Quantico (2015) s03e03 Episode Script

Hell's Gate

It's gonna be a black-ops team, off book.
You'll get your assignments from me.
You'll report only to me.
Meet the newest additions to the team Jagdeep Patel and Celine Fox.
Special Agent Mike Cubing, say hello to Special Agent Ryan Booth.
You're about to be best friends.
Your family there, what was it Isabella and? Andrea.
I miss them.
Best friends forever.
Peaceful lives are for other people.
Don't ever do that again.
How's your house guest? Six Marshals on round-the-clock detail, no cellphones, every hotel guest vetted.
It's all good.
Just don't get cocky.
We tried this before, remember? Culebra is very resourceful.
Culebra is going down.
Believe me, this witness will make it to the stand.
You see? He's got it tattooed right there on his neck Suerte.
" Oh, my God! Two months of Blue Apron, and suddenly he's Anthony Bourdain.
Can't say I'd ever seen that side of him.
So, Saturday, maybe we can finally show you our apartment.
Um yeah, that should be okay.
Um, let me check.
Or we could meet at yours.
You all settled in? I'm getting there.
Do you miss Italy? Shelby.
What? We're not allowed to talk about that? It's fine.
I miss it.
I miss them.
But I know they're safer without me.
We need to catch up On everything, starting with the magician who cut your hair.
You like? Mnh.
This coffee is criminal.
I'm gonna do a latte run.
You guys want anything? - No.
I'm good.
- I'm good.
- Alex.
- Yeah? Look, about what happened, when I, you know, tried to Kiss me yeah.
It was a mistake.
Okay? And if If Shelby finds out I won't lie to her, Ryan.
Don't ask me to do that.
It was nothing.
It was stupid, okay? I just It was an accident.
That's all.
Yeah, but don't make me a part of hurting her.
It'll hurt her if she finds out.
It'll never happen again.
In 24 hours, Arturo "Culebra" Solis is going on trial Biggest cartel kingpin we've ever had in custody.
Two hours ago, our star witness was murdered.
If we don't proceed with the trial, Culebra walks.
Our only option is a replacement witness.
Owen, you remember Charlie Hill from your CIA days? Oh, yeah, of course.
Spent two years deep under in Culebra's cartel, saw el jefe's work firsthand.
On paper, he's a perfect witness.
On paper, but I heard he had a hard time readjusting after he returned from that op.
That's an understatement.
Guy came back a raging alcoholic.
Agency had to kick him to the curb.
Well, right now he's all we've got.
So, what do you want from me? The director tells us you're running an elite team.
We already have an elite team.
Your elite team failed.
The man jumped! We could never have seen that coming.
Culebra got to him somehow, threatened his family.
You don't know that.
The problem isn't that I don't know that, Akers.
The problem is, you don't know.
Marshals have been handling witness protection for 50 years.
Now you're gonna sideline me for some untested FBI unit? They're tested.
- By who? - By me.
I've been authorized by both of your superiors to put you together on this.
You'll retrieve him from his home and protect him until the trial.
Who runs point? You had your chance.
Owen runs the op.
So, we're supposed to do what the full weight of the U.
Marshals couldn't.
Buckle up.
Cartel members are online? You must have skipped that class.
I was pulled out of Quantico halfway through my education by you people, so educate me.
Okay, well, the Mendozas alone have up to 6,000 members trolling the Internet.
For what? Porn.
Potential kidnapping targets, grey military intel, police and politician bios, and porn.
I got it.
Let me see what I can find.
How'd Shelby take it? Ah.
You haven't told her about you and Alex.
There is no me and Alex.
And yet there you were, hunched over like a puckered-up Nosferatu.
" I'm not judging you, Ryan.
I'm just saying, these kinds of things have a way of infecting a unit.
So, this guy Charlie saw every exotic port in the world as a spook and chose to settle in rural New Jersey? Doesn't say much for his mental health.
Back in the day, he was brilliant.
Charlie once built a gun out of spare motorcycle parts to shoot his way out of a jam.
What? Sounds like an urban legend to me.
Legend or not, he spent more time under the Culebra cartel than any agent on record, so let's show him some respect.
Owen Hall.
Long time.
