Quantum Leap (2022) s01e07 Episode Script

O Ye of Little Faith

Dr. Ben Song risked everything
when he used
the Quantum Leap Accelerator
to travel back in time.
Now our team's working to find out why.
As he leaps between bodies
with no memory of who he is,
he still has one hope
That his next leap
takes him back
to the place and people he calls home.
Trick or treat.
Father Davenport, thank God.
I'm afraid it's gotten worse.
Please, come in.
Thank you for traveling
all the way from Baltimore.
We tried a local priest, but
he didn't have your reputation.
I'm Lola, Daisy's mother.
Our maid, Magda.
Everyone else is in the parlor.
Happy Halloween.
Nice costume.
This way, please, Father.
Not a costume.
Charles, Daisy's father.
And this is my brother, Percival.
Percy's fine.
Only Aunt Tessa calls me Percival.
Put that drink down, Percival.
For goodness' sake.
You are in the presence
of a man of faith.
Contessa Gray. Welcome to my home.
I'm sorry you have
to visit it under such
- unfavorable circumstances.
- Mm.
Ziggy says that there
is an 89% chance that
you are here to perform an exorcism.
That cannot be right.
What is the condition of the afflicted?
Probably best you see for yourself.
Before I begin,
it's been a long journey.
Do you have a restroom
- Water closet.
- Water closet I can use?
Yes. Hey, keep your voice down.
All right, in the original history,
Father James Davenport attempted
an exorcism on Daisy Gray.
After what "The Covington Gazette"
described as a "holy battle,"
the priest failed.
Daisy died six minutes after midnight.
That's what you're here to change.
But exorcisms aren't real.
And even if they were,
I'm not religious.
I don't believe in possession.
Ben, you are literally possessing
that guy's body right now.
Fair point.
Look, I don't know if
the demon is real or not.
But what I do know is that the machine
sent you here for a reason.
So let's just go through the motions
until we figure out why.
- Fine.
- Thank you.
But spoiler alert, the demon's not real.
It started three weeks ago.
She began to speak in riddles.
Her strength has doubled, unnaturally.
She can't remember things
she's said or done.
What's that smell?
It's the rotting stench of the demon.
She won't let Magda clean that off.
We tried restraining her with rope,
but she chewed right through it.
Daisy did this?
It was the demon.
It's all right, honey.
Father Davenport is here now.
It's an angel sent here to save me.
How is this gonna go?
Is a question you may have.
Three steps.
Three steps.
Step one
You command the demon to reveal itself.
I command the demon to reveal itself.
The exorcist and the demon fight
for the soul of the possessed.
The exorcist, that's me,
and the demon, she,
fight for the soul of the possessed.
And three
The demon leaves, if the exorcist wins.
The last priest didn't make
it past the first step.
I'll wait downstairs.
Now what?
Step one.
Try the book.
Hey, at least you get to
use your high school Latin.
It's bookmarked. How kind.
- Uh
- What just happened?
Not sure.
Some sort of glitch.
Just keep going.
You're doing great.
Wait. No. Um
What the
Oh, hell no.
Hey, there is some sort of glitch.
The system just kicked me out.
Uh, Ian?
Over here.
Hey, I
Are you wearing cat ears?
What? I I keep them in my desk,
in case of e-meow-gencies.
OK. Well, speaking of emergencies,
Ben is stuck in 1934,
mid-exorcism, alone.
Yeah. Something is interfering
with the signal in the imaging chamber.
I mean, we can still track
his location and his vitals.
I just can't hear or see him
for some reason.
- Why?
- I can only speculate,
but maybe it was the demon.
- Ian.
- What? What?
Something supernatural
is not entirely impossible.
Sam Beckett believed
that God was guiding
the Quantum Accelerator.
So maybe a demon really
is trying to interfere.
OK. Well, Ben has six hours
until Daisy dies.
How long until we get
this thing back online?
I mean, I don't even
understand what's happening.
So just let me run some diagnostics
and then we'll go from there.
Father, the doctor's here.
It's a great time
for the doctor to come in.
You can he may enter.
Dr. Felix Watts.
I'd like to administer a sedative.
Yes, please. What have you got for me?
