Proven Innocent (2019) s01e06 Episode Script

A CinderHella Story

1 Previously on Proven Innocent JOE: How you doing on Madeline Scott? - Come on, I mean, it's not that bad.
- Oh, it's bad.
I can't print this.
- Okay, I will get you something.
- You better.
Or someone else will.
12 years ago, your opponent, Esteban-Miller, represented Falcone on a series of corruption charges and won.
I thought this was your candidate of choice.
Please believe that my being here means I was out of options.
Toby Kissell? Keep your drug-addicted brother away from me.
Don't you come in here like you're the innocent victim.
You're a coward, and you're pathetic.
And everything that happened to him is your fault.
MADELINE: Fill out the form in any language you like.
Just tell us your story.
- We'll try to help you if we can.
- All right.
- VIOLET: We also have care packages - Thank you.
- with snacks and makeup - Thank you.
and hair care products.
There's also a prepaid commissary card with a $20 credit.
- Miss Scott.
Do you know me? - [GRUNTS] - WOMAN: Hey.
- Uh yeah.
You're Adele Meyerson? I didn't kill my mother, Miss Scott.
You got to believe me.
I-I was wrongfully convicted by the press, - just like you were.
- Okay.
All right.
Here's what I want you to do, Adele.
Fill out this form, get it back to me, and we'll review it.
I-I can't stay here, okay? This place is a living nightmare.
- I can't - Fill out the form.
I'll review it personally.
And I won't be swayed by any of the past press.
- Okay, thank you.
I - Move out the way, bitch.
They got $20 with my name on it.
Oh, it's okay.
You can just step around.
Why I got to step around when she in my way? Hey! - Maddie.
Don't even think about it.
- You okay? - Thank you.
Want to put some ice on that, slugger? - Thank you.
- Yep.
BODIE: Do you want me to wrap your hand in a a bag of frozen peas or something? Like Bradley Cooper in A Star Is Born? What does he have that I don't have, huh? Are you asking that seriously? I didn't see it.
How was it? I loved it.
Why'd you skip it? I don't watch movies with self-pitying white folks.
So you haven't seen a Julia Roberts movie since? - [WHISPERING]: Never.
- Okay, I'm gonna jump in now.
Uh, no, I don't need a bag of frozen peas, thank you.
Yes, I love Julia Roberts.
And lastly, does anyone have anything useful on Adele? Otherwise known as "CinderHella," convicted of stabbing her stepmother 37 times.
VIOLET: Adopted mother.
She was born in Korea and adopted by Taylor Meyerson, who's this billionaire textile magnate who brought her here when she was six years old.
EASY: Uh, the media says Adele's adopted mother - never loved her.
- VIOLET: Well, she didn't speak English very well when she got here, so her mother ostracized her, called her stupid.
EASY: She bonded with Daddy.
He loved her, spoiled her, and she loved him.
I think her mother resented her because just after Daddy died MADELINE: Adele got treated like Cinderella.
BODIE: Except for, in this fairy tale, CinderHella gets revenge.
With a knife.
37 times.
Adele swears she didn't do it.
Oh, then she's definitely innocent.
VIOLET: Yeah, because if she isn't, then she would be the first convicted murderer to lie in the history of American crime.
Okay, your collective trepidation is noted.
But I remember the case against her wasn't that strong.
Did you hear the zombie-like 911 call? That's what convicted her with the public.
People didn't think my 911 call was that great, either.
MADELINE [ON TAPE]: Please, help.
She's not breathing.
There's so much blood.
She's dead.
Rosemary's dead.
You're either too emotional or not emotional enough.
The only person who thought I was telling the truth was Was me And just like you, she contacted every innocence project she could.
And no one wanted to take her case, just like no one wanted to take mine.
I love it when you two go down memory lane.
It's sweet, right? Should we go talk to Adele? Please.
On this week's episode of Until Proven Innocent, we will look at the case of Adele Meyerson.
It is a salacious tale of greed and hate between an adopted daughter and the mother who never loved her.
In the famous novel The Stranger, the protagonist is convicted of murder mostly because he doesn't cry at his mother's funeral.
Sometimes, what we show the world is more important than what is actually true.
What is your emergency? ADELE: My mother's on the kitchen floor.
There's blood.
