Promised Land (2022) s01e06 Episode Script

El Cuchicheo (The Whispering)

1 Previously on "Promised Land" I know it's in good hands.
- What are you doing? - Come here.
One phone call, I can have you sitting in an ICE holding cell.
Are you going to turn me in? I think about my father on the day he died.
And I blame you, Joe.
Any idea who it might be? Oscar Mercer Honeycroft.
This is my grandfather.
We have our smoking gun.
- Is that - Your father's watch.
Where did you get that? Some vineyard workers were trenching.
They found a skull and a pile of buried bones.
This was with them.
Those rumors that Joe murdered your father They were true.
Take me to him.
Watch your step.
They're gone.
- What? - The bones.
They're gone.
He must have moved them.
Oh, son of a bitch.
Someone must have tipped off Joe.
Well, without the bones, we have nothing.
Oh, no, no.
We We still have the watch.
It's not enough to convict him, but think of the hit to Joe's reputation.
Think how many shareholders will want to sell once he's under the cloud of investigation, and you'll be right there to buy them up.
I slept next to that man for 10 years.
I had three of his children.
Joe Sandoval is many things, but I can't believe he's a killer.
What, you think that I can believe it? Joe hurt you.
I know.
He hurt me, too.
But this is not the way.
So, he gets away, again? - That's what you're saying? - I'm saying be patient.
Let our plan take its course.
Not again.
Reputation is everything in this town.
We're gonna give them something to talk about.
A few questions before tonight's awards ceremony.
Most people who enter into the California Entrepreneur Hall of Fame are tech guys in suits who give me tours of their conference rooms.
This is breathtaking.
My job has more suits and conference rooms than it used to.
But the soul of what I do What gives me real joy Is this.
And you built your empire despite no formal education.
I got to where I am by not being afraid to get down on my hands and knees.
My blood and sweat, they're in these vines.
My name Inigo Montoya.
You kill my father.
Prepare to die.
You killed my father.
Prepare to die.
For you, Princesa Buttercup.
Oye, Rosa.
I like Lettie.
If you care about her, don't get in her way.
She's meant to be more than a grape picker.
Can you say the same? Wine is boring.
Wine is serious.
Wine is snobby words like "bouquet" and "acidity" that just shut people out.
Wine is the rope line at the club.
But not Reina Rosada.
Reina Rosada is the party that everybody is invited to, and that's what we're selling A good time that tastes good.
You guys clearly put a lot of word into this.
Which is what makes this so hard.
Wait Wait.
Are Are you passing? Veronica.
Carmen, people in their 20s drink beer, liquor, hard seltzers.
We've discussed this, and honestly, there was nothing in your pitch that changed that one very simple demographic reality.
So, that's it? You're leaving? I'm running late for the interview for Papa's award.
Can you just make sure you drop off Rita at the babysitter's? At least take my idea to the board.
Let them decide.
I'm sorry, and have them question my credibility? "Work with Michael," you said.
All this time, I thought it was Papi who was shutting me out, but it was actually you.
No one's shutting you out.
But I can't support a bad idea simply because it's my sister's bad idea.
I'm sorry.
Taste the clay.
We harvest in two weeks.
Excuse me one moment.
Can I help you? Officer Timms, Immigration and Customs Enforcement.
Are you Joe Sandoval? Joe.
That's right.
We're conducting random checks throughout the Valley.
Today? Oh, I usually get a heads up.
Can I speak to your HR manager? We're going to need to see I-9's.
Of course.
We comply fully with all ICE regulations.
Gonzo, Mateo's up at the house.
Will you let him know I'll be late for our meeting? Understood, boss.
So, how dressy is this award thing tonight? You're not wearing that.
Okay? Daniela, make sure he looks nice, please.
I think he looks nice now.
No, niña.
- Oh, my God.
- What is it? It's Gonzo.
ICE is on the vineyard.
Ma, come on, we have to get Daniela out of here.
I'll drive.
Oh, no.
Okay, just turn around, turn around.
Hey, lower your hand.
Daniela, get on the floor.
And don't at look them in the eye, Mateo, but don't look away.
- Okay.
- Just relax.
What will we do if they stop us? They're not gonna stop this car.
They're gonna sweep the whole Valley.
It's not safe at my place.
So, where can we go? I know a place.
Where did Lettie take them? Here's the files you asked for.
The bones are gone.
I know.
People are talking.
The rumor's all over the vineyard.
So, who did you tell? Who did you tell, Javier? - My father.
