Quantum Leap (2022) s01e01 Episode Script

July 13th, 1985

What? That can't be right.
There he is, man of the hour.
This is so exciting, Ben.
- Hey.
- Hey.
- Congrats.
- Congratulations.
Have you been hiding?
Hiding? No.
I was just in a different
section of the apartment.
You mean the bathroom, where
you were hiding from the party
- you didn't want to have?
- I love parties.
- Mm-hmm.
- Having everyone in here,
touching all our stuff
I would have proposed way sooner
if I knew we got to do this.
That being said, if you wanted
to grab a bottle of Bulleit and head
to that spot under the pier
where no one can see us,
I would not object.
Hey, I'm gonna need a raise
if you also want me to be head
of security at this party.
Ian's about to take out the DJ
because he won't play the Kinks.
Look, I'm not trying to
tell you how to do your job.
I'm just merely offering a
counterpoint from someone who
- has impeccable taste in music.
- Ian?
That's we're done, okay.
Maybe next time, you can
just write an algorithm
that creates the perfect playlist.
Who has the time?
By the way, did I tell you
about the quantum simulation
- that I ran this morning?
- Ian, we all agreed,
no work talk for one night.
I didn't agree to that.
Jenn, I just met a guy
named Chris at the bar
who says he's your date.
Why does he think
I'm a video game designer?
Would you prefer I told him you
run a top-secret time travel project?
Okay, see?
This is fun.
It's nice to hang out outside of work.
Absolutely, the only thing
I love more than parties
is small talk and public speaking.
Well, then
Okay, stop.
You're getting everyone's attention.
- Speech!
- Uh, don't do that.
Magic, do you want to pull rank here?
I got you.
- Everyone!
- Oh, no.
Ben wants to say a few words.
Thank you, Magic.
Um, okay.
Addison and I would
like to thank everyone
for coming tonight.
Uh, everyone except
for my coworkers here,
who I wish had not come.
Some people assume that
because I'm a physicist,
I can't be romantic.
What they don't realize
is science is romance.
Yeah, I'm sorry I asked
for that speech now.
No, I'm I'm serious.
Take the law of entanglement.
Once two particles
experience a shared state,
they're no longer separate entities.
They exist as one,
even when separated by great distances.
Well, it's not going to be a problem,
because I'm never letting you go.
Okay, all right.
That's enough speech for one day.
- Thank you.
- Thank you all.
Almost makes me believe in monogamy.
I'm sorry, but there are a few people
- I still need to see.
- Oh, yes, great.
Yes, more small talk. Got it.
But in 30 minutes,
we grab that bottle of bourbon
and disappear?
I love you so much.
I love you too.
And 90,000 in John F.
Kennedy Stadium in Philadelphia.
So remember, call our 800
number to donate.
And now we're gonna take you
right back to Wembley.
Ladies and gentlemen,
welcome back to London
and to Wembley and Live Aid
where you meet and greet David Bowie!
Is this a mistake?
I mean, if Katie finds out
But if I don't, like you said,
desperate times, right?
How did I get here?
Yeah, I know.
A million bad decisions, I guess.
But I am not gonna let the one thing
I got right in my life
slip through my fingers.
You're a good friend, Nick.
- Ah ♪
- What the
Ah ♪
Ah ♪
Ah ♪
- Yeah. Listen to that.
- Mm-hmm.
Let's dance ♪
Come on, man.
Come on. We don't have all day.
Let's dance ♪
What is happening?
Let's dance ♪
Who's Nick Rounder?
Oh, thank God.
We've been trying to find you for hours.
What the hell happened?
We weren't ready. Why did you leap?
Do I know you?
Do you
You don't remember me.
I don't remember anything.
We knew memory loss could
be a side effect of the leap.
Leap? Why do you keep saying
What's happening to me?
This is all gonna feel
a little overwhelming.
So I'm going to explain
it to you slowly.
Nick, what the hell are you doing?
Get in the van!
- Do you know them?
- No.
What do you mean, no? We got to go now!
Okay, forget slowly.
I'm a hologram from the future.
