Proven Innocent (2019) s01e05 Episode Script

Cross to Bear

1 Previously on Proven Innocent What happened between you and Rosemary? You're afraid of me? MADELINE:It is my privilege to announce the candidacy of Evan Esteban-Miller for the attorney general of Ill Are the rumors true about your marriage? But aren't you tired of hiding our relationship? - Aah! - NIKKI: I'm a cop, Bodie.
There's more to your identity than just prison.
There is, huh? And what would that be? I missed you.
You were the first love of my life.
WREN: We spent a long time together.
Those were the best years of my life.
You can't be serious.
The police can't find her? You're letting them get away with that.
Your Honor, give me two days.
My investigator will bring her right to this spot, just please don't dismiss this case.
Miss Scott, I already decided.
I have filed countless affidavits.
I have multiple witnesses, and I have laid out in exact detail what Mrs.
Ramirez said to me, has said to dozens of people.
How she and her family have been harassed, intimidated, threatened with jail time and deportation, and now suddenly they can't find her? You can't be okay with that.
- Miss Scott, that's enough.
- Put me on the stand.
- I'll tell you what happened.
- I said that's enough.
Or better yet, call the corrupt police who continue to harass and intimidate my witnesses.
That includes and is particularly directed to Detective Falcone and his flunkies, who seem to conveniently have the entire legal system just wrapped around their fat little fingers.
It's absolutely outrageous.
You know what? You people make me sick.
One more word and I hold you in contempt.
Yeah, well, I hold you in contempt.
- [GATE ALARM BUZZES] - EASY: Feel better now? Yeah, just about.
You know, I'll deny I ever said it, but a part of me a very small part of me - relaxes in here.
- Yeah, it's like Tahiti, without the everything.
The iron bars, the rules and regulations it's familiar.
You keep picking fights with Judge Riley, you'll never have to leave.
He's one of the judges that still thinks you're guilty.
He's also a misogynist pig.
Who runs unopposed every six years.
Easy, their key witness was paid off by a corrupt cop to lie on the stand.
And Falcone's gonna keep paying off witnesses unless we stop him.
So what are you saying, you want to take down Detective Falcone? Exactly.
Let's expose him for the corrupt cop that he is.
You know, I bet if we took him down, dozens of his wrongful convictions would be tossed out.
Falcone is a high-level cop with friends in high places.
Taking him down would require an IAD investigation.
Or just one case, one solid witness to expose him.
You want to start a war.
We're already fighting the war, Easy.
Let's friggin' win it.
I just need you to post my bail first.
It's what I live for.
[GATE ALARM BUZZES] VIOLET: There are many people who feel the justice system is rigged against them, and sometimes it actually is.
Yes, most police officers are proud citizens who truly want to protect the public, but there are a few who will lie, cheat, and steal for their own interests, and those are the ones who are responsible for so many wrongful convictions.
On this week's episode of Until Proven Innocent, we will tell the story of one corrupt cop and our attempt to bring him down.
May I help you? Uh, I'm looking for a lawyer.
Sometimes a ninja is more effective.
Whatever gets my brother out of jail.
Oh, to get your brother out of jail? Yeah, you need a lawyer.
Come on.
- Come with me.
- MAN: I just read that you got arrested for contempt, and I thought you'd be the perfect person - to take a look at my brother's case.
- Why? The same detective that railroaded your client did the same thing to my brother.
Falcone? What happened to your brother? He was blamed for bombing a synagogue 15 years ago, which he had nothing to do with.
There was no evidence tying him to the scene.
What was the prosecution's theory for why he'd blow up a synagogue? That's where it gets a little complicated.
Um, my brother is Ronnie Petersen.
MADELINE: Yeah, we know this case.
Your brother's a white supremacist.
H-He was a white supremacist, but he isn't like that anymore.
He's totally reformed.
And, most importantly, he didn't bomb that synagogue.
Falcone pinned it on Ronnie because he wouldn't help him.
