Psycho-Pass (2012) s01e10 Episode Script

Methuselah's Game

1 What is it? In box Funahara Yuki Important In box Funahara Yuki Important I have something important to talk to you about.
It may have something to do with a case at the Bureau.
I'd rather not talk on the phone or online.
It'll be quicker for you to see it for yourself, so I'm attaching a map to the location.
I'll be waiting Funahara Yuki Important I have something important to talk to you about.
It may have something to do with a case at the Bureau.
I'd rather not talk on the phone or online.
It'll be quicker for you to see it for yourself, so I'm attaching a map to the location.
I'll be waiting Funahara Yuki Important Funahara Yuki Important I have something important to talk to you about.
It may have something to do with a case at the Bureau.
I'd rather not talk on the phone or online.
It'll be quicker for you to see it for yourself, so I'm attaching a map to the location.
I'll be waiting for you there at 3 PM tomorrow.
I'll be waiting for you there at 3 PM tomorrow.
My head is full of things that I can never tell anybody of In this perfect world I roam, a lost being This world is impossibly hard on me It's an illusion that plays out before my eyes Can I find its faults? Plastic, all is plastic Nobody is allowed to be insane You're made of plastic too, like this beautiful world In this beautiful world there is something that obscures all light for me My heart tries to break out and finds no answer Secret kills for you Secret kills for you The secret remains for you Don't show me a dark future nor a world of pretense Keep our motion secret #10: Methuselah's Game Yes.
That email was the last I heard from her.
Kaori says she hasn't been able to reach her since yesterday either.
Yes Yeah, sure.
I'll contact you right away if anything comes up.
Well then So she didn't go back to her parents' place either? Seems not.
Any chance she could be playing some kind of prank? She jokes around sometimes, but she wouldn't do something like this.
Well, I guess actually going there to check it out is our best shot.
Sorry to drag you along with me on your day off.
That's okay.
Am I mixing personal and official business? It'll be all right as long as Gino doesn't find out.
Does this friend of yours often visit places like this? No way.
It's a little strange, isn't it? More than a little.
This has to be a trap.
You're being targeted.
I am? By who? Do you recall doing anything to make any enemies? No way! Hey, you do realize you're a detective, don't you? You're giving me that too?! Anyway, I'll go check it out.
Just stay there and wait for me.
But if this is really a trap, you'll be in danger.
That's why I want you to stay put.
If we both get taken out, who's gonna call for help? Shouldn't we call for backup right away? If you feel it's necessary, do it.
Also, give me permission to carry arms.
Ah Okay.
This is Tsunemori Akane.
By my authority as an Inspector, I request permission for an Enforcer to carry arms.
Voiceprint and ID confirmed.
Level 2 equipment usage is granted.
I'll leave the navigation to you.
You've got the location map, right? Yes.
The data is old, but it's still usable.
Do you see anyone there? No.
In the back Yeah? In the back, it's just a dead end.
Kougami Kougami? What? Wait What's this? Hey What's going on? Hey, Inspector, what happened? Come in.
Reading you loud and clear.
Please keep going.
What the heck is this? It's an abandoned subway line.
Please check the train cars.
Kougami! Can you hear me?! Come in! Hey, Inspector! What's going on?! It's an abandoned subway line.
Please check the train cars.
Don't worry.
I'm a detective with the Public Safety Bureau.
Oh Who are you? I'm Funahara Yuki.
Are you a friend of Tsunemori Akane? You know Akane?! I'm one of her colleagues.
This isn't good.
The basement is submerged.
From the smell, it's gotta be polluted water mixed with liquid waste.
If something like that gets poured on you, you'll be in for a world of hurt.
But Kougami definitely kept going past that point.
In fact, he went back even further, seemingly through the wall! Isn't that a problem with the navigator? The issue might not be with the hardware, but rather with the software.
Since this area has been repeatedly redeveloped, you'd never know if the map data available matches the actual layout.
Aren't you the one who got deceived here, Inspector Tsunemori? What? Kougami left your supervision and now his whereabouts are unknown.
In other words This whole situation might have been a setup for him to escape.
Er missy Suppose we trust the navigator instead of the map data.
Do you know which direction Kougami was headed? Did the signal show any strange movements? Come to think of it After a while, he suddenly started moving in a straight line, really fast.
Oh, I see! He must have ended up in some kind of vehicle.
Isn't there a subway line around here that runs in a north-south direction? Hold on a sec.
Looks like there is.
The subway Ginza Line.
But it was shut down sixty years ago.
Then you weren't the one who sent Tsunemori Akane that email? I don't know anything about that! What's going on? What am I doing here?! Someone captured you and brought you here.
You don't remember anything? I don't know.
I got home late from work, so I took a bath and went straight to bed.
When I woke up, I was already here.
What's going on? It seems you were used as bait to lure Inspector Tsunemori.
Or rather subway line.
Please investigate the train cars.
It's an abandoned subway line.
Akane's voice?! It's well made, but it's a fake created from voice samples.
They knew all along that she wouldn't be the one to come to the basement, but someone else instead.
Their target isn't Tsunemori.
Are they after me? Did it stop? I guess this means they want us to get off.
Where are we? I don't know.
They're jamming all communications.
Seems like they want to isolate us at all costs.
They want us to go in here? Having to dance to this guy's tune kinda pisses me off, but It doesn't look like we have much choice.
Follow me! What is this place? Everything has gone to plan so far.
It seems they're quick on the uptake too.
The smarter the prey, the more enjoyable the hunt becomes.
That's good.
Looks like it'll be a worthwhile game to watch from the bleachers.
Why don't you take part in the hunt for a change? My interest lies in what will transpire during this hunt.
So it'd be best for me to observe things as a third party.
What are those? Chemical lights.
