Quantum Leap (2022) s01e02 Episode Script


Dr. Ben Song risked
everything when he used
the Quantum Leap Accelerator
to travel back in time.
Now our team's working to find out why.
As he leaps between bodies
with no memory of who he is,
he still has one hope
That his next leap takes him back
to the place and people he calls home.
"Atlantis," this is mission control.
Lock your visors and initiate O2 flow.
We are go for launch in five
No. Wait! Wait!
Stop th
Separation confirmed.
We are go for orbit.
"Atlantis," Houston.
Fly me to the moon ♪
Let me play ♪
I told you we'd get up here together.
And it only took an entire
lifetime of training.
Told ya.
All right. We are lucky enough
to be the crew that puts the first piece
of the International
Space Station in orbit.
you ready to take us to our coordinates?
- Yes, sir.
- Okay.
You're showing good GPCs in your OP 2s?
- Yep.
- Will you be ready
to start the maneuver
for payload bay door opening?
do you have any idea how many times
I've practiced this in the simulator?
Hey, we are not
in the simulator anymore.
I got it.
Once a pilot.
I promise,
I'm gonna make you proud up here.
You already have.
Fill my heart with song ♪
Let me sing forevermore ♪
You are all I long for ♪
All I worship and adore ♪
David, you good?
Just remind me where
the space toilet is again?
Down in mid-deck.
In other words ♪
Can you hear me?
Hello? Addison?
Are hi.
Oat milk, three sugars.
- Did you locate Ben?
- No.
But the system is back up and running,
so it should only be a matter
of time before
What what happened?
Did somebody break in?
You don't think that
the people who did this
No, I did this.
- You?
- Yeah.
I found Ben's phone.
He left me a message before he leaped.
Telling you to trash your apartment?
No. Telling me that
there were gonna be things
that I found out about what he did
that wouldn't make sense to me.
Like any of this actually makes sense.
Okay. Okay, okay.
But but then why this?
Well, I figured if he could
be hiding one thing,
then he could be hiding another.
And is he?
I found this flash drive
in the bookshelf.
- So what's on it?
- I was about to find out.
Password encrypted.
I mean, not really a surprise there.
Can you crack it?
Maybe, but I don't know.
That's that's really
more of a Jenn thing.
Did you get any sleep at all last night?
God, I just don't understand.
I thought we were in this together.
- We are.
- No, me and Ben.
Right. Yeah, sorry.
We met at Quantum Leap.
We fell in love.
We worked side by side for years.
We had to try to not talk
about work when we came home.
It felt like our entire
life was this project.
And now there's this
whole other part to it,
this whole other part of himself
that he kept from me.
And I'm just really having a hard time
coming to terms with the fact that maybe
this was never really ours.
Uh, I don't know. It
It's hard to explain.
I mean, I think you did
a pretty good job of explaining it.
Magic found something.
I was able to recover
this image last night.
The woman helping Ben
is Janis Calavicci.
Calavicci? Like Al Calavicci's daughter?
Wait, you knew about this last night
- and you didn't say anything?
- You had a lot going on.
- Did Ben ever mention her?
- No.
What else aren't you telling me?
Janis Calavicci is
a brilliant astrophysicist.
Her father ran Quantum Leap for years.
She knows as much
about this project as anyone.
It makes sense Ben would go
to her if he needed help.
But, okay, what if it's
the other way around?
Maybe Janis is the one
that's behind all of this.
Exactly. Okay, I'll ask Ben
as soon as you locate him.
It actually might help jog his memory.
Ben not remembering anything
right now is a good thing.
Come again?
We need to And I don't believe it,
but we have to at least consider
the possibility that Ben
has been co-opted by Janis.
We have to at least consider it.
And if his memory suddenly comes back
and his plan was to do
terrible things the whole time,
there's not a lot we could do
to stop it.
The only safeguard we have
is him not remembering
why he leaped or what his agenda is.
So until we figure out
what the hell is going on,
you have to go out
of your way to make sure
we don't jog his memory, okay?
No. Not okay.
I do not agree with this plan of attack.
I'm sorry you feel that way.
- But I'm not asking.
- Okay, um, look.
None of us really got
a lot of sleep last night,
so maybe we should
just put a pin in this.
I've got a lock on Ben.
Where is he?
Well holy ship.
You're not gonna believe this.
Ben is on the space shuttle "Atlantis,"
March 7, 1998.
