Project Blue Book (2019) s02e05 Episode Script

The Men in Black

Previously on "Project Blue Book" No more secrets.
From now on, you and I, we are going to work as a team.
The CIA has acquired intelligence detailing an imminent threat.
Where exactly is this Intel coming from? Her name is Rebecca.
Psychics as a national defense strategy.
Where do you find these people? That's something I can't share.
What you need to know about me is, we want the same thing, but even when the truth flies right over your head, it's still impossible to believe.
But why do you need me? It's simple.
I don't exist.
- Mimi? - She's not here.
Or Joel.
What is this? What do you want? There's some aspirin over there if you need some.
You and I can have a little talk.
Where am I? Let me get you a glass of water.
My family.
Safe and sound at home.
Don't worry.
It's not about them.
- How much longer? - Less than ten.
When we were last in touch, I told you to stay out of the way.
Remember? Go back to your old life.
You didn't listen.
What exactly is it that you want from me? Take these.
You'll feel much better.
They're just aspirin.
I promise.
If you want answers to your questions, you're gonna need to prove to me that you can take my instructions seriously.
It's gonna be very important over the next 48 hours.
Hello? Mimi, it's me.
Allen, thank God.
Where are you? I came home and you were gone, and Joel was waiting outside.
He didn't have a key.
- Is everything okay - No, it's fine.
I'm fine, just Tell Joel tell him I'm sorry.
I had to go out of town.
I'm at the airport now.
Where is it this time? Mimi, you know I can't tell you everything.
We've talked about this, remember? Is the captain with you? No, I'm just out here chasing one of my crazy theories again.
I won't be gone long, though, so I'll check in again soon.
Um kiss Joel goodnight for me.
Okay? Can you do that? Of course.
I love you.
I love you, too.
Mom? Is everything okay? Now what do you know about Maury Island? Maury Island? What's that got to do with why I'm here? It's the most important UFO encounter in American history.
Follow instructions, professor.
Remember? Uh 21st of June, 1947, just Two weeks before the events in Roswell, a fisherman by the name of Ernest Reed was out in Puget Sound, checking his traps.
After he's out there about an hour, something appeared overhead.
He described them as round, silver craft with holes in the middle, far bigger than the size of his boat.
And despite being able to hover less than a hundred feet over his head What in the name of God? It didn't make a sound.
That is, not until one of them appeared to be in distress.
He said he wasn't sure if the craft was falling apart, or whether it was bombing him with these metal fragments.
And that is when all hell broke loose.
Mayday! Mayday! This is the Sophie Rose 0426.
I am under attack from Alien ships.
Mayday! Mayday! Professor does do his homework.
Yeah, enough to know that Reed recanted his story shortly after the incident.
Oh, and that's never happened before, has it? After government inspectors show up? - You were there? - In the shadows, yeah.
And I can assure you that Reed was telling the truth.
There's plenty of physical evidence to back it up.
You even had some in your hands.
- I have? - Mhm.
That object you had me steal from White Forest.
That was from Maury Island? It will be our key to first contact.
But only if we can find more of it.
Say that again.
You have a code? I'm telling you, it's not official, it's It's what he said on the phone.
How he said it.
"Kiss Joel goodnight for me.
" Joel's going through this phase where he hates that.
So for Allen to say it, you have to trust me, - something is wrong.
- Mimi.
I trust you.
Let's just back things up.
- What else did he say? - Something about Chasing down one of his crazy theories again.
Do you know what that could mean? Doc's crazy theories.
I'm telling you, he wouldn't disappear without telling me where, especially after last year with all the crazy secrets you two were keeping.
Captain? I'm gonna need you to stay here for a bit.
Base is the safest place for you and Joel.
- Faye! - We shouldn't go home now? Not until I figure this out.
Do you know what's happening? I may know someone who can help.
Well, then I'm coming with you.
No, you are staying here.
