Psych s04e08 Episode Script

Let's Get Hairy

Shawn, we shouldn't left our troop.
Dude, this is a chance to put our skills to a real test.
What was that? It was nothing.
Your little lil'chief senses are off.
Okay, tell me you didn't hear that.
Probably just a giant beaver.
A giant beaver? Dagnabbit, what is it? Run! Wandering off is about the dumbest thing you've ever done.
Do you know how dense this forest is? Dense enough for a werewolf to run amok and swallow me like a rollo.
- Werewolves, huh? - Yeah, didn't you hear them? The mind can convince itself of almost anything when fear is involved.
But fear does not exist in this dojo, does it, boys? Help me.
We're out of here.
The following is the royal rumble! "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan.
Winner of the first-ever rumble in 1988.
- Old school.
- You even got the 2x4.
All right.
Look at you.
We both went retro.
Although he should have a vast and unruly beard.
I didn't want to draw on his face.
But don't worry, the most important component is still intact.
What? Sylvester Ritter, aka Junkyard Dog.
The most prolific and electrifying wrestler of his time.
May he rest in peace.
Is it a little weird that we still This might have to be the last year for the dolls.
Kinda creepy.
Let's cover them with something.
Please say you're the psychic detectives please.
I'm the psychic detective.
He just has a magic 8-ball head.
Okay, terrific.
Okay, this is good.
Stewart Gimbley.
I need you to lock me up and observe my behavior overnight.
You're my last hope.
- Dude! - No, it's for your own protection.
Are those silver bullets? I went to the cops, and I told them to put me in a cell.
And the detective said, "jail is for criminals, not delusional whackadoos.
" He said "whackadoos"? And then he pinched himself and told me to come see you guys.
And what, exactly, does this detective look like? Imagine Robert Goulet dressed like Mr.
Bean playing the scarecrow in a summer stock production of the Wizard of oz, dedicated to Tony Randall.
So, Stewart, why do you feel you need to be locked up and observed? I'm almost positive I'm a lycan.
Lichen? Like seaweed? No, a lycan.
You mean a lychee.
- Like sheep's wool.
- Lychee is a drupe fruit.
A lycan.
Werewolf? What? "Dee's nuts.
" I don't get it.
I think I did that last night.
You think you killed a little lamb? Tonight could be much worse.
I was gonna ask my sister to watch me, but I love her and clearly fear for her safety.
- Rumble's about to start any second.
- It's on.
- I don't really feel like - I can pay you thrice your normal rate.
I'm not doing it for half price, I'll tell you that.
That's three times the amount.
- I've heard it both ways.
- No, you haven't.
It's starting.
- The rumble's on.
- We can throw him in the corner.
- It's a lot of money.
- It's not like he's really a werewolf.
House rules are as follows.
One - No talking during the rumble.
- Two You leave here at sunrise, never ever, ever come back again.
And three Touch the quatro queso dos fritos and I will take you down using basic, traditional beginner's karate.
You are truly lifesavers.
Now, please, bind my extremities as best you can.
Proving time and again here tonight.
Hacksaw is just hammering away.
He's hitting everybody in sight.
- You sure you guys can handle this? - Please, Stew, we're professionals.
Psych 408 "Let's Get Hairy" Timing: Psych Team I got something.
Right there.
Let's send Bambi back to ma.
On my word.
Ready Now! Red? What the Who's there? Who's there? I will blow you to kingdom come.
You hear me? You are messing with the wrong son of a b Damn it, I told you to stop doing that.
It's like watching someone while they sleep.
Why were you reading that file like Mr.
Peanut? I was curious.
Several distinguished military strategists throughout history But you know what, I don't need to explain myself to the likes of you.
"Dee's nuts"? Stewart Gimbley.
Ring any bells? Yay high, yellow eyes, howls at the moon.
This guy spent last night chained up in our office until he escaped and jumped through our double-paned window.
- It's not even sort of double-paned.
- Wait.
He broke through his chains? Figuratively, yes.
Literally, it was duct tape and kite string.
He chewed his way out with his big, bad teeth, all the better to eat you with.
We were sleeping, so we can't confirm how pointy his ears were.
