Puerta 7 (2020) s01e05 Episode Script

Episode 5

We can't keep letting them in here.
They have memberships, Diana.
If they pay the fees, they're legally allowed to be here.
And we can't handle a lawsuit right now.
We don't need problems with lawyers or any of that.
We've always respected our members' rights.
We won't be changing that now.
Cardoso almost dies, and you're concerned with the law? - [Guillermo.]
We don't know who did it.
- [scoffs.]
And it didn't happen in the club.
Not even in the neighborhood.
And I'm sorry to say this, but your little soldier is no angel.
Yeah, he knows how to make enemies.
- Whose side are you on, Guillermo? - On the club's side, Diana.
What type of a question is that? There are protocols.
We can't ban someone because we suspect him.
We need evidence against them.
A police report, a lawsuit.
Then we can stop them from getting in.
I'll find us a police report, then.
- What's up, Ricky? - All good.
- I haven't seen you on the bleachers.
- I stopped going.
- Why? - I pay for a seat on the grandstands now.
It's a lot safer.
- It shouldn't be like that.
- I know, but it is.
Last time I went to the bleachers with my six-year-old, the hooligans saw our banner and forced us to take it down.
I told them it was my kid's first time and that we were all rooting for the same club, but they still beat the crap out of me in front of my son.
That shouldn't happen.
If someone reports them, I'll make sure they can't come back.
But I'm not that person.
I wish you the best of luck, but I don't think that person exists.
Fucking coward.
Tucumano, Tucumano Tucumano, Tucumano We are the stokers Tonight we're going to win [all continue singing indistinctly.]
Hey, bring me two beers.
[continues singing.]
Two beers.
- Hey, man.
- So? Are you ready, kid? - For what? - [Roggio.]
For what, you ask? You'll always owe these guys.
You can be the best or the worst player, it really doesn't matter.
They'll always be close by to bother you.
Yeah, well, they did help me, after all.
- I never meant to take your place.
- Be careful and keep scoring.
Thanks for the advice, man.
- [Roggio.]
Your name? - [Rebeca.]
Rebeca? [Fabian.]
Come in.
You'll be more comfortable here.
Yeah, you're right.
Wow! Look at the TV you bought! - [Fabian.]
I got it yesterday.
- [Mario.]
Nice! [Fabian.]
This house looks the same as when it was originally built.
Your dad's? [Fabian.]
No, my aunt used to live here.
She raised me.
I never knew my dad.
My mom was very young when I was born, so my aunt took me in and raised me.
I'm the last of my name.
Lovely place.
Backyard and all.
It's great.
What are all those books? [Fabian.]
My aunt was a teacher.
So, have you read them? [Fabian.]
I've read them all.
Some, even twice.
I've never read a book.
Well, in elementary school, sure.
Grab that one.
The yellow book right there.
"Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves.
" [Fabian.]
Read it.
What is it about? A thief? There are some who believe that taking from the rich to give to the poor is "stealing.
" That's the world we live in.
I'll have to report it, Diana.
If I don't, we can't claim the insurance.
I'm losing a lot of work.
You told me to wait.
All right, sure.
But enough, already.
Were you able to find anything? I had a problem at the club.
- The hooligans got Cardoso.
- Yeah, the club I told you that might happen.
All right, relax.
I'll find him tomorrow.
Let's go in, okay? I'm hungry, let's grab a bite.
Let's go.
Come on.
I'll show you your place now.
- [Lomito chuckles.]
- [Gabriel.]
No way! Take care of it.
It isn't mine.
It's my wife's.
Go upstairs.
Make yourself comfortable.
Look how much space you've got.
But don't touch any of her stuff.
What stuff? Don't move the furniture around.
Keep it tidy.
Lomito, this is amazing.
Thank you, really.
You'll pay for it in goals.
Would your wife sell it to me? It's just a figure of speech.
You keep scoring, keep making money, and you'll be able to buy yourself one just like this.
