Project Blue Book (2019) s01e08 Episode Script

War Games

1 QUINN: Previously on "Project Blue Book" How are you here? I'm here when you need me.
GIRL: [Echoing] 8, 3, 1, 2.
I'm here when I need you.
There's a church in town.
When you get your head together, come find me.
What the hell do you need me for? Did you steal "sensitive material" from a classified program at White Forest? HYNEK: Is this what was so urgent? Is that what your investigation is about? Well, like I said, Professor.
Still ongoing.
You got a call, too? Sounded more like an order.
"Get down to Blue Book, set up the projector" What did you hear? Enough to be concerned.
I need coffee.
Yeah, me, too.
Faye, do we have any coffee o At ease, Captain.
I asked her to step away, give us some privacy.
Coffee can wait.
We need to unplug these phones, too.
We don't want any interruptions.
- Yes, sir.
- Here, set this up.
I'll get the curtains.
[Doorbell rings] - Jack, hi.
- Hi.
Sorry to bother you, but have you seen Donna? Oh, she brought cookies the other night.
I meant to return the plate, but Is something wrong? I've been away on business for a few days and, well, I know you know what that's like.
I'm sure Allen's gone like that, too.
But she wasn't answering the phone, and then when I came home, she wasn't here.
I called her mother, her sister.
Nobody's seen her.
Jack, come in for a moment.
Uh, okay.
Thank you.
HARDING: Gentleman, what you are about to see was taken from a training exercise at Sedalia Air Field last night.
We haven't had any time to verify all of it since details keep coming in, but after you watch this, you'll understand.
All set.
MAN: Corporal, we're rolling.
I'm Corporal James Vaughn of the 3rd Infantry Brigade.
Today's training exercise will be conducted in the hills outside of Pettis County.
The focus of the exercise will be infantry mobility assessment during simulated ground assault.
This film is for the purpose of the The hell is that? What are you doing? I'm right here.
There's something behind you.
[Static] - What the - [Gunshots] Hey! What's happening over there? [Indistinct shouting] Pick him up! Haul him out of here! Fall back! Fall back! Move it! Fall back! [Indistinct shouting] Engagement lasted for 10 minutes.
Engagement with what? I couldn't tell what that was.
We have no idea, either.
Professor? I couldn't make anything out clearly enough.
It was, uh, something in the sky, though.
That wasn't something of ours.
Would we be here if it was ours? Russians? It's unlikely they'd be able to operate that close to one of our bases.
What I do know is that a whole battalion suffered injuries and claimed that whatever those things were fired some sort of death ray at them.
At this point, we have multiple military witnesses, injuries, and a strange anomaly from an unknown source caught on camera.
Under any other rules of engagement, that would be an act of war.
And thankfully, we got control of information going in and out of that base.
No one outside that unit or this room knows anything about this.
What can we do? Get down to Camp Knoll, figure out what the hell we're dealing with, whether they're military, Russians, or otherwise.
And then tell us how to kill it.
You're back.
I couldn't very well dispose of the body nearby, could I? That would be sloppy.
I've always admired your attention to detail.
You heard from the captain since your last date? I'm sure he'll call when he's ready.
It's unlike you to move so slowly.
Given recent events, I should be more careful now.
Yes, I certainly hope so.
Looking good.
[Soldiers clamoring] Listen to us! Look! We want We want you to tell us the story, but one person at a time, understand? Okay, go on.
All right, one minute, everything was fine.
- It just came out of nowhere! - This huge, orange light.
It came right up off the mountain.
It was blue, you moron.
- And it was freezing cold.
- It was orange.
But it wasn't cold.
It had heat heat coming off it like you you were staring into an oven.
Well, I felt icicles pelting me.
Look what it did to my face.
Yeah, and I got burns on my arms from when it exploded after I shot it.
Our ammo went right through it! Okay, look, it's not unusual to get different perspectives on the same event, but no one needs to get upset if your story is different from his story.
The thing broke into pieces that flew around together, like it was under some kind of control.
Don't listen to this asshole.
He's just trying to make himself sound important.
You think I'm doing what?! - Sit down.
- You calling me a liar? - Say it to my face! - [Speaks indistinctly] [Soldiers shouting indistinctly] Hey, hey, hey, hey! Stand down! You're rangers! Act like it! - All right? - Everything okay, Captain? Actually, we need a break.
Can we get a little help here, please? - Out.
Get them out.
- Move! - Move! - Stay here.
Get out.
Thank you.
What just happened there? You don't just swing on a fellow soldier like that.
Look, how can we draw any conclusions if no one's telling us the same story? We should take a look at where this happened.
