Puerta 7 (2020) s01e07 Episode Script

Episode 7

Don't worry, hun.
I don't get why you're lying to me.
I'm not lying.
You're hiding the truth from me, Camila.
That's the same as lying.
I'll eventually find out about what happened, anyway.
It'll be worse.
[knocking at door.]
Well, we did some routine tests and she seems to be fine.
But you should have told me about your condition beforehand.
Her condition? You're pregnant.
I don't get it, Mario.
[both breathe deeply.]
It's time.
You have to tell me the truth, Camila.
Who did this? I'll just report it to the police.
Come on.
Son of a bitch! [Rafa.]
What are you doing? - You pussy! - [Rafa.]
Wait! Stop! - Wait! - [Mario.]
What? - [Rafa.]
Stop it! Wait! - [Mario.]
You motherfucker! [Rafa grunts.]
Camila? Really? [grunting.]
[Rafa screaming.]
Don't do it, man! Stop! [Rafa groaning.]
Do we have any honest people in the club? What? Someone that's not dirty.
You, Diana.
I guess I should stay, then.
We need to stay visible.
- This will always be a cesspool.
- [Diana sighs.]
But that's not an excuse to sit around and do nothing.
We have a weak chairman.
What about you, Cardoso? Are you clean or not? I'll always follow you wherever you go.
So, if I mess up, you'll pin it on me alone? No.
I want my revenge.
If you allow me to have that, then I'll remain loyal to you.
I give you my word.
[waiter in Chinese.]
Today's main course is lime marinated fish.
The fish fries are from the north.
And [continues indistinctly.]
with sea salt from [continues indistinctly.]
Slowly cooked with barks.
Hope you'll enjoy.
Thank you very much.
My pleasure.
[in Spanish.]
I didn't know it was a dinner.
We could've brought dessert.
We had a deal, but you didn't stick to it.
I don't want you dealing drugs in my neighborhood.
It's my territory.
[the Octopus.]
We can't control every kid.
I just sell in my area, like we agreed.
What else can I do? You know that's not true.
- What was your name again? - Dick.
That's my name.
It's what you'll be eating soon.
Let's be civil here.
We'll have a word with our people.
If everyone does their share, and we honor our agreement, we're cool.
Otherwise everything will go to hell.
[in Chinese.]
Thank you.
[in Spanish.]
Octopus told me you wanted to be the face of the renovation at the club.
Aren't we here to discuss that? Or are we going to keep talking about small nuances like borders? Let's work as a family.
But I have one already.
I know.
I can guarantee order among my people.
We'll honor our agreement.
I just feel like we talk too much, but we never get shit done.
[Sosa sighs.]
I want to hear something new.
I want to donate to your campaign.
Those tend to cost a lot.
Santiago and I talked about it already.
You can count on me.
For us, it's a pleasure to help fund the new chairman of the club.
In exchange for what? It's just business, Mr.
Just business.
Well, I'll talk about it with my people.
Hmm? Time is money.
Money I have plenty of that.
[footsteps approaching.]
These are for you.
[footsteps approaching.]
What's that? None of your business.
Who sent them? I told you, it's none of your business.
Don't shit where you eat, Pauli.
[train chugging.]
How is it, Dad? Do you think it'll start? Yeah.
It has a few quirks, but it's mostly because it hasn't been turned on in a while.
But it'll be good as new soon.
Is something the matter? [sighs.]
I'm here to give you some news.
What? Are you done being a criminal? [clicks tongue.]
No, Dad.
It's something personal.
I need your advice.
You can come and ask me for advice the day you get a real job and stop hanging with those thugs.
No one gives money away.
They see it as an investment.
Investment in what? In me.
They want to take over the club.
Squeeze it for all it's worth.
They don't care if it goes bankrupt.
I won't let them.
Do you think I'm an idiot? We made a deal with them, but they keep screwing with us.
He said he would fix it.
And you believe him? [Lomito.]
I don't trust anyone.
