Project Blue Book (2019) s01e10 Episode Script

The Washington Merry-Go-Round

1 Previously on "Project Blue Book" QUINN: Resignation letter? [Laughing] This a joke? My husband needs your help.
[Screaming] HYNEK: I think we have strong evidence here for a close encounter of the third kind.
You don't even work here anymore.
I'm not going to let you take my work! Do you realize how many times I almost got fired because of you? If I didn't lie about what happened If you hadn't lied, you'd be just as bad as all the others! How much evidence do you need?! Are they coming? WELLS: No.
They're already here.
Now it's self-defense.
[Three gunshots] Do you believe in any of what Doesn't matter what I believe.
I gotta go outta town, D.
You need to leave tonight.
[Horns blaring] [Tires screeching] [Horn blares] - Please, hurry! - I can't go any faster.
Alexander Hamilton thinks you can.
[Tires screech] - Whoa, geez.
- Oh! [Knock on door] Doc? I didn't have time to call from the airport.
What are you doing here? I'm not entirely sure yet.
I just know I'm going to need your help.
The cab's downstairs.
I'll explain on the way.
I got to meet the generals at the Pentagon.
Yes, and if I'm right, they're gonna cancel that meeting on you in 11 minutes and 6 seconds.
Come on! Why aren't you dressed? "A new dawn.
" He actually said that.
You realize how ridiculous that sounds.
You don't even know this guy's name.
He hands you a ticket, tells you to get on a plane, and you just no questions asked.
Of course I asked questions.
He said this is where I'd find the answers.
Should I not have included you or something? Well, last I checked, we weren't partners anymore.
How much further? Well, it's right up there, but this traffic, it's Hey! Keep the change.
- Doc! - [Car door closes] Doc! Doc! HYNEK: We made it.
[Panting] 10 seconds.
Five four three two [Indistinct conversations] He told you he'd be right here? Who? The man The man with the hat, whoever he is.
No, we're not meeting him here.
Then why the hell are we running?! [Radio chatter] Capital 902, you're clear for takeoff on runway two-five.
Capital 902 on runway two-five.
Tower? Tower, do you copy? Can you see if you're getting some static? [Whirring] Tower, we have a Something is out here.
Oh, my God.
New Castle, this is Andrews.
I'm tracking multiple bogies over the Capital.
Are you seeing this? MAN: Copy.
Multiple and high-speed.
Returning high and fast.
What are those? Can't believe I followed you out here.
I'm sorry.
I got to call the generals.
[Indistinct conversations] What were we supposed to see, anyway? MAN: Look, you know what that one is called? [Indistinct conversations] MAN 2: I don't know.
See if I can get a photo.
- There! Right there.
- I see it! MAN: Honey, come over here a second.
[Indistinct talking] [Thunder rumbling] WOMAN: It's all right, sweetheart.
[Indistinct conversations] [People shouting] [Whirring] He told you this was coming.
The way they circled the city, the trajectories were mathematical.
- He even gave you the time of day? - The speed! It was just incredible! This was an attack.
On our Capital.
No, we don't know what this was yet.
- And you had prior knowledge.
- We had prior knowledge.
We have to get to the Pentagon.
I'm getting us a cab.
[Sirens wailing] MIMI: What did you see, Allen? HYNEK: I want you to make sure the shelter is fully stocked.
Where's Joel? He's watching TV, but what happened? I'm not isn't over.
Allen, I Where are you? I-I Mimi, can you hear me? Now there's a problem with the line.
[Whispering] Are we safe? [Static] When are you coming home? I have to I have to Captain Quinn Pentagon.
Allen, I Hello? [Knock on door] Let's go! I got us a cab.
Mimi! Mimi! - Allen? - Doc, come on.
We got to go.
Mimi! [Static] [Click] [Clicking] [Static continues] [Click] JOEL: Mom? Is Dad in Washington? Because something just came on the news.
Joel, just turn it off.
Turn everything off! - [Door slams] - HARDING: It has to be the Russians, which makes this an act of war.
I want to put planes over Moscow and troops in their yard.
Radar techs at Andrews tracked whatever those craft were at 7,000 miles an hour.
The Russians don't have any equipment that can do that.
That we know of.
Who else would it be? You know damn well who.
You really want to take that assessment to the President? You'd rather I explain to him how his top generals missed a foreign invasion over the goddamn White House? VALENTINE: The press is already running with the alien-attack angle.
