Quantico (2015) s03e02 Episode Script

Fear and Flesh

Hey, Alex.
It's been three years.
You completely vanished.
Where were you all this time? My home is here, Andrea.
Isabella! Mwah! What the hell is that? Who are you? They were able to find you.
They're gonna kill Shelby.
Alex, Shelby's my wife.
Owen's the only one we can trust.
I need you to come to New York.
You tell us you want to bring in Jocelyn Turner, but you fail to mention that she's deaf? FBI! Get on the ground! It's okay.
You're gonna be okay.
I'm here now.
The Director did ask if you'd consider - remaining with the team.
- What team? This one.
Hey, hon.
Refill on that iced tea? Cadets from Quantico? You're okay with this? Owen thought we could use a few more bodies, and Alex doesn't trust regular FBI.
Do you blame her? We're an elite black-ops unit.
Shouldn't we be, I don't know, elite? You ever seen "The Untouchables"? Sean Connery? "If you think you're gonna get a rotten apple, you should go back to the tree.
" Thank you very much.
Apples don't ripen after you pick 'em.
Hey, guys.
Ryan, Shelby, Harry, meet the two newest additions to our team Jagdeep Patel and Celine Fox.
- Come on in.
- Jagdeep? Deep for short, and he's a genius.
He's 12.
- Celine Fox.
- Why don't you sit here? Cirque du Soleil performer.
Arrested during Occupy Wall Street.
An anarchist in the FBI.
I thought you said this wasn't official FBI.
- It's not.
- And here you all are, acting in the shadows.
Who's the anarchist? She has a point.
And you're the nerd? - 'Cause I'm Indian? - Yep.
I'm Indian, and I'm not a nerd.
Yeah, but you have other gifts, darling.
Harry has one gift An accent that he thinks is more charming than it actually is.
I have an M.
and a PhD - Hello? - from Johns Hopkins.
Well, that'll come in handy if I get a cold.
Oh, stop it.
- - Absolutely.
- Says who? - Me.
I'm gonna get some coffee.
Want some? No, thanks.
Hey, what happened with the real estate agent? She said you never called.
She has the perfect apartment.
Aren't you sick of the hotel by now? I like it.
You know, it's nice not to deal with yesterday's mess.
Looks like we just got our first official case.
And Jagdeep, looks like your degrees are about to be very useful.
Last night, 27 people were infected at the restaurant.
By morning, that number had grown to 65, of whom 22 are now confirmed dead.
Thank you for coming.
Sarah Milian, CDC.
Do we know what they're infected with yet? Tuberculosis.
Tuberculosis? TB takes years to kill someone.
This strain replicates in the victim's body every 20 seconds.
This is not a naturally occurring bacteria.
Someone made it.
Talk to me, Shelby.
All of the infected customers from the Steak Charmer restaurant are accounted for except for one A woman named Millie Richards.
Three weeks ago, her credit card was used to buy a bus ticket for today.
I spoke with the CDC.
They already found her.
I need you to stand back.
On the sidewalk.
Millie Richards.
Well, she's going to miss her bus.
Alex, Jocelyn pulled the passenger manifest.
The ticket isn't for Millie.
It's for an unaccompanied minor.
The bus hasn't departed yet.
When does it leave? Five minutes.
Alex, this kid is likely infected and sitting with 35 people right now.
We need to find her.
I'm on it.
All right, let's go.
I swear, I'mma sue someone! Calm down.
The guy dragged off that plane in L.
A - Stop fighting.
- Got $20 million! Oof, she is not happy.
Yeah, she's not sick either.
You don't know that.
Everyone that breathes this in dies in 12 hours.
Does she look like she's about to die? That girl was not exposed.
This is kidnapping! You may be good with that gun, but you're not a deep thinker, are you? Excuse me? 40 percent of India's population carries TB but isn't infected.
People have immunities and can still carry.
So you're saying she could be immune? Even better, the antibodies in her blood could be the cure.
Hey, Dr.
Where are you taking her? The CDC in Maryland.
We have the tech to engineer a cure fast.
All right, well, we're going with you.
This is bioterrorism.
Whoever did this doesn't want a cure.
This girl needs to be protected.
Road trip? I'll drive.
You picked him, I recall.
Yep, I did.
I'm telling you, he's gonna be a problem.
Just keep your cool.
You Hall? Deputy Director Hall, yeah.
I don't like getting pulled out like this.
The Bureau operating out of Restoration Hardware showrooms now? I told you he'd be a problem.
