Pure (2017) s02e02 Episode Script


1 Previously on Pure Gentlemen! You will act as as my personal Mennonite consultants.
Voda drives away the devil that they created, and they tell us to go to hell? It has been a year since we were excommunicated.
I offer no excuse for our wickedness.
We did it not for the money but because we felt like we had no other choice.
Don't tell Anna you found me.
She needs to believe I am dead.
This is the only way she will make a new life for herself.
Please - BOTH: Drop your weapon! - You're here to do a proceeds of crime inventory, not investigate a homicide, which this was not.
It's just a drug dealer that partied way too hard before they hauled his ass off to prison.
If there's more to this, I'd like to help.
Give me what you've got on the dead Mennonite.
I'll dig in, follow the money.
Excuse me! I think I might be lost.
I have been alive, truly alive.
Thanks be to God.
The same God that gave me a mission: to save your skin.
Just like you saved mine.
Isaak and Tina can come back to my Bible studies class at my house.
They will be welcome back.
But not my mother? (tense music) Noah Funk? Detective Krochak.
I am Hector Estrada.
From what I hear, nobody run this end of the business more profitably than you do.
You have two children.
I will take one as insurance.
And when your work is done, I will give you your child back.
Either one.
You can choose.
(heavy breathing) (heavy breathing) (grunting) (heavy breathing) (screaming) (clanging) - (screaming) - (rattling) (grunting) Hey! Hey! (screaming) (clock ticking) (alarm ringing) (alarm ringing) (alarm stops) (door clanging) (buzzing) Come here! I am Anna Funk.
I am in charge now.
Who is the foreman here? There is no "angel's share" and there is no side business.
There is just your job.
You will get paid fairly, but I demand absolute accuracy and loyalty or I will turn you over to the cartel.
Does anyone need to be reminded what happens to those who steal from the cartel? Get to work.
Why are we here? What is this place? The single V stood for Voss, right? I'm going to guess that the double V stands for Voss's nephews.
Which means that the pipeline that you helped bring down is now back up and running.
I need you to find out how the drugs are coming into the country, who's distributing them and who's running the show.
Sounds like a job for your people, not for us.
It's a job for us all.
We need somebody on the inside - to bring it down.
- Nay.
I won't do it.
Do you know Detective Jay Gates? Bronco Novak's friend who was trying to find you? He knocked on the wrong Mennonite's door and now he's dead.
Whose house is this? I think you know.
(crying) You can't tell her I'm here.
What are you gonna do for me? It's your choice.
She was pretty deep in the business herself back in the day, right? In fact, I found a box of evidence gathered by your friend Bronco Novak.
More than enough to put you both away.
Someone is gonna help me.
You or her? ANNA: Isaak is gone.
What do you mean, gone? Gone where? He went with some men to look for your father.
Some of the back and forthers might have seen him in Texas.
Texas? But you said he might be in Belize.
No one is sure.
And now maybe Texas, so And you just let him go? - Just like that? - I had to.
With what men? Who are these men? Pickers.
They're going for the pecan crop.
So yes, I let him go.
But you don't even let Isaak go to the feed store - by himself.
Since when are we - It's different for a boy.
Sooner or later, he needs to see for himself what it means to live in the world of men.
(phone vibrates) - Amen.
- ALL: Amen.
Bergen has some cider and some coffee in the kitchen for you.
- Isaak couldn't make it? - Uh He went for the pecan harvest in Texas.
Is she really taking in others' laundry? The police confiscated everything she and Gerry had.
Relatives took in her boys.
If we didn't let her sleep in the spare room, she'd have nowhere to go.
Come inside.
I will.
In a minute.
I do not need any help from a Funk.
We are all fallen and alone now in one way or another.
This is the address she gave us.
From now on, I am Klaas and you are my brother.
I always liked that name.
- God help us.
- Yeah, He will.
With a little help from us.
You You have a place for rent - and we're looking for a room.
- We can pay.
But you know, if we can do a little help around the place maybe you could give us a little break on the rent? - Yeah, I don't know about that.
- Klaas is an excellent cabinet maker.
- And I am a buakfeahra.
- Uh, what? Yeah.
Not really, no.
Not anymore.
You? We left a few years ago.
Daddy issues.
- Why'd you two leave? - Uh Not so easy for you two either, I'm guessing.
With your lifestyle Uh No.
Klaas and I are brothers.
It's pretty basic, but Yeah.
Have a look.
Ah Yeah! Not so bad, yeah? Abel, you are not a book keeper.
Why would you say that? And you are not an undercover agent, but we can learn.
Why not? (phone vibrating) Detective Krochak.
It's Klaas.
- We rented the apartment.
- Good.
Look, I want you to record anybody coming or going.
And get to know the landlord.
I'll be in touch.
What's that? Detective Bronco Novak's archive on the Eli Voss case.
How exactly did you get that? By following up on the very suspicious death of a fellow officer and finding it in his office.
- The cop who died - Detective Jay Gates.
He was working on the Menno mob case too.
