Puerta 7 (2020) s01e03 Episode Script

Episode 3

Due to a regrettable act of violence that recently took place in the bleachers of our own stadium, we've been forced to make urgent and important decisions.
We don't want violence in this club anymore.
We don't want criminals to keep spoiling our fun.
So, the board and I have decided to let go of our former chief of security and his entire staff.
Starting today, that will be the role of the person to my left.
Her name is Diana Imbert.
Some of you may know her already.
She's done a wonderful job in our neighborhood.
She's a lawyer.
She recently was presented with an award for her humanitarian work.
I'm sure she can help our club enormously.
She'll identify and ban She's Imbert's granddaughter, right? Who's Imbert? [Guillermo.]
our members can't enjoy He was our club's chairman when we won the Copa Libertadores.
He's a legend.
You idiots weren't even born then.
[reporter 1.]
from Telesports.
I have a question for Diana.
Do you have any prior experience in security? I have no experience handling security, but I know how to do my work right, and that's why I'm here.
Besides, this means a lot to me and my family.
Our love for this football club is what drives us.
[reporter 2.]
Guillermo, I agree with your assessment of the situation here, in the club.
But putting a woman in charge of security with the rampage of violence going on - [chuckles.]
Thank you.
What was your name? - [reporter 2.]
Does anyone have a smart question they would like to ask? She sounds sassy.
I like tough girls.
But you're married.
So what? I mean as an opponent.
He's always thinking of sex.
Not everything is about sex.
There are more important things, like our club.
Before we go on, I want to say that hooligans aren't only damaging our club.
Hmm? They corrupt our neighborhood, poison our children, use them.
As Guillermo just said, they aren't fans, they are criminals.
Once we get rid of them all, we'll be a lot better off.
There is no doubt about it.
That's why I'm here, and I'm committed.
Now, if you'll excuse me, those were all the questions for now.
Thank you for coming.
Guillermo, if that's okay with you, I need to go now.
Thank you.
I was watching Norwegian football yesterday.
The Snolkin against Stockholm.
And I saw this guy that plays just like Giraldo.
Old-fashioned football.
It was a rerun of a match from the '80s, but it was a dull game.
- Hi.
- [Lomito.]
Bring a chair, sit.
Is he working for you? I needed a driver and Rafa will be out for some time.
Mili! Bring the kid a choripan.
Thank you.
No need.
If he'd managed to hit the guy harder, he would have killed him.
First time? Doing what? - Saving a stranger's life.
- Yeah.
I wouldn't have done that.
What if the guy took a shot at you? [laughing.]
Good guys deserve a reward.
It's for you.
What do you want on your choripan? Criolla sauce or chimichurri? - Criolla, for sure.
- [Lomito chuckles.]
It's my favorite, too! Mili, make it just like you make mine! Come, I need your help.
I hate that Giraldo won't let Gabriel play.
Giraldo knows his trade.
Maybe he's letting him stew for a bit.
But it still bothers me that he won't play him.
The kid is good.
His time will come.
Did you learn something about that girl? Yeah.
She works at an NGO and she just started at the club.
I know that already.
Why don't you gather some info around the neighborhood? [Matraca.]
What exactly am I looking for? No idea.
Secrets, stuff.
Nobody is that clean.
Something that can be used against her.
Honey? Hi.
- Do you remember Marcela? - [Marcela.]
I asked her to come about the garden I wanted to remove, remember? We think an indoor patio.
Good lighting, more room.
You'll love it.
Where is Gabriel? Is he having lunch? He left.
I saw him with a bag.
How come he left? God damn it! [Mario coughing.]
What the hell happened here? [man 1.]
It's shit.
The drain is clogged and we're swimming in shit now.
[Mario coughs.]
I thought the city council would send someone.
[man 1.]
Yeah, to get their money, pretend to do some work and leave.
[man 2.]
Here, kid.
Put that on.
Put all the money there.
[man 2.]
Please, give us a hand.
All the goods are wasted.
[man 2.]
Hey, you.
Write this down.
Grab this.
Would you rather pick shit up? [Gabriel.]
Take this.
All of it.
Again, come back.
Come on.
That was a corner kick.
Press the defense.
What are you doing, dickhead? What? Do you want to break something? I was just playing football.
Football, is it? I thought it was tennis.
I don't like losing money.
I thought you wanted to help your family.
Of course I do.
- Then, let's go.
- Let me get my bag.
- Where is it? - [Gabriel.]
Over there.
Parakeet, go.
Don't be an idiot.
Lomito, at least I get to play here.
I'm always on the bench.
Giraldo will play you soon.
But I want you to be a modern CF.