Nick, man, you seem like a nice guy, but I don't know if you noticed I'm a black man in these here United States of America.
So why would I even touch your case? Every lawyer that I've ever spoken to has kicked me out in minutes.
But I just thought, since you lost it in court over Falcone, you might want to hear how he framed Ronnie.
Falcone paid three people to say my brother was the bomber.
We appreciate you coming in.
But, reformed or not, we're not in the white supremacist business.
Neither is my brother.
I mean, he hates who he was.
Even now, he is trying to change the way that those guys think in prison, and he is constantly getting his ass kicked for it.
It breaks my heart.
People thought you were a sex-crazed Satanist, but you weren't.
Everyone deserves a second chance, especially the ones who regret their bad choices.
Please, just look at it.
CROWD: White power! America first! White power! America first! White power! America first! White power! America first! White power! White power! RONNIE: We need to take this country back! Purify our nation! White pow So, after we free Ronnie, can we can try to posthumously exonerate Himmler? Nick swears his brother is reformed now.
I don't know, maybe miracles do happen.
But, yes, it's hard to believe.
Plus, it wouldn't be a good look for us.
Even if he did change somehow, people wouldn't get it.
That being said, finding a way to expose Falcone is music to my ears.
You guys, we can find another case to go after Falcone for, if we really want to nail him.
We're not actually entertaining this, are we? Under normal circumstances, I wouldn't touch this case.
It's the wrongfully convicted part that has my attention.
Justice is justice, right? Yeah, as a white man, I think maybe I should just shut up.
- Maybe we just meet with him.
- Why? For what? For them.
These are Falcone's corrupt cases, right? More than half of them relied on his paid-off witnesses, and, unfortunately, none of them are anywhere near as obviously corrupt as this one.
Yep, and, in this case, the only evidence that's convicting Petersen is the false eyewitness testimony.
So if we get one of those witnesses to recant, we have a direct line to taking Falcone down.
What happened to shutting up? It would just be a meeting, Vi.
No promises.
Madeline and I will meet with him.
If he doesn't check out, we'll move on.
RONNIE: Well, I didn't blow up anything.
I swear to you.
Never did it.
Your brother's theory is that the witnesses who testified against you were set up by a dirty cop.
That's exactly what happened.
And I was easy to frame, because I was, you know, part of the organization that did this.
But I don't associate with those people anymore.
Turned my back on all that.
What brought the change of heart? [EXHALES, MUTTERS] I was just so young and stupid when I got sucked into it.
These guys, they made me think that my anger was justified.
That my family was poor because of Jews and black people.
Couple years locked up in here, started realizing how wrong I'd been.
All that hate I'd spewed at my little brother.
I'm just I just thank God Nick never got caught up in that.
I just wish I could have those years back.
You know? But I I spilled the milk and made a mess and [SIGHS] now I got to try my best to clean it up.
My name is Easy Boudreau.
I'm born and bred on the bayous of Louisiana.
If we take your case, I'd be sitting first chair, if that's okay with you.
I am more than okay with that, Mr.
It would be a downright honor.
I'm Madeline Scott.
I'm just a white woman.
That okay, too? Ah, gosh, this blows my mind.
The people who should hate me the most are actually the ones who are embracing me now.
It really is beautiful.
And I am so grateful that you came here and heard me today.
[INDISTINCT CHATTER] He have any intel on Ronnie? Well, he's been here a long time.
From what he tells me, Ronnie is legit.
Maybe a leopard can change its spots.
So, could be worth it to try to get those other people out? I don't know, but I guess we'll find out.
Violet, I'm with you 100%.
I don't like it.
But we have a real shot at getting a bunch of these people out.
You won't handle an abortion case, but you'll represent a white supremacist? People can change.
Some even deserve redemption and forgiveness.
You and I both know that that kind of hate runs deep.
Redemption only happens when you actually repent.
- He's conning you.
- You may be right.
He was awful.
Maybe he still is.
But maybe we have to live with that for the greater good.
It's a public display of our principles.
