Project Blue Book (2019) s01e09 Episode Script


1 Previously on "Project Blue Book" What do you know about all of this? If I had all the answers, I wouldn't need you, - would I? - Need me? What the hell did you expect? I expected to discover the truth.
I expected a partner who would back me up! That's a negative.
We are done here.
This is the breakthrough we've been waiting for.
Aah! I'm glad you feel that way because there's something I need you to do.
- I can't keep doing this.
- What are you saying? Project Blue Book.
You need to make a choice, now.
Project Blue Book.
This is Dr.
Allen Hynek.
You're still there.
I'm just trying to get organized.
You're having second thoughts.
- Allen? - Yes.
No, I mean no.
I just I can't talk right now, Mimi.
I keep feeling like like we're in danger.
We're fine.
I promise.
Just I'll be home soon.
I always thought she was lovelier than the others.
I can see why you became so infatuated.
You went through my personal things.
It was a revelation, really.
Do you know why? 'Cause you were right.
She is the key.
You're just not using your asset fully.
What are you suggesting? Let's say Mrs.
Hynek were to have a dalliance of sorts and it was photographed.
I'll bet her husband, the esteemed professor and Air Force lackey, would do just about anything to keep those photos out of the public eye.
Maybe even betray his country.
I thought you would've been excited about the idea.
Oh, I see.
You're worried about betraying your "friendship" with her.
Is that gonna be a problem, this time? I have given you enough chances and, if you don't do as I wish, I will find my own version of blackmail.
Hit me.
Why? I said, hit me.
Why would I do that? What the fuck was that? Using my asset fully will not be a problem.
I'll keep you posted.
If they don't have an appointment, I can't just Afternoon, Captain.
- Any coffee on? - Dr.
Hynek is here.
Totally understood.
You're here.
Had to catch up on some paperwork.
Aren't you supposed to be teaching a class? Well, I had some files I wanted to go through first.
All of them? What the hell is this? Resignation letter? I assumed you'd need some sort of documentation.
This a joke? No.
I don't know what to say.
I'm sorry.
You know how difficult - this has been.
I - I take that back.
I know what to say.
What are you doing with those files? These are my research.
But you don't own your research while you work for Project Blue Book.
Generals made that clear from day one.
This whole science of UFOlogy, the the classification system? I created that.
I am entitled to my work.
You're entitled to get your ass kicked, if you try to steal Air Force material - from under my nose again.
- Gentlemen.
I-I'm sorry to interrupt.
- Not now.
- There's a couple here Not now, Faye! Sir, I asked you to wait outside.
I understand, but we can't.
My husband needs your help.
Who are you? How'd you get on this base? I have military ID, sir.
I'm Thomas and this is my wife, Vivian.
Well, Thomas, I'm sorry, but, we don't see people who don't have appointments.
I already tried that, sir.
We're not leavin'.
Faye, can you get a couple MPs to escort these two off of the - We are not leavin'.
- Thomas, no.
- It's okay, baby.
- What's happenin' here? We traveled a long way and we have nowhere left to turn.
I need your help Don't! Do you need a doctor? I've been to the doctors.
But they can't help because they don't understand who did this to me.
Did what to you? Abducted me.
The aliens who abducted me.
Go lock the front door.
We have no choice now.
You're wrong, you know.
You do have a choice.
Put the gun down, no one gets hurt.
We can work out whatever you need.
Oh, you think I'd believe that, comin' from you? You're Captain Quinn, right? - We know each other? - We spoke on the phone about nine months ago.
The Army man.
Do you remember what you told me? Have to say it's slippin' my mind right now.
You said it sounded like a wild story.
You'll get back to me.
Now it's only gotten worse.
- This is the one.
- He called Blue Book? - Before your time.
- Kept callin' once a week after that.
What is this all about? Staff Sergeant Thomas Mann, here, claims that aliens kidnapped him from his car.
I'm Dr.
Allen Hynek.
I'm also a member - of Project Blue Book.
- Doc.
I'd like to hear your story.
That's why you're here, right, to tell your story, so that way, you can get some help? None of the doctors have been able to tell us what's wrong.