Wouldn't the flashlight be better? If you carry a light source in the dark, you might as well paint a target on yourself.
We can also use these to mark where we've been.
So Akane's job is really that dangerous? It's been especially bad lately.
I should've taken her concerns more seriously.
Well, she does work at the Bureau.
She can't discuss the details of her work with civilians.
Is she doing okay at work? She has faith, I guess.
She intuitively understands what it means to be a detective.
I think what this society really needs is more people like her.
She was different even when we were in school.
No matter what the trouble was, once she intervened, it got resolved.
I wonder if those with the clearest Psycho-Pass Hues are always people like her.
Oh, could you be that subordinate that she doesn't know what to do with? So that's how she talks about me? What's the matter? It's a trap.
Even their traps are old-fashioned.
They've certainly got interesting tastes.
Ah wait.
A little to the right of the floor you just checked That's the same bag we saw earlier! Don't! I I just saw someone! Yeah.
Now I know what this is all about.
They want to entertain themselves with some fox hunting.
H-Hunting? Those drones are hunting dogs.
When the prey gets frightened and runs, the hunter finishes it off.
That leaves us as the poor foxes.
O-Oh no Don't panic.
Don't get scared.
Calm down and look for a way out.
The more we panic, the more we play right into their hands.
Where's the bag you picked up earlier? This one? What's that? It's a portable transponder.
We can communicate with this, even through their signal interference.
W-We can call for help?! Unfortunately, it's missing the battery and antenna.
I'll distract them.
You keep hiding here.
What're you gonna do? We have no chance with two hunting dogs.
I need to bring at least one of them down, or they'll surround us, and that'll be the end of it.
Oh? Mr.
Kougami! Run! I killed one of them.
And All I need now is the antenna.
He sure is something else.
He might be a fox, but even foxes have sharp teeth.
Or maybe he's really a member of the wolf family.
Makishima Did you add some plot of your own to this game without my knowledge? When a man faces fear, his soul is tested.
What he was born to seek, and what he was born to achieve His true nature will become clear.
Are you making fun of me? It's not just that Kougami guy.
I'm interested in you too, Mr.
You'll face an unforeseen situation.
An unexpected turn of events.
And in the wake of those, you too will face your true self.
I know that's the thrill and excitement you've been seeking.
Well, I must say I don't really mind that habit you have of looking down on others.
Now, Kougami Shinya Will you understand the meaning of this game? I can't run anymore.
I can't! I can't do it! Hey, are you listening? Sorry.
I was thinking about something.
Just say something.
You're scary when you're quiet.
I was thinking They lured in Tsunemori, using you as bait, but they knew it was actually me who'd go look for you instead.
They factored all that in when setting up this hunt.
It's you who they want to play with, right? I'm just Dammit! I'm just someone who got dragged into this, right?! That's right.
Your role in this should've been over after that email was sent at the beginning.
So why did they put you on the subway? Maybe it was to make it harder for you to run away? In fact, I'm holding you back like this now.
If I wasn't here, you'd find it much easier to escape, right? It's fine.
Do what you wanna do.
This is terrible This fox hunt is not just a one-sided game.
They're hinting that I've got a chance, too.
In other words, I'm being tested.
I'll bet that whether I abandon you or not is also one of the keys to winning this game.
Hey, take off your clothes! Huh?! Wh-What're you thinking about? Here, of all places! Just give them to me.
Are you insane?! Have you totally lost it or what?! If you wanna survive, just do what I say! I can't believe a perv like you is with the Bureau! Wh-Whaddaya think you're looking at?! Don't you usually wear matching underwear? That's What? How did this Give me your underwear too.
L-Look the other way! I see.
The last item needed to beat the game was hidden on you.
Here's the antenna for the transponder.
There's some pretty heavy interference in this area, though the range is limited.
Where's the source of the interference? It's coming from the southwest.
But based on the map, there shouldn't be anything in that area.
Okay then.
We'll set up a relay base here.
Don't trust the map data.
Check every single gap thoroughly.
Also, the moment you see Kougami, shoot him with the Dominator.
There'll be time for questions later.
But we still don't know for sure if he ran away! The Sibyl System will make that decision.
If he didn't do anything wrong, his Crime Coefficient will be the same as before, and the gun's Paralyzer mode will settle it.
If he really wanted to run, the Eliminator mode will wipe him out without mercy, right? You can't fool the cymatic scan.
It'll show Kougami's real intentions.
Are you saying that it's okay to just kill him?! You used to be his friend, right?! If he ends up dying, Inspector Tsunemori, it will be because of you and your poor supervision.
If you'd kept Kougami under control, none of this would have happened.
How do you feel about someone dying as a result of your own incompetence? Hey, Inspector How about you stop right there? That was a little too harsh.
It's from Kougami! You can detect my location, right? We've got a Code 108 currently in progress.
Send in reinforcements immediately.
I repeat.
A Code 108 is currently in progress.
Send in reinforcements immediately.
Send all the Drones we've got! But we don't know what path to take.
Have them strike out randomly! Make sure at least one Drone reaches him! Kougami Let us make it in time! It seems all fairy tales are dead It seems all fairy tales are dead In a hospital ward of brick stones my voice is too coarse to sing Outside in the foggy haze a red moon glows Look at me Do not avert your gaze Behind black bars I was born I wish there were a punishment for evil Always I need you Now, grant us justice before chaos takes us all Pay the price of fate and let us go together, nameless beasts This is a world where the mental state and personal tendencies of humans can be quantified.
While all sorts of inclinations are recorded and policed, these measured numbers used to judge people's souls are commonly called "Psycho-Pass".
This story is a work of fiction.
The names of all individuals and organizations that appear in this show are fictitious and any similarity to those in existence in the real world is purely coincidental.