Quantum Leap (2022) s01e05 Episode Script

Salvation or Bust

Dr. Ben Song risked everything
when he used
the Quantum Leap Accelerator
to travel back in time.
Now our team's working to find out why.
As he leaps between bodies
with no memory of who he is,
he still has one hope
That his next leap takes him back
to the place and people he calls home.
You just got here
and now you want to leave?
Put the suitcases down!
Did you even read
the letter that I wrote you?
I don't want to go to San Francisco.
You know, Papa warned me about you.
He said you were selfish and cold,
and I didn't believe him.
I remember you from when I was little.
You were my abuelo,
and I was your pequeñita Valentina.
I could see in your eyes
how much you cared for me.
Maybe I was wrong.
Let's um, can we just start again?
As I'm getting older, it's just
Papa built this town for all of us.
He was your son,
and this is how you choose
to honor his memory?
You're you're upset, I get it,
but maybe we can start
from the beginning. Can we
He remembered you.
He did.
I didn't prompt him.
We knew it would happen eventually.
Magic, I know you're worried
about Ben's motivations,
about why he left,
about why he didn't say anything.
And I know that you didn't
want me to jog his memory
because our only safeguard was
that if he didn't remember anything,
then he couldn't remember his agenda.
That's true.
But his memory is coming back.
And I think it's a mistake
not to use that at this
I agree.
You don't have to sell me.
Things have changed since then.
Janice is in our system.
She's stolen government hardware.
This is a fluid, active situation
we just don't understand yet.
Ben trusts you, now even more so
since he remembers you.
At this point, any insight
he has into what is happening
is information we sorely need.
That's a long way of saying,
you don't have to hold back anymore.
Thank you, Magic.
Thank you.
I know how hard it's been.
Ian has him.
Where is he?
That cannot be right.
Ladies and gentlemen of Salvation,
I come before you on behalf
of the estimable Board of Directors
for the Southwest
Pacific Railroad Company
to remind you that
the deadline for you to accept
their offering of a rather generous
and life-changing compensation
for your land and property
- presently draws a pace.
- Who is that guy?
Salvation had its heyday
during the Gold Rush,
but those days are long gone.
This here boomtown's gone bust.
Well, good riddance, I say!
This town ain't worth fighting for.
Fishing's no good.
Hunting's no good.
Ain't nothing left to trap.
Hush your mouth, Joe.
Go inside and get another drink.
Should you choose to reject
my employer's offer,
they have empowered me and my posse here
to see to your permanent relocation,
at which point all that was once yours
will become theirs.
We told your employer we
reject their paltry offer
Tell them, Sheriff.
and to inform you that we
have petitioned the governor
against the railroad's claims
Ain't no sheriff or governor
gonna help you out here!
No one cares, which is to say,
in summation,
resist me at your own peril.
Citizens of Salvation,
you know who I am,
so you know what this town means to me,
which is why I'm asking you to ignore
and remember my father's vision
for this place.
And here's the good news
Salvation's salvation has
already arrived.
Oh, no, no.
Who pray tell is this
savior come to deliver y'all?
The legendary gunslinger, mi abuelo,
Diego de la Cruz!
I've heard of you, old-timer.
If you're the savior, these
people are already damned.
Look, no one here wants
any further violence.
Maybe, uh, there's some other
arrangement we can work out.
Only one way out, partner.
Either you convince these folks
to pick up sticks
and get the hell out of dodge
or there will be blood.
Valentina, I want to help, I really do.
It's just your abueloisn't
the man he used to be,
especially not at this specific moment.
I know just what you need.
What I need is
Howdy, stranger.
You're looking for me?
I'm sorry it took me
so long to remember you.
I'm sorry I couldn't say anything,
but at least now you know.
I have so many questions.
I know.
We knew that there would be
some gaps in your memory.
Uh, but let's not worry
about that right now.
Let's figure out what you're here to do
so we can get you out of here.
Yes, whatever gets me
back to you faster.
Okay, so it says here that
you are Diego de la Cruz,
a famed Mexican-American
gunslinger who hung up
his six-shooters and retired
to San Francisco
after your wife died.
Your son, Marco, was
the mayor of this town,
but he too died recently.
Which is why Valentina sent
that letter asking for help.
- You met the granddaughter?
- Oh, yeah.
Cute kid.
She just promised a
whole town that I'd fight
some outlaw named McDonough.
Please tell me Diego didn't
lose this fight.
Actually, he never fought.
Uh, It looks like Diego
and Valentina skipped town,
- so there was no showdown.