For now, though stay here and keep your nose clean.
- What do you mean? - Stay out of trouble, I don't know.
You know what I mean.
Giraldo won't have any other choice but to play you.
FERROVIARIOS FOOTBALL CLUB - And the meeting with the architects? - It's at 3:30 p.
- Check the folder on your desk.
- Yes, thank you.
[clears throat.]
Gus, my friend.
How are you? Hi, there.
Tell me something.
Do you have the members ledger? Yes.
What do you need? I need a list of all the inactive memberships, dead members, cancellations, everything.
Could you get me that? [Gus.]
How many of them could we have? What do you think? I'm not sure.
Maybe 2,500, 3,000.
I'll review the numbers.
Why? What's going on? I need 6,000 new memberships.
So I'll need you to renew the inactive memberships, and if you can't reach that number, take some from the register.
That would need to be done slowly.
Otherwise, someone could find out.
It'll be okay.
- It's all good, then? - Sure.
Thanks, Agustin.
- Santi.
- Yes? Don't forget the tickets for my nephew.
You can count on that.
[reporter on TV.]
The practice today, without Roggio, seems strange for Ferroviarios, but we'll have to get used to it, in the same way that the whole team is starting to adapt to it.
I think a lot of it has to do with the great debut and goal by Gabriel Fuentes, from Tucumán.
Despite everything, we all have doubts about the reason this icon chose to retire.
Now the question is, can Gabriel Fuentes fill the hole left by number nine, Roggio? Paula is playing incredibly.
- She's improving every day.
- She needs to slow down.
If she gets into the national team, I may lose her.
[all laughing.]
Hector, did you know about the school concert hall? No, I didn't know we had a concert hall.
Yeah, the kids put on plays there.
That little theater, right.
I thought it was abandoned.
That's what we wanted to talk to you about.
The school has no money for renovations.
The kids have to do everything on the basketball court.
It's a nice place, but the floor is getting ruined.
That's too bad.
Why don't they fix it up? They say there isn't enough money.
We're the only school around without a concert hall.
We're like a public school now.
- What do you mean? - Poor, like a public school.
Well, that's a real shame.
What did he say, the principal? "She.
" The principal is a woman.
She said there isn't money for that.
I'll have to talk to her.
I mean, that's why we pay.
So our kids don't go to a public school.
Can you believe that those bastards left the concert hall to rot? I don't know why we send her there.
It's a good school.
Great, honest people.
Have you come up with something? I feel like helping them.
Besides, it'll make me look good.
Helping them, how? By fixing up the concert hall.
Aren't you listening? Yeah, okay.
But if you're going to use your own money to fix it up, the least they can do is add a commemorative plaque.
Do you really think so? Wouldn't humility work better in the end? No way.
A plaque.
It makes me horny, how smart you are.
Come on, dumbass! [bangs table.]
Go on, finish cooking.
I'm starving.
What are you doing here? You shouldn't be here, Dad.
You should go home, get some rest.
After that, maybe you can get your truck and start working again.
At least take your mind off things for a bit.
Sure, my truck.
You want me to go mug someone.
Leave me alone.
I don't bother anyone here, and no one bothers me.
Go live your life.
I am.
And I'd like you to live yours, too.
But you're dwelling in self-pity.
- Just stop it.
- You stop it! No, stop feeling sorry for everything! You pity me? Is that true? Go home, Dad.
I can't see you like this.
I'll be over it soon.
Will you be over the sadness, too? I'm sure I will be.
I'll stay here a while longer.
Do you have some spare change? Excuse me.
- Enjoy.
- Thank you.
[cell phone vibrating.]
So Let's make a toast to our champion.
You're awesome.
Don't you think she should focus more on eating and leave the cell phone off the table? I believe Daddy was just celebrating my victory.
I don't get it.
Do you envy me? Why do you care? All right, stop it.
She started it.
Let's eat.
Dinner's getting cold.
Dad, I can't eat this.
