Quantico (2015) s03e08 Episode Script

Deep Cover

1 Boom.
I'm very fascinated by the fact you haven't shown much interest in [SOUTHERN ACCENT] Mr.
Mike McQuigg.
Are you investigating me? No.
No one here pities you.
I'm your friend.
Count on that.
He's into you.
HARRY: This might be the first time you've had a friend die She didn't die, she was killed.
Don't any of you ever stop to wonder who you are anymore? Resignation accepted.
I saw the pregnancy test in your bag.
You must have opened up someone else's bag.
It's probably nothing, false alarm.
But if you were sure, you wouldn't have bought the test.
And now you're scared to take it.
[BIRDS CHIRPING] [ALARM CHIMING] ALEX: I thought I had it all figured out.
Or at least, I was figuring it out.
And then, wham.
Life throws you a curveball.
[CHUCKLES] Now I'm questioning everything.
Things that I thought were my strengths maybe they're my weaknesses.
The things that I thought were most important, maybe they're just not.
Even my job at the FBI, I A job I loved so much, it just makes me Makes me feel empty.
It's worse than empty.
It's like it's chipping away at my soul.
And I just don't think my soul is worth $65K a year.
[LIGHT LAUGHTER] I know something has to change.
I just don't know what it is or how to change it.
Thank you for sharing, Alex.
MAN: Thanks for sharing.
Took me two months to work up the nerve to share like that in here.
I hope it's as discreet as they say.
That's why the group was created.
A 12-step program for the IC with high-level security clearance? It's AA for spies.
Discretion is essential.
As long as I don't reveal any nuclear codes? Do you have them? Give me a pen, and I'll write them down.
[BOTH LAUGH] It gets easier.
I know.
I'll get used to it.
I can relate, you know.
Suddenly feeling like your life isn't your own and like you're powerless to change it.
Have you given any thought yet to asking for a sponsor? [CHUCKLES] No, I think I'm good.
Thanks, though.
I just No, please, I'm not saying it needs to be me.
But this process you can't do it alone.
Do you have anyone you can call when things get bad? [CLEARS THROAT] Yeah.
Then, let me help you, Alex.
- [CAMERA SHUTTER CLICKS] - Call me, day or night.
I mean it.
You may regret it, but I'm gonna take you up on that offer.
- Thanks, David.
- All right, Alex.
You hear that? I'm in.
Nice work, Alex.
Three long weeks of bad coffee and sugar cookies.
And now David Quintana is your new best friend.
Oh, I prefer my old one.
Who are you calling old? Three weeks ago, we tasked an elite unit with infiltrating First Pledge International, a key contractor to the U.
in Afghanistan during Operation Enduring Freedom, who we now believe to be colluding with some of America's greatest enemies.
I am now going to turn the floor over to Owen Hall, who heads up the unit who will cut the head off this snake once and for all.
Good afternoon.
Senator, we do not accept that U.
law can be enforced on foreign soil.
My men are not regular military and are therefore immune to [REMOTE CLICKS] After a series of scandals, Garrett King, the founder of First Pledge International, has found himself and his company persona non Grata to the Pentagon.
That hasn't stopped him, though.
He's continued to recruit soldiers and various agents from the intelligence community into his small army and has now become a clear and present danger to the U.
Now, King is careful, slippery, and has, heretofore, managed to shield himself from any and all prosecution.
This is David Quintana, a little-known researcher for the Senate Intelligence Committee, who we believe to be one of King's top recruiters and a trusted lieutenant.
Now, one of my agents has managed to get close to Quintana and is in the process of being recruited into First Pledge.
GENERAL SHARPE: In the process? Mr.
Hall, DIA is saying that two North Korean generals slipped into Newark last night, here to do business with King.
What's the plan for that? Infiltration doesn't happen overnight, General.
We've presented Quintana with a candidate to cultivate Walk me through your methodology.
Once he knows she's willing to shake loose he vets her in every way he can.
He'll know where she goes, what she does, who she talks to.
Ugly's on your six and there's a camera in the car across the street.
Try to convince her it's in her best interest to join First Pledge.
But that won't be enough.
He'll need leverage, just to make sure.
[CAMERA SHUTTER CLICKS] You're clear for the next 45.
WOMAN: All right, spinners, get on those bikes! We're about to burn in hell.
[SIGHS] Decaf Americano with a dollop of foam.
Just how you like it.