- I didn't say ears.
- That's what I heard.
Me too.
And now we have a broken window that you should pay for.
Fat chance.
Why don't you go look for your lost pet at his place of business.
"Occultopuss"? Even though I wouldn't lock him up because he was from the planet Wolfen, he still told me to come down and have my palm read by his sister Willow.
You're saying you've worn that shirt for at least two days in a row.
- Remove yourself from this place.
- You sure you don't want to tag along? I would rather adopt a child.
Copy that.
- Occultopuss? - Yes.
But first Jules? Sorry, no time for your tomfoolery and silliness.
That goes for your nonsense, malarkey, and shenanigans.
We need a favor, it's legit, and we promise to owe you big.
Make it quick.
I didn't have anything else sanitary.
I used to have one of these with wonder woman's face on it.
- Me too.
- It's a hair.
- We need to know where it came from.
- More specifically, whether it came from a wolf or a were-hybrid.
- Were-hybrid.
- Please, this could be a matter of life and death.
Or mange.
Sweet! Use the bat phone.
Book of shadows.
Hey there.
My name is Shawn Spencer.
My associate Ron Davis, aka Bob Adams.
Known to his coven simply as rich fingerlind.
You're a warlock? No, but Halle Berry calls me "Black Magic".
- You're never met her.
- Yes, I have.
On the set of Gothika.
That's right, I always forget.
He directed Gothika.
- May I help you? - That depends.
Are you Willow Gimbley? - I am.
- Great.
We just spent the evening with Stewart at our psychic detective agency.
And it turns out that he might be a lycan.
Not the drupe fruit.
Rather, the hairy biped that hunts and mauls.
I was afraid that could be the case.
Ever since he was bitten, he's been acting peculiar and blacking out.
All signs point directly to the mark of the beast.
Did you just say "bitten"? We were on a mystical march in the Dick Smith Wilderness in Santa Ynez a few weeks ago.
We got lost, and he went off-trail to make water in the darkness - That's when it happened.
- Sure hope he finished his business.
He said he saw teeth, fur, and a snout.
Not necessarily in that order.
He's been so elusive this past week.
He won't let me or any other of the shamans in our rhombus help him because he doesn't want to put us in danger.
It's really starting to sink in.
My big bro.
Any idea where he might be now? We're fearless, we're trying to help, and one of us is single.
And clearly goth-curious.
Trust us, you don't want the cops to find him before we do.
I suspect he's hiding and scared to death, what with the third and final full moon.
Which isn't exactly full, just especially gibbous.
His need to feed tonight will be more intense than anything you can possibly imagine.
I see.
Who are those people, and why? Friends, and a couple of the others from Stewart's therapy group.
They're very close.
Stew's birthday last year.
- Is that shangri-lala's? - Stew knows someone who works there.
We got half off the party package, we got to bring our own vampire geisha.
Now, that's a party.
Please call us if Stewart shows up.
Our number's on the back, in pencil.
But feel free to use my work cell on the front.
Please find my brother before he eats an innocent.
"Bitten"? If she's telling the truth, the man was bitten by a beast.
This may be above our pay grade.
Don't be the third Thompson twin with the dreads.
This is exactly at our pay grade.
Plus, we're his only hope.
Imagine being him right now? Then you wouldn't be able to get jiggy with his sister.
Don't you talk about her like that.
She's clearly in emotional peril, and her heart is heavy.
And all that weird, sexy makeup is just a cry for help from a strong man with a solid job.
Look at you crushing on Vampira.
Who is this? I need you to come to leadbetter beach and bring me a 36-hour survival basket.
Look, dad, I'm a little tied up right now.
This is a challenge that involves a former nemesis and something I deserve.
Do you understand? - Not even sort of.
- Bring me two ham sandwiches on stone ground wheat Mustard, no mayo.
Plenty of electrolyte liquids, and a flashlight.
- Asap.
- Okay, folks, here we go.
Keep your hands on this brand new beautiful truck and see how long you can last.
Last man standing drives it home.
No mercy, Spencer.
Hot off the wire, another possible animal attack.
About 6 miles from where that poor lamb was ripped apart two nights ago.
