Psycho-Pass (2012) s01e12 Episode Script

Crossroad of the Devil

1 3 years ago smash Trigger finger Trigger finger We're playing the role of ourselves Into our flippant illusion That's not good.
Don't you paint your nails? Look.
Isn't this cute? You don't have to get one made for guitarists.
The cheap stuff they sell in stores works just fine.
This one is my favorite.
Sit down.
Yayoi! Good morning! It's time to get up.
Now, to all the latent criminals Be sure to keep working on purifying your Hue! Be sure to keep working on purifying your Hue! Good morning! It's time to get up.
Now, to all the latent criminals Be sure to keep working on purifying your Hue! Be sure to keep working on purifying your Hue! An Enforcer? At the Public Safety Bureau? Sibyl determined that you have the aptitude for it.
You're a latent criminal.
I think this is an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for you.
Does that mean that my Psycho-Pass will never recover? I would like to show Cut open my skull Look into my head I don't know why I'm so hurt I can't be so brash I'm going to crash 'Cause I feel I can't always show my everything to you If this moment was for me I try to hear, lend my ear Voices inside willing to join it all Again 'Cause I feel I can't always show my everything to you If this moment was for me I try to hear, lend my ear Voices inside willing to join it all So it goes Again The Occupation Aptitude Test guarantees you a stable life in which your talents are used to their fullest, leading to a more civilized life for humanity.
The OAT has created a world where anyone can enjoy art, nature and peace.
Loaning Service Loaning Service Excuse me.
You are Ms.
Kunizuka, right? The items you requested to borrow and purchase have arrived.
Please check the list.
Excuse me Yes? I don't see the Ernie Ball strings I requested to purchase in here.
The purchase was not approved.
Why not?! I've requested them several times already! Please submit another request to purchase them.
Hey! I haven't played the guitar for over six months now! Look how soft my fingertips have gotten! I can't play like this! Your Hue has changed.
It is now dark yellow.
Don't worry.
Please calm down.
Your Hue has been stable recently.
You'll be able to leave here soon.
When you do, you can play music or do whatever else you want.
This is a crucial time for you, so please be patient.
I'll leave the supplement here.
Loaning Service You're just wasting your time, visiting me over and over again.
Sorry, but we came regarding a different matter today.
What? We've had a number of street scanners damaged over the past few months.
The means of vandalism weren't consistent and the incidents each had different culprits.
At first, we thought that these incidents were not connected, but when we tracked and plotted out the culprits' movements, we found that they all hang out in Kitazawa, in Setagaya Ward.
We think that some sort of antisocial community has formed there.
We want to take it out.
So? We'd like you to help us.
You used to be a musician based in the Kitazawa area, right, Ms.
Kunizuka Yayoi of Amalgam? You must know every inch of Kitazawa.
What is it? Yeah, got it.
What is it? That was Sasayama.
He said he's tired of waiting.
Oh? Where's Kougami? He's working, you moron.
Hey, no smoking in the car.
Okay, okay.
You don't have to work, Mr.
Gino? My work is done for the day.
So the candidate this time is a former Sibyl-authorized artist? Yeah.
How in the heck did someone who was once an authorized artist end up becoming a latent criminal? Beats me.
But I hear that there are many cases where people's Hues become clouded when they become deeply involved in their art.
I see It probably means that a strong passion such as art, something capable of moving people, can act not only as a medicine but also as a poison.
That's exactly why it started requiring prior approval.
And then an approved artist ends up becoming a latent criminal? Good grief.
So will this girl become an Enforcer? I heard that she wants to return to society.
She does, huh? How naive.
Just what do you think I can do?! Why me? Because I have the aptitude to be an Enforcer? In this kind of investigation, a keen nose is needed.
The kind that only a detective has.
Sibyl judged that you have that potential.
What more could we ask from an ally, right? Is Sasayama Hm? the one who said he was tired of waiting? Oh yeah.
Is he an Enforcer? That's right.
So you really do take them around like pet dogs, huh? What you really want is a dog's nose, not a detective's, right? I refuse.
I don't want to do anything that could cloud my Hue further.
Are you planning to get out of here so that you can play music again? That's none of your business.
You're quite enthusiastic.
You've put in twenty-three purchase requests for guitar strings.
Even now, you're still taking care of your fingernails.
Enough already! Please leave! I wonder if she'll work with us.
Well, Kougami is better at dealing with this kind of stuff than me.
So you do realize that you have no tact at all! Shut up! Yayoi! What're you doing?! Hanging out with a member of an unauthorized band?! Your Hue's gonna get clouded! What're you— It's our turn again.
Sorry for skipping out on you before the job was done.
You can have this.
Later! Yayoi, let's go home! But I want to listen to their music.
Music by an unauthorized band is worthless! I think making music just to curry favor with Sibyl is what's really worthless.
Frankly speaking, it's impossible to grasp all the event spaces in Kitazawa.
There are many abandoned buildings in that area, so people have ended up using those buildings as they please.
It's not uncommon to see a venue open one day and disappear without a trace the next.
So what you're saying is that only those in the community can know the time, date, and location of events? Yes.
But there are some well-known venues among them.
So if you narrow them down further by comparing them with the culprits' movements If this group of people that you call an "antisocial community" really exists, I think it's highly likely that they use either Yellow Hood or 27 Club as their base of operations.
This is 27 Club! So far, I haven't seen anything suspicious! This is Yellow Hood! There's nothing out of the ordinary here! Understood.
Hey! This really isn't my scene! What? He sounds pretty carefree.
Well, he probably got used to it.
No matter how serious things get, once you've lived that way for a while, it just becomes routine for you.
