Project: Anchor SPM (2021) s01e08 Episode Script


I told you that this is all Aizat's fault!
Why did you let Aaidaa take the blame?
Why are you so determined
to cover for Aizat?
What's wrong with you, Hilmi?
Do you think I don't know
what you told him on the dinner night?
I know everything, sir!
Look at this plaque.
List of the head prefects' names.
I believe every time
you look at this plaque,
you will only see your name, right?
Look at this, 1967. Whose name is that?
Awang bin Ngah.
It's me, Hilmi.
It's me.
Hilmi, you and me, we're so much alike.
I've realized it since way before this.
Your STIA spirit
and the decisions you make.
Once you reach my age,
you might then understand
why I did these things.
But what if I've come to my senses, sir?
That I don't want to be like you?
I've asked myself the exact same question
when I was with my old principal.
Mom, Dad.
I've given it a lot of thought
and I've made a decision.
I want to take the O-Levels.
That way, I can make it to the UK.
Now I've done my research.
Private schools in the UK
offer O-Levels as well.
I know I don't have a scholarship
and these schools are terribly pricey.
But at least,
I'll get to go overseas.
Isn't that right?
Tai Ying, please don't do that.
It's giving me a headache.
Anytime now, my mom will call
and ask me why I'm not home yet.
So what do you want me to say?
Tell her Pawang is giving a briefing
so no one's allowed home yet.
That would work, right?
Do you think my mom is stupid?
She would immediately call Pawang,
wouldn't she?
Then what should I say?
"I'm sorry, Mom, your daughter
got caught cheating during SPM.
In the meantime,
could you ask the supermarket nearby
if they're hiring?
Because I've failed SPM!"
I can only work there.
But Tai Ying,
you need SPM qualifications
to work in a supermarket, right?
Aaidaa, are you okay?
Aaidaa, please don't be like this.
Just tell me, I'll help you.
Did you tell Pawang anything?
Tai Ying!
What did you tell him?
Aaidaa, just admit it
if you told Pawang anything!
What more do you want from me?
Peace be upon you.
Peace be upon you too.
Now that SPM is over,
you forgot about me?
You didn't even call me.
It's not like that, Mom.
I wanted to call you,
but I didn't have time.
I was just kidding.
Don't be too upset.
I'm not upset.
Your voice says it all, Aizat.
Isn't this nice?
Gosh, yes, it's nice.
What's this? A superhero? Keluang Man?
This is Aizat, Mom.
You hear that, Aizat?
These younger kids all look up to you.
They see you as a hero.
My battery is running low.
I'll call you back later.
Peace be upon you.
Peace be upon you too.
you come with me to meet Sir Awang.
Tell him the name of the devil
who forced you to do this.
This silent treatment
Who are you covering for?
That little punk, right?
I knew it.
You let yourself be fooled by a boy.
You want to humiliate me?
Yes, I do!
I do want to humiliate you!
You insolent child.
You told me to help Jaja, right?
Now it's my fault?
Is this how you help Jaja?
Think carefully.
Who should you really protect?
Excuse me, I need to see the Principal.
Sorry, no reporters are allowed.
I've been instructed to
What do they want?
They're Astro Awani reporters.
They want to interview you
about yesterday's case.
No, don't let them in.
Oh no, sir.
Minister Din is on his way.
Oh my goodness.
Look! Astro is already here.
Bernama, TV3, and RTM, will come soon!
I know, Din. Calm down.
This is Rokiah's doing.
-She wanted to bring me down.
-What about me then?
I put STIA as the role model
for my School Excellence Program.
Where should I hide now?
Hey, listen here.
I don't care what you're going to do.
If you want to let the girl be a scapegoat
or if you want to resign, I don't care!
What matters now is
you have to maintain
the good name of this school.
If you confess, I won't involve you.
Sir, I swear.
I know nothing.
The sooner someone confesses,
the sooner you'll get to go home.
