Promised Land (2022) s01e07 Episode Script

El Mejor de los Tiempos (The Best of Times)

1 Previously on "Promised Land" The bones.
They're gone.
He must have moved them.
You're still dead to me.
Get out! I owe you.
It was so much easier to hate you when you were gone.
How about now? What changed? Us.
"It was the best of times" Uh-huh.
" it was the worst of times.
It was the spring of hope" Mm-hmm.
" it was the winter of despair.
" - - I'm sorry.
¿Con Margaret? Yes.
I like her a lot.
"We had everything before us, we had nothing before us.
We were all going direct to Heaven "we were all going direct the other way.
" Antonio.
You find bones in my vineyard and you don't tell me? I have to find out from Gonzo? You didn't need me to tell you where the bones were buried.
Where'd you find this? - It was with the bones.
- That's impossible.
- Is it? - Oscar Honeycroft was a drunk.
He drove his car off a bridge.
And conveniently for you, the body was never found.
You made it look like an accident.
You killed him, and then you took over the vineyard.
Hmm? Why didn't you tell me, Apá? I could've kept your secret.
I did not kill your grandfather.
No, you just moved the bones because you're innocent.
I moved the bones because I knew what people would think.
Can you blame them? I have nothing to hide.
The truth is, I was about to call you down here.
I need a lock of your hair.
For what? I hired an investigator.
I'm having the bones tested.
We'll compare the DNA to yours.
And then you'll see, these aren't your grandfather's bones.
And I'm not a killer.
Who's the lucky recipient of all that aggression? Left's for my father.
Right's for my soon-to-be ex-husband.
And that was for the custody lawyer I just fired.
Well, hey, for the next few weeks, I'm gonna be here at this time every morning, if you ever need a sparring partner.
Wouldn't want to ruin that pretty face of yours.
Pá, someone took my parking spot.
I gave it to Javier.
You know, since he actually comes here.
What are you talking about? I'm here all the time.
Did you see this? "Latinx Winemakers Come Into Their Own.
" Heritage House isn't even mentioned.
First, I don't know what "Latinx" means.
Second, I don't get what the big deal is.
Pá, you are the O.
Latino winemaker.
You are the list.
So how come you're not on there? We sell wine to everybody.
We sell wine to white people.
A core market that's treated us very well.
V, help me out here.
I'm trying to tell Papi that we should reclaim our roots, put a little heritage into Heritage House.
There's this woman, Natalia Rojas.
She's the top Latina marketing guru in the country.
That Dos Equis campaign? That was her.
That was a good campaign.
Okay, look, Latinos are joining the middle class in record numbers.
And if we don't jump on that, maybe one of our competitors will.
Plus, Pá, it's the right thing to do.
Talk to your marketing lady.
Oy! Mwah! Gracias, Papi.
How you doing? How's Rita? She misses her dad.
I'm sorry, V.
I had no idea you and Michael were having those kinds of problems.
Thought I could handle it on my own.
And now he wants joint custody.
Fight it, Veronica, with everything you've got.
How about you, Lettie? Anything for the charity auction? Lettie? Oh.
I'm sorry.
Um, uh yeah, I was, uh, thinking for the last item, maybe we could auction Father Ramos? Why, Lettie, that's not a bad idea.
Dinner with Father Ramos? Better yet, a weekend getaway.
They're bored housewives.
We have a history, Billy.
And we're playing with fire.
And the other night at the church, the way I felt with you, it I need some space, Billy.
I understand.
Excuse me? The union rep and his negotiator are here.
Richie! Where's that handsome son of a bitch?! Richie, get over here! How are you, Joe? Veronica.
Richie, always a pleasure.
Where's that lawyer of yours, Cal Peters? Actually, Joe, Sacramento brought in someone new this year.
Say hello to Tomás Gutierrez.
Tomás, huh? Latino, even better.
- Joe Sandoval.
- Un placer.
