Puerta 7 (2020) s01e04 Episode Script

Episode 4

1 A NETFLIX ORIGINAL SERIES Everybody here is horrified, talking about how no one is doing anything about this.
Quiet, looking down in silence - And when someone tries to do something - It's wrong.
I'd argue with you there.
Diana was looking after the club! But we were all hit with the gas.
I got gassed as well, don't you forget.
We are at war here.
You all need to understand that.
This isn't public yet.
The media doesn't know about it.
But if I have to die to get these criminals out of the club, then so be it! Let's do this, once and for all.
I'm certainly willing to.
I'm speechless, Guillermo, and I'm sure everyone here feels the same.
The only thing left for me to say is that I'll be there for you.
I will support your every decision.
I wonder if we went too far.
And maybe we did.
And I'm also questioning the decision to put Diana out there, in front of the cameras.
This could make for another scandal.
This isn't a nightclub.
It's a football club, and a big one.
We shouldn't be airing our dirty laundry in public.
We must always keep in mind our future and the glory of our club.
Please, gentlemen.
Let's vote.
Very well.
We'll keep our current chief of security and she'll continue with her work.
Please, we've got to trust this woman.
Thank you, Guillermo.
CLOSED DOWN Cardoso is an ugly son of a bitch.
Always by the books.
He never bends.
He should try to work things out like normal people.
and four.
- Is that enough? - It is.
- Then get the hell out of here.
- Sure.
See you later.
Let's go, guys.
Let's have lunch.
Check our inventory, Rafa.
They surely took all the cell phones.
It's always the same.
Hey, get off your ass and come help me.
You go, too.
Come on.
Sunday is match day.
Get to work.
- Damn cops.
- Come on, go.
Stop complaining and get to work.
- How many tickets? - Two thousand.
Two thousand? You're drunk.
Three hundred is all I've got.
When did everything get so complicated? Is it the girl? Drop it.
She'll fail on her own.
We just have to wait.
She believed us when we told her she went too far.
You should go back to the bleachers.
That suit looks good and all, but don't forget we used to cheer for our team together.
Do you really think I could forget that? Sometimes it seems like you have trouble remembering it.
Maybe you're right.
But I'll never forget that our club has room for everyone.
So back the fuck down.
- Help me with Gabriel, then.
- No.
Why not? He's to take on Crazy's mantle.
I've received several offers already.
I can't pass up the chance to make some big bucks.
Neither should the club.
Everyone would get a cut.
Talk to Giraldo.
It's just a grant for kids to come here instead of living on the streets.
Diana I brought you here to be in charge of our security, not to make another mess with that cop.
The police, as well as our security, acted according to protocol.
This isn't about social justice, all right? They're trying to hold on to what they've gained all these years.
These grants are meant to counter that.
If we get these kids off the streets, we take future soldiers from that army of madmen.
And we'll set an example for other clubs as well.
How How, what? You're a smart person, but you justify all this violence.
On the other hand, you want to help people.
One thing has nothing to do with the other.
Helping people also involves keeping those millionaires at bay.
You're just like your grandfather.
You don't know when to quit.
All right.
I like the idea.
Let's move ahead with the grants.
You did it.
I get anything I set my mind to.
Well, look at you.
I love when you act like this.
Don't lie to me.
You change your mind all the time.
All right, sometimes.
When you think you can take on everyone, that's what scares me.
We should go make some leaflets.
Why are we always asking the club for help? It's our neighborhood.
Who would we ask for help if not them? I never said it was a bad idea.
I was just pointing it out.
It's clear you don't like football.
Football brings people together.
Wanna know why? It's a place where everyone can feel like they belong.
It's the same if you're rich or poor, liberal or democrat, man or woman.
- That's what I don't understand.
- What? How can all those people get along with one another? It's the passion.
You either feel it or you don't.
The girl seems all right.
It'd be good for the kids, don't you think? Hmm.
I've never been to the club.
What? Really? Never? You need a membership, right now.
Huh? Hey, Bruno.
I'm fine.
Hey, listen.
I've got a new kid.
He needs a membership.
Yeah, I'll send you his picture and all the info.
All good.
You can go anywhere now.
Look this way.
Come on, smile a little.
You look so dumb.
- Like this? - That's good.
Here, add your personal information there.
Your mother's last name is missing.
- They don't need it.
- What's the problem? It's nothing.
Sometimes I think everything I do is to try to avoid hurting my dad.
I try, but I always end up hurting him anyway.
And you feel like your dad wouldn't want you using your mother's last name? My mother left him.
She got sick of his depression, and one day, she just left.
