Project Blue Book (2019) s02e03 Episode Script

Area 51

1 Previously on "Project Blue Book" Cigar shaped craft nearly takes out an airplane.
The military is hiding the truth.
The government is involved in a massive conspiracy to cover up the the evidence of visitors from other worlds.
When we try to expose the truth, that makes us enemies of the state.
But what does the FBI want with civilian UFO groups? They think we're dangerous.
I don't usually move this fast.
I want Project Blue Book to formally close the Roswell incident.
Closing Roswell means reopening it.
You put Blue Book in that position and they fail, those guys won't be the only ones to lose their jobs.
How long can you pretend to believe in something that you know is not true? [EERIE MUSIC.]
Sergeant, help! Help me! [SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC.]
Willingham, is that you? He's been out here for 12 hours.
- They took him - Sergeant Willingham.
The aliens took him.
Its size and its appearance, this thing came from outer space.
I even have reason to believe that there's some form of life in it.
You think they're recreating the Missouri crash? Mm-mm.
The saucer's the wrong shape.
This looks like the Helena encounter to me.
But that was a hoax.
What do you think the Missouri incident was? But there were 12 witnesses, Allen.
You think they were all lying? [LAUGHS.]
- What? - You.
You really know your stuff.
Well, I am typing up all your research, Professor.
No, this goes beyond my research.
This is your UFO group, yes? Mm.
Well, you seem to be really enjoying it.
It's been really good for me.
And honestly, with everything we've been through, I think I'm just looking for answers.
We both are.
I'm worried, though.
About you.
You've seen how far the government will go to keep their secrets.
If they wanted to, they could ruin you.
I know the risks, I do, but if I don't do this, you know, who will? Even if it was in one piece, would anyone still walk around after a concussion like that? [CHUCKLES.]
You hate this.
Well, no, I wouldn't say that.
Loathe might be a better word.
Let's just go home.
Hello? Vicki? Mrs.
Hynek, I'm so sorry.
I didn't know what to do.
- Why, what's wrong? - Is Joel okay? Um Oh, General.
Doctor, Mrs.
So sorry to show up unannounced like this.
It's probably best we talk in private.
Sure, uh, maybe - Of course, Vicki, would you? - Yeah.
We had an incident near Nellis Air Force Base.
Place called Groom Lake.
Couple of our guys, they seem to have sighted a craft.
One of them is still missing, but there's a wrinkle.
It happened on part of the base run by the CIA.
The who? It's a fairly new agency.
Probably why you never heard of 'em.
Truman put them together after the war.
Mostly just to collect intel, but my experience of them is that they think they're more than that.
Yeah, we fight over the same turf now.
But we still have to play nice.
Especially now with a new administration coming in.
We make waves, Eisenhower can just say he doesn't need Blue Book any more.
Yeah, I'm sorry, but are we to believe that someone has been abducted? Is that what I'm hearing? No, what you're hearing is I need you two to close this case quickly and cleanly.
- Is that understood? - Yes, sir.
Pack your bags if you need to.
Wheels up in an hour.
You can sleep on the plane.
Gotta borrow him again, Mrs.
Duty calls.
Thank you for your hospitality, ma'am.
Someone supposed to meet us here? I don't even know where here is.
You ain't nothing but a hound dog Been snoopin' round my door You can wag your tail But I ain't gonna feed you no more [ENGINE RUMBLES.]
You told me you was high class But I could see through that Sorry, guys, I always underestimate that drive.
Ah, Dr.
Hynek, yes? [LAUGHS.]
Which makes you Captain Michael Quinn.
Look, we're very excited to have you both here.
We're supposed to be meeting someone from Central Intelligence.
Daniel Banks? Just call me Dan.
Come on, we're burning daylight.
You know, read a lot of your case work.
Very provocative but very thorough.
Lubbock especially was How have you read our case files? A big part of the CIA's job is about gathering intel, Captain.
Are we headed for Nellis? Nah, Nellis is that way, toward Vegas.
You guys ever been? Oh, you gotta go.
It's like the Wild Wild West over there.
The gambling, the girls girls.
Oh, you're married, I'm sorry.
Oh, no, no, we've talked about going.
Well, when you do, take her to see Sinatra at the Sands.
Yeah, you'll feel like teenagers in love all over again.
You more of a Mel Tormé fan, I'm guessing.
No, haven't interacted much with the agency.
Just tryin' to get my read, that's all.
You mean you're wondering how a guy like me got the job.
See, Central Intelligence is all about staying off the radar, operating in the shadows.
