Project Blue Book (2019) s02e04 Episode Script


1 Previously on "Project Blue Book" We're supposed to be meeting someone from Central Intelligence.
Daniel Banks? Call me Dan.
Since your intelligence is all about staying off the radar, operating in the shadows.
Evan, I'm glad I caught you before you left.
When Carolyn told me who you were, I thought you were working with the FBI.
What does the FBI want with Civilian UFO Groups? Mimi, you have the ability to pass along information to the one person who could make a difference.
We could blow the lid off this whole government cover-up.
Our Intel has the CIA cooperating with Quinn and Professor Hynek.
I think the captain would provide for much better source of information.
After what I just saw in the desert, I'm convinced the CIA has one goal, to see us obsolete.
If we're going to war, let's fire the first goddamn shot.
And little Johnny Paper was never seen again.
Why? Because if you meet the black dog once, that's for joy.
You meet him twice, that's for sorrow.
But if you meet him three times.
Well then, - you're dead! - [SCREAM.]
Jimmy Jay.
You told me to tell them a bedtime story.
Go get me some more water.
We need to get these ones into the tub now.
Coming right up, Mama.
Oh, my Lord.
What in the world? [ALIEN CHIRPING.]
What's gotten you all spooked? I just saw a flying saucer land in the woods, and now these creatures are running around out there now.
Jimmy Jay, haven't you scared those kids enough for one night? Do I look like I'm foolin'? Boys, get them kids down in the cellar, now.
What in the world's out there? [SCREAMS.]
General, yes.
I'm sorry, could you say that again? I see.
Yeah, of course.
Right away.
Allen? What is it? Allen? I have to leave for Kentucky.
Some place called Hopkinsville.
Well, it sounded serious.
It sounded like a lot more than that.
Okay, well, I will make coffee and you can tell me all about it.
No, no, you just just go back to sleep.
I'll call you when I get there.
What are you doing? I couldn't sleep.
So I decided to try on some of your clothes.
Looks good on you.
Hello? General.
Yes, sir.
Roger that.
I got to go.
So I'm gonna be needing this.
Change of plans? We'll wait and see.
We all set? You know, there's a saying in chess.
"Pawns are the soul of the game".
You just have to know where and when to move them.
When are you gonna take up golf like the rest of us, huh? Plan is in motion.
The "pawns" are on their way to Hopkinsville.
We'll only have one shot at this, so let's make sure our aim is true this time, huh? Yeah.
Make sure.
Why is it always UFOs land in the woods? You know, just once I'd like to hear about a "saucer-shaped object" putting down in Times Square.
"Take me to your leader".
You ever been to Times Square, Doc? Oh, yes.
Several times.
Then you know.
Those aliens would never make it past 49th Street.
What in the world? [SOFT DRAMATIC MUSIC.]
Hey, come take a look at this.
You're the hot shot Air Force investigators.
I'm Captain Michael Quinn, Inspector Allen Hynek.
So, what'd they tell you on the telephone? Just that a family reported having an encounter.
That's all? Come on in.
Folks, this here's the Air Force.
They're here to help you figure out what happened last night.
I told you we already know what happened, Sheriff.
What's your name, sir? Jimmy Jay Shoemaker.
This is my house, my family.
Nice to meet you all.
Are you gonna believe me? All we want is to just hear your story.
Start to finish.
My story? My story is aliens landed here and tried to kill us all.
And were you the only one who saw these aliens, Mr.
Shoemaker? No, sir.
We all saw them.
And who would like to describe for me exactly what they they looked like? It was like a like a horror movie in real life.
Like "War of the Worlds" only worse.
Their heads, they were as big as watermelons.
- Beady little eyes.
I thought they looked just like us, but their eyes were big.
Big and black as car tires.
And they had these claws like an eagle.
They weren't claws.
They were hands.
But with only three long fingers.
If you ask me, we're lucky to be alive.
Looks like you guys had yourselves a hell of a party here last night.
Pardon? You know, sometimes our imagination can get the better of us.
Especially after a couple of late night cold ones.