Let me guess bullet in the witness's head, message carved in his chest? Forced to jump out of a 20-story building.
Subtle as ever.
Come on.
Pack your bag, Charlie.
You're going on the stand tomorrow.
I'll see a casket before Culebra sees a prison cell.
I'll pass.
- Charlie - The answer's "No," Hall.
Now, you keep asking me, I'm gonna put you on your ass.
So, you're a horologist, huh? A horologist? It means "clockmaker," not the study of your mother, numbskull.
Ohh, burn! I guess a man needs a hobby after Uncle Sam strips him of the job that he bled and nearly died for, right? You think you're gonna work me, Mata Hari? We'll protect you.
We're taking you to Fort Hamilton.
Let's talk straight.
You spent two years under with Culebra, and you couldn't bring him down.
You sure you want to see him walk? Already had your bag packed.
Rule number one Always be ready to bolt out that door and never look back.
You'll be coming back, Charlie.
What's that? EpiPen.
If I'm gonna take this trip, I'd rather not die on the way.
Any allergies we should be aware of? Cats, shellfish, Ukrainian women.
Let's go.
This route is supposed to be clear.
God's sake, Owen.
Is this how you protect an asset? We keep sitting, I'm gonna start quacking.
Hang tight, Charlie.
What I'm saying is, I need a gun.
- No, you don't.
- No, you don't.
None of you has spent a minute with a cartel, have you? I was two years with a bunch of neo-Nazis.
Pansies compared to these animals.
They'll hang a man by his entrails and make his kid watch.
Culebra killed his own sister because he didn't like her boyfriend.
They found us.
Two more behind us.
Get down! Get down! Get Charlie off the "X.
" Got it.
Come on, Charlie.
Better get on it.
Hang on.
You didn't even have custody of our witness for an hour before the bullets started flying.
He's unharmed.
What kind of J.
operation are you running, Hall? The kind that's been compromised by a mole.
There's no other way the cartel would know we had Charlie or what route we were taking.
Get him to Fort Hamilton.
That's the only place he'll be safe.
If the cartel has people inside the FBI, they know our plan.
They'll have people inside the base, too.
You know those bastards do.
We need to scrap our plan, go off books.
We need to go to Hellegat-1.
What is that? CIA safehouse near the old Maspeth train yards.
It hasn't been used in years.
Charming decor, stocked bar, off the radar.
What's not to like? The mole's got to be one of these Marshals from the hotel.
How does that protection get breached unless one of them is dirty? At leas one.
I wrote a 50-page dissertation on cartel infiltration of law enforcement.
It's insane.
Academic knowledge is one thing, but unless you've actually had bullets fired at you Okay, how much longer are you gonna play the "I got shot at" card? Honestly? I might print out some sort of certificate to replace my PhD.
Hey, look at this.
One of the officers blew an arrest of a cartel associate last year.
Failed to Mirandize a suspect.
It's a rookie mistake.
Yeah, but he's not a rookie.
He's a 20-year vet.
That wasn't a mistake.
I'm telling you, you got the wrong guy.
I'm not bent.
You blew the arrest with the cartel.
How'd they get you to do that? Money? Drugs? No.
Uh It was an honest mistake.
I-I-I had a lot on my mind, and I forgot to read him his rights.
You forgot? You're ashamed, so why don't you just come clean? You made a deal with the devil, but, uh, now is the chance to save yourself.
I don't speak sign language, lady.
Can you read that? What is she doing? Do it, Jocelyn.
Nobody's gonna hear.
Nobody even cares.
He's just a rat who sold out his own badge.
Jocelyn! Celine, you guys, come on.
We're not really gonna shoot a guy in the basement Oh, sure she will! Do it, Jocelyn! What would you have done?! Alright? What would you have done!? He said he'd kill my family! Who? The guy I arrested was just a cartel grunt a bagman.
And then I got a phone call from a guy named Dolfo Raza.
He knew everything about me.
He knew who I flirted with at the office, where my kids went to school.
He said if I didn't get the case tossed, he'd make it hurt.
I had no choice.
And so Dolfo called on you to take care of his witness problem? No.
I never heard from him again.
I swear.