- Gonzo.
He wouldn't do anything to hurt Joe.
Maybe Flaco said something.
But don't worry, I'm gonna nip this in the bud.
Let them talk.
Why? I thought you wanted to protect your father.
Yeah, that was before I found out that he murdered my grandfather.
If you think that Joe did it, we should go to the cops.
If he's guilty, he'll be punished.
If he's not, he gets a chance to clear his name.
This is Shakespearean, Antonio.
It'll come back to haunt you.
Don't do this.
I'm not doing anything.
I'm just letting the rumor mill take its course.
So are you.
Ay! I like the hard work.
That is how you get ahead in this country! Ay! "Refrigerator".
" Honeycroft? Oye.
Part of me thinks she's scared I'll show her up.
Like if Papi finally sees how good I am, she'll have no room to shine.
Well, Veronica's always gotta be the best at everything.
To the detriment of our relationship, and now, clearly, yours.
Then, part of me wonders, well, what if I think I'm really good, but the truth is I'm not? Maybe I'm just fooling myself.
Maybe I'm actually no good.
Come on.
You know that's not true.
I don't care what V says, you did a great job on this.
To us.
To us.
Your father just named you CEO of Heritage House Vineyards, a position that's only been held by two men Your father and Oscar Honeycroft.
What's it like succeeding two legends? Well, here's the reality.
My father bent over and picked grapes.
He rolled up his sleeves and got his hands dirty He still does sometimes.
He did the job that most white people thought they were too good for.
Was that about Lettie? The old rumors are back.
The vineyard workers and the house staff, too.
People are saying that they found bones on the vineyard.
That's not possible.
That's not possible because I didn't kill anyone.
Don't take it out on me.
I'm just your eyes and ears.
And those whispers are getting louder.
They're saying "Joe killed the old man.
" I brought you some tea.
It'll warm you up.
Oh, but this is nice.
What is It tastes like, uh uh, toothpaste? It's mint.
I never had it.
You're quiet.
My English not too good.
Lettie teach me, pero No, what I mean is you don't say anything unless you mean it.
Billy loves to talk.
You're more of a thinker.
How do you like it here? In America, on the vineyard.
I like.
I love the vineyard.
The grapes.
Working hard.
But sometimes, I feel Ay.
¿Cómo se dice? Alone.
I know exactly how you feel.
You? No.
Not you.
I do.
You see a big house.
I see a lot of room to be alone in.
At least you have a nice pillow and someone to cook for you.
I'll cook for you whenever you want.
- Really? - No.
I'm a terrible cook.
That's why we have Marta.
But, uh I'll heat up some tea for you.
You're not alone, Joe.
You have me.
You're cold.
Here you go.
Margaret! What the hell is this? Daddy! We weren't doing anything.
- Get in the house.
- Daddy! What did you say? She's your daughter.
Her word should be good enough for you.
Daddy! Immigration and customs enforcement officials conducting a sweep of the Sonoma Valley this afternoon.
These actions have become increasingly common in recent years.
As part of the operation, ICE agents made at-large arrests at residences, work sites, and traffic stops.
Can you turn this off? I can't watch this anymore.
How are they allowed to do this? We need a plan.
Mateo, once the raids are over, Daniela's gonna be okay.
Yeah, sure, until next time.
We can't live like this.
How can anyone live like this? We don't have a choice.
This is how it is, Mateo! Yes, we do.
Marry me, Daniela.
Mateo, what Marry me.
I'm a citizen.
This is the only way to keep you safe.
I can't lose you.
I won't lose you.
I love you.
Mateo I love you.
You're my son.
But you've lost your mind.
Hey, Papito.
Club soda? You know it.
Where's Lettie? I don't know.
I texted her.
Carmen and Mateo aren't here, either.
That's probably why Dad looks so pissed.
How are our friends from Immigration? They're in HR, going through our records now.
We'll be fine.
All of our workers are documented.
Hello, Joe.
Where's Lettie? Margaret.
Lettie got tied up.
She'll be here soon.
I was just at the bar, and I heard the most upsetting rumor.
You know it's not true.
I know I don't want it to be true, but that's not the same thing, is it? Sorry about earlier.
Don't worry.
My father went into town.
He shouldn't treat you that way.
He loves me.
He's just overprotective since my mom died.
The way you stood up to him, no one's ever done anything like that for me before.
Is it helping? - Margaret - I know, Joe.
I know you love her.
She doesn't know, does she? You had the courage to stand up to my father, but you can't find the courage to tell Lettie how you feel.