We didn't know where else to go.
Would you like to sit down? - Doc.
- The man is in pain.
We can't help him, unless we know what he's been through, Captain.
You're right.
A-And I'm sorry.
We've been so busy here.
T-Take a seat.
But everyone has to get up against that wall.
I'm not puttin' the gun away.
That's okay.
I'm just gonna get my pen and, uh, a booklet, so that I can take some notes.
Please, sit down.
Just start from wherever you like.
Um It was last spring.
I was drivin' back home after workin' late.
Where's home? New Hampshire.
There was no moon that night, just a sky full of stars.
Then I see one fallin' and, mind you, I see shootin' stars up there all the time.
But, this one, it split apart into three pieces.
I couldn't believe my eyes, at first.
So I slammed on my brakes.
And these things were like watchin' me.
I see this other, larger, craft coming down.
Then this light, brighter than any sun, starts comin' down.
Thing is, it didn't hurt my eyes.
I look up.
That's when I start feeling it.
This This energy passin' through my body and it's holding me in place.
I'm trying so hard to move, but I can't.
Then, this pulling sensation, like I'm being lifted up! I'm tryin' to scream, but nothing comes out.
And then everything goes black.
Easy, easy.
It's okay.
You're safe.
- What happened? - Remember how, when you tell the story sometimes, what happens? I'm sorry.
I-I'm so s-s It's like this all the time now.
We'll just be talking and he'll drift off, start shaking.
One time, I found him out in the woods, on the ground, just mumbling strange sounds.
Has this been getting worse? And you do not recall what happened next? All I remember is, the next morning, when I woke, I was still in the car, but, I was a hundred miles from where I started.
No idea how I got there.
Head felt like it was going to explode.
- And you've been to the doctors? - Yes, sir.
All the ones who've examined him say they can't find anything wrong.
Ever tried goin' to a shrink? I am not crazy! This really happened! No one is calling you a liar.
You're supposed to be the experts in this.
You don't know what this has done to him.
He won't eat, won't sleep.
He's not the same man.
I brought something.
Uh he keeps drawin' this stuff, obsessively.
He'll sometimes sleepwalk and do these.
Doesn't even remember.
How can you explain that? It's just Did you draw this? You know what this is? No.
No, I just keep seeing it in my head.
Like the others.
What is it? What do you see? It's not what I see.
It's what he sees.
It's impossible.
Can I come in? Has he done this before? The first time, he said it was an accident.
Second time, he was drunk.
Strike three, you're out.
Do you need a place to stay? - I can't ask that of you.
- Of course you can.
You have a family.
You're gonna take in - a battered woman? No.
- You're not I wanna help.
Just tell me how can I help.
I don't know how.
I never imagined this happening to me.
Come here.
Come here.
It's okay.
I'm here for whatever you need.
I can help you through this.
Is Allen at work? Yes.
And Joel? He's at a friend's.
Because you know what would help me through this right now? You and I getting very drunk.
Those all the places people reported seeing spaceships? Yes.
Something I need to tell you about our friend Thomas.
Reason I never called him in for an interview.
Did a background check on 'im, since he was military.
Turns out he got shell shock after fighting overseas.
Got discharged, Section 8.
Faye, do you have a compact on you, by any chance? - I do.
- May I see it, please? Did you not hear what I just said? Guy's got a screw loose.
Just stand behind me, this side.
Hold this over my shoulder, so I can see it.
- Why? - Just do it, please.
Stand here.
Do what I've just done.
They're the same.
So, this is a view of the star cluster Pleiades, the Seven Sisters, as seen from Earth, 444 light-years away.
This is your drawing, Thomas, a mirror image of that same cluster, which means that your perspective is looking back at it from a position in space no one has ever been.
S-So what does that mean? Well, either he drew a random set of dots which align exactly with a map most people have never seen, a one in a hundred billion chance, or someone in that spaceship taught you how to do it.
This is gonna go down so fast.
Well, there is plenty more where that came from.
You are a lifesaver.
You know that? I just I felt so bad that I I never suspected anything before.
Why would you? You, of all people, know that we don't show the world what goes on behind closed doors.
