Puella Magi Madoka Magica (2011) s01e02 Episode Script

That Would Be Truly Wonderful

1 I am Tomoe Mami.
Like you, I'm a third year student at Mitakihara City Middle School.
Additionally, I'm a Magical Girl who has signed a contract with Kyubei.
Another weird dream Good morning, Madoka.
Episode 2 That would be very nice.
I heard you got home really late last night, Madoka.
My senior invited me over to her house.
I'm not going to tell you when to come home, but at least try to call me before dinner.
I guess he really is invisible to others.
What a wonderful house! You don't need to act so formal.
I live here alone.
I don't have much to offer in the way of hospitality though.
It's delicious, Mami-san! It's so tasty, I'm gonna explode! Thanks.
You two are no longer strangers to me after being chosen by Kyubei.
I'd like to explain some important things to you too.
Just ask whatever you'd like to know.
That's the opposite, Sayaka-chan.
How pretty! This is a Soul Gem.
It's a precious stone, born out of the contract formed between Kyubei and a chosen girl.
It's a source of magical power and proof of a Magical Girl's identity.
And the contract? I can fulfill one of your wishes.
Really? Wishes Meaning? It can be anything, I'll be able to grant it, no matter how miraculous.
Like riches, long life, something like great food? That last one is a little However, in doing so, a Soul Gem will be created.
The receiver of the stone becomes obligated to fight Witches as a Magical Girl.
Witches? Hey, Mama? Yeah? What if, just if, someone told you that you could use magic to fulfill one wish, what would you— I'd wish for my two managers to screw around somewhere else.
What else, let me think The CEO isn't young anymore, I wish he would consider retiring.
But there's no one to replace him.
Why don't you become the CEO then? There's always that possibility, isn't there? Once we've dealt with the sales department, Corporate Planning and the General Manager will be easy to manipulate.
In that case, the problem lies with that bald-headed manager.
We'll just do it this way and pull our hair out.
Your eyes look really scary, Mama.
What are Witches, are they different from Magical Girls? If Magical Girls are born from wishes, then Witches are born from curses.
Magical girls help fulfill wishes, while Witches spread despair.
What's more, they can't be seen by normal people.
They are really evil.
Anxiety and suspicion, rage and hate, they bring such seeds of discord into the world.
Unreasonable suicides and killings primarily stem from the curses of Witches.
This unseen enemy has begun to move against the hearts of the people.
If such dangerous people exist, why doesn't anyone know about them? Witches have always remained hidden and would never reveal themselves to anyone.
The maze-like structure you were trapped in before is a reality marble.
It was really dangerous, wasn't it? People who are swallowed by that world never return alive.
You were fighting such a scary enemy? Yes, staking my life on it.
That's why the two of you should think this over carefully.
You two, chosen by Kyubei, given an opportunity to fulfill any dream, would you be willing to face death at any time? This is a difficult decision, isn't it? Therefore, I have an idea.
Why don't you accompany me in vanquishing Witches for a while? In doing so, you will come to understand what exactly it means to be a Magical Girl.
Use your very own eyes to verify whether your dreams need to be fulfilled at the risk of your life.
You need to consider this seriously.
Good morning! Good morning.
Good morn— Good morning, Sayaka.
Is something wrong, Sayaka-san? Is it really true that only we can see this guy? It seems so.
Nothing, let's go, let's go.
It seems that we can communicate with each other if we speak in our mind.
We have magical powers already? No, no, you're just communicating through me for now.
But isn't it convenient to be able to talk secretly? It feels really weird.
What's going on between you two? You keep staring at each other.
No this is Don't tell me the two of you have already reached the point where you can understand each other with just your eyes.
It's only been a day, and you've already progressed to this point so quickly.
What exactly happened yesterday? No matter how you look at it, you're exaggerating.
Although a lot of things did happen.
But you two can't.
Both of you are female.
This is a forbidden romance! You dropped your bag! Hitomi-chan seemed just like Sayaka-chan today.
Hey, what do you mean by that? Is it really okay to come with us? Why not? I already told you, that person yesterday was a transfer student who's in this class.
Didn't she try to take your life? I think school might actually be safer.
Mami is here too.
Mami is a third-year, so her classroom is pretty far away from here.
Don't worry, I can hear your voices.
The distance is still within the range of telepathy.
Good morning.
Don't worry, I'll watch over you properly.
That girl doesn't want to attract much attention to herself either.
I guess it's okay then.
Speak of the devil.
That transfer student is also a Magical Girl was it? Like Mami-san? Yes, there's no doubt about it.
It seems she also possesses great power.
But if that's the case, shouldn't she be helping the righteous side dealing with the Witches? Why would she suddenly attack Madoka? I was her target.
She probably wanted to prevent more Magical Girls from being born.
Why? Since we're fighting a common enemy, wouldn't it be better to have more allies? Still, looking at it from another perspective, wouldn't it increase the competitiveness of the battles? No way, why's that? When you defeat a Witch, you can obtain the reward you are promised.
So sometimes, due to the circumstances, we will find ourselves in conflict with each other.
So basically, she already knew that Kyubei would make Madoka an offer.
