Project: Anchor SPM (2021) s01e06 Episode Script

Malam Sekapur Sireh

This is it?
Attendance is getting poorer.
It has already been a week.
That's okay, Mr. Imran.
I'll handle it.
Okay, thank you.
You're welcome.
Sir Awang, a reporter called just now.
He wants to interview you.
Interview? What for?
About the secret
to the success of our SBP Trial ranking.
Thank you, sir.
So what's the story
between you and Aaidaa?
Are you a couple now?
I don't know what to say, Botol.
You don't know? What about Yati?
Are you giving her to me?
Yati was not my girlfriend.
Hilmi made up stories.
Speaking of Hilmi,
why isn't he here with us?
Does he know about you and Aaidaa?
No, it's your turn.
You have to tell him.
I'm sick of you two.
All these fights.
I know, but
It's not easy.
Aaidaa! Are you okay?
Are you sure you're okay?
SPM is in a few weeks.
I was just daydreaming.
Are you thinking of Aizat?
No way.
Tell me more.
I want to know more.
Tell you what?
Okay, it's like
I've never felt this way before.
You're blushing!
I don't know. Something's not right.
Who messed up? It must be Amy.
-You spoil things!
Hey, no. You guys were okay.
You guys did well, but
I don't know.
I feel
It's hard to believe, right?
All of a sudden,
we've been here for five years.
It's not about that.
It's hard to believe
that if it's not for this place,
you and me
That's disgusting.
Come on, lighten up.
Where did you fall the other day?
-Here! Exactly here.
I almost hit that corner.
How's your foot?
It's healed.
It's okay, it's just my foot.
It was worth it.
Jaja, wait a second!
I need you.
No, I mean
My band and I decided
that for dinner night,
you have to sing with me.
I don't want to, Botol.
You have such a good voice.
That was in front of strangers.
This will be in front of the whole batch.
That will be easier.
It's just our friends.
I don't want to because
they are our friends, you know?
-What if they make fun of me?
Your voice was really good.
Why would they make fun of you?
Botol, I'm not like you.
I should only stay in the crowd.
Ja, even if you feel that way,
for me, I see you shining so bright.
And I want everyone
to see you the way I do.
I don't want to, Botol.
I have to go.
Peace be upon you, sir.
What's wrong, sir?
I heard many complaints from the teachers.
The students in your batch
are getting out of hand.
Too overconfident!
Do you think we don't know
what you're doing?
-Sorry, sir. I'll tell them
-Don't let me get to them first.
-Yes, sir.
-And Hilmi.
I signed your Head Prefect certificate.
Don't try to mess with me.
What's wrong, Mi?
Pawang came to see me.
The teachers said you guys
are getting out of hand.
Cutting classes,
ditching prep time.
Do you want to get in trouble?
Where are the others?
Mi, relax.
I've never gathered the whole batch,
but only ten people showed up.
That's normal.
They're hanging out with their friends.
We don't have much time here anymore.
-What's wrong with you?
-I'm sorry, I didn't see you.
You didn't see me?
I'm sorry, I didn't see you.
Be careful next time!
You're too stressed.
What if we sneak out
and play some snooker?
How does that sound?
I'm busy.
Have you talked to Aizat recently?
I think he has something to tell you.
About what?
Just ask him when you see him.
Peace be upon you, Aaidaa.
Peace be upon you too, Hilmi.
Why did you want to meet me here?
Actually, I'm
I don't know how to say it, but
Would you like to?
Would you like to go
to dinner night with me?
But we're all going, right?
No, I mean,
sit with me or hang out with me?
We don't need all this, Hilmi.
No, I made this for you.
You don't have to.
But I
Yes, that's right.
This song is for you.
A song for me?
Oh, Jaja
Will you sing with my band
On stage?
On dinner night
On Form 5 dinner night with me
With me
It's up to you
I won't give up
I'm willing to wait one whole week
Okay, fine
I will sing with you
Now please stop
Where can I hide my face now, Botol?
Hey. What's wrong, Hilmi?
Let me borrow this.
Oh, Aaidaa
Will you go to dinner night with me?
-Oh, Aaidaa
What kind of joke is this, doofus?
Hey, wait up.
What do you want?
Hey, relax.
I want to talk to you properly.
Talk then!
Okay, about Aaidaa and me.
-You're a couple?
It happened just like that, Mi.
I didn't mean to steal her.
I didn't mean to
But you did, right?
-I'm sorry!
-You again!
I warned you, didn't I?
Hey, Hilmi!
What's with you?
What's your problem?
You were the one who messed with me!
Are you okay? Hey.
Are you okay?
Zaim, test this.
Alisha, do you have a hair dryer?
It's with Tasha. You can use it.
Daa, hurry up.
Ja, I'm embarrassed.
I never dress up like this.
Daa, if I can agree to sing tonight,
you have to agree
to dress up tonight, okay?
You didn't ask Sara to come with you?
I don't want to be rejected like Hilmi.
It's such a shame.
Look at that. They're here!