This is my daughter, Veronica.
She'll be handling negotiations.
Which I trust will go as smoothly as they always have.
So, I worked up an offer to get the ball rolling.
We s-suggest a 3% raise across the board and Well, 3% seems pretty meager, especially with inflation at 6%.
Yeah, I don't see any provision for health insurance.
Cost is prohibitive, as you know.
Not prohibitive for the mostly white employees who work in your tasting room.
Are you insinuating we treat our Latino workers differently than our other employees? Well, I don't have to imply it.
You do.
Richie, what the hell? Why don't we all sit down No.
We're gonna need to see a 6% wage increase and paid medical leave for all grape workers.
That's for starters.
No grower in the valley will agree to that.
Well, your stepson Mateo disagrees.
No successful grower.
Excuse us, gentlemen.
Pá, why don't you let me try to handle this my way.
Screw this guy.
I know, but you've trusted me with negotiations before, and you've been happy with the result, right? Take care of it.
I will.
Heritage House prides itself on always being at the forefront of treating its workers with dignity.
So, if you'll give me a chance, I'd love to show you that never has that been more true than today.
In that case it's a date.
I gotta be honest I only agreed to this meeting because someone I used to date swore by Heritage House's Sauv Blanc.
Did you date a 50-year-old white lady from Orange County? 'Cause that's why I'm here.
I'm listening.
Heritage House was snubbed on a Latinx Tastemakers List.
Literally no mention, when my father was the pioneer Latino winemaker in Sonoma.
I want to sell to people like us.
I want Heritage House to mean something to people like us.
You have an idea? A high-end tasting event.
We bring in an elite group of Mexican chefs, sommeliers, food writers No one over 40.
Get people to start thinking about the label in a whole new way.
"We're not your father's Heritage House.
" Yeah, I I like it.
I do.
Uh, but if you don't mind me asking, why are you thinking so small? You know? Pero the way that the Latin culture is moving, these dividing lines, they mean less and less.
Let's make Heritage House the standard bearer para todos Latinos in the U.
We'll do your event, but let's bring in the hottest Cuban chef from Miami, the New York City sommelier from Peru.
You know? Puro Latino.
I knew coming to the best was the way to go.
So, all Cal grads scope out their next target at the gym? Like a true Stanford grad, you've done your homework.
No, it was a coincidence.
I asked your stepbrother, Mateo, what's a good place to work out while I'm in town? Buenos días, Luis.
Yeah, my friend's a labor lawyer.
It's a nomadic life.
This month, grape workers in Sonoma.
Next month, hotel workers in Las Vegas.
But I love what I do.
You do, too.
I can tell.
Yeah, well, my family's overcome a lot to get where they are.
My father started out in the fields.
And we became the first vineyard in the valley to offer a higher education fund and paid internships for high school students.
To start an ESL program for your workers.
Someone else did their homework.
Yeah, that was Lettie's passion project.
It's a shame it was discontinued.
Look, I don't begrudge your family's success.
No? I just think you lost contact with where you came from.
We're actually hosting a big Latin networking event this weekend.
It's my sister's idea.
Why don't you come by.
Come see what us Sandovals do best Uplift and connect with others.
Sounds like a second date.
That would imply there was a first.
That's not what this was? Us? Nah.
If it had been, you wouldn't be getting a second.
I'll see you there.
Antonio! Come in, come in.
Mwah! Oh.
Who do I need to kill? I found the bones.
What? Where? Joe took them.
He said he didn't do it.
He's even getting them tested.
I guess we'll just wait and see.
they were so jealous of you today.
If they only knew Billy has been looking at you that way for 30 years.
I think you're forgetting about my husband, Marta.
Lettie? Lettie! ¿Oye, qué te pasó? Ándale! Gracias.
Lettie? Lettie, oh, my God.
I came as soon as I heard.
What do you need? I'm I'm fine.
I'll bring you some ice packs.
Oye, Joe, Billy I'm feeling much better.