She's not moving.
911 OPERATOR: Is she breathing? ADELE: She's dead.
I don't know why I sounded like that.
I-I can't even remember calling 911.
You were probably in shock.
Do you remember finding your mother's body? Kind of.
I saw my mother, and there was so much blood, I something in my brain just kind of shut off.
After I found her, I couldn't sleep.
I couldn't eat.
I couldn't do anything.
My aunt got so freaked out, she had me locked up in a mental ward.
The case file says you went in voluntarily.
They make you say that so they can keep you there over 48 hours.
I missed my mother's funeral.
I missed my best friend's funeral.
They used it against me at trial, said I was heartless.
[SCOFFS] They did the same thing to me.
It's a really common tactic.
Especially when their case isn't that strong.
They convict you with character assassination.
The police did have physical evidence.
They found bruising on your body consistent with a struggle.
I know.
And I can't explain that.
I don't know how I got those bruises.
You really can't remember? No All these years later, the whole thing is just a blur.
The bruises were just there.
What about the witness statements? Half your family members testified against you.
A lot of people lied, for a lot of different reasons.
They wanted her inheritance, so they pinned it on the adopted Korean girl who hated her mother.
Why'd you hate her? Because she hated me.
The CinderHella thing is partially true.
She treated me like her personal slave.
You're not exactly convincing us you didn't do it.
I wasn't perfect, and my mother and I, we fought a lot, but I-I wouldn't hurt her.
I would never hurt anybody.
All right, Adele.
We'll keep digging.
And maybe we'll find a glass slipper.
VIOLET: A story is the most important part of the trial.
What happened? What does the evidence say? What's truth? And what is fiction? As wrongful conviction advocates, we know that the best place to start retelling that story is with the original trial lawyer.
Well, we know the case is a little thin, but anything you can offer would help.
It only took the cops and the prosecutors about a week.
They rushed the DNA, they didn't canvass all the witnesses, but had their theory, and that was it.
Their theory being a bratty adopted kid who killed the mother who never loved her.
Yeah, but don't forget about the money.
If Jane's dead, Adele gets $300 million.
- And now? - Her father's sister got it all.
Adele's Aunt Tessa.
Is Aunt Tessa capable of murder? I don't know.
She did get Adele locked up in the mental hospital right after the murder.
I see you got the murder weapon DNA kicked at trial.
Yeah, cops botched that pretty good.
The entire case came down to eyewitnesses and motive.
Also, the jury just loved to hate Adele.
She was in shock.
Well, she had just found her dead mother.
That seems relatively normal.
- She was, for the most part.
- And the other parts? After a few days, she became belligerent.
Especially when she heard she was missing her mother's funeral.
We needed to use restraints.
Well, if they had to use restraints, that would explain the bruising.
Do you have pictures of Adele when she was admitted? I'm not legally allowed to say.
Well, we could get a court order.
- I think you should.
- MADELINE: Are you saying that because you don't think Adele killed her mother? To me, she was grieving.
So, no, I don't believe she killed her mother.
MADELINE: We need to cast doubt on this bruising evidence.
I'll subpoena the hospital records.
They clearly have something the doctor wants us to see.
There's also eyewitness testimony and some not-so-great character witnesses.
Like this Aunt Tessa character.
Who puts a kid in a mental hospital after their mother dies? A woman who inherited $300 million? Well, she's our number-one suspect.
Let's follow the money.
Levi, what is it? Toby Kissell's dead.
He hung himself.
I can't believe it.
I mean, I just saw him.
So did I.
After you talked to him, he came here and threatened to have you arrested.
I threatened him back.
Well, that's a relief.
'Cause I thought I was the one that drove him to suicide.
It turns out you were.
[BOTH LAUGH] - Thanks, Brother.
- Ah, yeah.
This has got to be about Rosemary, though.
I mean, think about it, you know? We see him, he kills himself.
He's feeling guilty.
I mean, th-there's a reason why he lied on the stand.
Or he was depressed and he killed himself because he needed help.
We got to go to the funeral.
Are you serious? Why? To find out what happened to Rosemary.
Best place to start is Toby Kissell's funeral.
]: Traeger threesome, hold up there.
Lee single is gonna be joining you.
Twosome, check in, please.
Bryer twosome, check in.
