Project: Anchor SPM (2021) s01e04 Episode Script

Ohana 9903

Why the goofy smile?
Are you texting Yati?
It's about Anchor.
This is for you guys too.
Look what you've done.
-It's you.
-What's this?
No, I'm okay.
You're all here for a reason No, wait.
Where are Botol and Zaim?
Zaim sneaked out somewhere, I don't know.
I called you guys here today for a reason.
The reason is,
that your seats in the examination hall
are in strategic locations, okay?
So Aaidaa and I
You guys will become my Mirrors.
But we're not forcing you.
It's okay if you don't feel like it.
We understand that.
You can leave before we continue.
Guys, sorry I'm late.
Jat, I was
-Where did you get this?
-What is that?
The answer sheets for the SBP Trial!
-Let me see!
-I want to see that!
-Botol, go sit down now.
-I want to see it!
Enough, be quiet!
It's not important where we got it.
And no, we won't make copies
for our batchmates.
Right, because we will use SBP Trial
as our full rehearsal for SPM.
That's our endgame.
Let's start training.
Okay, the last five.
All right, all correct?
Okay, all right.
You're all guaranteed to get straight As.
Thanks, you're the best.
-Let's go.
Smells like a girl.
Of course. I'm a girl, right?
Hey, isn't Yati your girl?
Or have you forgotten?
Shut up!
-Come on.
-You go ahead.
-I want to call my mom.
-Send my regards.
What's wrong?
Is it about Aaidaa and Aizat?
She knows I like him.
Why do you like him?
Well, I've just been wondering for years,
why do you like Aizat?
Well, he's handsome,
he's a star rugby player.
You're his best friend, you should know.
Why are you asking me?
Because I'm his best friend,
I know him well enough.
He's sort of an idiot sometimes.
That's why I'm asking
why he has so many admirers.
What do you mean?
I'm just curious.
He has so many admirers,
but they don't know who he really is.
Peace be upon you, Aizat.
Peace be upon you, Mom.
Will you come home soon?
Yes, Mom. If God wills.
That's good.
You haven't visited Yati for a while.
That's true. I miss her.
Peace be upon you, Aizat.
Peace be upon you, Mom.
Attention to all Form 5 students.
Please gather
at your respective dorms right now.
The warden and I are waiting.
Frisk them down.
Line up. Single file.
Raise your arms.
That's all right. Thank you.
I have my own reasons to believe
that my office was broken into
and some valuable items were stolen.
To be more specific, copies were made.
To anyone who understands what I mean,
who knows what I mean,
please cooperate
and become my informant.
In STIA, we never conspire with thieves.
-Yes, sir.
Understand, Aizat?
Yes, sir.
All right, go to bed!
Hey, wait.
I told you, this is crazy.
What do we do now?
The whole school is looking for this.
I know, okay? I know.
But we have to relax.
They don't have proof, Aaidaa.
I got the answer sheets!
Hey, did you make copies of mine?
No! This is good stuff.
I bought it from SSG.
Why do you believe those SSG kids?
They want us to fail.
These are the answer sheets
for the PMR Trial.
PMR is long over, you idiot.
What's wrong with you?
We don't have
Integrated Life Skills for SPM.
So that's why
there were only eight subjects.
I can't handle this.
Hey, Aaidaa.
Hey, Aaidaa.
Are you okay?
I don't know, Jat.
Pawang is all out.
And Jaja is not talking to me.
Why is that?
I think it's because
It's nothing. Listen.
We have to burn the answer sheets.
Write everything down and burn them.
Destroy the evidence.
Let's burn them now then.
Let's go. Come on.
There's just this Walkman, Sir Awang.
Should we seize this?
What are you two doing here?
Studying, sir.
Aaidaa is tutoring us here.
She's the reason I improved a lot.
She's brilliant.
Don't mess with us, Aizat.
We know a lot about you.
Yes, I was surprised.
How could Mohd Aizat bin Abdullah
greatly improve his academic performance?
Is there anything
you want to share with me?
No, sir.
Everything is thanks to Aaidaa.
You could tell me
what we're searching for.
It will make our lives so much easier.
I've been searching high and low
for something I don't even know.
Stop being nosy.
You'll know when you find it.
Well, that's all right if you say so.
-Of course.
-I'll just follow.
Aaidaa, give me back the answer sheets.
Why me?
You were so confident just now,
they should be with you.
Come on, be serious.
I'm stressed out.
I have no time to be joking.
Have you seen them?
What are you doing?
I'm looking for the answer sheets, Aaidaa.
Didn't you see
the warden searching for it?
Of course he would've found it
if they were here.
Ja, did you take it?
Why did you accuse me like that?
Why? Because I'm jealous of you and Aizat?
I was just asking
How do you know I'd be here?
I know you well enough.
I don't know what I have to do, Botol.
Do you have to do anything?
It's just SPM, Jat.
It's not the end of the world.
You don't get it, Botol.
You don't understand how important
it is for me to score in SPM.
Well, you haven't told me.
I don't like
what SPM has done to our batch.
They're stressed.
Some are fighting
and not talking to each other.
Aaidaa and Jaja.
-You and Hilmi.
