Quantum Leap (2022) s01e04 Episode Script

A Decent Proposal

Dr. Ben Song risked everything
when he used
the Quantum Leap Accelerator
to travel back in time.
Now, our team is working
to find out why.
As he leaps between bodies
with no memory of who he is,
he still has one hope.
But his next leap takes him back
to the place and people he calls home.
Buy you a drink?
No, thanks. I've already got one.
You want to get out of here?
My place is right down the street.
That's an interesting offer,
but I'm actually meeting someone,
hopefully soon.
All right.
You want to dance?
Come on, I'm a really good dancer.
You know what they say
about good dancers.
Could you stop touching me? Thank you.
- Yeah.
- Come on, don't be like that.
Let go let go of me.
I said let go of me!
Stuck up bitch!
30 seconds in a woman's body,
and you have already been harassed,
assaulted, and insulted.
That sounds about right.
I have to admit this
feels a little weird.
I'm wearing things where I'm not used
to wearing things, so
Have you considered what you're missing?
I like this leap.
Does this mean you know who
I am and what I'm doing here?
We're working on it,
but Ziggy is still
Running slow. I remember.
Oh, cute bag.
Do you need to find out
where she got it?
Hair ties, compact, keys.
Wow, this thing's like a clown car.
- Hmm.
- Mace.
A taser?
Every woman I know carries
some sort of weapon.
Or weapons.
Maybe she's a dominatrix.
No ID.
Excuse me, could I
please close out my tab?
- Sure thing.
- Clever girl.
Uh, no, thanks.
I've already got a drink,
and I carry a taser.
Ooh, I know.
I bought that for you for Christmas.
Do not point that thing at me.
Any sign of him?
His roommate was sure he'd be here.
Uh, oh, OK. I got her.
Eva Sandoval, you're a bounty hunter.
Your father, Alberto,
owns a bail bond shop.
And that's your partner Jake.
Jake, could you please show
me our target's photo again?
Stuart Waters, wanted
for robbery and assault
- with a dangerous weapon.
- Oh, yeah.
He's here.
I might have thrown a drink on him.
Really? Well, I'm sure he deserved it.
All right.
There he is.
We don't point. We don't point.
Now he's going to run.
Oh, God. And there he goes.
Why do they always run?
All right, look, I'll get the stairs.
You get the door.
- Dropped the mace.
- OK.
No, no, no. Ben, the door's this way.
Watch out!
Take it easy!
Oh, Stuey!
A little piece of advice for you,
if you want to make
a hasty getaway, man,
you don't park on the Sunset Strip.
Come on, now.
You should have told me who you were.
He thinks that is why
you turned him down.
- That's interesting.
- Mm.
- Don't do it.
- Uh-oh.
Like a brick.
What, have you been boxing
on the side or something?
- Yes, actually.
- Huh.
Well, when he wakes up,
I'll put these on him.
Ballroom blitz ♪
Okay, I have who Ziggy thinks
we're here to help.
Tammy Jean Jessup.
Seems Eva's father wrote a bond for her,
but instead of showing up
to court, Tammy Jean fled.
All right, she must have
done something serious.
- Parking tickets.
- Hmm?
She was arrested
for unpaid parking tickets.
Seems in '81, Tammy was new to LA.
She had just moved from Texas,
college dropout.
No criminal record, though.
Just a penchant for parking
where she shouldn't.
Her court appearance was set
For July 29th at 10:00 a.m.
She didn't show up,
and by the time Eva went
looking for her, she was gone.
Her father, Alberto,
had to pay a whopping $500
in forfeited bail.
Okay. I don't get it.
Something not right.
Lights are out, and the door's ajar.
Your dad always keeps it
closed and locked at night.
Wait here.
Anything about a crime?
This is Eva's dad's place.
Can't just sit here.
Something bad could be happening inside.
Well, babe, what do you say?
Make it official?
Do not look at me.
Are you surprised?
Yes. Yes, I am.
Well, what do you say?
need more time.
Sorry. What?
Let's celebrate!
Wow, I cannot believe
this just got more awkward.
Don't tell me you said no.
I said I need more time.
Which, of course,
is exactly what every man wants
to hear when he's down on one knee,
holding a ring that
he picked out a year ago,
and bought on layaway More time.
Wait, I don't understand.
How many times have you told me
he's the perfect man for you?
A lot, probably.