We fight for the innocent, no matter who they are.
He may have a horrible past, but he may also be innocent.
So what about Charlottesville and all of the other hateful white supremacist rallies that are happening all over this country? It's not interesting, Easy.
It's wrong.
This man does not deserve our time - or our talents.
- EASY: I hear you, but being a hothead won't change the world.
We have an opportunity to do something big.
Ronnie Petersen goes around calling us the N-word and burning crosses, but somehow I'm the hothead? I'm out.
EASY: Okay.
So, we're, um we're tracking down Detective Falcone's witnesses in your case.
[CLEARS THROAT] First thing I do when I get out is I'm gonna have these removed.
- I hear it's painful.
- Good.
I deserve it.
You know, it's crazy, isn't it, just how all this hate over nothing can literally tear a country apart? What we don't understand, we fear.
And fear and isolation breed hatred, and hatred roots in people.
I think you're right.
Here I am, just sitting here with you, normal as can be.
[CHUCKLES] [CHUCKLES SOFTLY] 15 years ago, I couldn't even imagine this.
You know, the key to your case is proving the witnesses lied.
So tell me about your alibi.
It's disgusting.
I was about two hours away from that synagogue.
Soaking burlap in Klan cologne.
Getting everything ready for a cross burning we were gonna do that night.
Sounds like there were a lot of people who could vouch for you.
Why didn't they? Most of them had records.
And everyone knew that Falcone was gonna be framing me, so they was just glad it wasn't them.
We only need one.
Well, I did have a girlfriend at that time.
So, if we find her, do you think she'll help? I don't know.
As I remember it, she was pretty hateful back then, too.
All right.
Bodie tracked down one of those false witnesses, Dante Jordan, and he's on the streets finding him now.
Levi? Why are you here? Hey, sis.
[MADELINE SIGHS] - What? - I found Toby Kissell.
You said that there was an Adderall ring in high school, right, that-that Rosemary was secretly taking that Toby was the guy that was selling the Adderall? - So? - So maybe that's why he killed her.
Come on, drink up.
- Come on.
Finish the whole - [LAUGHS] Don't rush me.
- Come on.
- [LAUGHS]: Oh! LEVI: What if he was her dealer? You know, then he's hooking up with her? Then he lies about us at our trial? YOUNG TOBY: Levi went berserk after he caught me and Rosemary in the tent kissing.
He said that he was mad at Rosemary, that he wanted to kill that bitch.
BELLOWS: Nothing further.
LEVI: He lied about us.
I mean, why would he say something like that in court unless he was trying to hide something? - Huh? - [SIGHS] All right.
There could be something there.
- We should talk to him.
- Okay, good.
I found him.
He's-he's living in Evanston.
I say we go there now.
I can't today.
I have a case I'm dealing with.
[SIGHS] Okay, fine.
I'm heading up there myself, then.
'Cause, sis, I'm gonna prove to you I did not kill her.
[SIGHS] Oh! Toby Kissell? [CHUCKLES] Almost didn't recognize you there.
- Hey, Levi, uh - Hey.
What are you doing around here? Oh, I'm looking for you.
What's it been like, 17 years? - Yeah? - What can I, uh, do for you? I'm just tracking down old friends, you know.
I mean, we-we are old friends, right? Yeah.
All that trial stuff is water under the bridge? Well, aside from the ten years that my sister and I spent in prison, yeah, sure.
Yeah, well, I-I should go.
Hey, tell me something, Toby what-what have you been doing with the last ten years of your life, huh? You got, like, a wife, you have family, kids? Uh, I'm divorced.
No kids.
That's a shame.
You were, like, top dog in high school, you know? Different girl every week.
Slinging Adderall to all the kids.
- I sell insurance now.
- Ooh.
Anyway, I, uh I should go.
We should talk.
We should catch up, you know, about old times.
I don't know, like, maybe like what happened the night that Rosemary Lynch got murdered.
Everybody's moved on from that.
It was a long time ago.