We'll see how it turns out.
I don't get shit from no one.
We don't need Sosa.
I want to be chairman of the club.
Sosa is part of it.
The day he stops being useful, we get rid of him.
Listen to me.
I need you by my side.
I'm here.
I really mean it.
You're smart.
You're intelligent.
Sure, you get worked up sometimes.
But so do I You know that.
[clicks tongue.]
I need someone like you by my side.
We work great together, don't we? I want you to be vice president.
I really mean it.
Just think about it.
That's not for me.
There's nothing to think about.
I'm your man, Lomito.
I'm with you every step of the way.
But I don't care about politics.
Do you know what I find most strange? That a police officer made you consider all this.
Surprised? The best advice often times comes from the strangest of places.
You're right.
So why are you here? I came here to ask you to fire your treasurer.
What? You're out of your mind.
No way.
There is one thing more important than being a chairman, and that's being a treasurer.
You may think what you want of Santiago, but he keeps this whole thing running.
Screwing the club over in the process.
No, Diana.
Those are your words.
Please, I don't need a lecture.
What you're asking is impossible.
First, we need to stand up to his friend in the bleachers, Héctor Baldini.
You know very well that he has his claws in this club.
And he'll turn it into an abandoned factory.
He'll squeeze it for all it's worth.
He'll change its name, its colors.
And without you noticing it, the club will be no more.
Either we put up a fight or it's all over.
Let me say it again.
He's the treasurer.
Either we change everything or we kiss the club goodbye.
Are you asking me to leave the club? [Guillermo sighs.]
After all these years of hard work? After all the victories I've given the club? Are you kidding me, Guillermo? You're making a big mistake.
I'm the chairman.
I can do it.
Your position is less important than mine.
Without me, the club fails.
And you'll drown with it if I'm not here.
Is it because of her? This is for the good of the club.
It's for the good of everyone.
You deserve to relax.
I've always worked towards our well-being.
I've always looked after your pockets.
I know that.
And that's the reason why neither of us will be a part of this club's future.
Who would have known? The grass is always greener on the other side.
But after a while, that grass turns brown, just like the old stuff.
Don't you think it's better to know when to leave? But you're doing it for me.
But it's okay.
Although, I'm not going anywhere.
Even if you want me to.
And you know why? See this? It's a lifelong membership.
I love this club as much as those on the bleachers.
And, you know, I have them in my pocket.
It'll be all right, Guillermo.
And when the time comes I'll be here.
You did good.
I would have killed him.
- [Mario.]
Do you think I should have - You're different.
And you'll be a dad soon.
You can't let your son have a dad in jail.
You did good.
You did what a man should do.
How's your girlfriend? [Mario.]
She must have heard about it by now.
She must be pissed.
You need to get her to understand.
Don't leave her alone.
She won't understand.
Don't leave her alone.
She's pregnant with your child.
A man would never do that.
You think so? [Fabián.]
It's the best way to start being a parent.
To be there.
For her and for your child.
- [line ringing.]
- [Valentina sighs.]
No answer.
She told me she'd be here, so I'm sure she will be.
I'm sure she'll be here soon.
Let's wait for her so we can talk about it together.
Hmm? [Rebeca.]
There isn't much to talk about.
I understand that things aren't always a straight line.
But in this case, the rates are alarming.
Not one got better.
We've had worse, Rebeca.
We're at an impasse now.
That's passed already.
We're going backwards now.
And Diana's absence doesn't help.
This is about the reports against Héctor Baldini.
He's being investigated for coercion, kidnapping, vandalism and racketeering.
And how is the investigation going? Baldini is to stand accused of those charges, but we're waiting for the preliminary hearing.
The problem is, he's running for chairman of the club.
The same club that's accusing him of coercing players, extorting them, selling illegal tickets - Is the club the plaintiff? - Yes.
So what exactly is the problem? [Diana clicks tongue.]
I think we should get a court order so he can't run for that position.