We're fighting a battle on that front, too.
Let's keep everything else to a minimum, okay? It doesn't follow the pattern.
The nature of this phenomena, as you both know, is that it hides on the fringes.
This sighting is counterintuitive to everything we know about its behavior.
So, we're gonna let Project Blue Book handle the press while we prepare to strike back.
VALENTINE: Now, you saw these things with your own eyes.
Yes, sir.
And? I-I-I don't I don't really know how to describe it.
I've never seen anything like it before.
Are you speaking as a pilot now or as a member of Project Blue Book, Captain? - Both.
- What does this room think? That's a matter of national security, which doesn't concern you.
What's more important is what the public thinks.
And we can't have a national panic on our hands.
What do you need us to do? What you've always done.
I want you to find a rational scientific explanation as to what's occurred, then move it off the front page.
You mean lie.
We saw it with our own eyes.
Those things were not planes.
How would you know what types of planes the Russians have or don't have? The Russians have nothing to do with this.
Am I right? What's right is what works right now.
Press has been waiting.
Get out there and give them something to chew on.
Yes, sir.
As for you two, I'm gonna need real answers.
Truman won't go to war on a gut feeling.
HYNEK: Fairchild knows.
The generals know.
But they'll never tell us.
I bet they've been hiding the truth this whole time.
What did we see out there? Those crafts, the way they flew.
Did we just witness an alien invasion? Well, I can't say that - with absolute certainty.
- But? The physics of the maneuvers, the speed I can't think of any other logical explanation.
It's the "new dawn.
" What your mystery man said.
Yeah, meaning what we saw is just the beginning.
Who the hell is this man? - How'd he know what was gonna happen? - I can't lie about this any longer! The greatest military on Earth had no idea - what was gonna happen.
- Not to the press, not at this time.
- But this guy knew? - It's irresponsible.
- We have to tell the public the truth! - Who is he?! [Indistinct shouting] Uh, police phone lines are jammed with panicked calls.
Uh, there's talk of putting in a city-wide curfew.
Does the military even have craft like that? - That would be classified.
- [Indistinct talking] Is it the Russians, then? Is our nation under attack? Are we on the brink of war? [Cameras flashing] No.
We are not under attack.
What happened today was caused by [Flashing continues] was caused by What happened today could have been caused by a natural phenomenon.
These were temperature inversions.
- [Reporters murmuring] - Over here.
Come on.
You never really answered my question.
Inversions occur when a-a layer of warm, moist air in the upper atmosphere covers a layer of cool, dry air closer to the ground.
And this condition can cause radar signals to to bend and give out false returns.
Three separate radar systems tracked these lights.
Y-You're saying they all mistook air for solid metallic objects? Temperature inversions do cause violent thunderstorms, which can produce bolt lightning, which Anyone remember the first reports on the Lubbock Lights or the Flatwoods Monster? In both those cases, we had multiple witnesses claiming otherworldly events.
That is, until science explained These are not machines that the United States has made or is developing? Have they been reported over Russia or any of its satellite nations? That's all the information we have at this time.
We will keep you posted as soon as we know more.
Thank you.
- We need to leave now.
- Quinn! Quinn! Come on! [Indistinct talking] Excuse me.
Thank you.
Excuse me.
One One more question.
I have no further comment on it.
We will keep you informed of any developments.
Do you really think that this is a temperature QUINN: Well, that went well.
Come on.
We need to keep moving.
Can you really sell this temperature inversion idea if we schedule another press conference? HYNEK: There is precedence, yes, but, uh, it won't account for the eyewitnesses, and it's certainly not what we saw.
At least you figured out we need to sell the public something.
Yeah, for now.
But, look, we should split up.
You get in touch with the radar technicians.
I'll go back to the Mall, and see what I can find to support my theory.
Then we can meet back at the hotel.
You do your thing.
I'll work on the radar techs.
That was good teamwork in there.
So we're still a team, then? MIMI: I found this in Allen's phone.
What is it? Well, what does it look like to you? I don't know.
I think it's a way for people to listen to our phone calls.
I think our house is being bugged.
You don't seem surprised.
No, I am.
I just I just don't know what to say.
Why are you showing me this? Well, Allen's out of town, and you're the only person I trust right now.
I mean, I swear, ever since Allen started working on Project Blue Book, there's been this this weird static on the line any time I pick up the phone.
I think the government has been bugging our house from day one.
That would definitely make sense.
