Quantum Leap (2022) s01e03 Episode Script

Somebody Up There Likes Ben

Dr. Ben Song risked everything
when he used
the quantum leap accelerator
to travel back in time.
Now, our team's working to find out why.
As he leaps between bodies
with no memory of who he is,
he still has one hope:
that his next leap takes him back
to the place and people he calls home.
Keep your hands up!
Why are you looking at me?
He's the one to keep your eyes on.
What just happened?
There must be a misunderstanding, okay?
I did four combinations like you said.
You good, you good.
Little brother here just
got distracted is all.
Danny, you straight?
You know where you are?
Not really.
Go ahead, hit the showers.
Coach, I'm sorry.
It's all good.
There we go.
I am jacked.
Uh, am I disturbing you two, or
I can come back if you want.
It's a perk of being a hologram.
- Just
- Addison, what went wrong?
This makes three leaps now.
You said I'd be
Look, we are still trying to make
sense of the code that you uploaded.
So until then, I say that you and I
focus on getting you safely
through whatever this leap is.
All right.
Okay, your name is
Danny Hill. I'm a boxer in Las Vegas.
We're in the 1970s.
Look at you, getting the hang of this.
You are indeed Danny Hill,
we are in Vegas,
and the date is October 2, 1977.
- Groove three.
- Did you say October 2, 1977?
Yeah. Why?
God, someone up there does not like me.
I've just leapt into
the body of a fighter
whose title shot is tomorrow.
- What?
- Yeah.
Sorry, Ziggy's running slow.
Okay, uh ah.
He lost, didn't he?
Yeah, evidently.
I mean, Danny was the odds-on
favorite, but something went wrong.
Newspaper reports that he fought sloppy
like he was distracted.
He got knocked out in the second round,
and his career never really recovered.
It's hard to believe I'd leap into
someone to help them win a fight.
Maybe you're here
to find the distraction.
Mystery solved.
Hey, you.
Uh, I'm not getting anything
on her, Ben.
I know I'm not supposed to be here,
but I wanted to give you these for luck.
Shoelaces. You're funny.
They're for your gloves, lover boy.
Now when you step
into the ring tomorrow night,
I will be with you because I am with you
even though I can't be
by your side just yet, okay?
Danny, what's taking so long
You shouldn't be here, Angela.
It's only for a minute.
You know, you say you love my brother,
you say you want what's best for him,
but if that's true, you leave right now.
And not do anything else to distract him
before the biggest fight of his life.
That's what someone
who loves him would do.
Then that's what I'll do.
Was that necessary?
Funny coming from the guy
who just got his ass kicked
by his sparring partner.
Weigh in is in an hour.
Hurry up. Get dressed.
I always wanted a brother.
But I'm an only child.
Yeah, that's right, Ben.
Do you remember anything else?
I used to go out to parties ♪
Okay, Daryl "The Hammer" Hill
is Danny's only family.
Their parents died in a fire
when Danny was just eight.
So Daryl raised Danny and protected him.
Yeah, and taught him how to fight.
Daryl was a top-ranked boxer himself
before he got drafted into Vietnam.
Never fought after that.
So Danny's getting me
the title shot Daryl never had.
He's married, wife Penny,
no kids though.
I can't see anything else significant.
Are you nervous?
Actually, yeah.
Now you just remember
you're Danny Hill,
best damn fighter in the world.
And you will be champion tomorrow.
I've seen it.
Let's go.
Keep on dancin' ♪
Keep on dancin' ♪
Ladies and gentlemen,
first up on the scale,
hailing from Youngstown, Ohio,
with a professional record
of 37 wins and no losses,
23 of those wins by knockout,
ladies and gentlemen,
the middleweight champion
of the world, Roy Gordon!
I hate the damn cameras.
160 pounds!
I'm not going to lie, Ben.
He looks pretty mad.
He looks like he wants to kill you.
- Not helping.
- Sorry.
And our challenger,
born and raised right here in Las Vegas,
trained by local legend
Daryl "The Hammer" Hill
with a perfect record
of 14 wins, no losses,
all 14 of those wins by knockout,
ladies and gentlemen,
Danny Youngblood Hill!