Who the hell is that? Special Agent Mike McQuigg, say hello to Special Agent Ryan Booth.
- You're about to be best friends.
- Excuse me? You're gonna get Agent Booth into that militia.
Something funny? Getting next to Damon Grosch was easy, I wouldn't be the only guy in the FBI ever to do it.
I'm dazzled.
You got a problem with me? - No, he doesn't.
- Yeah, I do.
You knew an attack was coming and didn't speak up until 22 people were dead.
That's my problem.
You ever spend time with this white power idiots? Half of what they say is crap.
You report everything.
I'm deep under.
You couldn't come up for air? Coming up for air gets guys like me knifed in my sleep.
Look, Grosch was bragging about biological warfare and some tests they were doing.
I tried to find out what I could, but by morning, Bilton was on the news, and Grosch was popping champagne.
I got to get in there.
Not gonna happen.
I didn't ask your opinion.
All right, this is how this is gonna go down.
You're gonna vouch for him, and he's gonna play nice.
Am I clear? Am I clear? Yes, sir.
Hey, Jeeves, let me out.
It's, like, 400 degrees in here.
No one in all of British history has ever been named Jeeves.
She's just 12, and we're in the middle of the worst day of her life.
Look, I got to call my grandma.
Oh, no, we called her.
We called her.
She's on her way to you.
So she didn't get sick either? See? We're both fine.
We know.
Your parents are driving here from Philadelphia to take you home.
They're not my real parents.
Foster parents.
Some asshat judge wouldn't let me live with my grandma no more.
Said, "a retirement home is no place for a kid.
" And now I live in some nappy-ass crib and only get to visit her three times a year.
I'm sure it's nicer than that.
Definitely not nice as where you live, Revlon.
I actually don't have a home yet.
Yeah, you don't look homeless.
I live in a hotel.
Girl, shut up.
Dream of a world based on merit, hard work, a great nation freed of its parasites.
These leeches of society, these takers, they steal from us using words like "welfare," "universal coverage.
" That's Warren Renway? In 1980, yes.
He tried to suppress this video, but I've got some friends in darknet places.
Warren Renway, the billionaire? What does he have to do with this? He owns 300 companies, including Renway Biotechnology.
See? She's good.
Yeah, it's nice work, Celine, but listen, there are thousands of biotech companies - that could pull this off.
- The alleged deployment method was the fusion of a weaponized bacteria with a fine powder.
That's exactly what was used at the restaurant.
Owen Hall.
I wanted to ask you about your dealings with the Syrian government.
Those rumors depressed our stock price for months.
They were lies then, they're lies now.
But you do have a technology that uses a fine powder to deploy airborne bacteria.
It's for agricultural purposes.
In order to spread fungus-eating bacteria from crop-dusting planes.
I assure you, it's safe for humans.
And can the technology be used on any bacteria? I am aware of what happened in Bilton.
A powder was used to spread tuberculosis? That information is classified.
How could you know that? I own seven companies that contract with a government that doesn't keep its secrets anymore.
If you're serious about spending your paltry FBI resources investigating me, well, then, I am happy to allow you access to any of my labs or my files.
I would appreciate that.
I believe I'm coming down with a cold.
Better we say farewell.
Who are they? They're his lieutenants, elite crew.
They each run chapters on their own.
However Damon pushes, don't give an inch.
If you do, we're both dead.
All right.
The camera's on.
Note to self remain undercover at all times.
You're a jackass, and that's gonna work for you out here.
Hey! I said no tourists in here ever.
He's all good.
"All good"? "He's all good"? Who says? You? Your mom.
She said it last nht after he climbed off her.
You got a name? I'm Cooper.
Yeah? You know what we do, Coop? Besides prance around in white sheets playing grab-ass? No.
Look, brother.
I did three tours, watched men die defending this country.
When I came back, I was broke as hell.
Every job app I filled out, I checked Caucasian, even though black, brown, yellow would've got me the job.
That's why I'm here.
What unit? MARSOC.
Special ops.
Elite warriors.
Got a need for that? You know, only hookers live in hotel rooms.
No, no, no, no, no, they don't live there.
They visit.
Um, the hotel is just temporary.
Yeah, like foster parents.
What's happening? Deep, get us out of here.
Get your gun online! Didn't you shoot targets at Quantico? Targets don't shoot back! All right, come on, let's move.
Move, move, move! - Alex, what's happening? - Gracie, stay down! - Who are those guys? - Surround the van! Yep.
I see two shooters, Alex! Left flank, left flank! We can't stay in here.
We open this plastic and we're exposed to the pathogen.
