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Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia

I know you're all worried
because Hilmi is not with us anymore.
It's not because he's not with us.
What if he reports us to Pawang?
Don't worry about Pawang.
Trust me.
And since Hilmi is no longer joining us,
please welcome Arisha.
She will replace Hilmi.
Remember, as usual,
I want you to answer your own questions.
Just use Aaidaa's answers
to cross-check with your answers.
When Aaidaa is ready,
she will signal the hall
and she will give the answers in fives.
After every five answers,
she will cross her legs.
Are you sure you can't help
with the subjective papers?
Zaim, don't you get it?
We have to study
for the essay questions ourselves.
I'm just trying my luck.
-Who knows?
-We can't, Zaim.
Even though we're trying to help,
you still have to carry your own weight.
There's just one additional SOP
that I would like to remind you of.
Should anything happen to your Mirror,
if they're blocked,
or targeted by the invigilator,
or if any of us decide to go on strike
It's okay. That's fine.
At least we know what to do
if those things happen again.
I just want to remind you guys.
If anything happens
to any of us who are here tonight,
find the person who sits next to you
to replace you as Mirrors.
I've informed the whole batch.
You just have to double confirm with them
and appoint anyone you see fit.
If anything happens
and we get caught,
we have to cover for the whole batch.
Remember, Ohana protects Ohana.
Ohana protects Ohana!
Before that, Anchor,
do you have anything to say?
Let's slay SPM.
Let's slay SPM, guys!
Aaidaa, eat.
Wait, I'm studying.
Why didn't you come home for the holidays?
Look at that.
She's busy studying with no time to eat.
Your trial results were good.
You won't have problems with SPM.
God willing, Dad.
Good thing I have Aaidaa.
If not, I don't know what will happen.
Good then.
Makes it worth it
to keep her all this time.
Ja, let's go.
If you don't want me
screaming at you here,
you sit down.
Mrs. Rokiah.
Where's Nancy?
She's not here.
Did you receive a call from the Ministry?
From the Ministry?
I am in contact with Minister Din.
So I'm not sure
what call you were referring to.
This is regarding SSG and STIA.
I believe the Ministry understands
the competition between our schools.
So they're suggesting
that SSG teachers
become invigilators for STIA.
And STIA teachers
become invigilators for SSG.
You know,
I'm not like you,
I don't have Ministry connections.
Therefore, I gladly accepted
their suggestion.
I even volunteered myself.
I will be the chief invigilator
for SPM in STIA.
Unless you feel
uneasy about certain matters?
Where are you going, Mi?
I'm moving to another dorm.
Like you care?
I know you told Pawang.
But no matter what,
you won't ruin the whole batch, right?
I know you're mad at me.
But don't become
a traitor to the whole batch.
Right now,
who's the traitor?
Why is there a mirror here?
So we can see if we're at the back.
-Invigilators can see
-The students can use it to cheat.
Don't get me wrong,
but I believe
you wouldn't approve
of anything suspicious.
Rokiah, I will never tolerate
things like that, okay?
Awang, please remove it.
This mirror?
Hilmi, are you okay?
If you have a problem,
you can share it with us.
We're in the same batch.
I can't believe Aaidaa,
of all people, can turn into this.
Into what?
Someone without dignity.
-She'd rather do this filthy thing.
-Watch it, Hilmi.
Aaidaa gets nothing out of it.
She's doing it to help our batch.
Help our batch or help Aizat?
Sure, at first she agreed to help
because she felt guilty towards Aizat.
But now things have changed, got it?
She's helping because she wants to help.
Why would she feel guilty towards Aizat?
Well, it's because Aaidaa made
Aizat fall and tear a ligament
until he can't play rugby anymore.
What's with you?
I just love looking at you, I'm serious.
Why? You're not romantic at all.
Don't stress reading Sonnet 18.
That's Shakespeare.
This is why I'm stressed.
This is poetry, there's no right or wrong.
It's up to the reader.
You've never heard anyone
madly in love reading it.
That way, you would understand.
Why? Are you madly in love?
I'm truly, madly in love!
You're disgusting!
I'd rather be stressed than listen to you.
Just relax.
Here, I'll read it for you.
So, are you still disgusted?
A bit.
Don't cover your face.
I am Mrs. Rokiah.
I will be the Chief Invigilator
throughout your SPM exams.
I hope you will give your full cooperation
and show your highly
esteemed well manners.
I absolutely value honesty.