- That's a relief.
Because I, uh, kind of feel
like I hate guns.
Does that line up with the Ben you knew?
Yeah. You're a pacifist.
I mean, I can't be here
to win a gun fight.
To jump back in time to kill someone?
- That feels wrong.
- Yeah.
Deeply, cosmically wrong.
Records in this era were spotty at best.
I'm having a really hard time
accessing our database,
probably because we're
so far back in time.
Okay, I'm gonna go back
and talk to the team
and see what info they
can rustle up, okay?
Okay. Hey, hurry.
the whole cowboy thing works.
You think?
Well, this whole hologram
thing is also working.
- Okay.
- Okay.
I'm Frankie.
It's a pleasure to finally
make your acquaintance, señor.
I was real close to your son.
His passing was a
Was a loss for us all.
I've been looking after
Valentina like she was my own,
not that she much needs it.
Most certainly do not.
Thank you.
What's mine is yours.
What can I tempt you with?
It's on the house.
Oh, that's very
Thank you.
Thank you, but I'm recently engaged.
Whiskey it is, then.
Just water, please.
Here you are.
Oh, sorry, I said water.
That is the water, which is why
most people go for the whiskey.
Aren't you a little young
to be in a place like this?
I'm 15.
Look, I'm starting to see why Salvation
might not be the best place for you.
Between the outlaws
and all the boarded-up shops,
this place is looking pretty bleak.
Ever since that gold vein dried up,
so did everything else around here.
Then why stay?
There are other towns.
Not like Salvation.
This place was built
by outsiders, for outsiders.
Back in normal society, a woman like me
can't even get a bank loan.
And look at me now, sole proprietor
of this here saloon.
I busted my ass for all that I have.
I'm not just gonna walk away from it.
It's not just me.
And there's only one way to protect it.
Your son asked me to keep these safe.
Your wife sent them
to him before she died,
said she hoped they'd
bring you two back together.
Trust me, violence
only begets more violence.
Where I'm from, there are better ways
- to handle things like this.
- Really?
And what pray tell do
they do in San Francisco?
That's not where I'm f
Act actually,
San Francisco would
throw money at the problem.
Well, we ain't got none of that.
Not yet, but if
Let me talk to the Sheriff's deputies.
I think I have an idea.
Okay, and I'm gonna need everything
you've got on the Old West.
Well, uh, okay, it's
not that Ziggy and I
couldn't get you everything
that there was to know
about one of the most
overly romanticized
and completely misrepresented
periods of American history.
But in order for me to narrow
down my search parameters,
if you just gave me
like a specific detail.
- Sure.
- Hey, later.
We got to pretend like we're
not in the middle of a leap,
like, right now.
Yeah, we can't do that.
Ben needs this information right now.
He is in 1879.
Which is an unauthorized
activity that we've
been keeping secret,
something that maybe
our friends in Congress who fund us
probably shouldn't hear about.
Why why would they?
And why are you talking like this?
That's why.
Okay, so who's trouble in a power suit?
Congresswoman Kavita Adani.
She's the member of the
project's oversight committee
and a rising star in DC.
Jenn, why did you not
tell us that she was coming?
Because I just found
out two minutes ago.
She just showed up, out of nowhere.
She's got clearance.
Congresswoman, to what
do we owe the pleasure?
Since I've been sitting
on your oversight committee
for the last few terms, I thought,
why not come check it out for myself?
Plus, I heard your team has
been making great strides.
Where'd you hear that from?
Our mutual friends at the Pentagon.
They mentioned that there have been
several spikes in the energy
consumption of this facility.
Those are actually
just some random surges.
You know who would
really put my mind at ease?
Dr. Song.
I'd love to get
his expert scientific opinion
on the status of things.
You want to see Ben, now?
- He's here, isn't he?
- Not at the moment.
Something came up, a personal matter.
He's currently off-site.
Until when?
Well, he wasn't exactly clear on that,
but, uh, I'll have him reach out to you
as soon as he gets back.
Now, if there's nothing else
Actually, while I'm here
getting the lay of the land,
I'd love to have a chat with your team.
Perhaps you could arrange
a sit-down with them,
each of them, separately, now.
Perfect timing.
What have you got?
On Diego? Not much.
Just his obituary from 1886.
Diego de la Cruz was found
dead from liver failure
in his boardinghouse
outside of San Francisco.
The West really was as bleak
as the history books
made it out to be.
Sounds like he dragged Valentino off
to San Francisco, and everything went
horribly wrong after that.