Is it okay if, um if I stay with you just for a little while? Joel's at a friend's.
I don't want him to know.
I-I don't have anywhere to go right now, and with this thing that just happened in D.
, it What just happened in D.
? You haven't heard? TRUMAN: My options depend on answers.
And so far, I've got little to none.
I just got off the phone with the Kremlin, and they're swearing up and down it wasn't them.
God help me, I believe them.
Now, unless someone in this room can prove to me otherwise, I'm in no mood to start World War III today.
So, what the hell were those things? You can speak now.
President, it is my opinion, sir, that they were something else entirely.
- We have no proof of that.
- Let him finish.
Radar, eyewitnesses all confirm one thing that whatever those craft were, they were not of any shape, size or skill our intelligence has come across.
Well, how do we fight back if we don't know what they are? With all due respect, sir, I think we do know.
You still think Russians? With every fiber of my being.
Then find me proof.
So I can show these bastards what a real air strike looks like.
[Horns honking] You can probably just pull over here.
It's close enough.
[Thunder rumbling] Dr.
I see you got my message.
You owe me some answers.
QUINN: Actually, Doc I think you both do.
I'm not the enemy.
Generally, when someone's got a gun pointed at you, they get to make that decision.
- Captain.
- I haven't gotten to you yet.
Keep quiet.
You look familiar.
What's your name? That's okay.
We'll figure that out soon enough.
Can we just listen to what he has to say first? Sure.
Back on base, under arrest.
Make it all official.
Why would I be under arrest? Well, let's see.
My partner here says you've been showing up from time to time offering cryptic information and then disappearing.
Now, last night, you give him advanced knowledge about an aerial attack on our nation's capital.
Not a warning, an invitation.
I'm just wondering what kind of man does that.
What does he want? Are you asking me? I think a Russian spy would have a lot to gain by convincing a civilian with top secret clearance, like my partner here, that he's made for greater things.
You think I work for the Russians? Convince me you don't.
This has nothing to do with the Russians.
Or America, for that matter.
Who do you work for? In some ways, the same people you do.
- [Gun cocks] - Tell me what the hell is going on.
I want to know what I saw.
It's okay.
Right? No problem.
[Gun clicks] What you need to know about me is we want the same thing.
But even when the truth flies right over your head, it's still impossible to believe.
So they are real.
Do you have proof? What's in this trunk here will help you to convince more people, the right people.
That's why I asked my good friend Dr.
Hynek to come here tonight.
But why do you need me? It's simple.
I don't exist.
Now I'm more confused.
[Sighs] "Operation Ivy.
" The hell's that? [Trunk closes] This is wonderful! Yeah, look how big and roomy.
I bet you could hang a whole side of beef in there.
Are you kidding? I bet you [Screams] [Both laugh] Freezing to death is not funny.
Oh, Lucy! I don't think she's in any real danger.
[Laughs] You know what would make this even funnier? Hmm? Vodka.
Thank you for for letting me stay here tonight.
Of course.
You were there for me.
- [Glass thuds] - Can we talk? I figured this was coming.
Your friendship is important to me, more than I can ever say.
I've never had a friend like you.
I feel the same way.
And I'm sorry.
Can I just say that first? I just I-I need to get this out.
I love my husband and my family, and what happened that night, the kiss, it can't happen again.
It won't.
I understand.
But that doesn't mean it has to ruin things, right? It It just felt like like it was in the air, and now it's over.
- It's over.
- Okay.
I, um I should go check on Joel.
- Can I use your phone? - Of course.
It's just right in there.
I promised I'd call.
[Laughter on TV] [Reel clicking] [Projector shuts off] Where did you get this? QUINN: It's a little hard to explain right now.
HYNEK: What is Operation Ivy, sir? I think you need to tell me where you found this.
Sir, with all due respect, if you don't know, then we're the ones who should be asking the questions right now, not you.
Especially as there is a duplicate print of this which will find its way to the press should anything happen to us.
I-I don't think we're in a position to be making threats to the Secretary of Defense.
It's not a threat.
The truth will come out one way or the other.
Isn't that what you really want? Ivy is the code name for a top secret thermonuclear weapons test in the South Pacific.
We had two successes and one failure.
Now we know why.
A UFO? Well, whatever they are, I think it's a message.
They want us to know that they're in charge of the skies, and they're watching us.
Wait, hold on a second.