I'm a vegetarian.
- [cell phone vibrates.]
- [Mrs.
Baldini sighs.]
[cell phone continues vibrating.]
Hey, can you talk? [Paula.]
What are you doing? What's wrong with you? - I was just looking.
- Just looking? It's none of your business! I'm sick of you two.
I've lost my appetite.
Baby! Since when is she a vegetarian? - [Diana.]
Tell me the truth.
- [man 1.]
We haven't seen him.
I don't want to find out later that you had something to do with this.
[man 2.]
What's her problem, anyway? [man 1.]
No idea.
Who does she think she is? [Valentina.]
So? [Diana exhales.]
They said they know nothing about it.
- We'll find him eventually.
- [Valentina sighs.]
I need to report it.
It's time.
Give me one more day.
One day.
I told you my mom's apartment was nice.
Yeah, it's pretty.
But you can tell it's a woman's apartment.
What do you mean by that? Well, it has that feeling to it.
You know what? I want to get a tattoo.
You're tattooed all over, so I thought I'd ask you for advice.
On what part of your body? You think you're clever, don't you? [chuckles.]
Do you want a picture? [car honks.]
Good evening.
I haven't seen you at the club in a while.
You could have called.
I was around.
I've been working on our deal.
I asked for 6,000 new memberships.
That's a lot of money we can launder, plus the social aspect to it.
Donations for our club's foundation.
We'll start small.
If it works, we can let it grow.
Sosa has a better idea.
A limited company to buy and sell players.
We buy young players and lend them out to the club.
You train them.
After a while, we sell them at four times the initial price.
We all win that way.
You'll try to compete with Lomito? I'm not sure Guillermo would agree.
That's your job.
To convince him.
I'll need to convince the board, too.
You'll need to give them a cut.
Well, there's plenty of money to go around.
It's easy.
The most important thing about this is that the club won't spend a dime.
It's a business group.
And they want to invest their money in the training of new players.
We'll get a big cut of it.
We're not doing them any favors.
Who is this group? I have my own sources.
And I'm at a point in my career that I can't go around revealing them.
Besides, why don't you trust me? I'm just proposing a business association.
Don't forget it's an election year.
We need to be taking care of that right now.
We're trying to rebuild our club.
It could be a way of funding our campaign.
I'm sorry, but I can't agree to this.
We're a football club, not a corporation.
Can we vote already? [Guillermo.]
We'll discuss it again at our next meeting.
The meeting is adjourned.
No, I can't eat this.
- Do me a favor.
- Yes.
Go get me a sandwich with everything on top.
I don't think so.
They say you can't eat salt or anything fried.
I got shot.
I'm all beat up, Diana.
And my stomach is empty.
All right, I'll see what I can get you.
Tell them to cook the breaded meat in the oven with a fried egg on top.
- [Diana sighs.]
- Do you know where to look for it? What? The food? No, the police report.
Go! I'm hungry.
Look among the players.
I know they're tired of paying off the hooligans and they're not as exposed as regular members.
The thing is, he treats me like I'm some kind of criminal.
Don't overthink it.
He'll get over it.
I miss him.
He'll be even sadder without me.
Yeah, I guess.
How are you? Come on, man.
Let's eat.
Some people don't know how to be sad.
So they get angry.
You know? Your dad should learn to cry.
It's not a bad thing.
The parents told me that they filed several complains, but nobody listened.
We're in the middle of processing them.
It takes time.
Like everything else.
They need a loan.
No, no.
We'll take care of it.
My contribution is selfless.
I find it easy to help people.
I'm thankful on behalf of the institution.
- Mr - In the school's hallway, there's a plaque listing the people who donated money to buy the flagpole.
And I I just want to help rebuild this theater, because, to be honest, this concert hall is a theater And I'm rejected.
It's the protocol.
I understand.
[clears throat.]
Let me tell you something.
It's simple.
Just a piece of advice.
Don't just settle.
It's useless.