I did not shoot up my house and scare my kids half to death because I had a few beers.
What do you think I am, huh? Just some dumb hillbilly? That's not what I'm saying.
Could you just excuse me one moment? [INDISTINCT CHATTER.]
A little help here, please, Doc? Looks like we may need to deal with this invasion first.
Just what this circus needs.
More clowns.
How many aliens were there? Can you give us a description? Are we under attack? Gentlemen, ladies, as I said, our investigation is just beginning, but I If you could all just turn around and go, before we have There is nothing to report here.
As I said, we will issue a statement in due time.
We understand we have unknown Yeah, he had almond shaped eyes and really long fingers.
Yeah, how's that? Big enough? Yeah.
Yeah, yeah, that that's it.
Jimmy Jay, why don't you go on back inside? Please? Thank you.
Sorry about that.
He'll be available in just a few.
That's okay.
I got what I came for.
What do you got there? Description of the alien invader.
Oh, really? Let me see that.
Hey, you can't do that.
That's my personal property.
It is now evidence in an Air Force investigation.
- Give me that back.
- Officer.
Thank you.
- Come on, let's go.
- Hey.
You can't bother these people, move it.
What was all that about? Looks like Jimmy Jay is already selling his story.
Little green monsters.
That's what they're calling them.
Early reports are saying almost a dozen aliens were spotted.
Actual contact? Like we predicted? Local police said it was a full scale invasion.
I'm not sure that's entirely accurate.
I suppose you were told something different? The official story, I'm guessing.
The cover-up.
Go ahead, Mimi.
What-what were you gonna say? Allen's actually in Kentucky right now.
And I know from his work, eyewitness testimony is often inaccurate, even erratic.
In fact, I've reviewed his notes on several cases, and Oh, I'm sure you have.
That way you can get your stories straight, and do to us what the government is trying to do to the whole country.
Convince us that none of this is true.
- Yes, ma'am.
You put up quite a fight, darling.
How's your head? He was called away.
I had no way of knowing.
I can get him for you the minute he returns.
I had your word the first time, hmm? So what value should I place on it now? [OMINOUS MUSIC.]
What is this? What are you doing? Where is it? No, no, no.
Where are you going? It's not safe to stay in this house any longer.
Oh, no, no, no, no.
We have the situation in hand.
Those reporters, they won't bother you anymore.
I don't care about them.
Come on, Ruthie.
Until we've finished our investigation, we're gonna need you to stop talking to them, putting these crazy ideas in their head.
You still think I'm lying.
If I cared about lying, I'd had called the sheriff after the first night, wouldn't I? The first night? Yeah, those things came back two nights in a row.
Second night they came, I, uh I shot one of them.
He ran off into the woods.
I bet you it's still out there now.
So I'm an alien and I get shot.
Which way do I go? This way? No.
That way? Maybe up a tree.
You're not helping.
Just think about what we're doing out here right now.
Look, come on.
Let's It's getting dark.
Let's head on back before we [DRAMATIC CHORD.]
Hey, Doc.
What is that? That look like a handprint to you? Possibly.
Why is it green? There is a local bioluminescent spore, grows on decaying wood called "foxfire".
But this wood still looks very much alive, and this smells It's not organic.
It's almost chemical.
Oh, hey, hey.
I wouldn't touch that if I were you.
Well until we test it, we don't know what it is.
But what if it's, like, alien blood or something? Would aliens bleed if they were shot, Captain? I don't know how to answer that.
Did you just eat that whole tin? Grippos Pretzels.
They're amazing.
Hey, what are we having for dinner? That was dinner.
What, for both of us? I got you your own tin.
I also got bourbon.
Hello? Mimi? Allen.
Are you still in Kentucky? Yes, and I'm afraid the Captain and I are going to have to spend the night now.
What is going on? Can you tell me anything? I've been reading all the papers, and Don't pay attention to any of it.
I'll tell you the real story as soon as we know it.
Okay? I promise.
The people in my group are calling it an invasion.
Mimi? The Captain and I are managing it.