It was the first time my dad hit her.
Catch the ball, look around, and pass it.
Good, that's right.
- Good.
Change now.
Get another ball.
- Good morning.
- Keep going, come on.
- Good job, chief.
That's good.
Yeah, that's right.
Look around before passing the ball, look for your teammate.
That's it.
Put some pressure there.
Well done.
Well done, guys.
Keep going, well done.
How's Roggio's knee doing? He's doing some work on his own over there.
I need him rested for the next match.
He's playing? Yeah, of course.
Why? How about Lomito's kid? How's he doing? He's doing well.
But he can't handle all this pressure yet.
And Lomito isn't exactly helping.
But he needs to play.
But I said Roggio would play.
We're sitting on an opportunity here.
I think it's a shame that a kid like this wouldn't get his chance.
Do you want to coach the team? Don't talk to me like that.
It's just my opinion.
I think you're being a bit capricious about this.
Everyone's saying the kid is a star.
- I take it you've spoken to Lomito.
- I haven't.
I'm speaking on behalf of everyone here.
Come on, Santiago.
We all know each other very well here.
If you want me to let the kid play, then it's done.
You can also finish the lineup and coach the next match.
I'm sick of all this.
Fucking asshole.
Coach! What a surprise.
How are you doing? Why did you send Santiago? Are you two partners now? Tell me something, Lomito.
Don't we always talk these things through ourselves? - Yeah, you're right.
- Mmm.
So, what do you think about that? You're going to spoil the kid.
He'll burn out.
But the thing is, you're an employee here.
Entrepreneurs have plans, ideas.
They have a different point of view.
Do you understand? I don't.
All I understand is that you're only looking after your own gain.
As long as Roggio can play, the kid has no place on the team.
- Hi.
- Good morning.
- Morning.
Those grants are a great idea.
I like it.
We were just talking to Mario about that, right? Helping people out.
It's about time someone did that.
On the club's part, of course.
You know, these old geezers never do shit.
What makes you think you can come in here? I have the same right you have.
Every member does.
Just listen to what we have to say.
You'll find it interesting.
So, I was thinking This woman is trying to help out poor kids.
But on the other hand, she sends workers to jail.
I can't help you with that.
Is that a threat? It is, isn't it? Go on, I'm listening.
You're not hurting me.
You're hurting people to try to make me miserable.
- And you know what? - What? I'm as innocent as you are.
As any of the members of the board.
Not more, not less.
We're all the same.
And these people are fans.
With families.
And the children of those fathers you sent to jail are the same children that will benefit from the grants.
Do you see it now? Are you trying to be my conscience? Are you the savior of the broken now? It sounds more like the mob to me.
As long as there is no one else to care for them, - there'll always be someone - To exploit them.
Like you're doing now.
Are you the only one allowed to do that? - I offer them jobs.
- Hmm.
And I pay them for their work.
But I have a proposal for you.
I'm listening.
You leave these families alone and I'll make sure the grants are a success.
Let's go.
Close the door behind you.
Cardoso, listen.
I've been thinking, and we need to talk.
We need to turn it down a notch.
This may come back to haunt us.
Call me.
That's not mine.
Of course it is.
Your son helped us get it back.
I know you plan on getting your money's worth from my kid.
He's so dazzled by you and your way of making easy money.
But you and I both know how this whole thing will end.
Don't we? Your son is trying to help you, but you won't let him.
Let me tell you something.
If he gets hurt, I'll kill you myself.
Let's go home.
Come on! Go.
Are you okay? Come here.
How long have you been here? Come here.
You came.
- You invited me.
- Yeah, I know that.
Does your mom know you're here? Is it okay? I also have dessert.
We have a guest.
Hey! What's up? Lovely guest indeed.
Hi there, Ernesto.
How are you doing? You guys didn't wait for me.
We tried, but Hmm.
Something must have happened.
Must've been his mother.
Yeah, no idea.
- I'm going to take a shower.
- Yeah, go ahead.
We'll watch some TV later, Ernesto.
You can also have a shower if you want.
Can I play something on your computer? It's Valentina's.
She uses it for work.
You're still hungry.
Do you want some more or would you like some dessert? Dessert.
What the hell is wrong with you? You again, asshole? Yes.
I'm here to finish my job.
Up and at it, boys! Destroy everything! Leaflets, coffee Get inside.
Hey, get inside.
Yeah, Gabriel.
Go, go.
Go after him, get the ball back! - Hey! Are you nuts? - Come on, I barely touched you.
- People are working, Gabriel.
- Fuck you.
No, I saw him.
It wasn't a foul.
- He jumped.