With all the secrets Allen's been keeping these days.
What is it? It's nothing.
- We are fine.
- No, no, no.
You do not get to keep secrets from me now.
We're past all that, don't you think? Allen's quitting Blue Book.
I'm making him.
Why? I mean, there have been some crazy things that have happened since he started working there.
Like me buying a gun? I never told him about it.
That was the final straw: every day, feeling like there were so many things we were hiding from each other.
God, why are we talking about me? My problems must seem so trivial right now.
Not at all, because we have the same ones.
The men in our lives.
It's not normal for that door to be locked.
He'll come back, or someone else will, probably with keys.
- What about the map? - What about it? Doesn't that change things? You said there's no way it could be random, that someone or something had to have shown him how to draw that.
Doesn't that prove what we've been saying? You know what pareidolia is? It's a term used for when you see recognizable shapes in random patterns, like faces in the clouds.
Or dots that look like star patterns.
- That is what it's called, right, Doc? - Yeah, that is the term, yes.
Thomas, the longer you continue this stunt, the greater the chances are of someone getting hurt.
Because someone will come in there, eventually, and, if you make one more mistake You believe him, right? There's still a lot which doesn't connect, yet, and the lack of any physical evidence What about the pain in my head? - That's physical.
- The pain in your head could be from shell shock, Thomas.
I know about your record, too.
Exposure to trauma in war can affect us in many ways and you never sought treatment.
This has nothing to do with the war! I dealt with my fair share when I came home, too.
- Some guys never get over it.
- This is not about the war! Here's what I think happened.
You were driving home that night.
Something triggered a memory of the battlefield.
- No! - You passed out behind the wheel.
No, the spaceship was real! You're the one that's full of shit! How am I the one that's full of shit, when you don't even remember what happened?! What if I can help him recall it? Hypnosis.
Under a trance state, we can access memories which have become repressed or unavailable to the conscious mind, traumatic experiences.
Thomas, you let me put you under, I'll be able to find out what happened, even if that is shell shock.
I can find that out, too.
You know how to do that? A colleague taught me how for a thesis, yes.
All right.
You put me to sleep, you could find out the truth? Yes.
I am feeling so much better right now.
Oh, good.
Because I am not feeling anything.
You always know how to make me feel better.
I need to use the little girls' room.
I will get you some water, in the meantime.
Good idea.
- Careful, now.
- Sorry.
I think I drank too much.
Here, down this.
It'll make you feel better.
My turn to use the bathroom.
This is Dr.
Allen Hynek and I'm here with Thomas Mann and I am going to attempt to place him in a hypnotic state, in order to access memories of his alleged encounter with an alien spacecraft.
Thomas, if you could a-acknowledge yourself, please.
This is Thomas.
I'm here.
Now, I want you to focus on this light.
Just relax and focus on the bulb itself.
Breathing easy, fix your gaze upon it, and just relax.
Safety's on, right? Just so nothing goes off accidentally.
I grew up in New Hampshire.
My husband was in the military.
I know how to handle a gun.
Well, this is a whole different kinda situation, though, isn't it? You do realize the kind of trouble you're in right now, right? If this helps Thomas, it'll be worth it.
What if it doesn't? - Then we'll keep trying.
- From prison? - Why don't you believe him? - I think I explained myself pretty clearly earlier.
A man comes to you in pain, asks for help, and you don't even try? What is wrong with you? I'm not the one holding hostages.
Maybe we wouldn't have to, if you would've just listened to what he had to say! I've known him nearly fifteen years.
I love him.
I trust him.
And, if he says aliens abducted him, then I believe him.
And I'll do whatever I can to help him get better.
Do you not have anyone in your life you'd do that for? No wonder you don't understand.
Excellent, Thomas.
Now, as if it were the easiest thing in the world, I want you to just drift away drifting back to the moment you encountered the craft.
I'm not in the car anymore.
I'm inside the ship.
I can't move.
Now there's someone here.
I can't quite make him out.
He's coming toward me.
I'm hearing words inside my head like they were my own thoughts.
But they're not.
They're his.
We only want to understand.
These tests will help us discover the differences between us.
" What is that? I don't like that.