But the people in my group are Is there anything else? A man named Daniel Banks has been calling the house.
Said he needed you to get in contact with him right away.
All right, well, if he calls again, you tell him that I'm in Hopkinsville for the night, and I should be home tomorrow.
Will do.
Um, I have to go before it gets dark, but I'll check in first thing in the morning when we're back on the road, okay? Okay.
- Bye.
- Bye.
Evan? It's Mimi.
How would you feel about going on a road trip with me? No.
You were always my favorite.
Before I go is there anything you would like me to tell her? You know I'm going to find her.
And when she's old enough, recruit her.
I just hope for your sake that she's not going to disappoint us the same way.
Don't you fucking dare.
General sold me a bill of goods.
Blue Book was just the beginning, they said.
A first step to greater glory.
Promised me the future.
All I do is run in place.
Did you know that bourbon was invented by a Baptist minister? That's true.
I open up my soul to you, all you do is give me a history of booze? All right, well, if we're talking about personal matters, then why don't you tell me something about this new woman in your life? How did you know about that? Oh, you're much more of an open book than you think, Captain.
- Oh, I am, am I? - Yes.
All right then.
Well, what else you got figured out about me, huh? You want kids.
But the very idea of it terrifies you.
I imagine that's to do with some sort of tragedy in your past.
I think that bourbon's giving you a little extra confidence there.
Well, am I wrong? It's Susie.
Mimi's friend.
- Susie.
- Yeah, Susie.
- Susie, Susie? - [CHUCKLES.]
Why, I'm not this is does Does Mimi know about this? No, no, this has sort of been our little secret.
I like her, Doc.
I like her a lot.
So how long you and Mimi been together, huh? 15 years.
15 years, huh? You know, sometimes it feels like the day we first met.
She still does it for you, huh? Yeah.
I like her.
I like her a lot.
Something out there.
We really need some light out here.
Where's that lantern? Oh, it's back at the farmhouse.
Hello? Anyone have a match? I hit the road the minute your wife told me where you were.
Blew out a tire outside of town.
I've been on foot for almost an hour.
That's a long walk.
In the dark? In this part of the South? Yeah, it is.
Yeah, what was so important that you had to get here tonight? The CIA has acquired intelligence detailing an imminent threat.
What kind of threat? An invasion.
An alien invasion.
Come on, that's not even funny right now.
I know.
It sounds completely crazy.
Well, I don't know.
Where exactly is this Intel coming from? Her name is Rebecca.
And who is Rebecca? She drew this.
Rebecca is part of a new, highly classified intelligence gathering program developed by the CIA called "MK Ultra".
It involves precognition.
Seeing the future.
She's the one who drew this.
Hang on.
What is that? One of our eyewitnesses here described this.
This "Rebecca", when did she draw yours? Four days ago.
She tell you anything else about this upcoming invasion? Yeah.
She said that Hopkinsville is the center point.
And that you two were the only ones who could stop it.
Maybe we should've gone left at that fork five miles back.
Why are you slowing down? I'm asking for directions.
Locals will know where to go.
Stay here.
I'll ask.
Afternoon, sir.
We we were just looking for Hopkinsville.
What'd he say? He didn't have to say anything.
- Let's just go, come on.
- Well, let me talk to him.
What? No, no, no.
Excuse me, sir? If you're after them aliens, you can just turn right back around.
Sorry? You newspaper people.
You come down here and make us all look foolish.
You go on now.
No, we're not from the newspaper.
Sir, you can't point that at her.
Everything's fine.
We're part of a civilian UFO group, and we're trying to get to the truth.
So we can tell the world what really happened here.
But you don't believe the story, do you? I've known that family a long time.
Them and the truth are not related.
And if Jimmy Jay's lips are movin', he's lyin'.
Well, then his story shouldn't be the one that gets out and makes everyone in town look foolish, should it? [BIRDS CHIRPING.]
We created MK Ultra to investigate the paranormal after learning the Russians were working on harnessing psychic activity for intelligence purposes.
Psychics as a national defense strategy.
What's next, voodoo? [BUZZER BUZZES.]
