Quantico (2015) s03e09 Episode Script

Fear Feargach

1 Frank.
We're here to rescue you.
Thank you.
You saved my life.
How much does the FBI know? MAN: How long was she under water? She's pregnant.
I know.
[SNIFFLES, CRIES] [CAMERA SHUTTER CLICKING] [POLICE RADIO CHATTER] OWEN: Agent Teague, what happened here? TEAGUE: Well, the CIA was protecting four Syrian nationals when they were hit hard.
- By who? - MONROE: We don't know.
But they came in heavy, took out the guard at the door and three of our protectees.
This is my colleague, Agent Dan Monroe.
One is unaccounted for.
A witness named Nazir Habib.
- Why'd you call us? - TEAGUE: These are the guys that were gonna testify at the U.
Along with Shelby Wyatt.
Excuse me.
- [SIGHS] - This couldn't have happened more than six hours ago.
Come on, Shelby.
Come on, pick up, pick up, pick up! [CELLPHONE BUZZES] [INDISTINCT CONVERSATIONS] ALEX: Thank you.
For what? For putting up with me the last couple weeks.
I know I'm not the best patient, so What do you mean? You're stubborn, your first instinct is to refuse help, and you hate talking about your feelings.
You're a dream.
[CHUCKLES] [GUN COCKS] Come on! One drink?! - Oh, my God.
- Come on! One drink?! [CHUCKLES] Thanks, boys, but No.
I keep thinking that tomorrow, I'm gonna be ready to come back, and then I'm not.
You should take as much time as you need.
I mean, what happened to you You can say it, Shelby.
I lost a baby.
And the truth is that, as awful as it was, my life was about to get really complicated.
And now it's not.
I don't believe it's that simple.
And neither do you.
We need to get you back to the loft.
Because now, we're breaking protocol.
Now you sound just like Ryan.
Shelby?! Hey, she's fine.
Nazir Habib's missg.
- Shelby! - SHELBY: Ryan.
I'm fine, really.
But they killed an innocent kid.
I didn't want you going out for a reason.
This was it.
They want you dead, Shelby.
Syria doesn't want your testimony going public.
I'm the one who was over there.
- I know what Assad's capable of.
- Yeah.
And your testimony puts a spotlight on the rebels - [CELLPHONE BUZZES] - trying to bring him down.
His regime is targeting you.
[CELLPHONE BUZZES] What is it? I think it's Nazir.
You better think twice before you answer that.
Someone just murdered his friends! And he was the only one that got away.
What are you suggesting? Shelby, Ryan's right.
We don't know anything yet.
Nazir? NAZIR: They're all dead! They're dead! Look, Nazir, I need you to slow down.
- Where are you? - You have to bring me in! No one else.
The CIA almost got me killed! I don't trust the FBI! Only you.
You're seeing the same problems here that I am, right? This guy miraculously escapes a massacre, he's luring you out to meet him Nazir needs our help! All right, look.
Public place, eyes-on.
We control the environment.
Nazir, listen to me.
Do exactly as I say, and you'll be fine.
When we hang up, toss your phone.
Your six is clear.
Clear on your nine.
Clear at your 12.
Behind you.
Shelby, thank God.
Do you remember the rest? Um Uh, Nazir, now is not the time for poetry.
You're married.
I am, yes, and we can talk about all of that later, but right now, we have to go.
You're not alone? We have to move.
Possible hostile coming in at your 12, cap and sunglasses.
Get out of there, Shelby.
Nazir may have been followed.
Did you toss your phone? - I thought I'd need it.
- Give it to me! Okay, I have eyes on another potential hostile, sunglasses and cap.
Two hostiles in total.
Move, Shelby.
Let's go.
Keep moving.
Keep moving.
Come on.
No, we don't want a shoot-out.
Too many civilians in the area.
You're good, baby.
You're good.
[WHISTLING] Shelby and Nazir are clear.
One down.
The other two ran.
Stay with Shelby and Nazir.
We got any ID on these guys? Hey.
He look Syrian to you? Hey, Shelby.
What did Nazir say to you at the pier? I couldn't hear it over the coms.
I-I don't remember.
A lot was happening at once.
It sounded like Arabic.
It was nothing.
A poem.
It was a long time ago, Alex.
OWEN: Let's go.
He was IRA.
HARRY: What? Working with the Syrian government? Yeah, a lot of these ex-IRA guys actually started off over there working for First Pledge.
Garrett King's military contractor.
Yeah, but eventually, King broke off from them and started working with the Syrian government directly.
More money, less rules.
