Puerta 7 (2020) s01e06 Episode Script

Episode 6

1 A NETFLIX ORIGINAL SERIES - Did you buy the fabric? - Yeah, I got everything.
The guys already painted the stripe.
It's going to look amazing.
It has a double seam, Lomito.
It's light, easy to roll.
- It's 65 feet wide, 100 feet long.
- 65 by 100! Do you think that's okay? 65 by 100 is just perfect.
You can see it from everywhere.
It's not done yet.
He just started it.
Let him work.
All right.
It looks good.
Finish it.
The motto could be, "The future is here.
" That's an old catchphrase.
Too old-fashioned, Dad.
Think of something else.
Um - "The future is today.
" - What? "The future is today.
" Nice! I like you.
And the day has finally come.
Lucas Roggio retires today.
The club will give him a commemorative plaque, but there is no going-away match for Ferroviarios' icon.
Maybe in the future, although we think Roggio's career deserves the recognition.
He's a huge icon of Argentinian football.
No one can forget that great goal at the Copa Libertadores final in 2001 against Mataderos Nacional de Montevideo.
He lobbed it, remember? Of course.
There was another great goal against Germany, which allowed the National to reach the Quarter Finals in the 2002 World Cup.
We want to honor you.
This pennant is yours.
You've earned it.
And we also have this plaque.
It's to thank you for all you've given us.
- Thank you.
- No, thank you.
It's not fair for you to leave like this.
I want to live my life in peace.
- Come this way.
- Hey, chief.
Hey! Don't be like this, chief.
Don't be like this.
Please, it's just a match.
Shut up! Let's go.
Come on, hurry up.
Check it out.
Come on, keep going.
It says, "Hector Baldini for president.
" That means the boss of the Ferroviarios' hooligans wants to run for president.
This is embarrassing.
What are they doing to our football? The boss of the hooligans running for president! This is not the time nor the place.
This shows the deterioration of our football.
Lomito for president Lomito for president Lomito for president I'll keep Giraldo for the first few games.
But if he can't bring his game up to modern times, I'll fire him.
I don't like dull football.
- But he keeps winning.
- But at what cost? Excuse me.
You! He got the banner into the stadium.
- What was your name? - Mario.
Mario! Let's hear it for Mario! Yes! Go Mario! The club will be ours! Lomito for president! Yeah! Come on! Lomito, Lomito Lomito, Lomito Lomito, Lomito, Lomito One beer.
What are you doing over here? Let's go.
You sure found your place here quickly.
I did you a favor, and you cut me off.
It's not like that.
You're mistaken, bro.
They don't care about me anymore, and neither do you.
What's going on? Hey, what's wrong? Your beer is here.
My job isn't the problem, Diana.
These people are getting help from within this club.
I can't do anything about that.
If the people in charge let them in, there's nothing I can do.
I'm just an employee doing my job.
I know that already! I know.
What do you mean by "people in charge"? Lomito got a court order to deem his ban illegal.
So? That's his right.
But his lawyer works for the club.
What? It's Santiago's man, our treasurer.
And that lawyer made a deal with the judge so that Lomito could stop everything.
So, you think he's helping the guy.
I don't think he is.
I know he is.
What's up? We wanted to talk to you alone, Fabi.
What is it? Go on, talk.
The Gypsy is working for the guys across the street.
What guys? - The Calamari.
- No! The Octopus.
The Octopus.
- Is your source reliable? - I wouldn't tell you this if it weren't.
We're leaving now, Fabi.
Please, don't say anything.
We don't want any trouble.
Follow me.
Good afternoon.
How are you doing, guys? We have some doubts about you, Gypsy.
It sucks, I know.
You know how it is.
It's hard to regain trust once you lose it.
What trust? What's your problem? Are you threatening me? - Get the hell out of here.
- Hey.
I mean no disrespect, okay? Lomito is one thing.
But you're not him.
Yeah, that's true.
I'm his muscle.
Listen to me, you rat.
I'm going to give you one more chance.
If I see anything suspicious, you die.
I've done nothing, Fabian.
Relax, Gypsy.
If you're as clean as you say, your bad reputation will fade away.
Let's go.
Excuse me, Santiago.