- Hunters? - Must've been lousy shots.
Son of a bitch.
- What is it? - My worst nightmare.
Spencer's gonna be calling me any second.
Let's go.
Right behind you.
I'm just gonna stop off at the ladies' room first.
- This is getting serious.
- Dude, - he completely forgot about his bag.
- What are you doing? Preparing to playhot cross bunson the recorder.
What it look like.
You can't go rifling through another man's stuff.
Sure the privacy barrier was broken when you duct-taped his thighs together.
It helped restrict the flexibility in his hips.
"One capsule before bedtime.
" What is Haloperidol prescribed for? Schizophrenia.
It also reduces aggression towards others.
And used with chlorpromazine, can control hiccups.
- What do you know about Dr.
Ken Tucker? - Psychiatrist.
He's not on my route.
But he's doing well for himself.
He moved his practice into new digs on Arthur avenue.
No kidding.
This is the first time we've had a case with a doctor - who wasn't on your route.
- All streaks are made to be broken.
If this guy thinks stew needs help controlling his aggression, we should probably pay him a visit.
You weren't kidding.
This guy's feeling good about himself, huh? His office is this way, Shawn.
Look at that.
Right on the door there.
Hello there, Myrtle.
My name is R.
This is my partner Cheswicke.
We both have some faulty wiring up in our noggins, and we're gonna have to talk to the doc.
No can do, sailor.
Push on! - She totally shot me down.
- I got it.
Myrtle, when is Dr.
Tucker's next available session? April 25, 2011.
Now hit the bricks, Woodpecker.
Is there a standby option for extra-crazy people who very well may pose a threat to others? You have ten seconds to make like my third husband and disappear.
I don't think we can hang with this old bird.
Heavens to Betsy! I'll be right there.
- Don't touch me! - Polexia, calm down.
Don't tell me to calm down.
Myrtle, give me some help here.
Oh, dear.
What are you doing, Shawn? Get from behind that desk.
- That woman is gonna kill you.
- Patient info.
- Your phone.
I'll take a few pictures.
- Use your own phone.
- I left it in the car.
- Too bad for you.
- Just gimme your phone! - She's gonna break it.
- Gimme the phone one time! - Hurry up.
Dude, am I seeing what my brain is telling my eyes that they're seeing? That's me and Ruiz the koala.
I make a yearly donation to the "bear with me" foundation to help protect the lives of these precious and unique creatures.
- You're cuddling the animal? - We're nuzzling.
And Ruiz made the first move.
She comes.
Oh, this is so embarrassing.
Those boys are dumb as rain.
See you next week.
Actually, you won't.
I have to go.
I'm late for work.
Don't do anything you might regret, girly.
Remember why you came to us in the first place.
Excuse us.
Would it be possible for us to speak with the doctor in a non-therapy capacity? You know, like gentlemen.
Beat it.
- That was a disaster.
- I wouldn't go that far.
So if I was to nuzzle with a non-domesticated zoo dweller, - I think I'd go with a giraffe.
- Giraffes are chronic spitters.
I'd climb up and risk it.
They've got those giant doughnut lips.
Like two Christmas hams kissing under mistletoe.
Did that smokin' hot mess look familiar to you? No, I would have remembered that.
All right.
I deserve this one.
Let's hear it.
For who? The boy? That's on Gus' iPod.
- It's back at the office.
- Who? Don't say a word about Denise Williams.
Who? There was another animal attack last night.
And it wasn't a poor little lamb.
Seems your delusional little buddy's upgraded to hunters.
Look who's suddenly on the black and tan express.
No, I don't think we're chasing a werewolf, Spencer.
Just another cuckoo who's seen too many movies.
Update: we don't have any actual proof that Stewart He pretty much confessed to both of us, and he has no alibi, remember? Good luck getting by Dr.
Tucker's pit bull of a receptionist.
Maybe you just didn't have the right tools.
The monocle isn't gonna help you in this situation.
I'm talking about one of these.
- Anything back yet on the follicle? - No, but keep your phones on, and proceed with caution.
This is our case now too.
Maybe we should let them take it from here.
