Puella Magi Madoka Magica (2011) s01e01 Episode Script

As If I Met Her in a Dream...

1 How cruel.
There's no other choice.
The burden is too great for her to bear alone.
She's probably at her limit already.
She can't! Not alone, at least! How could she?! The moment you give up, it's all over.
However, you can change your fate.
It's up to you to change the course of this destruction and grief.
All the power you were blessed with was meant for this moment.
Really? Can someone like me really do that much? Can I really change this outcome? Of course.
That's why you should make a contract with me and become a Magical Girl.
It was just a dream? Episode 1 As if I met her in a dream Good morning, Papa! Good morning, Madoka.
Where's Mama? Tatsuya went to get her.
You should give him a hand.
Mama, Mama.
Morning, it's morning.
Wake up! Mama, Mama.
Wake up! Huh? Mama's finally up.
How's it been going lately? Hitomi got another love letter.
That makes three this month.
Guys who don't even have the courage to confess aren't worth your time.
How's Kazuko doing? She's still using homeroom to talk about her boyfriend.
This week is her three month anniversary.
It's a new record.
Who'd have thought? This is a really crucial time.
Really? If he's not for real, this is around the time problems start to arise.
If she can make it past this, she should be fine for another year or so.
Which ribbon should I pick? Eh? Isn't it a little flashy? It looks fine.
It'd be all over if a woman was judged only by her looks.
Isn't it great? This way Madoka's secret admirers will all be mesmerised.
No way.
You have to pretend that you have some.
It's the secret of beauty.
Safe! Here.
Make sure you eat it all.
Yes! Would you like another cup of coffee? Nope.
All right! I'm off! Have a safe trip! Madoka, you should hurry, too.
I'm leaving! Have a safe trip! Have a safe trip! Good morning! Good morning! Madoka, you're so slow.
Wow! That's a really cute ribbon.
Really? It's not too flashy? It looks very nice on you.
And then she said that guys who use love letters instead of confessing in-person aren't worth the trouble.
Madoka's mom is always so cool, and she's beautiful and career-minded to boot.
If we could be like that, we wouldn't have anything to worry about.
Sounds like someone's jealous.
How nice I wouldn't mind receiving one myself.
A love letter.
Oh? Does Madoka want to become a popular beauty like Hitomi? Were you perhaps trying to change your image with that ribbon? It's not like that! This was Mama's So you've learned the secret to becoming popular from your mom.
Inexcusable! You little rascal! Take this! No, cut it out! Aren't you a cute one? But I definitely won't forgive you for trying to get popular with the guys.
Madoka is to become my bride! Today, I have something very important to announce.
Please listen carefully.
Which is better? Eggs hard-boiled, or soft-boiled? Nakazawa, please answer.
Umm It's fine either way, isn't it? Eggzactly! Either way is fine.
Judging a woman's charm by the way she prepares eggs is a grave error! To all you girls, be careful never to date guys who only eat soft-boiled eggs.
Looks like things didn't work out, huh? Looks like it.
And as for you guys, make sure you don't become the sort of person who nitpicks about things like eggs.
Moving right along Allow me to introduce a new transfer student! She tells us that last? Akemi-san, please come in.
Wow! She's so cute! Woah, she's a beauty.
No way It can't be Okay, let's have you introduce yourself.
I am Akemi Homura.
It's nice to meet you all.
Excuse me, Akemi-san? What school did you come from, Akemi-san? I attended a missionary school in Tokyo.
Were you in any clubs? Sports? Arts? I never joined any.
You have such nice hair.
What brand of shampoo do you use? That Akemi-san sure has a mysterious air about her.
Hey, Madoka.
Do you know her from somewhere? It seemed like she was looking right at you just now.
No, I I'm very sorry.
I think all the excitement has gotten to me.
I feel faint.
Pardon me, but I would like to go to the nurse's office.
Let me show you where it is.
I'll go, too! It's fine.
I don't want to cause you any trouble.
I'll ask the person on duty.