Oh, for her.
Yes. Absolutely.
Good call.
So I take it you're not a believer?
The patient is suffering,
and the family's
denying her medical treatment
because of their religious misgivings.
- Yeah.
- You're a part of the problem.
No offense.
None taken.
I would love to find
a rational explanation
for what's happening here.
- Really?
- Yeah.
Well, the rational explanation is
that this is an illness of the mind.
She needs cutting-edge
medical intervention,
electroshock therapy, for instance,
or perhaps a lobotomy.
Will you let me undo her bindings,
let her sleep in comfort?
Is that safe?
There's no demon here,
father, only a girl of 18.
She couldn't do much
even if she wanted to.
Joan of Arc was only 17 when she led
the French army to victory.
There's a Cathedral in France,
in Orleans,
where Joan of Arc went
to pray before battle.
Auntie Tessa took me there
when I was little.
Daisy, Dr. Watts believes
there's a logical explanation
to what's happening here.
Don't worry, father.
I know the demon is real.
This is a battle of faith.
When my father lost his job
at the motorcar company
on account of the Depression,
he stopped going to church.
Then my mother stopped,
because we lost our house
and had to move in with Auntie Tessa.
Mother says this house
gives her the creeps.
I can't disagree with her there.
That's how it started,
about three weeks ago,
just after my 18th birthday.
The wallpaper moved.
I began to see terrible things.
My father said God turned
his back on us.
He was wrong.
God sent an angel
to help Joan win her battle.
And God sent you to help me.
The Book of Revelation says,
"Fear none of those things
which thou shalt suffer.
Be thou faithful unto death."
And Father, I intend
to be faithful unto death.
How is she?
She's a young woman of remarkable faith.
She's a fighter.
Reminds me of someone I used to know.
She looks just like you.
Inherited my sense of conviction too.
- Thank you, Father.
- For what? I
For coming here.
You are the answer to our prayers.
Something to lighten the mood?
Can I tempt you?
I better not. Long night ahead.
You know what that does to your liver?
I'm more concerned
for my soul than my liver.
I'll leave this here just
in case you change your mind.
Just something I used to sing to Daisy
when she cried as a baby.
It's lovely.
You have a nice voice.
Oh, I trained a little
when I was Daisy's age.
Wanted to go to Hollywood,
be the next Gloria Swanson.
But then, I got pregnant with Daisy.
Do you think it's my fault?
- What?
- The demon.
We were young when I got pregnant.
Charles and I weren't married yet.
Is it
Is it punishment?
18 years and 9 months
seems a little long
for God to wait before
doling out punishment.
It's locked.
Open this door!
Are you hurt?
Who took off her restraints?
What's all the commotion?
Where's Aunt Tessa?
Dear God.
There must be a rational explanation.
I'm struggling to conjure one.
Come on.
You're supposed to be
the man of science.
What do you think
happened three weeks ago?
Daisy's symptoms began three weeks ago,
right after her birthday?
I'm not sure.
It could explain her symptoms.
If it's an illness of the mind
No illness of the mind
could've doubled her strength.
There is no manner in which
Daisy could've lifted
Contessa Gray's body onto that armoire.
Doctor, are you starting to believe?
In medical school, we studied
the words of Hippocrates.
"To know is science.
To believe one knows is ignorance."
I'm afraid this has gone beyond
the realm of what I know.
When I was in school, I was taught
to examine all the variables
before drawing conclusions.
The Vatican teaches that?
Yes. Yes.
I have to consider every
possible explanation.
This family is counting
on me to help them.
Daisy's counting on me.
Let's go, folks. Move along.
Nothing to see here.
Jen says no other departments
are having issues,
that the interference isolated
to the imaging chamber,
which makes no sense.
What was that?
Nothing. I'm just I'm
I'm monitoring Ben's vitals.
He's fine. Every everyone's fine.
- We're all fine.
- Ian?
OK. So he's freaking out a little bit.
God. I feel so useless.
Is there anything else
that we could be doing?
I'm running every single
diagnostic that I can.
I literally have two separate
teams trying to mount
- two different workarounds.
- But?
