Pure (2017) s02e03 Episode Script

Return of the Lamb

1 - Previously on Pure.
- I am Anna Funk.
I am in charge now.
I demand absolute accuracy and loyalty, or I will turn you over to the cartel.
Does anyone need to be reminded what happens to those who steal from the cartel? (grunting) Isaac is gone.
He went with some men to look for your father.
You don't even let Isaac go to the feed store by himself.
- Since when are we - It's different for a boy.
Sooner or later, he needs to see for himself what it means to live in the world of men.
- (heavy panting) - (dramatic sound indication) I found a box of evidence gathered by your friend, Bronco Novak.
More than enough to put you both away.
I need you to find out how the drugs are coming into the country, who's distributing them and who's running the show.
We need somebody on the inside to bring them down.
You have a place for rent, and if we could do a little help around the place, then maybe you could give us a little break on the rent.
Yeah, I don't know about that.
Klaas is an excellent cabinet maker.
- And I am a buakfeahra.
- Abel, you are not a bookkeeper.
Why would you say that? We rented the apartment.
Look, I want you to record anybody coming or going.
I'm Eva.
Julius's cousin.
- This would make a good garden.
- That's what I was thinking.
I do not need any help from a Funk.
I saw you offering help to your family's worst enemy, Justina Epp.
Not much of my inventory comes from the United States, and Herman is the man - who brings it across the border.
- Everyone calls me Wendy.
He leaves his rig behind the church and he disappears.
I know a way to get more milk across the border faster.
There's a man I know who moves farm equipment from the northern states.
You sneak it in there, I take it out here and he will never know.
Isaac Isaac! Okay.
Stinky stuff in the washing machine and then start your homework, okay? Can you get me a grilled cheese? - Yes.
- And a smoothie? Hm yes.
Mom, we're out of soap pods! Just keep looking, Ricky, I'll be right there.
Mom! I can't find it! Mom, if we have to go to the store for soap pods, can we also get chips Mom? Just listen to me.
I need you to go in your room and lock the door.
I need you to pack a bag with some pyjamas and some underwear and you can't come out until I tell you to, okay? Mom, what's going Please, just do what I tell you to.
- Hello? - Uh, yeah, it's me.
Would it be okay if Ricky stayed at your place tonight? - Okay is something - No, no, it's just work.
(indistinct) - Can he stay or not? - Of course.
When did you Yeah, how about now? - Uh, yeah.
- Okay, thanks.
I just felt so bad seeing her there all alone, no home, no husband.
And when I offered to pitch in with the laundry, she couldn't believe it.
A Funk helping an Epp.
You're not listening.
You were good to help Justina.
But be careful with that woman.
She is not the same person she was.
I know Justina Epp.
I know what she's done.
What if God said that about us? What hope would there be for our family? Alright.
Before you miss your bus.
You need a new man for your crew.
- Who did we lose? - Xavier.
- What happened? - We have some questions about Xavier.
(speaking Plautdietsch) Julius.
He does what he's told.
The other men, they have everything that they need? Jo.
We're practicing with an old tractor.
- We can do it in 15 minutes now.
- Sunday afternoon, middle of the day.
Who knows how long the truck driver will take to finish his business with the widow? It has to be faster.
When this business is done, I want to see my son.
Tell Estrada.
(ominous music) (footsteps) I was half your age when my mother left me in a bus station washroom.
(pours cereal) I survived on rainwater and garbage before a guy from the Medellin cartel's office decided I might make a good look-out.
They took me in.
They gave me real food.
A real home.
You can stay down here and cry about your narco madre and your good-for-nothing padre, or you can be a man.
Your choice.
Then we'll go for a ride.
And cameras outside on either side of the house.
And not the ones that blink and do nothing.
I'd like real ones.
- And the software install - Yeah, it's is here.
Oh I'm guessing you didn't put that there.
What is it? It's a keylogger.
Records all of your keystrokes.
Oh, those sons of bitches.
(men talking outside) What the hell are you doing here? - It's nothing.
- Uh, I followed Julius.
He took a bag from the shop to a car and put it in the, uh - How do you say? The "trunk"? - Trunk.
- Trunk.
- Trunk, yeah, okay.
So Julius put the bag in the trunk and? Then he took out another bag, but that one was empty.
Okay, so you wrote all this down, the times and the places? Yeah, it's in my notes.
