Quantico (2015) s03e10 Episode Script

No Place Is Home

1 I want to do right by you for once.
I was never there for you, never.
I had a feeling it was you.
I knew you were AIC.
OWEN: I want to do as much good as I can to make up for all the bad my daughter did.
She's pregnant.
I lost a baby.
Killer's tattoos connect him to a faction run by a guy named Conor Devlin.
MCQUIGG: I've heard of him.
Old-school IRA.
His son, Phelan, wears it loud and proud.
[GUNSHOT] We got to get his old man.
Yeah, before his old man gets us.
[GRUNTS] The biggest mistake you made was not killing me.
By the time I'm finished, I'll have taken everyone you love.
[BELL TOLLING] OWEN: That's my daughter.
H-How did this happen? [BELL TOLLING] MEDICAL EXAMINER: She was stabbed repeatedly.
No witnesses or surveillance footage.
- - No parent should have to experience this.
Think it was a prison thing? Who knows.
Lydia had a lot of enemies.
So do we.
What are those? Defensive wounds.
[BEEPING] [CLICKING] [BEEP] [SIREN WAILING] ALEX: Where did you get these? OWEN: What is it? What's up? - Probably nothing.
- [FIRMLY] What is it? What's going on? It's just like the ones on Lydia.
What am I looking at? I don't understand.
Conor Devlin? I just got a call.
What happened? They found my sister in her apartment.
She's dead.
[CAMERA SHUTTER CLICKING] [POLICE RADIO CHATTER] [INDISTINCT CONVERSATIONS] I helped her find this place Moved her in, paid the rent when I could.
Um, hey, guys, could you give us a few minutes, please? Thank you.
[DOOR OPENS] [DOOR CLOSES] I'm so sorry, Mike.
MCQUIGG: No sign of break-in? No.
You think she'd let in a stranger? Not if she ever listened to me.
- Any prints? - Thousands.
It's gonna take a while.
And even then Devlin's coming after our families, isn't he? Yeah.
Then we're not gonna find any prints.
Whoever did this was a pro.
Well, even a pro makes mistakes.
What is it? ALEX: What? Grab another can? Okay.
I got it! A friendly voice catches the can.
"Let me help you with your groceries.
" [GLASS SHATTERING] I'll get these dusted for prints.
We need protection for our families.
I'm going to Rikers to talk to Devlin.
I'm going with you.
Don't tell me I'm not.
I want to look him in the eye, same as you.
[BUZZER] WOMAN: [IRISH ACCENT] It'll only be a matter of time before we get you back to Ireland.
- Who the hell is that? - That's a good question.
I must say, you've grown up to be quite the woman.
Your brother would be proud.
When I get you back home, I promise to wipe that smile off your face.
[DOOR OPENS] [DOOR CLOSES] Whoever you are, I'm in the middle of an interrogation.
Owen Hall, deputy director of the FBI.
Who the hell are you? Fiona Quinn, MI-5.
Mine wins.
I've been credentialed by your government to speak to my suspect.
Your suspect? Devlin killed my sister and this man's daughter.
Making you both exactly the wrong people to talk to him.
Now, I'm happy to back off when I hear from someone in authority that your investigation takes precedence I am someone in authority, and I'm telling you, stand down.
I've been chasing this man for 11 years.
He's wanted for crimes against the people of Ireland.
Ireland can get in line.
What's your name? Mike McQuigg.
Good Irish boy? We ain't bonding, lady.
Have you had enough, 'cause I have.
You gonna let me in there or what? Mr.
Hall, is that you out there? You want to charge in there and put a beatin' on this man, you hand him exactly what he wants.
- She's right.
- He killed Jessie.
Why are you here, Mike McQuigg? - I'm here to end this.
- No, you're not.
You're here to punish him.
That won't get you what you want.
Trust me.
Are we just gonna stand around here and do nothing? I didn't say that.
I'm going in alone.
- No.
- It's not a request.
You two stay here.