Cover me! Quickly.
Behind the van.
Deep, let's go! Go, go, go, go.
- You stay with her, okay? - Yeah.
Okay? Aah! We need backup! Clear! They're all down.
G-Gracie? Gracie?! Gracie! She Okay, she was here a second ago.
You were supposed to watch her.
Gracie? - We should call in.
- Gracie! Get FBI on-site to help clean up and manage law enforcement.
- Gracie! - Wow, that's a great idea, Deep, or we can go and find the girl that you lost.
Gracie! Deep, set the timer now.
12 hours, our lungs are gonna stop working, okay? - You got it? - Yep.
Let's go.
Gracie? - Gracie? - Gracie! Gracie, if you hear us, please come out.
If they had anyone inside the quarantine zone or even around it, they would know about Isabella and the route we took.
Isabella? Oh, did I say that? I meant, um, Gracie.
Isabella is the girl from Italy, right? You said you found some cabins? Yeah, a mile north of you, closed this time of year, no one around.
Find her and bring her there.
I'll send an extraction team.
Okay, so, we'll go dark till then.
Hey, Deep, take the SIM cards out of our phones.
- Yeah.
- Exactly what were you doing when you were supposed to be guarding Gracie? I was unloading my firearm at the people shooting at us.
Oh, yeah, really? What This hasn't been fired.
What are you accusing me of? Nothing.
There's a reason I chose you, okay? Really? What's the reason? We have enough people that can shoot guns.
We needed someone with brains.
Oh, well, I'll pretend not to be offended by that.
Do not thank me.
You still let the cure slip away.
Come on.
Where would you go if you were looking for a ride? There! Gracie! Hey, Gracie! You've got to come with us.
- No! No! - You're contagious, honey.
I keep telling you I'm not sick! - What's goin' on? - Just beat it, Deliverance.
Hey! Let me go! - Don't touch me! - No, no, no, no, no.
Gracie, you're in danger.
What kind of CDC doctors pop off Glocks like that? Okay, listen to me, okay? I have something to tell you.
Your grandmother I'm sorry, honey, but sh she died.
- I'm sorry.
- Liars.
You're liars.
All you do is lie! No, okay? No more lies.
I promise you.
And you're right We're not CDC.
We're FBI.
We're so terribly sorry, Gracie, love, but your grandma got very sick along with a lot of other people who ate in that same restaurant.
But I'm not dead.
Your body is somehow able to fight the disease.
That's why we're here.
You don't even know me.
Hey, hey, hey, hey.
You're special, okay? You are.
You know what I like about Special Ops, Cooper? They're not afraid to get their hands dirty.
Shelby, they're pulling into a 24-hour deli off of Woodward Road.
Got it.
I'll see if we can jump on the security cameras.
The hell we doing here? Keyboard warriors are the biggest problem of our movement Losers wearing their mom's white sheets, doing bong hits, and trolling the Web.
First sign of trouble, they drop trou, go crying on Facebook.
I need men of action.
Is that you, Cooper? It's the reason I'm here.
Next homie that walks out of this place, I want you to put a beating on him.
Owen, we can't let him do this.
Hey, there's your boy right there.
Put him down.
Make it look good.
Hey, hey, I don't want no trouble now, man.
Aah! Harder.
Sell it.
Aah! You're done when I say you're done.
Welcome to the war.
Owen! Owen, are you all right? Fine.
I'm fine.
Owen, I'm I'm sending an ambulance.
No! Owen, Ryan would never do anything to hurt you, you know that.
He did what he was ordered to do.
Damon and his goons are thugs.
They don't have the brains or the money to develop the pathogen, which means someone else did.
We need to connect Renway to Damon Grosch.
Get on it.
There's an unmarked space on the blueprints of Renway Biotechnology.
The space is adjacent to Warren Renway's personal office.
Some kind of safe room or vault? Well, whatever it is, he doesn't want it to be found.
How do you know that? No door.
The company's website mentioned a conference with FDA reps tonight.
What? Debating whether you're a pencil skirt or a pantsuit.
I know you've been hoping for a January rollout of the insulin derivative, but the FDA still sees some issues.
You may have to expand phase 4 testing.
We still have concerns about hypokalemia.
We have been over this with the Commissioner repeatedly.
All insulin products cause shifts in potassium.
Yes, but you promised reductions in respiratory paralysis and ventricular arrhythmia.
Yes, and we have made meaningful progress, which the FDA's own studies have confirmed.
Would you excuse us for a moment? Oh, I am so sorry.