What about all the plans
you were making together?
Jake's new job in Illinois,
the house you two saw there.
Look, I promised your mother
that I would
make sure you were happy.
- Jake makes you happy.
- Ben.
OK, I'm sorry to break up this
little father-daughter moment.
But Ziggy says the last time
anybody saw Tammy Jean
was leaving her apartment that morning.
And that morning
is this morning, so yeah.
Mr. Sand
Daddy, where are the files
on Tammy Jean Jessup?
Maybe it sounds foolish,
but every father wants their baby girl
to feel like a princess.
Oh, Ben. Over here.
You know, I don't understand.
I got to say
Back to work just like that, huh?
Got it.
You know, Eva, just
I need a little space, okay?
Jake, I'm sorry.
- You caught me off guard.
- Yeah. Yeah.
And I paid the price for it, didn't I?
I have an idea.
Why don't you help me find
this woman before she skips?
I proposed to you, you say no,
and now you want me to
go on a job with you?
First of all, I didn't say no.
Second, I want you
to do this job with me,
so we could talk about this,
everything, us.
Come on, you know me.
You know I like to talk things out.
You do.
Ay. OK.
Look, we find this girl,
and then you and I
are going to have a talk, OK?
- Promise.
- OK.
Something tells me this is
going to be a hell of a ride.
OK, but to be clear,
this is about finding Tammy Jean,
not playing matchmaker.
Maybe I can do both.
So he's here in Los Angeles in 1981,
in the body of a woman.
Well, at least she's
not wearing pantyhose.
Those were a thing back then.
And trust me, Ben would not
last one hour in a pair.
How goes?
Ben is now Eva Sandoval,
badass bounty hunter
with surprisingly good taste.
Ugh. Of course.
The first time that Ben's having
a gender creative experience,
I have to be off troubleshooting Ziggy.
Have you locked Janis
out of the system yet?
No. I don't think it's possible.
But I do have her at least
slightly contained.
Is that why Ziggy's still running slow?
Do we understand what she's
doing in there yet?
Well, she's not really
running one single program.
She's sort of all over the place,
trying to access different
parts of the system.
There is one mildly unsettling thing
that she's trying to do, though.
OK, so you know how we
use Ziggy to try and predict
what the ripple effect of Ben's
actions might be in the past?
She's trying to use Ziggy to predict
what our actions might be
in the near future.
Wait, our, as in
You, me, Magic and Addison.
Yeah, she is heavy into our
encrypted personnel files.
That's super creepy.
Can you figure out why?
I mean, I can try, but you're going
to have to grant me access.
And your files in particular
are supremely protected.
Ian, let's take a walk.
That doesn't sound super ominous at all.
Nothing bad.
There are some things in there
I don't want you reading about.
You should hear them from me.
Jenn, when Addison comes out,
you still need to talk to her.
About how Ben's been lying to us
all for the last six months?
Yes, I'm so looking forward to that.
Car's here, and it looks like the light
in her apartment is on.
All right, good. So, now, it's early.
So I think we should go
with the whole girl next door,
misdelivered package.
- Right. Got it.
- OK. I'm going to take
a look around, make sure there's not
another way out of here that we
don't know about.
In the original timeline,
what did Eva say to Jake, yes or no?
- Um
- It was the proposal, right?
I messed up the proposal,
is that what happened?
No. The proposal was great.
Really? Was it the ring?
I mean, I know you don't wear rings.
But I had to do something.
The ring is perfect.
I just need a little more time.
So, if we could find Tammy Jean
before she strands Ben in 1981,
that would be great.
He seems like a good guy.
Uh OK.
In the original timeline, Jake moved
to Illinois, bought a house.
Eva stayed working with her dad.
She said no, Ben.
Maybe she made a mistake.
Did they marry other people?
No marriages, no kids.
Because they never
stopped loving each other.
Come on, there has
to be a reason why I'm
here at exactly this moment.
Ben, what is going on?
I mean, I get rooting for them.
I am too. Like, go, love.
- But this
- I have a girlfriend, Addison.
The memory I had in Vegas
during the fight,
she was in it.
I know you can't tell me if I'm right,
but I know I'm right,
because I miss her.
Can't stop thinking about her.
Come on, Ben.
It's time to get up now.
All clear.
Uh, let's let's go get Tammy Jean,
and get you to your next leap. OK?
Just a second.