[DOOR OPENS] [DOOR CLOSES] Well, look at this.
I'm the most popular girl at the ball.
To what do I owe the pleasure, Deputy Director Hall? This is a mistake.
This is exactly what he wants.
You don't know Owen Hall.
You don't know Conor Devlin.
So, how did you know it was me out there? Clairvoyant.
Runs in the family.
Except for my son, or he'd still be alive right now.
And you blame me for your son's death? We share the blame, don't we? And we both have to pay the price.
- What price? - God's price.
Terrible thing when a child has to pay for the sins of the father, don't you think? - I wouldn't know.
- No? - Don't give a centimeter.
- He won't.
Who you been talking to on the outside? They don't let me use the phones.
No, a man like you must have means.
I'm just a stranger in a strange land.
You said by the time you were done, you'd take away everyone we loved.
How's that going? I'm not in the revenge business anymore, Mr.
- This is not gonna work.
- What? Conor Devlin is never gonna give up anything.
He's only gonna enjoy it when your boss finally snaps.
Funny thing about the blacks Excuse me? All your huffin' and puffin' really gets you nowhere, does it? What are you talking about? You run around the streets with your bandanas and your low riders, and you flash your What do you call it? your cheddar and your guns, and all you end up doing with them is killin' each other.
Know what you are? What? Predictable.
If I wanted to kill a black behind bars, know who I'd get to do it? Another black.
[GRUNTING] - Hey, hey! - I'm good, I'm good.
You feel better now, son? I understand how a little violence could salve a wound.
[SPITS] [DOG BARKING] I don't see you for four years, and suddenly a cop shows up at my door for my "protection"? What the hell is going on, Alex? Good to see you, too, Mom.
Is this 'cause I didn't come to Thanksgiving? Because I really did have a flat.
No, Dad.
This is not punishment for Thanksgiving.
Something's come up at work.
We're gonna need to hunker down at Shelby's place in Westchester for a few days.
So this is punishment for Thanksgiving.
Oh, my God.
[BRITISH ACCENT] Bit surprised to hear from you.
Oh, yeah? Why's that, though? I don't know.
Maybe because I've been here for eight months and not one brekkie, lunch, or supper from big brother? And when you finally do show up, it's to drag me out of class and into this thing.
Is this really your car? Look, you've been busy with school.
I've been busy with work.
Where are we going? - To a friend's house.
- A party? Uh, yeah, something like that.
A work party? What, with boring insurance people? Ugh, kill me now.
I need you to behave today, Maisie.
Can you do that, please? Oh, my God.
- I'm your beard.
- Okay, stop it.
What, they don't know that you're a puff? Shut up, okay? I was the only person that didn't care, and that is the primary reason you can bugger off.
[CHUCKLES] Bugger off? Yeah, yeah, f-for vanishing.
I mean, for not sending me a birthday card or a Christmas card or even congratulations on the birth of my child.
- You have a child? - No! Of course not.
But that's my point.
How would you have known? So, when were you planning on telling me you moved to upstate New York? Just seemed easier to leave things the way they were.
With us not talking, you mean.
I'm not going anywhere until you tell me what the hell is going on, Alex.
Oh, let me guess it's classified? Just like your father.
Keep pushing me away, Mom, but I'm just trying to save your life.
[CAMERA SHUTTER CLICKS] [CAMERA SHUTTER CLICKS] [INDISTINCT CONVERSATIONS] What I just saw in there was a man unhinged, and it wasn't the one in handcuffs.
Do you blame him? Look, I understand what you both are going through.
You're not the only ones to lose someone to that man in there.
But that's not the way to get him.
So why don't you tell me what is the way? If I had that answer, he never would have gotten out of Ireland.
What makes you think you can turn him now? I'm not here to turn him.
I'm here to collect him.
What do you mean? We have a new witness who's willing to testify against him in Dublin.
We've applied for extradition, and I'm gonna bring Devlin back.