You just time-traveled to the past.
I'll explain everything later.
Just get in the van.
Ben, go!
Ben, you don't know how to drive stick.
- What do I do?
- What do you do?
You're the getaway man!
Get us away, man!
You can do this, all right? Left foot
on the clutch, right foot on the gas.
Put it in first, and punch it.
It worked.
You are not giving me a lot
of confidence right now.
Okay, no time to celebrate.
You have two cop cars on your tail.
You need to lose them.
Don't worry. I'll get the hang of it.
Get the hang You missed the turn!
We're going to my restaurant on York!
Yeah, I just I know.
I just want to lose these guys first.
I don't want to lead them
to the restaurant on York.
Okay, good.
There's only one restaurant on York.
I'll take you there.
Uh, turn left. Turn left!
Rebel Rebel ♪
Ben, please don't kill anyone.
That pretzel cart came out of nowhere!
Oh, God. You still got one on your tail.
Ben, what are you doing?
Oh, my God.
Great job.
All right, the alley's on the right.
Get it inside.
Hey, the hell was that?
Are you good?
Yeah, just glad it's over.
That was just phase one.
We got a big day ahead of us, man.
Everything all right?
Better stay sharp. Yeah?
Yeah, totally.
Phase two, bring it on.
Okay, I think it's time
for that slower explanation.
Your name is Dr. Ben Song.
You're a time traveler
from the year 2022.
I'm Addison Augustine.
we work together.
Look, I'm here to bring you home.
But to do that, you need to
You need
Need to what?
Need to what?
Need to what?
- Ben, can you hear me?
- Need to what?
Ian, we need to get that imaging chamber
back online now.
Yeah, I'm working on it, that and about
a thousand other things.
Ziggy is offline.
- What? How?
- Right before he leaped,
Ben uploaded a bunch of new code,
like, a whole new version
of the quantum operating system.
- Why?
- The past five years,
we've been trying to figure out
how to send someone
to a single point in time
and then bring them right back to take
the work of Sam Beckett
and make it so that you
- don't get stuck in the past.
- Yeah, Ian, I know.
I've been here since the beginning.
But we were still
in the simulation phase.
We were years away
from actual human testing.
And yet, Ben just suddenly,
magically writes
a whole new operating system,
gets into the machine,
and then leaps.
- None of it makes any sense.
- Yeah.
What's he saying in there?
My audio just keeps going in and out.
He doesn't remember anything.
Well, we knew that memory
loss was a possible
side effect of the leap.
What if he figured out
a way to get back?
I don't know.
This new code that he uploaded,
it is unlike anything I have ever seen.
- t's a clustercuss.
- All right.
Well, Ziggy can wait.
We just need to figure out how to get
that imaging chamber back online
Sorry, sorry, Ziggy can wait?
Ziggy can wait?
Ziggy is one of the most
powerful AIs ever designed.
It is constantly running
millions of scenarios,
trying to effectively
predict what Ben needs to do
in the past to leap home.
Look, all I am saying is
that I need to get back there.
There is no point in
bringing the imaging chamber
back online until
Ziggy is up and running.
I mean, what would we
even talk to him about?
Yeah, I have a few things
that I can talk to him about.
Look, I know you're upset.
And I know you're scared. I am too.
But Ben knew that
the technology wasn't ready.
He knew that if he leaped now,
he could lose his memory
and he did it anyway.
Is this supposed to make me feel better?
Because this is not working.
I'm I'm just saying that
he must have had a really,
really good reason to do it.
You're going to have to trust that.
I know I do.
No, General.
The power surge are just
part of a routine test.
I assure you, everything
is still on schedule.
Yes, I appreciate the call.
Say hello to James for me.
You talked to him. What did he say?
Nothing. He has amnesia.
Was there anything
on the security cameras?
It's wiped.
Whatever he was doing in here,
he did not want us to see.
He didn't say anything to you,
talk to you about this
new code he uploaded?
No, he was just his regular,
"awkward at a party" self.
If he had said anything about this,
I would have stopped him.
He kept me entirely in the dark.