Do you have a minute? Of course.
What can I do for you? Come in.
Have a seat.
- I've been looking around the club.
- Hmm.
The new tennis and basketball courts are looking great.
That's true.
They're doing a great job.
Our members are quite happy.
Who has the license for the construction? Mmm, New Wave, Ltd.
Was it open for bidding? In this case, we just hired the company.
Guillermo thought it was for the best.
He thought it'd be quicker that way.
We needed to meet our members' demands.
Of course.
Can I see the contracts? Is this about the security of our stadium? Not directly, no.
But it could have an impact, yeah.
Can you be more specific? I want to know how the hooligans get their money.
I've heard you and Hector Baldini are close.
I know him, of course.
He has a lifetime membership.
But what he does is none of my business.
And I'll take this opportunity to commend you for keeping him away, if he really did commit an act of violence.
Listen, the math is easy.
If they have no money, they have no power.
And I want to stop them from getting any club money.
I understand, of course.
Does Guillermo know you're here? No.
Why don't you talk to him? If he gives you the green light, I'll show you the contracts.
You can even check the contracts for the last five years.
Sound good? Great.
We're live.
Second game already, and you scored two out of the three goals.
The first goal and the last goal.
How does that feel? Could we say you're Roggio's successor? Well, not really, no.
I think it's too soon for that.
We need to take this slow.
Let me take this opportunity to say hi to my family in Tucumán, and to that girl that's watching right now.
All right, thank you, Gabriel.
He's off now.
Oh, my God! I'm dying! - Check this out.
- Let me see.
Aren't you going to text him back? What do you want me to write? Don't hold back, girl.
You're so into him! But he works for my dad.
So? Even better! It's done.
What did you do? What did you write? I just texted him back so you'd stop beating around the bush.
We know you like him.
- She wrote that you love him! - What an idiot! Come on! You shouldn't have! I just went ahead and spiced it up a little bit.
- Yeah.
- You idiot.
So? Did he say anything? Yeah.
He invited me to go dancing tomorrow.
- Say yes.
- Yes.
Okay, but only if you come with me.
- Of course.
- Sure! Besides, I've got the pills.
The ones that make you horny? Hell, yeah! This is how you eat this? It's gross.
It's like eating bugs.
Give it to me.
Like this.
You peel it.
Take the legs out.
The tail, too.
See? Try it.
It's good.
- Tastes like chicken.
- Yeah.
And wait until you see the desserts! They're huge.
Really? Can we order some? Excuse me.
- What's that? - It's for our anniversary.
We've been together ten months.
Who celebrates anniversaries at ten months, Mario? When, then? After a year? Well, I guess we're different.
Make a wish.
Go ahead.
All right, but I'll do it out loud.
But then your wishes won't come true.
Of course they will.
That's just a myth.
All right.
I want to finish law school.
Um My second wish is to go on vacation, together, to the Caribbean.
And the third one is for you to stay out of trouble.
Because I love you.
I love you, too.
I'll never do anything to hurt you.
I know, but if you get hurt, everyone that loves you will suffer.
I want my family to be happy.
For them to have everything they need.
And I want my dad to not have to work for a living.
And I also want you and me to go to the Caribbean.
Wow! Looking good in a suit.
You look like an anchorman.
Can't you see I'm not wearing a tie? This is just casual attire.
Anyway, he looks wonderful.
You'll see him like this everywhere now.
You'll have a box seat now? No, relax! Cut the crap or I'll beat your ass.
Could you wait outside? All right.
Head up high, don't be shy.
I want you to look confident.
This is the slogan.
"Hector Baldini for president.
The future is today.
" But it needs to say "Lomito.
" Otherwise, people won't know it's me.
Yeah, it needs to say "Lomito.
" - Should we take a picture now? - Yes.
- Let's see.
- Right in the middle? All right, give me your best smile.
Don't be shy.
Keep your head up high! There.
Now, smile.
Do you know Gypsy? The name rings a bell.
I'm sure you know him.
From the car dealership.
I thought we had a deal.
Why are you breaking it? No drugs past the railroad.
No one's doing that.
Tell Sosa to keep his end of the deal.
I wasn't trying to deflect.