If I catch anyone who's cheating
or providing answers,
do not blame me.
I'm only carrying out my duties.
Today's exam
is History Paper 1.
You're given one hour.
You may begin
Be careful.
If anything happens
to any of us who are here tonight,
find the person who sits next to you
to replace you as Mirrors.
Remember, if you messed up the sequence,
just write down the answers you get
and fill it up from below.
I think it's too early for them
to be this happy.
Well, I'm not sure
if my answers were all correct.
Jat, Aaidaa, over here!
If this goes on,
we've got it covered until the end.
-That's right.
What did your parents promise
to give you if you get 10 A's?
Of course they'll give me a car.
Jat, what about your parents?
What did they promise you?
Come on, Jat.
What kind of parents
don't love their child?
What more if their child gets 10 As!
-What's this?
What are you writing?
Nothing, ma'am. I
I like to write down my answers
somewhere else first.
I'm not confident.
Once I'm sure, I will fill in
the answers in the OMR sheet.
Ma'am, you were right.
Something is amiss.
Look at this.
What now, Mrs. Rokiah?
Mr. Awang.
I have reasons to believe
that your students were cheating.
Oh no.
Mirrors, come here for a second.
Mirrors, come on!
What now, Aizat? We're doomed.
Okay, listen to me.
We need a new Anchor for the back.
I can become the Anchor for the back.
Sorry, gang.
I think I'm safe
because us in front gets Aaidaa.
You guys at the back get Aizat,
tough luck.
Don't trash me like that, Zaim.
It's true, Aizat.
We know you've improved,
but you're still nothing
compared to Aaidaa.
I'll still be the Anchor for the back,
but I will pass the answers from Aaidaa.
How would you do that?
Listen, Aaidaa.
Before you begin giving answers,
write down the answers
on a small sheet of paper
and hide it in the boys' toilet.
Hey, that's dangerous.
No, don't worry.
Right now, they think they've won.
They'll only think of what's in the hall.
They won't think about
what's happening outside of the hall.
Hey, I don't know.
Why do I have to go to the boys' toilet?
Why can't I go to the girls' toilet?
The SSG principal
is already suspicious of me.
Aaidaa, the girls' toilet is upstairs.
If I go there,
the staircase is visible from here.
I'll get caught.
Are you serious?
This is the last paper.
Rather than messing up the whole SPM exam,
this is just one paper.
This is the last paper. Just one more.
What do you say, Daa?
We only have 15 minutes left.
I can't think of anything else.
Come on, let's get ready.
Let's go.
Good morning, everyone.
I hope everyone's ready
for the paper today.
There are some changes,
but I think this won't be a problem.
Today's exam
is Chemistry Paper 1.
You're given 1 hour and 15 minutes.
From 9:00 a.m. until 10:15 a.m.
Starting from
Good luck.
Only 25?
Where's the rest?
What are you doing in the boys' toilet?
Sit down!
Or I will seize your paper as well!
Sit down!
Aaidaa, who are you
giving these answers to?
We've checked everything.
These answers match the question paper.
Be honest!
Hey, this is not a frivolous matter.
There's a possibility
that your entire SPM results
will be null and void because of this.
Who is it, Aaidaa?
Call Dato' Zubir.
Jat, talk to them.
What can I say?
Just say something.
Listen up.
I know everyone's panicking.
I'm panicking too.
But you can't flip out like this.
I know Aaidaa
won't mention anyone's names.
I trust her.
But I need all of you
to trust her as well.
Can you do that?
What about you?
Can we trust you?
First, you said we won't get caught.
But now? What happened?
Of course we won't get caught
with our perfect plan.
But things happen, what can I do, Mi?
You're the reason for all this, Jat.
Be responsible.
I told you from the start.
If you didn't cause this,
none of this will happen.
If Aaidaa reveals the truth,
the whole batch will pay.
Isn't that right?
Isn't it?
Hey. Guys, relax!
There's no use flipping out.
Dato' Zubir.
What's all this?
Your daughter was caught
coming out of the boys' toilet.
Who are you?
I'm Mrs. Rokiah, the principal of SSG.
I'm the Chief Invigilator who caught her.
I canceled my meeting
-because she went into the wrong toilet?
We suspect Aaidaa conspired
with another student
to share exam answers.
We found this answer sheet
in one of the toilet cubicles.
It was taped inside the lid.
Your daughter has not been
cooperating at all so far.
No way. You're mistaken.
She's the top student.