But you might wanna
start preparing yourself
for the possibility that you won't get
back in there before 12:06.
Now, in in the meantime,
I figured that Reddit might
be able to offer us some
insight in what's going on
in Ben's current timeline.
Oh, my God.
- Daisy killed Great Aunt Tessa?
- Yeah.
WebCrawlers19 said that according
to the constable's report,
Contessa Gray was found
dead on top of an armoire.
Now, Daisy was the only one alone
with her at the time of death.
There is no way that she
could lift up that body.
I gotta get back in there.
You have to figure this out, Ian.
I'll figure it out.
I knew you'd come around.
- Never been a gin guy.
- Hmm.
Still not.
Hey, what's with all the encyclopedias?
I sell them, door-to-door.
Charles says it's an
excuse to screw around
with lonely housewives all day,
to which I say,
I'm a salesman and a public servant.
Hey, what happened three weeks ago?
I notice Charles didn't
wanna talk about it.
Are you a priest or a constable?
I need any information
that can help Daisy.
Don't know how it could
help with the exorcism,
but the night of Daisy's birthday,
Charles and Aunt Tessa got
into an argument about money.
And I won't have you relying
on my inheritance either.
I said I don't want her money!
See, I'm used to screwing up.
Charles isn't.
He married the pretty girl,
got the good job.
Then, he lost that job.
And let's just say,
lately, he's been wrathful.
So the demon is my fault?
And whose fault is it we
lost our life savings?
It was an investment, OK?
Who knew the market would crash?
You told me it was foolproof.
You lied to get to my money.
And greed is a sin as much as wrath.
So now the demon is my fault too?
OK. All right.
Why don't we just both
take a beat, you know,
say a few Hail Marys?
I beg your pardon.
Daisy is unwell again.
- I'll see to her.
- No.
Mrs. Gray is requesting you, Father.
She was starting to calm
down after the incident.
So I gave her dinner, some soup.
That's all she can stomach.
Maybe it's best if
I stood upon the sand of the sea
and saw a beast rise up,
and upon his head the name
of "blasphemy."
- What?
- And there appeared an angel
unto him from heaven, strengthening him.
And immediately there fell from his eyes
as it had been scales.
For we walk by faith and not by sight.
Daisy, I don't know what's going on,
but the demon isn't real.
The end is nigh for you, traveler.
Are you all right, Father?
I heard you cry out.
Get the doctor!
What's happening?
Daisy, are you OK?
Of course you're not.
Are you feeling all right, Father?
Much better, now that I
found the source of the smell.
Look, demon stench.
Someone's lying. I just need
to figure out who put this there.
That would be me.
Yes, I put the fish under Daisy's bed.
To fool us into thinking
the demon is real?
Fool you?
The demon is real.
We call it dybbuk in my culture.
It's a part of Jewish tradition.
The fish protects from the dybbuk.
Daisy's father would never allow me
to hang that in her room.
So I snuck one in.
Real fish is more potent.
Oh, it's potent all right.
Gives new meaning
to the term "red herring."
So you had nothing to do
with Aunt Tessa's death?
I liked Ms. Contessa.
After the market crash,
she let me keep my job.
She doesn't spend a penny
on herself anymore,
saves her money for charity.
Would anyone else have
any reason to harm her?
She had money.
But she made it very clear
in her new will
that Daisy would inherit everything
after her 18th birthday.
So Daisy now stands to inherit
a great deal of wealth.
Daisy would never hurt
her auntie on purpose.
It was the dybbuk, the demon.
I didn't wanna do it.
I never wanted to get married.
- Really?
- Mm.
I mean, I'm sure my parents
loved each other once.
But by the time they got divorced,
they couldn't even be in
the same room together.
So I made a choice.
That was never gonna be my life.
And then I met Ben.
Well, what are you gonna do?
He's very lovable.
What if he never makes it back?
Those leaps are getting
harder and harder.
And he might get stuck in time,
and I'll never see him again.
You know, in quantum physics,
there's this concept that
if you believe in something,
it helps make it true.
At least that's what Ian told me
when they tried to get me to
make a vision board with them.
Oh, yeah. I passed on that too.
But I think maybe they were right.
It's OK to be worried.