If we turn away every werewolf case that comes through our doors, people are gonna start talking.
Besides, do you really think Stew is sprouting hair and fangs, unable to resist some sort of blood lust when the moon is full? If he isn't, then he's some crazy dude who thinks he is.
But what difference if he's out there killing people and precious wooly animals? None, I guess.
I have to go.
I'm late for work.
Hold on.
- What is it? - Check out those pictures.
Dude, I knew I'd seen that chick before! She's a bartender at shangri-lala's.
Tell me I'm right.
Am I right? She sure is.
Her name is Polexia.
Wasn't that Anna Paquin's name in Almost Famous? Anna Paquin was in Almost Famous? Let's get a drink.
I'm gonna need to speak with Dr.
Ken tucker immediately.
Well, if it ain't little dorothy and her pal scarecrow.
Where's the tin man and the cowardly lion? Well, here's the tin man And here's toto.
Follow me.
Obviously this is very troubling.
Does this look like the sort of thing gimbley's capable of, in your professional opinion? Stewart has a very active imagination.
- That's not what I asked.
- I heard what you asked.
What would you have me say? I took an oath.
My job is to help people like stewart to overcome the psychological hurdles that impair their desire to lead what we consider to be normal, everyday lives.
Take a look around.
My success rate in this area speaks for itself.
Wouldn't you agree? We're just trying to figure out what we're dealing with here.
Two men are dead, and tonight's another full moon.
I can't believe I just said that.
My opinion is that you're dealing with a very troubled young man.
No kidding.
A few weeks ago, stewart took a turn for the worse.
It is possible he is blurring the lines between reality and a much darker fantasy.
At the end of our last session, he even became emotional and, uh gave me a hug.
- Why would he do that? - In the event he never saw me again.
Yeah, do you have any idea where he might be? I wish I knew.
Someone needs to save him from himself.
Hello, gentlemen.
What'll it be? Well, he would like a roy rogers.
That much we know for certain.
What? You look really familiar to me.
Yeah, I've just got one of those faces, I guess.
Nope, I don't I don't think so.
I'm almost positive I've seen you before.
Wait a second.
Are you a patient of Dr.
Ken tucker? I knew it! I totally knew it.
We were just there earlier today.
I'm trying to get my buddy here an appointment.
He's absolutely stir crazy.
Yeah, and skip here has romantic dreams about firemen who look like dolph lundgren.
What? You cheeky screwball.
What'd I tell you, he's wacko.
It was late, you were in a firehouse, and you slid down this large pole - Why? - You started it.
Okay, fine.
Have you enjoyed your experience with Dr.
Tucker? He comes highly recommended by a fellow named stewart gimbley.
Stewart gimbley.
Yeah, I know that little weirdo.
I dialed him up with a great deal on our birthday package last year.
God, what a freak.
You know, he told me once that his father is some sort of demon rabbi.
Yeah, that sounds about right.
But as far as the doc goes, I mean, if we really wanted an appointment Look, I'm probably not the best person to ask about Dr.
And why is that? 'Cause I don't think i'll be seeing him anymore.
I'm not sure anyone will, actually.
Capiche? No, I not really.
Could you elaborate? I shouldn't say anything else.
Look, there are plenty of shrinks in this town.
Trust me.
Did you decide on something to drink or what? Yes, I have.
I'd like a sloe gin fizz, please.
Hold the gin, extra fizz.
I'll have more cherries.
Help me.
Help me.
Okay, this is really, really - Really not good.
- Of course it's not.
I woke up next to a pair of dead hunters who were torn to shreds.
I'm sorry, I can't focus until we handle this wardrobe issue.
You know what, you can use my halloween costume from last year, which is in storage here.
- Really? - There's a banker's box with a hand-drawn jack-o-lantern on it.
Costume's inside.
We need to call lassiter and juliet and make a citizen's arrest now, while he's docile.
Since when do we make citizen's arrests? Since a guy showed up naked, covering his junk with balloons, saying he woke up smack next to the victims.
- Something feels off.
- What feels off? I don't know yet.
That was impossibly fast.
You even put on the glasses.