Unless you're spoken to, do not address her directly.
Rebecca, these are the gentlemen that you told us about.
Is there anything else I can help you with? He has to leave.
Me? We'll step outside.
But I'd like to observe.
You can stay.
Sorry, Professor.
It's all right, Doc.
I got this.
I'm sorry.
Some people can block things.
It's just how it works.
It's okay.
So, what do I Please stop talking.
Roger that.
That's talking.
Where do you find these people? That's something I can't share.
Now, I knew someone else who predicted an encounter once.
Something big is about to happen.
How many people do you have working at this facility? What are you getting at? I'm wondering if I may have met someone who either works here or worked here at one point.
Demonstrated the same kind of precognitive ability with an insider's knowledge of government intelligence.
Well, tell me more, you know, about this this person.
Whatever kind of shelter you find, settle down and make the best of it.
- If there are others with you, help them by being as calm as you can.
- Hey, asshole.
Evidently this this is all gonna happen in Hopkinsville tonight.
You know, I was hoping that we were gonna witness some genuine clairvoyant phenomena here today.
I was really was, but look at these.
Just vague enough to induce anxiety.
This is no different from an inkblot test, except in this case, you're only seeing what she wants you to see.
How could she be so confident then? With all due respect, the Captain and I have not completed our investigation into Hopkinsville and bringing in military personnel will only create a panic.
Thank you, but we still have a case to close.
Captain? I'm not saying I don't think the possibility of precognition exists.
Well, then why be so quick to dismiss it? Well, it's hard enough trying to solve a case of alien invaders.
Saying we used CIA psychics to get there? I don't know, as a scientist, I I simply I can't.
Certainly not to the generals.
Excuse me.
We were looking to match a paint color.
Do you do that here? - We can try.
- How about this? Oh, that's not paint.
Doesn't smell like it either.
Well, can you identify what it is? It's a glaze.
Hold on.
That man in the hat that led us to D.
You said he predicted that flyover to the minute.
That convinced you, didn't it? Yeah, I brought him up with Daniel.
- Yeah, what'd he say? - More what he didn't say.
I got the sense there's a lot more to the story, - but he didn't wanna tell.
- Yeah.
This is it right here.
Works just like paint.
More applications, better weatherproofing.
Have you sold any of this recently? As a matter of fact, yes.
Part of a larger order from our regular customer.
Can we guess who that was? [JAZZY FANFARE.]
- Hello.
- Good evening.
Bet you they got a horse with a garden hose taped to its snout, call it an elephant.
- Easy, easy.
That's it.
That's it.
Shoemaker? Jimmy Jay? This about the aliens, I'm charging for my time now.
We're not reporters.
We're from Ringling Brothers.
I'm sure you're familiar with us, yes? Yeah, of course I am.
What are your names? This is Mimi.
I'm Evan.
And you're Jimmy Jay, the famous alien killer.
Well, we've traveled a long way to see you, sir.
Well, what can I do for you folks? Well, the bosses had us come down here, talk about maybe getting you to join the big time.
"The Great Alien Killer, Jimmy Jay Shoemaker!" Course, we just need to verify some of the details of your story first.
Isn't that right? It's corporate policy.
So, whatever you could give us to help convince our audience that you're telling the truth.
You know, any physical evidence, any photos.
Well, I wish I could help, but, um, those government men that came, they they took it all away.
They called themselves Blue Book? They don't want nobody to know the truth.
Hey, Jimmy Jay, they need you at the box office.
I'm sorry, but I got a show to set up for.
But we'll talk after, all right? Stick around.
You'll see what a real circus looks like.
He's lying.
About which part? He's already trying to sell a painted donkey as a zebra.
No, about my husband.
Allen wouldn't try to cover anything up.
Do you really know that for a fact, Mimi? After everything I've shown you.
Look, isn't it at least possible that Allen's been selective about what he's been sharing with you? No.
Allen is the most honest man I have ever known.
Mimi? Allen? What are you doing here? Professor.
Evan William Blake.
It's nice to meet you.
