Quantico (2015) s03e11 Episode Script

The Art of War

1 Garrett King, the founder of First Pledge International, has now become a clear and present danger to the U.
- MAN: How long was she under water? - She's pregnant.
ALEX: I lost the baby.
- I know.
- [SNIFFLES] I think it's time I have a talk with Conor Devlin.
MCQUIGG: I've heard of him.
Old-school IRA.
- [GUNSHOT] - [WOMAN SCREAMS] I I killed his son, and now he wants to hurt us the same way that we hurt him.
We need protection for our families.
This is Maisie, my sister.
Don't move.
It's a bomb.
HARRY: Here we go.
Fiona Quinn, MI-5.
I've been credentialed by your government to speak to my suspect.
Devlin killed my sister and this man's daughter.
[GRUNTS] By the time I'm finished, I'll have taken everyone you love.
[SIREN WAILS IN DISTANCE] [DOOR OPENS] MALONEY: Can we not do the thing where we litigate every part of the meal? It's friggin' exhausting.
I'm just saying, it was overcooked.
Yeah, well, next time you pay for dinner, you can complain about it.
And for the love of God, no TV in the bedroom tonight.
I don't want to fall asleep to fat people singing.
I got a big day tomorrow.
King? What the SHEILA: [SCREAMS] [WHIMPERING] Oh, my God! Have a seat, Mr.
We have business to attend to.
Look, I know you disagree with this Disagree? The man killed my sister, and you want to put him on a plane back to Ireland? He needs to answer for the crimes he committed there.
If you let that animal out, you're asking for trouble.
Are you saying I can't do my job? I'm saying you shouldn't underestimate Devlin.
My family was torn apart by Conor Devlin before you'd even heard his name.
And he walked away, didn't he? A free man.
You had your chance.
Now it's our turn.
unlawful use of explosives, conspiracy to commit murder, and most recently, Mr.
Devlin ordered the murder of FBI Agents' family members.
Objection, Your Honor.
There is no evidence linking my client to those murders nor have any charges been made.
Sit down, Mr.
This is not a criminal hearing.
We are only establishing the right of Ireland to extradite your client.
Your Honor, the Republic of Ireland asks the court to recognize the crimes Conor Devlin has committed against it.
The assassination of a member of parliament, - terrorism, the funding of terrorism - What is it with her? She's got skin in the game, too.
I'm not letting him leave this country.
He's our prisoner.
He belongs here.
We're asking for what's rightfully ours.
[DOOR BUZZES] Conor, he's got a gun on Sheila.
I didn't have a choice.
Wait outside.
Sneaking into Rikers Island? Garrett King doesn't do something reckless like that unless he has no choice.
I know the kind of bankroll your family is working with in Dublin.
I just want what's mine.
Normally, you'd send someone to do your bidding.
Something tells me you don't have anyone left.
I paid you and your men to take care of those U.
You didn't finish the job.
My son is dead.
I'd say we're even.
You're a man without an organization, without a country, your assets are frozen, your passport's useless.
I want my money.
Your money was used to buy blood.
You want it back, you'll have to pay in blood.
We have a common enemy, Mr.
That makes us bloody best friends.
MAISIE: What is this, Swiss? HARRY: It's a cheese toastie, or as they like to call it here, a grilled cheese.
A bloody travesty is what it is.
Balsamic, avocado? Ugh.
No, no.
There is too much going on here.
I simply cannot.
Well, I didn't know you had such discerning taste, with that chaos of scrap metal hanging off your wrist.
Sven gave it to me.
Sven? Mm-hmm.
The beau I'm currently bedding.
Don't say that to me.
[GIGGLES] - He's very talented.
- Yeah? Sven's an aspiring "video-game influencer.
" - A what? A video-game influencer? - Mm-hmm.
He records himself playing video games, and then he posts the videos online.
Has he sought treatment for this? It can be a very lucrative career.
Some of those blokes have millions of followers.
Yeah? How many does Sven have? - Hmm.
- [LAUGHS] Well, he's got you, doesn't he? So, I guess that's a start.
- Aww.
- Aww.
[DOOR BELLS JINGLE] [DOOR CLOSES] What is it? I haven't been sleeping well since what happened.
Maisie, you're safe.
How do you know? Because the man that came after our families is locked up, and we've got agents watching every single one of his friends.