Yeah, except for when you're sitting in jail for a crime you didn't commit.
Then time just kind of stands still, Toby.
I keep replaying that-that night over and over again in my mind, and I-I can't quite figure out why you lied on the stand.
Did you kill her? - Huh? - What? Was it because of the Adderall ring? - Because she was gonna expose you? - No, of course I didn't.
- Did you kill her? - Stay the hell away from me! [HORN HONKS] ALDERS: This is our first debate in the race for Illinois attorney general.
On my right is Cook County State's Attorney Gore Bellows.
- [APPLAUSE] - On my left, former prosecutor Evan Esteban-Miller.
- Welcome to you both.
- [CHEERING AND APPLAUSE] Our first question is for Mr.
Voters believe that police misconduct is still a major concern.
If elected attorney general, how will you address this issue? I think transparency is the key.
I plan to implement several programs both for citizens and for the police, whose lives are still being sacrificed on our streets every day.
But more importantly, it will rebuild the trust between the community and the police department.
Because a relationship can't survive without trust.
Esteban-Miller, same question.
Fact: last year over 6,000 complaints were filed against the police in Chicago, but only two percent resulted in disciplinary action for the officers involved under the office of Attorney Bellows.
Yes, let's-let's blame that on me, too.
I mean, - that-that's entirely bogus.
- 98 to two, - it's clear which side - Police disciplinary action - Attorney Bellows is on.
- has nothing to do As attorney general, I plan to work with the police unions and the city to modify policies so that we can flip those numbers.
Because transparency isn't just key.
It's often a matter of life and death.
[CHEERING] ISABEL: I think it went well.
That's 'cause you're an idiot.
You weren't prepared.
Now maybe you'll listen to me next time.
Holy wow, Gore.
That was mediocre.
What did you say to my husband? Oh, that he's a train wreck.
Yeah, you got to come out guns blazing to change the narrative.
It was bad.
Thank you, Susan.
That's enough.
Dante Jordan? Bodie Quick.
I'm with the Injustice Defense Group.
Look, we need to talk to you about Ronnie Petersen.
Aw, I'm wearing the wrong shoes.
I think the word is out that we're going after Falcone.
[SIGHS] Yeah.
I know.
Well? - Message sent.
- Good.
Appreciate you looking out.
[SIGHS] What's Detective Falcone got on you, buddy? No idea what you're talking about, man.
Come on.
Six trials, you told the jury exactly what Detective Falcone wanted you to say.
That's perjury.
You can go to jail for a long time for that.
What do you want from me, man? 15 years ago, the Ronnie Petersen trial, you gave false testimony.
Falcone paid you to do it.
Now we need you to tell the judge that.
No, man.
No, man.
Look, he look, h-he doesn't even pay me anymore, man.
He doesn't pay me.
He just threatens to lock me up if I don't do what he wants.
Well, we're taking Falcone down.
You want the threats to end? You got to help us out.
Well, this is a very well-written puff piece.
It's absolutely wonderful in its frivolity.
- Come on.
I mean, it's not that bad.
- Oh, it's bad.
I can't print this.
But I can find another writer.
Hey, just Don't do that.
Just let me keep going, okay? - I will get you something.
- You better.
Or someone else will.
I got Dante Jordan to agree to testify.
That's great.
Uh I found Ronnie's ex-girlfriend.
She confirms his alibi.
How'd you get Dante to step forward? Falcone stiffed him for his last two court appearances, and hell hath no fury like a false witness scorned.
See ya.
- Hey.
- Vi.
You're leaving? No goodbye? I heard about that bullet.
Trying to get your head blown off, too? Okay.
You know what? I get it.
You're morally opposed to this case, and I understand why.
It's horrible.
But I really can't take this attitude.
We need to win, all right? So get on or get off or whatever you need to do, but this train is moving.
[SIGHS] [EXHALES] Take one.
Not for air.
I was one of a few black kids at my high school.
And one day, a few of us went to our lockers and found a noose hanging inside.