Nice haircut, cool shoes.
Don't sit on your ass.
The fire extinguishers expired.
This is unbelievable.
The emergency exits have no signs on them.
The glass is broken.
It's all falling apart.
Nothing works.
All that is easy to fix.
The real problem lies someplace else.
The problems are endless, Cardoso.
We need to make people feel safe at the club.
We need to get to the root of all this.
We need to grab these guys and beat the shit out of them.
It's the only language they understand.
Listen, Diana.
These guys have tons of businesses within the club.
Flipping tickets, the parking outside, the stalls they own.
The bribes around the players' transfers.
It's an endless list.
I'll revoke all those privileges.
No more free tickets, team shirts or signed balls.
I'll talk to Guillermo about this.
He has to stop giving them free stuff.
We can't give away anything.
These guys own the club.
They do as they please here.
But we're security, not PR.
I can suggest they stop with the tickets, but the board needs to approve it.
Take away their food stalls.
You can do that.
It's a security issue.
It'll be like punching them in the face.
- [girl 1.]
- Hello.
This is a lovely painting.
Who made it? We did.
- Only the two of you? - [girl 2.]
- Who else? - Diana.
Who is this Diana? Tell me about her.
What you're asking is impossible, Diana.
We can't build a new stadium.
We're playing in the first division.
We need a fitting stadium.
We need CCTV, turnstiles at the entrances and lighting in every hallway.
It's the only way I can do my job.
Or bring Bermudez back, I don't care.
Let's be realistic.
We depend on winning the title.
Only then will we have the money we need.
Diana, I'm here as the treasurer.
We can't afford what you're asking.
We're in the red.
We can't ask for another loan.
It's true, we thought about selling some players, but Guillermo doesn't agree.
Without these alterations, I can't stop these people.
What? Will we keep giving them tickets, money for the banners and all that crap? Helping them is a tradition.
Your tradition is helping criminals out? We need them gone.
The club can't make the first move.
We need this victory.
Who did you find? [Cardoso over phone.]
No one.
No IDs.
They just ran away.
Any new info? [Cardoso.]
Just some goods.
Nothing major.
Some cash, that's all.
- [Diana.]
How much? - [Cardoso.]
Quite a lot.
It was important to stand our ground, and that is what we did.
This will remain closed unless they pay the fine.
That'll hurt them.
Yeah, it'll hurt them.
- How are you holding up? - I'm fine.
I wanted more, though.
We just arrested them but couldn't rough them up at all.
Feels weird.
You answer to me.
Why go after our stalls? They are all working men.
They earn their livelihood honestly.
What bothers me the most is having to bribe the cops.
This girl isn't playing fair.
It's a big win for her.
- [Gabriel.]
Thank you.
- [maid.]
She's smart.
Ask Fabian to take care of it.
It's his job.
You're banned from leaving this house.
Next time you see him try, stop him.
[Gabriel scoffs.]
I wouldn't laugh so much.
First, we need a Ltd.
and to make every business go through it.
Make Sosa the chairman.
You can launder your money and evade taxes.
We can start with the tennis court.
That's too small for Sosa.
He wants it all.
Baby steps, partner.
Baby steps.
I thought we would get a cut from the transfers.
That's where the real money is.
Well, let's take it slowly.
Let's begin here.
We'll take a piece here, and then, we move to the big leagues.
Okay, let's do it.
So, what's up with the new chief of security? Not much.
Her intentions are good.
But she won't last.
At 5:00, some tea.
In the evening, a good scotch to end the day.
May I? Hector.
It's been so long.
Weird of you to come at this hour.
I don't think this is coincidental.
You're right, Mr.
- I'm here to talk - About Diana.
Am I right? I think it's okay that experts that love the club want to work here for its sake.
But there is no need for confrontation.
I need to establish order in the club.
Someone has to.
- And it has to be done right.
- Through consensus.
Consensus? Between whom? With the mess you made in the bleachers? We can't have that, no.
You're too old to be doing that.
I'd go as far as to say you're too old for the bleachers.
I don't like to get bossed around.
Our business is doing well.
We don't need vigilantes.
Is that what you came here to tell me? [Lomito.]
No, I just came here to remind you of the club's elections.
And to let you know that I own my boys' votes.
Each and every one of them.
- Multiply that by five.
- [Guillermo laughs.]
My boys know how to convince people.
The club needs order.
And someone has to do it.
You know that.
- Go get some rest.
- Yeah.
This is your "gig"? I'm just the driver, Dad.
You're driving Fabian around now? Is he still stealing stereos? It's a job, Dad.
He'll pay me enough for us to live.
