Psycho-Pass (2012) s01e11 Episode Script

Saint's Supper

1 Inspector Tsunemori, take Masaoka and go look for Kougami.
Kagari, Kunizuka and I will split up in order to find and destroy the source of the signal interference.
To be honest, I have no idea what's going on at all.
Strong interference, an underground area that our records say doesn't exist, and a request for reinforcements from Kougami Well, the one thing we can say for sure is that this is pretty serious.
You think so, too? I've never heard Ko speak like that before.
He really did sound desperate.
My head is full of things that I can never tell anybody of In this perfect world I roam, a lost being This world is impossibly hard on me It's an illusion that plays out before my eyes Can I find its faults? Plastic, all is plastic Nobody is allowed to be insane You're made of plastic too, like this beautiful world In this beautiful world there is something that obscures all light for me My heart tries to break out and finds no answer Secret kills for you Secret kills for you The secret remains for you Don't show me a dark future nor a world of pretense Keep our motion secret #11: Saint's Supper What's with all the sneaking around? So they're trying to ruin my fun, huh? This must be it! Take this! User authentication: Enforcer Kougami Shinya.
You are a valid user.
Target's Threat Judgment has been updated.
Enforcement mode is Destroy Decomposer.
Target will be completely eliminated.
Please exercise caution.
Judging by its appearance and the pause after every second shot, the enemy's weapon must be a double-barreled hunting rifle.
Unfortunately, your time is up.
The signal jammer has been broken.
Soon, the Bureau's main unit will rush in.
Lovecraft was taken out.
It was shot and destroyed.
He finally started shooting back.
Senguji? When I was young, I often took part in construction work to build infrastructure in developing countries.
The more dangerous the place was, the more money I earned.
Conflict often broke out without warning, and there was a limit to our ability to predict scenarios and manage risk.
I remember one time when we were attacked by guerrillas in one of those countries.
I think it was at least 70 or 80 years ago.
Back then, my colleague who'd been sitting right next to me was shot.
Just like today.
My friend, who had been crying and shouting just a moment earlier, was reduced to nothing but a lump of flesh.
His blood splattered and dripped down my head, and his smell stuck to my entire body.
I don't want you to get the wrong idea, but that's actually a memory I look back on fondly.
In that moment, I felt alive I really felt alive.
I felt it more strongly than I ever had before.
However, I'm experiencing that feeling again right now.
Once again, my blood has been set alight as it pumps through this mechanical heart of mine.
And now, you're telling me to run? That would be cruel.
From here on, it won't just be a game.
That's exactly right.
As a hunter, I've shot down many prey over the years.
But now, I want to confront that man not as a hunter, but as a duelist.
Makishima I'm sure you didn't mess around with my game just to see me turn tail here, did you? You're exactly right.
I'll witness your life's splendor until the very end.
It'll be checkmate for you soon, Enforcer.
Crime Coefficient is 328.
He's a target for enforcement action.
Amazing We did it! We won! I'm sorry for getting you to do something so reckless.
Once you get out of here, make sure you get therapy right away.
You saw too many things you shouldn't have.
That's okay.
You were wonderful, Mr.
It almost makes me want to become a latent criminal too.
Don't be stupid.
Stop it! Let me go! I'd have loved to sit here and talk with you until the crack of dawn, but you don't seem very well.
Until we meet again.
Stop it! Mr.
Kougami! Don't let your guard down.
To call this suspicious would be an understatement.
There are bullet holes all over the place.
Must be from a shotgun.
It's been a long time since I last saw traces of a gunpowder-based weapon having been used.
Masaoka! Kougami Someone! Yuki?! What was that voice? It think it was my friend, the one who went missing! Kougami? Kougami! This is terrible He's got quite a few bullet wounds.
Missy! Can you administer first aid? I've had a few training sessions, but I've never actually done it.
Then leave it to me.
What is it? There's one more person.
He took your friend away.
Step aside, missy.
Whatever we do, we have to stop his bleeding.
Ah! What're you trying to do?! Inspector! The case isn't over yet! Dammit! This place is like a battlefield No, an execution ground.
It couldn't have been just three or four people Several dozen people No At worst, close to one hundred people must have died here.
Kougami was lured in here.
A mass murder? Why would the culprit commit such an atrocity? Maybe he thinks it's all a game? Hm? Er Well, ever since we came down here, I've had this feeling that this place looks like the kind of battle arena you see in online action games.
I could understand if it was virtual, but playing a game using live human beings?! This is Hound 1! Can anyone hear me?! This is Shepherd 1.
What's the status over there? I took Hound 3 into my care.
He's hurt so bad that I'm surprised he's still alive.
The culprit is still on the run with a hostage.
Shepherd 2 is pursuing the culprit all by herself.
Please hurry! Dammit! Got it.
Don't go anywhere.
We'll head over there to assist you right away! Sounds like that damn "game" of his isn't over just yet.
My body feels heavy.
It doesn't feel like it belongs to me.
Well, the bullets are still in your body.
If my hands shake while pulling them out and I hit an artery, it really will become fatal.
Have the pros work on it after we get you out of here.
Where's Inspector Tsunemori? That's what I'd like to know.
She went rushing off.
It seemed like she was chasing someone.
I'm done patching you up, so I'm gonna go catch up with that girl right away.
I'm coming, too.