161 pounds!
Well, at least we know
why Danny's been distracted.
I'm a starchild ♪
No, no, I said a starchild ♪
You're in love
with the champ's girlfriend.
Mm, I said a starchild ♪
Ian, I have 24 hours
to teach Ben how to box.
And not just box,
defeat the middleweight
champion of the world.
Yeah, it's
I need the footage
from the original bout,
- all the stats on Roy Gordon.
- Addison, Addison, Addison
I need every fight he ever did.
I'm looking for weaknesses.
I'm looking for issues
Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey
- I'm looking
- Hey, hey, hey, hey.
Look, I know, I know.
I'm gonna get you everything you need.
You know that.
Sorry, I didn't mean to roll over you.
Look, I know this is gonna
be a very stupid question
But are you okay?
Of course not.
I mean, we don't know
how long this is gonna last.
I've been going over the code
that Ben uploaded just before he left.
Addison, he might be
stuck out there a while.
Look, you've been
burning it at both ends,
and it's gonna catch up
with you if you don't
take better care of yourself.
- I'm taking care of myself.
- Really, Gabby?
When was the last time that you slept
or ate something that
wasn't from a vending machine?
But look, I can't just stop.
Okay, everything here reminds me of him.
Everything at home reminds me of him.
Even the day of the week
reminds me of him.
So, like, Wednesday?
Wednesday reminds you of Ben?
On Wednesdays, we used to get Thai food
and watch "Real Housewives
of Beverly Hills."
He pretends like he hates it,
but he follows all of them on Twitter.
- No, no.
- Yeah.
but he doesn't remember that now.
He doesn't remember why he did this.
And he doesn't even remember me, so
yeah, it's been kind of hard
to eat and sleep or think.
So, yeah, I might not be
taking the best care of myself,
but doing the best I can.
We're gonna get through this.
- Hey.
- Thanks.
Magic wants us in his office.
I had another call from the Pentagon.
They know our power draw is up.
They know something is going on.
I can put them off.
I just need to know if I'm coming up
with a short-term lie
or something longer.
Well, I finished going
through all the new code
that Ben uploaded just before
he leapt, and we were right.
Ben is trying to get to a
specific moment in space-time.
We just can't tell where or when.
If we take the first moment that he left
and we use it as a center,
then I think that each leap
is a stopping point
on a way to this endpoint.
What's not clear is the path
he's taking to get there.
Why not?
Well, for starters,
Ben just leapt into a past
that's beyond his own lifetime.
That's supposed to be impossible.
Yeah, it was,
but Ben got rid of almost all
of our safety protocols
before he got into the machine,
so nothing's impossible now.
How many leaps
to get where he's going, Ian?
I would say no less than ten,
but probably closer to 20.
So he's not coming home anytime soon?
That's what I've been
trying to tell you.
Okay. I have to tell him.
Addison, we don't know how he'll react.
He'll react like Ben.
He might have lost his memory,
but he's still the same man.
He'll adapt. He'll be strong.
I'll tell him after he wins the fight,
which, speaking of,
I have a lot of work to do,
so unless you need me here
- Go ahead.
- Thank you.
Where are we going?
Out the side entrance.
Avoid you being crowded.
Daryl, we need to delay
the fight, one week, maybe two.
- I'm just not feeling well.
- That's just nerves.
It's not. You saw me earlier.
I almost got knocked out
by my own sparring partner.
Hey, keep your voice down.
Look, the promoter,
he has a out in your contract.
Any delay, he moves on.
Little brother, there's
a whole line of fighters
waiting for their shot, a line we jumped
because I called in every favor
I was owed.
Now you really wanna wait years
for another chance?
It's better than losing.
How about losing the gym?
Go on, get in the car.
This is Ben calling Addison.
Hey, champ. He's right here.
You think I wouldn't find out?
You think I didn't know?
I followed her this morning.
I saw you with Angela with my own eyes.
Look, you hit me now,
you lose your payday.
How about I beat your ass twice?
Danny, get in.
He bait you into throwing a punch?
No, I'm good.
Saved by the baby killer.