Donna never struck me as the type.
To run off with another man? To leave her husband.
No warning, no note.
You know, I just saw her stocking up her bomb shelter the other day.
- It doesn't make sense.
- I don't know, Mimi.
You never know what goes on behind closed doors.
What secrets people are hiding.
Allen's a great example.
What about Allen? Well, he still doesn't tell you where he's going or what he's working on half the time, right? Oh, we've talked about that.
And? He's sharing but honestly, it it scares me even more now.
What do you mean? He brought this thing home the other day.
This This object.
It was I finally made him take it out of the house.
Do you know what it was? Allen's working on some really strange things stuff I never would've even imagined before, let alone believed in.
- The flying saucers.
- More.
There's more to it than that.
And I just don't feel safe anymore.
That is understandable.
Ever since that man broke into our house, then building the bomb shelter, things have just gotten worse.
I want to feel in control again.
I want to do what you did.
What I did? After you were mugged and you wanted to feel safe again.
I want to buy a gun.
And I want your help.
So, according to the map, this is roughly the unit's position when they had the sighting.
It looks like a forest, so they got that part right.
Got to be a thousand shell casings.
They're everywhere.
I don't see any evidence of something firing back.
You think it could've been another unit, mistaken for the orb they described? What, friendly fire? With what, a flamethrower? Those guys were burned, not shot.
True, but after their accounts and the film, hearing what the Generals had to say W-Wait.
Think the Generals aren't telling us the whole story? [Birds calling] What is that? I don't know.
[Warbling] - Doc - Shh.
It's coming from up that way.
If whatever that thing is is back We're going to find it.
I don't like it.
It doesn't match any of the group sightings we've got documented.
Well, you've done this longer than me.
We'll let Hynek and Quinn work.
Maybe they can get to the bottom of it.
The idea of this new weapon being used against our soldiers, the American people, is Well, we do have our own weapon that we can fight back with in this scenario.
Yes, we do.
Let's use it.
[Birds screeching] What the hell is that? HYNEK: Murmuration.
- Don't you just mean birds? - Starlings.
Their swarming behavior is called "murmuration.
" Hundreds of them, sometimes thousands moving in intricate patterns.
To this day, science can't explain their random flight.
But to see them out here screeching like that? It's It's unusual.
What are they doing now? Look out! How'd you get so good at that? You don't buy a gun and not practice how to use it.
The more you practice, the more at ease you'll be and the safer you'll feel.
You ready? Yes.
Safety's on, so we're just gonna walk you through the steps before you fire, okay? Okay.
How do you feel? - Nervous.
- Good.
That's what we want.
Relaxation is where we want to get to.
Forward here so you have a steady stance.
Put your gun up towards the target.
You want to use both hands.
Now breathe.
You're doing great.
Slow it down even more.
I'm taking the safety off.
Breathe in.
Exhale and squeeze.
[Yelps, laughs] [Laughs] How did that feel? Good.
You have four more shots.
I want to do it again.
Bird dissection.
Encyclopedia Britannica again? 14th edition, but mostly I'm just winging it.
Get it? Yeah, you're hilarious.
Those look like burns, maybe? Ah, not as evident, but look here.
Its eyes show clear deterioration.
So something blinded them? Could explain why they attacked each other.
Yeah, maybe, but the starlings are very social birds.
They live in flocks.
They're used to group cooperation.
To just go against their nature like that, - it's hard to justify.
- Hmm.
You know what else that sounds like? The soldiers.
Yeah, there's no real explanation for why they attacked each other during our interview, either.
Birds are notorious for carrying viruses.
Maybe it's a new strain of something no one's seen before.
That makes you attack your friends? Lose your ability to discern between friend or foe.
Like Like rabies, for example.
So this could be contagious? Until we know more, we can only assume.
We need to quarantine the unit.
And do blood work for the whole base, - including ourselves.
- Copy that.
Corporal Wells.
Welcome to Camp Knoll.
It's okay, son.
You can step out.
Why am I here? These gentlemen will make sure you get comfortable.
Am I in trouble? I completed the program, didn't I? You came through with flying colors.
We just want to see what we bought.
We just need to have you make a call, son.
Like I was trained? That's right.
This time, hopefully someone answers.
HYNEK: I've taken blood samples from the eight witnesses and sent it for testing.
Along with these surface dustings from their uniforms, we should have a better indication of what we're dealing with.
So what if it is contagious? We touched those birds.
Are you angry with me? Feelings of hostility, mistrust? What, more than usual? If it was contagious, it'd be more widespread by now, and coming into contact with a dead animal, it's even less likely to spread.
