Psych s04e09 Episode Script

Shawn Takes a Shot in the Dark

I'm sorry, dad.
But since when did bandanas count as hats? - I was close.
- Close doesn't cut it anymore.
You're going soft on me.
You know I'm 11, right? It's not some bar trick, Shawn.
This is about survival.
Knowing how many hats in the room may very well save your life one day.
Now pay attention.
Today we're learning about worst-case scenarios.
We got down here as soon as we could.
Are you all right? You had better have a good reason for dragging me out of my bed and down here to "Nowheresville" at 4:30 in the morning.
Where the hell's Spencer? Your guess is as good as mine.
If I wanted to make guesses, I would go on a game show.
What is going on? Look, all I know is he left me this message about an hour ago.
Buddy, I figured it out.
It's sweet.
This whole thing was just a rehearsal.
I'm leaving my place.
Meet me down at the storage yard now.
Come in your fireman PJ's if you have to.
Just be there.
What does that mean, "rehearsal"? I have no idea.
What are you doing here? Here we go.
How do you escape when you're locked in the trunk of a car? "When"? Don't you mean "if", as, like, maybe never.
Not today, kid.
Your survival training starts right now.
Don't worry, Ms.
It's fine.
Got the keys right here.
Just teaching Shawn a little survival technique.
Thank you.
All right, Shawn.
Listen up.
Now here's what you want to do.
You want to feel for the brake light.
You feel it? It's right over here.
Okay, now what you would do is you'd kick it out with your feet.
You'd want to create a hole to look out and see where you are.
I didn't say to actually do it.
I said you would do it.
Two, two Three, four.
Gina, who is it? - It's Shawn Spencer.
- Who's Shawn Spencer? It's this guy that I went on maybe two dates with, like, three years ago.
- Pick it up.
- No, it's weird 'cos we had a great time, I don't know.
He never called me back, it's awkward.
Play hard to get.
Watch this.
Shawn Spencer, what do you want? Gina Repach.
That's all you have to say for yourself "hello"? Why did you never call me back? Was it because I had two slices of cheesecake at the cheesecake factory? 'cause if that's it, I have lost a lot of weight since then.
I really have.
And I feel so bad about that.
And I want to address it, I do, but you could do me a little favor here.
See, I'm in some trouble, and I need A favor? How dare you ask me for a favor after what you did to me? I'm sorry, but nobody, nobody treats Gina Repach that way, FYI.
Wait, don't It wasn't the cheesecake.
It was the talking about yourself in the third person.
Come on, come on.
All right.
This just came in from Shawn.
Read it.
I have no idea what this means.
"Trunk yelrfx ocone pol peac sig.
" What is that? It's gibberish.
Wait, there's more.
"Binshot not lol.
" - What is he talking about? - Binshot.
What are you playing with over there? It's blood.
Oh, my God.
Shawn's been shot.
Psych 409 "Shawn Takes a Shot in the Dark" Timing: Psych Team Based on the blood patterns and marks on the ground, he was shot here and dragged this way.
Blood trail ends here.
Couldn't get any useable tread marks, but these swirls in the gravel indicate kickback from a car pulling out of here at a high rate of speed.
Recovered a single shell casing.
Shooter used a.
45 auto.
Who the hell called him down here? I did.
- It's his father.
- Which is why I don't want him here.
If Shawn really is shot, they'll be no room for family in the investigation.
If Shawn has been shot, there's no room I'm not gonna bust open to find my son.
- You got it? - Henry, please.
This thing may get personal.
We might need him.
If we do this, we do this my way.
No questions.
Spencer will ride with me.
We'll chase the breadcrumbs to find him.
You take Gus to retrace Shawn's steps in whatever ridiculous investigation he got himself into.
We got a lot of ground to cover.
Let's go.
Move out! Think hard.
What brought Shawn down here? All I know is this whole thing started a few days ago, with the ice cream truck on the highway.
Easy there, grubbs.
Keep those oversized mitts off the car.