So she came to stop us beforehand? I'm afraid that's it.
Don't mind her, Madoka.
If she tries to make a move, I'll beat her up.
Besides, Mami-san is on our side.
That's right, Miki-san aside, I'm here too, so don't be afraid, there's nothing to worry about.
You don't need to say "Miki-san aside.
" So then, those which express actions or control are "active voice," while the opposite is called "passive voice.
" For example, if B, because of A, was made to do something and exhibits the characteristics of receiving orders or being controlled, this defines "passive voice.
" B verb and past tense.
For example, "He likes me," does he like me? Here.
Hey, have you thought about what wish you would want granted, Madoka? Not really, and you? Not at all.
I was thinking, even though we can easily come up with loads of wishes, a lot of things we want or would like to do, I can't think of anything I'd like risking my life for to have granted.
It doesn't seem necessary to risk your life all the time.
This is really surprising, a lot of kids would agree immediately.
We're probably just being stupid.
Is that what it is? Yep, lucky idiots.
It's not really surprising.
The world must have a lot of people who have dreams for which they would risk their life to have them granted.
That's why it's fitting to say that those of us who can't see our destination don't understand that kind of pain.
We've become idiots because we've received so much kindness.
Why us? This doesn't seem fair.
This chance should be given to those who really need it.
Don't worry.
Do you want a repeat of yesterday's incident? No, I have no such plans.
I wanted to settle this before this thing met Madoka.
Now that it has come to this, it's too late.
So what do you intend to do? You want to become Magical Girls, don't you? I We don't have to tell you anything! Do you remember what I said yesterday? Yeah.
Then it's fine.
I trust my warning won't be wasted on you.
Did you become a Magical Girl to fulfill some wish? Sorry, Hitomi, we both have something to do.
Something secret? I'm so envious! Your relationship has reached a point where you don't want interference! No, it isn't like that.
Do you want to go to the coffee shop with us after school, Akemi-san? I have something to do today.
Now then, this is the first phase of Magical Girl lessons.
Let's get to work.
Are you prepared? I don't really know whether we're adequately prepared, but I brought this.
It seems better than not bringing anything.
Yeah, if we end up in such a tough situation that we would need to use that, it'll be a great help.
What did you bring, Madoka? I I was thinking we should decide on costumes first.
You really did put some effort into this.
I surrender, you've beaten me.
This shows the traces of magic left by the Witch from yesterday.
Simply put, it's the only way to find a Witch.
By using the Soul Gem like this, we can track the Witch down.
It's surprisingly simple.
The light hasn't changed at all.
It's been a night since the Witch fled the scene.
The traces are weakening.
If only we had gone after her back then.
Even then, we wouldn't necessarily have been able to handle her.
Besides, my priority at the time was to protect you two.
It's okay.
Mami-san really is on the side of righteousness, compared to that transfer student.
It really makes me mad.
Is she really a bad person? Hey, Mami-san, we don't have a way to find the Witch if she isn't here, do we? The most common incidents after a person has been cursed are traffic accidents and explosions.
Therefore, we'd first check the main roads and most dangerous shopping districts.
Also places where people are likely to commit suicide; dark, isolated places.
And it would be bad if they were somewhere like a hospital.
By absorbing energy from those who are already weak, their condition would worsen.
A strong wave of magic.
It should be very close.
There's no doubt about it, it's here.
Look, Mami-san! A Witch's love bite It really is like that.
Is she It's okay, she just fainted.
Let's go.
I won't let you escape today.
Though it's not much of use for fighting, it might help you protect yourself.
You must not leave my side.
Don't come here, don't come here.
How is it? You two are scared, aren't you? This is nothing! I'm scared, but Let's go, we're almost at the heart of this realm.
Look, it's a Witch.
How evil.
Do we have to fight that thing? Don't worry, I won't lose.
Stand back.
Mami-san! Don't worry, I won't lose face in front of my future juniors.
Okay! Finale! We won? Amazing! This is a grief seed.
It's a Witch's egg.
Egg? Witches will drop these when they perish if we're lucky.
Don't worry, it's safe right now.
Besides, it's a very useful treasure in battle.
My Soul Gem's color is a little duller than yesterday, right? It seems so.
But if we use the grief seed Look.
It regained its luster.
See? If we do this, my magic will be restored.
This is the reward I mentioned for vanquishing a Witch.
It should still have one use left.
You can have it, Akemi Homura-san.
It's her.
Or are you saying you're not happy that I'm sharing it with you? You earned this yourself, so you should keep it.
So that's your answer? She really pisses me off.
If only we could make up with her.
But we'd need her to think that way too.
This is I'm? No.
Why would I do Why would I do such a thing?! Don't worry, it's all right now.
You just had a nightmare, that's all.
I guess this wraps things up.
A wish to be fulfilled It's still hard for me to decide right now.
But Mami-san's silhouette looked magnificent when she saved her.
If someone like me could become like her and help others, I would be really happy.
Mizukawa Hekiru Forcing yourself to face it, even when you're scared or in pain, or when no one is there to help you and you want to hide and cry Episode 3 I'm Not Afraid of Anything The life of a Magical Girl isn't easy!