don't stomp your feet too loud.
Come on! Don't lag behind!
-Wait up!
What is this place?
Hey, Jaja's calling.
Don't answer that!
Locker keys!
Okay, come on!
-Hurry up!
-Wait, it hurts!
My phone!
Hurry up!
Leave it!
Not here.
Over there, hurry!
The sound came from here.
Are you kidding?
This is the teacher's quarters.
No lockers here.
How do you know
this is the teacher's quarters?
Don't lie to me.
Ever since I went here,
this has been the teacher's quarters.
There are no lockers here, got it?
Yes, it's empty.
But because it's empty, kids can break in.
How could anyone break in here?
The door is okay, the glass is intact.
Come on, let's go over there.
Just admit that you're scared.
Come on.
Aaidaa, no.
Hey, don't.
I heard something.
I can't see anything.
-Don't look, listen!
-Okay, I'm listening!
There, I heard it.
Come on, let's go.
Let me see.
He's gone.
They've left.
Why did you turn on the lights?
That's okay, they've left.
Do you want to stay in the dark with me?
I'm okay with that.
What is this room?
This is my secret room.
I'm kidding.
This is the teacher's quarters.
It has been empty for a while.
I haven't gone home
for the semester break since Form 1.
When we were in Form 2,
do you remember Ustaz Radzi?
-The old warden?
-Yes, this used to be his room.
He offered this room to me
every semester break.
I agreed. This room is comfortable.
There's a bed and en suite bathroom.
When he transferred,
I think he didn't tell anyone.
I still have the keys until now.
I promise.
Tonight, you sleep here.
What about you?
I can sleep next to you.
You idiot.
I'm just kidding, sorry.
Go to bed. I'll sleep over there.
Wake up.
You're up early.
You want me to help, right?
Come on, we have lots to do.
Aren't you going home?
You said, wait for my dad to cool down.
I know him. He's still mad.
I'd better do this with you.
What about Jaja?
Just like the old days, right?
We didn't have a gas stove then.
Go find some firewood.
There, in the woods.
Are you telling me to go get it?
Hey, that's enough!
Oh gosh.
I know I did you wrong in the past, Din.
I apologize.
But enough of all this!
Just now you asked me,
why did I come here?
The Education Minister
will retire soon.
Do you know who's going to take his place?
Congratulations, Din.
But it's a shame.
STIA's ranking has gone down.
How could I face people
when I become the minister?
I regard you as a friend, Awang.
I don't know if you believe that or not.
Awang, I don't want you
to get fired over this.
Step one.
Answer the questions on your own.
Use my answers just to cross-check.
Answer the questions on my own?
So I have to study?
And then?
Step two.
You have to make a signal.
An opening signal.
The whole hall
must be able to hear your signal,
so everyone will know
that you're about to start.
But we have to make sure
every paper must have a different signal.
Step three.
The Mirrors will mirror
your answers for the whole hall.
Step four.
To avoid confusion
regarding the question numbers,
you have to cross your legs like this
after every five answers you've given.
Then, cross your arms
at the back like this
to indicate that you're ready to start
and that you've finished
giving all of the answers.
All right.
Step five.
If they lose track, we'll use your skill.
Copy all of the answers
and fill them up from below.
I can't believe
we managed to get this done.
I told you, don't do this alone.
That's right.
But you did study, right?
It's okay.
Hey, it's not okay!
The whole batch is counting on me now.
But you're smart.
You must've understood everything.
Of course I do,
but SPM needs a lot of memorizing.
I haven't memorized so many formulas yet.
What should I do?
Okay, it's fine.
We'll steal the answer sheets.
I think the answer sheets
are in the vault room.
I saw the ministry van the other day.
Are you crazy?
Isn't this crazy enough?
You want to be stealing now?
Do you have another way?
I know you don't.
Okay, done.
Let's go.
Are you going to steal
or go to the night market?
You have to wear dark clothes
to avoid being seen
or getting caught.
It reeks of cigarettes.
Do you want to smell nice
or do you want to get caught?
Do you know this is crazy?
It's locked.
Of course.
You've done this before?
Pawang seized my phone once.
I used a card back then.
It took me ages.
Come on.
My phone was kept in here.
How do you know the code?
There. I used that.
-It's not in here?
-Darn it.
-Oh gosh.
-Let's look somewhere else.
-How did you open that?
-My dad has one at home.
I think former STIA students
are all lame like this.
Hey, I'm scared.
This place is so big.
This is it. Come on.
You can open this one
and I'll open that one.
Are you really doing this?
Quick, come on.
Aaidaa, come on.
Open it carefully.
-Are you copying everything?
-Of course.
This is taking too long, Aaidaa.
Come on, follow me.
This is dangerous.
It could be used as evidence.
Don't be such a coward.
Come on. Where's the rest?
There, there.
-Wait, let me do this.
You can do this one.
-Aizat, hurry up!
-Hold on, Aaidaa.
-Quick, let's go!
Hurry up!
Let's go.
I've never done anything like this!
-That was so close, Daa! You
-I've never felt like this!
I have to study, I have to memorize.
Exam papers.
Okay, yes.
I believe my office was broken into
and some valuable items were stolen.
How can it be lost?
We searched the whole school.
But we have to relax.
I don't know what I have to do, Botol.
Do you have to do anything?
You don't get it, Botol.
You don't understand how important
it is for me to score in SPM.
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