Whew! That is quite the stroke you got there.
I bet you're even better with a knife.
- I beg your pardon? - A knife.
You know, like, uh, like you'd use to stab somebody.
Maybe 37 times or something.
You're peculiar.
- I don't like peculiar.
- Hmm.
And you're Tessa Meyerson.
I work for your adopted niece, Adele.
You remember her, right? You put her in an asylum right before you helped convict her? And then you inherited your late brother's $300 million estate.
Yeah, you had motive, you certainly have the strength.
So you think that I killed Jane and framed Adele? The thought crossed my mind.
I loved Adele.
She was the cutest little girl, but then she turned into a horrible brat.
Drove my brother Taylor into an early grave with worry.
Jane never liked her.
So after Taylor died, she cut her off.
That is why Adele murdered her.
Believe me, I don't need money as a motive.
- Why is that? - Sweetie, I was already rich.
Oh, hey.
I think Aunt Tessa might just be the murderer.
I confronted her, I went at her hard, and she responded with ice-cold gin in her veins.
Did she say anything incriminating? Yes, she said that she did it for the money, that she was guilty, that I should take her in.
Violet, what have you got? Jane Meyerson was having an affair with her lawyer.
Rumor has it she called it off just before she was murdered.
Oh, man, that is good.
Where'd you get that from? A magical land called the Internet.
But I confirmed it with a reporter friend.
Did the cops interview either of these people for Jane's murder? Nope.
They focused on Adele.
BODIE: Two suspects with perfect motives.
Police don't even interview them.
Maybe CinderHella is innocent.
EASY: All this is good, but it's not gonna get her conviction overturned.
We need something definitive besides rumors and Bodie's bullying.
The subpoena came in today for Adele's hospital records.
Might be something there.
EVAN: Madeline.
Mind if we talk? Sure, Evan.
[SIGHS] You sold me out.
And to Bellows, of all people And you suborned perjury defending a corrupt cop.
Exposing it got my innocent client out of prison.
And you teed up Bellows to win.
I thought we were on the same team.
What if I gave you the perfect way to sink Rosemary's Law? Depends on how perfect it is.
Rosemary's father hates Rosemary's Law.
He thinks it's politically motivated.
I bet he'd come out against it and then Bellows can't use it against you.
I'd be happy to broker an introduction.
You'd be thrilled.
You want to see Rosemary's Law defeated just as much as I do.
Politics is horrible, isn't it? Right this way.
MAYFIELD: I think you gentlemen know one another.
[BELLOWS CHUCKLES] We've never officially met.
- Gore Bellows.
- Rick Zahn.
It's a pleasure.
I'll leave you to it, then.
- BELLOWS: Thank you.
- Thank you.
What can I do for you? Just about to ask you the same thing.
[BOTH CHUCKLE] Ah Word is that your campaign is, uh fraught.
Madeline Scott's nipping at your heels.
I read recently that she's taking on yet another one of your wrongful convictions.
And through her work, she's writing a pretty persuasive narrative of your incompetence.
We are all over the Scott issue.
Rosemary's Law has been pretty effective in blunting her attacks on me.
Your campaign staff reached out to my people, so I was assuming that you needed some financial help, but if that's not the case No! No, no, I, uh I need your support.
And I understand that you need a friend in the attorney general's office.
And I'd like to be that friend.
[ZAHN CHUCKLES] I appreciate the candor.
I like someone that just lays it out there.
Then, by all means, tell me what it is you're looking for in a candidate.
I'm looking for help.
It's a life-changing appetite suppressant, and it's one of my most successful products.
It's so successful, I got four big pharma firms trying to take it down.
The FDA's investigating.
At the behest of those same firms.
I think you're probably aware there's a criminal investigation being brought against me by some young, ill-advised prosecutor downstate, so if I were to, uh, back you and you won, I would just love it if all that went away.
It's a tremendous opportunity, Gore.
You can ensure that a life-saving product remains available and, at the same time, earn the thanks of a constituency that has the means to bankroll you all the way to Springfield Governor.
You know my granddad worked the train yards for 40 years.
And your father was a a city alderman of grand and noble purpose that never got above ward politics.
Then you know the reason I want to be the next attorney general.
System's failing.
Corruption is rampant.
Honest and hard-working people are missing out on what makes this country great.