- Faye! - If Allen's in trouble, then If Doc's in trouble, the last thing he'd want is, for you to put yourself at the same risk.
But he knows I can take care of myself.
I came to you for help, Captain, and you are not gonna start by lying to me.
I want to know what the hell you think is going on.
Faye, I'm gonna need you to make some space for Mimi and Joel for a bit, maybe even the night.
She's not allowed off this base.
Why me, and why now? Because it took six years to understand what the metal is for.
As far as you're concerned, when the esteemed Professor Hynek, one of the most well respected men in his field, says that he has met visitors from another world Well who's gonna doubt him? You really believe that's gonna work? It's why I've been grooming you this whole time, Professor.
Forgot something.
Now that you're gonna play the part you're gonna have to dress like it, too.
So you don't stand out.
One of our strengths is anonymity.
Who exactly are you people? I think that color suits you quite well.
Who knows, maybe when this is all over with, you might even decide to stay with us.
You're being awfully quiet.
Something you'd like me to say? Well, at some point, I will expect a thank you.
I am giving you the opportunity of a lifetime, Professor.
Was I wrong about D.
? How did you know? That date, the time Where the UFOs would be.
I think you already know the answer to that question.
He told you who I am.
- Captain.
- Morning.
Please, come in.
So, what are you doing here? I just have a plane to catch.
Doc told me he spoke with you about someone at that lab of yours the other day Who could see the future, like what's her name? - Rebecca.
- Rebecca.
- Remember that? - I do.
I think he may have kidnapped him.
Details are a little fuzzy right now, but the doc is missing, and I think that this guy may have something to do with it.
Hoping you can help.
You know who I'm talking about.
If we're talking about the same guy, yes, I do.
Then why do you look more worried than I do? Yeah, all right.
His name is William.
He was a member of our program years back.
Before I was there.
He was very gifted.
But also very dangerous.
They thought I was dangerous.
What, because you could see the future? Because I could see the potential.
Beyond intelligence.
So you left the program? No one ever leaves the program.
I escaped.
Along with some others who believed as I did.
Believed what? He had a theory about UFOs and contact that he and other members of the program were conduits, antennas, as he liked to call them, that were meant to communicate with, uh - Little green men.
- Mm-hmm.
There was no reasoning with him.
The CIA only wanted to cover up the truth.
The truth I suspect you already know.
This is madness.
You never thought the same? You see why I chose you? Because you and I, we're a lot alike.
So how do we find him? The agency has been looking for years.
I wish I knew.
What about Rebecca? Huh? Isn't that her specialty? We tried.
She can't see him.
She never tried to find Hynek, though.
I'm still working on getting you and Joel a spot in the barracks, but it shouldn't take much longer.
Thank you.
Faye, my husband's still out there, and he needs my help.
I-I can't just, you know, sit here right now.
I'm so sorry.
I can't imagine what you're going through.
If I could just look at the Blue Book reports, the classified ones, maybe I could try and help find him.
I wish I could help you with that, but, um, if I grant you access to those documents That would put you at risk.
Of course.
Why don't I take Joel on a tour of the base? That way, you can stay by the phone, in case the captain calls.
I'd appreciate that.
I imagine we'd probably be gone at least an hour.
Thank you.
For what? Van Dyke delivers.
It's a groundball back to the pitcher.
- He knocked it down.
- Come on, boys.
You got this.
Come on.
What? Hello, Ernest.
This won't take long.
Reed, would you like to have a seat, please? We're not here to hurt you.
I never said anything to anybody.
All these years, just like you said.
- I swear.
- Professor.
Reed, this is gonna be very easy, okay? We just all we need from you, is for you to give us the location of where the initial incident occurred.
Can you do that? Just Circle the spot where you saw the ships that afternoon, and Where the metal fell and we'll be on our way.
That's it.
Is this a joke? Look, there were no ships.
No metal.
- It never happened - We're not the Air Force.
This is not a test.