You stupid? But! Sorry to do that when you're hurtin' pretty bad already.
But I don't wanna waste any more time, injuries or no.
To be frank, she's in huge danger.
Enforcer Masaoka! Good timing! Inspector! Hold down Kougami so he can't get away.
You really are tenacious, aren't you? Jeez.
What is it? Looks like Ko shot someone.
Senguji Toyohisa?! Senguji, you said?! Who's that? Don't you even check the Ministry of Welfare's recommended news? Why would I watch that crap?! Stop right there! This is the Public Safety Bureau! Drop your weapon and surrender! Crime Coefficient is 79.
Not a target for enforcement action.
The trigger will be locked.
Akane! Just hold on, Yuki! I'll rescue you right away! Oh, I've seen you before.
You're Inspector Tsunemori Akane from the Bureau, right? So you're the one who dragged Yuki into this.
How dare you? I'm Makishima Shougo.
Wh-What?! Makishima? I see.
So you know my name, huh? I'd expect no less from the Bureau.
So you guys have at least some kind of lead on me.
We've got serious charges laid against you for multiple crimes.
As per the Citizen's Charter, I demand that you come with me! If you need to talk with me, then let's do it right here, right now.
We're both busy people, aren't we? You think you can escape? You know, you should really do a better job of trying to draw me into the conversation.
That way you can buy some time until your reinforcements arrive.
I'm sure an experienced detective would do just that.
When you said "multiple crimes," which were you referring to? Mido Masatake's? Or perhaps Ouryou Rikako's? I knew it I think the only time people really have value is when they act according to their own will.
So I've asked many people about their true, repressed desires and observed their actions all this time.
Don't be so full of yourself! You're just a criminal! And how do you define crime to start with? With the Dominator you're holding? Does the Sibyl System that governs that gun decide it? Crime Coefficient is under 50.
Not a target for enforcement action.
The trigger will be locked.
By analyzing a bio-organism's force field read by a cymatic scan, they figure out how a person's mind works.
Science finally discovered the secret behind the human soul, and this society changed drastically as a result.
However, people's wills are not part of that assessment.
I wonder just what sort of criteria you use to divide people into good and evil.
What on Earth are you I want to bear witness to the splendor of man's soul.
I want to find out once and for all whether it is truly something worth admiring.
However, when humans base their lives around Sybil's Oracle, without ever considering what they really want, do they really hold any value? Well, while I'm here, I guess I'll try testing you too.
I want to assess your judgment and actions as a detective.
Wh-What are you going to do?! I'm goin to kill this woman, Funahara Yuki right before your eyes.
Crime Coefficient is 48.
Not a target for enforcement action.
The trigger will be locked.
If you want to stop me, throw that useless piece of scrap iron aside, pick up the gun I just gave you, and use it.
If you pull the trigger, a bullet will come out.
Th-There's no way I can do that, because you're An upstanding citizen? Because Sibyl decided so? Crime Coefficient is 32.
Not a target for enforcement action.
The trigger will be locked.
Wh-Why?! I don't know why, either.
It's something I've wondered about ever since my childhood.
My Psycho-Pass has always been pure white.
It never got clouded in the slightest, not even once.
All sorts of vital reactions in my body must be affirming me thinking that my actions are those of one who is sound and good.
Stop it! Help! Akane! Yuki! You people can't measure my sins.
If anyone, the only people who'd be able to judge me are those who are capable of killing based on their own will.
Let Yuki go now! Or Or I'll be killed, not by a machine, but by your own intent.
That'd be an admirable resolution in its own way.
Now, you feel the importance of life in your index finger, don't you? That's something you can never experience as one of Sibyl's puppets.
It's the weight of deciding something by your own free will.
Crime Coefficient is under 20.
Not a target for enforcement action.
The trigger will be locked.
Descartes said that those who are unable to make a decision can't do so because either their desires are too great, or because they lack intellect.
What's wrong? If you don't hold the gun steady, you'll miss me.
Now, aim at me with killing intent.
Akane How regrettable.
How very regrettable, Inspector Tsunemori Akane.
No! Help! Akane! You've disappointed me.
So I'll have to punish you.
Don't Please! Regret your helplessness, and despair.
Crime Coefficient is 0.
Not a target for enforcement action.
The trigger will be locked.
Stop it! Missy?! You've come to? Where's Inspector Tsunemori? I just stood there and let Yuki die I just stood there and let Yuki die What happened? I met that man.
That man? Makishima Shougo.
The Dominators can't judge him! It seems all fairy tales are dead It seems all fairy tales are dead In a hospital ward of brick stones my voice is too coarse to sing Outside in the foggy haze a red moon glows Look at me Do not avert your gaze Behind black bars I was born I wish there were a punishment for evil Always I need you Now, grant us justice before chaos takes us all Pay the price of fate and be rewarded, nameless beast Black rain falls from the sky and I remain forever unwanted My crazed neurosis pulls me towards the sinful hellfire Now, mete out justice Even my ever-bleeding wounds shall be my friend Let's accept who we are and walk together We, who are nameless beasts This is a world where the mental state and personal tendencies of humans can be quantified.
While all sorts of inclinations are recorded and policed, these measured numbers used to judge people's souls are commonly called "Psycho-Pass".
This story is a work of fiction.
The names of all individuals and organizations that appear in this show are fictitious and any similarity to those in existence in the real world is purely coincidental.