You think he got to someone else? Turned a mole in the investigation? I think he gets to whoever he wants to get to.
The safehouse that time forgot.
We used to use this place all the time Back when Brooklyn still had balls.
Don't even get me started on beard wax and artisanal pickles.
Good sightlines, multiple exits.
I can see why you liked it, Charlie.
And like every good safehouse she keeps her secrets close.
I have strict orders, Charlie.
Come on, Nurse Ratched.
First no gun, now no booze? Whoa! Slow your roll, Parrish.
This is an 18-year-old Speyside.
A wee nip can't hurt.
We're on watch.
No drinking.
Try and stop me.
Where do you keep the glasses, Chuckie? I'm not gonna say it again, McQuigg.
Whatever you say, Parrish.
Let's get our eyes up.
You a little tense? No.
Not at all.
Why? I feel like there's something weird between us.
This morning, when you, me, and Ryan were talking Well, it won't be weird forever.
So it was weird? Yes.
Look, you want to take the first shift on lookout, or should I? You go ahead.
I'll see if I can dig up some coffee.
Yeah, well Bit of dark history? Sorry? The name of this place.
When the Dutch first landed here back in the 17th century, they sailed up what now is known as the East River.
There, they encountered terrors beyond anything that they'd ever imagined.
So they gave the river a name.
They called it Hellegat.
"Hell's Gate.
" You're hiding something from her.
- Excuse me? - Blondie.
I see it every time you look at her.
You're keeping something from her.
We all have our secrets.
We got a camera on the fritz.
Here they come.
I can go check it out.
Lost another camera.
All the cameras are gone.
Charlie, get down.
What's the best exit, Chuckie? - The back room.
- Why? There's a trapdoor.
If we get there, we can get out.
Let's go.
Let's go! Let's go! Come on! Hope this still works.
Come on, Charlie.
What was that for? Go.
We only have 10 seconds.
Get out! Out! Hellegat just earned its name.
Alright, come on.
Let's go.
I wish I could have seen the looks on those dirtbags' faces when they still had faces.
We lit them up.
Easy, Charlie boy.
This is depressing, even for a safehouse.
I live here.
It'll be great once you're settled in.
Yeah, well, I wasn't planning on using my home as a safehouse, but all the others are blown, and no one knows this place yet.
They deserved what they got Every last one of them.
Pretty happy to be part of the action again, huh? It beats beer and bingo at the Elks Club.
Hey, Charlie, do you know a cartel operative named Dolfo Raza? Why? Well, because we have reason to believe that he's the one being tipped off by the mole and leading the hunt for your head.
Yeah, I knew Dolfo.
Remember I told you that Culebra killed his own sister? Yeah.
Dolfo is the one who put the tire around her neck, doused it in diesel, then smiled as Culebra lit the match.
And then he listened to her scream.
That is who we're up against.
Shame he couldn't join us at Hell's Gate.
Our team's been lucky to survive two attacks.
We're not waiting for a third.
We're going on offense.
If we can capture Dolfo Raza, we can also expose the mole.
Yeah, but hang on How do we know this U.
Marshal chained up in our basement isn't the mole? So, the best way to stop the leaks and keep Charlie safe is bringing in Dolfo.
What do we know about Dolfo? DEA's file says he's believed to live in Manhattan.
He runs the whole Northeast for Culebra.
Oh, and he's gay.
With an appetite.
I did a deep-dive image search on Dolfo Raza.
I found his profile on this site.
CruiseNYC? Yep.
It's a gay hook-up site, Owen.
Do we really think Dolfo's cruising? Under the name "Tigre Blanco"? Come on.
That can't really be him.
It is.
I did a facial point comparison between that profile pic and a known image of Dolfo 96% match.
I'm not dismissing any possible leads.
Deep, Celine, see if you can use that website to pinpoint any location on Dolfo.
Let's get it.
Whatcha doing? Fixing it.
This clock is one of the few things you unpacked, so it must be important.
You don't have to do that.
People are like clocks.
It's why we describe their personality in terms of what makes them tick.
And, Alex, you and I We have similar gears.
Is that so? Yeah, they continue to turn and grind until you make things right.
A good clock doesn't need winding.
You're hiding something from your friend Shelby, and you want to make it right.