I look like you, I'm what people expect.
So boss is smart enough to realize that, mix things up a bit.
The truth, though, I was the smartest man for the job.
So if we're not headed to Nellis, where are we going? This swath of desert here, they call it Groom Lake.
Army, Air Force, Navy, they all have facilities here.
What, we outta gas? Nope, just need to knock to enter the CIA's little neck of the woods.
12-4-84 requesting permission to bring in my guests for dinner.
12-4-84, you are cleared for entry.
Copy that.
Congratulations, gentlemen, you have arrived.
Arrived where? I don't see a base anywhere.
This is just the outer perimeter.
Without my clearance, you'd be shot.
Welcome to Area 51.
CIA initially wanted to handle this internally, but when I heard the sergeant's story, I said, "No way.
We need the experts".
That's you guys.
What exactly goes on here at Area 51? Well, there's the cover story or the disinformation campaign.
- I'm not following.
- He's saying it's classified.
I'm sure the captain's heard a few rumors.
Experimental weapons and aircraft.
Boys playing with toys, basically.
Boys with toys.
Yeah, something like that.
So this Sergeant Willingham? A good man, according to his CO.
After he reported Miller missing, we sent out some of our guys, and they found Willingham wandering about 5 klicks north.
Had no idea where he was.
And this talk about aliens? Hasn't changed his story one bit.
Well, wandering around in the desert, heatstroke can cause hallucinations.
That's the thing, the doctors who examined him said all fluids were normal.
Didn't even have a sunburn.
Still no sign of the corporal? We had spotter planes flying that grid since yesterday.
Ah, you have it? I thought I said bring the good stuff.
That's okay, this'll do.
Thank you.
Liquid lunch? That's not how I roll, Captain.
This is Captain Quinn and Dr.
Project Blue Book.
You came.
Is that, uh But just one glass, all right? Like I said.
Thank you.
He's the only one who didn't think I was crazy.
Just, my nerves have been like this ever since It's okay, it's all right, it's all right.
You're in good hands now, okay? This is their specialty.
Just tell them what you told me.
What you remember.
Miller and I were tasked to sector bravo.
It's everywhere, see? Miller was goofing around like always.
Think you're funny, huh? No, sir, I think it's crazy we're out here in the first place.
Looking for scraps of metal from a missile that blew up two miles that way.
We'd been out there all day in 100-degree heat.
Miller was getting on my nerves.
You go find something, then I'll give you a drink, Corporal.
I don't know how long it was after, maybe a minute, maybe more.
I lost track of time.
And then, um then this wind came out of nowhere.
Felt almost electric.
Help! Then I heard him again.
Sergeant! You better not be messing with me again.
- He was screaming.
- Help! I ran up to the top of the ridge.
Help me! I looked up and, uh the a ship appeared in front of me.
Oh, my God! Miller was sucked up inside.
Help! And then, um, I don't remember anything after that.
You ever hear anything like that before? Well, we've heard all kinds of stories.
But nothing like this.
They're gonna section-8 the poor bastard if he keeps talking like that.
Thing is, I believe him.
Well, I mean, it's clear to me that he certainly believes he had some kind of encounter.
You're thinking we should all go out there.
We've had our guys combing that desert nonstop.
No, no, no, no, we need to go with the sergeant.
I mean, sometimes, you know, revisiting the scene can help trigger a memory.
We'll just need to get you guys cleared first.
For what, the desert? See, this whole place operates on a compartmentalized information protocol.
Means no one goes anywhere without authorization.
How 'bout the john? Ah, we have snipers in there too.
What do you know about Groom Lake? Terry Milton takes this photo of a UFO - You just say Groom Lake? - You know it? Of course I know it.
I'm just impressed that you do.
I heard about a sighting there.
From your husband? From my research.
That's not surprising.
Get a decent view of the base, you can catch a UFO show every night.
And what about abductions? No, it's not like that.
These UFOs, they're friendlies.
"Friendlies"? You know that craft they recovered in '47? Mm-hmm, Roswell.
Well, it didn't stay there long.
They sent that thing to Groom Lake, and that is where they reverse-engineered it to make our very own flying saucers.
So that's what people are seeing in the sky? [DRAMATIC MUSIC.]
Mimi, these days, you never know what the government is capable of.
Besides, if you're gonna hide a UFO, where better than the middle of the desert? Soldiers were sent out here to gather debris.
Lot of desert out here.
Lot of places for a soldier to go missing.
Well, you've seen our security, Captain.
Soldiers don't just go missing.