I noticed that you didn't
mention the little thumb drive
that you found this morning
or the message
that Ben left for you.
Look, I need to know
what Ben was thinking.
I need to know what's on this drive.
Well, then you should've
given it to Jenn.
They don't trust him.
Actually, I think that
they're trying to give him
the benefit of the doubt.
Look, I need to know
what he was thinking.
I need to see it first.
You remember this morning
when you were like,
"oh, I I thought we were
in this together,"
and I thought you were
talking about you and me,
but you were actually
talking about you and Ben,
and I was quietly mortified,
but I recovered
- really gracefully?
- Ian.
Look, splitting into two teams
right now is a mistake.
And if Ben were here,
he wouldn't stand
Well, he's not here.
Look, please just unlock the drive
For me.
- You okay in there, David?
- Yep. Yeah.
You just, uh, can't
rush this sort of thing.
First time's always a little tricky.
Oh, thank God.
Are you okay?
I'm in a space shuttle.
I know.
I thought I was supposed to get
pulled back to 2022 when I left.
Yeah, that didn't work.
Do we know why?
We're working on it.
However, the team is fairly confident
we should be able to get you
back on the next leap.
Well, I'd be more upset,
but space shuttle.
It's very cool.
Who am I this time?
Uh, your name's David Tamura.
- He is
- Tamura?
Wait a minute.
Do you remember him?
It David Tamura.
- Uh-oh.
- I I idolized him
when I was growing up.
He immigrated to the U.S. from Japan
and became an astronaut,
and I immigrated from Korea
and wanted to become an astronaut.
I immigrated from Korea
when I was a kid.
I'm remembering.
Hey, Addison, take him away from this.
- We don't want him
- Um, that's fantastic, Ben.
What else do you remember?
- Nothing.
- Okay.
- Except oh, God.
- Yes?
David Tamura dies
on his first mission
- This mission.
- We know.
Ziggy says there's a 92% chance
you're here to prevent that.
Okay. How do I do that?
Well, NASA never released
the cause of death publicly,
so we're waiting on
the classified mission report.
Until then, we just have
to keep you out of harm's way.
Okay. Yeah.
Why do you think I'm
hanging out in the bathroom?
They expect me to know things,
and there's, like,
a million switches out there,
and if I hit the wrong one
That's why I'm here.
I got you.
There he is. Hey, can you
start the post-insertion checklist
and get the PLB floodlights on?
Sure can.
Third dial from the left
and then right on the bottom.
What'd I do?
That wasn't you.
Payload doors are jamming.
Oh, no. If the payload shifted,
it could be blocking the
You guys okay down there?
A little banged up, but we're okay.
How about you two?
You all right?
Candace made me promise
to take care of him up here.
- Candace?
- His wife?
Oh, right. Candace.
Yeah, love Candace.
She didn't want him to leave again,
but he wanted to be up here for me.
My first flight, his last.
He's gonna be okay.
You know, he picked me
out of thousands of applicants.
Trained with me day in and day out
for the better part of a decade.
Ten years of him in my ear,
"Told ya. Told ya."
- Told ya?
- Oh, you've heard him.
Every time he was right and I was wrong,
which, annoyingly, was most of the time,
he'd always throw that "told ya" at me.
So aggravating at first,
but now
Now when we really need him
We were just supposed
to do this together.
He's stable.
Pretty massive concussion
and a nasty cut on his head,
but I think that's the worst of it.
Max, you were right.
Payload shifted somehow,
and when it made contact with the doors,
it triggered the thrusters
to fire on the ISS module.
- How bad is it?
- Could be better.
The explosion ruptured our O2 tank.
We switched to backup,
but that means we only have
six hours of oxygen left.
Six hours?
That doesn't seem like enough
We'll be fine.
I just need to talk to Houston,
figure out our next move.
Max, I could use your help
on the flight deck.
You got it.
I don't suppose I can leap now?
Not yet, but Ziggy says nothing changed.
But I survived the explosion.
You don't control the leap, Ben.
Okay, so if this is not how he dies,
something worse happens up here?
We need to find out how David dies now.
Hello, Beth.
Oh, this is a nice surprise.
How are you?
I'm sorry I haven't come by
since Al's funeral.
I've been meaning to, I just
Don't apologize.
I know how busy you are.
So what brings you by?
I need to talk to Janis.
She's in trouble.
I need to find her.
I figured you could help me.
What kind of trouble?
