Promised Land (2022) s01e08 Episode Script

La Verdad Te Hará Libre (The Truth Shall Set You Free)

1 Previously on "Promised Land" We have a history, Billy.
And now we're playing with fire.
You're meant for more.
Like what? Dinner, with me.
Lettie, you remember this We share our own secret.
No! If you try to take me down, I won't go down alone.
Bones in the vineyard It was your father.
Shh! Shh! Unh! Margaret, we have to stop the bleeding now! Marta Margaret, give me something to stop the blood.
Hurry! Manuel? We have to call the police.
We'll be arrested.
He's the one who broke in, Margaret.
Do you want to tell Billy? Or Joe? Then what do we do? We take him out to the vineyard, bury him, get showered, and put smiles on our faces.
We'll take this to our graves.
You tossed and turned all night.
You did, too.
You always get like that before the harvest.
No, it's not that this time.
I need to talk to Billy.
Have you seen him? Oh, Joe.
Billy left.
- What do you mean, he left? - He left.
Father Collins doesn't know where he went.
Doesn't make any sense.
Why would he leave? What's going on? Have you heard about the bones? Oh, no, don't tell me.
Those old rumors about Honeycroft.
- Not again, please.
- No, not Honeycroft.
Javier found a buried body out on the eastern edge of the vineyard.
I tested it.
It was my father.
How is that possible? I don't know.
The last time I talked to him, I told him I never wanted to see him again.
All these years, I tortured myself for tearing our family apart.
Turns out he was dead all along, not a mile from where I slept.
Oh, Joe.
I am so sorry.
A-At least now you can move on.
Move on? No, Lettie.
I want to find out who killed my father.
Oh! You, uh, always sneak out before they're out of the shower? I would have texted.
You really know how to treat a girl, huh? Empowered sexuality.
No strings.
Just honesty.
No one needs to end up in a year-long dead end.
But usually, you know, I'm the one that has to explain the fourth-wave feminism.
May have met your match.
Relationships don't really do it for me.
What does? Work.
Work makes you shiver? - It does.
- Good.
I actually do have a question.
About the business.
This a billable hour? I'm kidding.
Talk to me.
We sold out another batch of the sangria.
You know the restaurant group El Horno? Yeah.
Well, Gitana Sangria is their fastest-selling adult beverage.
We have an amazing product.
What's the problem? It's not what.
My stepbrother/business partner/grump who hates everything, Mateo, is the problem.
He wants Gitana to fly under the radar, not to be traceable back to him.
You know what? You leave him to me.
- But you - But me? - You don't get to leave yet.
- But me? No, you're not leaving me yet.
Oh, yeah? Good.
I caught you.
Marta, did you tell him? Tell me what? Father Ramos left Sonoma.
What do you mean? Like, left left? Yeah.
Well, maybe he'll come back.
Don't hold your breath.
Last time, it took him 20 years.
He didn't even say anything.
You okay? You know what? Yeah.
Yeah, the first time he left, it left an open wound, but these past few weeks, reconnecting, I realized his shortcomings weren't mine.
How about you? I know he was helping you with the? Yeah.
Ramos taught me that the first rule of sobriety is that no one does it for you.
So I'll be fine.
- Marta, how is she? - How's who? - Ow.
- Lettie.
Billy left.
Is she okay? Hey, booty call! Get in here.
How hot? How presumptuous.
Maybe I was at an early marketing meeting.
Very hot.
What's going on? Ramos left town.
What? No way.
How's Lettie? Hey, what does it say about Joe and Lettie's marriage that Ramos leaves town and the first thing we all do is ask, "How's Lettie?" - Okay.
I'm gonna go.
- Wait.
Hang on.
You and I need to sit down with Nati.
- The marketing lady? - Yeah.
It's about the sangria.
Carmen, I'm harvesting in a week.
I got my own grapes to worry about.
I can't be thinking about the sangria right now.
Ah, but you don't mind cashing the checks, do you? Okay.
Set it up.
I already did.
2:00 p.
at her office.
Ooh! Nati! Someone was at an early marketing meeting.
- Okay.
- Wait.
You hooked up with Nati? I was talking to her at the Tastemaker event.
She's hot! I feel like maybe What do you mean by that? Figure it out.
There you are.
You get that rotation schedule I sent? Yeah.
There's a few things to consider.
Mostly having the Zin so close to the water source.
But I'll e-mail you my concerns.
Or we can sit down and talk about it, tonight, with food.
What's that called again? You want to talk about the harvest or next year's planting? That's my job.
Otherwise, I'd prefer not to hear from you.
This is about the night of Joe's award.
It's about me realizing that the Antonio that I knew that I was in love with he's not coming back to Sonoma.