Maybe Maybe that's my mission,
to keep those two together?
Yeah, according to Ziggy,
your mission is much bigger
than two people.
It's about all of Salvation.
Look, after Diego skipped
out on the showdown,
McDonough drove the people out.
The railroad took over,
and Salvation disappeared.
I mean, practically, it
was erased from the map.
- But I had an idea.
- Yeah?
McDonough is a wanted man.
There's a huge reward out
for him and his gang,
maybe enough to pay off
the railroad and save the town.
- What?
- Nothing.
I we're on the same page.
I was on my way to talk to the deputies.
Um, those deputies?
They're not riding out
to stop McDonough, are they?
Afraid not, señor.
They're quitting.
Quitting? But why?
Because I made 'em a better offer.
They're not coming back,
so what's your price?
I won't take your money.
And I can't let you hurt these people.
I'm sure you dealt with
some bad hombres in your past,
but you ain't never met one like me.
Leave this town while you can.
This is gonna end badly, isn't it?
Uh, you're not gonna like this, Ben.
Ziggy says there's an 87%
chance you have
to duel Josiah McDonough
to save the town.
Ah, this can't be right.
Look, Ziggy says that
Ziggy isn't the one who
has to live with this choice.
I'm the person standing
here in the past.
I'm the person that's
gonna have a man's life
on his conscience if I do this.
Does it make you feel
any better that this
is a really, really bad man?
I mean, I can read you
a list of atrocities
that he has committed, and this is just
- the things history knows about.
- I get it.
I believe there are non-violent
solutions to every problem.
Yeah, we've always disagreed on that.
I was in the military,
and I know sometimes
there's just no getting around it.
Sometimes, you have
to meet force with force.
Okay, but even if
Have I ever fired a gun?
So how am I supposed to duel
one of the most accomplished
outlaws in the West?
Because you are in the body of
I am in the body of an old man,
long past his prime days
as a gunslinger.
Can we just try?
Can we just try to shoot the cans?
Pacifists can shoot cans.
I checked.
Quid pro quo.
You give me something I want,
I give you something you want.
Okay, I'll bite.
Tell me about our first date.
We'd been friends for
a few years, work friends.
We'd always been seeing other people.
I mean, nothing serious,
but, I don't know,
it just never lined up.
And then one day,
we were both kind of single,
and, uh, you asked me
out for Chinese food.
I don't know, something
was suddenly different,
the way you looked at me.
We shut that place down
and then went back to yours,
and I never left.
We've been kind of inseparable
ever since.
Do you remember any of that?
I, uh, I'm sorry.
I don't.
And, um and when
No, no.
Quid pro quo.
I did something for you.
- Now you do something for me.
- Okay.
Shoot the cans.
Hey, okay.
Here we go. Here we go.
Whoa! Okay, uh
- What?
- That's a good start.
Can I help?
Now, uh, bring it up.
To your eye.
How's this?
It's good.
It's it's not that bad.
- Not that bad?
- Yes.
Hey, looks like it's been a while
since you had a gun in your hand.
Oh, they need me back in HQ.
I'll be right back.
Uh, been a minute.
I'm Henry, the one deputy
that didn't take McDonough's bribe.
May I?
Go for it.
You can sit down, Captain, if you like.
This isn't a formal inquiry.
Just a friendly check-in.
Yes, ma'am.
Well, this is a
thrilling experience for you.
First woman selected
to travel through time,
working side by side with your fiancé.
Truly incredible.
Yes, ma'am.
How are things going around
here? Testing going well?
Yes, ma'am.
Excited by the progress?
Yes, ma'am.
You don't have to just
answer with "yes, ma'am."
Permission to speak freely
and add any color
you think might be helpful.
Yes, ma'am.
How's your fiancé?
When was the last time you saw him?
Uh, unfortunately, he is dealing
with a private family matter today.
Hmm, I heard.
Captain, is there anything going on here
that I should know about?
No, ma'am.
How'd I guess?
Okay, well, thank you, Captain.
Great seeing you.
This has been deeply illuminating.
Yes, ma'am.
Now look, it's just like riding a horse.
All you gotta do is get back on.
I actually don't remember
the last time I rode a horse.
Come on now. You can do this.
You just got to set your sights
and pull that trigger, okay?
Hey, and don't forget to breathe.
Okay, okay, okay! Oh, that's okay.
You're still a little rusty, all right?
Ain't nothing you can't
work out with some practice.
Trust me, this is not happening.
Everyone has this idea of me
as being this storied gunslinger.