Five years in this school,
never had a case against her.
She brought up the school ranking
for your incompetent teachers.
Now you want to accuse her of this?
No way.
You're mistaken.
I caught your daughter
in the boys' toilet.
In the same cubicle
where you found this piece of paper?
Rather than wasting your time
focusing on her,
why not focus on finding the student
who was meant to receive this?
You can't even prove
that this paper comes from Aaidaa!
Give me some time
to meet with the other invigilators.
Maybe they recognize other students
who went in and out of the hall.
All right, Dato'?
Sir Awang.
Find the student who was supposed
to receive the paper.
I will, Dato'.
But how should I,
when Aaidaa will not cooperate
Don't involve Aaidaa!
Have you forgotten
my position in the alumni association?
I'm the one who approves
all contributions to this school.
Are you threatening me, Dato'?
What do you want me to do?
What, Dato'?
Interrogate them one by one,
all the students in Aaidaa's batch
until you find them.
You will get your scapegoat.
Aaidaa will get SPM results
that I guarantee will be excellent.
And your school's ranking problem
-will settle as well.
You don't have to tell me that
because I know what I must do.
I will investigate,
but you need to understand
if the investigation proves fruitless,
the scapegoat that you mentioned
will end up being Aaidaa.
Silence, please!
A top student in your batch
is suspected to be involved
in cheating.
We found an answer sheet
in the boys' toilet.
But we have yet to find out
who the answer sheet is intended for.
"Have yet to find out."
So I hope
any students who are involved
will come forward and confess
and face your punishment with dignity.
Listen up.
As long as we haven't found
the person involved,
the guilty party,
none of you are allowed to go home.
None of you are allowed to go home!
You will be interrogated one by one
until we find the mastermind
who caused this horrid act.
Think about that!
Hey, relax!
I don't want all of you to panic!
Hey, remember!
No matter what happens,
Ohana protects Ohana!
We're all Ohana!
We'll protect ourselves!
Who are you protecting, Aaidaa?
Are your friends more important
than your dad's dignity?
I want to know
how did it get to this?
I apologize if I am the reason
you become this desperate.
I know it's not easy to fulfill my wishes.
I didn't intend for you
to become like this.
I should've been gentler with you.
I shouldn't yell at you.
I have to speak softly with you.
Even though I've done everything
to raise you!
I've tried so hard to erase
your mom's influence upon you!
Hurting my feelings
ever since you were young!
So troublesome!
Now you're testing me like this?
You cry over every little thing.
Do you think you've earned my sympathy?
It makes me even angrier!
You're just like your mom!
She caused problems
and then she's the one who cried.
Look at me!
Look at me when I'm talking to you!
Do you now understand
why I chose Jaja and her mom?
It's not my fault
to choose a wife and a daughter
who are grateful to have me.
Go pack your things.
Awang said I have to isolate you at home.
Why did you have to cover for Aizat?
This is your future, Aaidaa.
Your future is more important
than some guy you don't even know.
Who doesn't know Aizat, Hilmi?
You've been friends for five years,
but you know nothing about him!
So you know Aizat?
You know everything about him?
Do you know about this?
Read that.
He has been lying to you, Aaidaa!
He's using you!
You're just his victim!
Just tell me what you want to do, Jat.
I'll help you.
Jat, I'm serious. I'll help you.
I'll go, Jat.
Aaidaa, did they say anything?
Did you tell them about me?
That's what matters to you now, right?
What's this, Jat?
What's all this, Jat?
I lied to you.
I exaggerated everything
because I wanted you to help me.
-That's all.
-But this is why I helped you!
This is the reason
all these things are happening!
You know the reason!
I'm doing all this for Yati!
For the kids in that home.
You know that, Aaidaa!
Will you stop using them as your excuse?
You're selfish!
You only think of yourself.
You're just like everyone else in my life!
Everyone's using me!
Jat, one last thing.
I'm asking you.
You and me,
everything you feel all this time
Is that a lie too?
No. Aaidaa, no!
I swear, no!
It's real, I swear!
I'm not lying.
Please believe me, Aaidaa.
Aaidaa, it's real!
We're dead if Aaidaa reveals us.
I don't care what you're going to do.
What matters now is
you have to maintain
the good name of this school.
Daa, I'm sorry.
I know I'm the reason you're here.
Don't be like this.
If they can see that you're stressed,
they'll lose their confidence too.
This is about everyone's future, Botol!
Tell us now.
Who's responsible for this?
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