Kaname Madoka, you're the nurse's representative for this class, correct? Umm Well Could you accompany me to the nurse's office? E-Excuse me How did you know I'm the health representative? Saotome-sensei told me.
I see.
Well, the nurse's room is just— It's this way, isn't it? Yeah, that's right.
So Is it possible that you already know where it is? Umm Akemi-san? Homura is fine.
Homura-chan? What is it? Th-That's a pretty unique name, isn't it? I didn't mean I didn't mean it was weird or anything.
I think it sounds kind of cool Kaname Madoka, do you truly value your life? Do you value your friends and family? I O-Of course I do.
They all mean a lot to me.
I love all of them.
They're all very important to me.
Really? Why would I lie? I see.
If that is really true then you have no reason to become someone other than who you are.
Otherwise, you might lose everything.
Just continue living the life of Kaname Madoka.
Just as it always has been.
Did she just break the school record? What?! What was that all about? I have no idea.
I thought she was perfect, good in sports and academics.
But it turns out she's really nuts.
How many things must she excel in before she's satisfied?! "Moe"? Is what they call "moe"?! Madoka-san, is this really the first time you've met Akemi-san? Under normal circumstances, yes.
What's that supposed to mean? Did you meet her under some strange circumstances before? Well I think I saw her in a dream last night.
Something like that That's fresh! Madoka's showing some character! You meanie! I was really worried about it.
It must be something from a past life.
You two are destined companions who have traversed time and space to meet again.
What kind of dream was it? I don't really remember it.
I just know that it was really weird.
It might be that you really have met Akemi-san before.
Though you don't remember perhaps her image was preserved in your sub-conscious, and that was reflected in your dream.
Isn't that a little far-fetched? It might just be a coincidence.
That's true.
Oh, it's almost time.
I'm sorry.
I have to go.
Was it piano today, or Japanese dance? It's tea ceremony.
But exams are creeping up, so I don't know how long I can keep doing it.
Man, it must be nice being part of a middle-class family.
Let's go, too.
Madoka, is it all right if we go by the CD store on our way home? Sure.
Kamijou-kun again? You got me.
I'll see you later.
See ya.
Bye bye! Help me! Help me, Madoka! Please, help me! Who is it? Who are you? The interior of this store is currently undergoing renovations.
This floor will be closed for the duration.
Help me.
Where are you? Who are you? Help me.
Was it you? Help me.
Homura-chan? Get away from him.
But he's hurt.
How can you be so cruel? This has nothing to do with you.
But he called for me.
I heard his cries for help.
Is that so? Madoka, over here! Sayaka-chan! Now of all times What's up with her? Is she some kind of cosplaying freak? By the way, what is that thing? It's not a stuffed animal, right? Is it an animal? I don't know.
But I still have to save him.
What's going on? Where's the emergency exit? Where are we? This is so strange.
The way keeps changing.
What the hell is going on here?! There's something there! This is a joke, right? I must be dreaming.
Right? Madoka?! Huh? This is That was a close call.
But it's all right now.
Oh, you were able to save Kyubei? Thank you.
He is my dear friend.
He called for me.
I could hear his voice inside my head.
Oh? So that's how it is.
That uniform You're from Mitagihara, I see.
Second years? Who are you? That's right.
I should introduce myself first.
But before that Would you mind if I finished up here? A-Amazing.
It changed back.
The Witch fled.
If you want to catch it, you'd better hurry.
I'll let you go this time.
There's something else I have to do.
You're not very bright, are you? I'm saying I'll let you leave unharmed.
We're not looking for unnecessary trouble.
Thanks, Mami.
You saved me! You should be thanking these two.
I just happened to pass by.
Thank you so much! My name is Kyubei.
Were you the one who was calling me? That's right! Kaname Madoka and Miki Sayaka How do you know our names? I have a request for both of you.
A request? I want you to make a contract with me and become a Magical Girl! Hanokage I have the power to grant any wish.
What?! Really?! What kind of wish? Anything will do.
I will grant any miracle, no matter what it is.
Episode 2 That makes me really happy That makes me really happy.