If he comes anywhere near you, we'll know.
And we'll stop them.
I promise.
Okay? Okay.
I should go.
Just text me when you get home, okay? Okay.
[VIDEO GAME BEEPING] First, you've got to reload here, but then, when you slide through the door, look out Pew, pew, pew! Take out the goon with a simple double-tap Babe, I'm home.
and another safety shot to the di-di-dome! What up, flock.
I'm SvenSvantastic, and you're watching it pop off in the piz-ower hour.
Don't work too hard, sweetie.
[VIDEO GAME BEEPING] [VIDEO GAME BEEPING] [GASPS] [BREATHING SHALLOWLY] [SCREAMS] Conor Devlin's got 100 years' family history of murder and mayhem and with rare exception Getting away with it.
IRA murders, church bombings, organized crime He has a dad who carved people up in the street, and a brother who got the worst qualities from both.
None of whom have ever served a serious sentence.
Well, that's not happening this time.
We're gonna find something in all this to prove what Devlin did to Jessie and Lydia.
Fiona, do you really want to help us? 'Cause if our case falls apart, you get what you want.
What I want is Conor Devlin in a concrete box.
I'd prefer it be in Ireland, but if it's here, or at the bottom of the Atlantic, that's just as well.
So what are we missing? I don't know.
But there's a reason the Devlins have gotten away with so much for so long.
They're not just lucky thugs.
They're smart.
They study.
They plan.
What's that? It's an old book I found in his cell.
"The Art of War" by Sun Tzu.
That's a prison book if ever I saw one.
"Rule number 1.
All warfare is based on deception.
Any luck with Maya Church's computer? And here we nearly blew ourselves up to grab that thing.
Not all for nothing We haven't discussed this, but there was a kiss if you remember.
I remember.
I don't want to rock the boat with you and Frank.
I just thought that we could at least talk about it.
Um Oh.
I-I didn't realize.
And so do I.
I think I know just the guy for that.
[TELEPHONE RINGING] MAN: Okay, I I just got 1.
You might want to go ahead and check 3 and 4.
OWEN: Deep? Owen? You ready to get back to work? We need you.
Oh, thank God! Get to the loft as soon as you can.
Ah, Maisie.
It's Harry again.
Still haven't heard back from you.
Can you give me a call, please? Thank you.
[CELLPHONE BEEPS] Hey, I just got a call from Rikers.
Conor Devlin wants to talk with me.
MCQUIGG: He's that bored in there, huh? Wants to keep taunting you? Hasn't he done enough? Devlin claims he has something we'll be interested in.
He's messing with you, Owen.
But what do I have to lose? All right.
They used to say the Irish had been given a double dose of original sin.
So, please forgive me my prior trespasses for the moment OWEN: What do you want? To make a deal.
I've been getting homesick.
I want to see Ireland again, even with jail bars spoiling my view.
You want to be extradited.
That's not happening.
[HANDCUFFS JANGLE] You could make it happen.
And I'd offer a gift in kind.
What would that be? A man you've been very anxious to find since he nearly drowned Alex Parrish.
I can give you Garrett King.
But you'd have to do something for me in exchange.
You've reached Maisie.
Leave a message.
HARRY: Uh, okay, Maisie.
Now you're really starting to worry me.
Please call me and let me know you're okay.
How long has it been since you last heard from her? Since dinner last night.
Go with him.
I'll drive.
OWEN: Devlin's telling the truth.
He met with King yesterday.
So King is in New York? What did Devlin say? Nothing yet.
I'll go in and find out what he knows.
I wouldn't do that.
I didn't ask you.
You're emotional.
I'm emotional? Devlin sees that, he'll eat you alive.
She's right.
Since when did you start listening to her? - You are emotional.
- And you're not? Garrett King is a war criminal and a threat to national security, and that's why And that's why you want him, right? 'Cause he's a threat to national security? Why did you want Devlin, McQuigg? OWEN: Hey.
We all have our reasons.
We'll loop in Gomez, the whole field office, We're gonna use every resource to chase King.
And we're not making a deal with Devlin.
- Owen - Thank you.
I'm gonna nail him down to what he knows.
And I'm going in alone.
OWEN: You go back a long way with Garrett King, don't you? CONOR: When First Pledge started contracting with your government to fight in them deserts, a bunch of our lads wanted to join up.