- Who am I supposed to be? - Are you kidding? - You didn't watch television as a kid? - Not after poltergeist.
You are none other than dwayne cleophus wayne ofa different world.
A ladies' man with a plan.
What? Stew, you know you've put us in a tough spot coming back here.
I know.
I'll turn myself in.
I don't know what else I could have done.
I warned everyone.
I can't live like this.
I've never hurt anybody my whole life.
Stew, look at yourself, man.
I mean, you're you.
I can't believe you're doing these things.
I know, but there isn't a single shred of evidence to suggest that I'm not.
Can you think of anything you haven't told us? Nothing can hurt your cause.
Willow disagrees, but I have long since suspected that our father, rabbi gimbley, is actually a dybbuk, and that we might be the spawn of demon seed.
Keeping in mind, of course, that not all demons are bad.
Take hellboy, for instance.
He's nice.
- Polexia wasn't kidding.
- Polexia? What-you Talked with the black widow? - You call her the "black widow"? - Not just me.
All of us in the group.
She was married to a guy without hair - What's that called? - Bald.
- Alopecia.
- That's the fear of beans.
So one day, polexia ties him up to the bed and gags him and all that, you know, she was into some very kinky business.
- Sure.
- Go on.
He had a heart attack and croaked.
But also, she used to totally dominate our sessions, like her problems are more important than ours.
But we put up with it because she has voluptuous buttocks.
What do you mean "used to dominate" your sessions? Well, she once threatened dr.
Tucker during a neo-jungian sharing exercise, and ever since then, she only does one-on-ones with him.
Really? We're taking you to your sister at occultopuss.
We are? The man is wanted for a double homicide and first-degree lamb slaughter.
I know this.
You think I don't know this? Look, I'm taking a huge leap of faith here, okay? You are to stay put at occultopus until you hear from us Do you understand? I can't put willow in harm's way it's unbrotherly.
Listen, I don't think you're gonna turn into a giant dog head tonight, okay? I'm getting serious vibes that you are part of someone else's nefarious plan.
- Why? - You're vulnerable.
And you look like that.
And you believe in weird things.
Willow locks you in the bathroom, just to be safe.
We're gonna get to the bottom of this.
It all ends nice.
- You really think so? - I do.
You're still a weird little dude, you'll probably be single for some time.
But I think we can keep you out of jail.
Deal? - Deal.
- My man.
- Be careful.
- Don't worry, I got it.
You drop that cooler in your backseat off at the beach to my dad, then we lay low until dr.
Tucker's office closes.
- Then what? - We finesse our way in.
We find some evidence that stew's not a hairy monster, and that it's actually polexia that's behind all this nefariousness.
It's wolf hair.
Authentic wolf hair.
And we spoke to Dr.
Ken tucker.
He said stewart is a very troubled young man.
No problem.
I hope you're right about this.
- Who was that? - It was a wrong number.
Two hours till sundown.
Only ten of you left.
Who's gonna win this baby? Shawn, where have you been? Gus and I are working on a case, the likes of which we've never seen.
That's every week.
What's truly extraordinary is this test of endurance.
Both mind and body have to be very strong.
Very strong.
Here you go, dad.
It's everything you asked for.
Plus a couple extras Daddy got a care package.
- You're wasting your breath, Zielinski.
- Must be your boy.
Keep an eye on your chakras, everybody.
He's a 5'10" psychic detective, which is more than I can say for that mean-spirited daughter of yours.
- My height? - She's an uncompromising chef.
She makes sandwiches at sub-zero, and she refuses to hear me when I say "no mayo.
" That's my girl.
Dad, am I sensing a bitter history between you and sam elliott's younger brother harland? He's my old nemesis.
Butch Zielinski.
I told you all about him.
He used to step on my toes, steal my thunder.
- You could take him.
- Thank you, guster.
Now, the guy we're working for thinks he's a werewolf.
- Whip garlic at him.
That's all I got.
- That's for vampires.
Look, I simply cannot afford any distractions.
Today is all about me, me, me And that hemi v-8, which, i'll have you know, churns out an astonishing Can't you smell it? I drive an echo.
All right Here's a few freebies.
Casey kasem here with the manicure, clearly not a truck guy.
