Quantum Leap (2022) s01e08 Episode Script

Stand by Ben

Dr. Ben Song risked
everything when he used
the Quantum Leap Accelerator
to travel back in time.
Now our team's working to find out why.
As he leaps between bodies
with no memory of who he is,
he still has one hope
That his next leap takes him back
to the place and people he calls home.
Ben, come on!
[SHOUTS] You know me?
It's now or never, new guy!
Go! Go, go, go, go, go, go!
You get back here right now!
Whoo-hoo ♪
Whoo-hoo ♪

Whoo-hoo ♪

Whoo-hoo ♪

I got my head checked ♪

Here we go.
Whoo-hoo ♪
When I feel heavy metal ♪
Whoo-hoo ♪
Freedom, baby!

Leah, you slashed their tires
like I showed you?
- Are you sure?
- Yeah, Stacy, I'm sure.
We did it. We escaped.
So we just escaped school?

Yeah, yeah ♪

Yeah, yeah ♪
Oh, yeah ♪
If you were gonna change your mind
about escaping that hellhole,
you probably should have done it
before you stole the car keys.
I gotta hand it to you, Klepto,
you said you could do it, and you did.
So where you going to?
Me? Uh, I'm
I'm not not sure.
Well, once we get to Reno,
you'll have lots of options,
um, international airport,
train station, bus terminal.
I'm going to Vegas.
To be a stripper, right?
To be a blackjack dealer.
Or craps.
Casinos are hiring like crazy,
and Vegas is a really good
place to start over.
It's better than Alaska,
that's for sure.
You're going to Alaska?
Mm-hmm. Bus to Juneau
and from there into the interior.
Find a place as far away
from humanity as possible.
They've got dope there too, you know.
I'll stay away from it.

I just wanna go home.
You can't go home.
You know that, right?
Your parents sent you away
because they think you're broken.
Hey. Take it easy.
What? I mean, it's true.
I don't want her to walk in
and think they'll suddenly
just accept her for who she is.

You know, I have an uncle
who lives out here.
Maybe I'll call him.
He's nice.
I swear, he's on TV.
The people you know aren't the answer.
They're the problem.
They already made up
their minds about you.
That's why you have
to start over as someone new.
It's the only way.

What's happening?
The tire burst!
Are you okay?
Okay, you're okay.
Everyone sure they're okay?
Any blows to the head or
Or pain internally?
Are you a doctor all of a sudden?
No yes
- Just wanna make sure
- This is so stupid!
Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, Stacy.
Stacy, Stacy.
It's okay, all right?
It's not your fault.
- All right
- Don't touch me!

Addison, thank God.
I was worried something had
happened to you.
- Sorry.
- No, no.
I'm just glad you're okay.
Someone shut us out of the last leap.
- I don't know who it is, but
- Janis Calavicci.
What the
[STATICKY] Hear me? I've been trying
to reach you all day.
My name is Janis Calavicci.
You don't remember me.
But I am here to warn you
Yeah, she appeared
after you were shut out.
Said she was there to warn me.
Warn you?
- About what?
- I-I don't know.
I-I leapt before she could
say anything else.
Do you know who she is?
Uh, sh
You were working with her
before you leaped.
Do you remember that?
Are you sure you want to do this?

No, I'm not sure.
Well, she's a potential threat.
I I have to talk to the team.
Gotcha. I mean I mean, I'm
just I'm just happy you're okay.
Uh, you should have seen the last leap.
I saw a demon.
[CHUCKLES SOFTLY] You did great.
You don't even need me anymore.
[HUFFS] Of course I need you.
I always need you.
So why did I leap here?
Uh, well, it is July 10th, 1996.
You are Benjamin Winters,
a 16-year-old student
of Sierra Youth Academy.
Looks like in the original timeline,
you and three other students
got lost on a school hike
and died of heat exposure.
That doesn't make any sense.
This does not feel like
a school hiking trip.
More like the Great Escape.
Okay, I'll have Ian run
a diagnostic on Ziggy,
but until then, just
keep 'em out of the woods.
Do you have an imaginary friend?

It is, like, one,
or do you have a whole group?
When I was a kid, I had this family
that I would talk to,
because my family was just
Well, the therapist said
it was a coping mechanism,
which is maybe the most obvious thing
in the history of history.
- I was like,
do you really need a PhD
to make that call?
I talk to my fiancée.
Girlfriend, I t I talk to my girl
I'm 16. [CHUCKLES]
It's my girlfriend.
Have you ever had a real one,
a girlfriend?
I did too.