Our own country didn't want to fight, - but we did.
- Mm-hmm.
Nothing illegal there.
King paid, we provided.
And that was the end of your alliance? No.
He also hired us to kill those Syrian witnesses.
Now that mighta been illegal.
But thanks to you and your team, we weren't successful.
Now he wants his money back.
You want to keep it.
My family back home needs that money.
But I won't deny he did make an attractive offer.
What was the offer? Said he'd kill you for me.
That no longer interests you? Oh, it interests me very much.
But what interests me more is getting out of this stinkin' rat hole.
I want to be near my kin.
So, you give me Ireland, and I'll give you King.
I have no reason to believe a word you say.
ALEX: Give us something, you son of a bitch.
King has what you might call a side hustle.
Right now, it's the only operation of his that's up and running.
There's an 18-wheeler that drops one of King's trailers at Miller's Landing weigh station every Wednesday at 3:00 p.
What's in it? He's playing us, Alex.
Do you remember that book? "All war is deception.
" Right, so, now we make decisions based on a book from the prison library? I'm not sure how we're making decisions anymore, to be honest with you.
CONOR: Come back after you've found that truck.
We'll have something to talk about, I'm sure.
[SIGHS] Let's go.
We intercept that truck, it might lead us to King.
Come on.
[SHIP HORN BLOWS] [ENGINE WHIRS] FBI! Don't move! - ALEX: Stop the truck.
- MAN: Don't shoot! Don't shoot! Get out! Don't shoot.
Don't move! Ready? - Where's Garrett King? - Who? Garrett King! Where is he? - MAN: [GRUNTS] - Where is he? MCQUIGG: Go.
Oh, hell.
Alex [HANDCUFFS CLICK] Maisie? It's Harry.
Maisie! [KNOCK ON DOOR] Maisie.
No, no, no.
No, no, no! Uh Oh! RYAN: Bathroom's clear.
Yeah, bedroom, too.
- Where is she? - We're gonna find her.
Okay, we'll get the entire field office in here, we'll dust for prints, we'll canvass the building, all right? No, no, no.
It's happening again, Ryan.
Call your family, call everyone's families, get agents posted to all of their houses, now.
On it.
Ryan, I think I've got something.
Could you tell me where you're from? Marietta.
It's in Ohio.
EMILY: I'm from Milwaukee.
I met this guy, he took me to a party, and then KAYLA: He must have slipped something in my drink.
When I woke up, I was in a car blindfolded.
We drove for days.
Did you hear anything they said? Do you remember anything else you heard in the car? No, I-I don't think so.
The radio was on.
Music? Traffic.
I-I remember they said "traffic jam in Snug Harbor.
" Snug Harbor is in Staten Island.
I was put into a dark room, like a basement, but There were cages.
And a lot of other girls.
Did you hear anything? A grinding sound.
Like a car that couldn't start.
It went over and over and never stopped.
Did you smell anything? Actually, I did.
Flowers, maybe? It was strong.
It was so strong, it hurt my nose.
So I started screaming.
Next minute, someone comes down and smashes my head against the wall.
Did you see who it was? I couldn't see his face.
EMILY: Samantha was bleeding really bad, so I found a towel and used it to help stop the blood.
What kind of towel? Who cares, it was a towel It had a little tree on it.
A tree? Do you mean like embroidered? Yeah.
Could you draw that for me? Look at this.
Did you see this man? No.
I-I told you, I couldn't see anything! I'm just trying to find the man responsible for this, okay? But I need you to look at that picture again.
This man is hurting other girls, and we need to find him, and I need you to help me - I couldn't see anything.
- all right? So, I need you to look at this picture one more time.
Just Why don't we take a little breather? [SIREN CHIRPS, RADIO CHATTER] What? The girl's been through a lot.
Let's not push her.
I'm just trying to find the man who did this to her, Shelby.
You are also trying to find the man who did something to you.
But it's my fight, not theirs.
Let's get them home.
SVEN: Double-tap, and another safety shot to the di-di-dome! - There's Maisie.
- What up, flock.
- Don't forget to reload right here.
- Yeah, there.
That's King.
Harry, look at me.
She's alive.
Okay? King didn't kill her.
He took her.
She's alive, and that means she has a chance.