- Just tell us the truth.
- I am.
What, are you saying you were making the whole thing up? Look, I was trying to collect on some insurance.
Some fire damage on my boat.
Now, you know that.
No, that was a story you told the investigators to keep them from bothering you after we showed up.
But it's the truth.
No, what are you doing? What are you doing? The Air Force told you to lie.
We came to you for the truth.
Now if they're still paying you to keep lying Nobody's paying me anything.
No, put that gun away.
Put it away.
There were never any ships.
Then I guess we are wasting our time.
Please, you don't You don't have to do this.
If you shoot this man, you are never going to get what you want.
Not unless you understand the process of thermohaline circulation, and how to account for it.
Unless I what? Look, it's really not my area, but you understand what I'm talking about, yes? - Yes.
- Oceanic upwelling? Mm-hmm.
Ocean currents are driven by global density gradients created by surface heat and freshwater fluxes, so anything, anything landing on the seafloor that long ago, almost certainly will have moved.
So even if Mr.
Reed can pinpoint the location of that metal six years ago, he can't guarantee anything is gonna still be there, right? - That's right.
- But as someone who sailed this water for years, you're gonna have a better understanding of where it may have drifted to, yes? Yes, sir.
So not unless you want to go out there running around in circles, looking for something that no one can help you find but Mr.
Reed here, you need to keep him alive.
And you need to take him with us.
You remember Captain Quinn.
Nice to see you again.
Something's wrong.
From the look on your face.
I'm not picking up anything, if that's what you're thinking.
We need your help.
Captain Quinn's colleague is missing.
- You remember him? - What happened? Let's Try to give a clean assessment first before we give any details.
Well It's all so very hazy.
Um But I know that this, this part Is important.
I'm just not sure why.
I'm sorry.
I wish I could tell you more.
Well, none of it looks familiar to you? I need Hynek right now to help me find Hynek.
What a colossal waste of time.
Yeah, let's forget about the pictures for a second.
Now, what would William need with him? His access, his expertise, his what? Well, he did have Doc steal something for him once.
- Steal what? - It was a It's not important.
Then why'd you bring it up? Look, don't play games with me here.
Hang on.
Hold this up.
Son of a bitch.
- What? What is it? - I gotta make a phone call.
Which boat is yours? The Sophie Rose there on the end of the dock.
Are we gonna find anything when we get out there? I don't know.
Maybe he knows something I don't.
He's got me so confused, I don't know what I believe anymore.
I don't know what's real.
Run for help.
- What? - I'll take care of him.
Do it, or we could both get killed.
You understand? Go.
Get the professor! You know what you just did? You never had any intention of bringing him back alive, after he showed us where to go.
Get him on the boat.
We gotta get out of here.
But what am I looking at here? Okay.
Is this the object the professor had to steal? Is it classified? You come to me, ask for help.
I not only give it to you, I bring you into a classified program, that puts me at risk again.
So either you start being honest with me, or you can get the fuck out of my lab.
Yes, it looks like what Hynek stole.
And yes, it was classified.
The only other thing you need to know is, that it could lead us back to Hynek.
Who I'm pretty sure is in real trouble right now.
From someone who used to work here.
How do you get a goddamn dial tone on this thing? Project Blue Book.
- Uh, it's Captain Quinn.
- Perfect.
I think I found something.
Can you put Faye, please? It's urgent.
The man in the black hat, the one who told Allen about the events in D.
, I think he may be involved.
Allen told me he's someone to be concerned with, and there's this photo here, from 1947.
I'm not sure yet, but you might be onto something.
There's this other piece, also this uhm, Something Doc stole from a base in New Mexico.
Was it that piece of metal? You know about that.
It may be part of a UFO invasion from 1947.
Washington State.
One where Metal debris rained down from the sky.
And it also happened to be The first reported sighting of men in black hats who came to silence a town.
You sure about this? I'm looking at the photo right now.