It's OK to be confused,
angry sometimes.
But we are gonna bring Ben back.
I know it.
I see it.
I won't settle for anything less.
So your advice is
to make a Ben vision board?
My advice is to not lose hope.
I believe in you.
I believe in us.
We're gonna solve this thing.
Just gotta have a little faith.
You there?
It was worth a shot.
I could really use someone
to talk to right now.
I guess you'll have to do.
I've tried to find
a scientific explanation.
And I can't.
I know it seems crazy,
but I think I might have
to actually try and perform an exorcism?
But I don't believe in
I mean, I can read Latin, but
I'm not a man of faith.
I'm I'm not.
But you are.
So maybe, just this once, I put my need
to rationally and logically
explain everything away
and I try and be open to something
I don't truly understand.
Here we go.
Step one, I command
the demon to reveal itself.
Hey, you.
Come here.
Where am I?
You're right here.
How is this possible?
I love you.
This isn't real. No.
My Addison's a hologram.
And I know I haven't left home.
So oh, no.
Am I dead?
You don't feel dead.
I'm hallucinating.
The gin.
They drugged me.
And Daisy too.
That is not great.
It it is. It is great.
It means there's finally
a scientific explanation
for what's been happening,
which means someone in the family
is a psychopathic murderer.
The five variables I didn't consider.
Someone killed Aunt Tessa
and framed the demon.
And At 12:06,
they're gonna kill Daisy too.
But who?
The devoted maid is suspicious.
She tried to save Daisy
with that gross dead fish.
That's right.
The grieving mother?
She couldn't have killed her.
She was by the piano, with you.
Hmm. The skeptical doctor.
It was his idea to take
off the restraints.
Come on, Ben. No motive.
That just leaves the angry father
and his jealous brother.
Magda did say something
about a new will.
One of the brothers gets
the money if Daisy dies.
Yeah. But how did they kill Aunt Tessa?
No one was in the room with Daisy,
and the door was locked.
Well, it is one of
those creepy old mansions.
Those usually have
Secret passageways.
There's a hidden door in the bedroom.
There must be.
It's almost midnight.
You have to go.
I wanna stay here with you.
I know.
But this isn't real.
Hang on, Daisy.
I knew it.
Father, how did it go?
There's been some progress.
Oh, wonderful.
I asked Magda to bring up
some soup for Daisy.
Is this good timing?
Sure is.
I'm just gonna make a quick call.
Excuse me.
911 hasn't been invented yet.
It's dead.
The line's been dead since you arrived.
- It was the demon.
- Forget the demon.
I need you to tell me
about the new will.
What happened the night
of Daisy's birthday?
Well, there was an argument.
I don't understand why you can't
become a salesman like Percival.
Can't keep living in the past,
sitting around all day
feeling sorry for yourself.
And I won't have you relying
on my inheritance either.
I am not one of your charity cases.
Charles, please.
I said I don't want her money!
Well, then, I'll make sure
you don't get a penny.
She cut Charles out?
Are you saying Mr. Charles
is the killer?
He has been so angry.
No, the killer is the one
who is going to get
the money if Daisy dies.
The next in line,
now that Charles is out,
the one whose bedroom, I assume,
is next to Daisy's.
That would be Mr. Percy.
There's your demon.
He dosed me with something.
This would be so much easier
if we had the internet.
The what?
Encyclopedias, the original internet.
Magda, has Mr. Percy
requested you pick anything
strange up for him recently, some odd,
- out of the ordinary purchase?
- Yes.
He had me drive an hour out of town
to visit a horticulturist friend of his,
said he wanted some new plants
for the garden.
What were they?
I I don't remember. They were white.
It started with a J?
Jim Something.
Jim. Jim. Jim.
Jim something.
Jim, Jim, Jim.
"Plant, also known as devil's snare.
"Can cause fever, amnesia,
and vivid hallucinations.
- Over time, it can be"
- Fatal.
Uncle Percy did his homework.
He's been dosing Daisy's soup
since her birthday,
and he's going to deliver
the final dose in six minutes.
If you're right, I'm the one
who's been poisoning her.
If I'm right, you'll be
the one who helps me save her.