Thank you for coming.
Of course.
You've never been inside before.
I see you put your touch on it.
Lettie, it's 100 degrees out there.
When it's this hot, you should slow down.
"Slow down"? Margaret, I don't think you understand how our jobs work.
Of course I do.
I'm down here with you guys all the time.
No, you sit in Gonzo's trailer.
- Sometimes.
- All the time.
You had a fridge put in for your colas.
We're out there working all day, every day.
And I'm young, and I'm strong, but there are workers who are much older than me doing the same job.
No, I'm sorry, but you don't understand.
You don't understand at all.
You are feeling better, aren't you? Congratulations, Mateo.
From the year I married your mother.
How's Daniela? You must miss her.
I do.
I was just talking to her right now.
I miss her.
But when she comes back, she'll be here legally.
I don't want her looking over her shoulder, always wondering when she'll lose everything.
It's no way to live.
I want nothing but the best for her.
And for you, too.
That's why I came to talk to you about this labor deal.
This guy, Tomás, what he's asking for is is crazy.
And I could absorb it.
Company like yours, just getting off the ground? It'll clip your wings just when you should be taking off.
I don't really care about the bottom line like you do, Joe.
This isn't about the bottom line.
It's about family.
You and Daniela want to start one, no? So you need to think about them now, too.
And what about your dream? That pinot you've always talked about cultivating? That'll take capital.
The kind you won't be able to spend if you sign this deal.
Hey, you owe it to yourself, Mateo.
And to your future.
Yes? I'm sorry, who? Can I help you? Uh Um, Carmen told me about your custody battle.
I-I don't want you to make the same mistake I did.
You're admitting you made a mistake.
You must really want something.
What is it? I want to help.
That's all.
And I've made a lot of mistakes.
But the one that keeps me up at night is leaving you.
Well, I'm sure your five-star hotel in Como helps with that.
Como is actually opening in 2023.
You know, why do you actually care? You've never even met Rita.
Not by choice.
Look, there's a lawyer, Pamela Fox.
She's the best that there is.
I know who she is.
She won't take on a new client.
She will take you.
I called her.
I already have a lawyer.
Is he telling you that California law favors the mother? Because it sure didn't for me.
Don't you dare.
Don't you dare come here and pretend like you gave us a second thought.
I fought tooth and nail for you.
Joe hired a huge legal team.
They threw every trick in the book at me.
Threatened to destroy me.
Look, I know that's not what you've been led to believe your whole life, and for that I'm sorry.
I should have been here to tell you the truth.
Well, you weren't.
And I will have to live with that for the rest of my life.
I am so sorry, Veronica.
I know I hurt you.
And that is something that a mother should never do.
So trust me you don't want the same fate.
So, I was thinking, maybe the wine could go here? And we could put, like, these cute little wine labels so that everyone knows what what they're drinking and and what it pairs with.
Or we could do it over here? No, here, definitely.
And with that view? Let them see what the First Family of Latinx winemakers built, right? Right.
Yeah, of course.
I'm thinking, after the event, we send everyone a dozen cases of Heritage House wine.
You know, let them pass it around organically.
Sell it in their restaurants, add it to their lists.
Yeah, a dozen seems like a lot.
You want to make a splash, Carmen, you gotta get wet.
Sure, I guess.
I mean, even if it's a failure, it's a tax write-off, right? Oh, you think this could be a failure, huh? Oh, no, don't take it in the wrong way.
It's got nothing to do with you.
Oh, no, I know.
It's got everything to do with you.
How obvious is it that the only thing my family expects me to accomplish is the perfect tan? Is that all you expect to accomplish? Hell no.
Then who gives a damn what your family thinks? Food.
You had mentioned ceviche earlier.
I think that's a terrific idea.
You really don't need to make us a wedding present.
You were there.
That's all that matters.
Too late.
The vision has taken a life of its own.
All it needs now is for you to get lost for a few hours.