The kind I can't tell you about.
The truth is, I haven't
seen her in over a year.
After Al died, she just withdrew
from me, her friends, her life.
I tried to get her help,
but it only pushed her further away.
I'm sorry to hear that.
I have a daughter.
I know how hard it is
to try to love them,
protect them at the same time.
But this is serious.
Did something go wrong with the project?
You can tell me.
It's good to see you, Beth.
You hear from Janis, let me know.
- Hey. How'd it go?
- Fine.
Everything okay?
Make sure we're ready to go.
If I'm right,
this could be our best shot.
How goes?
Um, I-I mean
It goes.
We just got a deluge of files from NASA,
so there's some progress there.
Was that Alex in here?
Oh, um,
yeah yeah, no, she is
She's just helping me implement
some tricky software
into the new Ziggy interface.
I didn't know Alex was
on your software team.
Didn't she help develop
our PTP encryption program?
Yep. Yep, yep, yep.
You know what's
the worst thing about Ben
not being here right now?
He was kind of the guy
that held us all together.
You know, when Magic
and I would worry too much
about secrecy and security,
and Addison would get bogged down
with operational details,
or you'd go down
a rabbit hole chasing a piece of code
that ultimately didn't matter.
Ben always had this magical ability
to pull us all together
and get us marching
in the same direction.
All of us working
towards the same goal
- together.
- Jenn. Look, I
I hate seeing Magic and Addison at odds.
Ben's not here to smooth things over,
so it's up to us, you and me,
to keep this thing from falling apart.
I'm not telling you to hand
that drive over right now,
but maybe the person
who gave it to you should.
Talk to her.
- Here you go.
- Oh, thank you.
You know, mentioning David triggered
a memory from my childhood.
Shouldn't you be doing more of that,
like, using your handheld
device to show me things,
present stimuli from my life
that might trigger more memories?
They don't want me to.
In case I did this
for all the wrong reasons,
have some big, evil plan.
God, honestly, I wish
you were on this side of it.
You are always a lot better at dealing
with the politics of it all.
Trust me, I wish.
But between you and me,
I think we both know
who's better suited to be the astronaut.
Oh, come on.
You're doing better than expected.
- Thank you.
- Yeah.
For what it's worth, I get it.
You get what?
Keeping me in the dark until
they figure out why I leapt.
I hate it, but if I was
on that other side,
I'd probably be making
the same call, honestly.
Yeah. You would, wouldn't you?
Since we can't talk about me,
can we talk about you?
Who's the lucky guy?
Do I know him?
Uh, you wouldn't remember him.
Fair enough.
When's the big day?
Six months.
I hope I'm back by then.
You better be.
Oh, good.
We got the classified
mission report from NASA.
How did David die?
It was on a spacewalk.
He got hit by debris.
Okay. Well, this is easy.
As long as I don't leave the ship,
then I can leap, right?
David, do you want to get up here?
The explosion knocked out
long-distance comms.
We can't contact Houston.
With Reynolds out, I'm in charge,
and I'm making the call
to return to Kennedy
while our window's still open.
Yes. Love this plan.
Thing is, we can't land
until we close the payload bay doors.
Totally. Yeah, I know that. Yeah.
But in order to do that,
we need to jettison
that damaged ISS module.
The explosion fried
our remote capabilities.
And the Canadarm got banged
up and isn't responding.
So we need you to get out there
and toggle the manual release lever.
- You need me to
- Suit up.
We need you to do
an emergency spacewalk.
Okay, according to the records,
David was struck by debris at 21:54 UTC,
which gives you 90 minutes.
Now, if you can get out there,
jettison the ISS module,
and get back in, you should be good.
Let's get that helmet on.
Start the pressurization tests.
How long do those tests take?
I don't know, 20 minutes?
I'm good. Uh, we don't need those tests.
Pass, please.
Sorry, David, we gotta
do this by the book.
Do we? We have six hours of O2 left.
I understand needing to be careful,
but I need to get out there now.
Reynolds would do the checks.
No. David's right.
By the end of this,
seconds are gonna count.
He's not gonna be out there long.
Let's get him in the airlock.
Thank you.
You know what Reynolds
would say right now?
Remind me.
He'd get that serious,
noble look in his eye.
He'd lean in close and say,
"You have trained
"for every possibility
except for the one
you're about to encounter."
When you're up here for real,
it's not about following
flowcharts and checklists.