Why don't we talk about you? Hmm? Why weren't you a part of the witness list from the beginning? Why were you the last resort? This clock stopped a long time ago.
Booze'll do a number on your gears.
So this very important, very terrible Italian clock where did you get it? I don't even remember now.
Your gears are showing again.
I lived with someone.
He and his daughter.
And I care about them very much.
Where are they? Where they're supposed to be.
And you took the clock when you left.
You know, your friends must love this constant profiling.
I took the clock when I went back.
You went back.
Why? I don't know.
Maybe I wanted a proper goodbye or something.
But you didn't get to say goodbye, did you? Are they safe? Now they are.
And the clock was the only thing you took.
I always loved that clock.
That's not why you took it.
Why else would I take it, Charlie? Because when he sees it missing, he'll know you were there.
I know something about putting the people you love in danger.
Charlie? Shelby! McQuigg! What's happening? His allergies.
Charlie, are you allergic to nuts? Okay.
I got it.
I got it.
I got it.
You okay? I'll get Owen to send a doctor.
No, no, it's It's okay.
I'm fine.
Despite your best efforts to stop my ticker.
I don't understand.
What the hell have you two been doing? Maybe we should have looped you guys in.
You think? Before forging shirtless pictures of us and posting them on a hook-up site? Yeah, maybe.
I mean, guys, come on.
You know my pecs are better than that.
But, guys, listen My alias is "Lance Castle.
" Oh, you did not call me "Gunther LaLane.
" "Brock Huntsman.
" What 1970s porno are you living in? I'm an otter turned leather daddy? What does that even mean? It's It's actually an interesting holdover from the formerly covert world of homosexual Okay, Deep, shut up.
You guys, listen.
It worked.
We reached out to Dolfo Raza through these profiles, we flirted with him a little bit, and he took the bait.
He wants to meet one of you tonight.
Which one? These pants feel like a cavity search.
- Stop! - What? What? That's a great story.
You know, we do have other available enhancements.
I think I'm good.
- You sure? - Yeah.
- So, your date is ready.
- Mm.
He wants to meet you at a club in the West Village.
How do we know that this isn't a trap? Well, we don't, but amongst the cartels, being gay is something that you keep secret, so odds are Dolfo's gonna be there alone.
It's our best chance to isolate him and capture him.
Now go break some hearts.
I'm inside.
The club.
Any sign of Dolfo? Uh not yet.
Okay, well, watch your 6:00 in case he did bring friends.
Hey, there.
Haven't seen you before.
Yeah, uh No.
Oh, Ryan, don't be a bitch.
Be a queen.
If you don't want to blow your cover, you've got to commit.
Can I buy you a drink? Two of these.
Thank you, sir.
- I like that necklace, man.
- Thank you, brother.
What are you supposed to make right with me, Alex? Come on.
I was just humoring the old guy.
Tell me.
Come on.
So, I know I blew into town like a storm no one wanted, but A storm? You were at least a Category 3.
But I was glad to have my friend back.
That's what I'm wondering Do I have my friend back? I know things are so different right now, Shelby, especially between the three of us.
But you and I? That's never gonna change.
Target's approaching.
Lead him out, and we'll apprehend at the end of the alley.
The Marshals are covering the front door.
Akers, your guys in position? All set.
Give them space.
Priority is taking Dolfo alive.
You scared him off.
Who's got time for little boys? What, you mad I'm late? I hope you're mad.
You wanna get out of here so I can show you how mad? Ooh.
Bravo! Wait.
I don't like to wait.
Look, my apartment's a block away.
Let's go there.
You must be confused.
I tell you what to do.
I said wait.
Ryan? What's happening? Who are you? What do you mean? Ryan? You're a pig.
And I'm gonna gut you like a pig! Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! Back up.
Back up.
Back up.
Drop the knife, Dolfo.
Show me your hands.
IQue perra! What did you do to him, Dolfo? Ryan, do you copy? I'm alright.
Do you have him? We are the answer to your problems, your ticket out A new life anywhere you want it to be.
In what Witness protection? We got people everywhere.
Just tell us who's tipping you off.
With Culebra behind bars, you'll be safe.