And then suddenly, he keels over from a heart attack? Come on! I think that he got too close to something or somebody and they took care of him.
And you can prove that? No.
That's why I borrowed the box.
- How exactly does the box help? - It doesn't.
Not by itself.
But it did lead me to two Mennonites who have agreed to work as informants.
You run a background check, you discover that, as Mennonites, they don't have a "background", you go to your boss, you convince him to register them as informants, - working for Narcotics.
- Why not go to your boss? Because I am a forensic accountant and you are a narcotics detective.
- Technical Surveillance Unit.
- I fix cameras and install new computer software and go for donuts.
So this is our call up.
Look, drugs, money laundering, murder Whoa.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Would you like a ride? Thank you.
Hey! Hey! I'm surprised anyone from the colony will speak to me.
What did my father say about your family? God on one side, Satan on the other and all the sinners throwing stones.
- Na yo.
- And here you are, like Job spat out of the whale Jonah.
(laughing) Doing God's work.
I saw you.
Offering help to your family's worst enemy, Justina Epp.
ANNA: This is the last time you deliver here to my house.
I do like I'm told.
And if you're smart, you will too.
(heavy breathing) (rattling) (screaming) (cry of pain) Which one do we send your mother? - Finger - (screaming) - or a hand? - (screaming) - Your finger or your hand? - (screaming) You decide.
(panting) Orff is a sicario.
They have their own rules.
Put on your clothes.
Sorry about the cage, but our business requires a certain amount of theatre.
It's important to keep people motivated.
- (shutter clicks) - Who are you? I'm Hector Estrada.
I work for the Norteño cartel.
Why am I here? Welcome to the business.
This has nothing to do with me.
I can ask Orff to come back.
Don't forget your spoon.
You're back? Good.
- Who was that? - No one.
How was it? Who was there? Tell me.
Sarah, Rebekah, Esther, uh Henry, James - Peter and Johan Fehr.
- Isn't Johan a little old? He was painting the veranda and then he gave me a ride into town.
So nice.
We have Markel's to clean and the Nickel office too, yet.
I'm going to change clothes.
If that's alright? Jo.
But fast.
Are you alright? You look I don't know I'm fine.
I'm worried about Isaak.
I know.
God will protect him.
- (crying) - (phones vibrates) (sighs) I handle fifty to sixty real estate transactions a year and then of course there is the client privilege thing.
But how is it that you helped so many migrant workers to buy so many houses? I mean, take these twofor instance.
There's no way either one of them would get approved for a loan, but surprise! I mean, there's no mortgage, no holding company.
There's just a clear title.
If you were to ask them, they'd probably tell you they got the money from a deceased rich uncle or help from a family member.
They would tell you something untraceable.
Drug money in, clean money out when the house goes back - on the market.
- Possible.
That's why the law society has formed a committee to scrutinize these type of transactions.
- The vendor mortgage committee? - Yeah.
I'm the chair.
- You'll work with me on this? - Any way I can.
Believe me.
You know, I have a client in five minutes so There we go.
- Thank you for your time.
- It's my pleasure.
Another package coming by courier.
It's a business.
He needs hinges and door pulls Jo.
- What are you doing? - I am looking for a bookkeeping class.
Abel, you can't learn book-keeping in an hour at some How do you know that? Have you tried? No, you haven't, have you? (washer banging) - What is that? - It's life.
Enjoy it while you can.
(groans) (knocking) (banging) - Oh! - That noise Sorry.
It's the washing machine.
I've asked Julius to fix it but - he's so busy with his work.
- I can do it.
I'm Eva.
Julius' cousin.
I had an uncle Klaas.
And a cousin.
And another cousin.
I'm pleased to meet you, Klaas.
Hi, I'm Eugene Podborski again and I'm here to share with you my passion for the most fundamental and majestic of accounting practices: double entry book-keeping.
What are you doing to Isaak? HECTOR: The more you do for me, the better it goes for him.
If you don't work hard enough or try to cheat me, - Isaak will pay the price.
- I want to speak to him.
He's busy.
Any problem with the shipment today? No.
But I can't take anymore at my house.
- Why not? - Because it is not safe.
So call me back with a better idea.
That's okay.
Phones are allowed.
The only thing fe'beden here are unpaid bills and unhappy workers.
Now Please.
Thank you.
And then Julius left the colony not long after I did.
He was always getting into trouble.
It broke his heart to leave his mother behind but he's a smart boy and he wanted a better life, same as the rest of us.
What about you? Why did you leave? I didn't want to wash sausage casings for the rest of my life.
I wanted to try new things.
- Like electric dryers.
- Hmm-mm.
How about you? Why did you leave? Well I no longer felt at home in that world.
Now, the vent is clogged, the dryer will spin but nothing will dry.
For a Mennonite, you know a lot about dryers.
I worked in a men's shelter.
We had a washer and we had a dryer.
We also had My wife and I had left the church for complicated reasons.
After she died, I felt the old pull for fellowship with God.
And I couldn't go back to our old church but I found the Mennonite Conference Church - down on Springshire.