I'd rather starve.
Well, I wouldn't.
The twins used to be nice kids.
But I guess some people need a wake-up call.
Was the truck legal? [Mario.]
My dad has no papers.
It was my mom's, but my dad never transferred the ownership.
How bad did they beat him? Not too bad.
A few scratches, that's all.
But they stole the tool of his trade.
It wasn't much more than to pass the time, but he did make a few bucks.
It was his, that's all that matters.
No one has the right to steal it.
Not in this neighborhood.
The twins used to be so nice.
What a shame.
[twin 1.]
We buy old TVs, old fridges.
Washing machines, iron scraps.
We buy anything, pay well.
Buying old scrap.
[twin 2.]
That old man.
I've got a few things, if you're interested.
Come see.
What do you have for sale? - A DVD player and some other stuff.
- [twin 2.]
All right, let's go.
Come on in.
Yeah, come.
Maybe you'll like it.
I've got a few things.
I've got some coal.
Cardboard boxes, an old grill.
I think I have a washing machine Stay still or I'll cut you right now! What the hell, man? Can't you see I'm working here? Is this the truck? Come on, let's go! Who the fuck are you? [Giraldo.]
Let's form a wall, guys.
Focus on this.
You, kick the ball on the lower side.
Between the first and the second player.
That's right! Well done.
Good job, Lucho.
Good job, man.
Very good.
That's right, pass it around.
Easy, one-touch passes.
Pass the ball and go.
Well done.
Good job, well done, guys.
Well done.
Hi, Coach.
- How are you doing, Hector? - I'm better.
Healing quite fast.
I thought it could be serious, but I was wrong.
Just a scratch.
I'm glad to hear that.
How is this going? Can we win the title? Go to the other side.
Same place.
On to the left.
On the first post of the goal.
That's it.
- We're working towards that.
- That's what I like to hear.
If we get another point, we will have an easier time.
It won't be so close.
You should be a coach.
Does my opinion bother you? You'll say it anyway, so no, it doesn't.
Lozano is a good CF.
Are you really boasting about Lozano? Why don't you try the kid out? What kid? Mine, Gabriel.
You know what I'm talking about.
What do you have against him? He's a healthy kid.
He keeps his nose clean, gets enough rest, works hard.
We have a lot of players that want to play here, Lomito.
And you know I have the utmost respect for their time of arrival.
They require time to adapt.
I can't risk it.
I can respect that.
But I need some of that, too.
What do you mean? Respect, Giraldo.
- [José.]
What's up, Mario? - [Mario.]
Come outside with me for a bit.
Close your eyes.
What's up with the mystery? Wait and see.
- Come on, Mario.
- Don't be so grumpy.
You'll see.
- What is it? - Here.
Where did you find it? How? What does it matter? Are you working for some crook? They aren't crooks.
Some kids from the hood helped me.
Take it away.
I don't want it.
I have no use for it.
- Why are you like this, Dad? - "Like this" how? What do you mean? You're vain.
Wait, Dad.
I'm sorry.
Hey! [exhales heavily.]
What is this? Please, understand.
I have to charge you for it.
Otherwise, I have to pay for it myself.
All this for three breaded veal cutlets? It's not just that.
Your boys owe us over $40,000! Why do you care? The club pays your salary.
- Hi, British.
How are you? - [man.]
I'm fine, thanks.
- [Diana.]
Can I have some coffee? - [man.]
- Uh, sugar or sweetener? - None.
- How much is it? - Fifty pesos.
We pay for everything we have here.
There are no exceptions.
Be careful.
Excuse me, are you threatening me? No, not at all.
But the coffee here is quite hot.
You wouldn't want to burn yourself.
Why can't he appreciate it? He never appreciates what I do for him.
The opportunities.
It pisses me off so much.
Well He thinks he's keeping you safe.
It's the only thing he knows how to do.
But I'm the one keeping him safe.
We both are.
He does nothing all day.
He sits on his ass like a hobo all day.
How long has it been now? How long since my mom left? Two years? Come on! [Camila.]
Don't judge him so harshly.
He knows you do, and it's making it worse.
He asked me if you were into some shady stuff.
See? See what I'm saying? It drives me nuts! Okay.
Let me talk to him.
All right? DOCK SUD FIRE DEPARTMEN - [Diana.]
What happened? - [Valentina.]
We work here! [man.]
They are with me.
- Excuse me.
- What happened? Is anyone hurt? YOU'LL RUN FOR YOUR LIFE [Lomito.]
I had to scold Gabriel.
But he's good, isn't he? [Fabian.]
Yeah, he's good.
Really good.
I told him to tell Giraldo to let him play.