But it also means he has plans for her, Ryan.
I'm Maisie.
[CRIES] Ashley.
Don't cry, okay? It's gonna be okay.
We're gonna get out of here.
How do you know that? My brother works for the FBI.
And he won't stop until he finds us.
How's he supposed to do that? They said they're moving us soon.
[CRIES] [HORNS HONK] This is where we stopped the truck.
The girls said they'd been driving for only 10 minutes.
That time of day? Congested area? They probably only traveled a few miles.
One girl said she heard a "train whistle" when they started driving.
So, maybe the Staten Island Railway? Hmm.
Well, that would put their starting point on the eastern side of the island.
The room that they were in, it was hot.
The air smelled like flowers and chemicals.
MCQUIGG: Flowers and chemicals? I mean, there's industrial parks and factories in that area, but no flower fields.
What's this? One of the victims saw that on a towel where they were being held.
I did some online digging, it's the logo of a hotel called the Noble Oaks.
Yeah, No-Noble Oaks, that-that's in SoHo.
It's nowhere near our search area.
So, they can't be held there.
Eh, abductors probably just swiped a few towels from the place.
They've done worse.
The girls also said there was a noise.
Grinding and churning, 24 hours a day.
Okay, so the smell of flowers, machinery churning maybe we're looking at a laundry? Probably dozens of those in that area.
Yeah, but running 24/7? Eh.
Not just a laundromat.
We're looking for industrial laundry.
The one that washes the towels at this hotel.
Maisie? RYAN: Staff upstairs said they didn't know about any girls here claimed to also not recognize Garrett King, either.
HARRY: It's hers.
ALEX: Oh, Harry.
MCQUIGG: King cleared his whole operation out.
The truck bust must've spooked him.
Question is, what's his next move? [CELLPHONE VIBRATE] OWEN: New York groove.
Deep's en route.
You gonna be able to work with him? [CHUCKLES] OWEN: [EXHALES DEEPLY] [BEEPING] - [GLASS SHATTERS] - Jocelyn! OWEN: Jocelyn! [GUNS COCK] [GUNFIRE] [GUNFIRE] [GUNFIRE] Aah! [GUN COCKS] [GUNFIRE] [GUNFIRE] Aah! [GROANS] [GUNSHOTS] Aah! I'm back! Sorry, I forgot JOCELYN: Owen! [GASPS] Oh, my God! What Who did this? He's still breathing.
We need to call 911.
They could be out there waiting.
If you take me out, I'll be dead.
Without a surgeon, you'll be dead.
You're that surgeon.
Put this on the wounds.
I'm type "O.
" Universal donor.
There's still a STAT kit in the kitchen? Good.
Jocelyn Don't talk.
Do you understand? [BREATHING SHALLOWLY] Fight.
That should do it.
You still with us, Owen? [GROANS] Don't thank me.
He's not out of the woods yet.
He needs to get to a hospital.
[GROANS] No hospital.
The Chicken Coop.
A hospital for spies.
You serious? Hey.
You said we shouldn't take Devlin's deal.
Because Conor Devlin is a snake.
We make deals with snakes all the time! You've got all the answers, right? You know better than all of us! He was ready to give us King.
But because you were stubborn, and I listened to you, King now has Harry's sister That's my fault?! Now Owen might die! Hey! Enough! She's out of line.
Give her a break, all right? She's emotional.
We're all emotional.
My sister's dead! I know.
I know that.
- Yeah.
- And I'm sorry.
I really am.
But the only way we're gonna fix this is together.
You okay? How's Owen? I haven't heard from Jocelyn yet.
- You know, I did my best.
- I know.
Same as McQuigg.
I do not need a lecture right now, Deep.
How about some advice? Take it or leave it? What? I left because I was afraid of losing myself.
You want revenge, don't you? No, I don't.
- I just - Yes, you do.
Don't let that come between you and everyone you care about.
It's been decided.
We're taking Devlin's deal.
What, McQuigg come around? He got outvoted.
Let's go.
What happened to Agent Hall? He couldn't make it.
He and I became quite friendly.
But in his stead, you lassies made a wise decision.
Just talked to my attorney.
He assured me that your team is advocating for my immediate extradition.
Where the hell is he, Devlin? Agent Parrish, yes? Yes.