Every detail.
It's in Plautdietsch so no one can read it.
Somebody's gonna translate that for me, right? Jo.
I'll translate it for you.
Okay, listen.
Never come here again, okay? Never.
From now on, I find you.
You talk to her like she's our friend.
She's not our friend.
- She's forcing us to do this, remember? - Jo.
Just like Eva "forced" you to dig that garden.
It's so we have something to talk about so I learn about the business.
- Oh yeah.
Yeah, yeah.
- Yeah.
See El bobo in the blue shirt? His name is Xavier.
His job is to get a bag, put it in the trunk of a car, and another man waits to make sure that he's not been followed, and then he gets the bag.
But last night, when the courier got to the car, the trunk was locked.
It was supposed to be open.
That's the kind of mistake that can put us all in prison.
I put the money in the trunk.
I put the money in the trunk! (grunting) The key.
Nice boots.
- Are they new? - Jo.
You need a new pair of boots.
Take them off.
If we find the load is light (speaking Spanish) - So it wasn't the sausage casing, then? - What? You said you left the colony because you hated washing sausage casings.
- Neh? - Yes, that's what I said.
That's not the reason.
That's the reason I told my mother so I wouldn't have to tell her the real reason.
But she knew.
Wives know what their husbands do, even when they pretend they don't.
She was the one who told me I had to leave for my own good.
I am so sorry.
- That's - That's the reason I can never go back.
And neither will Julius.
He's too curious, too Julius.
It drove his father crazy.
But he's done very well for himself.
To buy such a big building with only his carpentry.
He had some help.
Ah? From who? He won't say, and sometimes I feel it's better I don't know.
And why did you leave the colony? You have no wife, no children? - I - Ahem! Sorry, my brother needs me.
I will be right back.
Look, Julius and Kyle have a visitor.
That's not how deals are supposed to work.
Both parties agree to terms, and everybody follows those terms.
And Julius followed the terms.
He did what you told him to do.
You can't force him to do this.
This was not his deal.
Kyle! Kyle! Kyle, you okay? Okay, okay! (turning off saw) You will receive a text with instructions.
Kyle! Kyle! - Come on.
Get up.
- Who was that man? - Who was he? - Julius, don't.
We need to go.
- He's right, you need to leave.
- And go where? My mom's in Hawaii.
- We could go there.
- Hawaii? These people they expect me to help them unload some cargo.
If they send a text and I don't show up, - they'll come back and find you.
- Give me your phone.
They'll send me the text, I'll take your place.
- Make a little extra money, Jo? - No, no, no, no.
Don't worry about us.
My brother and I have worked with people like this before.
We'll be fine.
But you need to leave.
- I just have to say goodbye to Eva.
- Neh.
- I can't just - Leave her out of it.
Julius! Listen to me.
I was once a pastor to the Edentaler.
I tried, but I could not keep this sin away.
These people you're working for, they are strangers to God, they are murderers, and I know this because You're? If the police show up, asking what we were doing here, sing them one of my grandmother's hymns.
Not fast enough.
Told you, we need that other man! - We'll get him, - but you must be faster.
How many tractor tires have you changed? The driver will be with his lady friend in the building next door and we will be in daylight.
The longer this takes, the greater the risk.
- Jo.
To us, not you.
- There is risk for everyone.
Who makes more money if it goes as planned? Who goes to jail if it doesn't? I think it's your son you're worried about.
I think you would do anything to get him back from the Mexikaner.
Rudolf? Your wife just had a baby.
Another mouth to feed.
How would you like to be foreman? Vernon? How would you like to be the foreman's assistant? Good.
Take that crowbar and break his neck.
Or do I need to tell the Mexikaner that you two have also become a problem? How many minutes, Gofried? Fifteen.
Ten! Good.
Try it again.
(footsteps approaching) I've made some Colombian dinner.
Come up.
Go ahead.
Make yourself comfortable.
You're having the super powerful bandeja paisa.
Beans, rice, ground beef, deep-fried bacon, plantain and eggs, avocado, arepa, and my two favourites, morcilla and chorizo.
Buen provecho.
Mmm! You like it? Bacano.
I like to cook, but it's nicer when there's someone to share with.
Try this.
I do not drink alcohol.
That's an unnecessary and self-inflicted hardship.
Do you think it's a sin to butcher a pig? No.