- I've driven past it, Jo.
It's a bit more liberal than what you're used to, I'm afraid.
There are days when I long for the company of the Jemeent.
So come.
Nay I - I would not belong.
- But you would.
In my church, God's arms are big enough to wrap around everyone.
Come to Faspa, bring your children.
Uh, my son is gone.
He is looking for work.
So it is It's just my daughter at home now.
So bring her.
You both will be more than welcome.
Where you been? - All this time? - Jo.
I fixed her dryer.
Is that what they call it now? I met someone too.
On the computer.
Teaching me double-entry book-keeping.
- You? Using a computer? - Yeah.
- That's not so hard to imagine.
- Abel, you are not a book-keeper.
And you don't fix dryers.
But you know what that makes us, broda? Yeah.
Undercover informants.
Praise God, from whom all blessings flow Praise Him, all creatures here below (all singing): Praise Him above, ye heavenly host Praise Father, Son And Holy Ghost Hymns my Ooma taught me.
My favourites.
I like to write them so I don't forget them.
So - I looked at your books.
- So you think you can fix it? I know it's bad but if you can keep helping, I'll cover your rent.
If you can give Klaas a job, you have a deal.
Back alley is a mess.
- Can you take care of that? - Jo.
(knocking) - He doesn't sign for it.
- Hmm? He didn't sign for the package.
When you get a package, you have to sign for it.
It's okay, it doesn't matter.
My brother and I were wondering if you and Kyle would like to join us for faspa.
Faspa? Jo.
You grew up with it just like us.
- Might be nice.
Around five? - I don't know You could bring your cousin too.
Val! Val! - You've been hacked.
- What? An e-mail from you to everyone in the detachment.
- And a photo.
- Krochak! My office.
Yeah, that's me.
On my honeymoon, after way too many mojitos, twelve years ago.
- Obviously, I didn't send this to you.
- Yeah, well, someone did.
Someone so angry at you they decided to cook this up knowing you'd be suspended from your duties until the Office of Police Complaints completes its investigation.
Well Until we get this sorted out, you're relieved of duty.
Check your weapon on the way out.
Only a Mennonite smells heaven in a handful of dirt.
- This would make a good garden.
- That's what I was thinking.
The beans along the fence there, carrots, cabbage, potatoes here.
There's something about putting a seed in the ground - and watching it grow - Jo.
It's a miracle.
God's love made physical.
Excuse me, I have to go.
Well done, muchacho! Now what? I think it's time to ask yourself, "Why am I here?" Come back inside, Isaak.
You and I need to talk.
(chattering) I don't know anyone here! So talk to someone.
Why do you have to fight me about everything? Mr.
Nickel has made a gesture of kindness by inviting us.
- It would be impolite to say no.
- Hello! - Welcome! - Uh, this is - This is my daughter Tina.
- I am very pleased to meet you.
There are young people here.
More your age.
Girls! Heidi, Kate, this is Tina.
I am so glad you came.
Yes, yes, this way.
Savory on this table, - sweets are over here.
- Augie! Loving the fellowship.
- And the perishky.
- Anna, Herman Rhodes.
Much of my inventory comes from the United States and Herman is the man who brings it across the border.
- Very pleased to meet you.
- Nice to meet you, Mr.
Oh, please.
Everyone calls me "Windy".
And that's the widow Geisbrecht.
Herman is not Mennonite but he never misses a faspa.
Coffee? - Please.
- He leaves his rig behind the church and he disappears for the entire night.
- I'm sorry, am I shocking you? - No, no, it's alright.
Living off the colony, there there are many new things to get used to.
And I hope one of them will be coming to faspa.
I've always been good at selling stuff.
And I saw Julius here selling little handmade wooden stools and what not at the market.
And I figured furniture store, right? I mean, it's better than asking people if they want "room for dairy" all day long.
Forgive me for saying, but you're very young to have such a business.
I'm sorry, we don't have any sweet buns or perishky.
Klaas and I love to eat them but we are not so big on making them.
Oh! You should have said something, I could have made some.
There's good rhubarb at the market these days.
It doesn't matter.
We appreciate the invite.
We get how hard it must have been at the colony.
You guys being a couple and all.
What does he mean, "being a couple"? Nothing.
It's just, you know, couple of a couple of guys, couple of Couple of brothers, that's all.
(sighs) - (indistinct chattering) - (laughing) I want to meet.
- I have a proposal for you.
- Let's talk.
I know a way to get more milk across the border faster.
There's a man I know who moves farm equipment from the northern states.
You sneak it in there, I take it out here - and he will never know.
- Hmm.
And for this, you want? Isaak to be treated better.
No more cage.
Plus, I want the time that you keep him to be cut in half.
If something goes wrong and my shipment gets lost, things will get much worse for Isaak.
This will work.
I will make it work.
Oh, by the way, Isaak had a question for you.
He tried to escape and I told him that you will send him back.
He didn't believe me.
- Now I think he does.
- Isaak Isaak! Isaak! (panting)