Don't do it.
You'll get old.
Your dad never took you to the field? Are you serious? Never.
He looked so happy.
[Matraca chuckles.]
We're at the top of the league now.
We need to celebrate, man.
Go, Stokers! - Chug it down! - [Fabian.]
Cheers! [sneezes and coughs.]
What's wrong, man? You'll get used to it.
Don't worry.
What's wrong? Escolazo's fucking men.
They didn't want to pay.
They say they paid three times already and are still getting mugged.
They won't pay.
Look what they did to him.
Cover it up, we're eating lunch.
I can't do anything like this.
We'll have to bring everyone.
It can't end like this.
Let's go.
You're coming, too.
Come on, buddy.
Chino, this has been counted.
- [Chino.]
Thank you.
- You're welcome.
As soon as we're done with all this, I'll get the collection from room one.
- [man grunts.]
- [women exclaim.]
Point it at him.
- Come on.
- [Chino.]
What's wrong? What's wrong? - What happened, Fabian? - You didn't pay, Chino.
You will pay You will pay twice the amount.
Or I will knock all your teeth out with this stick.
Now? Why don't you come back tomorrow? Don't mess with the money.
Why are you so upset? You're three points away from the top.
Huh? You should be thrilled.
Do a line.
I'm going to help them, even if they're motherfuckers.
I'm a much better person than those cheap school assholes.
They can shove the plaque up their asses.
I won't let them do that to you.
You should be respected.
I don't need respect from those idiots.
Yes, you do.
It's true.
But I don't know what to do about it.
Should I go there myself? Should I send someone? [Mrs.
A hungry duchess.
That's how the five o'clock tea tradition began.
She was bored, hungry.
She invited friends over, they had tea, and they turned it into a friendly ritual.
We invite strangers into our living room.
But we invite friends into our kitchen, right? That's how we were raised.
They did a good job.
We were also taught to respect others.
Yes, although it's old-fashioned nowadays.
That's exactly what my husband felt.
This plaque thing is rather awkward.
To be commemorated on a plaque, you need [Mrs.
What does it require? Do you want something to eat? People want a proper concert hall and my husband wants to provide it.
They're freshly baked.
This is for the concert hall.
This is for the commemorative plaque.
And this is for you.
For bothering to come over.
I don't know if you're aware that my sergeant was brutally attacked.
Yes, I heard something about it.
How is he? He's better, recovering.
We haven't been able to identify the assailants yet.
But we're sure they're members of this club's hooligans.
Yeah, I could imagine that.
I wanted to ask you for a favor.
Tell me.
I want to forbid Hector Baldini and his men from entering.
[scoffs and chuckles.]
I mean it.
Yes, I can tell, but I think you're being naive.
I don't mean to offend you.
But forbid them from entering? It's doable with a formal criminal complaint.
Can I speak informally? Of course.
You're getting in deep shit.
We'll see about that.
Thank you all for your attention.
This will only take a minute.
I assume everyone is aware of the violent acts that have taken place recently, such as the murder attempt on the bleachers or the confrontation with the police at door 7, among other things that are unnecessary to mention.
We all know who's responsible for these crimes.
You know it, the board knows it, the coach knows it and I do, too.
My point is, things can't go on like this.
I came to the club recently.
I'm trying to do things right.
But I can't do this on my own.
I need you.
I need you to remove violent people from the club.
You just need to decide that you want to do it.
I'm sure you don't like being threatened or extorted or insulted from the bleachers, or that they show up at your homes and key your cars.
You don't need to put up with this anymore.
You can file a complaint about this.
You must file a criminal complaint about this.
Think about it.
It's easier if we all work together.
They can't threaten a whole team.
I only came to say that.
I'll be here today, tomorrow and the day after.
I'll be waiting for you.
If you want to talk, file a complaint or whatever, you'll be welcomed.
Thank you.
I'm sorry for interrupting you.
See you around.
See you later.