And and you're Captain Michael Quinn.
Evan's part of my UFO group, and he's been helping me with my research.
- Research? - But what are you doing here? This isn't your source, is it? Helping you.
We were just speaking with Jimmy Jay, and [MONKEY SCREECHING.]
I think I may know what actually happened here.
Mimi? Remember I told you when I was little, and my dad used to take me to the circus? Yeah, of course.
You said that was your favorite thing.
Well, there was one thing I loved the most.
Because they were trained.
And usually in costume.
Hey, Doc.
Look familiar? Look at this.
What's going on in here? Maybe you'd like to tell us.
- I'm trying to sell tickets.
- No, you tried to pull a scam.
Not only did you waste the Air Force's time by putting out misleading stories, you also scared half of Kentucky.
You work with them? Hmm? All that talk about Ringling Brothers was a lie? I knew it.
You government people will do anything to hide the truth.
The monkey's part of a recreation for the circus.
But what happened earlier, that was real.
And I'll never change my story.
- It's the Army.
- What are they doing here? - Why is the Army here? - Those look like Army trucks.
Doc, what's going on? The CIA is preparing for an alien invasion.
We have to follow those trucks.
Stay here, tell everyone there's nothing to worry about, everything's under control.
Stop here.
Kill the lights.
You don't want them to see us.
If they're preparing for an invasion, Doc, then why are they hiding? [DOOR CREAKS.]
Did the CIA capture a flying saucer already? Looks more like they created one.
Not CIA.
Air Force.
- Halt! Hands up! Tethered Aerial Detection System.
Tracks boats, ground vehicles, manned airplanes, all from the sky.
Works as an early warning system.
And after unproven reports of an alien invasion, you deployed them to Hopkinsville? [LIGHTER CLICKS.]
Did you close the case or not? Well, yes, we did, sir.
It was monkeys.
Circus monkeys.
Hopkinsville was nothing more than a hoax.
Those are pretty.
Add a little sugar to the water, they'll last longer too.
Vodka, actually.
It's a trick most people don't know.
It certainly preserved you quite well.
He's one of yours, yes? [TENSE MUSIC.]
He's working with the Americans now.
How do you know that? I'm going to kill him for you.
And then we'll be even.
Is that clear? What else? My daughter.
We won't touch her You won't even think about her.
I wish you both well.
Well, the last thing we need is more exposure.
So if it's gonna happen, we're gonna wanna bring them back on a Tuesday.
What the hell are you doing in here? Southpaw, huh? [CHUCKLES.]
You know I hated southpaws when I boxed.
Rangy bastards.
All of them.
Did you ever get knocked out by one? I'm sorry.
Forgive me, I'm being rude.
I only stopped by to drop this off.
And what is that? [CLEARS THROAT.]
"Research into scheduling of secret and purposeful aerial activity in designated locations shows promise.
Both to test levels of civilian stress and the response by local authorities".
Staging a fake alien invasion after some circus carnie reports a story? So you can what? Swoop in to calm the public? Prove your worth to the White House? You looking to start a war, son? We have enough problems worrying about the one the Russians are trying to start, General.
You and I should be looking to avoid one.
What do you want? Time comes, I'll give you my answer.
I bet you were one tricky bastard in the ring.
You ever wanna find out.
Good day, gents.
It seems you're always trying to baby me And baby that's all right But it seems mighty strange to me That you forgot to kiss me goodnight [SCATTING.]
Baby [GASPS.]
I'm the one who should be surprised.
I live here, remember? [BREATHING HEAVILY.]
No, it's okay.
I'm glad you're here.
You are? I missed this face.
Go back to sleep while I shower.
Are you okay? Yes.
I just missed you too.
Are you sure you're okay? It could all be stopped Kiss me once and say I love you So true But you're either very bashful Or else just a little bit slow - Mimi, can we talk? - She's not here.
Or Joel.
I've arranged to have them out of the house.
So you and I can have a little talk.
What is this? What do you want? [LOUD THUD.]
Goodnight Three, one, five.
Four, five, six.
Five, nine, three.

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