It burns! It bu-u-u-u-u-rns! My neck, oh! - It bu-u-u-u-u-rns! - What happened? - What's happening? - Go! It's okay, he's just coming out of the trance! Oh! Aggh! Oh! - Where is she? - Faye? - She just went to the bathroom.
- No! Let me go! Aah! The gun, grab it, there! Let her go.
Or he's next.
All right, you win.
Just put the gun down.
Go stand over there.
- How dare you.
- Doc.
- I was trying to help you.
- Doc! What happened out here? The secretary ran out.
You have about 15 minutes before this place is surrounded, probably with a lot bigger guns than that one.
I heard you screaming.
I didn't know what to do.
I'm sorry.
Come with me.
Come on.
- Come on! - Come on.
Come on.
Get in there.
Let's get one thing straight, okay? You do not apologize to me.
I'm the one that's sorry.
It's okay.
We're gonna get through this.
You are gonna get better.
Look like you're in shock.
- Hey, stop.
Look at me.
- Look, I'm fine, okay? It's just, I Did you hear any of what he was saying while we were in here? When you were hypnotizing him? No.
- Who cares about that? - I do! - Why? - Because I think he might've been telling the truth.
I saw them.
For the first time, the things in that ship.
You did? Yeah.
They, um jabbed something into me, in my neck.
It must be what's causing all the pain.
Feel really close.
There's a little lump under the skin.
I never noticed it before.
Do you feel it? I do.
I think we have strong evidence here for a close encounter of the third kind.
Close encounter of the first kind: Visual sighting less than 500 feet away, showing angular extension and detail.
Second kind: an encounter with a physical effect, car dying, lights flickering.
- The third - Contact.
Right, right, right.
the scale you were workin' on.
Thomas needs a full physical, under our watch, Then we're gonna need to re-interview him.
Also, I wanna see his car.
Are you forgetting what's going on here right now? Of course not! I-I He's just scared.
I don't give a damn what he is.
And you don't even work here anymore.
My head's spinning.
Maybe you should lie down.
I need to.
Come on.
- Okay.
- Oops! What time is Allen getting home? Um, he has class, so, late.
Let's get you into the bedroom.
- What are you doing? - If I don't work here anymore, then I hypnotized and recorded Thomas as a private civilian, which means - I am entitled to my interview.
- Don't try this again.
You just push me? I'm not going to let you take my work! Do you realize how many times that I almost got fired because of you? If I didn't lie about what happened in White Forest If you hadn't lied, you'd be just as bad as all the others! Pushing the same propaganda, telling witnesses what they saw was birds and weather balloons! How much evidence do you need?! What are you lookin' for? If Captain Quinn is right and we're about to be surrounded, we have to do this now.
Cut this thing outta my neck.
I'm not gonna cut you open, Thomas.
Baby, no one is gonna believe me, unless we have the physical proof! Listen, this might be our only chance.
They're comin'! Let's take off your shoes.
- What? - Shh.
Are we done? Listen.
- I don't hear anything.
- Exactly.
I got it out.
Whatever those creatures put in him I got it out.
It is metal.
I can't be sure what kind.
Feels almost hollow, though.
You ever take any ordinance overseas? I was wounded, yes.
- In the shoulder.
- Can I have a look? Could be shrapnel.
That's perfectly round.
I've seen metal pulled out of people's bodies you'd swear looked like Abe Lincoln.
Anything's possible.
- What happened? - Nothing.
That could've just been a reflection off the, uh Is that what's doing that? It's that thing.
It killed the power.
And my phone is gonna any moment.
What's happening? My guess? MPs have surrounded the place and are cutting the power.
The person on the other end of that phone is a commander, looking to make contact, start a dialogue.
Whatever happens next, how peacefully you wanna resolve this, is up to you.
So, Thomas, how would you like to proceed? You should answer.
- What do they want? - They just wanna talk, find out what's going on.
You can show them that thing now, right, that was in my neck? You believe us now, don't you? That's what was making me crazy, what caused all this.
Foreign objects can affect body chemistry, regardless of what they are.
He has a point.
This is outta my hands now.