And I want to fix that.
There's a lot I can do for you, Rick.
But if Dorisole turns out to be dangerous I can't help.
Totally understand.
And I'm sure none of this will come to pass.
Then, one day, we'll all look back on this and laugh.
- Hey, best of luck with the campaign.
- Thank you.
[EXHALES] CinderHella's story is no fairy tale.
Wrongful conviction lawyers pull double duty as storytellers.
We have to destroy the prosecution's story and then tell a different, more believable one.
Adele wanted to attend her mother's funeral, and when I told her she couldn't, she got angry.
Attending orderlies had to restrain her.
Were you present when these police photos were taken? - Yes.
- And was that before or after Adele's altercation with your staff? It was after.
I believe she sustained those bruises at the hospital.
MADELINE: But the prosecution's entire case was based on the fact that Adele got those bruises when she struggled with her mother.
In my opinion, they were incorrect.
Why didn't you tell investigators? REED: I did.
I gave them my report and advised that their time line was wrong.
It's an obvious Brady violation, Your Honor.
Defense counsel was never given this report.
Duncan, was the prosecution aware of this report? This wasn't my case, Your Honor.
That doesn't answer my question.
I'm sorry, it's the best I can do.
Petitioner moves for a new trial, on the grounds of prosecutorial misconduct.
Motion granted.
Defendant is remanded to the custody of the Cook County Correctional Center, but we'll calendar immediately.
[QUIET MURMURING] EASY: New trial, new chance at freedom.
- BAILIFF: Ready? - EASY: All right.
- Let's go.
- It's okay.
Now we just have to win.
Yeah, we got a problem.
EASY: What's up? Aunt Tessa and Loverboy Lawyer both have airtight alibis for the night of the murder.
Neither of them did it.
We have to find a new suspect.
The judge granted you a new trial, but you're still charged with murder.
We've been able to knock down one of the prosecution's theories, but we still need to find a solid suspect.
Tell us again about the night of the murder.
You were at a party.
Yes, at my friend Sydney's house.
And she testified for you at trial, said you were there all night.
EASY: Uh, Grant Thargard, a prosecution witness, said you left early.
Grant lied, he's a liar.
[ECHOING]: He's a liar.
MAN: Toby Kissell, for the prosecution.
Levi told me he was going to kill Rosemary and that his sister was gonna help him.
[WHISPERS]: I can't believe this.
EASY: Why would he perjure himself? ADELE: I don't know.
He tried to have sex with me that night, and I wouldn't let him.
But I don't think that's a reason why he would ruin my life.
Any reason to think he could have killed your mother? He knew her.
I guess it's possible.
I-I don't know.
Why? All right, first, let's focus on a motive for why he would lie.
Is there anyone who would know? Anyone we can talk to? Sydney Ball.
It was her party.
Me and Adele were best friends.
I feel terrible I've never visited her in prison.
I miss her.
It's hard to see the people we love locked up, but you should visit her.
It would totally make her day.
I'll go see her.
I feel bad.
She's not a killer.
But I wouldn't blame her if she did it.
Her mom was such a bitch.
She would always say Adele was her adopted daughter.
You know, stressing "adopted.
" Like we couldn't figure it out anyway.
So what happened that night? My parents were out of town, so I threw a party.
Me and Adele were having fun, so we took some Molly.
- How much? - Too much.
After a couple hours, she said she was feeling dizzy, so she went upstairs to sleep it off.
Do you remember what time that was? I wish I did.
I was so messed up.
Grant Thargard testified that Adele left your house at midnight.
You know any reason why he would have lied about that? No.
I mean, he's a total douchebag.
That could be why.
I assume you had a cell phone back then, right? Did you take any pictures? I gave them all to Adele's lawyer, but she's not in any of the photos.
Do you mind if we take a look at them? I just I don't know, I feel like we might find something they missed.
So, like I said on the phone, Until Proven Innocent is like a a true crime podcast.
So this is like Serial? VIOLET: Yeah, sort of.
But not as good.
This week's episode is about the Meyerson murder, and we wanted to get your take on it.
Are you ready? Cool.
Let's do it.
So, Grant, what can you tell us about the night that Jane Meyerson was murdered? Sydney had a big party.
I was the the D.
Uh, designated driver.