They've got me all wrong.
The person they see,
that's not who I am.
I know what that's like.
Where I was born,
I spent most of my life
letting folks see
me as someone I wasn't,
until one day I decided I didn't want
to do that no more.
I want it to be seen
for who I really am.
That's when I heard about this place,
where people like me could go
and be whoever they wanted,
their true selves, Salvation.
So I picked up sticks
and made the change that
I needed to make and I came here.
This town really was my salvation.
And I will defend it
until my very last breath.
Then I'd better give this one more shot.
I hate guns!
Ah, all right. Let me see that.
Let me see that.
- Oh.
- Okay.
You got a doctor in this town?
- Well, that depends.
- On what?
On your definition of the word "doctor."
Ah, that stings!
What is that?
Ancient Chinese secret.
Kidding. It's just aloe.
The bullet left a nasty burn,
but it's just a graze.
This will heal it right up.
So you're, uh, really gonna
take on the McDonough gang, huh?
We're evaluating multiple scenarios.
- You speak Cantonese?
- I guess so.
Too bad he can't hear you.
My father lost his hearing
doing demolition for the railroad.
Thank you.
Mmm. I forgot how hungry I was.
Please tell your father
that this is the best
wonton soup I've ever had.
He'll appreciate that.
Ever since we came to Salvation,
all he's wanted to do
is open his own restaurant.
Well, then consider me
your first customer.
Valentina is like family to all of us.
The people in this town would follow her
into hell if she asked.
That sounded like it came
from the forge.
We need more water!
My forge! My forge!
One second, I'm in there
fixing a wagon wheel.
The next, a stick of dynamite
comes flying in.
- Boom.
- McDonough.
The shop's all I had in the world.
Now, what am I gonna do?
I got nowhere else to go.
You'll rebuild.
And we're all gonna help.
I mean, that's what we do in Salvation.
We stick together.
Some of us, anyway.
Looks like McDonough's plan worked.
He's scaring people off.
Yeah, well, he's not gonna scare us.
This fight isn't over.
Right, abuelo?
Look, I know you all want me to fight,
but I think there might be a better way.
What is it?
Just give it a little time.
- We don't have much time.
- You're a coward.
When I saw you come to this town,
it's like I'd seen a ghost.
To have mi sangre, mi familia
standing beside me,
it touched my heart.
Now that you've seen
what Papa has built,
to see how much this means to me, to us,
and to not even fight?
Papa said you were
a washed-up, wasted drunk.
I hoped you were more, but he was right.
You mean nothing to me.
You need to fight him,
for her, for us.
As a member of the Oversight Committee,
I have full access to this
program's personnel files.
And I must say, I am particularly
fascinated by yours, Ms. Chou.
Let me guess.
You're wondering how
a former cyber-criminal goes
from hacking Bitcoin accounts
on the dark web
to being chief of security
of a top secret,
multibillion dollar,
time travel project?
Oh, I'm aware of how
Admiral Williams lobbied
for your release from prison.
Magic knew what I could
bring to the table.
More than that, he knew he could
trust me with his secrets.
Perhaps. But any secrets
pertaining to this project
are the purview
of the Oversight Committee,
everything from day-to-day operations
to breaches in protocol,
which, as chief of security,
you are duty-bound to report
per the terms of your release.
Bearing that in mind, have there been
any incidents in recent weeks
you'd care to share now?
I'd actually need written authorization
from the Pentagon to be able to discuss
the program with anybody who does not
have day-to-day clearance.
I have day-to-day clearance.
Yes, but do you have it in writing?
See, as you mentioned, I'm a
former felon. I learned my lesson.
I'm by the book now.
I think that about does it.
Drinking straight from the bottle.
That's not a very Ben Song move.
It's been a day.
A long day.
I realize I haven't slept since I leapt.
Yeah, well, the hosts you've jumped
into have, if that's any consolation.
I know why I'm here. I get it.
This town deserves to be saved.
It's special.
And the people, they need it.
I just can't be who
they need me to be, and
I've been feeling that a lot lately.
What's that supposed to mean?
I saw the way you looked at
me when I told you
I didn't remember our first date.
Look, come on, Ben, it's just
I want to remember everything.
I want us to go back
to the way things were.
And the fact that I can't
Why would I do this to us?
Oh, it tastes like gasoline.
Yeah, it probably is.
Not my body.
Okay, all right, let's stop drinking
and maybe stay focused.
Focused on what? My failures?
The leap.
Let's say I can put aside all morality
and agree to kill this man
for the sake of the town.