This is a brand-new issued vehicle.
I just picked it up.
It is cherry, and it's gonna stay that way.
It's almost too sweet to drive.
- Smells like new car plus lemons.
- Yeah, it does.
- Leather? - Pleather.
Closest thing to it, though.
Hit me.
What do we got going here? An accident.
The driver was taken to the hospital.
He's in stable condition but unconscious.
So what am I doing here? Well, sir, nobody is sure how the accident happened.
The key word in that sentence is "accident".
What are we supposed to do, go to the hospital and wait bedside while the ice cream man comes to? Call me when somebody gets shot or there's a dead body.
That's it.
That's the winner.
Get a 5x7 of that and a couple of wallet sizes for my buddy here.
- What are they doing here? - Maybe Vick called them in.
We are not here to hone in on your case.
We just heard "ice cream" on our police radio, and it happened to be Gus's snack time.
Look, fellas.
Tell you what.
You're welcome to it.
Have at it! Go for it.
Who knows? Maybe you'll solve the great ice cream crime caper of the century.
Crime of the century.
Still 91 years to solve that one.
Gus and I are gonna pace ourselves.
We accept.
You know we still have to file the paperwork on the accident, right? You thinking what I'm thinking? Hell of a lot of strawberry shortcake bars, destroyed.
Before they even had a chance, buddy.
Shawn sensed someone might've tampered with the truck before the accident.
Anyone tried tracking Shawn's phone? His GPS must not be working.
They can't get anything.
"Ocone yelrfx sig " How does he expect us to find him with this cat scratch? We can do this.
It's a text.
They're abbreviations.
That's like that.
You're out of the loop on what the young people are doing now.
"The young people"? Yeah, fact check.
I'm a little younger than you.
You're sure? You're kidding, right? With all due respect, Spencer, I know that you were a good cop.
But I'm still on the force, and maybe I'm a little more viable at this point.
We'll see.
You hear them out loud, you could trigger some stuff.
" Cone.
Maybe the "o" is on its own.
Maybe it could be it's own word.
O outreach, outhouse cone.
Oval cone, orange cone, or Orange cone.
Could this be pertaining to some sort of construction? "Yelrfx.
" Yellow reflector.
"Peac sig, peac sig.
" What the hell is a peac sig? I'm not sure.
But I do know a stretch of road on the 166 that's been under construction for more than a month.
It's worth a shot.
So Shawn has a psychic hunch about this ice cream truck.
Where does that lead you? So we found out who was servicing those trucks and decided to pay them a visit the next day.
Fire in the hole, huh? - Hey, there.
- Can I help you? I sure hope so.
I assume you're one of the mechanics that works here at the shop.
I just started.
- Who are you? - My name is Shawn Spencer.
This is my associate Donut Holestein.
- Garth Longmore.
- "Garth Longmore"? I feel bad.
I should've come up with something better for you.
What do you want? That's a fair question.
Deserves an answer.
Donut, you got anything? Mr.
Longmore, with a name like Longmore, have you given any thought to getting involved in the adult pictures? - What? - Sorry.
Do you know any reason why a truck may have welding marks underneath it? Without seeing the truck for myself, I wouldn't know for sure.
But Welding's usually used to repair a crack or reinforce steel that's been compromised in some way.
You guys looking for some repairs or you need a truck or what? I, sir, am starting a new business.
I'm going to need to create a vehicle that combines a standard Wienermobile with a Zamboni.
Can these two things be welded together into one? The simple mission statement for my venture is to create the perfect juicy Wiener and the perfect icy surface to enjoy said Wiener on.
Now, to be completely frank with you No pun intended The majority of my investors have yet to see the brilliance of this business plan.
Thank you for your time.
You know what? Hold onto that thought, and I'm gonna I'm gonna grab one of these pamphlets here.
And I'm gonna call you, Garth Longmore, when I'm ready to build my first prototype.