It's food.
For us to eat, something must die.
I suppose.
Do you think there is divine punishment for our earthly sins? It's in the scripture.
And yet, we must kill and eat to survive.
Go ahead.
Try it.
- (coughing) - (Estrada chuckles.
) It burns, doesn't it? But sometimes there are rewards for pain.
What kind of man will you be, I wonder.
The one who eats, or the one who's food for others? Salud.
(footsteps approaching) This is how they got on my computer.
A keylogger.
Well, I'll send it to forensics, but I doubt anyone smart enough to do that would be dumb enough to leave prints.
Did you give a description to the Ident team? Yeah.
Definitely not local.
The labour is migrant Mennonites, but the management is much more sophisticated.
It's drugs, money laundering, property scams.
- So why the house call? - To send a message.
Because the email didn't work, obviously.
Well, message received.
You punched the wrong drug dealer, and now you're a target.
So I applaud the initiative, but you stand down.
- What? - Yeah.
You let Narcotics take over.
You can't take this case away from me now.
Detective, I didn't give it to you in the first place.
Then I should probably tell you I have assets in the field.
Oh, you mean those two Mennonites that are registered as narcotics informants? - Yes.
- Yeah, well, not my circus.
Not my monkeys.
Not yours, either.
(sighing) Neh - Anna? - Oh, I'm sorry.
- It's okay.
It's all right.
- No, look at the mess I made.
No, it's all right.
Please, sit down.
Please, please, please, please.
- I am not usually like this.
- No, of course not.
This can wait.
Now, you you're working too much.
Hm? You worry too much.
About Isaak.
Haven't heard from him? No.
You worry.
Worry that, like his father, you'll never see him again.
I know about your husband.
Noah Funk.
I know why the Edentaler excommunicated you.
Your husband got into trouble.
You, like a good wife, tried to help.
Where is that foolish man now? Ha! Yeah, we men can be, uh very selfish.
This is the code to the back door of the warehouse.
You come and clean when it works for you.
And now I'm gonna clean up this mess and you're going to go home to sleep, Okay? Okay.
- Are you Valerie Krochak? - Yeah.
Family court.
You've been served.
Please note the date.
(cell phone buzzing) - What? - It's Klaas.
Yeah, I know.
I have important information.
We need to meet.
And you bring Bronco's box of evidence.
The one you say can put my wife in prison.
I will bring the fuel to burn it.
That's my price.
Oh, for God's sake.
(cell phone buzzing) - Jo? - You didn't tell me where.
At the car wash? At 7.
You've been undercover for four days, and all of a sudden you're James Bond? - James who? - Where's the box? Are you actually trying - to bargain with me? - Julius is gone.
There's a shipment coming in and I'm going to take his place on the crew.
What? Where is he? Far away.
Abel, where is Julius? Hawaii.
I told him to hide until this was over.
But I won't help you until we destroy that box of evidence, - so bring me the box.
- Or what? You're the one that's on the hook.
All I have to do is stand back - and watch them reel you in.
- Jo.
But you do that, and you get nothing.
But you put your wire on me and you get everyone in the gang talking including the big bauss.
If you get caught with a wire on you, do you know what they'll do to you? As long as my wife and children are safe, I don't care.
You're his brother.
You talk to him.
It's hard to say why they do it, even when they know what will happen.
How much did he steal? 2,000.
But if you forgive just one time (grunting) - What are you going to do? - We leave him in pieces so everyone knows that he suffered.
Orff is a master, so watch and learn.
- Oh, oh! - Don't do this.
- He steals, he dies.
He knew the risk.
- (grunting) God gave us all life.
Only He can take it.
(speaking Spanish) - (whimpering) - Mira.
You want this man's life? I'll make a gift of it to you.
But he has to give you something in return.
His fingers or his life.
Now you are God.
Pull out your hand.
(screaming) My nephew Johan has asked to join us to brush up on his scripture.
Johan, can you tell me who I was quoting? Neh.
- Tina? - Jesus.
The Parable of the Lost Sheep.
Luke 15:3-7.
Someone's been reading their scripture.
I hope the rest of you apply yourselves like Tina.
I chose this passage because today is the day we all officially welcome Tina Funk back to our flock.
Welcome back.
How is your mother coping out there in the world? She works very hard, cleaning offices and houses at all hours of the day and night.