What's a pretty girl like you
doing here all alone?
No, I have a boyfriend.
From Cambridge, a JPA scholar.
Your boyfriend is from Cambridge.
I heard he's useless.
Just be my date tonight.
This is going to be tough.
Why is that?
Because you're so beautiful tonight.
That's so cheesy, it's disgusting.
It's true, you're beautiful.
Thank you.
Can I have one?
Since when did you start smoking?
As of today.
Zaim, Pawang is waiting for you. Hurry up!
I'm going back inside.
I'll attach the microphone here.
Sir, look at the camera and smile.
Like this? All right.
Peace be upon you
and greetings to everyone.
Peace be upon you too.
All right.
Okay, I won't give a long speech tonight.
Because tonight is your night, am I right?
So, enjoy the food, enjoy the performance
by your friends here, okay?
I hope you all have fun, okay?
But not too much fun.
Remember, SPM is just around the corner.
Don't get too comfortable.
It'll make you idle.
When you're idle,
the smart will become stupid.
The stupid
will humiliate the school, right?
Give it up, guys!
Thank you, Sir Awang,
for your rather enthusiastic speech.
Now, I invite our Head Prefect,
a tall, handsome man,
to give his speech.
Let's welcome Hilmi Zulkarnain!
Okay, that's all right.
Ohana 9903!
Let's welcome our guest singer tonight.
Tonight is our night!
I know that your days are gray
In the play of your thoughts
Everything is confusing
Nothing is perfect
But you are different
It is clear in my eyes
-Jaja has a good voice.
Don't you always be anxious
You should know
You are a star
Twinkling in the sky
Even from afar, you look beautiful to me
You are the star
You are the star
Okay, relax, guys.
We have a lot more in store
for you tonight.
But as per the request from our captain,
Aizat Abdullah,
we have someone special
performing tonight.
Let's welcome
O Captain, my Captain, Aaidaa Zubir!
Hurry up!
It's time for them to see what I've seen.
Come on, go.
The time will come later
You will realize
The world isn't as beautiful as it seems
Sometimes hurt
Sometimes upset
We're all the same
Although this self is not appreciated
I know I still have dreams
No matter what challenges
That come our way
I will try
Keep trying
Nothing can make me give up
I'd rather surrender
Than to be weak
We will realize this in the end
We're human
We're human
We're human
We're human
No matter what challenges
That come our way
I will try
Keep trying
Nothing can make me give up
I'd rather surrender
Than to be weak
We will realize this in the end
We will realize this in the end
We're human
We're human
Okay, nice.
Hilmi, what's wrong?
It's fun, everyone's clapping.
Why do you hate me so much?
For five years I've protected you,
covered for you.
What do I get?
You turned away from me.
Suddenly, you don't care about me.
Mi, the teachers are watching.
What's your problem?
Ohana, you say?
Family, you say?
That's just nonsense.
Go to hell with your Project Anchor!
Hey! Calm down, Mi.
-Go to hell, all of you!
I know I've been a bad friend.
I know that.
You can do whatever you want to me.
Do it, Mi.
Do it!
I'm here for you.
I will entertain you with another song.
You guys can relax.
Are you okay?
I'm okay.
I'm just worried about Hilmi.
Jat, he punched you.
but I deserved that.
Let me see.
No need to be alone
You can stay here
Look deep into my eyes
What do you see?
No need to be sad
I will be right here
Express all
Your feelings
I will write songs
To wake you up
So close your eyes
I'll be there for you
I swear that it's true
Always I lend you
My shoulder
So close your eyes
You will know
I also need you
To always lend me
Your shoulder
Don't worry
The light will surely come
Illuminating all your desires
I will write songs
To wake you up
So close your eyes
I'll be there for you
I swear that it's true
Always I lend you
My shoulder
So close your eyes
You will know
I also need you
To always lend me
Your shoulder
So even during the SBP Trial,
they used the Project Anchor?
This is all because of Aizat, sir.
He convinced everyone to do this.
STIA's reputation could
be destroyed because of him.
He should be expelled.
Thank you, Hilmi.
I'll handle this from now on.
All right?
Are we
I don't know.
Together, I guess.
Come with me.
Come on. Excuse us.
Is there anything you want to tell me?
Nothing, sir.
Nothing can escape me.
This is my school. I know everything.
-I don't understand.
Project Anchor.
SBP Trial.
-Don't lie to me, Aizat.
I already know everything.
Just remember one thing, Aizat.
Don't get caught.
Don't be too happy.
I'm not your friend.
I'm not doing this for you.
I'm doing this for STIA.
When Aaidaa is ready,
she will signal the hall
and she will give the answers in fives.
Your trial results were good.
-You won't have problems with SPM.
-Good thing I have Aaidaa.
Good then. Makes it worth it
to keep her all this time.
I know you told Pawang.
SSG teachers will be
the invigilators for STIA.
Aaidaa did all that for nothing.
She did it to help our batch.
Help our batch or help Aizat?
But no matter what,
you won't ruin the whole batch, right?
Let's slay SPM.
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