Was it nice?
Yeah, it was.

Oh, Stacy has a plan.
Okay, great.
Janis cut our connection to Ben?
How's that possible?
Well, she must have her own
imaging chamber, and a handlink.
The one she took
from her mother's house.
Ian, tell me you can stop
Janis from doing this again.
I reprogrammed the OS
in the imaging chamber.
It it won't happen again.
Ben said that she was there
to warn him about something.
- About what?
- The other leaper?
She didn't have time to say.
But if she was there to warn him,
then that means Ben's
in danger from something,
and right now Janis is the only
person who knows what that is.
You guys might get the chance
to ask her very soon.
The power requirements for Janis'
imaging chamber are the same as ours.
So since we know when she was
trying to get in
You can look for local power
surges at corresponding times
and find her.

- What are you doing?
- Getting something to wear
instead of this godforsaken uniform.
Also taking stock of what I have.
Unfortunately, what's good
for Vegas isn't great
for the middle of nowhere, so.
Ben, from what I can tell,
the school tried to cover up
what happened.
They claim that you all
got lost on a hiking trip.
But a few weeks later,
the director, Adam Sullivan,
put in an insurance claim for his car.
Claimed it rolled over right here.
What kind of person does that?
I don't know. But you have to get
these kids back on the road.
In the original timeline,
they went south, split up,
and none of 'em made it.

Guys [SIGHS]
I think we should talk
I got some things we can use.
Look, um, I understand
the idea was to leave school
Way to live up to your nickname, Klepto.
[LAUGHS] No way.
You stole Director Sullivan's
fishing trophy?
He loves this thing.
He stole something from every one
of the sadists who work at that place.
Ringer's hat? Ohh.
What I would give
for that son of a bitch
to see me wearing this right now.
Okay, we were just in a car crash.
- So
- Water, sunscreen,
a compass, and a map?
Yeah, I figured if the car didn't start,
we might have to go on foot.
Leah, I know I give you crap
about being a genius,
but I will never do that again.
Okay, everybody, stop!
No wonder people yell at teenagers.
What exactly do you think
is gonna happen?
We're just gonna hike to Reno?
You got a better idea?
Yeah. We go back to the road.
No way. No, they're
looking for us by now.
Look, I get the idea was
to run away from school,
but getting lost in the woods
isn't gonna accomplish anything.
We won't get lost.
We've got a map.
[SIGHS] Okay.
There's Susanville. It's not too far.
We'll get to Reno from there.
Look for a place called
the Elbow's Bend.
There's a cabin there
The place the Benito brothers
went to when they escaped.
Oh, no, that's right.
I've heard about that before.
It can't be more than five miles.
We get there tonight, rest up,
hike to Susanville in the morning.
Okay, not to sound like a broken record,
but this is exactly
what must not happen.
Yeah, five miles in this terrain?
That's gonna take a whole day
right there.
We've got no food.
We've got one bottle of water
between the four of us.
And I hate to be the bearer of bad news,
but this isn't some game, okay?
We get lost, we will die.
Don't exaggerate.
I promise, I am not exaggerating.
If we do this, you're never
gonna make it to Vegas.
You won't make it to Alaska.
And you're never gonna get
to see your folks.
We're gonna die.
You've only been here a few weeks,
so you probably won't get this.
But I would gladly die before
I ever go back to that school.
Me too.
Me three.
Come on. We can get changed on the way.
You can go back.
No judgement. Just, um,
make sure you don't tell them
where we're going.

[SIGHS] Ben, you have to stop this.

Can you make sure we don't get lost?
Y-yes, but Ben, this
You do that, I'll keep them alive.

- Where?
- A warehouse,
three miles east, rented
by a shell corp six months ago.
Right when Ben and Janis started doing
whatever it is they're doing.
Our tactical unit will
meet us once we get up top.
And I got a backup unit
scrambling out of Torrance.
Is that enough?
Janis is a lone wolf.
She's gone to a lot of trouble
to stay hidden.
I'd be surprised if she hired
even one security guard,
lest she risk them stumbling
onto something.
That sounds like admiration.
Just one shark recognizing another.
So your dad reached out to me.
Says you're not taking his calls.
Yeah, there's a reason I'm not.
We're about to capture Janis.
You of all people should know
now's not the time
to let anything get in our way.

That doesn't make any sense.
It says the whole office
is under lockdown protocol,
as if we're under attack.
I didn't give the command.
Janis still has access
to our system, right?
Would her access include, say,
elevator cameras?

She saw us coming, and she's
buying herself time to get away.
[HUFFS] Like you said, a shark.