Who is the judge handling the case? That's the thing.
I don't trust anyone but you.
If I make a police report in this jurisdiction, do you think you could take on the case and judge it here? Is that viable? Well, do you have any hard evidence against Baldini? I have ten players on the team ready to testify.
I may be able to get people from the club as well.
Maybe they'll decide to testify if they see the case is going well.
I think it's important to keep this case clean.
I'll try to find a way.
Leave that file with me.
Thank you.
I don't get it.
That court order it's a precautionary measure.
As long as the case is underway, you won't be able to run for chairman.
- And can they do this? - Yes, of course.
Pérez Gutierrez is the judge handling the case now.
We can't buy him out.
There's no way to bribe him.
There are no judges we can't buy.
We'll see to that.
Meanwhile let's exhaust all of our legal options.
We could try to recuse the judge.
But I don't really see how we could.
[Santiago chuckles.]
Find something.
And recuse him.
I still want that girl to understand who I am.
I want to show her the extent of my power.
[crowd cheering.]
There are high expectations, of course, because Ferroviarios is about to qualify for the Copa Libertadores, just like old times.
And the coach is none other than Giraldo, who, back when he was still a player wearing the Ferroviarios' shirt, won the most important tournament of the continent in 1979.
But today, Ferroviarios' rival is Rio Grande, from Brazil.
Those teams are among the most feared.
Any news from the front fences? All is normal here.
[Diana over radio.]
All right.
Keep an eye out.
They aren't here yet.
- I don't want any problems.
- Okay.
The double fence strategy worked out.
And the police report against Lomito.
Little by little, we're gaining some control over him.
It sounds like a dream.
Well, let's not dream too much and stay real here.
We need to be ready for anything.
Let's keep an eye out.
I want the public to stay safe.
[crowd cheering.]
[fans chanting.]
Stokers! [Fabián.]
We can do this! Come on! I want everyone singing! Go, go! Come on! Let's go! DANGER [reporter.]
Let's go over the teams.
We'll begin with Ferroviarios.
Giraldo will form his team as usual.
The formation will be a 4-4-2.
Julián Jasper will be the goalie today.
The defenders [player.]
Come on! We can do it, come on.
Come on, guys! Elias Santa Cruz [crowd exclaiming.]
Hey, what's going on? This thing is losing air! What happened to this thing? - What's going on? - I don't know.
Cardoso, what happened? Yeah, but what's going on? - It's a technical problem, internal.
- [Lomito laughing.]
- We'll have it fixed very soon.
- Take that! Take that! They thought I wouldn't be there, but my work sure made it! [laughs.]
Was that really necessary? What if we lose the match? It's their fault.
They'll have to pay to fix the problem.
We don't get into the cup, the debt'll keep going up And who do you think will pay off that debt? Lomito Baldini.
Their savior.
The new chairman of the club.
The one who gets stuff done.
The guy that brought them Roggio's successor.
I don't need a ticket to get in.
Lomito is always there! Cheers.
- Should we watch some porn? - Sure.
Excuse me, Diana, but I must insist.
Rumors link the hooligans to this incident.
But you keep denying that this is even a possibility.
It's not true.
The press is used to lying.
They like the power of being able to have coaches fired.
They're the best at weaving these lies.
They even went as far as to suggest that the club was working with the hooligans.
But we have the chairman here, so come on, I want names.
We have the chairman, the treasurer, the chief of security personnel We want names, not idiotic rumors that aren't supported by any real evidence.
We want evidence from respected sources, okay? [Gabriel over phone.]
Come after school and we'll talk.
I've got practice.
Okay, after practice, then.
It's going to be late.
Don't worry, I'll cook us something and we'll have dinner.
Really? Do you know how to cook? [Gabriel.]
I'm a master chef.
Tell him to make sushi.
Um, what will you cook, then? [Gabriel.]
I know how to make scrambled eggs, sausages, maybe even a steak! But I'm a vegetarian.
Let's eat sushi.
I'll buy.