King's still on the run.
We can't exactly bring him in for questioning.
And now he's using these IRA shooters to hunt us here.
That's one theory.
A theory? It's my reality.
People are trying to kill me.
ALEX: Look, Nazir's right.
Hiring Irish locals may bypass Homeland.
It's quite a fall from grace, isn't it? Revolutionaries to hired muscle.
Killer's tattoos connect him to a faction run by a guy named Conor Devlin.
MCQUIGG: I've heard of him.
Old-school IRA.
Claims he's out.
RYAN: They all say they're out.
His son, Phelan, however, wears it loud and proud.
Rap sheet's long, colorful.
I think it's time I have a talk with Conor Devlin.
Am I supposed to just sit here and do nothing? Yes.
OWEN: Well, we told the CIA that you're safe.
So, you'll go back into their custody.
Agents Teague and Monroe are prepping a new safe house for you now.
The ones who let my friends get killed? You're actually sending me back to them? No.
No, you're staying with us.
MCQUIGG: It's good to have you back, Parrish.
How are you holding up? I'm fine.
But everybody really needs to stop worrying about me.
Worrying about you is the best part of my day.
Sorry, what? It's an old country song.
By who? Yours truly.
I told you, you don't know anything about me.
SHELBY: Look, you're just You're not even understanding.
- You're not paying attention.
- RYAN: Yeah.
- Alex, am I right or not? - Uh, about what? - About not trusting another CIA safe house - It doesn't matter what Alex thinks! - after what happened today.
- You're my wife, - and I'm telling you - You're telling me what? The only thing that matters to me is you.
Okay, well, Nazir and I are both staying put.
He trusts me with his life.
There were plenty of times I trusted him with mine.
And he's my friend.
- [CHUCKLES] Oh, yeah? - I'm sorry, but I had a whole life before we fell in love.
And so did you.
So, you think this man was hired by Assad? HARRY: Well, our working theory is that Syria contracted him to silence your testimony.
- Then we're going after him.
- RYAN: No.
You're gonna stay here and let us do our job.
You're not a part of this team.
My team is dead because of this man.
I'm coming with you! No, you're not.
Shelby, this guy could have killed our friends.
We're sitting here talking about gathering evidence when we should be out there hunting him down.
Yeah, we don't have enough evidence to go after Devlin, all right? - See, in this country, we have a thing called - Ryan! Stop.
Whatever it takes, we'll find him.
HARRY: Look, Nazir, Ryan is right.
It's not your job to go after Conor Devlin.
It's ours.
OWEN: I'm not accusing you of anything, Mr.
I'm asking for your help.
Last night, a safe house of witnesses was wiped out.
This morning, hitmen went after two more.
Witnesses? Witnesses to what? Syrian war crimes.
[SCOFFS] One of the shooters was former IRA.
They've operated in Syria before as mercenaries.
Irish lads raising camels alongside Bin Laden in the desert.
Sounds like fake news to me.
Anything you can offer would be greatly appreciated.
What brings you to me, Agent Hall? I'm just a businessman.
You weren't always.
[CHUCKLES] In another life, I found my way into some rowdy antics.
But don't all young men? Most young men didn't grow up with Royal Ulster soldiers hunting them through the streets of Belfast.
We did our fair share of hunting, too, believe me.
[LAUGHS] No, I don't smoke.
You know why the Royal Ulsters lost the war? They couldn't tell the difference between a bad habit and a peace offering.
Peace offering? Are we at war, Mr.
Devlin? I was affiliated with the cause for 20 years.
I won't deny that, nor will I apologize, as I was never convicted of a crime.
I arrived in New York with $40 in my pocket, and I built this business up legitimately.
Not all Irishmen are terrorists.
Try to remember that.
I give up.
- I can't reach her.
- Yeah? Well, forgive me for pointing out the irony here.
- Nah, don't.
- HARRY: I mean, come on, Ryan, you of all people should realize that the heart is capable of holding two things at once.
Her heart's not holding anything.
Bro, let me remind you of the score here.
There's nobody else in her life.
She's yours.
You already won.
You, too? Guys, I'm not jealous of Nazir.
I'm trying to keep my wife alive.
I could've sent 40 different men on that job.
But my fool son made a right mess of it, didn't he? Help him, and you're next! Sir, the targets had a team backing them up.
Judging by their tactics, I'd say FBI.
Who are you? Sean Maguire, sir.
Sean's my lieutenant.
Head of operations.
You have a "lieutenant" now? He's got experience, Da.
Army, two tours.
Then you have a plan.