I can't physically do it.
I'm not in the body of a prizefighter.
I'm an old man who can't shoot straight.
Where are you going?
I've got to go get
Valentina and pick up sticks,
as they say in these parts.
If I can't save Salvation, maybe I can
try to save her.
Where could she be?
There's literally nothing to
do here at night except sleep
- or hang out at the saloon.
- Ben.
Oh, she took the guns.
Okay, uh, you don't think she
Oh, no.
- Have you seen Valentina?
- Not since the fire.
- Why?
- She took my guns.
I think she went after McDonough.
She did.
Oh, hey.
Easy. Easy.
Girl's got gumption, I'll give her that.
Anyone fool enough to come up
on me and try to take a shot,
I don't care what your age,
that's something I ain't
likely to forgive.
Please, your fight's not with her.
She tried to kill me, old man.
It most certainly is.
Let's talk, you and me.
Don't kill her.
You may not believe this,
but I don't much like
killing women and children.
I will, but I don't much like it.
So I've been thinking,
I think I know a way
that you and me both
can save a lot of lives.
I see the way this town looks at you.
They've invested
the little hope they have
into a legendary gunfighter,
the savior of Salvation.
I gun you down,
all that hope evaporates away,
and they'll abandon this town without me
having to fire another shot.
So I propose a duel.
You win, and my gang
leaves this town be,
and you can have Valentina back.
You lose, you die, but she lives.
Tomorrow, then.
High noon.
I'm guessing you're going to want these.
Tomorrow, we duel.
All right, good news, y'all.
Diego has agreed to duel
Josiah McDonough for the town.
All right!
About time.
Oh, thank goodness.
I'm dead.
That's the spirit.
What are we gonna do?
Look, all of these people
would die for this town.
It's not all on your shoulders.
Henry's good with a gun,
but the rest of them
Ming's a chemist.
His dad is basically
an explosives expert.
Frankie has 1,000 gallons
of 100-proof whiskey
in this saloon.
Old Joe, he
He's a drunk,
but he used to be a hunter.
You've got a lot of skill sets here.
They're just looking
for some leadership.
So you're a lousy shot, so what?
Build a better mousetrap.
I can't win.
I'm sorry.
McDonough's in his prime, and I'm not.
I can't win.
But we can.
I know how important it is
to have a place
where you can be
what you were meant to be.
I'm starting to experience
some of that myself recently.
If we can capture McDonough
and his posse alive, we
Listen, if we can capture them alive,
we collect $10,000,
which is more than enough money
to pay off the railroad
and buy us some peace, right?
But how in tarnation are we going
to take down one of the most
notorious outlaws in the West?
This place means more
to us than it does to him.
I have a plan, but it's
gonna take all of us.
If we want that money,
we can't kill any of them.
What are you thinking?
I understand you put
a computational firewall
around Ziggy the other day.
Uh, yeah, there was an anomaly
in one of the system subroutines,
and the AI had to be protected.
But rest assured, I have it
all under control now.
Oh, good.
I was afraid it might have something
to do with those power surges.
No, no, no. Not at all.
You see, the subroutines are a set
of pre-programmed instructions.
And any deviation
from those instructions
triggers a series
of fail-safes or redundancies.
I mean, it doesn't matter
if it's a run-of-the-mill bug
in the system or if it's
a targeted cyberattack.
We treat each and every glitch
as if it were a DDOS.
A distributed denial of service.
Basically, it's when a hacker floods
a system full of malware and junk code
with the express purpose
of slowing the system down.
That was a lot to follow.
Almost feels like you're trying
to be intentionally opaque.
I'm sorry, that's
That's just how I talk.
Funny thing about
those power surges, though
The amount of terawatts they're pulling
is almost identical
to Dr. Song's calculations
of the exact amount of energy
required for a person to leap.
Strange coincidence, don't you think?
Yeah, I thought so too.
Thank you, Dr. Wright.
This has been very helpful.
So I just ran into Ian, who just
finished with Congresswoman Adani.
- How'd it go?
- Not great.
She may not have figured
out that Ben leaped,
but she's definitely starting
to put the pieces together.
But I think I have something
- we can use in our defense.
- What is it?
Information I'm sure
she doesn't want you
or anyone else to see.
- Where did you get this?
- Does it matter?
I verified it.
If this got out,
it could destroy her career.
It's why I'm giving it to you,
in case you find yourself
in need of a nuclear option.
I'm hoping it won't come to that.
But if it does, how far are you
willing to go to save Quantum Leap?