It's about trusting your gut.
Stay fluid.
Stay open.
Stay safe.
Smart guy.
He's got his moments.
Let's get you out there.
This is Ground Control to Major Tom ♪
I'm stepping through the door ♪
And I'm floating ♪
In a most peculiar way ♪
And the stars look ♪
Very different today ♪
This is
I didn't know you could be terrified
and amazed at the same time.
This is crazy.
I mean, I know I'm not really here,
but this
This is incredible.
Can we focus here?
I'm on a bit of a clock.
Yeah. Right.
Open that panel.
Thank you.
I was just checking the feed.
Ben was remembering things,
and Addison had him leaning into it.
I know. I told her to stop.
And she didn't.
You should have killed the connection
and pulled her from the imaging chamber.
Well, I don't think that
would have gone over well.
Look, I didn't create this situation.
Neither did she.
What is it?
Your plan worked.
About 20 minutes after
you left Beth's house,
she called Janis.
So now we have Janis' phone
and an address.
We have an address for Janis?
- Where is she?
- Small house in Pasadena.
- Phone's still there.
- Let's move.
Okay, good. Now prime those two levers.
How are we doing on time?
Still have ten minutes,
and we're almost
Radio that you're ready to jettison.
Stratton, I am ready to jettison.
That's great news, David.
We're ready in here.
Go for jettison.
All right.
Flip that red switch.
Here goes nothing.
Great work, David. Come on inside,
and we'll get these payload
bay doors closed.
Thought you'd never ask.
Ben. The debris.
- It's early.
- What?
The records must've been a little off.
- A little off?
- You need to get down.
You okay out there?
I just dodged some space debris.
That was close.
But I'm okay.
You're alive. That was amazing.
Now I can leap.
You don't control the leap, Ben.
Yeah, sure. Fine.
I can be more Zen about it, but, I mean,
David is very much alive. I
dodged the debris. We're good, no?
Okay. All right.
N-no. No, no, no, no, no.
- That that can't be true.
- What?
Ben, it says because
the debris missed you,
it damaged some thermal
protection tiles.
- So what? They're just
- No.
When the shuttle hits
the atmosphere on reentry,
the heat shields fail.
Ziggy says there's 100% chance
of the entire team dying now.
Looks quiet.
I wonder if Janis is still there.
I was thinking I'd just knock,
see if she's home.
You need to be more delicate
with Addison.
You think she's right,
that we should be trying
to get Ben to remember?
No. But she's feeling
pretty out of control right now.
We are not helping.
How do you mean?
She didn't choose to be the hologram.
She didn't choose for her fiancé
to leap back in time
without telling her.
She didn't choose to be in the middle
of a scandal that could rewrite the past
in ways we can't even imagine.
It's a lot.
I know this is a military project,
but we're a team, Magic.
We're supposed to be, anyway.
So, you know, cut her some slack.
Start letting her
be a part of the decisions
instead of on the receiving end of them.
You sure Ben didn't leap into you?
That might be the nicest
thing you've ever said to me.
Everything okay?
Not really, but they're getting him
out of his spacesuit right now,
so he's okay for a minute.
Where are we with the drive?
Well, um, the encryption is next level.
I mean, it would take accessing
all of the computational power
in the building in order to crack it,
which is something that
we cannot do very quietly.
Okay, look, there's got to be a way.
Oh, um, there is, actually.
It's called asking our friends for help.
Look, I-I don't think
that you're holding
the drive back because
you don't trust Magic and Jenn.
I think it's Ben
that you're worried about.
I mean, something on this drive
could be incriminating,
and that's scary to think about.
I'm going back in.
Those tiles get banged up all the time.
- It's fine.
- No, Ben.
They don't know this, but a shuttle
with this kind of debris
damage disintegrated
upon reentry in 2003.
That damage is substantial.
We can't attempt a reentry
without repairing them first.
We have four and a half hours
of oxygen left,
and only another 20 minutes
to get in position
or we lose our window to Kennedy.
So we can either attempt reentry now
and hope for the best,
or we can suffocate up here
arguing about tiles.
There's another option.
The Russians?
Their space station should
have plenty of O2 to spare.
We top up, fix the tiles, and head home.
That's insane for a thousand reasons.
No, it's not. Ziggy says
there's an 87% chance
that you all survive
if you go to Mir right now.
Mir gets my vote.
Absolutely not.
We should attempt deorbit burn
now while we can.