L-Let me Let me get you a towel.
Make it quick, you idiot.
Please don't fire me.
You're putting words in my mouth.
I didn't say any of that.
I flunked the Bureau's ASL immersion course.
But I'm working on it.
You're posing as my interpreter.
"Posing" being the operative word.
I read the FDA internal review before we left.
70 pages? Quick study.
It's locked.
We're gonna have to break in.
I-I I killed at this at Quantico.
Go for it.
I just got to find the tumbler.
Yep, agreed.
Deep, move.
- Yep.
- Smart.
I am the Indian nerd, aren't I? Yep.
This is the video I shot in Renway's secret room.
Go back.
The shield to the left.
Bring up the feed from the compound.
Zoom in.
Grosch's compound, Renway's office, they're connected.
Gracie? You okay? It was my idea to go to Steak Charmer with my grandma.
Honey, you know this is not your fault, right? None of it.
Do you understand that? She's a tough kid.
No one's that tough.
She from Italy? Hmm? Your family there, what was it Isabella and? Andrea.
Her father.
I moved around a lot after Ryan.
Got a job clipping tea leaves at a plantation in India.
I mean, it was easy for me.
I'd done it as a child.
Then I I followed some migrant workers into Italy for harvest season.
And one night, I walked into a little restaurant, and there he was.
Andrea was the chef.
He was so unexpected.
You know? And so was Isabella.
You loved them.
I miss them.
The idea of having a family for me was just beyond my imagination, you know? It was so peaceful.
Peaceful lives are for other people, Alex.
It's starting.
I've done some things in the last two years I'd like to forget, too.
Owen's gonna be okay.
How about you? Damon must have an office, somewhere he keeps his secrets.
I have need to get in there and take a look.
Slow down.
You just got here.
You start rushing things, you'll get us both killed.
Look, I just need to know I can count on you to back me up.
You're here backing me up, bro.
You keep telling yourself that.
Come on.
Get up front and center.
Tonight, we welcome our newest Aryan warrior to the cause of truth, justice, and the American way.
May the all-powerful Odin bless our cause! Pull up your sleeves, both of you.
What is it? Sheep's blood on the door, protecting you from the wrath of God.
It'll protect you from the Great Culling.
Now you'll be one of the few to see the new world that awaits us, my brother.
The vaccine must come from Renway.
If Renway controls the vaccine, the only thing standing in his way is that little girl.
These are all Crew's like you, Cooper SpecOps credentials, vets with combat experience.
Hey, we got a cellphone ping in a cabin outside Bilton.
The cell is government-issued.
It's probably the girl.
Take her alive for testing.
Kill the rest.
That's Deep's cell.
He must have replaced his SIM card.
You've reached Millie Richards.
Have a blessed day.
Yeah, your temperature is elevated.
Mine, too.
I can feel it.
Well, how long before we cough our lungs out? A few hours, tops.
Where the hell are they? Where the hell is Gracie? She's been in the bathroom for a while, you know.
Either of you seen my phone? You've reached Millie Richards.
Have a blessed day.
Gracie! We got to move now.
Come with me! I got you.
Come on.
Come on.
Come on.
Alex, behind you! No! Gracie.
Oh, God.
I'm inside Damon's cabin.
Shelby, how's Owen? He's okay.
How are you? Damon doesn't have a computer or tablet anywhere.
He's completely offline.
Ryan, I asked how you are.
I know.
I'm fine.
One of these pamphlets seems a little more important than the rest.
I'm uploading the photos to you right now.
Got 'em.
- Aah! - I'm the judge of all things around here, or did you forget? I don't care who you are Homeland, ATF, FBI - You're not getting out of here alive.
- Damon, listen to me.
That's a wrap on two years undercover.
See? You're good backup.
Well, time for a vacation anyway.
You got any big plans? I've been dying to see "Hamilton.
" Gracie? Gracie, stay with me.
Open your eyes.
Open your eyes.
This is my fault, Alex.
I should've hid the SIM card, at least.
It was a dumb mistake.
Look, Deep, shut up, okay? I saw you risk your life to save hers.
That is big hero stuff, mate.
She she's hemorrhaging.
We need to slow the bleeding.
This isn't working.
There's not a hospital right here for miles! Hey.
Hey, Harry, stop the car.
- What, what - Stop the car! That's the symbol from the shield.
- Look.
- They're laid out in different patterns on each page.
You think it's a code? It's their marching orders.
See, these aren't letters, these are numbers.
3 6.
3, 6.
Was that That's the date of the attack.
Those are cross hairs.