The fingerprint we pulled from your sister's apartment got a hit.
Her killer's former MI-5.
Her name's Maya Church.
I need to make a call.
So, she's former MI-5.
What's she do now? She died four years ago.
[BUZZER] Find out what you can from her.
I'll stay in touch.
It'll be nice to have a house full of people again.
What did you say you were celebrating? I didn't.
Looks like that Downton crap your mom used to watch.
Bunch of rich folks and the poor saps who lived to kiss their asses.
Pucker up, son.
Dick! Ah, so good to see you.
- George.
- This is George.
He takes care of the property.
He's practically family.
If you need anything, just let either of us know.
A butler? You got a valet, too? [CAR DOORS OPEN] All I need's a cot and a pot.
[CHUCKLES] Let me take you in.
[BLOWS] How do I get him to not hate me? Play quarterback for the Steelers.
Hey Mm - Alex? - Hey.
This is Maisie, my sister.
Believe me, I'm as shocked as you are.
Oh! Well, it's really nice to meet you.
Um, Harry talks about you all the time.
Clever girl.
And, uh, what do you do for the company? Alex is in human resources.
- Human resources? - Yeah.
Darling, you're wasting all of yours.
This is all very curious.
Oh, this is my mother, Sita.
[SIGHS] This is gonna be a disaster, isn't it? Ah, this place is a fortress.
70 acres of nothing, top of the line security.
It's a perfect place to protect our family from whoever Devlin sent to hunt them.
As long as we don't kill each other in the meantime.
[SIGHS] Come on, Duke.
Let's go.
[DOG BARKS] If Devlin's communicating with Maya Church, he's got to have a phone.
Easy, caveman.
Those books are innocents.
Then he should be spending his time in solitary, not reading books.
He should be spending his time in the ground.
What can you tell me about Maya? Five years ago, she was working a case on a crime family in Dublin.
Old IRA family went into business for themselves after the treaty.
- Devlin's family? - Affiliated.
She was last seen walking into a church in Kerry.
It exploded moments later with 33 people inside.
Yeah, but we found her prints in my sister's apartment the day she was murdered.
Look at this.
- No, no, that's enough.
- [CAMERA SHUTTER CLICKS] - One more, one more Just do us Just take pictures of yourself.
Whoa! W-Wait a minute.
No, it's Wait, is that really necessary? - Yes.
- Why don't I get everyone a drink? I didn't come here for a cocktail party.
Will someone please tell me what is going on? Are our lives really in danger? All right, let's talk turkey, boss man.
Who's trying to kill us? His name is Conor Devlin.
Three days ago, he had my daughter murdered.
And then yesterday, Agent McQuigg's sister.
Is this like a team-building thing? Not exactly.
He's coming after our loved ones.
Are you for real? Is Is he for real? Why us? What'd you guys do to him? It's my fault.
I I killed his son, and now he wants to hurt us the same way that we hurt him.
It's no one's fault.
We were doing our job.
Sorry, uh, I'm a bit behind here.
What job is that, exactly? Maisie I'm an FBI agent.
You'll have to excuse me.
My brain just blew out the back of my skull.
- Look, we'll talk, okay? - Yeah, I believe we will.
You're here so that what happened to my daughter doesn't happen to you.
HARRY: Maisie.
Maisie, listen, it's not like we were ever exactly close.
But that was your choice, Harry, not mine.
I'm not Mum, I'm not Dad.
You didn't have to walk out on me, too.
Mom So, uh, how long do we have to stay here? Just until we figure everything out.
You mean until you catch the killer.
Let me help you with You've put a target on my back.
You've helped enough.
- [SIGHS] Oh, man - [CELLPHONE BUZZES, CHIMES] SHELBY: There was only one number on Devlin's burner.
PSE&G isolated it to a pay phone in rural Suffolk County.
What? That's in the middle of nowhere.
There's no way a guy like Devlin smuggles a burner to call a cow pasture.
Famous Seamus.
A candy company in Dublin.