This isn't a democracy.
We've lost contact with Houston,
and I'm acting commander.
I make the call. We're going to Mir.
Like hell we are.
Reynolds, you okay?
No, but you're about
to get us killed up here.
Look, a lot has happened since you
I have this under control
We are not about to go running
to the Russians for help.
Do you know how embarrassing
that would be to the program?
I think losing a shuttle
on reentry would be worse.
We're going home.
Coffee's still warm.
Looks like she was smart enough
to ditch the phone and leave.
A risk we had to take.
Maybe she left something
behind that could tell us
what she and Ben were up to.
Nothing looks out of the ordinary,
except for an unnatural
love of Pottery Barn.
Give me a hand.
Ten minutes until our window closes.
Look, I know you're nervous,
but Max and I have been up here before.
The bird maybe gets knocked
around a little bit more
than you like, but it's designed for it.
The tile damage is severe.
Like you said, this is not a democracy.
Now, look, kid.
We're gonna be fine, okay?
What am I gonna say to you
when this is over?
This is not a "told ya" moment.
The tiles are messed up.
We're leaking O2.
The Canadarm isn't working.
And that's just the stuff we've noticed.
The safe play is to rendezvous with Mir.
Samantha, get in the chair.
I know you still look at me
like I'm some 20-year-old
rookie sometimes,
but I am right about this.
Please, I need you to just listen to me.
Just just see what I
Candace made me promise
to get you home safe
Enough! Now get in that
chair and start our deorbit burn.
Get her back here now.
Ben, you need to stop this.
Do what you do best.
Get them all rowing
in the same direction.
- How can I help?
- You should go back up there.
- Why?
- Plausible deniability.
I'm gonna open the payload bay doors
and lock them out of the system.
It'll force them to abort reentry.
- You
- Get up there, David.
I don't want you court
martialed if we survive this.
She's gonna open the payload bay doors
and force you to abort, sir.
Ben, what are you doing?
She's trying to save you.
You are in a diminished capacity.
You have a concussion.
You were unconscious up until
about 15 minutes ago.
You are not of sound mind. You
should not be in that chair right now.
Five minutes till we lose our window.
What did you always say?
You're prepared for every possibility
except for the one
you're about to encounter.
Stay fluid. Stay open. Stay safe.
She's only here because
I'm the one who fought for her.
She's up here because you've
trained her to be the best.
You've been side by side with her
for the better part of a decade,
teaching her everything you know.
Every "told ya" making her better,
getting her ready
for a moment just like this.
And now she's willing
to risk her career and her life
to convince you that you are wrong.
She sees something you don't.
And just because
you don't see it right now,
you gotta trust that what she's doing
is best for all of us.
Because she's still
the Stratton you love,
the Stratton that loves you.
So please abort deorbit.
Commander, we need to begin our burn.
You two better be right about this.
Let's say Stratton can
get us into Mir's orbit
I've already mapped a course.
I can get us there in under an hour.
- I really like her.
- Yeah.
That solves problem one.
But still, our long-range
comms are still out.
If we can't talk to them, we can't dock.
Well, we can't just
pull up and honk the horn.
Hey, when we're on the ground,
there's no way we're using our massive,
super-powerful comms, right?
We must have high-power S band
on this thing too.
High-power S band. Great idea.
Nice, Ben.
That only works line of sight.
Someone would have to be
in the payload area,
pointing the antenna right at them.
Oh, wait. Hold on.
Um, there's probably another way.
You up for another spacewalk, buddy?
You got to hand it to her.
She doesn't skimp
on the processing power.
That's Ben's handwriting.
What do you think it means?
I have no idea.
Hey, she knows we're here.
We better move fast.
The computers are password protected.
Check the servers.
Make sure it's not bolted down.
They are and they're
modified torque screws.
I am starting to like
this woman despite myself.
I can pull out the screws
and remove the drive.
Make it quick.
Just admit it.
You love spacewalks.
I'm trying to work.
Two in one day, that's all I'm saying.
Thank you.
Uh, for which thing?
For, uh, not giving up on me.
For helping me.
For helping the guy that no one trusts.
I trust you.
You do?
Yeah, Ben.
I do.
We're good.
"Atlantis," we're ready to
make that collect call to Mir.
Copy that. Stand by.
I've got the antenna
pointed right at Mir.
Best-case scenario,
from them acknowledging us
to us connecting up to the Russian O2,
how long will that take?