Daryl, Daryl, what are you doing?
I was serving my country in Vietnam.
You gonna stand there and call me that?
What's the matter?
A little too close to the truth?
Daryl, it's me, it's me!
We gotta go. We gotta go!
That was crazy.
What did you mean, lose the gym?
Daryl, do we keep
secrets from each other?
Okay, Ben, I know everything
there is to know
about your fight with the champ.
Oh, okay. Okay, okay, we're not
gonna talk about any of it, huh?
Is that the way you want me
going into the fight? Distracted?
We ran out of money eight months ago.
I had to borrow against the gym.
Banks turned me down, so
I went to the sharks.
Penny doesn't know
and I didn't want you to either.
Look, I'm your older brother.
My job is to shelter you
from all the ugliness in this world.
Keep your chin up, okay?
'Cause none of this will matter
when you win tomorrow night.
What if I lose?
I told you don't ever say that.
What if I lose?
Will you be able to sell
the gym and pay them back?
I want 15 minutes of rope.
Work the speed bag.
Nothing too hard.
I don't think this is just about
winning a fight, Addison.
How did Ziggy miss this?
Miss what?
After Danny loses the fight,
Daryl's forced to sell the gym.
With his debts mounting up, he
He took his own life, Ben.
I think you're here to save him.
I know what he's doing.
That is the course that "Voyager 2"
took through our solar system.
Now you see how it slingshots
around the inner planets?
That's called gravity-assisted
It's the only way
the "Voyager 2" could speed up
enough in order
to reach the outer planets.
Okay? And what is this have to do
I think that Ben is trying
to do the same thing,
but through time.
He's moving from point to point
in order to build up enough momentum
so that he could leap further
than would otherwise be possible.
If you're right, it means
Ben could leap as far back
in time as he wanted.
Ian, what are you doing?
I need you down there working,
not up here playing genius.
Have you figured out
what's up with Ziggy?
What are you talking about?
I told you before. Ziggy seemed slow.
Now it just missed the
entire reason for Ben's leap.
Something's wrong.
Okay, so you were right.
Something is slowing Ziggy down.
How long to figure out what's wrong?
I don't know. I built a firewall
around the computational center
while it troubleshoots,
but until I can figure it out,
Ziggy's performance might be
a little compromised at times.
Let me know the minute
you find out what happened.
I'm sorry I snapped earlier.
Being a hologram is frustrating.
I can't protect him, I can't
Watching from the sidelines
has never been my strong suit.
Yeah, no, I I get it.
Trust me. I do.
And I also think you might just be
underestimating the power
of being a hologram.
I mean, you might not
be able to hit somebody,
but you could, for example, shadow box.
Looking good.
Okay, we have got
to work on your entrances,
maybe get you a bike bell.
A bike bell? How about a bullhorn?
Penny Hill, Daryl's wife.
Hey, Penny. Daryl's in his office.
I actually came to see you.
What's wrong with my husband?
I don't even recognize him anymore.
The way he talks,
the way he looks at me,
it's like everything
that we had just disappeared.
He's been under a lot of pressure,
and he's been keeping it
to himself to protect us.
He tries to hide it, but
anyone can see he is
carrying the weight of the world.
I just wish that he would
talk to me about it,
talk to anyone.
I think tomorrow if
WhenI win,
all of that pressure should lift.
That'll be good.
Your brother could use a break.
Seems like ever since his tour was over,
been nothing but bad luck.
Well, I'll let you get back to it.
In case either of you are hungry.
Good night, Danny.
This is hard, Addison.
I know I'm not Danny
and I know I should not care,
but this is not so easy.
I know.
Trust me.
We need to win. How do we do that?
Funny you should ask.
So I have been thinking
you might be Ben,
but you have leapt into the body
of a professional fighter,
a body that's strong,
a body that is trained
and lightning fast.
When you hit, it's not Ben's fist
Roy Gordon's going to feel.
It's Danny's.
Roy Gordon's gonna feel that.
So physically,
I have Danny's conditioning.
I have his strength and his speed.
- I just have to harness it.
- Exactly.
The problem is I don't
have the skill or experience,
so I don't know what to do
once the fight starts.