Where in Washington? Funny, isn't it? For centuries, man used the stars as his only map.
Now, look.
You and I are using maps to chase the stars.
We're almost there.
Port side, 20 degrees.
Slow ahead.
200 yards.
Port side, 20 degrees.
Slow ahead, 200 yards.
That was admirable what you did back there, by the way.
Helping Reed.
Though he didn't really deserve it.
And I do? After everything I've shown you, you still just can't trust me, can you? Remote Viewing.
That's what they called the program.
Although it was really just another way of waging war.
Make it feel safe.
Calling targets from that white room.
They asked me to look at a target run one time.
I told them, "Don't engage.
" There's civilians, parents, children inside.
" I remember I saw this little girl.
She had a little hair brush.
She's brushing her mother's hair.
Boom! That's when they detonated the bomb.
I I wasn't really there, of course.
But I could hear their screams.
I could, I could feel that heat.
I still do.
I'm sorry.
They didn't believe me then.
But they'll believe you.
You'll make them believe.
We're here.
You sure we're in the right spot? Yeah.
See for yourself.
And look, because of you, we'll soon be making first contact.
When you get to the bottom, grab whatever debris you can find.
Give two tugs on the rope, we'll pull you back up.
All right? You know, there's no way to know for sure, if uh we're even in the exact spot.
It could all just be subsurface bioluminescent algae, or something like that.
Go shut that off, it's distracting.
Marine radios don't play music.
- Turn it off! - I'm trying.
There, there.
That's the signal.
Pull him up.
Hit the winch.
Brace yourself! Whoa! Cut the rope! Cut the rope! What happened? Did you cut it? It just snapped free on its own.
Watch, watch, watch, watch! There.
Something's coming up.
- What is that? - I'm not sure.
Come on.
Come on here.
We got you.
I got something.
I got some of the metal.
Get up.
Where's Charles? - He's gone.
- What? It's all gone.
We have to go now.
No, no, no.
We can't just leave him there He's gone! We have to go now, or we're gonna die.
He's right though, we gotta get to shore.
We gotta go! I know what it feels like to lose a partner.
My cousin flew with the Red Tails, and we were like, like brothers.
Got shot down over Sicily.
I'm sorry to hear that.
Yeah, but I'm sure you got plenty of those same stories.
See, but I didn't fight in the war.
I know.
How do you know that? I just know.
I did train to be a Marine.
Montford Point, Jacksonville.
- Oh, yeah, Montford? - Mm-hmm.
How'd you get into Intelligence? Well, my former CO loved to gamble.
Now, I didn't give a shit about sports, but I had a knack for research.
Stats, that sort of thing.
I would listen to his picks, give him my assessment.
He started winning.
Next thing I know, keeps me from shipping out.
Puts me on the payroll at the CIG.
CIG? Yeah, CIG was the predecessor to the CIA.
Roger that.
So, uh You happy where you are? Project Blue Book? The work I do is vital, to the survival of our country.
Russians want us to panic, we help keep America calm.
People from other planets.
You're saying that we shouldn't panic? I think there's no reason to fear, what we still don't understand.
How could you do that? Leave your man back there in the water like that? - He knew the risks.
- But what if he's still alive? Have you forgotten what's going on here? What we found down there? What, pitchstone? Volcanic glass? You find that everywhere in this region.
You think it was pitchstone at the bottom of Puget Sound that nearly capsized our boat? If your anchor snagged in a log down there, it gets pulled into an underwater current or a whirlpool.
It wasn't a whirlpool.
That shot you back to the surface like that, dragged off your mask? You weren't down there.
You didn't feel what I felt.
That deep, lack of oxygen to your brain will play all kinds of tricks on your senses.
There is a completely rational explanation for all of this.
Tricks? Tricks? That kind of skepticism may be appreciated by the Air Force, but out here, it can get you killed.
Well, maybe you shouldn't have brought a scientist with you.