And our principal told us that while it was awful, racism was just a part of life that we needed to accept.
He said the hate train was never gonna come to a stop.
And we were just gonna have to toughen up and ride it out like everyone else in history.
Have you ever had to ride that train? MAN: So, remember, continue to do the Lord's work and walk in his path.
Thank you for coming, and see you next week.
[INDISTINCT CHATTER] You need to talk to your son.
Something happened to him at school today.
What happened? Audra and I will wait outside.
Come on, baby.
What happened at school? - I got into a fight.
- Over what? Kids was messing with me about your case.
I told you to fight with your words, not your fists.
You let that stuff roll off your back.
And you don't have to get yourself in trouble defending me.
I was not defending you.
I was defending myself.
[SCOFFS] You're a hypocrite, Dad.
Always preaching pro-black this and Black Lives Matter that, but, man, you ain't really down.
You told me to never compromise.
And look at you.
[SIGHS] Michael.
One day you'll understand why I'm doing this.
I'll never understand this.
It's for the greater good, son.
Look at me.
If you don't hear nothing else, hear that.
All right, let's go home now.
I, uh, got suspended.
All right.
I'll talk to Principal Denton.
I'll take care of it.
Don't trip.
Mom knows.
She'll take it from here.
[ATTICUS WHINES] I'm not gonna become one of those people who talks to their dog, so - [WHINES] - You shut up.
What a good boy, Atticus.
[SIGHS]: Uh listen, I think it's pretty obvious that we haven't been entirely honest with each other.
I'm sorry, th-there's just there's been No, no, no, don't don't apologize.
I should have told you this a long time ago.
The truth is I liked you since before Becky and I broke up.
[DYLAN SIGHS] I think you're inspiring and smart and good.
And I love your smile and your eyes and your hair.
And I get it, it's not easy to be vulnerable for anybody.
It's got to be even harder for you after everything that you've gone through, but but I want to try to do this, for real.
If you want to if you want to try.
Do you want to? Yeah.
I think I do.
Hey, pretty girl.
Back so soon? We have a case that's causing some friction with Violet I need someone to talk to.
What about that guy you were telling me about? How come I don't see you for months, and then the moment I lay eyes on you it all comes flooding back? It's the same for me.
So, I mean, tell me about this guy.
- You still talking? - Yeah.
[CLEARS THROAT] Yeah, we're talking.
He's around.
Where's your girl? - She's around.
- [CHUCKLES] MADELINE: I want you to know that, whoever I'm with, that a part of you is always with me.
I love you.
MADELINE: All right, so, we should tell you how this is gonna go once we get inside.
All right, listen, brother, just tell the truth.
You still good to go, man? DANTE: Hell, yeah.
I'm tired of his corrupt ass, man.
- Let's do this.
- [SIRENS WAILING] - Dante Jordan, you're under arrest.
- For what? What the h - what the hell's going on, man? - MADELINE: Hey! Excuse me.
I'm his lawyer.
What's the charge? Here's the arrest warrant.
Hey, what's going on, man? You said I was good.
MADELINE: We can't proceed, Your Honor.
Our witness, Dante Jordan, was just arrested.
- On the courthouse steps.
- That's unfortunate.
It's criminal.
The prosecution knew that Mr.
Jordan was about to testify to the threats and the corruption that Detective Falcone used in this case.
- They're protecting Falcone.
- Mr.
Duncan, - what's going on here? - Sorry, Your Honor, I'm just getting caught up.
I was recently given a copy of an arrest warrant for Dante Jordan.
Armed robbery, felony assault of a peace officer.
From what I gather, the police have been looking - for him for some time.
- And they just happen to make an arrest right before he was about to testify? - Guess they knew where to find him.
- Your Honor, it's an obvious attempt to keep our witness from exposing the corruption of Detective Falcone.
The prosecution's playing dirty to protect a dirty cop.
Do you have any evidence to substantiate these allegations? I did.
He just got arrested.
We need a continuance, Your Honor.