I do want to go home, sir.
But I don't know anything.
Tai Ying.
If you want to secure your SPM results,
you must cooperate.
Enough, be quiet!
I just want to live, sir.
Hey, what are you talking about?
You would rather fail your studies?
Isn't failing an opportunity to learn?
Hey, how was it?
Nobody said anything.
They still don't know.
I thought Pawang said he'll let
the people who confess go home.
Empty promises.
You should know.
Jat, don't be like this.
They're still counting on you.
If they can see that you're stressed,
they'll lose their confidence too.
This is about everyone's future, Botol!
I'm asking you again.
Who's the real mastermind?
Aaidaa, right now,
you're the only suspect in this case.
Just because you're
in the wrong place at the wrong time.
But if you don't tell us
who's the one accountable,
we have no choice
other than putting all the blame on you.
Okay, I'll tell you.
We're dead if Aaidaa reveals us.
Hey, Aaidaa won't tell! Believe me!
You're different, you're her sister.
Well, we promised!
Does that promise still stand?
Of course it does!
Hey, guys, what's this?
Don't fight.
In there, Aaidaa is suffering for us.
Don't fight and calm down.
This is not good.
Everyone's stressed out.
The whole batch
is in chaos because of you.
Aaidaa is in there because of you.
Is it worth it?
How did Aaidaa get my medical report?
What was that?
You're blaming me?
Who knows,
you might've turned back
into your cowardly self.
You told Pawang about Anchor, right?
Isn't it?
What are you going to do?
You want to hit me?
Hit me!
I waited for you
to hit me since dinner night, Aizat.
All right, run away!
Who's the coward now?
There's a lot
that I want to say to you, Aizat.
I told Pawang!
I told the invigilator yesterday!
I got you busted!
Serves you right, you destroy everything!
You destroy the school,
you destroy the batch!
You destroy your parents's
effort in raising you!
Muhammad Aizat bin Abdullah!
If I were your parents,
I would've thrown you away!
You don't deserve to live, Aizat!
Let me go! I'm okay.
You all heard what Hilmi said.
That's right.
I destroyed our batch.
I destroyed our friendship.
I destroyed my friendship
with Aaidaa.
I destroyed everything in my life
because I'm a fool.
I told you I'm doing this
for the batch, for all of you.
I told Aaidaa, I'm doing this for Yati.
For my younger siblings at home.
But what am I really doing?
Who is it for? For me!
Because I'm a fool!
If I were you,
I wouldn't forgive myself.
This is the reason we've become like this.
This is the reason.
I destroy everything!
I want to know
how many students were involved.
Just one, sir.
He forced me.
He lied to me.
If I tell you,
will I really get to secure my results?
Let me discuss this with Dato' Din, okay?
Now we let them think it over.
I told you.
Just say that you were forced. That's all.
You're really my daughter.
If it were your mom,
she would have given up long ago.
She'd rather take the fall.
As if that's so noble.
She just didn't have any fighting spirit.
That's why she died early.
I don't want to hear you say that
about my late mom.
Sorry, we only need a minute
to interview the Principal.
I'm sorry, but I'm not allowed
to let you enter this school.
-But I only asked for a few minutes.
-I'm sorry.
I don't know what to do, Botol.
Why are you being quiet?
You asked me back before,
"Do you have to do anything, Jat?"
Today's different, Jat.
Today's different.
Are you okay?
Daa, I'm sorry.
I know I'm the reason you're here.
You must've felt regret for helping me.
I regret a lot of things now, Jaja.
But I've never regretted
being your Anchor.
By being your Anchor,
I got a taste
of being a part of the batch.
I didn't have friends before, Ja.
I used to think
that I was different from you guys.
I used to think I was better.
But I was just scared
that you guys won't accept me.
By being your Anchor,
I gained courage.
The courage
to do risky things for my friends.
The courage
to show people who I really am.