What kind of a scientist doesn't want to be responsible for making the biggest discovery in all of mankind? Let's get a move on.
We don't have a lot of time.
Excuse me.
Sheriff? Be with you in a minute.
Captain Michael Quinn.
Air Force.
This is agent Daniel Banks, CIA.
What can I do for you? We're looking for a missing person we believe may be on Maury Island.
Name's Dr.
Allen Hynek.
Say he's a doctor? Hey, Reed.
Come over and take a look at this.
This look like one of those men to you? Oh, my God.
Yeah, that's him.
- That's the one.
- You've seen this man here? This guy, along with a couple others, broke into my house and kidnapped me.
Yeah, I think you got the wrong guy.
No, I don't.
- That's him.
- Wait, wait, wait.
Just hold on a second.
All right, first of all, what's your name? - Ernest Reed.
- Mr.
Reed, you're saying that this man kidnapped you? They had guns.
And they forced me to take them to my boat, but this guy? He helped me escape.
Amy, show them what you've drawn up.
He's confident this the man you're looking for.
Sheriff, couple of fishermen just spotted the men in black on shore, about a mile off the coast of Gig Harbor.
They're headed into the woods.
Let's go.
Now we know how they got ashore.
Well, we don't know for sure this came from Reed's boat.
No telling where they went from here.
Let's fan out, see what else we can find, fellas.
- Yes, sir.
- You got it.
Now, Reed told the sheriff, that Hynek was helping William.
They're on the same team.
Reed also said Hynek helped him escape.
Then why didn't Hynek escape with him? I don't know.
You know, when William left the agency, he took a lot of people with him.
People who'd we screen.
Who you never think crossed the line like that.
- No, that's not Doc.
- No? Didn't he already steal classified material? Is that not like him, either? Look, I know you want to believe in your friend here, but we gotta start confronting the facts.
What the hell are those, coordinates? Headed to airstrip, Captain.
Hynek's not with William.
He's trying to help lead us to him.
You gonna tell me where we're going? You already know where we're going.
You had it figured out all along.
Saw the research in your office.
- Antarctica? - Yep.
Are you sure that's safe? You know, there was one other detail about the Maury Island case that I I didn't tell you.
Oh, yeah? What's that? After the Army retrieved the metal, that Reed salvaged from his encounter, they, they loaded it onto a plane, a lot bigger than that one.
That plane crashed, killing the two officers on board.
Almost done.
Two minutes.
Thank you.
What makes you think I don't know about that? Look, if that metal has such powerful properties, why fly with it if you know it brought down another plane already? Oh, so you do think that it was the metal that brought the plane down? I thought you said it was volcanic glass.
No, no, no, the-the-the object that I stole, at White Forest was not.
That that had properties and a composition that I can't explain.
Because it's not found on this Earth.
It wasn't the metal that caused the plane to crash.
We should've maybe used the backup.
No cops.
Way too many questions.
Well, I still have questions of my own.
Are you sure there's an airstrip out here? Well, through here is the only flat patch of land for miles.
And there it is.
You sabotaged that plane? Innocent people died.
I had to secure and protect the evidence.
- Air Force officers - The same officers who were sworn to cover up the truth.
You don't think he'd turn now, do you? I'll ask him once we get him out of there.
All right, so what's our move? All right, Reed said these guys were armed.
- You brought your gun? - No.
I'm not a cowboy.
I don't carry it everywhere.
Ready when you are.
You don't need me anymore.
Let me go.
If I do, you'll never forgive yourself.
Get on the plane.
Whatever we're gonna do, we need to do it now.
You win.
Let me examine the metal before we go.
- I could run some - You're stalling, you're stalling.
If it turns out to be extraterrestrial, I will get on this plane.
Where are you going? They know you.
They see you coming, they shoot.
- I got this one.
- What you gonna do? Just make sure you got my back.
You'll know when.
I gave you UFOs over D.