Well, your son and I devised a plan together, sir.
Tell him, Phelan.
Sean says the last Syrian witness is gonna end up in CIA custody.
Then our man inside the CIA will tell us where they're keeping him [SCREAMING] Go on, son, I'm listening.
[SCREAMING CONTINUES] Uh and our Our man at the CIA - will tell us where they're keeping him.
- In other words, repeat the same plan that made you look like an ape and put me in the spot I'm in FBI agents sitting in my office.
In my office, boy! [WHIMPERS] [GUNSHOT] [BREATHING SHALLOWLY] The new CIA safe house is ready for Nazir.
They want us to bring him there.
Well, Shelby won't like that.
I don't like it, either.
We still don't know how the first house was compromised.
You think one of these guys leaked? Well, someone had to have leaked.
Teague and Monroe both knew where the witnesses were being housed.
- I'm just - Nazir's gone! He took a gun from the supply locker.
Guys [SIGHS] our files on Conor and Phelan Devlin are missing.
Conor Devlin? Don't think I know that name.
He owns the pub.
It's above my pay grade, Osama.
Don't do it.
All right, nothing to see here, ladies.
Go back to drinking.
What were you thinking, huh? NAZIR: I'm not gonna stay in some safe house where the men who killed my friends - are walking free! - No? You die, nothing changes.
Nobody hears your testimony about Syria.
Use your head.
Nazir, you are not here to get revenge.
You're here to tell the U.
what you saw.
Please? CONOR: I heard you're looking for me.
You killed my friends.
What if I did kill your friends? What's a skinny heathen like you gonna do about it? Hey, hey! Be smart, okay? He wants you to lose control.
Do not give him what he wants.
CONOR: New York, Belfast It's all the same.
Always a government boot grinding on the neck of free men.
But it's the duty of free men to rebel.
I know my rights.
I've bled for them.
So, unless you got a warrant, get the hell outta here.
Leave it.
RYAN: Alex, we'll meet you and Nazir back at the loft.
You've been different since he showed up.
What are you implying? What happened over there? - You're serious? - No.
That's not what I'm asking.
Okay, I like to think that I know you better than anyone.
And you're never this reckless.
Yeah, well, you don't know everything.
Then let's talk about it.
- There's nothing to talk about.
- Shelby I got his family killed.
Okay? I was working at the CIA station in Damascus when we heard about an attack on Deir-al Zour.
Where? Nazir's hometown.
I had 24 hours.
Could've tipped him off, had the town evacuated.
But that would mean exposing your asset.
You'd need authorization.
I tried.
I didn't get it.
Nazir still doesn't know? How could I tell him? He lost so much His mother, his wife, his two daughters.
And if you told him, he'd lose you, too.
I could have saved them.
But I didn't.
I followed orders.
I could stand here and tell you that it's not your fault, but you wouldn't believe me.
Hey, but I get it, okay? I do.
But while you're making amends, we're not doing our jobs, Shelby.
Bring him back to the safe house.
Okay, we'll sweep the place ourselves, and if it's okay with you, we'll leave him there, we'll go back on offense, and find the people that killed his friends.
I talked to Gomez.
She said hands off Conor Devlin until we have something solid.
[SCOFFS] He's got nothing to do with this.
Last time I saw Frank, we were pulling him out of a dungeon after he was captured by Dante Warwick on a rogue op.
But it sounds like you've been spending plenty of time with him.
Frank is not you.
FBI is not in the "helping out business," Jocelyn.
Shelby You do remember.
Tell me the rest.
I don't remember.
I'm sorry.
I'm gonna vet this safe house.
Stay put.
I'll be right back.
[TIRES SCREECH] RYAN: All right, you talk to him.
I'll watch Nazir.
We'll be fine.
[SIGHS] We need to talk.
Talk? You drop off the package, and we go our separate ways.
What more is there to talk about? Three "packages" got executed while in CIA custody this morning.
Back off, princess.
Are you accusing me of something? We think there's a leak.
You think I'm the leak.
Well, we're not leaving Nazir with you until we know that you're not.
[DOOR SLAMS] Where's Agent Monroe? Already here Been here prepping the place for a few hours.
[KNOCKS ON DOOR] Monroe? [GUNS COCK, KEYS JOSTLE] Oh, come on, he's probably just in the can.
We had Mexican for breakfast.
[RETCHES] [COUGHS] [INDISTINCT RADIO CHATTER] [CAMERA SHUTTER CLICKS] [GROANS] All of our security cameras went down 40 minutes ago.
Monroe logged on and shut them down himself.