They have three lots there.
Let me guess they don't make candy there.
OWEN: Harry and Jocelyn and I will check it out.
Is it weird that I'd rather take my chances in a trained assassin than face my own mother? I would take the assassin and your mother over Dick Booth.
Going that well, huh? Who doesn't like me? Everyone likes me.
[GUNSHOT] - Careful now.
- [GUNSHOT] Don't talk while I'm shooting, boy.
All right, Westchester.
Show us what you got.
- [LEVER CLICKS] [GUNSHOT] You're the best Quantico has to offer? Must'vegot something in my eye.
You couldn't hit the broad side of a Bentley.
Partial hit.
That still counts.
Hell it does.
That's dinner flying away.
You're more comfortable holding her purse than a gun.
[SIGHS] Something in your eye, huh? I didn't need to show up your father.
He's proud, like his son.
[BUZZER, DOOR OPENS] [DOOR CLOSES] Young Quinn, working with a yank.
Making the betrayal of your people complete.
Your ancestors would be proud.
You know who I am? Haven't had the pleasure.
You ordered the murder of my sister.
And how did I do that, laddie? That supposed to mean something to me? You called one number, a pay phone on Long Island.
Did you know they still had pay phones in the States, love? I certainly didn't.
We found the house, Devlin.
You're speaking in riddles, son.
What house would that be? Maya's house.
What's the matter, Conor? Tell me about your sister, Mr.
Don't answer him.
Please, give me a reason to kill you.
Sounds like I already gave you one.
Let's go.
Let's go.
[TAPS TABLE] [DOOR OPENS] [DOOR CLOSES] Oh, yeah, well [TAPS WINDOW] House is empty.
I've popped the back door.
- Let's go.
- Let's go.
Missed you at skeet shooting.
I don't like guns.
Do you like the Second Amendment? More wine? Um, um, I'm good, thanks.
So, you guys are FBI, but, like, secret FBI.
- That's pretty much it.
- Well, what kind of stuff do you do? You know, the usual chase bad guys, protect people, disarm nukes.
So why all the secrecy? Because they operate in the shadows, off the books, bending the law, breaking the law, which also means if they get caught, their country will disavow them.
Is that about right? Excuse me for a second.
What is your problem, Ma? After everything that the FBI has done to you, to our family, you came back.
Is that why I haven't heard from you? I've called you, I've left messages.
Why are you acting like I'm the enemy when all I'm trying to do is protect you? Because it's easier.
Easier than what? When I look at you, Alex, I still see that fearless little girl who used to walk ahead of everyone.
So certain were you that something good was around every corner.
Yeah, well, I'm not a little girl anymore, and I learned a long time ago that whatever's around that corner is not always good.
This job taught you that.
No, Ma.
You taught me that.
You have no idea what it is like to have a child and then lose that child.
I do I do.
Beti? What is it? I was pregnant, Ma.
And then something happened with work, and I lost And now I I don't know.
I can't help but feel that it's my fault.
[VOICE BREAKING] I don't know what to do, and I don't know who I am.
I don't know You are the sum total of the decisions you make, hm? [SNIFFLES] That's who you are.
But here's the secret.
Your last bad decision doesn't have to define you.
[ALARM BLARING] [SIGHS] I'll be back.
[MONITOR BEEPING] [FOOTSTEPS APPROACHING] What's happening? You okay? Yeah, I'm fine.
Um, what's going on? One of the sensors got triggered.
- Might be a deer.
- Might also be Maya.
Whatever it is, it's moving.
- Right for the house.
- Maybe we should check it out.
Shelby, you know the house better than anyone else.
We'll go outside.
[BIRD CAWING] Stop right there! - [GRUNTS] - [GUN COCKS] Who the hell are you? In here.
I'm think I'm concussed.
What that really necessary? My bad, man.
I tend to get a little jumpy when I find strangers lurking in the shadows with shotguns! I told you.
I was driving by, I saw the lights.
