Pure (2017) s02e01 Episode Script


1 Previously on Pure Sounds like the Menno mob.
You're kidding, right? The Mennonite mob? You really do want these people, your people, behind bars, huh? They're violent and degenerate.
They're your people now.
Ma'am, we have a warrant to search the premises.
- Jackpot.
- That's not mine! Gerry says someone gave the police the drugs to plant so we'd be forced to sell our land.
You put Gerry in jail? Now, you are the new boss.
Say no again and it will be your family in that hole.
Lie to anyone you want to, but not to me.
I will do whatever I have to to protect my family.
So we're just going to pretend that this is a normal day? That Voda just didn't tell everyone he's going to war with the drug dealers? I had to tell Voss that I would take Gerry's place.
God wants me to submit to his plan.
So I can meet everyone in Voss's business and write down their names and their crimes, and then I can destroy this whole satanic mob.
Show me where the money is counted.
If I bring you into this, how do I keep you safe? If you don't, how do I keep you safe? Your father and I want you to accept Jesus Christ into your heart as your earthly guide and eternal Saviour.
I need you, Brooda.
The only way we can do this is together.
No! - Nee! - (gunshot) Accept God into your heart.
And pray for His mercy.
- No! No! No! - (gunshot) Gentlemen.
Your uncle Eli let his guard down.
Now he's dead, as is his pipeline.
So you will act as my personal Mennonite consultants.
What do you say? (alarm clock ringing) Amen.
- - (dog barking) - - (indistinct chatter) Hey, cheddar head.
You don't own this place.
Father drives away the devil that they created, - and they tell us to go to hell? - Isaac.
They're all such hypocrites.
Find a table before my arms fall off.
Detective Gates, - how are you? - Hi, Anna.
What's going on? It seems as though we have been set aside from the church and the market.
We will find another place.
Did you talk to your contact in Belize? Yeah, I did.
Look, it's not much to go on, but there was a guy that showed up in an orphanage by the colony at San Ignacio.
Might match Noah's description.
It's hard to tell.
Went by the name Klaas Klassen, worked his tail off, wouldn't take any money, slept in a shed and moved on.
But that was six months ago, so So what now? - Is that it? - Look, Anna, if a guy doesn't want to be found, - maybe it's best to - I understand.
You have done more than anyone could ask.
Well, I told Bronco I'd do my best, but I thank you.
- Please take some perishky.
- Oh no, you don't have to I insist.
I want to give you something for all you've done.
My contact in Belize said there's a truckload of guys up here already working for a local farmer.
I'll find them, hand around a picture of Noah and maybe someone will recognise him.
But this has to be a last shot kind of deal, OK? Thanks.
18 to 0?! 18-zip? If it was basketball, OK, but it's hockey, Ricky.
You're all we've got.
You're our number 1 and our backup, but you stood there - like a traffic cone.
- Hey! Hey! Hey! Dial it back a little.
He feels bad enough.
Ricky, go get changed.
I need a word with Coach Barry.
Mom! - Don't.
- Ricky, go.
(sighing) You need to lighten up on the kids a little bit.
Mine in particular.
Look, Val, I respect the fact that you played a little bit of pro hockey - CWHL.
Women's Hockey League.
- I know what CWHL is.
Then you know that you don't speak to players like that.
At any level.
You used to be a player, and now you're a mom.
And I refuse to stand here and be lectured by someone's mommy.
(grunting) Excuse me? There's a puddle in the owner's office.
You should clean that first.
Before he comes in.
Thank you.
I speak English.
Oh - Nee - No, I insist.
This mess is my fault.
I'm Augustus Nickel.
This is my place.
I'm I'm Anna Funk.
- Edentola? - I was.
Now, my children and I, we live in town.
I'm reformed.
My parents left the colony when I was when I was small.
And then my my wife passed away and a little voice inside my head started whispering.
WOMAN (on PA): Augustus to the warehouse.
Augustus to the warehouse.
Pleasure to meet you, Anna Funk.
- Hey, buddy.
- Hey, Dad! Just need to have a word with your mom.
Go wait in the car.
- It's not your day.
Why are you here? - You'd know if you'd responded to my texts or answered any of my calls.
I got the job in California, so we have to talk.
There's nothing to discuss.
We have a custody agreement.
- It has to be revised.
- No, it doesn't.
Congrats on the job.
So Dad got the job in California? Yeah.
(radio transmissions) - You punched a coach.
- Yes.
And why did you punch a coach? - Were there any actual eyewitnesses? - You will apologise to the coach or you'll be charged.
If you're charged, you'll be suspended.
- You were hired as an accountant.
- I remember.
- Stop punching people.
- I will.
The hell are you thinking? You're a forensic accountant.
And a police officer.
Oh Narcotics got a conviction on a coke dealer in Antioch.