Surely, we should get it tested before we start crediting aliens with taking down the most powerful weapon known to man.
I need the President to see this before the Joint Chiefs have him make a horrible mistake.
But I'm going to need backup.
[Typewriter clacking] [Bell dings] A lot of people are gonna come after us for writing this, Doc.
I imagine they will.
[Bell dings] Military parlance.
[Bell dings] For a new theory, not a hypothesis, but An estimate of the situation.
[Liquid pours] [Typewriter clacking] Hey, Doc.
You can understand why I doubted you today.
[Clacking stops, glass thuds] [Glasses clink] [Typewriter clacking] [Bell dings] This is gonna change everything.
[Bell dings] Maybe everything needs to change.
[Engine starts] [Explosion] Hello.
We're here to see Generals Harding and Valentine and Secretary Fairchild.
- Ma'am, are you okay? - [Crying] Boys? [Engine shuts off] Oh, my God.
[Dog barking in distance] It must be Donna.
Come on.
Ladies, I need you to turn around.
What's going on? Is Donna okay? Is she back? Ma'am, I'm not gonna ask you again.
I have a right to know what's going on here.
- Hynek? - Yes.
Mimi Hynek.
Your husband, is he here? No, he's in Washington.
What is going on? Our office received an anonymous tip about your neighbors.
We're investigating the husband's links to the Communist Party.
Jack? You ever notice anything strange next door? People coming over at odd hours, unusual behavior? No.
Doesn't surprise me.
A lot of these sympathizers, they're good at hiding in plain sight.
JACK: You've got the wrong guy! I don't even know how it got in there! Mimi! Mimi, tell them! Mimi, tell them! Excuse me.
What is it they're carrying out? Surveillance equipment.
Found it in his basement.
Mimi, that device in your phone.
That must have been him.
[Thunder rumbling] Something's not right.
The secretary is dead? VALENTINE: Official story is engine fire.
Official story? It was a Russian hit.
It's bad enough they fly by our capital, but this is an act of war carried out on our sovereign territory.
FAIRCHILD: I need the President to see this.
Are you saying that you have definitive proof of that? You know, Professor, I have been more than patient with your bullshit.
But why don't you ask Captain Quinn what happens to soldiers who disobey orders during wartime? I apologize, General.
I hadn't realize we were at war or that you were giving orders.
- [Telephone ringing] - In either case, I'm not a soldier.
You two said you needed to see us.
You said it was urgent.
Now, why are you here? Generals, the phone.
Yeah? [Receiver clicks] Son of a bitch.
They're back.
[Siren blaring] [Indistinct shouting] [Whirring] [Alarm blaring] The President's scrambling F-94s with orders to engage if need be.
I'd like to be up there, sir.
No one's better qualified at this stage.
All right.
Follow me.
Be careful, okay? I need to see what these things are up close.
You come back down and let me know, then.
You gonna be all right? Yeah, don't worry about me.
Can't help it, Doc.
In spite of my best efforts, you sort of grew on me.
Like a barnacle.
- What did you do? - Sir? The President's on his way down.
He said he wants to speak with you.
Any idea why he wants to do that? [Rumbling, whirring] Tower, this is Alpha two-niner clearing myself for takeoff.
MAN: Alpha two-niner, you are clear for takeoff.
- Let's touch the stars.
- [Engine whirring] VALENTINE: Mr.
President, sir, this is Dr.
Allen Hynek.
It's an honor to meet you.
Not our finest day.
I just lost a good friend.
This nation lost its Secretary of Defense.
I'm very sorry.
Bill Fairchild told me once you're the man with all the answers.
So, why don't we start by you telling me what the hell is happening up there? Pilots, let's stay sharp.
Jesus Christ! Whoa! Pilots, get into formation.
"The Estimate of the Situation.
" - Bill said he trusted you.
- Yes, sir.
From now on, I may have to trust you, too.
The objects are approaching the Capitol.
We need your orders.
President, the objects, they are not Russians.
No? Well, then, Professor Allen Hynek, who the hell are they? We have our orders, fellas.
Keep it together.
MAN: Roger that, two-niner.
APG-40s offline! Damn, I'm hit.
Can't fight it! Pilots, we have our orders.
[Breathing heavily] Generals, I'm moving in to engage.
[Engine whirring] [Rapid gunfire] I'm losing visual.
Damn it! I can't keep up with it! [Breathing heavily] Oh, God! It's taking control! Something's happening! Come on! [Groaning] QUINN: Well, the next thing I knew, I was chasing one of these things.