We haven't formally met.
You got what you wanted, Now where is Garrett King? Fair enough.
I'm a man of my word.
That's a quality timepiece.
Mind if I, uh It's a quarter to six.
You'd best hurry.
SHELBY: What is it? Garrett King plans to be aboard a freighter called the Capella, setting out from Miller's Landing at 6:30 tonight.
If you're lucky, he might even have some of his human cargo with him.
ALEX: Harry, Shelby, search the containers for Maisie.
We'll head below and look for King.
Why don't you go help Harry? Me and McQuigg have this.
- No way.
I want King.
- Hey, listen.
Don't let this guy make you do something you're gonna regret.
Ryan, I said I have King.
Whatever happens, I won't regret any of it.
- [GUN COCKS] - Now, let's go.
Okay, you check the right side, I'll check the left side.
Shout if you find anything.
How do I know what to look for? You don't look.
Any signs of life.
Maisie? - Maisie! - Maisie! Maisie!!! Maisie? Maisie? Maisie? Maisie? [MUFFLED SHOUTING] Hey.
Hey, do you hear that? What? Somebody's out there.
It could be my brother.
- [METAL CLANGS] - Harry?! Harry?! - ASHLEY: Is anyone there?! - Harry?! Hello, is anyone there? [ALL SHOUTING, METAL CLANGING] Hey, any sign? RYAN: Nothing.
Devlin lied.
King ain't here.
Hey, hey, hey.
RYAN: FBI! ALEX: FBI! [GUNFIRE] [GUNFIRE] I'm going after King! - MCQUIGG: Alex, don't! - Suppressive fire! Now! Maisie?! [METAL CLANGING] GIRL: [MUFFLED] Help us! - Maisie? - Help! Hang on! Yes, yes.
I can hear you! I can hear you! Shelby! They're here.
I found them! - We're here! - Hurry! - Hurry! - Help! [GUNFIRE IN DISTANCE] Don't How'd you find me? Devlin set you up.
Well, he set you up, too.
He told us you're trafficking young girls.
He told us you'd be on this boat.
And you believed him? Well, you're here, aren't you? It's not my boat.
It's Devlin's.
The human-trafficking business belongs to him.
I'm just a passenger.
And what did your ticket cost you? A little kidnapping and murder? I've got $10 million coming my way.
All of it can be yours, Alex.
All I have to do is let you go? I have 10 million reasons for you to do exactly that.
I just need one reason to put this bullet through your skull.
[GUNSHOT] [GIRLS SHOUTING] Harry? Get back! Now! [GIRLS SHUDDERING] Now! Back! Okay, okay, you're safe You're safe.
SHELBY: Come with me.
Where is she? Where is she? Where is she? No, no.
Don't do this.
He ain't worth it.
Go straight there.
MALONEY: The order just came in.
You got your wish.
Your extradition to Ireland has been approved.
Who's that? Okay.
Hold on.
Well, did you find anything? Please tell me you found something on Devlin.
I talked to everybody.
Scotland Yard.
We don't know anything about human trafficking.
How am I supposed to find my sister? I'm sorry, Harry.
That's all I know.
[SHIP HORN BLOWS] SHELBY: If King is telling the truth, we can't let Devlin get extradited.
We can't make this case happen right now.
We need something called evidence.
Not a hunch and not the word of a criminal.
RYAN: So keep him here while we find evidence.
It doesn't work that way.
Extradition has already been approved.
It's over.
- I'm sorry.
- [SCOFFS] [LAUGHS] Hey, it's not like we're releasing Devlin.
He's being sent to some dank hole at the bottom of an Irish prison.
We know where to find him.
[SIGHS] How you feeling? Stupid.
Conor Devlin dangled Garrett King in front of my face, and I just I just got fixated.
I know.
I've done some fixating myself.
He came after us, our families.
Everything that Devlin did, he took from this ancient book of war.
He knew that he had to manipulate our emotions, get us fighting amongst ourselves.
The way to defeat an enemy is to divide them.
I don't think he's finished yet.
He's playing the long con.
And we have no idea how many people he's got out there.
And he's still got Harry's sister We don't know that.
Well, we do know one thing.
This place isn't safe anymore.
We can't stay here.
SHELBY: So where do we go now? MAN: Get up.
It's the end of the line.
Get up.