They need a list compiled of all his assets.
I volunteered you, because that is accounting.
No, that's making a list.
Anna? May I have a word? It has been a year since we were excommunicated.
You promised that, after enough time had passed, I could make my case why I should return.
Now that my table has been taken at the market, I earned even less than last week.
And last week, I did not earn enough to pay the rent and to put food on the table.
I am asking for the sake of my children, not myself.
Anna, you must understand If Justina Epp is allowed, after what her husband and Joey did She was homeless.
Gerry's dead.
Joey's disappeared.
She's taken the spare room.
We will be homeless soon too.
For Tina and Isaac.
I will speak to the elders.
(sawing sound) Hey! Hey! Antioch P Detective Gates, Antioch PD.
I'm looking for this guy.
Noah Funk.
May go by another name.
I've seen him.
My cousin gave him a drive with a work crew up north.
OK, so where's your cousin now? Hey! Oh, don't you dare make me run.
He's making me run.
Hey! Hey! I'm not Immigration police! I just wanna talk! You gave this guy a ride.
Where'd you leave him? (city sounds) Hello, Jackie.
OK brought you a sandwich.
I know what you like.
Peanut butter.
And a bottle of water.
Noah Funk? Detective Gates.
I was Detective Novak's partner.
Got a minute? Your wife's trying to find you.
I need to know what to tell her.
How long you been here? After Bronco left, he told me to keep an eye on your family.
They've had a rough go without you.
No money, excommunicated from the colony, and you you're what? Having a gap year? Why don't you go home? I took a life.
- Eli Voss.
- A life.
For what I have done, God could never forgive me.
And I would follow Voss straight into hell right now if taking my own life didn't offend Him even more.
I need to leave Anna and the children to find their own way back to God.
But here you are.
You could have stayed in Belize.
Why not? Because I am weak.
I know I can never see them again.
I cannot I can't be so far away.
Please, don't tell Anna you found me.
She needs to believe I am dead.
It's the only way she will make a new life for herself.
It's the kindest thing you could do.
So what's the plan now? Just keep trying to work yourself to death? Yes.
If that is God's will.
(phone vibrates) - Detective Krochak.
- Detective Lee.
Boss says you volunteered to help us with this coke dealer in Antioch.
I did an inventory of assets at the time of his arrest, but the thing is Yeah, got it.
The thing is, I found a great deal of paperwork, - but no actual - Yeah, OK.
I can do it myself.
There are some things I'd like to follow up on.
I got it.
Antioch PD, open up! (knocking) Wilhelm Klippenstein! Judge ordered you to report to the Southwest Detention Centre two days ago.
I have a warrant for your arrest.
Hello? Anybody home? (water bubbling) Oh Ugh! - BOTH: Drop your weapon! - Drop it! Drop it! OPS, Organised Crime! Drop your weapon! Gates, Antioch PD! (retching) Ugh! What are you doing here? What was that? I got here first, so Ugh! My crime scene.
(both retching) (hubbub) Thanks.
Fished that out of the hot tub, right? I called your boss.
You're here to do a proceeds of crime inventory, not investigate a homicide, which this was not.
It's just a drug dealer who partied way too hard before they hauled his ass off to prison.
If there's more to this, I'd like to help.
Try calling us first to let us know you're here, in our jurisdiction.
Look, all I'm saying is we're on the same team.
Take my card.
You need my help, you give me a call.
Ah, I get it.
You're an accountant.
That was probably the first time you ever drew your weapon.
Exciting, isn't it? Now, you can go back and finish your inventory, which shouldn't be too hard because there's nothing there to inventory.
Good day, Detective Krochak.
Excuse me? - Sterling MacKay? - Yes? Detective Gates, Antioch PD.
Got a second? I'm in the middle of meeting with a client.
Who let you in here? I apologise for the intrusion.
Did Rosie let you in? Wilhelm Klippenstein.
Name ring a bell? No.
I'd remember a name like that, I mean, even if I hadn't seen him turn to soup.
You should too, since he was a client.
So why would a partner in this town's biggest law firm represent a Mennonite migrant worker? Klippenstein.
That's right, OK.
Everyone here has to do their fair share of pro bono work, and I am no exception.
Now have a nice day.
So this tomato picker is moving cocaine by the kilo, but his lawyer has to work for free? That's what pro bono means.
For free.
And if I recall, Mr.
Klippenstein wasn't convicted of trafficking, merely possession.
Which is why he was able to get out on bail, to go home to his mansion and OD in a hot tub.
You are gonna have to make an appointment, Detective.
Thank you very much.
I did.
I'll see you at the station tomorrow.
Oh, that proceeds of crime inventory Was unnecessary because there was nothing in the house? Well, except a dead body by the name of Wilhelm Klippenstein.
Coroner's saying that Cocaine toxicity causing heart attack, yeah.