I've never had sushi.
It's good, you'll like it.
I think I'll like you better.
[line disconnects.]
He hung up.
He left you hanging! [laughs.]
How are you? I'm sorry.
You didn't listen to me.
You didn't even think about how I'd feel.
What would you have done? Not that.
Do you think the only way out of things is through violence? I wasn't trying to get out of nothing.
I was pissed, and rightly so.
[Camila sighs.]
Are you here to ask me to forgive you? What are you thinking? About what? About You're pregnant.
I don't know yet.
How about you? It's not a decision I can make by myself.
You'll decide.
My word is just an opinion.
I haven't decided yet.
I don't know.
Well, I just wanted to say that I'm happy.
I'm not sure why, but I am.
- It sounds selfish.
- Yeah, it does.
But that's how I feel.
It's who I am and I can't change that.
I would if I could.
[bag rustling.]
Leave it on.
It makes me horny.
[door opens.]
- It's my dad.
- He just lets himself in like that? I don't know, it's my dad.
I got you a few things.
You're here to play and score goals.
Lomito, this isn't what you think.
What you do with your life or how you were raised is not my business.
Maybe, in a different situation, I may have gotten a bit angry.
I understand, really.
I get that practice demands abstinence.
I know about the porn on your phone.
Maybe that got you a bit confused.
You just need to score.
And I'll make sure no one gets in your personal space.
[Paula snickering.]
[door closes.]
[knocking at door.]
[knocking continues.]
All rise, please.
You may be seated.
Excuse me, Your Honor, I thought Pérez Lerea would preside.
Your name? [Diana.]
I'm Ms.
Imbert, attorney at law.
Imbert, I'm not sure you got the news, but the defendant requested another judge.
And the case came to me.
It's my jurisdiction.
Sorry, I wasn't notified.
We can postpone the hearing if you deem this necessary.
No, it's fine.
Let's continue.
Your Honor, listen.
If we're to accuse my client of anything, it's of being too passionate.
I want to clarify that my client owns a restaurant and a cleaning service.
Everything legal and in perfect order.
That's why the racketeering charges can't hold any grounds.
- Judge - I'm not finished yet.
Your Honor, my client may agree to a settlement with the club.
But he requests that the ban on his candidature be lifted.
What happened to Pérez Lerea? He went on vacation.
Just like that? Mmm-hmm.
It's his right, isn't it? People get heart attacks, and accidents happen without any warning.
But going on vacation? I'm not a fool.
If he were anyone else, I'd think he was bribed.
But in this case, I think a threat is more likely.
You seem sure of it.
I have no doubts on the matter.
You're wrong.
- Something must have happened.
- [man.]
A vacation.
Ma'am, I have to go.
Sometimes, things aren't as complicated or mysterious as threats.
If it wasn't a threat, then what? Returning the favor.
Let's cut to the chase.
Tell me what happened.
Your godfather, Diana.
They talked on the phone for five minutes and he convinced him to back out.
Am I clear enough now? - You're lying.
- [man.]
Ask him.
[cell phone vibrating.]
Hey, Fabián.
Are you still at the car wash? No.
I saw the Gypsy and I followed him.
What the I never ordered you to do that.
Where are you? At the rail yard.
Get the hell out of there.
That's not your job.
They'll see me if I move now.
What have you gotten yourself into? You should just do what I tell you.
Don't try to be a hero.
[line disconnects.]
[gun cocking.]
Who are you? Nobody.
I was I got lost, that's all.
I know this car.
And I've seen you before.
Or am I mistaken? You're mistaken, sir.
I use the car for work.
I just got lost.
I'm not lying.
It's pretty neat for an Uber.
If what you say is true, that you're just lost, I'll tell you how to get out of here.
It's that way.
But the car's too big so you'll have to run, kid.
It's your only chance.
[gun firing.]
[cell phone ringing.]
[line disconnects.]
[sad music plays.]
[piano stops.]
[music-theme plays.]

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