Uncle Percy didn't kill Auntie Tessa.
I can't believe that.
The Great Depression was
Is a scary time for people.
And fear makes us do crazy things.
The demon did it.
You taught me something today.
Sometimes we need to step
outside what we believe
to see things for what they are.
But if the demon isn't real, then
my uncle is a murderer.
I think I prefer the demon.
We still need ironclad proof.
But I have an idea.
We'll need the doctor's help.
Are you game?
May the love and the grace
of the Holy Spirit
be with you now and move you
on to the everlasting life
of the love of the Father of God,
and the everlasting Holy Spirit.
Time Of Death, 12:06.
They'll be here soon to take the body.
Will you join us in a prayer
for the departed, Constable?
Let us pray.
In the name of the Father and of the Son
and of the Holy Spirit
Do you hear that?
- What?
- The Holy Spirit.
It brings us a message.
Well? What's it say?
Shh. It says the demon is still here.
Do you remember the three steps
of an exorcism?
Step one, I command
the demon to reveal itself!
I felt no pulse.
Step two, we fight for
the soul of the possessed.
What do you want, demon?
Someone here killed Daisy.
Oh, God.
Please, don't hurt me! Don't possess me!
You killed Aunt Tessa! Confess.
I confess.
You poisoned Daisy with jimsonweed.
I confess.
And you did it for the inheritance.
I did it for Lola.
Ye wait. What?
- Percy?
- The demon is real, Lola.
What the hell is going on here?
Percival, you idiot.
We were gonna run away
together, Lola and me,
when I got the inheritance money.
I'm in love with her.
She said she wanted to go to Hollywood.
You're a hell of an actress,
I'll give you that.
Oh, shut up, Charles.
I've never had anything on my terms.
The child I had to have,
the man I had to marry.
Getting the chance at my dream again,
that was something worth believing in!
Forgive us, Father.
I'm sorry, but I do
not have that authority.
I forgive you.
Oh, thank you.
Thank you.
Is is that you?
You forgive me?
After everything I I did?
It's just what I believe in.
Yeah, well, she can forgive you
all she wants,
but you're still going to jail.
Step three, the demon leaves.
The exorcist wins.
Oh, my God.
What? I don't see anything.
Exactly, the posts about Daisy's
possession disappeared, which means
Ben did it?
Ben did it.
One step closer to making it home.
Oh, that is the power
of believing, baby.
I'm starting a new vision
board tonight, first thing.
Oh, no.
What is it?
Wait. No, no, no.
That no, that can't
Ian, you're scaring me.
I just figured out where
the interference
in the imaging chamber is coming from.
I wanted to thank you
for helping me see things
from a different perspective.
You too, Joan of Arc.
I decided I'm gonna donate
the inheritance money.
There's a small charity nearby.
They give people jobs.
I'd like to help them grow.
Auntie Tessa would've liked that.
What's the charity called?
It's called Goodwill.
I have a feeling it'll really take off.
You know, I still
believe God sent you here.
I may have had
devil's snare in my system,
but when I first looked at you, Father,
I saw an angel looking back.
He looked younger than you
with black hair and dark eyes.
You're leaving now, aren't you?
To Baltimore?
Have a safe trip.
Ben, can you hear me?
Can you hear me?
Can you hear me?
I have been trying to reach you all day.
I had to cut off the signal
to Quantum Leap Headquarters
so they wouldn't interfere.
My name is Janis Calavicci.
You don't remember me.
But I'm here to warn you that
No. No.
Ben! Ben!
No! No!
Ben, come on.
You know me?
It's now or never, new guy.
Go, go, go, go, go, go, go.
Whoo-hoo ♪
Whoo-hoo ♪
Whoo-hoo ♪
I got my head checked ♪
By a jumbo jet ♪
Here we go.
Whoo-hoo ♪
And I'm pins and I'm needles ♪
- Whoo-hoo ♪
- Whoo!
Freedom, baby!
All of the time but I'm never sure ♪
Leah, you slash their
tires like I showed you?
- Are you sure?
- Yeah, Stacey.
I'm sure.
We did it.
We escaped.
So we just escaped school?
Yeah, yeah ♪
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