I read the report.
- Who was that guy, anyway? - Mennonite farmhand born in Mexico.
How does a farmhand afford a house like that? By selling large amounts of cocaine.
- I think you missed something.
- Yes, a trafficking conviction.
You don't think there's more to it than that? Give me what you got on the dead Mennonite.
I'll dig in.
I'll follow the money.
I can help you.
- (man coughing) - (indistinct talking) (indistinct chatter) I'm lying in a quarry, and the last thing I remember is you shouting "Abel!" And the blood is pouring out of me.
Then I look up and I see God.
And He's He's pure light.
And that light says to me: "From now on, "all you have to do is live.
"No guilt, "no rules.
Just live.
" Then everything went black and I woke up in the hospital with tubes sticking out of me and a big nurse telling me how big my bill was gonna be.
So as soon as the lights went out, out come the tubes, down the hallway I go, sneak out the door and I have been alive ever since.
I mean truly alive.
Picking crops, sleeping rough, travelling from Texas to Kansas, where I found Ezekiel.
Living with relatives.
And he's safe.
He's strong.
Thanks be to God.
Same God that gave me a mission.
Save your skin.
Just like you saved mine.
Before you, uh, left me to die in the quarry.
(phones ringing) You have an hour.
My divorce settlement just came in.
I'm so into this whole What is this style? It's uh Wood? I was just wondering how much it might cost to furnish a whole house.
I got this, buddy.
So, living room, kitchen, two-three bedrooms? Oh, it's four bedrooms and a finished basement.
OK, well, if you'd like to look at our catalogue, we can go through a couple Oh, I've no time.
Can you just ballpark it for me? If I had to guess, seven rooms fully furnished $20,000? Well, I'll think about it.
I offer no excuse for our wickedness.
We did it not for the money but because we felt that we had no other choice.
I think that many of you here today can understand that.
Thank you, Bishop, for leaving this decision to us.
We felt that the matter was best decided by those not so close to the family.
Difficult as it is, our decision stands.
Anna will remain excommunicated.
Come back in a year.
Maybe hearts will have softened and memories of your sins - faded by then.
- My sins? How dare you punish us for doing what you asked us to do? What you men lacked the courage to do? What? What more can I lose? Members of this community came to my husband and you begged him to save you, and God help us, - he was foolish enough to listen.
- We understand why you did it.
It was how you did it.
You took over that filthy business, built it up, let no one stand in your way, not even Gerry Epp.
Perhaps it was the shame of his arrest that caused his death.
I can't stop thinking that it was something else that led him to the end of that rope.
The pastor has agreed that Isaac and Tina can come back to my bible studies class at my house.
If they're serious about following our ways, they will be welcomed back.
But not my mother? - You tell those old - Isaac! Jenauch! Danke schÃn.
They will come.
Excuse me.
I think I might be lost.
Can you take a look at these directions, please? Yeah.
Sure, no problem.
Alright, where are you trying to go here? Oh! Oh! (indistinct chatter) So I go to these guys and I say, "How much to fill my house with your beautiful furniture?" - Who? - "Muhlbach and Moody.
" The company on the receipt you scooped up when you busted Klippenstein.
So? So that receipt tells me that the farmhand in the slow cooker paid $100,000 for the same furniture from the same store.
But as you pointed out, his house was empty.
So you're saying these guys, Muhlbach and Moody, are dealers? No.
I'm saying that this could be one of the many businesses washing cash for them.
My Sergeant's gonna need more than an invoice to authorize a surveillance operation.
(phone ringing) Krochak.
(indistinct radio transmissions) Looks like a coronary, but an autopsy will tell.
You guys friends? No.
We were working together on a case.
And you're sure there was no sign of a struggle? It looks to me like he had an undiagnosed heart condition and nature took its course.
Why? Did he have any enemies? He was a police officer.
You know how many cops die from heart disease every year? (phone buzzing) Excuse me.
I gotta take this.
Hello? (dramatic music) Noah Funk? Detective Krochak.
(alarm clock ringing) Anna Funk.
I must say I expected someone I don't know I am Hector Estrada and I work for the Norteuo cartel.
A new management position has opened up, and from what I hear, nobody ran this end of the business more profitably than you did.
I have a friend.
A policeman.
You need to leave right now.
You have no friends.
But you have two children, and I will take one as insurance.
And when your work is done, I will give you your child back.
Either one.
You can choose.
Call the number programmed in this phone in ten minutes and we'll make arrangements.
Or my colleague will take your kids and chop them into pieces so small, you will need DNA to identify them.
I'll see you in a few hours.
So it's empty? Just clean the floors? Jo.
(sobbing softly) (screaming) MAME! MAME! MAME! MAME! MAME! MAME! MAME! MAME! ("Himmel Oda Hall" by Jamie Olfert)