Any of this look familiar? [SIGHS.]
I'm sorry.
Well, all looks the same to me too.
Well, it's not all about what you see, Captain.
Memories are a combination of cognitive, sensory, and emotional elements all working in tandem, so you never know what may trigger a memory trace.
That's Dr.
Lashley, right? On engrams? Yeah, you familiar with his work? Neuroscience is a bit of a hobby of mine.
I know, handsome and well-read.
Something to shoot for, Captain.
Over here.
What is it, Sergeant? Not sure.
It's more of a feeling.
Yeah, well, take your time.
You know, keep walking around.
Just don't wander off too far.
Any chance our corporal took an unscheduled leave? What, AWOL? No, not likely.
Only way out's beyond that ridge, and that's a big no-no.
Another classified operation? [CHUCKLES.]
Of the highest order.
- I'm talking shoot on sight.
- Who's doing the shooting? Sergeant! Oh, you gotta be kidding me.
Hey, what's he doing? Remembering.
- Sergeant! - Hey, wait, wait, wait! - Sergeant! - Hold up! - Down here! - What the hell's he doing? It's down here! Hurry! I found it! I found it! It's over here! Help me.
Help me.
What is it? There's something underneath here.
Is it rock? It's not rock.
It's glass.
What are we looking at here? The site of the abduction.
You know, sand doesn't melt into glass unless the temperature is 3,000 degrees Fahrenheit.
I've seen glass formations like this under a missile launch.
It came from that ship, I'm telling you.
Okay, look, we're in restricted territory here, and someone will notice.
Someone already did.
Maybe they know what happened here.
If they do, they're not gonna tell us, Captain.
We gotta get back to the Jeep.
Captain, let's go.
Forgive me, Father, I have sinned.
It's been, uh Actually, Father, I don't even know why I'm here.
Something's weighing heavy on your mind.
Something about your faith.
What if, uh What if I told you we weren't alone in the universe? I'd say you're right.
No, that's, uh That's not what I'm talking about, Father.
The universe is a It's a pretty big place, Father.
You know, the possibilities of other life out there [WHISPERING.]
How can there not be? I'm not sure I follow.
If man is made in God's image How do you explain other beings? If they exist, then I-I can't explain why God would show me the things I've seen.
You should get you some rest.
I'll let you know if we need anything else, okay? Hey, Banks, part of what goes on here is experimental aircraft.
And you know the deal.
It's classified.
Yeah, and we got a missing Air Force officer - I'm aware.
- On your territory.
So if there's something here that can explain what happened, we need to see it.
Yeah, and I show you top secret aircraft without clearance, we all get sent home.
You understand.
You just seemed like someone willing to bend the rules to get to the truth.
He always like this? Depends if he likes you or not.
I'll bend them, not break.
Then I'll deny it ever happened.
I don't want anything you see here ending up in the files of Project Blue Book.
This is "The Flying Wing", for obvious reasons.
That's the "Stogie" X-15, goes Mach 3 on a bad day.
And the "Tailsitter".
Bet you've never seen anything like that before.
There's no weapons systems.
There's no need.
CIA's all about espionage, not engagement.
So what happens when the Soviets spot your boys on their radar? That's the whole point.
They don't.
This is how we end the Cold War.
Or start World War III.
Thank you, Father.
I went through this whole thing while you were in there.
You following me now? No, just making sure.
I remember what it was like after Roswell the first time.
Didn't want you putting another foot over the ledge again.
I'm fine, Hugh.
I'm fine.
"Flying Wing".
This underside remind you of anything? It's the exact formation of the Lubbock Lights.
And that "Stogie".
Tell me that's not identical to what they described in the Chiles-Whitted sighting.
These are all top-secret craft.
If you're not CIA Then every one of these crafts is a UFO.
Doc, these planes might not just explain Willingham's sighting.
They could explain every sighting.
CIA currently has Blue Book investigating a case at Area 51.
Well, if the CIA wants a piece of the UFO program, good luck.
The Eisenhower administration ain't that big.
I'm thinking they're trying to force a choice.
Who's gonna be teacher's pet, us or them? Why don't we make that choice for Ike? You know, I was hoping we'd have our answer, but based on what I can see, there's no craft here with a downward facing engine capable of turning desert into glass.
You think Daniel's hiding something? I think he's showing us what he wants us to see.
Yeah, then why invite us in the first place? Well, to do what he just did, clear the CIA.
Otherwise he's on the hook for a missing Air Force soldier.
My guess, we never find Miller.
What's going on? [SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC.]