You know he's early-exit fodder.
Woman by the side mirror is a germaphobe.
Sneeze in her direction, she's out of here.
And the young buck staring across the bed at mounds mcclintock there would like nothing more than to take his hands off the hard body, and put it on the soft one.
I'll be damned.
I didn't clock the germaphobe.
You're welcome.
High five.
Just kidding.
Go get 'em, pop.
Wait for it.
Wait for it.
You took a picture of his schedule.
There's nothing impressive about knowing when he's exiting the building.
Wait for it - Let's do this.
- Do what? We still don't have a plan yet.
Would you stop being a baby? We just have to stash ourselves until Myrtle leaves.
What's wrong with the men's bathroom? We're men.
How's that not obvious? Myrtle is a woman.
If she has to use the bathroom, she's coming in here.
Think you're ready for this night train, Johnny Murdock? Think again.
You wish you were Johnny Murdock.
Shut up, Shawn! Never underestimate the swiss! I was underestimating you, Shawn.
What are we looking for, exactly? Polexia's file.
And any snacks you can find.
Let's just pretend that didn't happen.
For the record, I'm only doing this because Stewart might be innocent.
That and you want to have a half-black Fairuza Balk baby with his sister.
Question is, whatever will you name it? Well, if it's a girl, Lavender, of course.
If it's a boy, Deandre Pride Guster.
- Dude.
- What? - Polexia's file is gone.
- What do you mean "gone"? There's a tab that says "Polexia Li", but the file is gone.
That's a major bummer.
Gimme the swiss.
See if you can find Stew's file.
Okay, here we go.
Here it is.
Let's see "I fear that Stewart's condition is worsening.
"He's completely ravaged by delusions and uncontrollable homicidal impulses.
" I don't think she was wearing underwear.
"He may pose a grave danger to himself and others.
"I'm afraid there's only one recourse.
"He must be committed to a psychiatric facility.
" Shawn, are you hearing this? Dr.
Tucker wrote this at Stewart's last session.
- We have to go.
Willow's in danger.
- Wait.
What? Do these look right to you? - The label says Haloperidol, but - I knew it! Only for the last 11 seconds, but still - What's actually in the bottle? - I don't know.
- Horse tranquilizers, maybe.
- Horse tranquilizers? - What do you know about taxidermy? - What don't I know about it? I'm a part of the largest campaign to abolish the practice completely.
- That owl cost five grand? - No way.
- What about the beaver? - No beaver is worth that much.
It would take a larger game.
A moose head, or possibly a cougar.
Or a gray wolf.
- It's neither Stewart nor Polexia.
- Exactly.
We gotta get back to Occultopuss.
Black Magic.
Is everything okay? Please tell us Stew is still here.
Okay, I know that you said to wait for you guys to get back, but Dr.
Ken Tucker came by, and he was very grim.
He said that Stewart might try to harm himself, and/or me, and that he was the only one who can help him.
You let Dr.
Ken Tucker take your brother? Sorry.
Tucker has been looking after Stew for over a year.
- I just met you guys today! - What does this mean, Shawn? It means somebody's about to die.
Personal address I know.
I said I've got it.
Well, find it.
What the hell is going on here? Sweet.
Juliet, write that down.
This woman, Polexia Li, is tonight's unlucky victim.
I know her.
Wasn't that Anna Paquin's name in Almost Famous? She was in Almost Famous? 'Cause I don't think I'll be seeing him anymore.
I'm not sure anyone will, actually.
Capiche? Yes! And she was having an affair with Dr.
Ken Tucker.
Not Anna Paquin, Polexia.
She was his patient.
He tried to end it, she went ballistic.
She's gonna spill the beans and cost him his marriage.
And more importantly, his thriving practice, and he can't have that.
Worst of all, he's methodically set up Stewart to take the fall.
- How? - It'll sound ridiculous.
It makes more sense to catch him, and then let me do my thing.
- Where is she now? - You wrote down where she lives.
She tends bar at Shangri-Lala's.
A 15-block radius.
She could be at either place or anywhere in between because the buses stopped running an hour ago, so I'm getting a vibe that she walks from work.