Give me your comms.
I have batteries.
- Owen wants to talk to you.
- Mm-hmm.
Just let me have a sip of this coffee and breathe for a second.
How are you doing? Fine.
You sure? What are we talking about, exactly? Since you found out you were pregnant, you haven't wanted to talk about it at all.
I'm your friend.
I'm worried about you.
Yeah, don't be.
My spin class ends in 38 minutes.
Let's call Owen.
- How we doing, Alex? - Steady progress.
David and I are meeting for coffee tonight after AA.
He hasn't brought up First Pledge yet, but he's building to it.
The task force is getting impatient.
They need to relax.
I takes time to gain an asset's trust.
I'm aware of that.
But if two North Korean generals are here to talk to King, we can guess their mission is significant.
Getting into First Pledge is hard enough, but getting Quintana to trust me on a big op, that's entirely different.
And that's why we need to give them leverage over you, something that'll make you do their bidding.
What do you have in mind? I've already put a plan in motion.
Sing Sing.
The prison? There's a guard there named Wilcox who we think is working for King.
What does he do for First Pledge? Mainly recruits ex-military convicts on their way out.
I'm confused.
What does this have to do with our op? We're gonna kill two birds with one stone.
We're gonna prove that guard is dirty, and we're gonna give King and Quintana some leverage over you.
10 minutes to count time on block C.
There she is.
How's it going with Quintana? Well, he took the first step.
Next should be the big ask.
Which one's Wilcox? Tall guy, my two o'clock.
Ready to give him a show? Mm-hmm.
- [BATON SLAMS] - RYAN: Hey! No touching! Come on, man, give me a break.
3 feet apart at all times.
All times.
[BUZZER] You gonna be okay? If Ryan gets there in time.
Go on, now.
You've done your part.
Unfortunately, yours has just begun.
Be strong.
Any other way to be? MAN: Your attention Visiting hours will be over in 15 minutes.
All inmates remain at your assigned table until all visitors have exited the building.
All right.
Back to your cell, loverboy.
[GRUNTS] Let's go.
You really sold that kiss.
That is the job.
And not a bad one.
[CHUCKLES] Close 13! - [BUZZER] - MAN: Closing 13! [KEYBOARD KEYS TAPPING] I've seen this.
You found something new? - not soldiers.
- Uh, hold on, Senator.
- Let me finish - Your mercenaries behaved like savages, murdering civilians, burning down homes, all while wearing our flag on their arms.
If you'll let me finish My time is limited here, Mr.
King, and you've wasted enough of it! It's Colonel King! And I won't be lectured by some woman who never wore the uniform! [COMPUTER BEEPS] Ah.
He can't tolerate being challenged by a woman.
He wouldn't like you.
I just couldn't see it.
Not until it was gone.
Then, um one day, a friend, he found me at the bottom of that bottle.
And, uh, he helped me get clean, he brought me into the program, gave me a job.
And now it's [SIGHS] five years later.
Here I am.
[APPLAUSE] - Thank you.
- Thank you.
- So proud of you.
So proud.
- Thank you.
- Keep it up, okay? - Thanks, bud.
I appreciate it.
- Hey, David.
- Hey.
[SIGHS] I'm glad this program's working for you, and thank you for being my sponsor, but I just You don't think the program's working for you.
It feels like a Band-Aid on a bullet wound, and you're helpless to change it.
[CHUCKLES] Hearing you talk about your job and your boss just it made me realize what I don't have.
The FBI hasn't exactly been a friend I can count on, you know? Mm.
If you're thinking about quitting, don't.
At least, not yet.
Why not? 'Cause there may be a way to get more out of your job, make it more meaningful.
Do you trust me, Alex? You're my sponsor.
I think that's the deal.
Just stick around.
There's someone I want you to meet.
Garrett King.
Have we met before? No, but your reputation precedes you.
As does yours.
Hop in.
[SIREN WAILING IN DISTANCE] GARRETT: The FBI has forced you into the bottom of a vodka bottle, and I think you're looking for a way out of that bottle.
Well, that's what AA is for.
There are good people in those meetings, but none of them have been hunted by a bankrupt government who long ago lost its moral authority.
What makes you think you understand my pain? Because every time you break a case at the FBI Finding the man responsible for the Grand Central bombing, rooting out Roarke's corrupt government You just forestall the inevitable truth.
Which is? The knowledge that America is a dying anachronism.