The courage to let my heart love someone.
By being your Anchor,
I've become human.
Jaja, all this while,
you're the only one who supports me.
Of course I'll support you, Daa.
I hope you can support
what I'm going to do now.
What's wrong, Ja?
No, it's Aaidaa.
Aaidaa wants to
She wants to
Ja, what's going on with Aaidaa?
-Aaidaa said she wants to
-Quit being dramatic! Just tell us!
-No, Aaidaa wants to
-What does she want?
Tell us, Jaja!
She wants to confess
that she did this all by herself!
Dato' Din and I have discussed.
Dato' Din agrees and he guarantees
your SPM results will be safe.
On the condition that you tell us
who was the person responsible for this.
Thank you, sir.
Before that,
I would like to thank my dad.
All this while,
my dad made me realize that I was weak,
a coward.
My dad always told me
that if we're weak,
people will take advantage of us.
Push us around.
He was right.
Ever since my mom died,
I've been pushed around.
Sir, I'm tired of being the victim.
So tired.
I understand.
Tell us now.
Who's responsible for this?
It's me, sir.
I'm responsible.
I'm the culprit.
I'm ready to be punished.
Aaidaa, what's this?
Hey, Aizat.
Don't blame Aaidaa!
I'm responsible for this!
I'm the one cheating, not her!
I forced her.
I lied to her until she had no choice!
Because I'm a coward.
I did all this because I'm a coward.
I put myself first.
And I let the person I love
become the victim of my cowardice.
Aaidaa is the most honorable student
in this school.
She would rather sacrifice herself
for her friends.
Sir, look at what she's doing now.
She would take the blame for me.
But I
I took advantage of everything
because I'm a coward!
Because I'm a coward.
I would like to confess what I did wrong.
I'm the one cheating.
Look at that.
He confessed. I told you!
Dad, that's enough!
Wear this, Mi.
Do the kids think we're stupid?
Awang, are you listening to me?
I said I came here to clean up your mess.
Din, you told me to find a scapegoat.
Does it matter who it is?
Did you believe that kid?
It's better to burn the goat
who won't help the school's ranking.
-Isn't that what's important now?
Reporters are waiting in the hall.
-Do you want me to talk
-Let me answer them.
-So you answer them?
-I'll answer them.
Take a deep breath, Din.
I didn't ask you to do this for me.
I didn't do this for you, Aaidaa.
I'm doing this for me.
You're brave, Aaidaa.
That's why it's hard
for you to understand.
I was scared.
I'm a coward.
But I'm tired of being a coward.
I'm sorry.
Peace be upon you and greetings to all.
I would like to thank you
for the patience of everyone
in the hall here today.
I understand
everyone is waiting to be enlightened
regarding the issue
that is happening in this school.
Without further ado,
I invite
the Principal of STIA
to provide clarification.
Thank you, Dato' Din.
Peace be upon you and greetings to all.
As you are aware,
during the final paper of SPM yesterday,
a student was caught due to cheating.
After a thorough investigation,
I would like to state
that we have identified the culprit.
He's a student
among all of our students
who are knowledgeable,
disciplined, and well-mannered.
Thus, I hope that the media,
in fact, I plead
not to give negative comments
that could tarnish the image
and reputation of this school.
Just because of one heinous act
done by Muhammad Aizat bin Abdullah.
Aizat is on television!
With this success, ladies and gentlemen,
the success of identifying
the one and only,
the single culprit
who has done this terrible deed,
I still believe that our SPM results
that will be announced soon,
will still put STIA
as the best school in Malaysia.
But ladies and gentlemen,
I regret my own failure
for not identifying from the beginning,
that Muhammad Aizat bin Abdullah
never deserved to be in this school.
Unlike our other students,
Muhammad Aizat
did not understand the meaning
behind STIA's motto,
"Tradition, Knowledge, Human."