That's Bilton, New York.
New York City.
These are the 10 cities that they're targeting.
No, not cities.
Neighborhoods in those cities.
Diverse, low-income.
All on the same date Tomorrow.
This is not a sterile field! It's the only one we have, okay, so make it work.
What do you need? She needs an I.
And it's all we've got, okay? So make the most of it.
- Harry, hang this.
- Got it.
Listen, I'm gonna use a landline to call the loft, and then I will get a chopper here.
Okay? I've always wanted to ride in a helicopter.
Well, you know what, Gracie? Today's gonna be your lucky day 'cause we're gonna get you in a helicopter, and you'll be just fine, okay? Okay, you just keep looking at me.
Oh, my God.
That's That's a lot of blood.
You got this, okay? You got this.
All right, what do you need? - She needs an I.
Pull up her sleeve.
- Okay.
There's the vein right there.
- See it? - Yes.
Okay, almost there.
Okay, got it, got it.
And now now we need to irrigate the wound - Okay.
- And control the bleeding.
You got it? Yep.
Pressure, pressure, pressure.
- Great.
- Okay.
Here we go, here we go.
I see the bullet.
Looks like it lacerated an artery.
She's gonna require surgery, but if we don't slow the bleeding Uh hand me a clamp.
- Which one? - Any one.
Thank you.
I'm gonna I'm gonna try to clamp the artery.
I got it.
All right, Gracie, this is gonna sting a little bit, okay? I'm gonna draw some blood.
Alex, is this Is this in case I die? Yes.
It is.
No more lies, okay? I'm sorry for calling my grandma.
I just wanted to hear her voice.
I know.
You're fine.
You did nothing wrong.
You're good.
You sure you want to go back in there? As soon as they realize Damon's gone, you'll be the first one they kill.
Well, hopefully not before we learn any information they might have.
Look, I need your word you'll get that information back to my team no matter what.
Fancy meeting you here.
Grosch is in the lake.
Then our timing is impeccable.
Let's light 'em up.
Get down! Get down! FBI! Get on the ground! FBI! Get down! On the ground! On the ground! Let's go! Move! Move! move! On the ground! Get down! Get down! Get down! Let's go! Let's go! All right, we're looking for a cooler, a refrigeration unit, anything where they can store the pathogen.
I think I found them.
Owen, listen.
I'm I'm Don't Don't apologize to me.
We both did what we had to do.
We brought these guys down.
We got a problem.
What? There's supposed to be 10.
I only count nine.
There's still one out there.
There we go.
Did it work? I think so.
The bleeding stopped, so Oh, thank God.
Is that it? That's our ride, Gracie.
You did so good.
Excuse me.
Damon, I can't have you calling me here.
Warren, our man is getting cold feet.
Doesn't want to hit his target.
- You should call him.
- If Renway makes the call I'm pinging the number for location.
Don't call me again, Damon.
We used Grosch's voice from his podcasts to cut together what we needed him to say.
Did it work? Yep.
Renway's calling.
I'll call Owen with Lester's location.
He's got to be within this block.
I got him.
Aah! Where's the pathogen?! Where the hell is it?! You're too late.
McQuigg, soup kitchen.
Go! Go! I got him.
FBI! This building is now under quarantine.
Everyone remain calm.
Help is on the way.
Seal this facility, nobody in or out.
Yes, sir.
Will do.
Alex, you were supposed to help me save Shelby and then go back to your life.
You weren't supposed to stay.
Alex, are you awake? Don't ever do that again.
I won't.
I'm I'm so I'm sorry.
She's up.
I'm fine now.
Um Owen.
I'm okay.
And you're not sick.
We're all good.
They made a cure using Gracie's blood.
I'm glad you're okay.
I was worried.
So, you're Alex Parrish.
I am.
Who are you? McQuigg, is that you? Still got to get rid of the tattoos, but the shower and shave was a good start.
I want you all to meet the newest member of your team, Special Agent Mike McQuigg.
Where do you think you're going? I want to see Gracie.
Hi, Gracie.
Cheerio? Yeah, no one says "cheerio.
" You know, you saved all our lives today.
So, Harry just told me that your foster parents are here, but you don't want to see them.
They're not my real family.
Real enough to worry about you.
Foster parents means temporary.
Maybe if you give it a chance, it could be more than temporary.
Maybe I'll just live in a hotel.
You know hotels are temporary, too, right? You're moving? Well, um My friend found an apartment that she thinks I'll like.
First steps are hard, Gracie.
If I take mine, will you take yours? Good.