At least an hour.
And how much oxygen do we have left?
Hour 15?
So we have 15 minutes for them
to talk to us
or this is all for nothing?
Mir, this is U.S.
Space Shuttle "Atlantis."
Do you copy?
I repeat.
This is Space Shuttle "Atlantis."
- We are in distress.
- Come on.
Come on.
Hello, Magic.
You didn't need to use Beth like that.
She always liked you.
She's the only reason
you're not in jail right now.
I'm not in jail right now
because you couldn't find me.
Listen, I just want to talk.
I'm trying to understand
what you got Ben into.
What I?
Ben came to me.
He knocked on my door
and asked for my help.
None of this was my idea.
What's in it for you?
I've gone through his financials
with a fine-tooth comb.
I know he's not paying you.
Stay out of our way, Magic.
Janis, just come in, talk to me.
We can work this out.
Your time is up.
I would leave if I were you.
I've taken precautions.
Jenn, we gotta go.
- I'm almost there!
- Jenn.
It's not worth it. Come on!
She's gonna burn up the basement!
- You okay?
- Yeah.
Appreciate the concern,
but it was totally worth it.
Mir, this is "Atlantis."
We have four astronauts on board.
We are running out of oxygen.
Mir, I repeat.
This is U.S. Space Shuttle "Atlantis."
- Do you copy?
- Jim.
They can't hear us.
I don't understand.
Even if they can't hear you,
how can they not see you?
The shuttle is all white and huge.
It's the middle of the night UTC time.
They're sleeping.
That's why they don't know we're here.
I'm gonna wake them up.
He just unclipped his safety tether.
David, what are you doing?
We're out of time.
I'm gonna go knock on their door.
Oh, my God, he's gonna jump.
Ben, wait. What are you doing?
I'm controlling the leap.
Ben, hold on!
- That was close.
- Yeah, too close.
Are you okay?
Now let's see if anyone's home.
Come on. Is anyone there?
You gotta be kidding me!
We need help.
Decided to make a house call.
I have contact with Mir.
Way to go, David.
I can't believe it.
Hey, uh,
I'm I'm sorry.
Told ya.
What's Ziggy say?
They survive, all of them.
They dock with Mir,
make their shuttle repairs,
and make it home safe.
Stratton becomes a shuttle commander,
and David becomes one
of the first astronauts
to live on the International
Space Station once it's completed.
That's great.
But what are the chances
this leap takes me home?
Honestly, it's 50/50, Ben.
But I promise you,
no matter what happens,
I am going to be with you
every step of the way
until we get you home.
Thank you.
I'm so glad we could do this
Ben's code didn't bring him back.
We're still not sure why.
We'll find him.
We'll get it to work eventually.
I want to
I'm sorry.
I should have told you
about Janis earlier.
And deciding how to handle Ben's memory
should have been a group discussion.
I appreciate that.
But you were right.
Even Ben thinks so.
Until we have a better understanding
of his motivations,
we should keep him in the dark.
I spent my entire life in the military.
And when things go sideways,
I default to barking orders.
But this project is different.
It's gonna take all of us
to figure this out.
I need you.
Thanks, Magic.
We were able to track down Janis.
She slipped through our fingers,
but we recovered one of her hard drives.
Let me show you.
Well, surprise, surprise.
It's encrypted.
- Jenn, can you hack it?
- I tried.
But without an encryption key,
it could take months.
- Or never.
- Well, it's likely
that Ben kept a digital key
that he could insert
into the mainframe
that would decrypt the servers.
Um, he probably kept it
on a thumb drive or
I can help with that.
I found this in my apartment
this morning.
I should have turned it over
when I found it.
It's okay.
We're all figuring this out as we go.
I was scared of what was on it,
but I'm not anymore.
Ben might not remember
who he is, but I do.
I saw it today on "Atlantis."
He's, uh
He's still Ben.
Let's see what's on it.
Yeesh. That's a lot of data.
I think it's cycling like this
because it was designed
with a 3D construct in mind.
Hold on. Let me
Millions of variables
representing millions of places in time.
What is that?
Uh that's a destination.
I I think that Ben uploaded
all of this new code
and got into the machine
because he was trying
to get to a specific place,
a specific point in time.
But I don't know where or when.
Or why.
Keep your hands up!
Why are you looking at me?
He's the one to keep your eyes on.
Wait a second, there must
be a misunderstanding.
Okay, I
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