Okay, so Shawn figured out what exactly from this venture? He was convinced that the truck had been tampered with, he was going to need a different tactic if he was gonna get any real answers.
Or Maybe just one of these.
Let's go see this Garth Longmore.
Okay, listen up.
I am detective Juliet O'Hara.
I am looking for a garth Longmore.
Anyone want to step up? Longmore quit just yesterday.
He ain't here.
He quit? He just started.
Hell of a mechanic on top of it.
Did he give a reason for quitting? Judging by the car he pulled away in, maybe he won the lottery.
- What kind of car was he driving? - '70 yellow roadrunner.
Is this supposed to be a nice car? What? Don't look at me.
I drive an echo.
Son, are you wearing children's pajamas? Can we move on, please? Did he leave a forwarding address or anything? But if you find him, let me know, because he walked off with my mig gun.
He had a gun? It's not a gun.
It's a mig gun.
It's used for welding.
All right, thank you.
What do you do when an assailant is chasing you? Do we have to do this? You really don't like me, do you? One day you'll thank me.
Once you get some distance, change your course.
Never run in a straight line! Straight line is the shortest distance between two people.
Zigzag! That's right! That's right! Thatta boy! Throw them off their course! This is the area.
There's construction for the next 6 miles.
There's our "peac sig".
It's a peace sign.
That's what Shawn saw.
Yellow reflector.
Orange cone.
- Stop the car right here.
Just stop it! - Why? God, I love new brakes.
All right, what are we looking at? This was from the car Shawn was in.
There's accidents up and down this highway This is Shawn.
How can you be so sure? Because I'm the one who taught him how to do it.
This is all I have on Longmore.
- Does he have a record? - Only record he has is of being dead.
- What do you mean? - Garth Longmore died in 1956.
Criminals do this all the time.
They buy the social security numbers off the deceased on the black market.
Clearly he didn't want anyone to know who he was or what he wanted.
Do you have any idea what you've stumbled onto? What have you got for me? So we don't know the guy's name, but he's definitely our bad guy.
- Any leads? - All we got is that he was last seen driving off in a vintage 1970 Plymouth Road Runner, yellow with black racing stripes.
Have you seen it? We may have seen part of it.
Yellow reflector is the last clue, which means he must've escaped somewhere around here.
He's close.
O'Hara, listen.
Tell McNab to come pick up my car.
It's off 166 just past mile marker 8.
If he touches anything other than the door and 10 and 2 on the wheel, I'll personally visit his nightmares for all of eternity.
- Copy? - Copy that.
Because Spencer and I are going it on foot.
Let's go find my son.
Anybody in there? Could use some help out here.
Open up if you're in there! I've been shot.
And I'm being chased.
Could you call the Santa Barbara Police Department and ask for detective Carlton Lassiter? I'm sorry I'm getting blood No, slow down.
We should hurry, he's really motivated.
I got a phone.
- Tell me again who you need me to call.
- Detective Carlton Lassiter.
You really are incompetent, aren't you? Aren't you?! You couldn't do one simple thing.
It's the same as it was in the joint.
He surprised me, all right? I had no choice.
But then you couldn't just get him here.
How the hell do you escape from the trunk of a car? In his defense, I think I'm the only kid whose father taught him how to kick out a taillight from the back of a trunk.
Shut your face.
What if I didn't make it back here in time after having to go pick up your car you just left on the road? Idiot! - Did you at least get the truck set? - It's ready.
Give me some credit.
We're this close to the money, and you're screwing it up.
We don't need this distraction.
Not now.
I say we just shoot him in the head and dump the body and get on with this.
Guys, if I could interject briefly here And this is me speaking from my own experience That feels a little rash.
You're both under a great deal of stress, and I don't think now is the time to make important life decisions.
I'll tell you what works for me, and maybe it's it's just me.
Draw a hot bath.
It doesn't matter who goes first.
You got a smart mouth, huh? Look, I got it under control.
You want me to shoot him right now? I will.
- I'll take him out - Not to be a stickler, but you did shoot me once.