The Pentagon is asking questions.
At some point, I'm going to
have to tell them the truth.
The second that you do, they
are going to shut us down.
And we are never going to get Ben home.
We can't let that happen.
Imaging chamber's back online.
Find out what he's there to do,
and bring him home.
Get a hold of yourself, Ben.
You just need to figure
a way out of this.
I can help with that.
Thank God.
Why did you disappear like that?
Why did I disappear?
Well, if you had given us
a little bit of warning
that you were going to leap,
maybe I could have
- been more prepared.
- Wait a second.
I did this without telling anyone?
- Why would I do that?
- That's a great question, Ben.
And if you figure out an answer to that,
there are a lot of people that
would like to hear it right now.
Uh, I'm sorry. I shouldn't have
No, no. It sounds like I deserve it.
I don't know why I did that.
But I'm really, really sorry I did.
Look, let's just get you home, okay?
Yes, great.
Beam me up, or whatever.
It's not that simple, Ben.
What do you mean?
Obviously, I time-travel
into other people.
For whatever reason, I chose
to travel into this guy.
So now just travel me out.
You don't control the leap.
The machine does.
It's a design flaw
from the original project.
Original project?
30 years ago, Quantum Leap was created
by Dr. Sam Beckett.
He would leap into people and then need
to help them put right
what once went wrong,
and then the whole process
would start all over again.
So if we have any hope
of getting you home,
you have to do the same for this guy.
What the hell kind of
time travel project is this?
How does helping someone
cause me to leap?
We don't know.
That's what we've been trying
- to figure out.
- What about this guy, Beckett?
Ask him. Do what he did.
We can't.
He never made it home.
So I'm stuck here forever.
No. You were working on a new algorithm
for the last five years that would fix
the Quantum Leap machine.
It wasn't working, but you uploaded
some new code just before you jumped.
So we just have to figure
out what you're here to do.
Then when you leap, we can pull you
right back to 2022.
Okay, what do you know about him?
Not much.
His name is Nick Rounder.
He's a part of a stickup crew,
if that's what they call them.
This is crazy. I can't do this.
Yes, you can.
Okay, think of me as your guide.
I'm here to help you get home.
You just have to trust me.
And do I trust you?
You do.
Look, Ben, there's something
I need to tell you.
Nick, you okay in there?
Yeah, just a second.
Okay, look.
They think you're Nick Rounder.
Keep it that way, and you'll be fine.
Who are you talking to?
No one. Just giving myself a pep talk.
We're opening the crate.
That is a lot of explosives.
All right, Pete, it's three
hours till the fireworks.
You know where to put it. Get it done.
That amount of C-4
can do some serious damage.
Maybe that's what you're here to stop.
So Charlie tells me that your great
escape back there wasn't so great.
No, no, no.
Nick's the reason we got away.
He was up there talking to himself
and burning out the clutch.
Actually, I was gonna mention,
- the clutch does stick.
- You think this is funny?
Look, he got us here, didn't he?
Yeah, but that was the easy part.
He's getting cold feet,
doesn't feel up to this.
I need to know right now.
When Richie got busted, this whole thing
was gonna fall apart.
I told you we'd get another
driver, and I found one.
Nick is the best damn
driver I've ever seen.
He saved our asses out there.
Who cares if he talks to himself?
Cole, how long we known each other?
You really think I'm going to vouch
for a guy that I don't know can deliver?
Horace is expecting you.
Need to be dressed and ready in an hour.
- Make it quick.
- All right.
And Nick, if you screw this up,
I will kill you.
Violett, I'm not getting
a reading on Ziggy's
main CPU in tower four.
Suraj, would you check the main output?
Tell me that you have been monitoring
my conversations with Ben.
- Uh
- They haven't.
But I have.
Figured I'd pinch-hit while
they work to get Ziggy up.
What do you know on Nick Rounder?
It's getting worse
by the second out there.
I saw.
That is a terrifying amount of C-4.
Is there an unterrifying amount?
Nick Rounder's a bit of a mystery.
No records on him from Philly in '85.