-What do you mean
-I'm not blind.
I can see it, Jat.
Did they forget?
This will be our last year here.
The best five years of my life.
I don't want the moment
to pass by just like that.
You guys are like family.
Wouldn't it be nice
if we all realized
that we won't be here for much longer?
We won't experience
anything like this anymore.
Everyone will go their own way.
I'm more afraid of all that than SPM.
Thank you, Botol.
I hope the whole batch
can hear what you just said.
I will remind them.
How can it be lost?
How do I know?
Well, Chenkt?
Why me?
You guys are Mirrors.
You have to be responsible.
Hey, I became a Mirror to help you guys.
Gosh, please.
Your seats are near Aaidaa.
You guys are safe no matter what.
As if you're doing it for our batch.
Who are you to question
my loyalty to our batch?
So what?
Take that!
Hey, what's with you guys?
Chenkt, enough!
Screw you.
-Gosh. Jat, sorry!
Hey, enough!
Chip, get up.
Why are you guys fighting?
Hey, relax!
Relax. Enough of that.
Attention to all Form 5 students.
All Form 5 students.
Please gather at the school field now.
Your attendance is not compulsory,
but will be very much appreciated.
That's all, thank you.
Isn't that Botol's voice?
Ohana 9903, what's up!
I love you all.
Hey, what's going on here?
Where do you think you're going?
Let's go.
It's beautiful.
So beautiful.
How did these end up with you?
That's right.
We searched the whole school.
Okay, listen.
I think your papers
were mixed with mine the other day.
I'm sorry.
I didn't realize it.
I was thinking about my refund of RM300.
-Gosh, dear.
I immediately changed
and sneaked out to SSG.
I went to find the kid
who sold these to me.
I didn't give you these.
Did you get your RM300 back?
But I got something else.
I got her phone number.
Well, how was it? Getting caned?
I got blisters.
Let me see.
Okay but was it worth it?
-Totally worth it.
My gosh.
All right.
All students
Ms. Noraini.
It's okay.
I'll be in charge today.
Yes, sir.
All right, students.
SBP Trial Exams for SPM,
Chemistry Paper 1
begins now.
What's that?
Trash, sir.
Do it again.
Do it again.
Sir, I can't hold it anymore.
All the sunflowers
Gracefully bloom
You have five more minutes.
You have two more minutes.
All right, everyone.
Time's up.
Stop writing.
Put your pencils down.
Hey, Jaja.
What's wrong with you back there?
Why do you ask?
My own sister didn't ask.
How can she ask you if she doesn't know?
-She doesn't know?
-Well, of course.
She sits right in front.
You sit at the back.
She can't see anything you do.
I don't care.
As my sister, she must ask about me.
If she did ask,
would you answer her?
Can't you knock?
-Sorry, sir.
-My gosh.
What is it?
The ranking for the SBP Trial is in, sir.
Congratulations, sir.
We haven't achieved number one
for SBP in more than ten years.
Which batch?
Thank you, Aizat.
It's not me.
This is your Anchor.
Mind your manners.
You goons.
Ja, when will this silent treatment end?
I'm sorry
if I ever hurt you.
I want you to know
that when I agreed to do this,
you were number one in my mind.
But at this moment,
it doesn't feel right
because we're fighting.
I want you to know
that you're the most
important person in my life.
And I'm sorry
if I haven't been good at showing it.
I can't believe
we're here right now.
I know, right?
What if I never threw a rock at you?
How's your foot?
It's fine.
I went to rugby training the other day.
I just can't push myself.
So there's still hope?
Okay, let's cancel the Project Anchor.
Hey, I'm fine with that.
But you have to tell our whole batch.
How about that?
But I'm fine falling the other day.
You were so vindictive.
Well, no.
If it didn't happen,
we wouldn't be friends.
And I think that's a great loss.
Yes, you're cool.
I'm serious.
Me, cool?
Yes. Believe me.
If you don't, just ask our batchmates.
Everyone will say the same thing.
You're cool.
I finally feel like
a part of the batch in Form 5.
That's not our fault.
That's your fault because you've
always been hiding from us.
If I've been hiding,
you were the one who found me.
I want to tell you something, but
I don't know how to tell you this.
Okay, I'll just be honest with you.
Both of us, I mean you and me,
after all this time, I feel that
I like
I like hanging out with you.
Me too.
But Jat,
I think we shouldn't
hang out together as much.
Jaja, right?
I don't know.
She's still not talking to me.
I understand and I respect that.
You really love her, don't you?
Of course, I only have her in my life.
Hey, seriously?
Then what about me?
You're not important at all
in my life compared to Jaja.
That hurts!
But the truth hurts.
I just hope she knows.
She knows.
You just have to be patient.
Who's Yati?
Hilmi told you?
No, I overheard Botol the other day.
Someone important?
Very important.
Come in.
What is it, sir?
Do you know who did this?
Botol, have you seen Jaja?
-Do you miss me?
-I can't believe
you threatened your students
to change this fast.
What's your secret?
Jaja, wait! What are you doing there?
Daa, you seem calm without any problems.
But everyone has problems, right?
But if you can continue
like this until SPM
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