Are you listening to me? I'm having a hard time concentrating on anything but the gun.
Could be my A.
acting up.
I want you to imagine a bullet coming from that gun penetrating your skin and lodging in your brain.
You know how easy that would be for me? Physically, yes.
But I would imagine that it would give you some pause emotionally.
You don't know how lucky you are.
My idiot partner here screwed up big-time.
But that's par for the course.
Now I pull this thing off, and we're out of here.
But if Einstein here screws up again, you're gonna be my ticket.
Now I got a hostage in my back pocket just in case, but know this One stupid move, and I got more than enough plastic bags for your body parts.
Got it? I got it.
Note to self: call Hefty with commercial idea.
Thanks for duct-taping my bullet hole with a chamois.
Maybe if you could mail me to my dad's house now.
That'd be awesome.
What do I call you? Mr.
Blonde? Mr.
Pink? Shut it! God, what is your problem? You know, I I've heard people say that with gunshot wounds, it's really all about the shock, you know? That at some point, you know, the bullet wound itself just goes numb.
You can't feel anything.
Well, it's not true.
I can say, without a doubt, that this is the most pain I've ever been in.
So if you wouldn't mind turning the other direction, I would very much like to weep, - if that's okay.
- It's a flesh wound.
All right? You're fine.
Stop whining.
Hey, what are you doing here? Man, it is the darnedest thing.
The Yelp application on my iPhone here told me that there should be a Starbucks, right where we're standing.
And unless you can make caramel macchiatos with that with that pistol, then Yelp is dead wrong.
- Stay where you are.
- Easy, man.
Wait a minute.
I know you.
You're Garth Longmore, though I'm beginning to suspect that's not your real name, is it? By the looks of you, I'd say it's probably something preppy.
Am I right? Maybe Ryan or Geoffrey with a "G".
I will shoot you.
Just relax.
It's creepy enough without the whole gun-and-flashlight routine, don't you think? We can talk.
We're just We're just two guys talking.
We're rational men speaking.
I know what's going on here, and I get it.
And it's an ingenious plan, to be honest.
Of course, if it was me I'd just be happy stealing the ice cream.
So what was it like over there? The jungle? - What are you talking about? - Combat.
Must've been hell.
How did you know? I'm a psychic.
That's what I do.
I think between the gunshot and the head bashing, my visions are coming in kind of crazy, but I can see them.
They're clear.
They're sharp.
I see you.
Were you like, special forces or a sniper? I was.
LRRP? Long Range Reconnaissance Patrol.
It was a long time ago, though.
My skills have no time clock.
So you could probably take a target from what? If the wind conditions are right.
That's impressive.
Some people get pretty good at that stuff.
It does beg the question, why didn't you kill me from three feet? We both know you could've, but you didn't.
I suspect it's because you're not really a killer, are you? At least not anymore.
I think it's time for you to stop talking.
No more talking.
Think you can pick up the pace, Mr.
Viability? There's an excellent chance I was bitten by a tick back there.
I could be going through the stages of Lyme disease.
- Man up, detective.
- What is it? Steroids, right? You're juicing, aren't you? I knew it.
He went this way.
So this is where Shawn is living.
Odd that it takes him being shot and dragged away in a trunk - for me to actually get an invitation.
- You didn't have an invitation.
This is the old Mee Mee's Fluff n' Fold.
Shawn got a good deal.
- I hope so.
It was a dry cleaners.
- It's kind of his thing.
Last spring he stayed at the old Color Me Mine space.
All the saucers you see here, he made.
Besides, it has its advantages.
- What are you doing? - I'm not wearing these pajamas anymore.
So you're stealing his clothes? He's not dead.
I'm not stealing anything.
Holy crap.
Half these clothes are mine.
- This is my shirt.
- Let's split up and comb the place.
Shawn was here when he left you the message about the rehearsal, so there are clues as to what he was doing or looking at that made him call you and drive down to that stockyard in the middle of the night.