What can we do? Put the gun down.
We'll go from there.
You said something earlier about me getting help.
- Yeah.
- What if this is a reaction to what I saw overseas? Maybe I haven't been in my right mind.
- Thomas.
- Maybe I did make it all up.
- You don't mean that! - Thomas, the hypnosis does raise - some interesting questions.
- If I'm the one who caused all this, Vivian shouldn't go to jail.
None of this is her fault.
I don't want her to get in trouble for what I did.
Stop saying that! You didn't make this up.
You just needed help.
You can see that now, right? - Baby, please.
- You didn't do anything wrong.
Why should you have to suffer for that? Why did the phone stop ringing? I don't know.
- Thomas.
- Can you call back? - Get away from the window! - Thomas! Thomas! Thomas! - Thomas! - Ah! - Thomas! - Go! Go! Go! - Hey, let me see your hands! - Thomas! - Keep 'em in the air! - Thomas! No! No! No! Window, window, yeah! No! Hold it, ma'am.
Oh, it's all right.
She should go with her husband.
Yes, sir.
Bullet passed right through.
I've seen that before.
He should be all right.
Can't say for sure what'll happen after that.
I understand.
And I'm sorry.
You saved my life at the window.
Couple inches to the right and that bullet hits my head.
I'm just sorry things had to go that far.
I just want an answer.
So do I.
You're not gonna walk off with that.
What do you wanna do with it? Put it with the tape, deal with it when I get back.
I gotta go outta town, D.
Generals have some conference there they'd like me to attend.
You know you have a cut above your, uh I believe that came from you, earlier.
You've gotten better since that bar fight in Alabama.
You never signed this, by the way.
You'll have to, if you wanna make it official.
I'd like you to reconsider.
I think, if it was you who answered the phone when Thomas called that day, none of this would have happened.
You're good at that: keeping me honest.
I think, uh I think I'm better when you're around.
But I understand if you wanna leave.
Do you believe in any of what Thomas said? Doesn't matter what I believe.
That's not why we're here.
No need to lock up.
If you love me Oh, Donna Oh, Donna You were quick today.
You know me, once I make up my mind.
Where is it? Hmm? The film.
Somewhere safe.
You didn't do it.
Of course I did.
You don't trust me? You've given me every reason not to.
How can I change that for you? Mnh.
Keep them both there.
Now it's self-defense.
It's never Too late to make amends I'm gonna love you Until The end What are you doing here? - You know where I live?! - Shh shh shh shh shh.
You're just gonna have to trust me.
I won't have time to explain.
No! You don't come near my family.
You've already put me in enough danger.
I have no choice.
You need to leave tonight.
A plane ticket.
Something big is about to happen, something you've been waiting for since you took this job.
- Why not? - I don't want you to.
- It might be dangerous.
- There you are.
- I was getting worried.
- Only madmen see the saucers, - Allen, what's wrong? - but they're dangerous.
- There's nothing out in those hills, - I need to pack.
- but the hills are dangerous.
- Pack for what? - I have to fly to Washington, DC - I can't buy that.
- tonight, right now! - The only way - I can hurt myself is by not - What is going on? - Allen.
- You want breakfast? - We made a promise, remember? - Back where? - No more secrets.
- Stop it.
Stop it.
Please stop it.
You can't just Ginny, I've gotta find out.
Do you understand? - Mom? - Then - then I can't stop you.
- Dad, - is everything all right? - No, you can't.
Come here.
But I'll be back, Ginny, and, so help me, if this - moon shot comes through, - Joel.
- if John's story is right, - Your dad needs to go - it'll mean a new world, - on a business trip, but for me, for you, - for the both of us! - he'll be back soon.
If I can get some proof, some concrete evidence, - Right? - some real documents, - Yeah, I will.
- that these saucers have been landing.
I know they have.
They've been landing here for the last three years, landing and discharging passengers.
And where are they? Here, in Las Palmas, filtered all over America.
You really believe that, don't you? I don't know, Ginny, but I'll find out.
I'll find out a lotta things.
I'll find out why they come here, who sent them, what's behind all this.
3, 1, 9, 4 5, 6 5, 3 9.