Rebeca asked me what we were doing around the hood.
We should come up with some activities.
Maybe another mural.
When? You have no time at all, Diana.
You could start it and I'll jump in later.
That won't happen.
All right, I'm going to have dinner now.
- How's Bruno doing? - He's fine.
Come visit someday.
I haven't got much time myself.
Take care.
Enjoy your dinner.
That little devil on your shoulder Got a hold on you I am a sleeping nightmare How's it going, Fabi? What's up, Rafa? All's good here.
- No more crutch? - Yeah, I'm doing great.
I still need to wear this, though.
But I can ride the bike again.
Same with the car.
That's good to hear.
- So, should I come back? - Where? - To work.
- But you have a job.
You collect the money.
But Mario was just covering for me.
He can collect the money.
It's tiring, Fabi.
Let him do it.
Make him work his way up, like I did.
I always did my best.
I even got shot.
He's just trying to fuck me over.
You can't trust that guy.
I thought he was your friend.
You're doing a good job, Rafa.
Keep at it.
Keep collecting our earnings.
The money is good.
Besides, you don't have a family to support.
We've always provided for you.
Haven't we? Okay, Fabi.
That's fine.
Keep cleaning.
Do you really think Guillermo is gonna let you see those documents? Do you think Santiago would have said that if he thought Guillermo would agree? It's obvious.
Santiago made it clear.
Guillermo is hiding something from you.
I'm still going to ask him.
If you ask, Guillermo will see that those contracts are nowhere to be found.
What should we do then? You tell me.
Are you really asking me? We need to get into the meat of it.
- I'm not so sure about that.
- Why did you bring me here? You know what I think.
You already know the answer to that question.
Don't worry.
I'll handle it.
Just ask, and I'll sneak into Santiago's office and get you those contracts.
Stop beating around the bush.
Just give me the order.
Hello? Yes, it's me.
Where? We can't take the police report back.
The District Attorney is handling it now.
But she already got the computer back.
It was just a kid being mischievous.
The kid isn't responsible for her despair.
The insurance wouldn't pay unless I reported it.
You can still call the insurance company and tell them you've found it.
Call the DA and tell them it was just a mistake.
You could also tell them you work for an NGO, although you're starting to doubt your calling.
Can she do that? - All right.
- Is that okay? - Yeah, all right.
- Can she do that? I'll try to help, but I can't promise anything.
The kid is coming with me.
And if the investigation is in progress, there shouldn't be any cautionary action.
His mother should come pick him up.
There's a file on him.
His mother won't come.
She never cared and she won't start now.
She already got her fucking computer back.
What else do you need? Ernesto is coming with me.
Please, Sergeant.
You know it's the only way to help him.
We gave him one chance.
We're giving him one more.
By surveilling him? This is his chance to earn our trust.
We need to be sure.
And I'm not sure at all.
Let's go.
Let's go.
We need to visit other provinces.
We need our own training grounds for young talent.
- Evening.
- Hey, what's up? Guys, I need to speak with Lomito.
He needs to speak with me.
I saw Santiago and Octopus together, doing something near the old station.
Who would have thought? Santiago and Octopus? Those two dickheads are doing business together.
First, they call you to negotiate.
Then they offer you the presidency so that Octopus can do this behind your back.
Santiago wouldn't dare do that.
He's always played both sides.
He's harmless.
They're using you, Lomito.
Don't be stupid.
Do you really think that? He's not dangerous.
Leave him be.
Let him keep at it.
He's happy with his little shop.
Talk to Santiago.
See how he reacts.
Here we go.
He's here.
You're that guy, Tucumano.
Are you really him? Yeah, that's me.
- She's Barbie.
- Hi.
- And that's Jime.
- Hi.
- And he's Gabriel.
- Hi, there! - Do you want a drink? - No, thank you.
I can't drink alcohol.
But I'm sure you can have this.
Fuck me.
Turn around.
You're so sweet! I love you.
It's made of gold.
You're kidding! Hey.
You know I never lie.
Did you spend a lot on it? What does it matter? It matters to me, Mario.
Do you like it or not? Yes, I love it.
- I love it.
- It looks great on you.
You look beautiful.