She showed up at the pre-game meeting to ask if any of the guys had anything to say against you.
And the kids kept their mouths shut.
All of them? Yes, I didn't hear otherwise.
We shouldn't trust them, anyway.
You're right.
Sometimes that can save your ass.
She's really pretty, isn't she? - Who? - Diana, who else? I didn't even look at her.
Who did you think I meant? No Diana.
- She's a strong woman.
- That's what makes her attractive.
She's doing something dirty.
She came to fight pointlessly.
Everything is just fine.
Do you know anything else? No, that's all.
None of the kids have anything bad to say about us.
And she doesn't understand that.
[breathes deeply.]
I'd never seen that much money before.
How much was it? I don't know.
I can't even imagine.
It was a huge table.
- Did you steal it? - [Mario.]
It was something between them.
I think he owed them money.
And they pay you with that money? They're paying me for something different.
They said I had to go with them, and I did, but I didn't do anything.
What do you mean, nothing? Nothing.
I just stood there watching.
I didn't get involved.
They didn't do anything to the guy.
We just threatened him.
"We"? [Mario.]
They did.
He got all scared and probably paid up.
And do you think that's not the same money? [door opens.]
[door closes.]
Here's the change.
Keep it, Eustequia.
Save it for an emergency.
[Eustequia murmurs.]
Mom, wait.
Give it to me.
Give it to me.
This is yours.
Hey, that's not nice.
You're lying to me.
I'd never lie to you.
Why are you saying that? Do you swear you didn't do anything fishy? No, honey, I didn't do anything.
See? I can't access any files.
- You need to put your password there.
- I know.
I don't remember it.
- What? - I don't.
Select "forgot password.
" Yes, I already did that.
- "Name of your first pet.
" - I didn't have a pet growing up.
Let's see.
- I - [knock at door.]
Who is it? At this time of the night? I'll check it out.
Who is it? - Hello.
- [Roggio.]
I was told you were looking for someone who'll testify.
That's right.
Valentina! [Roggio.]
May I come in? - Yes, come on in.
- [Roggio.]
Excuse me.
WOMEN'S LOCKER ROOM Remember I told you I wanted to get a tattoo? - [girl 1.]
- I asked him to send me pictures, because he's tattooed all over, and look at the picture he sent me.
- He's so hot! - You've got to be kidding me.
Are you going to fuck him and dump him? - [girl 2.]
Pau! - [Paula.]
What? Have you seen this? "The club has prepared a list of the members who are subjects of a criminal complaint that would restrict their access both to the head office as well as to the field.
" You look great in that picture.
Thank you.
How are you? I'm at 60% of my abilities.
I'd say that's more than usual, right? That was a good blow.
You won this round.
Only this round? I guess so.
Lomito will do something about it.
He's not gonna sit on his hands.
We need to stay sharp.
In the meantime, let's just enjoy this small victory, shall we? Don't worry about it.
That restriction won't last long.
It's just meant to stir things up.
I talked to the police.
The prosecutor won't file charges.
I don't know if we'll get in this weekend, but we'll be back for the next match.
She's a tough girl.
We need to let her get ahead so she'll think she's winning.
What if we make a banner that says, "Get the fuck out, you cunt"? Matraca, have some respect.
There are women in this house.
You know that.
I'm sorry.
[cell phone ringing.]
- Hi, Lomito.
Can you talk? - [Lomito.]
Obviously, man.
What is it? Guillermo's been a nuisance lately.
- We need to do something about it.
- [Lomito.]
Something like? [Santiago.]
The elections will be held very soon.
If things stay like this, he'll be reelected.
Of course, there's no one running against him.
Yes, there is someone running against him.
Me? Run for chairman.
What's your plan? [Santiago.]
Let's get rid of Guillermo.
He's old.
He needs his rest to become the club's legend.
And do you think you can get the votes? I have 6,000 membership IDs who will only vote for you.
So? Is Lomito running for chairman? Matraca.

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