The C-4, on the other hand,
I found an article
about an explosion that went off
in front of the Museum of
Modern Art the day of Live Aid.
Police never uncovered
who was behind it.
But amazingly, no one was hurt.
Wait, why would Ben be there
to stop an explosion
that didn't hurt anyone?
That doesn't make any sense.
Give Ian time to get Ziggy up.
We'll get to the bottom of this.
When he looks at me, it's like, um
It's like I'm a total stranger.
Oh, Ziggy's back online.
Finally some good news.
Let's get some answers.
Hey, thanks for having
my back back there.
You kidding me?
You're saving me, man.
Thank you.
Look, I get you want
to keep your restaurant.
But there has to be
a better option than Cole.
You know that's not why I'm doing this.
Fresh is the word,
that's how I'm described ♪
And so sweet is the rap ♪
What the hell?
They're not supposed to be here.
Your wife doesn't know.
She would kill me if she found out
I was running with Cole again.
- Please keep your mouth shut.
- Daddy!
Hey, sweetie! Oh, my goodness.
Uh, what are what are you
What are doing here?
Oh, hey. You remember Nick, yeah?
Oh, it's really great to see you again.
You too.
Finished dialysis early,
thought we'd come surprise you.
Did you take good care of Mommy?
- Always.
- Mm-hmm.
Give Mommy and Daddy a second, okay?
We missed another payment.
How did it go at the bank this morning?
They approved the loan.
Come tomorrow morning, baby,
all our problems will be solved.
That's amazing.
I need to talk to you.
Ryan's not a criminal.
He's trying to save his wife.
I think that's why I'm here,
to help him.
You are.
Ryan's shot dead tonight.
You're here to save his life.
Take your baby by the hand ♪
Let me deal with Horace, okay?
And do me a favor.
Don't talk to yourself, not in there.
Ryan, I think we need
to talk about this.
Tonight's gonna go bad for you.
What, you can see into the future now?
I don't get you, man.
You came to me, remember?
You wanted to be a part of this.
You just have to trust me.
I know you're doing this for Katie,
but there has to be some other way.
Well, what is it?
I've tried everything.
Katie got sick, insurance dropped us.
Mortgaged the restaurant,
begged the bank not to foreclose.
They shut us down.
No one helps anyone.
We have to help ourselves.
Dance hall days, love ♪
Dance hall days ♪
They'll search you, then we talk.
Sorry I'm late.
We're still working on some issues
with the imaging chamber.
I'm guessing that's Horace.
You understand what he's saying?
That's because you speak Romanian,
along with several other languages.
Okay, ciao.
Here you go.
That's the Hope Diamond.
A fake we swap it out
with the real one.
The museum will never
know the difference.
Exactly, which got me thinking,
this heist don't work without me.
- I feel we should renegotiate.
- Cole paid you.
No, we're not leaving without this.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
- Hey!
- Hey.
Calm, calm.
It's not personal, just business.
Maybe we should make it personal.
What? What does that even mean?
Ben, what are you doing?
I know how much you love
your son, Constantine.
Straight As.
You speak Romanian?
Yeah, and several other languages.
But that's not why
you should be worried.
Why should I be worried?
Because I know everything about you.
Everything, every
detail about your life.
Right, leverage, on it.
Are you threatening me?
No, I'm just saying I know things.
Two years from now, Horace goes to
prison on tax evasion for bank
accounts in the Cayman Islands.
Your bank accounts in
the Caymans, for instance.
No one knows about those.
Yeah, I told Cole about those too.
If we don't leave here with that,
he'll drain every last cent.
Take it. Get out of here.
Get my accountant on the phone.
I'll call you back.
What'd you find?
Ben's working with someone.
My team recovered some of the security
footage he erased and found this.
- Who is she?
- I'm not sure yet.
I couldn't fully unscramble the image,
but we got this ring. You recognize it?
No, but it's military.
I got this after my second tour in 'Nam.
- Everyone in my platoon did.
- I'll have the team look into it.
She may be the only one who
can tell us why Ben did this.
I think you should fire me.
I beg your pardon?