The house is normally dark.
I wanted to be sure the place wasn't being robbed.
Or maybe you were scoping the place out.
You work for Devlin, too? W-Who the hell is Devlin? Shelby? Is that you? Do I know you? This guy says he's your neighbor.
Neighbor's a relative term.
My parents' house is two miles away.
It's Ben.
Ben Hardington.
M-My parents are Stephanie and Richard.
I remember the Hardingtons.
They came up during the summers mostly.
Oh, yeah? So why are you here during the winter? Well, not that it's any of your business, but my parents died last year.
Car crash.
I'm settling the estate.
You don't remember me? We met once at one of your parents' summer parties.
I was home from college.
Y-You were just a kid.
I'm sorry, I don't.
Uh, it was it was one of those themed parties.
Everyone was wearing white.
I remember those.
- He's lying, Shelby.
- Oh, I've had enough of this.
- Hey, hey! - Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Take it easy.
I'm just going for my wallet.
So what? Any 17-year-old can get a fake ID.
- What's your problem, man? - My problem? Okay, okay, okay.
Everyone, calm down.
We have a lot of nervous people here.
Do you mind sitting tight till we confirm your identity? A-Actually, I do.
I should be getting home.
You're not going anywhere, pal.
[DOOR OPENS] Okay, let's spread out, see what we can find.
Oh, God.
[LAMP CLICKS] [SWITCH CLICKS] [DEVICE WHINES] Is this gonna take much longer? I'm sure it won't be much longer.
Mustard? SHELBY: Ben Hardington, Haverford Class of '91, raised in Philly, parents died last year.
His story checks out.
Ooh, an online profile.
Big deal.
You can fake that stuff in no time.
And hack into the DMV? Come on.
He's working with a former spy.
But he knows things about me, about my parents.
All of which can be dug up with a little bit of research.
What do you want to do, Ryan? Shoot him? [SIGHS] Not yet.
We should tie him up and throw him in the attic for now.
And what if he's innocent? Then we will have assaulted and held hostage an innocent man.
No, we are not tying him up.
Let's just keep an eye on him.
He's unarmed.
Just The hell are you doing? I'm cutting this sandwich George made for me.
Sheesh, you people.
Where is George? He took Duke out for a walk.
- Okay.
- [ALARM BLARING] George must have tripped a sensor.
I'll check it out.
Oh, my gosh.
Who is that? That's Maya.
What the hell's she doing? Owen.
There's a blueprint of Shelby's mansion here.
Oh, God.
They've got the entire security system layout as well.
We need to get back now.
Stop! Don't move.
What the hell is that? A pressure plate.
It's a bomb.
If we step off this thing, this whole place is wired to blow, and us along with it.
This would be awkward if we weren't about to die.
We are not going to die.
[PAPER TEARING] Yeah, I wouldn't be so sure about that.
[INSECTS CHIRPING] Well, that's the sensor.
This is the exact spot Maya was standing on.
Why stop here? Maybe she was scoping out the house, debating her approach.
Hey, hey, hey.
She went in that direction.
Let's go.
That woman who's trying to kill us is out there somewhere? How did she find us? I don't know, but Alex and Ryan are handling it.
Just stay calm.
What the hell have you people dragged me into? - Who are you again? - I'm the neighbor.
You need to stay back.
Well, another pair of eyes couldn't hurt, especially one that can spot a whitetail at 200 yards out.
I've never met a deer that can kill a man.
I don't know what's going on here, but this has nothing to do with me.
I'm going home.
Ben, don't! It could be dangerous.
[EXHALES] - SITA: You okay? - Yeah, I-I'm fine.
Just dizzy.
D-Do you think I could get a little ice for my head? Sure.
Keep an eye out.
I'll be right back.
I'm so sorry about all this.
Something's wrong.
What is it? If you're gonna attack the house, why why go this way? She was drawing us out.
- Go.
- What? - Go! - I'm not leaving you out here.