Adele was out of control.
Her and Sydney took some Molly.
Adele came on to me.
She came on to you? Big-time.
I turned her down.
I'm, uh, I'm not into lo mein.
[STRAINED CHUCKLE] Uh, we actually heard that that you came on to Adele.
You tried to, uh, hook up with her that night.
- Who the hell said that? - Adele.
You talked to her? In prison? How'd you manage that? Oh, we're on her defense team.
I'm out of here.
Oh, hey.
One more thing.
Uh, we got you this.
Until Proven Innocent T-shirt.
It's also a subpoena.
We'll see you in court.
LEVI: Half our high school's here.
So this should be fun.
Or not.
Who invited you guys? The whole class got an e-mail about it.
We're here to pay our respects.
Just don't kill anybody.
Well, we'll see how the day goes.
WOMAN: Oh, my gosh.
Maddie and Levi Scott.
- BOTH: Hi, Cassie.
- I haven't seen you two since Our murder trial.
Rosemary and Madeline fought all the time.
Madeline had a violent temper.
I guess we got that one wrong, - huh? - Yeah.
So weird that we only see each other when someone dies.
Levi Scott? Holy crap.
You look good.
Guess, uh, prison agrees with you.
Clint, right? Levi was always macking on high school girls.
He was a real perv.
Yeah, you got bald.
I guess freedom really took a crap on you, huh? [LAUGHS] Always a jackass, huh, Levi? Yeah.
This was a great idea.
Everyone's so happy to see us.
Toby would feel so honored to see all of his classmates here today.
Hey, who's the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo? I think that's Linda Barrett.
She was one of Heather's mean girl flunkies.
MINISTER: We will now hear from one of Toby's closest classmates, Heather Dupinski-Husband.
- Ugh, Lord.
- You kidding me? HEATHER: Thank you.
[MICROPHONE FEEDBACK SQUEALS] Toby Kissell was preternaturally kind, - generous and empathetic.
- "Preternaturally"? - [CHUCKLES] - HEATHER: Even after all these years, he never fully recovered from the brutal slaying of his teenage love, my best friend, Rosemary Lynch.
Her mur Her murder devastated this town, and I know it haunted Toby.
I have no doubt that this nightmare, which eventually led him to take his own life, began the night that Rosemary Lynch died.
MADELINE: Linda? LINDA: Hey, Maddie.
MADELINE: Ditched out on Heather's eulogy, huh? I thought you two were pals.
We are definitely not pals anymore.
What happened? I was almost the third.
The third what? Dead high school friend.
If the paramedics had been a minute later, I wouldn't be standing here right now.
Did you know about this whole Adderall ring? Yeah.
Heather would steal her dad's prescription pad, and Toby sold it.
Some of us got it for free.
Friends of Heather's? Something like that.
What do you mean? La Grange wasn't what it seemed.
A lot of bad stuff happened here.
This is me.
I got to go.
Do you know who killed Rosemary? - I have no idea.
- Wait.
Look Toby's gone now, and there could be more if this keeps going.
I don't understand what you mean.
Just let it go.
It's good to see you, Maddie.
She said she nearly overdosed.
Well, maybe her life just got complicated.
No, I think it was about Rosemary.
I never realized how much her death affected everyone.
A girl is murdered.
The case became a national obsession.
Of course it affected everyone.
She said I should stop asking questions.
Maybe she's right, you know? Maybe Toby would still be alive if I hadn't confronted him.
No, that's not your fault.
Listen, you deserve to find out who killed Rosemary, because it wasn't you.
- I'm never getting married.
- Sure, you will.
Someday, a handsome guy is gonna kiss you in a perfect way, and you're gonna melt.
[LAUGHS] I'm not really the melting type.
[BOTH LAUGH] MADELINE: Do you think we'll always be friends? Even if we're old and married with kids? You kidding? Of course.
I'm moving in next door so our kids can be best friends, too.
[BOTH LAUGHING] What are you thinking about? You.
I'm thinking you're pretty great.
Well, I think you're pretty great, too.
I have been a spark waiting for gasoline The aftermath When all is said and done Chain reaction Coming from the oxygen In my lungs.
[INDISTINCT CHATTER ON VIDEO] Hey, how is it? It's like Kubrick and Fellini if they were both lobotomized.