What the hell happened here? This is Dr.
Montgomery, presiding coroner at the operating facility 0-5-1.
Let the medical record show this will be the initial internal exam of Corporal Miller.
The subject's eyes have been removed As has the tongue.
And there looks to be an incision of some sort.
Precise, under the chin, and extending back to the esophagus and larynx.
What the hell did this? Sternum has been removed to expose the inner cavity.
One lung missing, the heart, the stomach.
All the arteries that were cut, they've been cauterized closed.
I can't explain how.
You say you found him in a tree? [CLEARS THROAT.]
Yeah, um couldn't something like a you know, like a mountain lion have dragged him up there? No animal did this.
It was something put him up there.
Or maybe he was dropped from above.
I want everybody out.
Excuse me, what the hell is this? We're laying claim to Corporal Miller.
Under whose jurisdiction? The United States Air Force.
- Is there a problem? - Yes, there is, actually.
Colonel, I'm Captain Michael Quinn.
Air Force liaison Project Blue Book.
I'm aware.
Well, this no longer concerns you.
No! What are you doing? It wasn't me! Colonel, we need to finish this autopsy.
You're making a mistake.
They set me up.
They're saying that I made it up, that I killed him.
You know the truth.
You're the only one that can help me.
Where are you taking this man? Tell them! Please, tell them! Tell them what you saw! Tell them! I was wrong about the Roswell wreckage.
I thought they sent it to Groom Lake, but they didn't.
Read that.
"When they were done staging the photos for the press, the Air Force had the debris shipped from Fort Worth to Ohio".
"To Wright" if this is true, then Our own backyard.
I know.
So what do you do with that? I can't do anything, but you could.
Evan, I'm happy to pass along this information to my husband, but you need to understand that's the only way this works.
Who said anything about your husband? You've been to the base before.
If you went there again and got proof Remember what we talked about? I'm sorry.
I think you have the wrong impression of me.
Doing something like that, that that's not who I am.
You sure about that? So what exactly would I be looking for? Air Force is charging Willingham with murder.
How can that be? There's no way Willingham did what we saw in that autopsy room.
Look, I told the Colonel the same thing with more colorful language.
We need to talk to him.
That's not gonna happen.
The colonel told me you've both been ordered back to Ohio.
What? No, we're not done here.
Who do I need to talk to? Hey, remember what Valentine said.
If we're done, we're done.
He begged for my help as they were dragging him away.
We'll have better luck fighting this back home.
Hey, hey, I'm sorry.
I don't wanna interrupt.
I'm sorry, but I wish there's more I could do here.
But I imagine this happens a lot for you two.
Look, in the future, if there's ever anything I can do to help, I'm on your side.
Jeep's outside waiting to take you back.
All right.
Doc, where you going? Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
What are you doing? Unless we can present an alternate theory, an innocent man's life is about to be ruined.
Beyond the ridge where we were earlier, that's where I'm going.
Where they shoot on sight? Military Jeep we'll look like friendlies, if they even see us.
Now or never, Captain.
Hey! Hey, hey! [MEN SHOUTING.]
I figure we've got about 20 minutes before they conduct an aerial search.
- We're gonna have to - Whoa, did you see that? Let's check it out.
Kill the lights.
What is that? I don't know.
Looks good.
Go ahead.
Bring it up.
Got it? [EERIE MUSIC.]
Are those coyotes? What are they doing? Give me that.
What does that look like to you? That looks like the same surgical dissection that happened to Miller.
Willingham didn't do that.
We're gonna find out who did.
All right, follow that truck.
And don't get too close.
Don't wanna tip them off.
Where are you going, truck? They can't drive over that thing.
Why not just go around? [CLICKING, WHIRRING.]
You've gotta be fucking kidding me.
A hangar inside a mountain? How do you even engineer that? Why would you engineer that? I wonder what it's for.
Well, to keep secret work hidden.
You think Daniel knows about this? I think what we saw back there at the base was just a cover.
This is the real Area 51.
Where you going? I have a camera in my briefcase.
Doc, wait.
Doc, get down.
Something's happening.
Come on.
Get the shot.
Let's get the hell out of here, Doc.
They see us? We're not sticking around to see if they did.
Wait, I have to get the camera.
- Leave it.
- We need proof.
None of this matters if we're caught.
Okay, we're getting out of here.
Come on.
You do realize what we just saw.
A base in the side of a mountain.
No, no, no, no, the coyotes, you said so yourself.
Looks just like what happened to Miller.
That means Willingham is innocent.