I'm the head of security.
I designed the system he disarmed.
You took a chance on me
when no one else would,
and someone has to take the fall.
It should be me.
If you think I'm going
to let you hang it up
while the rest of us scramble
to fix this mess without you,
you are sorely mistaken.
You just found our first good
lead in less than a few hours.
Follow it.
Request for termination denied.
That was crazy.
Since since when
do you speak Romanian?
And and how the hell do you know
all that stuff about Horace?
I'm not who you think I am.
Ben, you can't tell him who you are.
I know things
Not just about Horace, but about you,
about what's gonna happen tonight.
Oh, yeah?
What's gonna happen tonight?
You're gonna die.
You get shot.
And I don't know who pulls the trigger,
but my guess is it's Cole.
You can't possibly know that.
I do, just like how I knew
all that about
Horace's secret bank accounts.
If you go through with this,
you will die.
You won't be able to save Katie,
and Caroline will grow up alone.
Is that what you want?
I can't help Katie unless I do this.
You can.
We'll find some other way,
but you have to walk away from this now.
- You get it?
- Yeah, we got it.
Listen. Um
We need to talk.
You're damn right we do.
Whoa, hey, hey, okay.
Shut up.
We know who you are.
You do?
You've been acting off all day,
so I did some digging.
Your name's not Nick Rounder.
It's Matt Shaw.
You're an undercover cop.
You you're a cop?
No, this has to be a mistake.
It would explain why we couldn't
find anything on Nick Rounder.
You're the mistake.
You pinched my driver
so you could take his place.
Is that it?
- You know about this?
- No, of course not!
You know how bad I need this.
He lied to me, just like you.
Ugh, a little help.
Stay calm, okay?
Who are you talking to?
You wearing a wire?
Let's find out.
He's not wired.
We can waste him, and no one will know.
Wait, wait, wait, wait! Okay, okay!
You're right.
I'm a cop, but you
don't want to do this.
You steal a diamond, maybe
you get away with it.
You kill a cop,
they'll never stop looking for you.
Cole, he's right.
We can't kill him.
- I should kill you.
- Hold on.
- Let's think this through.
- What?
- You want to let him go?
- No.
But if something goes wrong tonight,
we have a bargaining chip.
Tonight? Tonight's off.
The cops will be waiting for us.
No, they won't.
That's why you never tell
the new guy the whole plan.
He's not wired.
He didn't know how we're doing this.
And for 200 mil, I'll take my chances.
Look, I know you're upset with me.
But this doesn't change what's
gonna happen tonight.
Nothing's gonna happen to me.
You knew all that stuff about
Horace because you're a cop.
You used me to get to Cole,
came into the restaurant
looking for a job, peddling
that sob story about your family.
What kind of a person does that?
Let's go.
Ryan, don't do this.
Ryan, if you don't want to listen to me,
then listen to yourself.
You said Cole won't let
anyone get in his way.
You brought a cop into his crew.
He's gonna kill you.
What do you think he'll
do to me if I walk?
Ian, why aren't you
monitoring Addison and Ben?
Sorry. I just
I needed a a second to breathe.
We were just at their engagement party.
And and my biggest problem
was that a DJ was refusing
to play "Come Dancing."
Now one of my best friends
has intentionally
gotten himself stuck
in quantum spacetime,
and we can't get him back.
It's like a
It's like a bad mushroom trip
that I just can't sober up from.
Not that not that I do
Not that I do mushrooms.
I would never as an employee
of the United States military,
I would never do
- Ian.
- Yes?
You need to focus
that anxiety on helping
Addison bring Ben home.
She needs you right now.
We all do.
Look, if I had a way
to help, trust me, I would.
But Ben is all tied up.
And Ryan is on his way
to steal the Hope Diamond,
which, you know, makes zero sense
'cause it was never stolen.
Actually, that's not entirely true.
Okay, I'm in the DOD's mainframe.
What's the name of the file
you need me to steal?
Operation Blue Glass.
So the Hope Diamond on
display at the Smithsonian?
It's a fake.
The U.S. insured the diamond
for a half billion dollars.