It's hours of drinking and dancing, and one kid threw up, which made four other kids throw up, and it's all shot with flair.
What about our girl? CinderHella is barely in it.
Couple of cameos early, but nothing that's gonna work for an alibi.
This reminds me of my college days.
Oh, yeah? Violet was a party girl? - Come on, how hard-core were you? - You have no idea.
- Come on, inquiring minds want to know.
- No.
Pause the video.
In the background there isn't that Grant Thargard? [BODIE SIGHS] [ELEVATOR BELL DINGS] - Hello, Madeline.
- Were you lying in wait? No, I knew you'd be coming this way.
I just wanted to have a word with you.
It'll just take a moment.
I'll get right to the point.
You have to stop representing Adele Meyerson.
- Funny.
- I'm serious.
Look, she is not one of your noble, wrongfully accused clients.
I was part of the team that worked the original trial, and DNA evidence was tossed on a technicality, but it was a match.
- She killed her mother.
- What are you doing here? Are your poll numbers sagging? Is this because I come to your office once? Look, I'm here because I have a fundamental obligation to protect the innocent and convict those who are not innocent.
Our personal history aside, I know when someone's guilty.
Do you? Thank you, Gore.
I'm good.
Adele was belligerent.
She was trying to order more booze, but her credit card was declined.
She said, and I quote, "My mom is such a bitch.
I'm going to kill her.
" And then she left the party.
Nothing further.
That was a very lucid account of what happened, Grant, very detailed.
How do you remember so much when everyone was so wasted that night? - Not everyone.
I was sober.
- Completely sober? Yup.
I was the designated driver.
Was driving my dad's Jag that night, so - didn't have a choice.
I was just wondering how you would explain this - to your dad.
- [INDISTINCT CHATTER ON VIDEO] That's you, right? Doing cocaine all over the coffee table? [MURMURING] Grant why did you lie at Adele's original trial? The cops found the drugs on me.
They told me if I didn't cooperate they were gonna charge me with possession.
So, to save yourself, you sent an innocent woman to prison for murder.
- Objection.
- Withdrawn.
Think I'm done with this witness.
In the words of the great Paris Hilton, "That was hot.
" [LAUGHS] There's something so satisfying about nailing liars on the stand.
Only thing is he's got a motive for lying, but not for killing Jane.
I don't think he did it.
I know.
We need a new suspect.
Sorry, have we met? Not officially, but I've been following your case.
I'm Arthur Kauffman.
I'm a criminal technology professor at Northwestern.
I've spent my career studying the apex predator of the American urban ecosystem: the serial killer.
- Why are you following our case? - I know Adele.
I corresponded with her.
I even visited her in prison a few times.
- What for? - Actually, it ties in with what you were just talking about.
A suspect? You have one? Possibly.
I think Jane Meyerson was murdered by a serial killer.
ARTHUR: I remembered when Jane's case was all over the news.
Honestly, I never gave it much attention.
My focus was always on Carter Leopold.
The notorious blue blood accused of stalking and killing five women.
He was acquitted, found innocent.
Because of sloppy police work and sleazy defense counsel.
- No offense.
- None taken.
ARTHUR: It wasn't until a few months ago when a student of mine wrote a paper on Jane Meyerson's murder that I began noticing several striking similarities between Jane's case and Leopold's known victims.
They were all middle-aged women who had been stabbed multiple times.
I contacted Adele right away.
I started asking her specific questions.
I was then able to track Mr.
Leopold using an algorithm I designed.
An algorithm? You have a math algorithm for solving murders? A mathematical model, more accurately.
My students and I have been amassing data on every murder occurring in the U.
over the last 40 years.
Allow me to demonstrate.
You enter the victim's age: 43.
Race: Caucasian.
Sex: female.
And so on.
Next, we detail the crime scene: was the body found indoors? If so, was there signs of forced entry? Sexual assault? In Jane Meyerson's case, the cause of death was multiple stab wounds.
The program then assigns Jane's case a seven-digit number, which then links to Every related homicide in the greater Chicago area.
I'm almost convinced Jane was murdered by Carter Leopold.
- Almost? - One key element is missing.
Leopold had a fixation.
He required his victims to ask to be killed.
So he contacted them using an e-mail scam.