Hi. I'm your downstairs neighbor.
I've got some of your mail by mistake.
Well, I sure hope it's
my Victoria's Secret catalog.
Yeah, sorry, Tammy.
I'm not actually your neighbor.
I'm here because you missed
your court appearance.
Oh, you mean for the parking tickets.
That's next week.
It was actually yesterday.
They rescheduled it to this morning.
I'm going to take you there.
OK. I'll go get my things.
Hey, so, my bond's 500.
Here's $523 if you just let me go.
I can't do that.
Oh, she is good.
I promise I'll pay
the parking tickets, OK?
It's just, my boyfriend Zack and I are
going on vacation to Mexico.
He's going to, you know,
pop the question.
- You're a woman. You understand.
- Yeah.
So if you take me in,
I won't be able to go.
Look, see?
This is my Zack.
Isn't he handsome?
Aren't we cute?
He owns that nightclub, Carte Blanche.
- You know it.
- Yeah.
Ben, two guys just showed up.
And they have guns.
I'll throw in a Walkman.
The double A's are brand new.
Tammy, is there anyone in your life
- that might want to hurt you?
- Hurt me?
My gosh, what makes you say that?
Maybe because two cartel cowboys
are downstairs right now,
going through the mailboxes,
- looking for your name?
- Two, who, what?
What are you doing?
You're going to scratch my floors.
Yeah, help any time.
All right, think, think, think.
I can't believe this.
I got good news and bad news.
The good news
is we've got a place to land.
The bad news is we've
got nowhere to jump from.
- Ben.
- Did he just say jump?
- Just
- I don't jump.
Got a skylight.
Tammy, do you have a ladder?
- Uh
- Do you have a ladder?
Yeah, in the back, for cleaning.
What what are you saying?
I am not going anywhere with you.
Who do you think's
pounding on the door, Tammy?
Friends? Friends don't break open doors.
What are you doing?
Saving your life.
You OK?
Go, go, go! Let's get out of here!
- Look out.
- Everybody hang on.
Get down!
All right, the good news
is those cartel boys were
shooting at the tires.
I guess they want Tammy here alive.
Bad news is, of course, they got one.
So I just need to make sure
that we've lost them
before we're riding around on a rim.
Ben, Ziggy says Tammy still
doesn't show up to court.
Which means either
the bad guys find you
Or Elle Woods here gives us the slip.
Who's Elle Woods?
Are you talking about me to yourself?
Time to come clean, Tammy.
- Who were those guys?
- I don't
Say it, Tammy. Say it.
Say I don't know.
Say I don't know one more time,
and I'll hand you right
over to the police,
and they can deal with you.
It's possible they work
for La Serpiente.
The Serpent It's a drug cartel
that first came to power when
it took over the cocaine trade
in Southern California
in the early '80s.
Why would La Serpiente
come for you, Tammy?
Maybe 'cause of Zack.
Besides owning the nightclub, he also
occasionally wholesales cocaine.
Oh, sweet. Yes, of course he does.
And by occasionally, you mean, what?
Every day of the week
that ends in the letter y?
The feds tried to flip Zack, but they
don't have anything on him.
He's smart, like me.
Except you have parking tickets.
The DEA said that even
if I don't say anything,
they're going to make it look
like I'm cooperating.
Which makes it look
like Zack is cooperating.
La Serpiente got wind of that,
and they're not taking any chances.
That's why the suitcases.
You and Zack were skipping town.
- Isn't it romantic?
- OK.
Let me find a place to change this tire,
and then we get her into custody
before this day gets any worse,
if that's even possible.
Ben, Ziggy's acting up.
Give me five minutes.
Whatever you do, do not trust her.
Jenn, where's Magic?
Getting coffee with Ian.
Look, Ben's starting to remember me.
I think we got to tell him everything.
Addison, it's my job to be cynical.
Look, we have to start
jogging his memory.
We have to figure out what he's doing.
Before you go any further,
there's something I need to tell you.
I did a deep dive
into Ben's credit cards
and the GPS on his phone.
Six months ago, he told you he would
be out of town for four days
at that physics conference in San Diego.
According to his phone,
he left the conference early
and spent three days
in Pasadena, near Caltech.
I don't know who he saw there, not yet.
But it was probably Janice,
working on their new code.
I know it sucks to hear that.
But at least it's a place
for us to start.