You're tossing snowballs into a forest fire.
And what are you doing? The only sane thing a person does.
I'm letting it burn.
[BRAKES SQUEAL] I'm hoping we can be friends.
Have a good night, Alex.
That's it? I didn't agree to anything.
I haven't offered you anything.
- Hey.
So, what did you think about Garrett? What is there to think about? He didn't offer me anything.
You make the offers, and King stays clean.
My job is to find the people who'd be good at what we do.
I've done the research.
You'd be fantastic.
So, is this my red pill, blue pill moment? King found me when I needed help.
First Pledge saved my life.
But there are sacrifices.
Just get to it, David.
What are you asking me to do? There's a North Korean defector, Jun Ho Park, who's being debriefed in New York by a federal task force.
I want you to use your FBI credentials to steal the defector's protection details.
That's treason.
Or it's photocopying a document.
It's all in how you look at it.
I appreciate the offer, David, but it's not the change I'm looking for.
Half a million dollars.
Buy a lot of change.
[SIGHS] Just the protection details.
I'll be in touch.
What is he looking at? The little boy on the swings.
His son? Quintana's file says he's estranged from his ex-wife, has no contact with either of them, hasn't for years.
At AA, Quintana said that, before King saved him, he lost everything to his disease.
Everything and everyone, apparently.
The question is, why hasn't he tried to win them back? Are you ready for one of those? [SIGHS] Is anybody? [ELEVATOR BELL DINGS] You can't just waltz in here every time - you want to break the law.
- I get it.
I get it.
And And And in principle, I agree.
- But? - Either we can figure out some cool, elaborate way for Alex to break in here and steal the protocols, or you can just go get them for us.
We both know that Alex Parrish breaking in to First Pledge represents our best chance to catch Garrett King red-handed.
But you were never here.
I owe you one, Carmella.
[SCOFFS] You owe me more than that.
We're just friends.
That's all.
How would you know that? It's long over.
Guilty of what? Excuse me? Yeah.
Escort to visitor's entrance.
You got a problem, rook? Nope.
That's what I thought.
Hey, hey, hey! What the hell's going on here?! Guy fell in the shower.
Get the hell out of here.
Both of you, get! MCGUIGG: [GROANS] Took you long enough.
Had to wait for one of them to take a picture.
They've done that in the past.
Let's, uh Let's get you to the infirmary.
That bad, huh? Well, you've looked better.
Come on.
Did you get it? I'm still waiting to hear why I should trust you.
I've been up front with you from the beginning.
Really? Then why do I have a tail? Blue Jetta, Connecticut plates.
Don't be offended.
It's just part of the vetting process.
They're moving him tomorrow.
Jun Ho Park.
What is King going to do? It's not King.
I see.
This is a bait and switch.
I don't work that way, David.
I should've known this was too good to be true.
What? Is this how King got to you? I'm sorry.
- No, you're not.
- I really am.
So, everything you said to me at AA was a lie, how First Pledge is gonna change my life.
It was the truth, in a manner of speaking.
Son of a bitch.
Alex, if you don't do it, they'll kill your boyfriend.
Do what? What am I supposed to do? OWEN: They want you to assassinate him? Yep.
That's why the North Koreans are here.
We can't expose Jun Ho Park.
He's a once-in-a-lifetime asset.
He knows the location of every missile in the Korean arsenal.
That's why they want him dead.
What if we just made him disappear? No.
It has to happen in public.
- Exactly.
- King made a deal to assassinate someone on U.
Technically, it's not King.
It's Quintana.
By design.
[SIGHS] And King has dozens of Quintanas.
So how do we pin it on King? First things first.
We need to assassinate Jun Ho Park.
GENERAL SHARPE: You want to do what? As I said, the assassination will be simulated.
How comforting.
General, King is an American citizen who has raised a small army, colluding with our enemies to plan an assassination on American soil.
Just bring him in.
On what charge? You want him for murder? You want him for treason? Then this hit, which we control, is our best opportunity.
You think the asset's going to be on board with this? He'll walk away with the ultimate form of witness protection All of his enemies will think he's dead.
If this goes wrong, it's on you.
HARRY: Nope.
Too old.
Too fat.
Well, we have looked at 30 dead Asian men.
That's officially making it a fetish.
You said this is part of an FBI investigation? Yeah, that's right, so don't hold out on us if you've got the nicer ones stashed out in the back.