Fine, you two hit Shangri-Lala's, and we'll take care of the rest.
- I'm coming too.
- I'm riding shotgun! We are down to two.
It is down to Butch and Henry, mano a mano.
Excuse me.
Where's Polexia? She felt sick, I let her go.
Strike two, then.
She's definitely not here.
Yes, I have the right address.
It's the one you divined! Hello, is someone there? Hey, I have mace! You just about gave me a heart attack, you son of a bitch! What are you doing here? I wanted to apologize for being so insensitive.
It's too late for that.
No, it's not too late.
We can work it out.
I love my wife, but I really do enjoy having sex with you.
That's the best you've got? Pretty soon, everyone will know just how pathetic you really are.
I'm afraid I can't let that happen.
It didn't have to end this way.
Freeze! SBPD.
Hands in the air! You don't understand.
She's very sick, I was trying to help.
I don't think so.
And woman to woman, it's time to ixnay this shortcut.
Way to be, partner! Put your hands behind your back.
Check up there.
Great work from the whole team! He's bound to have Stew stashed up there somewhere.
I haven't seen Stewart in over a week.
I've got Stew! That was impossibly fast.
What the hell kind of sick charade were you planning out here? You see He couldn't just kill Polexia in cold blood.
She was bound to have told someone.
He needed a patsy, and in walks Stew.
Over the edge and convinced he'd been bitten by a werewolf.
Evil black light bulb goes off.
First, Dr.
Ken Tucker gave Stew the wrong drugs to ensure that he'd be passed out.
The next night, he waltzed into our office, where we slept under what we thought was the blanket of protection - a double-bolt lock provides.
- You never lock the door.
He smashed our window, stole Stew, and killed two grizzled hunters with an injection of something I presume is untraceable.
Then he actually proceed to wolf them up, using the tastelessly mummified claws of the beastly pelt that I now wear on my head as a tribute to its power and grace.
It's an awful act Taxidermy! And, of course, the murder thing too.
And finally, he branded Stew with a pentagram, and left him unconscious.
All leading to tonight, when he would kill Polexia and let poor Stewart confess.
For what it's worth, I went into the woods to kill a deer.
The hunters were a mere crime of opportunity.
A happy accident.
That's worth absolutely nothing.
You're the sickest of us all.
Well, Spencer, I guess I should have listened to you.
- No one else would have either, so - You're gonna pay for our window? Yeah, right.
That's rich.
Gus gave them to me.
Just in case.
Of course he did.
- Good thinking.
- You can never be too safe.
Where am I? I feel like a baby.
That's because you're wearing a diaper.
But you're gonna be okay, big bro.
Thanks to these guys.
How can we possibly repay you? Maybe you and Black Magic here could get together and do some cauldron stirring sometime.
I'd love to.
Sounds good.
I think we should celebrate.
As soon as I am not naked anymore.
You're ruthless, Henry.
You are strong of mind, but mean of heart.
We reap what we sow, Zielinski.
Time to pay the piper.
My plight is noble, Henry.
This vehicle's not for me, but for the children of St.
Thomas of the Apostles Orphanage of Goleta.
Come on.
Where did Look.
It's like Pippi Longstocking's little sister, Patches Longstocking.
You don't look much like the orphan type.
As an infant, after I was abandoned and left lakeside, only to be found by big-fly fishermen, it was the fine sisters of St.
Thomas of the Apostles that raised the man you see before you today.
And when that old station wagon caught fire and the kids didn't have new wheels to take 'em on their field trips, I said, "Butch "You know what you gotta do.
" So here I am.
It's bigger than us, Henry.
And don't worry, I'm gonna have this thing fitted with a custom camper so the kids can't fall off the back onto the freeway at high speeds.
Are you okay? You gave up your dream machine to a guy you punched in a bowling alley.
He brought a nun! Sometimes you gotta give one up for the team.
You have to admit, those were some cute kids.
No doubt.
You know what, that's actually a really nice thing you just did.
- You ought to be proud of yourself.
- I'm tired.
I want waffles.
- I could eat some waffles.
- I'm buying.
Which means I'm buying.
You know that's right.