I need to reconstruct
Ben's last six months.
And because you were living with him
You're going to need access
to my phone and calendar.
And we're going to have
to go through all the times
Ben told me he was going somewhere,
to figure out when he was lying.
You OK?
If Ben's the man I think he is,
then everything he did was for a
good reason, and I can forgive him.
And if he's not the man I think he is,
then I won't need to forgive him.
Ugh. Are these really necessary?
There was nothing
wrong with the proposal.
You said there's nothing
wrong with the ring.
The list of things that could be wrong
is getting smaller and smaller, Eva.
What if I don't want to move?
I'm not saying I'm sure of it,
but I'm still figuring myself out.
We talked about this,
our future together,
getting some nice, safe jobs.
In Illinois,
thousands of miles from my dad.
Your dad's the one that got
me the job interview, though.
He's selling his business.
He'd like to see his daughter
raise children of her own.
Is this ringing a bell?
Tell me you don't love me.
Look me in the eye and just tell me
I'm not the man for you.
She's just scared.
You're just scared, honey.
It's OK. I get it.
I like my independence too.
It's Eva, right?
Could you please be quiet, Tammy?
Trust me, Eva, girlfriend.
Love, love is not something
you walk away from.
When you find someone special,
you hold on to them.
- You don't put up walls.
- Tammy, please.
You can keep no secrets.
And you never make them
wonder if you really care.
It's like Zack and I.
- We're soulmates.
- Oh, no.
You've got to get her out of here.
That's enough.
Gorgeous, I was just trying to help.
No, thanks, girlfriend.
I'm sorry. Look, I know we said
we'd talk about this after the job.
But bullets are flying now, right?
And if I'm being shot at,
I want to make sure it's
for a woman that loves me
as much as I love her.
I need an answer.
I deserve an answer.
Oh, hell.
Oh, well, whatever.
Good riddance. You know what?
I'll give you that $500 of my own money,
if I never have to see her again.
Ziggy says there is a 100% chance
Tammy needs to appear in court.
If we lose her, you are stuck here.
What's the name of the club
her boyfriend owned?
Carte Blanche?
Carte Blanche?
What are you talking about?
You're not thinking of
going there, are you?
If the cartel is after her,
she must know
that they're also after him.
You think she's dumb enough to go there?
I think she's in love.
And if the person you love is in danger,
you do whatever you have to.
Do whatever you have to.
God, I hate this job.
You know that I'll never say goodbye ♪
As long as I bleed ♪
Are you okay?
Yeah, I'm fine.
Yeah, no, I'm great, terrific,
perfect, couldn't be better.
I mean, why the hell would
I want to be rolling around
in bed with my beautiful fiancée,
when I can be running
around town, trying to save
a pathological liar
and her shady boyfriend
from cartel hitmen,
while my would-be fiancée decides
if she even wants to be fiancéed.
I I am rolling.
Yeah, okay, that's fair.
Uh, Carte Blanche is on
14421 Washington Boulevard.
The club is in Culver City, I think,
on Washington Boulevard.
Here. You should flip through that.
See if you can find a familiar
street to narrow it down.
A Thomas Guide.
What, you got a better idea?
Thank you so much.
Magic, look, I'm not going to judge you,
whatever's in your file.
No, I mean, nobody's perfect.
I really do think that the world
- needs to remember that.
- Hm.
You literally pulled me
out of the headquarters,
you walk me into a park.
If we were romantically involved,
I'd think that you were
about to break up with me.
You know I was in Vietnam, right?
Yeah, of course.
It's literally all you ever talk about.
That's where I got the name Magic.
My commanding officer gave it to me,
said I had a sixth sense,
a way of always keeping
the platoon out of danger.
Took a lot of pride in that.
And my commander thought
I was responsible
for keeping everyone safe.
Yeah, of course.
I mean, that's That's incredible.
One day, I'm on patrol.
And I feel a
It's hard to explain, but
a nudge.
Not from someone touching me.
I felt it here, like I was standing
on one side of a door.
And on the other side,
someone had gently pushed against it.
I don't think I understand.
I said yes to the nudge.
I let that person in.
Everything went black.
I came to a day later.
Couldn't remember what had happened.
I chalked it up to battle fatigue.
But in the meantime, I had somehow saved
my entire platoon again,
including my commander,
Lieutenant Tom Beckett.