I'm too scared.
What's more scary, telling her or losing her? You should tell her, Joe.
Now, before it's too late.
Even I understand what that means.
Joe, wait.
Earlier today, I saw, um Nothing.
Be careful out there.
This is nice.
My abuela gave it to me before I left El Salvador.
She told me to wear it always.
Who is it? Saint Romo.
He appeared to a man who was lost in the desert.
He's the patron saint of immigrants.
I never heard of him.
You never had a reason to.
Your family is never going to accept me, Mateo.
Forget my family, Daniela.
I want you to be my family.
Daniela, please.
If your mother gives me her blessing, I'll marry you.
Then I'm gonna get her blessing.
I love it here.
I love it here, too.
I'm going to buy you big cars and fancy dresses.
We're going to eat together at the fanciest restaurants.
- ¿Sí? - Sí.
So I'm sorry, Lettie.
Lettie Leticia Lettie I don't know.
The thing is, you're the one that's - I'm used to it.
- Well, yeah.
No, it's just maddening to me that she doesn't see your talent.
- Me? - Yeah.
What about you? She treats you like a babysitter, questions what you spend, where you go.
She doesn't appreciate you.
Well, hey, we should probably get going.
Going where? Your father's award thing.
It starts in, like, an hour.
Yeah, I'm not I'm not going to that.
Come on.
You have to.
Screw them.
My family doesn't care about me.
I could disappear right now, and they wouldn't even notice.
I would.
Hey, hey.
What are you doing? I'm I'm sorry.
I don't I don't I don't know why I did that.
I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry.
I feel so stupid.
If V ever found out I've always wanted you.
Come on, Joe.
The statute of limitations has passed.
Where did you bury Old Honeycroft's body? Wait, haven't you heard, Steve? The bones are on the move.
Look, Joe.
We get it.
How else were you supposed to get ahead? Excuse me.
Gentlemen, may I borrow Joe for a sec? Well, if we can borrow you at some point? Why are you letting them talk to you like that? It's a joke, Veronica.
A bad joke, but I can take it.
Yeah, well, you shouldn't have to.
Mira, ego is for white people.
Sure, you see them making a joke at my expense.
It makes them feel good.
I hang my head, I let them laugh, but at the end of the day, I get their business, and I take their money.
That joke cost me nothing.
It cost them millions.
Then give me a number.
Hmm? How much should I sell my ass for? 'Cause that's all those men care about out there.
But, hey, as long as I'm taking their money, that's all that matters, right? Don't talk to me that way.
Why not? You just let them do it.
You know I can't live without her.
Please, Ama.
Just give us your blessing.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry, mi amor, but I can't do that.
Why? Because she's not rich? Because she's undocumented? No, no, no, no, no.
Eso no es.
Well, then why? Tell me.
My sister Rosa and I, we came to this country because it didn't matter who you were.
It didn't matter where you came from.
You could be anything.
I wanted that for me, and I wanted that for my children.
And I gave you that.
And of everything I've done, that's the one thing that I am the most proud of.
And I am grateful.
I really am, Ma.
But what does this have to do with me getting married? Right now, you are free.
You can be whoever you want, do whatever you want.
If you marry Daniela, that is over.
- Oh, that's ridiculous.
- No, it isn't! You'll always have to think of someone else.
Believe me, I know.
You don't.
This is about you and Joe.
This is about you giving up your dreams for him.
But that was your choice.
No one made you do it.
Not even him.
I'm sorry.
To some, he was CEO.
To others, stiff competition.
To me, the word that matters most and defines him Papa.
Ladies and gentlemen, it is a pleasure to introduce to you the man who taught me that no one is better than me and that I could be anything, Joe Sandoval.
It's an amazing thing.
A kid from the middle of nowhere, no money, no education, comes to this country and builds an empire.
Doesn't seem possible.
Or at least to some of you, it doesn't.
A brown man, building all this? He must have done something.
He must have committed murder.
I get why many of you want to believe I killed Oscar Honeycroft.
If you didn't, how could you sleep at night? You'd be too embarrassed.
I'd be embarrassed, too, knowing that someone who started with nothing could achieve more than I ever dreamed of.
Right, Wayne? Wayne didn't have to work hard to get to the top, because his father handed him his business when he bombed out of college.
What about you, Ron? Your company was twice as big as mine when I started.
How'd that work out? I guess it makes you wonder, what does this say about you if someone like me could achieve what you couldn't? If I'm not a murderer, then you're a fool.