When it went missing,
the government decided
to cover it up rather
than take the financial hit.
Wow. That
Actually, no. That tracks.
How did you know about this?
You spend enough time
working in DC, you hear things.
You know, if we can get the specifics
on how this crew stole it, we
might be able to help Ben stop it.
Which would save Ryan's life
and trigger a leap
and then maybe we could
pull Ben back home.
No, Ben.
- That's not going to work.
- They're plastic.
If I can create enough
friction, they should snap.
What happens to Matt Shaw?
Did they come back and kill them?
I don't know.
The original timeline,
they didn't find out
- he was undercover.
- My bad.
Okay. The night of the heist,
the crew gave him the slip.
By the time he got
to the rendezvous point,
Ryan had already been killed.
After that, he turned in his
resignation. He never really recovered.
I could fix all this if I
could just get out of here.
Can you just
I cannot believe you have lost your
memory and you are still this stubborn.
Look, pull that as tight as you can.
Use your teeth.
Right, increasing tension will
add stress to the plastic.
Making it easier to break.
Maybe you should be the one leaping.
Yeah, that was the plan.
I was brought onto this project to leap.
You were supposed to be my hologram.
Yeah. Well, you can apologize later.
We're kind of on a time crunch.
All right.
Now, pull your hands down
as hard as you can.
Use all of your force.
I should listen to you more often.
Yeah, I'll hold you to that.
I have to get to the museum.
No, you can end this right now.
Call 911.
Tell them to send all units
to the Museum of Modern Art.
The Hope Diamond's about to be stolen.
Ben, what are you doing?
If I call the cops,
Ryan'll get arrested.
Yes, but he'll live.
Ben, according to Ziggy,
if you make that phone call,
there is a 99% chance that you leap.
- Ziggy?
- Our supercomputer.
It it tells us what
you're here to do.
That's a weird name.
I don't care what Ziggy says.
I know what I have to do.
If Ryan goes to jail, Katie dies and
their daughter loses both her parents.
I can't let that happen.
I got to stop this heist.
Ben, if you fail,
you won't make it home.
Look, there are people
back at Quantum Leap
that are waiting for you,
who care about you.
Okay? I am
I am one of those people.
Ben, please.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry for leaping,
for hiding things from you,
from all of you.
But that's why I have to do this.
I let you down, and I
can't let Ryan down too.
Then you better get dressed.
Just out of curiosity,
if the person I leap into dies
You die too.
Right, good to know.
Wow, I feel seriously underdressed.
How does it feel ♪
To treat me like you do? ♪
- It's been a bit of a day.
- Fair.
Take me through the timeline again.
According to the DOD file,
the C-4 goes off
outside at exactly 8:00 p.m
knocking out the grid and
plunging the museum into darkness.
- I need backup now.
- Guards radioed for help,
but the security room had been sealed
Help! The door is jammed!
Leaving them to deal
with the chaos alone.
Cole knew the security measures.
He planned it perfectly.
They waited for the right moment
and then swapped out
the real diamond for the fake.
It took the museum hours
to figure out what had happened
with no security cameras.
By then, Cole and his crew
were long gone,
never to be seen or heard from again.
And Ryan dies.
So I have 15 minutes to stop
the greatest jewel heist
no one's ever heard of
in order to save a guy I just met.
Do you want another glass of champagne?
Wait, there's Pete.
He must be the one who seals
the door to the security room.
Okay, what are you thinking?
Right now, that I wish
I'd gone into teaching.
Hey, Pete!
Oh, God.
Who are you right now?
What, I don't normally
punch out bad guys
- while wearing a tux?
- No.
Normally, you're a "punching
out code in a T-shirt"
- kind of guy.
- That really hurt my hand.
Yeah, I could tell.
We need to find Ryan.
Got him, over there.
Jesus, man. How did you escape?
No. You you got to go.
- You have to go now.
- Not without you.
If I betray them, I'm dead.
I'm not going anywhere.
I know, which is why
I'm stopping the heist.
Ben, Charlie's on the move.
I'll be right back.