He signs each of his phishing e-mails with the initials "H.
" I believe that stands for "Hunt, Torture, Stab.
" - Catchy.
- ARTHUR: If the recipient replies, he stalks and then kills her.
There's no way we can know if he killed Jane unless we access her e-mail account.
Why didn't Adele mention this theory to us? ARTHUR: She doesn't believe it herself.
She probably doesn't want you to think she's crazy.
But I really think there could be something here.
Bodie, you think you can hack into Jane's e-mail? Yeah, I'm all over it.
MADELINE: Something about this case just never made sense.
No plausible alternative suspect.
So now we have one.
- You said you were making progress.
- [SIGHS] There's nothing there.
She didn't kill Rosemary Lynch.
I thought she suspected her brother.
She doesn't.
I grilled her about that.
Look, she's trying to find the real killer, all right? And if she finds him or her, that's the story.
So you're saying this could take months or years or never? - [PHONE VIBRATING] - Yeah, that's what I'm saying.
All right.
Move on to something else.
My name is Charles Lynch.
My daughter Rosemary died at the hands of a brutal killer.
Her murder devastated her community, her friends, and it destroyed my life.
Gore Bellows says he's creating Rosemary's Law to help the victims of crime.
You know what you can do for me, Mr.
Bellows? You can find the person who killed my daughter and stop using her name for political gain.
Evan Esteban-Miller has dedicated his life to this community.
I stand with him.
Because he stands for us.
I am Evan Esteban-Miller, and I approve I think that puts the stake in Rosemary's Law.
Then let's blanket the state with ads tying Esteban-Miller to Detective Falcone's corruption.
MAYFIELD: With what money? Call Zahn.
apologize, beg.
Or promise him everything he wants.
Then stiff him once you're in office.
Now, that I can live with.
BODIE: I'm in.
Enter password.
" Let's search for that, see if anything pops up here.
Oh, wow.
That looks like he contacted her for months.
MADELINE: And she responded.
That fits the profile.
- I'll work on Leopold's subpoena.
Really nice work.
This isn't good.
What? It's a news story about you.
"Did Madeline Scott drive friend to suicide?" - Great.
- "Sources close to Scott "reveal she remains obsessed with solving "Rosemary Lynch's murder.
Scott's prime suspects include her brother.
" How would they know that? Well, it's the Daily Post.
That's Dylan's paper.
His name is in the byline.
"Additional reporting by Dylan Pierce.
" He was using me.
I am so sorry, Maddie.
JOE: It's the company's hard drive.
I gave the research to Amanda and she behaved like a professional and wrote it up.
You son of a bitch, I told you - I didn't want to do this.
- You slept with her, didn't you? Rule number one in shtupping your sources: use the sex to get the story, not to lose it.
Go to hell.
I quit.
How you holding up? Totally fine.
I know it sucks.
I thought Dylan was a keeper.
No, I Honestly, it was nothing.
I'm good.
But you know I'm here if you want to talk.
I have a lot of experience with men who disappoint, and you do not want to bottle up that anger.
- You ready to go? - Yeah.
Leopold, you were charged with the murder of five women you met online, is that correct? Objection.
Leopold, you don't have to answer that.
You're not on trial here.
I have nothing to hide.
I was fully acquitted of all charges.
The accusations against me were unfounded.
Well, you have plenty of personal experience with false accusations, don't you, Miss Scott? Absolutely.
I'm representing a falsely accused client right now.
Leopold, when did you first meet the victim, Jane Meyerson? Oh, I never met her.
You mean you've never met her in person.
As opposed to on the Internet? I never met her on the Internet, either.
Is that right? I'd like to introduce you to Defense Exhibit F.
It's an e-mail sent from you to Jane Meyerson, dated February 17.
It's the same day Jane Meyerson was murdered.
I did not write this e-mail.
Well, the IP address attached to the e-mail is registered to 1932 South Avalon Drive.
- Isn't that where you live? - Yes.
But this is not me.
I didn't send this woman an e-mail, and I certainly didn't kill her.
Well, I'd be happy to let the jury decide who killed Mrs.
I'm just trying to establish who sent her dozens of catfishing e-mails.
Didn't you send the exact H.
Hunt, Torture, Stab e-mail to five other women who were brutally stabbed the same way that Jane Meyerson was brutally stabbed? Objection.