- Harry! - Hmm? Oh.
Cinderella, the shoe fits.
[SIGHS] Let's do this.
I really am sorry.
[RATCHET CRANKING] [SOLDERING IRON CRACKLING] Can we hurry this up, please? You, grab a torch, torch something.
You know, this isn't what we do here.
Presidential motorcade needs new struts, that's us.
- But this - You're not up to it? This double-o-seven stuff takes time, lady.
The motor alone's gonna take six hours.
Well, I need it in one.
[SCOFFS] Then you're looking at a few gears and a manual crank.
Do it.
Let's go.
Move it, convict! How you feeling? I feel bored.
How's my face? You won't be kissing Alex anytime soon.
Listen, you're gonna be on your own for a bit.
Why? What's going on? Owen's pulling me into the op.
What am I supposed to do here? Steer clear of Wilcox.
Try not to get shivved.
[CHUCKLES] Yeah, good note.
[GROANS] Okay, let's run this from the top.
All right.
Apartment building at West Broadway and White Street, and I'm on the roof with my First Pledge-supplied rifle and scope.
At 11:40, I turn on to West Broadway.
Jun Ho Park will be in the back seat.
With 179 pounds of silently praying British man stashed behind him.
The Koreans will be watching from this building.
So then, I'll pull up in the Red Hook van, blocking their view.
Giving me just two secs of cover to swap out Jun Ho Park with our cadaver.
When Harry gives the word, I drive off And I take the shot.
So, even if all of this works [CLEARS THROAT] Which is a big if.
that bullet passes an inch from my head.
Well, give or take.
You'd have to be an Olympic-level marksman to make that shot.
Better be nice to her.
And don't flinch.
Ho Park.
There's no need to be nervous.
This is a precisely engineered operation.
You don't seem so sure.
Huh? No.
I'm totally sure.
Completely, completely, totally sure.
The first "totally" would have been enough.
Got one live Jun Ho and one dead Jun Ho.
Could not have predicted that sentence just 24 hours ago.
[ENGINE STARTS] [GEAR SHIFTER CLICKS] [TIRES SCREECH] [WHISTLE BLOWING] [WHISTLE BLOWS] [HORNS HONKING, SIREN WAILING] [WHISTLE BLOWING] Alex, eyes on the audience? Koreans are on the southwest corner, second floor.
Are you set? ALEX: Set.
We've got one shot at this, Alex.
Pun intended.
Try not to give me a haircut.
[HORN HONKS] Ryan, I'll be pulling up on your left.
Copy that.
I'm getting it.
Oh, of course.
What? Yep, yep, yep.
I'm getting it.
[HORNS HONKING] MAN: Come on, move it! All right, no, you gotta move.
Damn thing's been stalling out all week.
MAN: What's the problem, lady?! Get your fat ass back in the car! I'm getting it moving! Where the hell that come from? I'm in character.
Harry, talk to me.
- Yes! - Go.
[ENGINE STARTS] Ryan, move to your left.
Ooh, I hate this, I hate this, I hate this.
I told you this was crazy! [INDISTINCT TALKING ON RADIO] Did you guys make the switch? Ryan lost connection.
Yes! Go, go! Take the shot! Now, Alex! Take the shot! [PEOPLE SCREAMING] [ENGINE REVS] [TIRES SCREECHING] Hoo! [SIGHS] Welcome to America.
So, what's the plan here, David? We walk in, Garrett says thanks, we leave.
OWEN: Do not leave easy.
We need King on tape saying he authorized the hit on Park.
This is our moment.
We're standing by, Alex.
We'll breach on your signal.
So, how are you? How do you think I am? Look, I know this isn't what you were expecting, but I told you there'd be sacrifices.
It's easy to say when you're not the one making the sacrifice.
You think I didn't make sacrifices? What sacrifice have you made, David? Your family? What do you know about my family? I saw you watching your son at the park.
You followed me? What'd you expect? You recruited a spy.
I know this job probably allows you to send a lot of money to your son, but what'll he think when he knows how you made it? Is that why you don't let him see you? 'Cause he'll see what you've become? We all do what we have to do.
[DOOR OPENS] - I've heard great things about you, Alex.
- What have you heard? That you're going to be an excellent addition to the team.
David will set you up with an offshore account.
Unlike Uncle Sam, you will be rewarded handsomely for your service here.