I tried to get closer, but the faster I pursued it, the more this, uh, orb pulled away.
It knew I was there, knew I was coming for it.
I had the order to fire, so I flipped my guns to engage, and that's when I heard this this ringing.
It was, uh I got dizzy.
Uh, I know it sounds crazy, but it felt like it was inside of my head, altering my perceptions somehow deliberately.
Captain, what happened after you engaged with this unidentified aircraft? I locked in, fired, hit it multiple times.
All it did was grow brighter.
And I felt this strong heat.
Then it was gone.
DANIELS: Captain Quinn, in your assessment, do you believe that what you engaged was a Russian aircraft? In my opinion no.
It was an aircraft, but I have no idea what kind.
Hynek, it's my understanding that you've had a chance to study this case in depth along with Captain Quinn.
That That is correct.
You've also had the opportunity to study cases like this for the Air Force this past year.
Project Blue Book.
Is that accurate? Yes, sir.
So, in your expert opinion, given everything you've seen, everything you've studied, do you wish to offer your conclusions as to what this unexplained phenomena was in our nation's sky? Yes, I do, and I would stand by my initial scientific assessment that these were temperature inversions.
DANIELS: So, how do you explain Captain Quinn's assessment? I'm convinced that Captain Quinn believes his story and that he is telling you the truth today his truth.
But the confusion described, the disorientation, sounds more like hypoxic dementia brought on by altitude strain, speed, lack of oxygen.
Scientifically speaking, in my opinion, Captain Quinn was, however unwittingly, chasing nothing more than an atmospheric mirage.
Thank you, Doctor.
Captain, the committee will take all this under advisement.
And I want to remind everybody that today's testimony is sealed and classified.
This closed hearing is adjourned.
[Lighter clacks] After all we've seen, you sold me out.
In fact, I did the opposite.
What I did was to set us free.
What I've come to realize is that the only way to to really get to the truth is to convince them that we don't believe.
Because if we don't believe, then we're not a threat.
And if we're not a threat, then We keep our jobs.
Jobs that give us access to more cases, more information.
Jobs which will allow us to continue our search for the truth.
Got to say, Professor, you are one tricky son of a bitch.
How did that happen? Let's just say that I took some advice to heart from the top.
"There is nothing new in this world except the history you do not know.
" It's up to us now, Captain, to discover that history.
You think more of them will come? Yes.
And every time they do, however impossibly, their arrival will pose the same question.
What question is that? Do they come in peace, or do they come for war? [Click] [Car door opens] [Car door closes] MAN: makes headlines.
A young Frenchman photographed this flying saucer, or is it, from a mountainside in Central France.
Military officials, suspecting that the object - was a meteorological balloon - MIMI: Allen! send one aloft and photograph it.
Dad, you're back! In Washington, ghost-like objects dart across the radar screen at the CAA Traffic Control Center at National Airport for several hours, traveling more than 100 miles an hour.
Air Force jet fighters spend several hours chasing the objects Oh, won't you tell me MAN: Thank you.
[Indistinct conversations] What may be your name I suppose I should say something clever about drinking alone.
I'll be your love again Susie Miller.
Mimi Hynek's friend.
Oh, I could love you, yes, I could And how is Mr.
Miller? Until it was a crying shame Out of the picture.
Roger that.
I can't find words to explain Can I buy you a drink? Yes.
[Chuckles] VALENTINE: So, what's Truman's next move? Truman's a ghost.
In six months, we'll have a real Commander in Chief.
And Eisenhower knows what's at stake.
So keep our powder dry.
There are other threats out there that we know even less about.
Russians, Hugh.
- [Sighs] - Stay focused.
[Lights buzzing] HYNEK: "Dr.
Hynek my men and I have been tracking you carefully since you took the job at Blue Book, and you have done great work for us.
The escalation of events in D.
this weekend were further proof that we are not alone.
But as you saw with Secretary Fairchild's death, there are those that will stop at nothing to keep the truth hidden.
What comes next is far too dangerous to have you stay involved.
So I will insist you return to your old life now, Doctor.
I will no longer be able to protect you.
But rest assured our mission will continue.
" [Wind howling] [Telephone ringing] QUINN: Project Blue Book.
HYNEK: Captain, what if I told you we were about to make real contact? And I know where.
Three, one, five, four, five, six, five, three, five, nine.