Excuse me, sir.
Your call's been put through.
MP: Other truck.
Come on.
- Come on.
Come on.
- [Soldiers coughing, wheezing] Jump.
Let's go.
Hurry it along.
Come on.
Bring it up the back.
Let's go.
Come on.
Get up, you son of a bitch! Let's go.
It's hot in here.
I-Is this not gonna work? Do you need to be outside? What th No.
No, you don't understand, sirs.
It's a sign.
[Coffee boiling] Corporal? Ah Are they coming? No.
They're already here.
No, it was unexpected but I'm waiting for some lab results.
So, I don't know, tomorrow, the day after MIMI: Allen? Allen, I-I can't hear you.
You're going in and out here, too.
- Allen? - [Feedback whines] Mimi? Hey, what's going on? [Sirens wailing] [Soldiers clamoring] [Horn blares] MAN: Get it over to the supply tent, now! [Soldiers coughing] Hynek, get back inside! This is not a drill.
Whatever it is that attacked those soldiers is back.
- I'm coming with you! - No, you're staying inside.
Get back inside! That's an order! What are you looking at? You guys were all out there last night, also, right? And what if we were? The platoon that saw the orb, just wondering if any of you saw something strange, as well.
What we saw is none of your Goddamned business.
I didn't see nothing.
Don't make shit up about me if I didn't.
Yeah, then why are we out here with shoot-to-kill orders, dumbass? Don't call me "dumbass"! What's our position? Oh, you're in charge now? Look, I'm just asking in case e might want to pull over.
All right, easy, there, brother.
You're not his brother.
Load your weapons! Look alive.
Eyes on me.
We see anything out there, we are going to kill it.
Give me a hoo-ahh! ALL: Hoo-aah! You open your mouth again on my command, and I'll ask these boys to shut it for you.
Corporal? Corporal, can you hear me? [Breathing heavily] You were hearing something.
W-What was it saying? It doesn't speak.
It moves.
[Gasping] [Speaking gibberish] HYNEK: If I had all the answers, I wouldn't need you, would I? [Speaking gibberish] Stop him! [Groans] Get out of my head! Stop him! You're from that Project Blue Book, aren't you? You don't belong with us.
Hey, all hands on deck, right? Pull over! Stop the truck! Hey.
Why don't we all just take a breath here.
On my mark, you take this man down.
Hold on, hold on! One - I'm on your side! - Two! Hey, 9:00, who the hell is that? Stand down! All right, that man is a doctor.
He can help you.
He can explain what's happening here.
Don't listen to him! Gentlemen, important message for you from HQ.
The drill is over.
Stand down.
W-What drill? Psychological evaluation measuring battle station preparedness.
This was your final exercise.
- You're lying.
- Excellent.
That was exactly the response we were hoping for.
You're not supposed to trust me.
This is It's all It's all part of the exercise Rright, Captain? That's right.
Best unit we ever tested.
Make sure it goes in the report.
MAN: Unit 17, come in.
Do you read? Over.
Unit 17, over.
Unit 17, where the hell are you? We need you in position, on the double.
Copy that, sir.
But the drill is over.
What drill? Get your ass in position, patrol leader.
- We're at battle stations! - [Screaming] The lights are back! They're back! They're gonna kill us all! Go! Get 'em, boys! Move! Move! Come on! - I don't see 'em, sir.
- Keep looking.
We need to find those sons of bitches.
Unit 17, come in.
- Are you in distress? Over.
- Negative.
Well, then, get your ass to Sector Bravo, now, or you're AWOL.
3-1-Bravo, on our way.
Copy that.
We'll notify.
Get back to the damn truck, now.
You heard him.
Move out.
MAN: Let's go.
[Man speaks indistinctly] Those soldiers are reacting to some kind of behavioral agent, the same thing that affected the starlings, but they were exposed last night.
I mean, who knows how many are infected.
That sounds like a good reason for you to stay put like I told you.
Safe and sound, Professor.
[Truck doors close] [Truck engine starts] Where are we going? Right back into the shit.
I mean, it really is the perfect weapon.
A virus turns people against each other, filling them with rage and paranoia.
Until they take each other out.
I mean, just imagine what would happen - if it reached the civilian popu - Wait, Doc! Watch out! Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! Soldier? Soldier? It's Wells.
Doc, if he's infected Last night, were you out here with any other soldiers? Generals brought me.
What'd he say? They brought me here to make contact.
And I have.
Ah Ah.
Did you hear that? God, it's so loud.
It hurts my brain.
Look at me.
- Look at me.