You see anything? I mean no.
Did Abigail move in? What? - This is Shawn, remember? - Right.
Has he been particularly aggressive about his hygiene, or has he been cross-dressing lately? I think they've officially reached the "he has a drawer, she has a toothbrush" stage.
And how's that going? Not too sure.
- I think I found something.
- What? Shawn grabbed this from the auto shop.
It was sitting here next to the phone.
This is what he was looking at when he called! Look at the bottom.
"Expert mechanics of all domestic and foreign vehicles.
Engine work, transmissions, exhaust systems " No, below that.
"Long-haul refrigeration, armored transport.
" I still don't get the connection to the ice cream truck.
I think Shawn did.
I'm checking his history to see what his most recent web searches were.
com, billyzane.
No, here we are.
" Armored car theft.
The ice cream truck was just the rehearsal.
I know you said not to talk, but I got to be frank with you.
It's always been an issue for me.
You should've seen my report cards in grade school.
I like to talk out loud when I'm working stuff out in my head.
That's what I do.
Just feel free to ignore me, okay? This is a really elaborate plan you guys have going here.
I mean, you got the job as a mechanic just to have access to the truck, right? That's smart.
Then instead of reinforcing the bottom, you actually weakened it, creating easy access to get to the money.
The question is, how are you gonna get to it while the truck was still moving, right? Sorry, man.
Like I said, this is all me.
Just pretend like I'm not even here.
You tip it.
That's what you do.
You tip it over.
Once the car's tipped over, you just crowbar open the trapdoor and you make off with the dough.
All right, let's light it up! Come on, Rick.
Let's go! Let's go! This time, it's not about ice cream.
You could still get one after, if you'd like.
But it's gonna be real, man The armored car, the money.
Question is, where is it gonna go down? And when? What do you care? You'll be dead.
You let me do all the talking, got it? Can I help you? We're looking for a yellow Plymouth.
You seen it? As a matter of fact, I have.
You don't forget a car like that.
Pulled in about ten minutes ago looking for gas.
Offered to fix his broken taillight for him, though.
My and my partner got a nice little mechanic business Did you happen to see who was driving? I got a look at him.
A big, oafy-looking guy.
Not sure he had all his marbles.
He was kind of stupid, if you ask me.
I sent him up four miles to the next station.
Was this guy with him? No, that guy wasn't with him.
Why, is that guy wanted or something? - You could say that.
- All right Thank you for your time.
- About four miles - That was about ten minutes ago? What was that all about? I was gonna ask the questions.
Old habits.
Cut it out, all right? I'm in charge of this investigation.
God, it's just like working with Shawn.
McNab, put out an APB on the Plymouth and alert all authorities to patrol the 166 off the Horse Creek exit.
You got more questions? Come on, Chatty Cathy, we're wasting time.
Want me to carry you? Because of your screwup, now we got the cops and what I figure must be this guy's old man snooping around.
What's the big deal, man? They took off.
Because I was thinking on my feet! I'm telling you.
If you can't take care of this, I'm gonna.
Kid should've been dead an hour ago.
Fine, fine, fine.
"Fine, fine, fine," you nimrod.
You gonna do it or not? What do you want? I did what I was supposed to do.
You idiot, you did not! - Get in there and do it! - I did! Jesus, of all the people I could get linked up with Yeah, you want the money, you better step up.
Gina? Look, I'm sorry I hung up on you.
It was immature, I know.
It's just my feelings were hurt, because I never heard back from you It's fine.
Get in there! Look, it's really, really important that you call the p More important than my feelings? - You are so self-centered! - No, Gina, don't - What are you doing? - It's not what you think.
- Give me that! - I swear! I wasn't calling the police or anything like that.
Look, man.
I know this doesn't end well for me, okay? I was in the wrong place at the wrong time, and And I've made my peace with that.
But recently, I met a girl, somebody special, just like you did.
Just like me? Yeah, I saw her in a vision.
She's beautiful.