I thought Mr.
Leopold wasn't on trial here.
I'd like to hear his answer on this.
I - I plead the Fifth.
- Excuse me? [GALLERY MURMURING] Mr.
Leopold, do you have reason to believe that if you answer my questions truthfully that you will be subject to criminal prosecution? I don't know.
I just know I didn't write this e-mail.
- And I don't understand - Because you stabbed Jane Meyerson the same way that you stabbed those other five women.
- I didn't do this.
I swear.
- Objection.
The witness is Did you also mean to frame the defendant, Adele Meyerson, for the murder of her own mother? Or was the sloppy police investigation - just a happy accident for you? - Objection.
I think we're done here.
What just happened? I think we just found your mother's killer.
Miss Meyerson.
Please stand.
Madam Foreperson, what say you? We, the jury, find the defendant, Adele Meyerson, not guilty of murder in the first degree.
JUDGE: Congratulations, Miss Meyerson.
You are free to go.
[MURMURING] Couldn't have done it without you.
- Thanks.
- This is your victory, too.
Thank you.
Thank you.
VIOLET: And now for our fairy-tale ending.
Our guests are Adele Meyerson and Professor Arthur Kauffman.
Adele, I will be honest, I could not have survived the horror you endured.
I really need to thank you guys at the Injustice Defense Group for taking my case.
For telling my story.
And for talking to my hero, Professor Kauffman.
You people saved my life.
That's great.
Let's, um Let's take five.
I just have to use the bathroom.
No problem.
I was, uh, surprised to hear from you again.
I Thank you.
You had, uh, made your position pretty clear last time.
Positions change.
And I realized that I wouldn't have any positions at all if I didn't win this thing.
And I'm gonna need a lot of money.
[CHUCKLES] Well, we live in a post Citizens United world my friend.
I can give you all the money I want.
And, uh, you know, I'd be happy to, if Well after a standard review of all relevant investigations, I suspect my staff will recommend that we discontinue any legal actions against your interests.
Then let me respond by saying I will do everything I can to get you seated in the AG's office.
Thank you.
I look forward to our time together on the campaign trail.
You're gonna campaign with me? Absolutely.
I like you, Gore.
And I adore Greta.
So, I think we could have a blast on the trail.
- Oh.
[CHUCKLES] Welcome aboard.
- Yeah.
[BELLOWS CHUCKLES] I do have a, um it's a bit of an awkward question.
Isabel Sanchez.
She single? So that's why you want to campaign with me.
Guilty as charged, counselor.
She's a real spitfire.
Don't be offended if she's not interested.
[LAUGHS] No offense taken.
VIOLET: Okay, so I left them alone for a few minutes.
The main mics were off, but I'd left the room mics on.
- Why? - I had an instinct.
A bad one.
ADELE [ON RECORDING]: I still can't believe it worked.
ARTHUR: I told you it would.
ADELE: Planting those e-mails on the computer was genius.
[ECHOING]: You're my brilliant professor.
I love you so much.
ADELE: I love you, too.
Adele and Kauffman were in it together.
Bellows was right.
Adele was guilty and we just got her out of prison.
So, we're just gonna take these these tapes to the police, right? EASY: No.
We got her acquitted.
She can't be tried again.
Double jeopardy.
Plus, Bellows will crucify us for defending the guilty.
He'll hammer it in his campaign slogans and get himself elected.
Man, they totally played us.
It's diabolical.
That CinderHella is good.
MADELINE: And the cops will go after Leopold and they'll find out he didn't do this.
We can still get this Professor Con Job for accessory after the fact, right? Attorney-client privilege.
We can't implicate him without implicating her.
We can't do anything.
We're screwed.
VIOLET: It is the ethical obligation of every lawyer to mount a compelling defense for their client.
Of course we hope to exonerate only the innocent.
But sometimes the system fails and the guilty are set free.
Now, lawyers are forbidden to betray their clients, innocent or guilty.
But for those of us who aren't lawyers, we know that if a person gets away with a crime, there's a good chance they'll commit another.
And when they do, we will be right there to catch them.
Listen, I've been trying to call you.
I am so sorry, okay? Joe ran that story, not me.
I tried to get him to stop it [GRUNTS]