That applies to me, the Enforcers, and those latent criminals in the rehabilitation facility.
What're you talking about? People don't often return to society from those rehabilitation facilities in a normal state of mind.
In fact, I'd say that almost no one does.
There are those who break down from the confinement, those whose Psycho-Passes worsen and end up being executed, and all kinds of other cases, but most of the latent criminals just grow accustomed to it.
Accustomed to what? To living in that place where everything they have is constantly taken from them.
And then it swallows them up.
Of course, you might be able to overcome all that through strength of will, but there's also another way.
What's that? A Dominator.
The Sibyl System permits only us Inspectors and the Enforcers to carry it.
It's the power held by those who take things away.
Those who take things away? If you want to escape a life where everything you have is constantly taken from you, you can join the people responsible for taking those things away.
And this is the power that enables it all.
It's been registered with your ID.
Hey! Who said you could— You never know what could happen out in the field.
Take it with you.
I found a few suspicious characters.
They're standing by the counter, but they're not ordering anything.
I bet they're making a drop-off.
They're total amateurs.
This'll be a piece of cake.
Don't be reckless.
Rina! Hey, you guys! Huh? Can I take a look at that? What?! Bingo.
Molotov cocktails? You guys are pretty old-fashioned.
Hey! I'm with the Bureau.
Crime Coefficient is over 150.
It's the cops! That idiot! I told him not to be reckless! Doesn't this place have a fire extinguisher?! This is an emergency! Dispatch all Drones to 27 Club! Sasayama! This is Ginoza Nobuchika, an Inspector from the Public Safety Bureau's CID.
I'm requesting a dispatch from the Fire Department.
Listen, stay here.
No matter what! Kunizuka! I'm sure that was Rina's voice! Don't come any closer, you damn puppet of Sibyl! Crime Coefficient is 98.
Not a target for enforcement action.
The trigger will be locked.
Everything under control?! Are you gonna shoot me?! Go right ahead! You're a goddamn fascist who blindly kills people when Sibyl tells you to! Well, you sure are fired up.
The hostage is in the way.
Her Crime Coefficient's already 98.
Practically a latent criminal already.
Can't we just take care of them together? We can't just start shooting everyone! You're a nice guy.
I hope it won't cost you your life.
What's going on inside?! You can't go in there anymore! It's total chaos inside! Do you know what happened to Rina? You know, the vocalist for Prophecy? She was on the stage when the explosion happened! You're in our way! Move! You call this a world where you can enjoy art and nature?! Sibyl ruined my music potential! Oh, how lucky for you! You didn't have to waste your life half-assedly pursuing some dream you didn't have the talent to achieve! Hey! Shut up! Rina! Yayoi! Are you okay? Yeah, it all broke out pretty far from the stage, so we got out safely.
Hey, what are you doing here? Were you able to get discharged? Not exactly.
I came here with the people from the Bureau.
The Bureau? Sorry, Rina! Thanks for waiting! This is all we could manage to save.
How many are left? Rina, those Hey, who's that? Nobody.
Just go on ahead.
What's going on? I'll catch up with you guys soon.
Okay, then.
Rina What are you doing? Put down your guns! Put them down! Crime Coefficient is 314.
Whoa! Here's a big one! It's exactly how it looks.
We're gonna overthrow Sibyl.
We're a resistance force.
If you do this, you'll become more than a latent criminal! You could get executed! You're different to how I thought you were.
What? Say, Yayoi Why don't you fight with us? I can't do that.
Why not? Because you're authorized? No, that's not it.
You know how wrong our current society is.
Even if you vote for politicians in a few token elections, they're just figureheads.
As long as all the bureaucrats are chosen by the Sibyl System, calling it a democracy is a big, fat lie! People have become slaves of Sibyl, giving it control over their lives, and they haven't even noticed! But our music will definitely become a major influence! We can move people's hearts! We'll change the world with our music! That's not what it was about for me! Yayoi It wasn't about that at all! All this time I just wanted to stand on stage again with you.
That's all I wanted! That's not enough! When you were institutionalized, I realized just how powerless I was.
We can't solve anything by playing around! Without power, it's completely pointless! Pointless? That's right! We need power, Yayoi! Everything used to be fine as it was but things have changed, huh? That thing It's a Dominator.
Sibyl's eyes.
You work for the Bureau now? Please, Rina Come with me! It's still not too late.
But if you continue down this path, there really will be no turning back! Come with me, and turn yourself in for rehabilitation.
Are you going to shoot me? If that's what it takes to stop you.
You can't shoot me.
No, Rina! I'm going to do it! I'm really gonna shoot you! You are an invalid user.
The trigger will be locked.
What? Why? How come?! Wait, Rina! Wait Hey! I see.
You almost gave me a heart attack.
Handing over a Dominator to a mere latent criminal is crazy.
It's completely unheard of.
Hey, are you listening? Sorry about that.
I thought it'd be a good experience for her.
This means that Sibyl was correct.
I'll be back soon.
There's no way I could love anyone, I will become an Enforcer.
but I wish to be loved by someone in turn Huh? I will become an Enforcer! The world may not have ended yesterday after all, but we will not budge from where we are God, in favor of which parts have you left us? I receive no reply I never do Are you still here? You'll never walk alone I walk with you I will share all your sins Together with you I walk a trackless path This is a world where the mental state and personal tendencies of humans can be quantified.
While all sorts of inclinations are recorded and policed, these measured numbers used to judge people's souls are commonly called "Psycho-Pass".
This story is a work of fiction.
The names of all individuals and organizations that appear in this show are fictitious and any similarity to those in existence in the real world is purely coincidental.