How handsomely? - What are you doing? - I'm sorry, David, but I just don't feel the need for a middleman anymore.
You want my service, I serve only you.
I'm sorry, Garrett.
I had no idea she was gonna do this.
- It's okay.
I want to hear what she has to say.
- Alex, find your moment and then push him hard.
But be careful when he snaps.
I got the protection details, I chose the strike zone, I executed the plan that I created.
You created the plan? - Yep.
- What about David? Well, David's a nice guy, but he's a little bit of an errand boy.
What do you think you're doing? I'm negotiating.
No, but that's enough.
Let Let's go.
I want 50% of whatever you got from the Koreans.
- 50%? - 50%.
Without me, the defector is still alive.
Just because a housekeeper cleans the house, doesn't mean she owns it.
Well, this housekeeper just assassinated a man in broad daylight on the orders of a man who's too scared to even talk to his own son.
Scared? Who the hell do you think you are? What is she up to? She's pissing him off.
Yeah? Well, I hope she knows what she's doing.
She does.
If you want me, I'm your new number one, with everything that goes with it.
That's the deal.
Take it or leave it.
It doesn't work that way.
How does it work? I talk to David, David talks to you.
Well, then, I'm out.
Have a good evening, gentlemen.
What? She's leaving? Hang on.
You going to say goodbye to your boyfriend? You touch him and the next target I point my weapon at is you.
One more step, Alex.
You do have a backbone.
Backbone? That enough backbone for you? DAVID: Garrett Alex, what's going on? Alex? Don't do this.
You have a comm in, Alex.
[GRUNTING] It's a setup.
She's wearing a wire! [GUNS COCKING] Stay here and call it in.
How much does the FBI know? [GASPING] Garrett, Garrett, stop! There's no point in killing her.
- Oh, no?! - Look, we have to get out of here.
Whoever's on the other side of that comm, they're gonna be here any second! ALEX: Is that why you don't let him see you? 'Cause he'll see what you've become? Get off her, Garrett! Unh! Have you lost your mind? Yes.
A long time ago.
Best friends forever.
- Best friends forever.
- Who are you? - Alex is in the pool! - Don't you dare die, Alex.
- It's Deputy Director Owen Hall.
- You're not gonna die.
- You hear me? - I have an agent down.
- Repeat, agent down.
- Come on.
I need an ambulance.
Andre and Isabella Those are their names, right? You left in order to keep them safe.
It's been three years.
You completely vanished.
Where were you all this time? My home is here, Andrea, with you.
[GUN COCKS] Do you want to live? SHELBY: Alex, wake up! Come on! HARRY: Home on, Alex.
Oh, yeah, yes, yes, yes.
Breathe, Alex! Breathe, breathe, breathe! [GASPING] [COUGHS] Owen, Owen, Owen! He's alive, he's alive.
Is Is Alex? She's alive.
David, I'm Owen Hall, FBI.
I need you to focus for me now.
Help us find King.
Where is he headed? Heliport Where? South Street.
South Street.
I'll stay with Alex.
Yep! There he is! Hang on.
[TIRES SCREECHING] [ENGINE REVVING] [SIREN WAILS] Her lungs are full of fluid.
Getting suction ready.
Is she gonna be okay? Prep it ATT 7-0.
- [GASPING] - Alex.
Alex! - How long was she under water? - I don't know.
She was already under when I got there.
We need her sedated and on PPV.
Got two working lines and meds drawn up.
She's pregnant.
About 10 weeks.
We'll do what we can.
Run a high-flow O2.
Fetal monitor.
Get that thing charged.
Just keep the breaths large.
We need to oxygenate her to keep the baby alive.
[BUZZER] [CELL DOOR CLOSES] What's your problem? [GROANS] The hell you waiting for?! Get him! RYAN: Wilcox.
I hope you like this place.
You're, uh, gonna be spending a lot of time here.
For what? Conspiracy to commit treason.
What the hell? Time to tell us about your little side hustle for Garrett King.
Get up.
Special Agent Mike McQuigg.
[HANDCUFFS CLICK] Karma's a bitch, ain't it? You're under arrest.
State is issuing an extradition warrant for King.
And that's not even the bad part.
Have you heard from Shelby? How's Alex? Yeah.
[SIGHS] Yeah.
I'll call when I can.
[DOOR CLOSES] Just I spent so much time wishing I wasn't pregnant.
And now I know.
I know.