I'm gonna head up to Briar Creek.
- I'll see you in a little bit.
- I'll see you later.
Uh, actually do you mind if I ask you something? Sort of some, I don't know, like, father-son advice? Uh, I saw Joe earlier today, and, uh, he had some Some strongly-worded opinions about this new labor deal.
Strongly-worded? My brother? Nah.
Yeah, we are nothing alike, me and him.
But? But I'm thinking he's not completely off the mark.
You know, I-I'm trying to build something here.
Mateo, I will forever deny that I said this, but I've often wondered what my life would be like if I had been more like Joe.
There's a reason why he went from being the least powerful man in the vineyard to being the most powerful.
I was a dreamer.
He was a doer.
But here's the thing.
You're not him.
You're you.
The question you have to ask yourself now is, what's your dream? And what cost are you willing to pay to achieve it? Oye.
Wedding present.
I got to say, I always thought our son's wedding would be much fancier than ours.
That's a low bar, considering our backdrop was Gonzo's trailer and your boutonniere was a twisted grapevine.
You're right.
Ours was much fancier.
I was so nervous.
You? I squeezed your hands so tight.
I know.
I thought you were gonna break them.
And then I kissed you.
Remember that, Lettie? How could I forget? I was marrying the man I love.
Carrying his child.
I remember everything about that day, every detail.
I still carry it with me.
Billy No, I shouldn't have come.
So, we're going to need the key to the side room where the chairs are.
Father Ramos would have that.
Where is he? Lettie? You must know.
- You know, I - Good morning, ladies.
Uh, I will be filling in for Father Ramos until further notice.
Is he okay? I wish I knew how to answer that.
Father Ramos is gone.
He packed his things and left town.
Oh, Billy.
Well, if it isn't the knight in shining armor and the tutor.
Please, please, join us.
Oh, don't mind me.
I collect them.
Old watches and pistols are my thing.
So, what brings you up here? Margaret invite you to tea or something? Mr.
Honeycroft, sir, there are things we'd like to ask you for.
To do our job better.
Pues it won't cost you nothing.
Don't ask for more pay.
Just a water break.
Don't you get one? Yes, sir, but on the hot days, it's not enough.
The other day, Lettie fainted.
Margaret's right, Mr.
We need two breaks.
"And it won't cost me nothing," huh? Now, you're learning Spanish, Margaret, huh? Mm-hmm.
Cómo se dice, "Time is money"? Ah.
Pues Ah.
It's a small request, sir.
A second water break and a shade tent on the hottest days.
We're asking you nicely, sir.
For the last time.
Marta, will you please show Margaret's friends to the door? Joe, wait! My father is wrong.
I know he is.
Let me work on him.
I don't know, Margaret.
Give me a chance.
Thank you.
What an excellent place to be.
The look on their faces is always extra delicious when they never expect you to make the game-winning shot.
- Former pro athlete.
- Oh.
Never leaves you.
Let me guess Volleyball? Basketball.
- Oh, okay.
- Point guard, yeah.
I used to play abroad Italy and then Spain.
The only time I ever left the country was to go to boarding school.
Just trying to picture you in that uniform.
Shall we mingle? Yeah.
Excuse me, love, do we have anything stronger? I heard from my investigator.
He spoke to the DNA lab.
And? We'll have the results tomorrow.
I can't wait to put this to bed.
About that labor contract.
I thought a lot about what you said.
Decided to sign the deal.
You're making a big mistake.
It's the right thing for me.
Just wanted to let you know.
You also have to consider the foliage-to-fruit ratio and the makeup of the soil Elevation, sun exposure, climate.
And, of course, the right management.
Ooh, the right management is key.
Joe, Lettie.
You both look amazing, as always.
Thank you.
So do you.
What are you doing here, Margaret? Good question.
Last time I checked, you weren't a cutting-edge Latinx tastemaker under 35.
Well, a girl can dream.