- Are you for real? Come here, Gabriel.
- You can't do that.
This is practice.
- I didn't do anything to him.
Fucking pussy.
- What did he do to you? - I want to play in the league.
I'm not here for this.
I came here to support my family, not to eat scraps.
Be patient, I'm working on it.
I am.
Why did you buy me? Because you're good.
Why else? Then let me prove that on the field.
I'm sick of playing with these kids here.
If I suck, I'll see myself out.
I just want to play.
All right, let's go.
Tell Giraldo that my patience is growing thin.
Go change.
SPORTS GRANTS Put some over there, too.
Nicely done, girls.
Get them all over.
I'll get you some more.
I don't know.
I'm worried about him.
- Can I get some more? Thank you.
- Yes.
He breaks my heart.
Why don't you talk to his mom? I once spoke to a dad, trying to get him to stop hitting his son.
When he found out the kid told me about the beatings, he broke his arm.
- All right.
- Better safe than sorry.
I'll do something when the time is right.
He's resting at home now, safe.
Let's get him something to eat later.
We'll see then.
What's he doing here? - Maybe he's here to help.
- Yeah, right.
- Are you here to help with the leaflets? - No, I came here to say that I'm an idiot.
For trusting you, I mean.
- I don't understand.
- Your cop.
He hits women now.
Puts working people in jail.
I'm such an asshole.
Wait, tell me what happened.
I know nothing about this.
Can we talk? I won't buy your lies anymore.
Fool me once, shame on me.
Fool me twice I thought you were straight.
All this about the grants and whatnot.
Each of us would mind their own business.
I thought we wouldn't bother one another.
Kids would go to school, grown-ups to work.
Wasn't that a good deal? I have no idea what you're talking about.
Get a translator, then.
Or ask her.
I think she gets it.
I don't care if you think I'm stupid.
I just hate that you think you aren't.
Are you saying I'm stupid? I guess Cardoso screwed up, but what the hell did he do? Do you know anything about this? I know nothing.
What's wrong with him? I didn't bring you here to vandalize the town.
You're overreacting.
We said we were going to mess with their businesses.
Well, they've lost a lot of money.
You did exactly what they would do.
That's not our way of doing things.
- Do you know how to train a dog? - I don't care.
You make it smell its own shit and hit it as many times as necessary.
And you keep doing that until it realizes that it can't shit wherever it wants.
They aren't dogs.
They're beasts, Diana.
- They're worse than dogs.
- Not like this, Cardoso.
We can't be savages.
It won't work.
But we can't soften up, either.
Stop working on your own.
I thought I was helping you.
Not like this.
We need to think this through.
I need you on my side.
But you have to play by my rules.
Yes, ma'am.
I thought football clubs had a lot of money.
Was I wrong? If I knew it was going to be like this, I would have taken my business elsewhere.
We need to have patience.
And that's what Sosa lacks.
We need to start moving some money around.
Do what you have to do.
Sosa needs results immediately.
If you're not up to the task, then we'll find someone else who is.
No, I can do it.
Don't you worry.
Next time you tell me not to worry I'll make sure you do.
Stop screwing around with me.
Give me a few weeks to see what I can do.
You have one week.
I remember we made a huge banner with his face, right when we started coming here.
Yeah! Another goal! A huge banner with his face on it.
The face looked hideous, but you could tell it was his, with the goatee and all that.
- Nice, isn't it? - Hi, Héctor.
Paula's playing great.
- She scored twice already.
- Just like Dad, right? And the kid? Is he Paula's boyfriend? No, of course not.
My daughter is fine on her own.
Yeah! Another one! - This kid here is an investment of mine.
- Ah.
Come on! Another one! Go, Paula! Go, Paula! It was just one match.
No, it wasn't just this match.
But I like your modesty.
See? What? Her modesty.
Why should I care? What's wrong with you? Just a cramp.
I had a hard time stretching before, so Take your shoe off.
Press your foot against the cold floor.
Go ahead, you idiot! It'll help with the cramps.
See? It helps.
So, as I was saying.
Giraldo can say whatever he wants, but you need to stay modest.
You can ask him to let you play, but you'll need to score.
You just need to keep a low profile.
What is it? Are you texting my daughter? - What? No! - No way, Dad! What are you doing? - You have cramps, too? - I just finished a match, Dad.
Yeah, that's true.
Are you feeling better? - Yeah.
- Well, put your shoe back on.
Your old man is right.
He wants you to be safe.
I'd do the same.
But he's also wrong.
He's too simple in his thinking.
It's not about good or evil.
The rich get richer around here.