Wait, are you
Are you trying to tell me that
Sam Beckett leaped into me, Ian.
Saved my life, his brother's life,
the whole platoon, really.
Oh, my God.
After it happened,
I would have these vivid dreams
of this man,
a man I had never met.
When I made Admiral,
I heard that my name
was in some top secret file,
attached to this mothballed
science program
the military had funded.
I pulled some strings, got the file,
and that's when I finally
learned about Quantum Leap.
And I saw a picture of Sam Beckett,
the man I had dreamed about
since I blacked out in Vietnam.
And it suddenly all made sense.
What was your original history like?
Killed in action.
Me, Tom, every soldier in our platoon.
I realized they had
shut the program down,
that Sam was still out there,
that he had never made it back.
I knew I had to start
the project up again.
Navy SEALs have a credo
Nemo resideo.
Leave no one behind.
I don't know if it will ever be possible
to get Sam Beckett back.
But after what he did for me,
what he did for so many others
I had to try.
Eva, it's the cartel guy's car.
Ben, if she dies, you're stranded here.
You still want to do this?
I don't understand why
this job is so important.
Jake, we don't have time for this.
Call me crazy, but I have
a strong feeling
if we can save Tammy,
maybe we can save us too.
Work your magic.
He means pick the lock.
You have a lock pick set, right?
OK, when you were a kid,
you used to take things
apart and put them
back together all the time.
Engines, appliances, and locks.
Inside the lock is a rotating barrel,
and the five spring loaded pins that
keeps the barrel from moving.
So if I can just jimmy up
the pins one by one,
and move the barrel, and
Still got it.
You have a gun?
Yeah, what do you suggest
we use, harsh language?
I swear I didn't tell the feds anything,
on my life.
You know I would never do that.
I love you, Carla.
I saw, Zack.
I saw the proffer you were making.
You were going to give them my name.
We got to get the hell out of here.
Carla, please.
- Run.
- Run.
They're not shooting
at the tires now, are they?
You know what?
They won't be able to
chase us, though, huh?
Good thinking.
I knew I didn't like that woman.
She works for La Serpiente.
Ziggy has nothing on Carla.
But an FBI file from 2022 does reference
a long held belief that La Serpiente
was headed by woman.
She played us this whole time.
Like a fiddle.
We have to find her, Ben.
We have to bring her in,
or else you won't leap.
You know, in the past seven hours,
I have been shot at twice,
jumped off a roof,
and my beloved car here is probably
headed for the junkyard.
And that whole time, I've been
waiting on an answer from you.
I feel like I feel like
the answer has been
in front of me this whole time.
Eva, you don't want to quit
being a bounty hunter.
You love what you do.
And part of me knows that.
Part of me knows that if you
come with me to Illinois,
you're going to wind up resenting me
the rest of your life.
Goodbye, Eva.
Hey, Ben, I'm sorry.
Why? My fault.
Eva and Jake weren't torn apart
by some cosmic wrong.
They just weren't meant to be.
I realize I was trying
to force my own desire
for a happy ending.
Hey, look.
You can still do this, OK?
We can find Carla. We can
Is she mad?
Is who mad?
The woman I left behind.
You said I didn't tell
anyone before I leapt.
So that means I didn't tell her.
It's something that's
been tearing me up,
so I'm just been wondering if she's mad.
She's not mad.
She's confused.
We all are.
We all want to know why you did this.
Yeah, me too.
Eva, there you are.
There were reports of shots
fired at that girl's address.
- I'm fine.
- Jake?
He's fine.
you won't be seeing him.
Did you get her, at least?
Parking tickets girl.
She's on the run.
I'm still determined to stop her.
Just don't know where to start.
Union Station.
All her tickets were downtown,
near Union Station.
Don't you remember the first thing
I taught you about bounty hunting?
The answer is always in front of you.
You just have to see it.
Thanks, Dad.
See the people walking
down the street ♪
Fall in line just watching
all their feet ♪
Could I borrow your car?
They don't know where
they want to go ♪
But they're walking in time ♪
They got the beat ♪
They got the beat, they got the beat ♪
Yeah, they got the beat ♪
It's brilliant.
If you want to cross the border
and remain a ghost,
they don't drive, they don't fly.
They take a train to El Paso,
and then cross at Juarez.
Carla probably made
the trip dozens of times,
setting up smuggling routes,
building relationships,
and preparing for the day that she would
have to disappear forever.