Hey! I do you a favor and you steal my job? Is that how it is? I didn't do anything.
Fabian says he likes how I work.
You don't say.
The guy that wanted nothing to do with the boys.
So, you're badass now? Fabian said you still have a job.
Collecting earnings? As a delivery boy? I did that for a long time.
What do you want me to do, dude? I want you to have some morals.
I'm not going to leave.
I need the money, and I've earned my place.
You better take care, then.
Why? Is there something you need to say to me? - Let's go, Mario.
- What goes around comes around.
Let's go, Mario.
- Let's go.
- See you.
Take care of your girl.
Tell her what you've become.
What is he talking about? Nonsense.
What else could he say? He's drunk.
Just nonsense.
- He'll come around.
- I know you, Mario.
I know where your family lives.
I've known you since we were born.
You asked me to be your ally, Diana.
Not your toy soldier.
- I did this to cover your ass.
- From what? These are the latest contracts and licenses for the tennis and basketball courts.
Do we know who the owners of that company are? No, I don't know that yet.
But we do know that this company was created two days prior to the signing of these licenses.
It's a shell company.
How about these? Those are older contracts.
Transport, cleaning, maintenance.
Every contract was made in Hector Baldini's name or his men.
Who authorized this? The checks are all signed by Santiago.
But the contract has Guillermo's signature.
You've been lying to me all this time! I never lied to you.
I want to clean up this club.
That's still my goal.
The club's treasurer sent one of our lawyers to defend the enemy you ordered me to fight.
I went through his files and found lots of strange stuff.
Deals with the hooligans, licenses But you know his signature isn't enough, he needs one more.
- You're a hypocrite.
- No, Diana.
I'm just a person that regrets a lot of things he had to do against his will.
Against your will? That's how the system works.
Only someone from the outside can fight against it.
You are bringing me inside a system that you regret backing up.
You made me an accomplice.
How much money did you get? The only benefit was not letting this club fall into the hooligan's hands.
I was forced to choose between two evils.
You involved me in this mess.
I hate you.
I'm sorry.
Who was it? Stop it, Mario.
It doesn't matter.
Why won't you tell me? Because I know what you'll do.
And it won't make a difference.
Let's report it to the police.
What for? The police never do their job.
They takes bribes and sit on their asses.
Tell me who did this.
Don't do this to me.
I didn't want you to get upset.
I'm not doing anything.
I take care of you because I love you.
And because I don't like seeing the people I love suffer.
I'll take care of you like I do with my dad.
All right.
If you love me, let's do what I asked.
Hug me.
Tell me who did this.
I won't stop until you tell me.
I want to thank you all for making time in your busy schedules IT'S TIME TO RETURN THE CLUB TO THE GLORY IT DESERVES LOMITO FOR PRESIDEN to celebrate together this important moment for our school.
I'm referring to the generous donation to complete the renovation of our theater.
Now, I want to introduce someone very special.
If it weren't for his generosity and kindness, none of this would have been possible.
Hector Baldini.
Thank you.
I don't see this as an achievement.
It's just my calling to serve others.
Helping others is in my nature.
I come from humble beginnings.
And without the help of those around me, I wouldn't have been able to do anything.
This means the world to me.
Thank you.
- The usual? - Yes, Patricio.
I'm worried.
Worried? Why? What's going on between you and Octopus? I take it you heard some rumors? You know it's more than rumors.
Octopus is Sosa's right-hand man.
Sosa is always open to doing business.
And you know I love a good deal.
I told you I don't want any drugs in the club nor in our neighborhood.
- How many times do I have to say it? - There's no need to repeat it.
Sosa doesn't want to sell drugs.
He can't make a profit here.
- His territory is easier to deal with.
- What is it, then? Sosa wants to help the club, he wants to go big.
He wants to invest.
He wants to trade players.
It's a gold mine.
I never ask where the money comes from.
All money comes with baggage.
- What about Guillermo? - He doesn't care, really.
He's getting old, he feels guilty.
He's a man of principles, you know him.
He's weak.
Guillermo cut you lose.
That's why you want me to be president.
I wouldn't say that.
You have ambition.
Guillermo doesn't anymore.
I can become president without your help, then.
Do you really think you can win without my help?
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