Some of the worst players earn their spot by busting the coach's balls.
- You need to be patient.
- I am.
But I don't want to be taken for a fool.
No one is taking you for a fool, Lomito.
Take it easy, my friend.
That's true.
You're an idiot.
You ruined the kids' mural.
It was shit ugly.
It wasn't painted with our club's colors.
Besides, it wasn't us.
I know you.
- I know you, too.
- Then you know I won't be swayed.
I'm bigger than you.
I don't bully people around so they know who the boss is.
You'll end up in jail, I won't.
But you could do a lot worse.
No, I'm smarter than you.
That's impossible.
Don't underestimate me.
I'm not the one underestimating others.
It's just what everybody says.
You're feared, not respected.
Don't forget to cheer today! We must win the match! We are the [crowd continues singing indistinctly.]
[engine revs.]
She likes playing rough.
I like that.
Everyone trying to get in must have a ticket or membership.
Did you request for more guards? I asked for 20 mounted police officers, the other 20 we requested earlier, and ten police cruisers to roam around the stadium.
We also need riot police.
We'll take away their drums and banners.
This will get tough.
The banners are a security concern.
They block our field of vision and allow theft.
- They won't like it.
- Someone has to do it.
- [crowd cheering.]
- [drums beating.]
[crowd singing indistinctly.]
Our starting lineup will be Julian at the goal.
The defenders will be Brian, Ezequiel, Ernesto and Santamaria.
Our midfielders will be Matias, Botella, Hugo and Alan.
We'll play with two forwards today: Zambrano and Lucas.
- Tsk.
Again? - Again, what? - I'm on the bench again.
- I call the shots here.
I want you to respect that.
You need to be patient and work professionally.
That's how you'll get to play in this league.
I want to know when I will at least get a chance to play a few minutes.
[crowd cheering.]
What's up? [Cardoso.]
Your banners stay outside.
But Is this a new rule? We're not used to this! - No! - [man.]
No way.
I know you like playing soldiers with all these guys, but the banners go in either way.
Cardoso, sorry, but I must ask, what's that huge thing between your eyes? [all laughing.]
I'll beat the shit out of you.
[all shouting.]
[crowd shouting over video.]
[gun fires.]
- [gun firing.]
- [all murmuring indistinctly.]
[all shouting.]
[siren wailing in distance.]
All hell broke loose.
It's insane.
The police is using gas now.
[man coughing.]
I'll go check what's going on.
[all coughing.]
[reporter 1.]
That's right, friends As for the sports event, if Ferroviarios had won the match today, it would be leading the table, a shared lead, but There we have them, the board.
With them, the chief of security, who surely will tell us what happened.
What happened near the stadium was terrible.
We saw the police engaging.
Did the security forces make a mistake? We're waiting for the green light to continue.
Over 200 wounded.
We saw hooligans, of course, but some regular fans as well.
All of them, in the middle of the chaos.
Diana, we're live now.
Do you think what happened today, the police brutality, is the right way to avoid the violence leaking inside the stadium? Do you believe in fighting fire with fire? The police did their job.
We told the fans no one would enter the premises with dangerous objects.
[reporter 2.]
Do you think banners are dangerous? I'm not sure if you're aware, but all the fans bring banners.
I know that.
Thanks for reminding me.
[reporter 3.]
Do you mean that bringing a flag constitutes a crime now? No, but a 130-foot wide and 220-foot long banner obstructs our vision.
That facilitates theft and violence.
[reporter 4.]
And that earns them the police brutality we saw? I'm not saying that.
Our security team orders are to ensure the safety of the public.
That'll be all for today.
Thank you.
Diana had nothing to add, obviously.
But we had more questions, of course.
They made a lot of mistakes in terms of security today Excuse me.
- Good morning.
- Morning.
Had Ferroviarios won the match [maid.]
Here's your tea.
Now, the lead position is shared Thank you.
See? There is no question about it.
Ceramic looks much better.
But if we remove the whole garden, the house will lose all the green.
What about all the bugs? We'll talk about it later.
who will win the elections.
Back to you now.
Bye, Mom! Bye, Dad.
- Bye, honey! - [Mrs.
- [Lomito on TV.]
I'm here to represent - Look.
That's me.
I had to run from the police.
Never, in all my life, have I seen anything like this.
They were throwing gas at the families, at the children.
A football match should be a party.
We came only to cheer for our team.
And I want to make myself clear here: today's problems Morning.
were a clear demonstration of power.
Pure police brutality.
I can't make sense of any of this.
This club was always one big family.
But, today, someone wants that family destroyed.
[music-theme plays.]

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