What are you doing?
Can I dance?
I mean, you think you can.
Oh, God.
Great party, almost missed it.
Clearly we made a mistake
letting you live.
Easily corrected.
Might want to rethink that.
You don't want to cause a scene,
not when you're so close.
Just hear me out.
You let Ryan walk, no retribution.
I let you and your crew walk.
And why would you do that?
And why would I do that?
'Cause I already stopped Pete
from sealing the security doors.
When the lights go off, you'll be facing
more than a dozen guards
than you were banking on.
Inconvenient, nothing I can't handle.
- Is that it?
- No.
The explosives are set
to go off in five minutes.
As a cop, I'd focus less
on stopping the heist
and more on stopping innocent
people from being blown up.
No one's going to die in the explosion.
Oh, really? You got a crystal ball?
Let's just say I have
history on my side.
All the guests are safely in the museum
when the C-4 goes off.
Is that a fact?
Looks like history is about to change.
Go! Run!
What did you just do?
I just made things a lot worse.
All these people are running
outside toward the explosives.
Do you know where they planted them?
Just forget the diamond.
I need your help.
People are going to die,
and not just you and Katie.
Follow me.
Okay, how do I disarm it?
I don't know, man. You're the cop.
Cut the wire to the blasting
cap and remove the det cord.
- We need to cut the wires.
- With what?
All right, plan B.
- Ben, we not have a plan B!
- What what is plan B?
Manhole cover.
Grab the crowbar, go.
I'm assuming I could just pick it up.
Uh, I mean, you should be able to.
- Just be careful.
- Okay.
Okay, but also hurry.
Okay. All right, steady.
That has a time fuse relay in it.
- What?
- You know what?
You're doing You're doing great.
Okay, step back.
I'm dropping it in! Run!
I don't know how to thank you,
Nick or
Matt, whatever your name is.
Go home.
Be with the people you love
and don't hide things from them.
You'll regret it.
Believe me.
What happens to Katie, his wife?
Cole's crew was arrested,
diamond was recovered,
and Ryan cut a deal with the police.
And when his story hit the local news,
the city rallied around him.
The hospital took care
of Katie's treatment.
He eventually even
got his restaurant back,
all because of you.
Well, because of us.
Thank you.
I don't remember you, but this felt
You made me feel real safe today.
And all things considered,
that's pretty incredible.
It's the law of entanglement.
The what now?
That's something you said
at a party once.
When two particles
experience a shared state,
they no longer exist
as separate entities.
They exist as one,
even when separated by great distances.
I said that at a party?
I sound like a real fun guy.
You don't like parties much.
So, um, what happens now?
Now you leap.
Ben's leaping. Let's get him home.
Ziggy is running Ben's new code now.
Oh, come on, Ben.
- Do you have him?
- Hold on.
No, no, no, no, no.
Some something's wrong
with the calculation stats.
Ziggy can't locate him.
What does that mean?
We lost him.
Where are you going?
Catching the first flight to DC.
I have to brief the general in person.
I'd hold off on that if I were you.
The ring our mystery woman was wearing,
it's from a Navy platoon
that served in Vietnam.
I got a list of everyone in it.
Look at the last name on that list.
Al Calavicci.
He was from the original project.
Yeah, but he died last year.
So who's wearing his ring?
His daughter, Janice.
She wanted to follow
in her father's footsteps,
join the project.
But the DOD had concerns about
her emotional ties to Al and Sam.
Looks like their
concerns were warranted.
Find her.
His phone.
Addison, I'm sorry I had to do this,
especially tonight.
I wish I could tell you why.
But I can't, not yet.
There are things you're going to learn
that won't make sense to you,
but just know this
This is bigger than us,
bigger than anything you can imagine.
I'm doing this because I think
it's worth it,
because I think it has to be done.
Then I'll find my way home to you,
and we can spend the rest
of our lives together.
I promise.
Atlantis, this is mission control.
Lock your visors and initiate O2 flow.
We are go for launch in five,
- four
- No, wait!
- Three, two
- Wait! Stop! D
- One.
- Oh
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