She's got She's got red hair, right? Most beautiful hair I've ever seen.
My girl's name's Abigail.
What's yours? Maureen.
Maureen O'Hara.
No, better.
Look, I just want to call her and say good-bye.
That's it, no funny business.
You can watch me dial.
You can listen in.
If I say anything Anything that you don't like, you can shoot me.
Deal? Count on it.
I will shoot you.
Thank you.
I found something! There's a large transfer of money to be delivered, close to $500,000.
That's the schedule and route.
This call is to say good-bye.
- Shawn, are you okay? - Try to get anything, a location.
Where are you? Don't don't ask me any questions, 'cause I can't say anything else.
If you care about me, you'll understand.
I'm listening.
I'm not gonna be able to have much of a future anymore.
But if you look back at where we were, I'll be there, okay? Back? What are you talking about? The wind chimes that I got you for your birthday, every time you hear them from now on, that'll be me.
First of all, you are going to be fine.
We are going to find you, okay? Don't worry.
This is supposed to be a good-bye call.
Now tell her you love her, and let's go.
Listen, before before I go, I have to say one more thing.
Of course, Shawn.
What is it? Say it.
I need you to know that I love you.
- I think that I - Good-bye, Abigail.
Hang it up now! That's it! That's it! It's done! How stupid letting him use a phone? The cops are probably on their way! - He was just calling his girlfriend! - It's over! I'm putting an end to this.
Lassiter, I just spoke to Shawn.
He's alive.
He was trying to give me clues about something.
I didn't understand.
None of it made sense.
What? Juliet, wait.
Slow down.
Going back? Wind chimes? - No, that doesn't mean anything to me.
- Wait! He's back at the gas station! Come on! Come on! Can you make it back to the Mariposa exit off the 166? There's a gas station two blocks up.
That's where the robbery'll take place.
I'll explain when we get there.
Let's go.
Where's Shawn? All right, let's do this.
O'Hara, stay close.
You know the drill.
- Keys.
- I'm not covered for someone else.
I'm a police detective and a certified pursuit driver.
I think you'll be okay.
Go, team! - Gun it, Jules! Give it all it's got! - This is all it's got.
Is that my shirt? Look at you, buddy! You're like Vin Diesel! That makes Jules Michelle Rodriguez and you Paul Walker! - This is no good! - Don't worry, you'll be all right.
I know, I'll be fine.
I just really don't want to be Paul Walker, not even for one day.
You could be Lucas Black from Tokyo Drift, but then we wouldn't be in the movie with you! That's weird.
I'll just be Walker.
You ready, buddy? I'm gonna jump on your hood.
You must be out of your damn mind! It's a company car.
Jump on Lassiter's! Move closer! Do not jump on this vehicle! This is a brand-new vehicle! Look, man, I have been shot! I am jumping on somebody's car! - Stop the car! - Got him! Don't you dare stop this car, Lassie! Hang on tight! Hold on! Hold on! Great idea, dad! I was thinking of not doing that.
Lay back! Did he hit my car? - Gun it, old man! - Watch this! - What the hell are you doing? - Which Spencer are you talking to? Doesn't matter! You're the same! Am not! Dad, I have a clear shot.
Give me the gun.
Do it! Drop it! Drop it now! Hands where I can see them! Hands! Come here.
Come here son.
That's it.
Nice shooting, detective.
Did you just call me "detective"? Shouldn't we wait for Diesel and Rodriguez before you slap the cuffs on him? You know, I I had to tell Juliet that I loved her.
- Was it awkward? - Little bit.
Of course, at the time, I was more concerned about not getting shot again.
Guess you were just doing what you had to do.
The weird thing is I think she was about to say it back to me.
I bet she was just playing along, doing what she had to do.
Yeah, you're probably right.
Oh, look, that's weird.
It's for you.
Who's that? Just say hello.
Gina who? Will you stop yelling in my ear? I don't even know you.
Dude, tell her we're going for cheesecake.