Come in! Joe found out.
He knows the bones are his father's.
My father always had some scheme going.
Talk to the old-timers.
Someone must know something.
- Gonzo? - And Marta.
Start with her.
She knows things.
And, more importantly, I can trust her to be discreet.
We harvest in a week.
You think we should focus on that? I'm sorry.
This is a little emotional for me.
What's the problem, Apá? We're used to pushing our emotions down, aren't we? Okay.
What is this? What's going on? Nothing.
It's like you told me on the day that I left.
Mind over matter.
"You'll forget him soon enough.
" Your leaving is the biggest regret of my life.
I'll apologize as many times as you need to hear it.
Why would you apologize? I'm grateful.
You made me who I am.
Whenever I question whether I have the strength to see a task through, I think of you.
"You'll forget him soon enough.
" I never settled things with my father.
I won't make that mistake with you.
Please, Antonio.
Can you ever forgive me? Where is everybody? I rented the gym for the morning.
You said if I ever needed a sparring partner This is about the other night.
You think I can't take you? I think you can try.
Paid leave.
Gotta cap it at 10 days.
- We're not moving off 15.
- State pays supplemental.
Plus, that's more than any California grower.
I've got a cramp! What? Come here.
I guess I deserve this for the way I behaved the other night.
You didn't just embarrass me.
You undermined me.
It's not gonna happen again.
Are we clear? - Crystal.
- Okay.
So I think that's about all the punishment my fragile male ego can take for the day.
We do still have that deal to negotiate.
- Maybe over dinner? - Sure.
Yeah, a friend of mine was telling me about this great steakhouse.
No, no, no.
I can't trust you in public.
Not after that stunt you pulled.
Sandoval Estate.
8:00 p.
Scene of the crime? See if you can behave this time.
I thought it would haunt me.
I thought I'd think about it all the time, but I don't.
You fill up your days with projects and kids and life.
I know we've had our differences over the years.
Well, that's one way to put it.
But I am saying this as the friend I used to be.
I know we promised to take this secret to our graves, but you have kept it long enough.
I can't tell him.
You have to tell him.
I'll lose him.
Maybe he'll understand.
It's Joe.
Well Take him to a restaurant.
Somewhere he won't make a scene.
Somewhere he has to listen.
Aren't you afraid of him finding out the truth? Afraid of what? That he won't love me anymore? Honey, that ship has sailed.
I never asked him to leave you.
You should tell him, before he finds out some other way.
I'm so sorry.
I have to take this.
No, no, no.
This is Margaret.
The bones in the vineyard, they're Joe's father's.
I heard.
From who? I'm so sorry.
I can't talk right now.
I have an old friend visiting.
Lettie? Correct! Well, did she mention that your plan to burn down her marriage is busted? Father Ramos left Sonoma.
That's okay.
I think another opportunity just presented itself.
I love you.
No, Billy.
¿Qué pasó, Carlito? iLa puerta! Can somebody grab that?! Well, look who I found picketing in the driveway.
- Hola.
- Hi.
I was too scared to bring wine to the Sandoval house, so I hope tequila works.
This one's scared.
See, in the spirit of our collaborative negotiation, we could cook dinner together.
Unless a man of the people like you needs someone to serve him.
I gotta go.
Joe and I are going into town.
Make yourself at home.
Hope you don't mind.
I started without you.
Caldo de Res.
You want to taste it? Ah, yes.
Love to.
Watch out.
It's hot.
That's really good.
Huh? Yeah, I'm Cuban, so it reminds me of, uh Pepper too much? You okay? Good.
So, I think the salary increases that we're offering are more than generous, given the harvest we had last year.
I mean, but if you want us to go higher, you could always offer us something in return.
Bread? She had to push the meeting.
You do know I harvest in a week, right? Yeah, you might have mentioned it.
Try not to be a hater.
- I'm not a hater.
- You hate everything.
I do not hate everything.
Remember that cooking class that V got you for Christmas? - I hated that class.
- Because you hate everything.
I hated that guy, too.
Chef Patrick? Not a good guy.
Try not to hate Nati, okay? She's got good ideas, and it's important to me.
Uh, so sorry to keep you guys waiting.
It's okay.
He, uh, needed a pep talk.
So, I hear Gitana needs a media push.
Here's what I'm thinking.
15-second viral spot videos that we microtarget to the high-income, young-adult demographic.
How does that sound? "Viral spot" sounds like a trip to the dermatologist.
Uh, Carmen told me that Gitana's not exactly filling your passion bucket.
She did? Look, if we do this right, within a year, you will be on the menu of every high-end restaurant in North America.
I mean, in two years, we'll have you in the supermarkets and Supermarkets? I-I'm sorry.