We got the beat ♪
We go the beat ♪
Track nine
Next train to Texas is in 15 minutes.
Yeah, track seven.
No sign of her yet.
Platform is empty. She'll
probably just show up last minute.
Jake, what are you doing here?
Your dad called, and he said you weren't
giving up on parking tickets girl.
So why the hell was I giving up on you?
Then he said something about fairy tales
and Diana and Charles.
I didn't have the heart to tell him,
any fool can see that that
is not going to work out.
Ben, I know I'm a pain, but
Oh, hell. Let him finish.
Here's the thing.
I'm scared.
Scared that you're going
to get hurt doing this job.
And so scared, in fact,
that I was running.
After I dropped you off,
I was driving around,
I was thinking about the day, and
that's when I realized that
the chance at a life with you,
even if it scares me sometimes,
is better than a life without you.
What about Illinois?
Well, you know,
you seem pretty hell bent
on finding this Carla.
So let's find her,
and then we'll talk about Illinois.
Thanks for the assist, Jake.
Tweedledee and Tweedledum
are right behind me.
You see them?
I'll take care of them,
you go find her. OK?
- Be careful.
- You too.
One way or another,
I'm going to find you ♪
I'm going to get you,
get you, get you, get you ♪
One way or another,
I'm going to win you ♪
I'm going to get you,
get you, get you, get you ♪
One way or another,
I'm going to see you ♪
I'm going to meet you,
meet you, meet you, meet you ♪
One day, maybe next week,
I'm going to meet you ♪
I'm going to meet you, I'll meet you ♪
I will drive past your house ♪
And if the lights are all down ♪
I'll see who's around ♪
Good news is I found Carla.
Bad news is she found me first.
You two must be the most dedicated
bounty hunters in America.
Ben, the safety is off. Be careful.
Save yourself. Get out of here.
Yeah, Eva.
Move, or I'll drop handsome.
And then you too.
Think about this, Carla.
You kill two people in broad daylight,
the feds will never stop hunting you.
Then what happens to your empire?
Pretty and smart.
No wonder he wanted to marry you.
Yeah. Actually, if I
make it out of here alive,
I was actually thinking
of proposing again.
Oh, God.
This time at Christmas.
Ben, the first time you met him,
he said he gave you
something for Christmas.
The taser, he's talking about the taser.
I love Christmas.
But where do we go?
The case has metal in it.
Shoot the case.
Get a room already.
Carla, I've been
waiting to say these words
to you for quite some time. Guess what?
You are under arrest.
Come on.
How's it going?
Came down to the wire,
but Ben should leap any second now.
How has your talk with Magic?
I take it that you knew.
It's crazy, right?
Ian, what is it?
We're not going to let
the same thing that
happened to Sam happen to Ben.
We can't.
We are bringing him home.
Hell, yeah, we are.
Thank you.
OK, Janice.
Let's see what it is that
you're so worried that
we're going to do next.
That was sweet.
We're going to talk at dinner.
Hopefully, Eva's back by then,
and she can decide her future.
Do you want to find out
what happened to them?
How about what happens
with Carla, Tammy,
pink bag?
She goes to prison for Zack's murder.
She does not smuggle
thousands of tons of cocaine
across the border,
and they do not end up on our streets.
Well, that's a good reason for a leap.
Are you sure you don't want
to find out what happened
- to Eva and Jake?
- I mean
Come on, Ben.
Come on, Ben.
Come on, Ben.
Time to get up.
And speaking of Alberto, he has two
lovely grandchildren that he likes
to impart his life wisdom on.
The answer is always in front of you.
You just have to see it.
Ben? Ben, are you OK?
Come on, Ben.
It's time to get up now.
It's you, Addison.
You're the woman I love.
Yeah, Ben.
It's me.
that's great news.
You just got here,
and now you want to leave?
Put the suitcases down.
Did you even read the letter
that I wrote you?
You know, Papa warned me about you.
He said you were selfish and cold.
And I didn't believe him.
I remember you from when I was little.
You were my abuelo, and I
was your pequeñita Valentina.
I could see in your eyes
how much you cared for me.
But maybe I was wrong.
That's Can we just start again?
As I'm getting older, it's just
Papá built this town for all of us.
He was your son.
And this is how you choose
to honor his memory?
You're upset. I get it.
But maybe we can start
from the beginning.
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