I'm not gonna call you a racist.
Even a clown knows what he is.
But the facts are the facts, and the fact is some of you are mad because even with all that white privilege, you're still just middle of the road.
Me and mine? We've made ourselves smaller for you.
We're done breaking our backs to make you feel worthy.
So, to the Sandovals.
We're not just taking a slice this time.
We're taking the whole damn pie.
I wonder how much that's going to cost me.
Worth every cent.
That was dope, Pa.
Powerful stuff.
I'm proud of you, Apa.
You know, for a minute there, I remembered why I fell in love with you in the first place.
Margaret, I didn't do it.
I know, Joe.
I know.
Hello, you've reached Joe Sandoval.
Sorry I missed your c Ah.
The next decision you make could affect the rest of your life.
You think I don't know that? Mateo is the man he is today because of you.
You've been his mother, his father, his everything.
And that's what he's become to you.
You've got him this far.
The rest he's gonna have to do on his own.
I know, Billy.
But I'm scared.
For him, for me.
I know.
But no matter what happens, we'll get through it.
Love is patient, love is kind.
It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud.
Love does not dishonor others.
It is not self-seeking, it is not quick to anger, it keeps no record of wrongs.
Love does not delight in evil, but rejoices in the truth.
Love always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.
- Hey.
- You're unbelievable.
What? Don't you feel bad? Don't you feel anything? You know, not everything's as black and white as you think it is.
No, Javier, please.
About my father, about my family, about this company, about why I'm here It's messy, and it's complicated, and sometimes, I don't even know myself.
All I know is that you're the only person that I want to talk to about it.
About anything.
Joe is a good man.
He gave me the opportunity to be a GM here.
And I'm ashamed that I had anything to do - with poisoning his reputation.
- Oh, Javi No, Antonio.
I thought I owed you something because of how I hurt you before.
I'm not playing your games.
Hey, Javier, wait Don't touch me! I see you found your backbone.
Hmm? Where was this guy 10 years ago, huh? Oh, wait, wait.
What? What? What are you doing? You don't want to watch it later? When I'm not here? Oh.
Are you kidding me? - No - V How dare you? Get out! - Okay.
- Get out! Get out! Joe? Are you crazy? Yes.
Come here.
What did Lettie say? Forget Lettie.
I don't love her.
What changed? Us.
There's an us? I was just thinking.
Mm-hmm? What could have been between us.
What we would have become.
Did I say something? No.
You're good.
Where's my shirt? Antonio, stop.
- Hey, Antonio.
- What? What now? You're responsible for what we lost.
You threw it away.
I already apologized.
I don't know what else you want me to do.
Look, I'm sorry, Javi.
This was nice.
It doesn't really change anything between us.
If I were you, I'd just listen and say yes.
Or we can make this really, really difficult.
I'm filing for divorce.
You'll no longer have access to our bank accounts.
And I'm keeping the house and your car, both of which I paid for.
And obviously, filing for full custody of Rita.
And what do I get? Your name.
But, uh, our prenup says different.
Our prenup says that if we get divorced, I get $5 million and half of your Heritage House stock.
Oh, Michael.
I may have been blindsided by your betrayal, but at least I read the fine print.
You forfeit everything if you engage in sex outside of the marriage.
I didn't engage in sex outside the marriage.
Well, I sure hope the judge agrees with you when she sees this.
I knew about the money you stole and the sex parties.
Now I have proof.
- Veronica - I'm done.
I owe you.
You do.
Hey, V, it was my idea.
God help the man who messes with my sister.
To us.
To our future, baby.
Here, eat a little more before you go.
Alright, no, no, no.
I'm so full.
- Gracias.
- Okay.
Yeah, yeah.
Until I can get you a proper wedding present.
Take it.
Take it.
Thank you.
How long will you be away? Hopefully it doesn't take too long to apply for the visa, but Mateo will be back next week.
He wanted to stay in El Salvador, but I'm making him come back for the harvest.
Take care, Daniela.
Thank you, Mrs.
We gotta go.
One day, I'll pay for a nicer honeymoon.
I have everything I need, Ma.
Oh, when did you become a man? What is this? Go.
Go, go, go.
Let's go.
Let's go.
It's an amazing thing.
no money, no education, comes to this country I did what you told me, boss.
Doesn't seem possible.
Or to some of you, it doesn't.
A brown man building all this? You sure no one saw you move them? Must have done something.
He must have committed murder.

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