Well, you're either leaving me out here or Shelby in there.
You're a faster runner than me.
I got this.
Go! [LOCK CLICKS] Where's Shelby? Oh, she went to the cellar to get a flashlight.
She put flashlights for us out on the kitchen table.
I'm gonna ask you again.
Where's Shelby? [SCREAMING] He's got a knife! [GRUNTING] G-Go to a bathroom! Lock the door! Do it now! Go! Go! [BOTH GRUNTING] [SCREAMING] [GRUNTS] [GRUNTS] [GROANS] Dad! Dad, you all right? Yeah, I'm all okay.
Go, go, go.
I got it.
[DUKE BARKING] Duke! Oh, my God.
Duke, why are you covered in blood? [DUKE BARKS] we can cut the signal to the plate without being blown to bits.
- Okay, Harry? - Huh? We need a build a circuit bypass.
Yeah, of course we do.
Identify the wire that connects the pressure plate.
Owen, it's a whole cluster of wires here.
It's Geez, you know what? In the movies, there's only, like, one blue wire, one red wire.
The IRA has been using pressure plates bombs.
I should've anticipated that.
We all should have.
- [DUKE BARKS] - George! - Oh, my God, George.
- Okay.
[THUNDER CRASHES] [GRUNTS] [GROANS] [THUNDER CRASHES] Guys, how confident are we that this is gonna work? How confident are we? [BOTH GRUNTING] [YELLS] [BOTH GRUNTING] [SCREAMS] [THUNDER CRASHES] [KNIFE CLATTERS] You asked me what my ex-wife said to me at the funeral.
She didn't just say it was my fault.
She said I deserve to die alone for not protecting our daughter.
Here we go.
3 2 [CLICKS] [EXHALES] [POLICE RADIO CHATTER] Oh, George This is all my fault.
This isn't on you.
Devlin did this.
[DUKE WHIMPERING] You know, I hadn't realized it till I saw him again.
George was the only family I had left.
No, he wasn't.
Come on, Duke.
- Hey.
- Hey.
So, you, uhdisarmed an actual bomb? Yeah.
Well, it's just your basic, run-of-the-mill pressure plate bomb with a collapsing circuit.
Or something.
Listen, I owe you an apology, and not just for all this.
When I left home, I, um I didn't want to be part of the family anymore.
Yeah, but, Harry, you didn't have to just No, Maisie, please, please, please, just shut up.
Let me talk, okay? I needed to start over.
Well, at least, I thought I did.
I didn't need to be cruel, though, and I was.
I didn't need to lump you in with the rest of them, but I did.
At the time, I thought I could, uhleave it all in the rear view, but I was wrong.
You were only 11, and you loved me.
I still do.
How is that even possible? Because, unlike some people, I'm not a complete ass.
I almost died tonight, and it was rather traumatizing.
But if it took me fighting off a trained assassin to get my brother back, well, I suppose it was worth it.
This is the moment where you hug your sister, you silly twit.
Oh, right.
You okay, Dick? Yeah, it's just a scrape.
I'll survive.
So will he, thanks to you.
Boy, that shot you made was something else.
Ah, it was nothing.
Wind in your eye, huh? [CHUCKLES] She's quite a catch, son.
And so are you.
They give you painkillers? [CHUCKLES] Okay.
Shall we? Thank you.
- For what? - For saving my life.
[SIGHS] I didn't call you because I don't deserve to be in your life anymore.
I'm your mother, and I wasn't there for you when you needed me most.
Maybe not.
But here's the secret.
Your last bad decision doesn't have to define you, right? Come here.
[SNIFFLES] I'm gonna call you for dinner next week, okay, and you're gonna say yes.
Let's get you home.
Come on.
[SNIFFS] Game over, pal.
FIONA: Another disciple dead, thanks to you.
What a shame.
You think you're a hero to your people, right? But when our application is approved and I bring you back to pay for what you've done to them, those same people will pour whiskey on your grave.
A reckoning is comin'.