Isaak and I help, of course.
At least before he left.
I was told that he's not gone at all, that some men doing construction say they saw him.
That's not possible.
He's in Texas.
They must have been confused.
And your mother, she pays all the bills by cleaning? Even after she lost her table at the market? At first, it was a struggle.
- But - A car, too? Yet gas is so expensive.
Well, the Lord is merciful.
Good for Anna.
My older brothers, Harvey and Erik, will get the farm with my parents retiring.
That's not very fair to you, that they get the farm and you get nothing.
They'll have families of their own soon.
For me, I don't know.
I'm told there's cheap land in Paraguay.
Paraguay? If I found the right girl to marry me, maybe she would go with me.
(speaking Plautdietsch) I'm happy when I'm with you, too.
(speaking Plautdietsch) Stop staring at it like it's gonna hatch! Go for a walk.
Trim your beard.
(phone chimes) It's on.
For this afternoon.
- Who sent the text? - I don't know, there's no name.
Do either of you know where Julius went? I haven't seen him all day and his car is gone.
Jo, he went on vacation last minute.
- Seat sale.
- Seat sale? I don't know.
But he left us in charge of things.
Jo, so we have to go.
When I come back, we finish the garden.
- Jo? - Jo.
What is that? What is it, 1983? We were lucky to get any gear on such short notice.
And you're not actually here, remember? Okay, listen.
You have a microphone and a GPS tracker, okay? Once you confirm there are drugs present, - you say? - Uh Icing.
What could possibly go wrong? (cell phone buzzing) Ugh! - What is it? - My son has a hockey game.
But we have to do the deal with the drugs.
Well, somebody has to be with him.
(phone chimes) (speaking Plautdietsch) Ricky? Uh, what position do you play on this hockey team? Klaas.
I'm here for Julius.
- He had to go.
- Who said you could take his place? They might as well be speaking Swahili.
Just listen for Noah, okay? He'll be speaking English.
The drugs are in the tires? Very clever.
Must be some big tires, Jo? So, where are we going, boys? A garage? (suspenseful music) Looks like they're turning into the church.
Drive by.
Go down that next driveway.
Come on, come on, come on.
Hey! Augie's friend, Anna.
Anna Funk.
- Nice to see you again.
- Nice to see you too.
What are they doing? Why is the van just sitting there? If you're hoping for faspa, you're a little late.
I know.
But my ride left and I'm stranded.
Well, I'm just heading back to my motel.
Dropping this rig off at Augie's first thing in the morning.
I could give you a ride.
Where you heading? Nickel Farm Equipment.
Today is my day to clean.
You could even drop the backhoe in the warehouse, if you like.
I have the code.
Get you back on the road a little sooner.
Uh, does Augie still have that little customer lounge with the minibar? That will be the first room that I clean.
Well then, giddy up! Your carriage awaits, milady.
I just need to text my daughter and let her know - that I have a ride.
- Yeah, sure.
(honking) (laughing) (phone chimes) Schiet.
What the hell's going on? Did you see somebody get in that truck? Who do we follow, the van or backhoe? Val, van or backhoe? The drugs have to be in the backhoe.
We follow the backhoe.
- What the hell? - Stay in the vehicle.
You're not here, remember? Sorry.
Son of a bitch! Noah, goddamn you! What the hell do you think you're doing? We've still got the GPS.
Let's go.
Damn it.
Look, you stay here.
I'm gonna see if I can find a back door.
No, you won't.
They're inside, which means we need a warrant.
Then get a warrant! All right, let's grab a drink.
Augustus won't mind if you help yourself to the minibar.
Sounds good.
There's also that big couch upstairs, if I recall.
That's right.
I need to lock the door.
I'll be right up.
I'll keep the couch warm for ya.
Put on your old Grey bonnet with the blue ribbon on it (phone ringing) (music playing) Hey.
That was your wife on the phone.
- You're joking.
- She called your motel and they said that you hadn't checked in yet.
- She sounded really worried.
- Ah Is, uh, - the warehouse door still open? - No.
Let me take you out the front.
I'll lock up behind you.
It looks like icing.
That's it.
That's confirmation.
The delivery's been made, the driver's hauling ass! We have to get in there now! Sir, we have to enter the premises or we're gonna miss it.
(dramatic music) Leave this one behind to clean up.
Go! (rap song in German)