If only there was a way to know exactly
what the champ would do.
If we could see the fight
before it happened
Oh, wait.
What do we have here?
Do you wanna milk that moment
a little bit longer?
Should I give you
some more time with that?
You know, I really gotta
get the wins where I can.
you have a photographic memory.
I do. Ironic.
Let's put it to use.
My. You found all this so fast.
Magic is me.
Ben's been working on his new
code for the past six months.
Six months? That can't be right.
Remember the physics symposium
he went to in San Diego?
He got there,
but he left two days early.
I found more than two dozen
other inconsistencies since then.
I'm gonna have to interview Addison,
ask her about every day since San Diego.
And she's gonna feel every single lie.
Okay, Ziggy ran the scenarios.
The best time to strike is when
Gordon gives up an opportunity
in the second round.
That's what Danny missed.
So I just have to make
it to the second round
without deviating
from the original history.
Yeah, but the fight has to play out
exactly like it did
to get to that opening.
Every step, every feint, every punch.
Every punch?
Don't joke.
You have to execute
all of those moves perfectly,
or you are on your own
against the middleweight
champion of the world.
Okay. Let's go to work.
All right, let's go again.
I'm a righty, Danny's a lefty.
Everything about this feels off.
Then we run it and we run it again
until it feels right.
Let's go.
Again. Come on.
That's the hook!
Keep that right up.
Dude, that's a jab! Come on!
Now he's coming at you.
Ben, that's wrong.
One, two. Now come on.
Let him hit you with the left.
Again. Again. Again!
Addison, you okay?
- It's just a little
- Let's do it again.
We're taking a break.
You don't have time for a break!
I'm not asking.
You're clearly exhausted.
We need to stop.
You can't afford to stop,
and neither can I.
I have to be here all of the time.
Do you understand that?
I cannot let you make a single mistake,
or else we're done.
It's over. You fail.
And you never get home.
You never get
What happened?
You lost consciousness
in the imaging chamber.
Doc says you're suffering from
exhaustion and dehydration.
You scared the hell out of all of us.
I feel fine. Really.
No, no. Doc says you have to rest.
How long?
- She wanted two days.
- I can't.
I told her she'd
be lucky to get two hours.
Now electrolytes, vitamins, fluids,
enough to get you through this sleep.
When it's finished, you can get up.
Any sooner, you're gonna collapse again
and help no one.
Now that we know Ben is going somewhere
and he's leaping his way to get there,
we have to treat this like
a marathon and not a sprint.
That doesn't sound good.
Well, I found out
why Ziggy's running slow.
Someone opened a remote link
into the system.
Janis Calavicci.
- Hi, Mom.
- How did she do it?
Best guess, Trojan Horse
on the drive we found
at Addison and Ben's place.
It's looking more and more
like Ben is being used
and doesn't know it.
Ian, can we separate Janis's connection?
I'm working on it.
They pulled surveillance yesterday.
No one's watching anymore.
That doesn't mean
they're not looking for you.
What are you doing here?
I haven't seen you in so long,
and I wanted to talk.
This is kind of you.
But is T okay?
I'll start the water.
Well, if I initialize the system reboot,
we might be able to lock her out,
but we'll also lose contact with Ben.
For how long?
Reboot could take a week or longer,
which means Ben loses the fight
and he'll likely be trapped in the past.
No, leave the system as-is.
See if we can figure out
what Janis is doing.
Oh, she can't really do anything.
She can access data,
but it's not like
she can send commands to Ziggy.
She doesn't have the tech
to interface with it.
I don't know why I never thought of it.
All these years, I blamed Magic
for banning me from the QL program.
And it was you.
You asked him to do it, didn't you?
I did what I had to do.
You would have spent your
life chasing phantoms,
wasted your brilliant mind on a program
that was never going to work.
Sam Beckett was lost forever.
Your dad never got over it.
Is it so wrong for me
to want to protect you
from that same fate?
No, it isn't wrong.
I do have one question though.
Did it ever occur to you
that maybe I wouldn't fail?
Did you ever once consider
that maybe your daughter
was smart enough
to succeed where
everyone else went wrong,
that I was the only one talented enough
to make all of dad's dreams come true?