A lawyer once told me, "Civil law allow the rich to keep taking from the poor.
And criminal law is there to keep the poor from stealing from the rich.
" It's simple.
Do you get what I'm saying? - I'm not sure I do.
- Think about it.
You're a smart kid.
Laws are made for those in power.
And that has nothing to do with justice.
You need to take care of your own.
- Hello? - I know where the cop is.
He's over at the Veterans' Association.
Tell Gusty and the Dog we'll be over there shortly.
We'll teach that fucker how to swim.
Let's go.
Let's go.
What a dumb ending.
I liked it.
Go get some food.
Wait here.
Don't kill the engine.
PIER Cardoso! Let's go.
Come on, hurry! Cardoso! Come on.
Go, go! Come on, let's go.
Come on, let's go.
I'll be right back, Dad.
Must be a stomach bug.
What are my clothes doing here, Dad? What happened? You tell me.
Where were you? Why do you ask? If you want to keep living here, you'll have to do as I say.
Get a real job and forget about those hooligans.
But if you want to be a criminal, then take your things and leave.
I'm all over the place.
Sometimes I think everyone is using me.
I'm not angry anymore, I'm furious.
It's rage, that's what it is.
I can't stand it.
I don't like feeling like this.
I hate myself when I'm feeling like this.
What's wrong with you? Ernesto left with my computer and some money I had.
- Are you joking? - No, I wish I was.
There you go.
Thanks! Thank you, dude.
Sometimes parents just want to bust our nuts, buddy.
- I'm not sure that's the case this time.
- Then? Get me my shirt, please.
Are you staying here? - Why? - Our team plays today.
I'll head out early today.
Smoke a joint, get a few beers with the guys.
- Have you ever been to a match? - No.
- Really? - It's the truth.
Your dad doesn't like football, or what? Not really.
It's been a while since he's gotten excited about anything.
Well, if you don't come with me, you'll end up miserable, just like him.
- Who are you calling miserable? - You.
And that would change if I went to a match? Well, yeah.
Although, I can totally picture you gathering scraps for a living.
Fuck you, man! What's up, Crazy? - Good morning.
How are you? - Have you eaten? No, it's early.
I need to talk to the coach first.
Come with me.
I need to talk to you.
We're getting ready for a barbecue.
No, really, I'm sorry.
Giraldo will kill me if I'm late.
Come on, let's go.
I'm already running late, and you know Giraldo.
- Come with me.
- I need to go to work, you know.
So? He's not picking up.
Fuentes, get ready.
It's your turn.
Lomito, you fucking piece of shit.
We are the stokers We need to win today Don't be a pussy, come sing with us And you'll see a friend you'll find We are the stokers All right, calm down.
How's everything going? It's great, Lomito.
This is much more comfortable.
And we're not freezing.
The kitchen is amazing.
No more smoke inside! - We're warm and everything.
- We even have a TV.
That's great! Get me a choripan and one of those beers you keep in your stash.
Do you guys want a beer? - No, thank you.
- Beer for everyone.
You're too polite.
And that's great, but you should be more daring, too.
- Are you here to watch the game? - Yeah, I am.
It's your first time here.
I've been coming for decades.
I know all 55,000 of them.
Where they sit, what their names are Thank you.
But I've never seen you around.
Yeah, it's true.
It's my first time.
Then you'll come with me.
You're in, man.
Lomito invited you to go with him.
Do you know what that means? I don't think you do.
Ferroviarios will be facing San Miguel today.
A great match that makes me wonder what my commentator imagines will happen here today.
We have the great opportunity of watching Ferroviarios again.
We had quite a surprise here today that we discovered upon arriving, regarding the absence of Lucas Roggio.
Crazy Roggio won't be in the starting lineup nor on the bench today.
When I questioned Giraldo about it, he declined to comment.
What I'm certain of is that Gabriel Fuentes will debut today, standing in for Crazy Roggio, along with Chilean player Zambrano.
They'll pay for what they've done.
I swear.
Stokers This is your crew We're here together We're going to win See all this, kid? It's pure joy! And to think you were missing out! - Yeah, come on! - Come on, stokers! Go, champions Stokers Come on! Come on! Ferroviarios! Ferroviarios! Stokers, stokers Ferroviarios has the ball.
Rentería passes it down to the defense.
Esquivel crosses down the middle.
He passes it down the middle.
It's a through pass from the outside.
Fuentes is one-on-one against the goalie.
He shoots and he scores! Goal! Goal! On his debut match for Ferroviarios! Gabriel Fuentes! At the dawn of the match! Ferroviarios 1, San Miguel FC 0.
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