Just put the knife down! Aah! Where did that shot come from? Ryan, get out of there! You know, I said from the start your team couldn't protect anyone.
Well, my agent's gonna be fine.
Thanks for asking.
The blade in his gut didn't puncture any vital organs.
Enough! Who do we think shot Dolfo Raza? Who else? The damn cartel.
They'd rather shoot him than have him talk.
If it was the cartel, why didn't they shoot me? Or my agents? Please.
The sniper has to be the mole Taking out Dolfo to cover his own tracks.
Either way, we've still got a mole out there and a whole cartel who wants Charlie Hill dead.
This trial starts in two hours.
We'll get him across the finish line.
You heard from Ryan? Could be the painkillers talking, but he says he's fine.
So, who's coming with me for the homestretch? That would be me.
It won't be the first time I courted a married broad.
Blondie, let's move.
Well, it's been a hell of a ride.
Keep making things right, Alex.
I'll try.
And do me a favor.
Promise me you'll keep that clock wound every two days.
I will.
Good luck.
Nervous, Charlie? Nah.
I'm ready.
Dude seriously milked that goodbye.
I thought it was sweet.
And he really cares about your damn clock.
I don't know why he was so focused on that.
You and I have similar gears.
They continue to turn and grind until you make things right.
Oh, my God.
Come on.
You spent two years under with Culebra, and you couldn't bring him down.
You sure you want to see him walk? Already had your bag packed.
You gonna tell me what's going on or He left that for you.
Looks like it.
Charlie and Culebra's sister were lovers.
Culebra killed his own sister because he didn't like her boyfriend.
That's what this is all about.
Charlie wants revenge.
With Culebra and Dolfo.
Akers is the mole.
He's been tipping our location to the cartel.
He killed Dolfo to silence him.
If Charlie knew about Akers the whole time, why didn't he say anything? Because that wasn't his plan.
He knew that Akers would keep sending the cartel back at us.
They found us.
What'd I tell you? Get down! Get down! We need to go to Hellegat-1.
They deserved what they got Every last one of them.
But he wanted to watch them die.
I'm outside.
Security's jamming all the cell signals inside the courthouse.
Then you got to get inside, Owen.
Stop Charlie.
He's going to kill Culebra.
I'm on it.
Harry, what do you have? Uh, Joel Akers' résumé.
Before he was a Marshal Get this He was an FBI sniper.
Charlie's already in the courthouse.
Is there anywhere Akers could be posted and still have a shot at him? There are two adjacent buildings that could provide the required shooting angle.
I just sent you the addresses.
An apartment complex and an office tower.
Two places, two of us.
Flip you for it.
Hill, please recount the circumstances under which your investigation of Mr.
Solis began.
Hill? Your Honor, if the witness is incapable or mentally unfit to answer questions, then I move to dismiss.
We are in the presence of evil.
If you don't know that by now, no testimony will convince you.
Because there really is no way to truly know evil.
Is there, Arturo? You can only feel it in the room.
Your sister was the love of my life, Arturo.
But you knew that.
They didn't give me a choice.
I somehow managed to keep my cover, to keep the mask fixed on my face.
Cartel said I take out Charlie or they take me out.
That's how this ends.
You okay? You thought you were beyond justice.
But you were never beyond justice.
Charlie! FBI.
FBI! Seems like a nice neighborhood.
Good schools? You're free to go, Larry.
Thanks for your help.
"Thanks"? You unlawfully imprisoned me for 22 hours.
And you confessed to sabotaging the arrest of a drug trafficker.
But can forget, if you can.
Do you ever struggle with how to explain this job to your parents? I'll take care of you at home.
We may even be talking sponge bath.
Shelby What? What's wrong? You're too good to me.
I know you'd do the same for me.
We're in this together, babe.
Sometimes, you bring evil to justice.
Sometimes, you got to bring justice to evil.
You understand.
I don't.
'Cause you and I We are not the same.
Maybe not.
But tell me this.
When you figured out what I was gonna do in that courtroom, did you pick up the phone right away? Or did you hesitate a beat to let things play out so I could make things right? I'm an FBI agent, Charlie.
And that's the only thing that makes me tick.
We both know that's not true.
You take care of yourself.
You too.