You're just a little bird today, huh? Oh, my God.
She's beautiful.
Who? The reason I'm here.
Excuse me.
Hi! Rita, this is your grandmother.
Oh, oh.
We will workshop that.
Rita! - Hello! - Say hi.
I hired your attorney friend.
She's revisiting our whole strategy.
- Thank you.
- Oh, my goodness.
No, thank you.
You're welcome.
Hi, bebé! Bebé, ven! Ven, bebé! - Oh, mi bebé! - Hey, Ma.
How do you like the party? It's cool, no? Uh, it's cool.
It's like getting back to our roots - or something like that.
- "Our roots"? Ay, bebé.
- What's so funny? - "Our roots?" What do you know about roots? You were born in a mansion.
I I was born in a bathtub.
Hey! was born in a In a barn! What's wrong? Joe Sandoval! She's wasted.
Joe, listen.
Okay, Lettie, ven.
I'm Veronica Sandoval, the CEO of Heritage House Vineyards.
As many of you know, my father, Joe Sandoval, was California's first Latin vineyard owner.
It's so good to look out and see so much talent from the Latin diaspora.
We may be from different countries, but we share similar histories and similar struggles.
And to honor that heritage, please enjoy, get some wine.
Salud! Salud! Hey, ven.
Hey, I have a question.
Yeah? How much did the party cost? I'm sorry? Between the food, the wine, plane tickets, I'm thinking it's at least 200K.
Close? Might have been nice to put that money towards the modest wage increases your Latino workers have asked you for.
In honor of your "similar struggle.
" You'll excuse me.
Hey, I like him.
I like him a lot.
Come back! Come back! And Alberto, the Dominican chef? He rejected all of his cases of wine.
Who rejects free wine? Your event was great, Carmen, okay? Yeah.
Till the grand finale.
No, unh-unh.
That was your father and your sister stepping in it.
That wasn't you.
You created something from nothing.
- You gave people a space to connect - Mnh.
and now they're familiar with two new brands.
Heritage House? And Carmen Sandoval.
Look, you're bored, Carmen, okay? And like me, you're no good when you're bored.
You have to stop limiting yourself to your family's world.
I mean, they're all about wine, and you're You're meant for more.
Like what? For starters, uh, dinner, with me.
And then, world domination or something like that, but we've got time to figure it out.
Like, a Like, a work dinner? I hate work dinners.
Good to see you again.
Is Joe in this morning? Nope.
You get me.
The union's counter.
Take all the time that you need.
We're open to negotiating.
You know, I, uh I clean up nice, but I still don't know how to act at these fancy events.
You want to punch me with your left or your right? Physical violence is for the weak.
Or men.
I tried to handle things privately with you.
Clearly, that was too much of an ask.
- Veronica - So I'm speaking.
You made assumptions, Tomás About me, about my family.
When the truth is, you know nothing about either of those.
So you want to negotiate? That's me negotiating.
Well? I want us to trust each other.
That means everything to me.
Can we open this together? All we want is to feel valued and like we matter.
Of course you matter.
I thought we were friends.
We are.
But I'm no better than any other worker.
I didn't say you were.
Look, I asked you up here for a reason, and it wasn't to talk about work.
It was to talk about Joe.
Don't act surprised.
I know you're in love with him.
That's I'm in love with Billy.
You love both of them.
I know.
But I love Joe, and I don't want that to come between us.
You're no good for him.
Excuse me? You and Joe, you're very different.
We're more alike than you think.
More alike than you two are.
Your father? He's in Santa Paula.
What? Margaret, wait.
Come on.
What are you doing? Nobody steals from a Honeycroft.
Don't be stupid.
Shh! Shh! Shh, shh, shh! Shh, shh, shh, shh! Shh! No, no.
No! No! No! Shh! Shh, shh! The bones in the vineyard they are my grandfather's.
That's impossible.
It wasn't Honeycroft, Apá.
It was your father.

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