[SNIFFS] Yeah.
He was letting Devlin's men into the house.
Then they turned on him.
Devlin took out his own CIA mole before we could expose him.
If he had one man inside the Agency, - he might have more.
- Mm.
CIA's off this op.
Why? Because Monroe was a mole? Because we're on American soil.
Nazir is all yours.
You'll keep me posted, yes? No.
Sorry about your friend.
[SIGHS] Having second thoughts about putting Frank in the field again? Yeah, it's his psych eval.
When do the broken pieces go back together? When's an agent ready to get back into the fight? I didn't I didn't mean you.
But the shoe fits, right? You have one of those files on me, too? [CHUCKLES] Well, they have one on all of us.
But while we're talking about it, are you ready to be back? I don't know.
What I do know is, it helps knowing that I have people around me that support me.
Maybe that's all Frank needs Some support.
FRANK: Was what I went through with Dante Warwick traumatic? How could it not be? But I'm back now.
OWEN: Well, the FBI oversight board disagrees.
Their report says you still need some time away from the field.
Yeah, because they've never been in the field.
- Frank - I'm sorry.
I'm just I don't like being told by people who aren't out here risking their lives that I'm not ready to do what I damn well trained to do.
- Frank.
- We're the same, you and me.
We we've both been, uh, knocked down We're not the same.
We're on opposite sides of this desk.
Is this about Jocelyn? You don't like that she's been spending time with me again? Her personal life isn't my concern.
Then are you gonna give me a fair shake or what? I'm sick of going to their shrinks and their doctors.
- Frank - Come on, Owen! You know what it's like to be judged unfairly.
When they threw your daughter in prison, you're telling me they didn't open a file on you? What happened to you was awful, truly awful, but you bring my daughter into this one more time, and it won't be a doctor they send you to.
It'll be a dentist.
Now, I only have one concern here That's whether you got enough gas left in your tank to do one thing for me, one thing.
I think you're gonna have me do that one thing for you, Owen.
Really? I'm the only FBI agent who's made direct contact with Conor Devlin and still has his cover intact.
What? I never mentioned Conor Devlin's name to you.
Not once.
Is that really what you think of me? Which is why he's on his way to meet Alex.
Thank you, Owen.
That is what you think of me, isn't it, Jocelyn? I'm not doing this as a favor to you.
I'm doing this because I have no other moves right now.
Okay? MAN: Full Irish coming up, Mr.
Extra bacon, Mickey.
I have my son with me today.
You know how I take it.
Burned black, sir.
[SIGHS] You know why I do that, lad? Do what, Da? Ride you like I do.
Because you want me to be like you.
You'll never be like me.
I accepted that a long time ago.
Do you think I'm a sadist, a monster who enjoys putting you through hell? I I don't know why you do it, Da.
I ride you hard, because no other man would dare do it.
Your whole life I've watched our men let you win every game in the pub.
I've heard them tell you your punches land harder than they really do.
The world gives you a fantasy.
I give you the truth.
It's my job.
I'm your father, and you're my only son.
But if you want me to stop, just tell me.
You're a grown man.
Tell me to stop, and I won't speak another ill word or lay a hand on you again.
Don't stop, Da.
That's my boy.
[CAR HORN HONKS IN DISTANCE] You could've killed me! Are you blind?! Get your damn off me, man.
I'm an FBI agent! - I will ruin your life, pal! - HARRY: Hey, hey, hey! Come on, I've got places to be.
Let's go.
- Stay out of this! - CONOR: Frankie! Is that you, boyo? Conor? PHELAN: Hey.
- [CAR HOOD THUMPS] - Get out of here.
HARRY: Yeah, let's go.
Come on.
[ENGINE STARTS] Let's have a chat, Frankie.
I can't be seen around you, Conor.
Okay, it's not like the old days.
I-I cleaned myself up.
In that case, it's a couple of law-abiding citizens just catching up after all these years.
You got nothing to worry about.
Five minutes.
Bureau bounced me out of racketeering, got me working admin.
I'm just a-a desk jockey now.
You got someplace to be? Conor, I have to go.
If someone on that street saw me walk in here with you I'm screwed, especially with what's happening now.
What's "happening now"? The U.
hearing, Syrian witnesses getting murdered.
FBI's got your crew as the main suspects.
[SCOFFS] What an outrageous fantasy.
First I'm hearing it, Frankie.
You wearing a wire, Frank? - He's blown.
I'm pulling him.
- ALEX: No, no, no.
- Let him play it out, Owen.
- Play it out? Yes.