"Your Honor, I'd like to call to the stand the men in hazmat suits who disappeared in the side of a mountain with an electrical storm".
An innocent man has just been charged with murder! You know, we have to do something.
Yes, we get the hell out of here first.
Already gonna be in deep shit as soon as we get Captain! Ah, great, hold on.
They've definitely spotted us.
They're getting closer! Step on it.
That's not helping, Doc.
Captain! Captain! What the hell? [WHOOSHING.]
That's no truck.
What was that? Whatever it was, it's gone.
We have to get back to the base.
There it is again! Turn around! Ah! It's circling around! Watch out! Captain, it's coming straight for us! Duck! [CRAFT WHOOSHES.]
You gotta be kidding me.
Come on.
Come on.
Where'd it go? [DRAMATIC MUSIC.]
Our own backyard.
Mimi, if you got proof Sorry to interrupt.
Oh, you didn't interrupt.
I was just taking a little break.
Trying to decipher Allen's notes can be a little - Exhausting? - Mm-hmm.
Well, I was just about to lock up for the day.
Right, um, I didn't realize it had gotten so late.
You're welcome to come back and finish when you need.
Thanks, Faye.
I was just wondering.
I noticed some of the hangars out there.
They seem to be unmarked.
Do you know why that is? I'm sorry.
I'm not at liberty to say.
Right, it's classified, of course.
It just it seems a little strange, doesn't it? That kind of secrecy on a military base? [EERIE MUSIC.]
Hey, Captain.
Where are we? A military truck.
What the hell happened to us? You can't remember either? The last thing I remember is taking off in that Jeep.
Me too.
12 hours ago.
Here they are.
Step out, please.
Captain, are we speaking different languages? - General.
- What part of "return to Ohio" did you not understand? - Sir, we were headed back - It was my fault.
I took off in a Jeep.
The captain, he he tried to he tried to stop me.
I already lost a man out here! And then I get a call that two more are missing.
What the hell are you doing? Well, they're not being honest with you.
I asked them to survey some anomalous celestial activity, something the agency has been requesting funding for.
So I was out of line.
Should have authorized with you first.
My apologies.
But they were a big help.
I want you two on the next flight out of here.
- Do you understand me? - Yes, sir.
We'd like to reopen the case into Sergeant Willingham's encounter.
Willingham confessed.
He he did what? Confessed to murder? [DRAMATIC MUSIC.]
I want you two to listen to me, and listen to me very carefully.
Corporal Miller's murder was a tragedy, and we are not gonna trivialize that young man's death with talk of flying fucking saucers.
You understand me? Now you will go home, and I will clean up this shit because you can't.
He told me about the confession as soon as he arrived.
Lyin' sack of shit.
Why would you cover for us like that? 'Cause I'm just like you, Captain.
Both of you.
I think when people try to cover up what's really going on in this world, we all suffer.
We went beyond the ridge.
There's another base inside a mountain.
What is all that? I've never been.
I don't know.
What do you mean you've never been? - Isn't that part of the CI - Anything beyond the ridge, that belongs to the Air Force.
Look, for the future, you need anything, like help finding the truth, just ask me first.
Hey, Doc, what happened to us last night? You heard what the man said.
Everything beyond the ridge belongs to the Air Force.
I heard that you're a low-down Yankee liar.
Here's your order.
There you go.
Shane, look out! [GUNSHOTS.]
You'd think Americans would be tired of Westerns by now.
Same thing every movie.
First sign of trouble, someone starts shooting.
Was that where you got the idea to killing Cal? I have a new mark, a better one.
Captain Quinn from Project Blue Book.
The professor was a dead end, but our intelligence was right.
The UFO program is a cover for advanced weapons systems.
Given time, I can gain more information.
Our intel has the CIA cooperating with Quinn and Professor Hynek.
The one thing we don't have is time.
Two weeks, that's all I'll need.
For what? More photos? Files? - To start.
- Hmm.
I think the captain himself would provide for a much better source of information.
Hmm? You can deliver him to us.
Kidnapping an Air Force captain Is something you're very capable of managing.
And you owe us a body, Mishka.
How was Nevada? - Hot.
- Mm.
We're gonna need to accelerate our timetable.
Wait, we scrapped this years ago and for good reason.
After what I just saw in the desert, I'm convinced the CIA has one goal: to see us obsolete.
That will make us indispensable.
We're taking a big risk, Hugh.
Let me tell you something.
I'm tired of these little skirmishes.
If we're going to war, let's fire the first goddamn shot.
All right, then, let's go to war.

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