Get your ducks in a row.
We do this again in two days.
Court's adjourned.
- What the hell just happened? - A slight delay.
You just play me, boy? Oh, that's right, I see you, brother.
- OFFICER: Let's go.
- What's up? - [SCOFFS] I see you, brother.
- Come on.
What the hell was that? Looks like our leopard still has his spots.
EASY: It was that look.
You know what I'm talking about.
So I was right he was conning us.
- Can we drop this case? - No.
We can't give up.
We have one shot at Falcone.
This is it.
Even though he is clearly a racist.
BODIE: Well, we've got another huge problem.
Our star witness is in the county lockup for the foreseeable future, which means he's definitely not testifying.
Then we need to find a different angle.
All right, 30-year career, Falcone leaned on dozens of people.
He must have had help.
You mean other cops.
VIOLET: Even if he had help, there is no way his brothers in blue are gonna flip on him.
Unless we can force them to.
Let's see who we can leverage.
Work your contacts.
Someone on the inside must have hated Falcone - just as mu - Much as I hate our client? [DOOR OPENS] RECEPTIONIST: Can I help you? Sir.
Toby Kissell? What are you doing here? Keep your drug-addicted brother away from me.
Look, I don't know what Levi said to you He accused me of killing Rosemary, which is ridiculous we all know who really killed her.
Do we? Because the way I remember it, you blatantly lied on the stand.
That's perjury, and it makes - you look pretty guilty.
- No.
I testified to what I heard.
You lied, and we both know it.
If I see him again, I'm calling the cops.
He's messed up.
I don't want him anywhere near me.
Because he reminds you of how guilty you are? Or because you stole ten years from us? No, don't look away.
You look me in the eye, and you tell me that you think Levi killed her.
What else are you hiding, Toby? Don't you come in here like you're the innocent victim, because you're not.
You ruined him.
You're a coward and you're pathetic, and everything that happened to him is your fault.
Get out of my office.
I think you're putting a spell on me with all this good food.
[BOTH CHUCKLE] Does it make you want to sleep with me more? Mm.
Makes me crush on you more.
Yeah? - Yeah.
- Finally.
Does this mean that we can go out in public and have dinner in a restaurant? [SOFT MUSIC PLAYING] Okay, but nothing fancy.
I promise take you to the most mediocre place - I can find.
- Yeah? - Yeah.
- Yeah? Hey, if we go public, I need you to stop trying to free the white supremacists.
- [LAUGHS] - He's a scumbag.
- Okay.
- Yeah.
I guess Falcone did a good thing putting him away, then, yeah? Falcone's a piece of crap.
He's one of the bad ones.
You ever work with him? No, but, uh, his partner "Dirty David" Moss that guy used to hit on me nonstop.
He's a pig.
You want me to take him out for you? - You know I'm a ninja.
- [LAUGHS]: Yeah? Part-time.
You know.
I have the outfit.
Yeah, well, that guy took himself out.
Oh, this is good.
Really good, babe.
What do you mean he took himself out? He went out on some bogus disability charge a couple years ago rumor is he still collects three-quarters of his salary, - tax-free.
- What a pig.
- Cheers.
- Babe, this looks good.
So good.
BODIE: I got a name.
David Moss.
Supposedly dislocated his shoulder in the line, but I have it on good authority he's a liar.
VIOLET: So a cop who's defrauding the city by taking disability but isn't actually injured that's our big breakthrough? Why not? That's all the leverage we need, if we can prove it.
I got to go somewhere.
You want to work out some aggression? I think I do.
Let me grab my coat.
All right when are you two gonna make up? It's getting seriously weird around here.
Whenever she wants.
This is her thing, not mine.
I know, it's awful, but there's a bigger picture here.
If we win, we can help a lot of innocent people.
Let's stay focused on that.
[GRUNTS] Your weight.
What did you just say to me? Your weight.
You got to put your weight back a little.
Do you want to show me how to do it? Wow! Where have you been all my life? Do it again.