All right, steady.
Is that all right?
Good to go here.
Me and the girls will get into position.
I love it when a plan comes together.
You sure this is going to work?
A little 21st century know-how goes
a long way in the 19th century.
Yeah, but, uh, what if it doesn't?
I mean, there's literally a man
coming here to kill you, Ben.
So if any of this goes sideways
It won't.
I already lost you once.
And the thought of losing you again,
forever this time
just when I was starting
to get you back.
It's time.
Where the hell is everybody?
Looks like your old abuelo done
chickened out, little lady.
Looks can be deceiving.
You should have left when
you had the chance, amigo.
I'm giving you one last chance.
For what?
Turn yourself in.
Let us take you, peaceful-like.
How about we get our duel
out of the way?
Change of plans.
Now, Henry!
Ah, son of a bitch!
It's an ambush!
Sounds like the whole damn
town's shooting at us.
Take cover! Come on!
What the
That's for burning my shop.
I'd think twice about
that if I were you.
I won't shoot you,
but the new sheriff might.
Maybe we can work something out here.
Too late.
Telegraph went out this morning.
And these here fine folks have
already claimed their reward.
Marshals will be here to haul you
and your boys in come sun up.
Should have left while
you had the chance, huh?
You did it.
You saved the town.
None of this would have happened
without you and your papa.
You saved the town.
There was no off-site emergency.
The power surges weren't random.
And the reason why Dr. Song is not here
is because you all have
used the quantum accelerator
to perform an unauthorized leap,
which you've been covering up
this whole time.
Well, if you knew this whole
time, why didn't you say so?
I wasn't sure.
But after talking to everyone
I genuinely do believe
in Project Quantum Leap,
and I tried to give you
a chance to come clean,
but I'm afraid it's too late for that.
Now that I know that the
program has been compromised,
you leave me no choice but to pass this
up the chain of command.
You can't let them shut us down,
not until we bring Ben back.
That is for the committee to decide.
10 years ago, you and your brother
took a joy ride
after a night of drinking.
There was an accident.
Your brother was killed.
Everyone believed
he was behind the wheel,
but he wasn't, was he, Congresswoman?
Are you blackmailing me, Admiral?
No, that's not my style.
Then why are you bringing this up?
Quantum Leap technology works.
We can go back in time
and change the past,
change it for the better.
What if Ben could jump back 10 years
and make sure you two
never get into that car?
We can save your brother.
We just need time to figure out how.
But if you shut us down,
I can't help you.
What'll it be?
I will definitely be there.
That's great.
Thank you for your hospitality, Magic.
Good luck with your alpha tests.
Safe travels back to DC.
I will keep you updated on our progress.
Thank you.
Please tell me she's not
going to shut us down,
- leaving Ben stranded.
- No, not yet.
So you used the nuclear option?
Not exactly.
I told her we could go back
and save her brother's life.
Magic, we can't do that.
I mean, the technology,
it doesn't support us leaping
to a specific moment in ti
I know that, but she doesn't.
I bought us time, bought you time.
Now use it.
Figure out how to get Ben back here.
A toast to mi abuelo, Diego de la Cruz,
the savior of Salvation.
I don't want to be negative,
but at some point,
railroad's gonna come knocking again.
And that reward money
will only last us for so long.
Well, he's not wrong,
but this might help.
Apparently, there's
a copper deposit a few miles
due west of here.
Might come in real handy
for that new invention,
the, uh, telephone.
That's a good one.
So, uh, I happen to know there's
a pretty good copper vein
a couple of miles west.
Folks might want to stake that claim
before the telephone companies do.
You think those newfangled talk boxes
are gonna be a thing?
Oh, yeah. Yeah, I'm sure of it.
Will that save the town?
Well, let's see.
More than that.
Their newfound success
puts Salvation on the map.
It looks like your little
gamble paid off, cowboy.
Couldn't have done it
without you, partner.
Look, it's kind of like our first date.
Totally, yeah.
This feels exactly the same.
I may not remember the specifics,
but I remember how I feel
and how much I care about you, Addison,
and that I'll do anything
to find my way back to you
so we can start over,
build new memories, together.
There's nothing I want
more than that, Ben.
Is it possible to kiss a hologram?
Because I really want to right now.
You made a serious miscalculation
coming here, Ben.
Did he just call you, Ben?
How did you know my name?
I know everything
about you, Dr. Ben Song,
from the year 2022.
I know what you're doing.
But if you value your life,
you need to stop following me.
Do you understand?
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