Give him some time.
Time for what? To piss 'em off.
Hey, touch me again, and you'll be eating that bacon through a straw, kid.
Mind my son.
Put a leash on him, or I'll do it myself.
Conor, we have our history, but I'm a different guy now.
A different guy than the one whose gambling debts I paid off? Vegas already had men on a plane to pay you a visit, as far as I can recall.
[LAUGHS] Vegas.
Those were the days.
Where's he going with this? He's about to walk out on him.
Conor, I owed you one, but I paid off my debt.
Sorry, guys, but I'm leaving, and you can't do anything to stop me.
Are you a desk jockey who still has security clearance, Frankie? Goodbye and good riddance, Conor.
Wait for it Frankie! You owed me more than one.
Get back here.
I'm not done with my breakfast.
Conor took the bait.
The funds just hit my offshore account.
He's got to move on that intel today.
I can brief your team, give you some insight into Conor's crew The team's already moving into position.
The clock's ticking.
Of course.
Well, um, guess my work here is done.
Thanks for giving me a shot, Owen.
Guess when you got one thing you need done, I'm your guy.
You were today.
He did his job, Jocelyn.
- What more do you want me to do? - Owen We better leave now if we're gonna link up with our team.
Eyes on the Devlins? Negative.
Nothing so far.
Frank told them the witness transfer was going down at 1:00 p.
Stay frosty, people.
Two minutes till show time.
Look, you wanted the Devlins off the street, this is how we do it Lure them out, catch them in the act.
We're on.
Let's go.
All right, folks, I got eyes on Phelan and another hostile, - northeast corner.
- MCQUIGG: Armed and coming in fast 40 yards from you, Alex.
Contact in three two one.
FBI! Drop your weapon right now! Hands in the air! Get on the ground! Do it! Now! Drop it, Phelan.
I heard someone shot your buddies in the face.
Hey, hey! SHELBY: Nazir! Nazir, no! [GROANS] Nazir, no! [GRUNTING] [GUNSHOT] [ALL SHOUTING, SCREAMING] Well, now we got to get his old man.
Yeah, before his old man gets us.
- Are you okay? - Yeah.
Eyes up.
Stay sharp.
Weapons free, and don't miss.
HARRY: No, there's nothing here, Owen.
Conor Devlin has cleared the place out.
Due to Phelan's death and the threat against Shelby and Nazir, the U.
testimony has been moved.
To when? An hour from now.
That's insane.
We don't have We haven't had the time to vet a safe route to the U.
or coordinate with their security detail.
This is the hand we've been dealt.
Our mission is to get Shelby and Nazir to the U.
safely for that hearing, no matter what.
We'll be ready.
Let's go.
[SIREN WAILS IN DISTANCE] [GUN COCKS] Before we go in, there's something I have to tell you.
It's about the attack on Deir-al Zour that killed your family.
Shelby, now isn't the time.
I had advance intel.
I knew it was coming, but I didn't warn you because I had orders to protect an asset on the ground.
I know.
I've always known.
It's time.
Conor's out there somewhere.
Alex, Shelby, take Nazir inside.
We'll set up the perimeter.
- Nazir.
- RYAN: He's bleeding out.
McQuigg, drive.
[GRUNTS] The biggest mistake you made was not killing me.
By the time I'm finished, I'll have taken everyone you love.
The sun never says to the earth, "You owe me.
" [COUGHS, SNORTS] "A love like that lights up the sky.
[SIRENS WAILING] No, I don't I don't see that as a problem.
Hey, let me call you back.
I didn't put Frank in play as a favor to you.
But this is a favor.
It's a letter of recommendation.
I'm supporting him for full reinstatement to field duty.
That doesn't change anything.
I hope I'm doing the right thing.
Thank you.
SHELBY: Given the nature of the threat, my unit was assigned to protect Nazir Habib and deliver him to this room to testify.
We failed.
I failed.
I'm gonna tell you everything we saw together in Syria.
I'm gonna tell you everything that he couldn't.
I failed to protect Nazir's life, but I can still protect his legacy.
I'm glad you loved him.
You are? There's a million things that turned you into the woman that I love.
Whatever happened over there is a part of that.
MCQUIGG: Hey, so I was thinking Mm-hmm? Dive bar tonight? Sure.
Let's go.
Actually, no.
No? Nah, no dive bar.
Rain check, then? No.
It's just bars are loud.
I want to find a quiet place where I can hear you talk.
You've been through a lot, and I want to hear about it.
So worrying about me is the best part of your day, huh? Nah.
It's just an old country song.