Didn't think so.
It's okay.
Water under the bridge.
I would, however,
in light of your admission,
I would like to collect
all of my father's things
relating to the program.
I'm sorry, Janis.
I can't let you have them.
Even though you just admitted
that you unjustly
sabotaged my entire career.
I don't believe it was unjust.
And I am not going to change my mind.
Janis, what did you do me?
I did what I had to do.
Ring, ring.
That's my imitation of a bike bell.
Thank God.
- Are you okay?
- I'm totally fine.
Are you sure?
Because when you collapsed,
I tried to catch you,
- and I couldn't and it
- And it sucks.
Yeah, well, welcome to my world.
How's it going?
- So I'm here, boom, right?
- Right.
I come along this way.
Why are you fighting right-handed?
Oh, just pulling out all the stops,
doing whatever I can to win.
Penny came by?
Yeah, she just wanted to drop
those off in case we got hungry.
But she ain't wanna talk to me, huh?
'Cause she wanna talk to you?
You know, let me guess.
She's worried about me. Am I right?
You know that's the story she's been
spinning to all my friends?
Going behind my back!
Telling people my business.
Man, I've seen this before.
This is PTSD.
- I know.
- You don't know!
A lot of the people
I served with in Afghanistan
came home with some sort
of emotional trauma,
but at least there are treatments now.
Daryl, listen to me.
You need help.
Daryl, stay calm. I can handle this.
Is Mr. Daryl Hill here?
The hell you want?
Mr. Hill, you're under arrest
for the assault of Sean Willis
and Charles White.
That was self-defense, officer.
He was protecting me.
Step aside.
Ben, you need to keep him calm.
Daryl, just breathe.
Okay, tell him that he's not alone.
Daryl, I'm right here with you.
- Get him to look at you.
- Daryl, look at me.
Look at me!
We're gonna get through this.
We're gonna get through this
the same way we've gotten
through everything before.
That's why Danny was distracted.
Ziggy says there was a fight in jail.
He's locked up for 72 hours.
- Missing the fight.
- Yeah.
Something's gotta change.
Hey, pigs! Forget about me?
What did you call me?
Take him, too.
How is this an improvement?
Ziggy says your little gambit worked.
You both get out of jail now, but
But Daryl still takes his own life.
It just happens a few months later.
It'll happen even if I win, won't it?
There's no way for Ziggy to know that.
Not asking Ziggy.
Without help, yeah, it probably will.
Hill brothers, congratulations.
You made bail.
Last I checked, we got a fight to win.
I'm not fighting unless
you promise to see a doctor.
Man, you sound like Penny, man.
I'm serious, Daryl.
I'm not walking out of here
unless you promise
I don't need help.
You nearly went off on those cops.
But I didn't.
And you got out of the car
when we could have just driven away.
What's a doctor gonna do for me?
Give me some pills to help me sleep?
The doctor can't fix what I got, man.
Every time I close my eyes,
I see bodies,
men that I served with.
You think I wanna to be going off?
Yelling at my wife?
I don't know how
to be her husband anymore.
I don't even know
why I'm still here, man.
Because I need you.
You said I can't afford
to be distracted.
How am I supposed to win a damn fight
when I know my brother,
my only family, is losing his?
You think I care about a title
if I don't have you around
to share it with?
Man, you taught me everything I know.
Everything I have is because of you.
And I been waiting 25 years
to prove I'm a better fighter than you.
You better believe I'm gonna
wrap that belt around me
and walk all up and down
your living room every day,
show it off right in your face.
Man, you got me crying in here.
Oh, get it together.
Okay, I promise.
I'll go.
And you'll keep going,
and you won't quit no matter what.
If you win the fight.
Not if
Thank you, darling.
Don't thank me.
She's the one that paid.
Thank you, Angela.
You're welcome.
I love your brother.
You know that, right?
And you can thank me tonight
by knocking
that ugly son of a bitch out.
Hell, yeah.
I know you got soul!
One, two, three, hit it!
You got it, you got it, you got it ♪
You got it, I know you got soul ♪
You okay?