I'm Madeline Scott.
I know who you are.
EASY: You're receiving $2,700 a month in disability.
- Tax-free.
- Have been for the last five years.
- Exercise is part of my rehab.
- EASY: Hmm.
What the hell do you want? You want to serve your time with dozens of men Falcone put behind bars unfairly? I'm sure they'd love to see you.
I don't know what you're talking about.
I'm not your guy.
That is the number to the chair of the Disability Review.
- [LINE RINGING] - I'll just give him a call.
Up to you, David.
Food's better here, though.
Trust me, I know.
WOMAN: Hello.
You've reached the chair of the Disability Review.
Hang up right now.
You want me to flip on Falcone? He was my partner for 11 and a half years.
If he goes down, you're gonna take me down with him.
MADELINE: You don't have a choice.
But I don't do anything without immunity.
All right, this is very tricky.
We can apply.
We probably won't get it.
Bellows is the only sure way to get him immunity.
Moss is perfect, and we've got him nailed.
There's got to be another way to get him to testify.
VIOLET: You want to know what happened to those kids who hung the noose in our lockers? Not a damn thing.
They got off with an insincere apology.
The Ronnie Petersens of this world they have a contagious disease.
It's called hatred.
This is my cross to bear.
So if you don't like my attitude, be a real friend and try to understand why I even have one in the first place.
- [CLICKS] - I thought about putting that up on the podcast, but then I realized it was just intended for one person.
I'm so sorry, Vi.
My tunnel vision in this case is not an excuse to be a jerk, especially to you.
I wasn't thinking about your experience.
Probably because I don't really know enough about it.
Well, it doesn't exactly come up in everyday conversation, does it? I want you to know you can tell me anything any time you want.
I'll hear you.
For today, is there any chance I could get, like, a one-time idiot friend pass? There is, - but it expires.
- That's fair.
- I love you.
- I love you.
So, you're gonna want to hug me again, because I had a hunch, and I went through Falcone's IAD complaints.
Look at that.
That's an ugly way to go.
It's an ugly case.
They made three major drug busts - today alone.
- Mm.
It's a perfect way to change the story.
It's fantastic.
Get it on the cover of the Trib.
Then it's fantastic.
What a surprise.
Please, come in.
VIOLET: My parents always taught me that nothing in life is free.
That everything we want comes at a price if we're willing to pay.
That payment is what I call sacrifice.
Let me get this straight.
[CLEARS THROAT] You want me to request immunity so that a white supremacist can be set free? There's something in it for you, too.
12 years ago, your opponent, Esteban-Miller, represented Falcone on a series of corruption charges and won.
He suborned perjury.
It's a scandal.
You grant Moss immunity, indict Falcone and score some big political points using it against your opponent.
I thought this was your candidate of choice.
Please believe that if I'm here it's because I'm out of options.
And anyway, Esteban-Miller kept Falcone on the streets for years, which means he's, in a way, responsible for dozens of wrongful convictions.
It's intriguing.
I give you Falcone, you give me the headline and the ammunition against Esteban-Miller.
But Moss has to testify on a different case.
I cannot be responsible for getting a white supremacist out of jail.
Certainly not in an election year.
MADELINE: So, he'll give us what we want.
We just have to get Moss to testify in a different case.
Bellows doesn't want to see Petersen go free.
This is perfect.
We get to nail Falcone and we don't have to free a Nazi to do it.
That's fine by me.
- I won't do it.
- Seriously? Whether Petersen is a racist or not, we all know he didn't commit this crime.
He deserves our defense on that principle alone.
I dedicated my life to freeing the innocent.
I'm not going to stop now for a good deal or because I don't like the client.
We're either wrongful conviction attorneys or we're just like Falcone making deals to get what we want.
I offered to make the deal, but I will not release a white supremacist, and Madeline's partner won't budge.
So make the deal.
[BELLOWS SIGHS] It's a direct hit on Esteban-Miller, and the details about Ronnie Petersen will be buried in a tidal wave of Falcone's other cases.