You don't get it.
She doesn't get it.
I know.
Success is the worst.
Uh, sorry.
Is there something wrong with supermarkets? Are you ashamed of your product? No.
It's nuanced.
It's fruity.
It has accents of pepper.
- Gitana is amazing for a sangria.
- Gitana isn't the problem.
It's just not a Pinot or a Chardonnay.
I am a wine snob.
Are you happy? Do I look happy? You're embarrassing me.
So you two don't agree on anything? But you agree on Gitana? I was about to show you guys a bunch of pictures of half-naked supermodels drinking sangria, but - You were? - Yeah, but we are scratching that idea.
- We are? - Yeah.
I have a whole new concept.
You two.
Sweet and sour.
City versus country.
Heels versus work boots.
Gitana is for everybody.
Uh It's actually not bad.
Am I sweet or sour? Take a guess, buddy.
Querido, we have a dinner reservation in 45 minutes.
Sorry, mi amor, I'm swamped.
I have to cancel.
Joe, I told you.
I have something important to discuss.
Is it more important than the harvest? More important than finding out who killed my father? What is Marta doing here? She's been the eyes and ears of Heritage House for 35 years.
She must know something.
Do you know what this is? Antonio told me.
Any idea who wanted my father dead? You forget that I never met your father.
I remember Billy told me that he was a drunk.
I was living in the big house.
I wasn't up on all the gossip.
How long have we known each other? You must know something.
Whoever buried Manuel knew how to keep a secret.
How can no one know anything? A man is killed and buried here, and no one knows a single thing about it?! - Apá.
- Marta, who did this? Who?! Apá, she said she doesn't know.
Lettie, take him to dinner.
I'm not going to dinner.
I have a harvest next week.
I gotta go.
I I'm gonna see if one of the ladies at the club is free for dinner.
You just lied to my father.
I sincerely hope you don't do the same to me.
I remember one night, when I was 8.
Joe and Margaret were fighting.
And the next morning, when I woke up, I asked you where my mom was.
And you sat at the edge of my bed.
And before you answered, you started rubbing this bracelet.
You told me a story about how Margaret went to visit her brother and that she'd be back before my birthday.
My birthday came and went.
And so did the next 20.
'Tonio You knew they filed for divorce.
Yet you lied for my sake.
You were different then.
Out of all the children, you were my favorite.
I knew your secret before you did, and I loved you even more for it.
You were fearless.
Not just because of who you loved but how you loved With your whole heart, never afraid of being hurt.
Until Joe sent you away.
And then this hardness took over.
Antonio, he loves you.
The way he and I grew up, it was a sin.
People were beaten, murdered.
He wasn't trying to protect the family from you.
He was trying to protect you from the world.
I know it doesn't feel that way but it's true.
You know how this business will look if this gets out? They will crucify my father.
Don't let them, Antonio.
You have to protect him.
The same way he protected you.
I can't.
Not unless I know what I'm protecting him from.
Marta told me.
I know it was you and Lettie who killed my grandfather.
It's torturing Joe.
You have to tell him.
I thought you enjoyed torturing Joe.
And I thought you wanted to destroy his and Lettie's marriage.
She saved my life, Antonio.
What happened that night is not a chess piece.
But Lettie is? You seem perfectly fine letting her tell him.
She's his wife.
And apparently she wants it to stay that way.
Joe lit into Marta.
Lettie got spooked.
She won't be confessing anytime soon.
He deserves to know.
All these years you still don't want to break his heart.
Good night, Antonio.
Sandoval! Sí.
It's the first meal I've cooked in two years.
As depressing as that sounds.
You know, I don't think I'd mind all the travel.
I love hotels.
Labor lawyers don't exactly stay at the Honeycroft.
But this life has its upsides.
For instance, you don't have to be a firsthand witness to your marriages falling apart.
Does it get any easier the second time? Like to make a joke right here, but no.
It's the worst.
Um Just feels Like failure? Yeah.
You know, I don't think I've ever failed at anything before.
I know that sounds conceited and It doesn't.
I I've met you.
Of all the things to fail at.
Don't get me wrong.
It's not like I'm grieving that weasel.
You're grieving the idea that life is under your control.
But it's not.
10 days paid leave.
Man, you are relentless.
It's a deal.
If Heritage House agrees to fund the ESL program again.
How should we celebrate? Grand Reserva.
Finest Heritage House has to offer.
It's sweet but not too sweet.
Like I don't know me.
Uh Cut! Mnh! I'm sorry.
I'm I'm I'm so sorry.
- I can't do this.
- Mateo.
I'm so sorry.
I can't do this, Carmen.