Muhammad Aizat
did not appreciate tradition,
did not understand
the meaning of knowledge,
never embraced,
and never knew how to be human.
I hope it's not too late for me
to amend my mistakes.
Muhammad Aizat bin Abdullah.
You don't deserve to be in this school.
If that's what STIA's motto really means,
I don't want to wear this either!
I cheated too!
I cheated too.
Students who aren't involved,
please sit down.
-I cheated too!
-Sit down, Zaim!
I cheated too!
-I cheated too!
-I said sit down!
-I cheated too!
-I cheated too!
Sit down!
Hey, sit down!
Don't be disobedient, don't be ungrateful.
I said sit down!
Sit down!
I said sit down!
Do you think
you could keep secrets from me?
This is my school, Aizat.
You do know
that nothing escapes me, right?
-I don't understand.
Project Anchor.
SBP Trial.
-Don't lie to me, Aizat.
I already know everything.
Just remember one thing, Aizat.
Don't get caught.
I will never be like you.
Dato' Din.
Sir, so you knew about all this?
No, this is just a misunderstanding.
So is it true that you were
conspiring with the students?
-Excuse me.
Oh no.
-Okay, I'll be the monkey. Come on!
-Let's go!
-Catch it!
-Oh no.
They're here!
-Hi, Jaja.
-Hey, Aizat.
-Did you miss me?
-Of course I do!
Did you guys get lost or something?
It's not hard to find this place.
-Look who's driving?
The journey is what's important,
not the destination.
-Hey, where's
Where? He's there.
So this is Yati?
I'm sorry, Jat.
I didn't know about this.
That's okay, Mi.
It's my fault.
I didn't tell anyone.
I was afraid of my own shadow, Mi.
At school, I said horrible things
about your parents.
I'm sorry, Jat.
What you said was true, Mi.
My parents did throw me away.
They did.
But there's a silver lining.
The biggest silver lining in my life.
I got to meet Mom,
I got Yati.
They're the only family I have, Mi.
What about us?
I told you, don't be too upset.
I'm not upset, Mom.
What mom doesn't know her own child?
If only they knew what really happened,
they would be disappointed, right?
No, I don't think so.
You don't have to use
your SPM results as their inspiration.
You've shown them something even better.
You taught them
that everybody makes mistakes.
But not everybody is brave enough
to face the consequences.
You taught the children
something very important in life.
You taught them how to be human.
Forgive me, Mom.
Please forgive yourself first.
Today is the day
that 125,000 SPM candidates nationwide
have been waiting for.
They're waiting
to obtain their SPM results
which were released at noon today.
Things were looking gloomy at STIA
whereas the students here have confessed
to being involved
and conspired in cheating.
Together with me now
is Mr. Borhan bin Johan,
the new principal for STIA,
succeeding Mr. Awang Ngah.
Mr. Borhan, what is your
opinion about this matter?
Thank you, Mr. Zahir.
Even though it is a regretful matter,
STIA's new administration
has learned a lesson.
The candidates were scared
for their future.
They've become desperate.
To err is human
when we're scared and desperate.
And it's easy for us
as the older generation
to neglect motivating them.
Yes, I admit,
what they did has affected
the school's ranking
among other boarding schools.
However, even though
I wasn't the principal
for last year's SPM candidates,
I am so proud of them.
They had the courage to face reality
and worked hard to correct their mistakes.
Their camaraderie is like no other.
They made us realize,
the older generation,
to be more tolerant.
Most importantly, they reminded us all
the true meaning of being human.
I still have high hopes for them
to find success in their own ways.
Because I believe,
everything that they have been through
as students of the same batch
will prepare them for the future
more than any examination will.
How are you, Top Scorer?
Having a culture shock
after failing ten subjects?
A little bit.
What in the world will happen to us?
I don't know.
But I'm not scared anymore.
You're not scared because you have me.
You're disgusting!
Okay, if you're really not scared,
let's go.
Let's go.
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