I'm not putting a Nazi back on the streets.
I still have a conscience.
Who cares? He served 15 years.
I care.
I'm sick of making compromises for this campaign.
I got a job to do.
I'd like to keep doing it.
[GRETA SIGHS] I had a miscarriage.
What are you talking about? 23 years ago.
I never told you because I didn't know if I wanted to keep it.
I just wasn't sure and then the decision was made for me.
It happened right after Isabel's mother was murdered.
You were so upset over that case that I didn't want to pile on, so I kept the whole thing a secret.
The way the press destroyed you during that time I'd cry at night, I was so angry.
And I'm sure that's why I lost the baby.
Is that why you hate Isabel so much because you blamed her? Maybe.
Or maybe it was the fact she became your baby.
It just it bothered me.
And I know it's not fair to her, but nah.
I don't care.
[BELLOWS SIGHS] I'm sorry you had to go through that.
You should have told me.
Life is tough, but we fight on.
Now make the deal and shove it down Esteban-Miller's throat.
I don't care how we win, but we're gonna win.
You're gonna be A.
and then you're gonna be governor.
Get it done.
[APPLAUSE, CHEERING AND WHISTLING] Earlier today, after a thorough and swift investigation, my office indicted Detective Rich Falcone on charges of corruption and police misconduct.
- [SIREN CHIRPS] - I immediately took action - and placed him under arrest - Falcone, hold up.
and have reopened and will personally review every case that may have been impacted by Detective Falcone's misdeeds.
Let me assure the public that while every one of these injustices will be made right, the truly guilty will not go free.
[APPLAUSE, CHEERING] This is the type of leadership I will bring to the attorney general's office.
Unlike Evan Esteban-Miller, who previously represented Detective Falcone on corruption charges.
So the voters have to ask themselves who do they want for the next attorney general someone who's in league with dirty cops or someone who puts them behind bars? [APPLAUSE, CHEERING] Thank you.
This is usually our favorite part.
This one just feels kind of Crappy? Depressing? [MADELINE SIGHS] You kind of regretting it, too? A little bit.
We had to do it.
- Hey! - Son.
- How you doing? - Okay.
[INDISTINCT CHATTER] So, what's it gonna be, Ronnie? You're all right with me, Easy.
MADELINE: Take care.
Why'd you do that? For the greater good.
I just pray that small gesture did more than those gates did when they opened up for him.
VIOLET: We all sacrificed a piece of ourselves to help right the wrongs of a wicked and corrupt cop, and we did it because it was the right thing to do for those men and women who were powerless and who already paid the ultimate price.
This case tested us all.
It made some of us stronger, and some of us more conflicted, but sometimes, you have to make sacrifices to serve the greater good.
You played me, manipulated me so I'd tell you about Moss and used that to take down Falcone.
Baby Baby, you know that Falcone was dirty.
Don't! Did you even think about how this would blow back on me? Yeah, I didn't think so.
- Nikki, wait.
- No.
Damn it, Bodie.
I liked you.
Why'd you have to ruin this? [DOOR CLOSES] VIOLET: If we can sit and listen to our enemies' points of view, we can maybe learn something about each other and about ourselves.
So please, guys, let's keep this conversation going.
No matter how hard it is to do.
- How was work? - Mmm.
Who cares? - [PHONE RINGING] - [KISSING] Through the fire MADELINE: Hey, it's Madeline.
Leave a message.
[BEEP] LEVI: Hey, sis.
It's Levi.
Look, I finally talked to Toby Kissell.
The guy's totally messed up, and he-he's definitely hiding something.
He's got to be the one that killed Rosemary.
Ooh, ooh, ooh Ooh-ooh, ooh From the ashes - Ooh, ooh, ooh - From the ashes Ooh-ooh, ooh From the ashes - Ooh, ooh, ooh - From the ashes Ooh-ooh, ooh From the ashes - Ooh, ooh, ooh - From the ashes Ooh-ooh, ooh From the ashes.