What did you do? You blame it on temperature inversion.
I had to.
I risked my life to show you that.
I listened to you.
I followed your breadcrumbs.
I stole for you.
I mean, what else do you want from me? I want you to believe.
It's not about what I believe.
It's about what I can prove.
Professor, I thought we were kindred spirits.
And now I see how wrong I was.
You're nothing but a coward.
- You're afraid of the truth.
- Can you help me out? - You want the truth? - My car.
- What are you doing? - Whoa.
Don't take another step.
I just need some help.
My car broke down - Hands to your side.
- I don't want any trouble.
I just need some help.
I don't Stop right there, Captain.
Drop it.
It's all right, Doc.
I got this.
- Daniel.
- Yeah, you must be William.
You want to tell this Air Force lackey here that I'm more important to the government alive than I am dead? Let's everyone try to relax.
- I'm gonna count to three.
- No, no.
- One.
- Bad idea.
- Two.
- Captain.
Yeah, you take direction very well.
Thank you.
He won't be getting far.
Then what the hell do you call that? Plane's leaking fuel.
He'll be down soon enough.
But where? No, no, it wasn't so much the rosary beads, it was the gnomes.
So, uh, seriously what do we tell the generals when we get back? I think this one we keep strictly to ourselves.
Three of us.
I already got my people on it.
CIA will make it like it never happened.
But We'll also do whatever we can to hunt William down.
- Promise.
- Thank you, Daniel.
Hey, throw me on that party list, too.
When the time comes.
You know, um, you two You do make a pretty good team.
Yeah, he's not bad.
For Central Intelligence.
Let's not make a habit of it, though.
All right.
You fellas excuse me.
I want to see if I can get some more ice.
You had me worried there for a second, Doc.
Cops thought you were one of them.
Yeah, imagine even you had doubts.
Well, I thought "No way he's wearing that coat for the rest of his life.
" Yeah, well.
It was all my fault, you know? I mean, if I hadn't uh allowed myself, - to get taken in by him - No, look.
The symbol, the metal, UFOs.
He did show you things, Doc.
There still are unanswered questions.
Yeah, but I was ready to take us to Antarctica, Captain.
Based on what? Certainly not science.
That could've been me.
But it's not.
That's why you're here And he's out there.
So how exactly did you find me? Allen? Allen? Mimi.
- You're okay.
- Yes, I am.
Thanks to you.
Quinn told me what you did.
I'm just so sorry, Mimi.
No, it's okay.
You're home.
You're home.
Hynek, I couldn't have done it without you.
I know.
- What did you tell Joel? - Project Blue Book.
I told him that his dad was busy working, and he'd be home soon.
Just don't try to kiss him goodnight, okay? It's amazing that you picked up on that enough to know.
Thank you.
May I steal him for a moment, Mrs.
Hynek? No, you cannot.
If you have something to say, you say it to both of us.
That was my contact at the National Guard.
They found William's plane.
Crashed in Mount Hood National Forest outside of Portland.
Is William alive? There's no sign of him.
No sign of any cargo, either.
Look, I'm gonna make some calls.
I'll have a private security detail for your family, - within the hour - No.
I need to take my family home.
- Doc.
- Please, trust me.
William has what he wants, he's not coming back for me.
He's got his own path now.
What the hell? What is all this? Your homework, Captain.
Right, sir, anything else? - At ease.
- That's it.
- Excuse me.
- I'm sorry.
- I'll be after you.
- It's okay.
What's the Robertson Panel? Seems Central Intelligence will put the U.
Air Force on trial.
With a full investigation into Project Blue Book.
CIA? They can do that? This is a matter of national security.
They can do whatever the hell they want.
But what's the purpose? We're not clear on that.
We brought all the files from Project Sign and Grudge so as to be thorough.
Is that understood? Read everything you can, fellas.
We've got targets on our backs now, so make yourselves bulletproof, otherwise Blue Book is finished.

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