- It's too loud! Look at me! It's going to be - Ah! - You're okay! Look at me! It's in here.
It's in here.
I know it's in here.
No, no, no, wait, wait! Please! Wells! Just calm down.
Don't! No, no, no, no.
Put that down.
Put that down, please.
You don't know what that is.
Might be No, no.
No, no.
It's not gonna hurt me.
- Just - I-I promise.
The hell was that? It's from White Forest.
I knew you took something.
Hey! Stay in the car! - No! - This is your fault! Stop! Wells.
Wells! Captain.
Are you okay? You get him? Guy hit me like a ton of bricks.
What the hell is that thing? I wish I knew.
[Coughs] What the hell are those? Last night wasn't an alien invasion.
It was a military experiment.
What're you saying? I'm saying the army did this to their own men.
Come on.
Captain, we don't know who yet! Ju We know enough.
There was no UFO.
It was you, wasn't it, you mother Excuse me, Captain? Where is this attitude coming from? That sighting? Those soldiers are victims of a neurochemical attack sprayed from these canisters, and once they're tested, I'm sure you'll find that the active agent led to aggressive behavior, which turned the men against each other.
There were no aliens.
No Russians.
It was ours.
You really didn't know, did you? Of course we didn't.
What about Wells? We ran into him on the road.
He said that you sent for him.
- You saw Wells? - Just for a minute.
- He ran away.
- Where? What happened? Well, the He thought we were trying to kill him, too, I guess.
Wells tried to make it back to base.
Something happened.
He didn't pull through.
I'm sure the autopsy will confirm that his death was from whatever you found out there, doctor.
HYNEK: How could Wells have just died? He wasn't even there during the attack.
He said the that th-the Generals brought him.
I How could they have even found him out there? You are asking questions when you should be thanking your lucky stars.
He's the only other person who could pin the theft of that whatever-it-was you stole from White Forest on you.
You lied to them to protect me.
No, I was protecting myself.
They find out you took it, I'm going down for it, as well.
I wanted to tell you.
Okay, maybe I didn't.
But how did you grab it? Something like that, they bury it deep.
That man I told you about, he he gave me a key.
- You're kidding me.
- No.
He showed me everything I needed to know to get it.
- Why? - You saw what happened to Wells.
The power that object exerted.
So, what's that prove? Alien artifacts, technol I I don't know, but the military is hiding the truth.
And this man, he's what? He's using you to get to the bottom of it? I'm not sure yet.
All right, so, if Wells took this thing and he's gone, where the hell is it now? Mom! Hey, Mom! Honey, what is it? There's a police car in front of the neighbor's house.
- What? - Come on, you got to see.
Smith is out taking to them.
Come on! FAIRCHILD: Yes, sir.
Thank you, Mr.
Gentlemen, you're back.
You son of a bitch, you set us up.
You knew Camp Knoll wasn't a legitimate sighting.
Testing chemical weapons on our own soldiers? Without our knowledge? That nerve agent allows us to confuse the enemy on any battlefield, conferring significant tactical advantage without any lasting damage to our own men.
How the hell do you know that? You didn't see those kids.
- You have no idea - Of course I have an idea.
Who do you think put it into development? Well, why the hell didn't you read us in on it if you knew we'd be chasing our own tails? Because I was testing something else a program continuing without my knowledge.
What was his name? Corporal Wells? The one you brought in from the program I shut down? You went behind my back and purposefully kept me in the dark, and that is what I was testing.
Your loyalty.
After today, your days of operating on your own terms are over.
Gassing our own men, and we're being disloyal? We'll see about that.
Go after him, Hugh.
Make sure he doesn't do anything stupid.
HYNEK: Hello? I'm home.
MIMI: Allen.
What, are you smoking now? Drinking in the middle of the day? It's been a rough one.
Rough couple of days since you've been gone, actually.
What's going on? Donna's missing.
Donna? What, next-door Donna? Jack called the police.
He has no idea where she is.
She might've run off with another man.
What makes you say that? Jack.
I guess they had a lot of problems.
A lot of secrets.
But we don't have secrets anymore, do we? - Problems? - Mimi, we are fine.
I told you, I want us to be on the same page.
But you still haven't told me everything that's going on! Because I just I don't even know myself.
Are we in danger? We are, aren't we? No, not anymore.
I'm going to fix things.
Fix things where? Because home is what's broken right now, Allen, and we can't keep doing this.
I can't keep doing this.
What are you saying? Project Blue Book.
Your job.
You need to make a choice, and now.
GIRL: [Echoing] 8, 1, 9, 5, 6, 5, 9.