I said I don't want this traced back to me, and now, what, I'm in a freakin' commercial? With makeup on my face? Okay.
Just No one is going to recognize you.
They're just gonna think you're an unemployed actor.
- God knows he dresses like one.
- I heard that.
Mateo, please.
Just do it for me.
Here we go.
Take number I don't even know because I lost count.
And action.
Oh, my God.
Just one more thing.
Could you just put this down a little bit? He doesn't need more light on his face.
He's already haggard as it is.
And you You know what you're? "Cinema verite.
" Like you wanted.
I'm sorry.
Who's directing this thing again? - Sorry.
You're good.
- Yeah? - Yeah.
- Okay.
If we're good, we're good.
And action! You were incredible.
I know.
It was a team effort.
You, me, Nati.
You have such an amazing vision for this sangria, Carmen, but it's not mine.
It's all you.
I want you to have the company.
- Yeah.
In the back.
- Oh, okay.
What are you talking about? No, don't get me wrong.
I've had a blast working with you.
And you're right I don't mind cashing the checks, but at the end of the day, it's not about the money for me.
Gitana is not my passion.
It's yours.
And it's so inspiring to see.
Oh! Thank you.
But I'm not gonna take your charity.
I'll buy you out.
Oh, thank God.
I was hoping you'd say that.
- I've gotta pay rent.
- Yeah.
Plus, I don't know I got a really, really good feeling about this year's harvest.
Halfway decent shot of getting into Wine Snob magazine.
Thank you.
Rosa! Junior college.
Ay, ay, Billy! Okay.
No, Lettie.
I should have told you years ago, but I promised Lettie that I wouldn't.
Then when I heard the bones had been found I can't keep the truth from you any longer.
I'm so sorry, Joe.
Why didn't you tell me? I tried.
Last night.
Last night?! What about the last 30 years?! Joe, she was only trying to Trying to protect you.
Fine! And my father was a son of a bitch who deserved it.
That's not the point.
You let me believe that I drove him away.
You saw that pain, and you said nothing.
And I will regret that for the rest of my life, Joe.
But I do not regret what I did.
But if it happened again, to save my friend, I would do the same thing in a heartbeat.
I think you should leave.
You okay? It's a win-win.
Our workers are happy, and our stock will go up 5% when we announce.
Jittery shareholders love labor peace.
You reinstituted the ESL program.
I know that was important to Lettie.
Thought maybe you could tell her yourself.
Important to Lettie.
Apá? What the hell are you doing? I didn't want a win-win.
Just a win.
For Heritage House.
You gave me the authority to make a deal.
I gave them my word! I'm reopening negotiations.
Oh, you don't want a win for Heritage House.
You just wanted a win for Joe Sandoval.
For you.
I am Heritage House! What's this I hear about not working?! We start harvesting today.
I need everyone out there.
Well, did you hear what I just said? Get to work! Gonzo.
Oh, you have no idea what you've done.
This is a war now.
I forgot, uh, you don't speak Spanish.
Lettie We like our chances.
You think I can't replace you? Do you know how many there are just like you?! Busloads! You'll never work at this vineyard again! Thanks so much for dinner tonight, Mama.
It's the least I can do, right? Thank you for letting me stay here.
It's good practice for me for when you're an abuela.
Plus, you always used to remind me how our culture takes care of their elders.
I'm not an elder.
- No? - No.
- At some point.
- You're so bad.
Are you expecting someone? - Mama! - Yeah? It's for you.
Joe Sandoval.
Rosa? Rosa! Ohh.
We need to talk.
Is this about work? No.
Good night.
I came to Sonoma to take down my father and take control over Heritage House.
You know, for weeks, I've been chasing down a ghost.
A man named Carlos Rincón.
I had theories.
Maybe it was someone shady Joe was mixed up with or maybe even someone he killed.
But every time that I got close, I kept hitting a dead end.
Until now.
Marta gave me this wallet.
"Manuel Rincón.
" Joe's father.
The man whose bones you found.
Then who's Joe Sandoval? A math teacher in San Dimas.
He died in 1986.
My father came into this country and assumed the identity of a dead man.
That's the secret that Joe's been keeping all these years.
He didn't kill anyone.
He's undocumented.
What are you gonna do? You know, for years my anger for Joe consumed me.
It kept me from loving the people that loved me back.
What will you do, Antonio? Nothing.
We take this to our graves.
Well, there you are.
Joe Sandoval was a great man.
I knew it from the moment I met him.
But let's face it He's changed.
He is no longer capable of running Heritage House.
And that is why I'm launching this takeover.
It's why I invited you here tonight.
As a shareholder, you have the power to shape the future of Heritage House.
And maybe to save it.
Let's talk.

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