The Champ's only got one trainer.
I've got two.
Boxers, center.
Gentlemen, I've given
your instructions in the back.
Touch them up. Back to your corner.
Come on, baby!
Okay, Ben, just like we practiced.
I know you got soul ♪
You're doing great, Ben.
It is lining up perfectly
with the original fight.
What are doing out there?
You leaving yourself open.
No, I've got him right where I want him.
Next round, he's going down.
- You got this, baby!
- Let's go!
Okay, remember don't deviate
until you see the opening.
Get some distance!
- Yes!
- Work the body, work the body!
There we go.
- That's it! Kick his ass!
That's what I'm talking about!
- Oh, my God!
- Yes!
One, two, three, four,
five, six, seven, eight, nine.
You okay?
Walk to me.
That should've worked.
It did not.
Ziggy's still running slow.
We're on our own.
Thanks. I feel much better now.
Any suggestions?
You see the color of his left eye?
Stick to his right.
It'll be harder for him to track you.
Do that, do that.
You got this, baby!
You got this! Win this fight!
- Come on, baby.
- Yes!
- Come on!
- Come on, Ben!
- Oh, God.
- Oh, my God.
Come on, it's time to get up.
Danny, get up now!
It's time to get up. Ben, get up.
Ben, get up now!
- Yes, yes!
- Yes, yes, come on!
- I'm good.
- There you go.
I'm up, I'm up!
Look at me. Are you okay to continue?
Yeah, yeah.
- What's your name?
- Ben Song.
I mean I mean Danny, Danny Hill.
Walk to me.
So much for going right.
Switch your stance. You're right-handed.
Fight that way.
- You want me to fight righty?
- Yes! That could work.
But look, you only gonna
get one combination
before he figures it out and counters.
Slip left to set up a straight right,
flush on that chin,
you land that, we go home.
We go home.
Come on.
Fight's over.
Oh, my God, yes!
You did it, little brother!
You're the champion of the world!
We did it!
You're gonna get that help, right?
I promise.
I promise!
The new champion
of the world, Danny Hill!
Well, they say a picture
is worth a thousand words.
They look happy.
They are.
And Daryl, once
he finishes his treatment,
starts one of the first
veteran support groups for PTSD
in the country.
You helped a lot of lives today, Ben.
We helped a lot of lives today.
- Yeah.
- It was a team effort.
I mean, I took all the punching.
Okay, I got knocked down, too.
- Remember.
- Yeah. How could I forget?
Uh, look, Ben,
I gotta tell you something.
It's gonna be a while
before you leap home.
Your new code, it's taking
you on some kind of journey,
and we don't know where you're going
and we don't know why
and we don't know how many
leaps it's gonna take.
Will you still leap with me?
I'm not going anywhere.
Then promise me
you'll take care of yourself.
- Ugh, man
- I need you, Addison.
I almost forgot.
When I got knocked out,
I remembered something.
I woke up someplace, I don't know where.
Maybe my home.
There was someone there.
Someone I
What is happening?
We're clearly not very sorry
to barge in on you like this,
but we heard that there
was a regular viewing
of "Housewives" tonight,
and we thought we'd crash.
Yes, and we brought Thai food.
And beer, but
if we're really gonna do this,
I'm gonna need something stronger.
I love you guys.
The feeling is clearly mutual.
You have no idea how difficult it was
for me to explain
what the show was about Magic.
And Magic still doesn't
understand what it's about.
I made plans with crooked lines ♪
The night feels wrong ♪
When it turns out fine, yeah ♪
I make time to be a mess ♪
If I taste the sound
of your old address ♪
Is she going?
No. She came here.
What? Why?
Magic, Al had some things,
things he wasn't supposed to have,
equipment from the original project
Including his old hand link for Ziggy.
What is it?
It's bad.
Buy you a drink?
No, thanks, I've already got one.
You wanna get out of here?
My place is right down the street.
That's an interesting offer,
but I'm actually
meeting someone hopefully soon.
All right, you wanna dance?
Don't you want me, baby? ♪
Come on, I'm a really good dancer.
You know what they say
about good dancers.
Oh ♪
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