Their chemistry is undeniable.
I mean, it makes me, like, emotional.
I've never heard of them before.
Wait till you hear "Wannabe."
It's the new "Bohemian Rhapsody."
They're releasing it in the States soon.
What do we know about them?
Maybe if we know them better,
I know how to help.
Okay, Roy Bacall,
the only child
of very successful parents.
High IQ, but has flunked out of
every school he's ever been to.
Had two overdoses
before he got sent to Sierra.
The second one they didn't
think was an accident.
Stacy Thompson, star athlete,
voted "most popular"
freshman year of high school
until her mom died in a car accident.
Looks like her dad was an alcoholic.
She engaged in an escalating
series of physical altercations
on and off school grounds
until she was sent to Sierra
after trying to burn down her own house.
[SIGHS] Lost her mom freshman year,
so she was a year younger
than I was when I lost my mom.
Leah Valencia, the youngest daughter
of a very religious family.
She has a dozen different diagnoses
from a dozen different psychiatrists
Depression, anxiety, ADHD.
I mean, despite that,
she was a straight A student.
I mean, like, 100s on every test.
Her parents sent her to Sierra
after she was discovered
cutting herself.
[SIGHS] Addison, I know each leap
is a challenge, but this one
Yeah. It's a lot.
These three kids don't have
a single supportive person
in their lives between them.
Well, four if you include yourself.
Ben Winters was a socially
challenged introvert,
diagnosed with Asperger's.
Looks like he channeled most
of his anger into stealing.
So, she hot?
Imaginary girlfriend, she hot?
- Hope so.
Otherwise, what's the point?
Cute kid.
Ben, look at them.
They're exhausted.
Stacy, maybe we should stop
before it gets any darker.
No way. We haven't even
made it over the ridge.
You got some torch we don't
know about, or do you just
think we'll be able
to keep going by moonlight?
No, but I don't think we should
stop until we have to.
Well, this is us saying we have to.
Hey, go easy on that water.
It's all we've got.
Ben, it's supposed to be
over 100 degrees tomorrow.
It has to last all of us
until we get to the cabin.
And Ziggy says there's
no record of any cabin.
Klepto was right about one thing,
we're not making it five miles tonight.
So let's not make a bad situation
worse by getting lost.
Or by getting obnoxious
with each other, right?
Okay, hey, guys, okay,
we're we're all tired
and and hungry, and I know
I've said this before,
but if we turn around now,
the road's not that far.
What part of not going back
- don't you understand?
- BOTH: Roy, come on!

You all win. We will stop here
for the night.
- You okay?
- Yeah.
He just gets like that when
What was that?


I don't suppose there's
a gun in there I didn't see.
Any suggestions what to do?

Leah, you okay?
The best response [GROWLS]
To any predator
[GROWLS] Is to become a bigger
[GROWLS] Scarier predator.
Don't take this the wrong way,
but just to confirm,
you are an actual genius?
No, Ben, she's right.
If you run or act afraid,
they'll attack.
Now we charge!
We what?
And don't come back!
- It worked.
It actually worked.
Nice work.
So, uh, we're taking shifts
sleeping, right?
Yeah, you bet your ass.
Your girlfriend here?
She needs her rest.
Can't sleep?
Side effects of
Ironic, right?
You'd think it'd be
the other way around.
I'm sorry about before,
pushing you like that.
Worst part is, I hate it
when my dad puts his hands on me.
Promised I'd never be like him,
says every kid ever.
Ben, I was in the military with people
who were sent to place like this.
They always said the worst
part was that nobody cared.
Nobody cared if they ate breakfast.
Nobody cared how they did in school.
And nobody listened.
That's all anyone at this age wants.
Talk to him.
Talk to him like you would one of us.

I have a friend. He's a physicist.
And he does this thing
where he talks about life
in terms of physics.
Maybe not literally like you'd
talk to u-us. Okay. All right.
Your friend sounds like a riot.
It's actually more helpful
than you'd think.
For example, he'll talk
about states of matter.
Like, water, you heat it
and heat it and heat it,
and nothing ever happens.
So you swear that
That it will never change,
try as it might.
Until one day, poof.
It's steam.
You didn't try anything new that day.
You just never quit trying to change it.
Your friend couldn't just say,
"don't quit trying to quit"?
Well, this "water" here
has actually quit before.
I was sober before I got
to Sierra Academy.
And then I talked back,
and they put me in the box.
The box?
You know the one, in the parking lot.
Size of a
Thing no one should be put in.
Two days in there,
two days of Ringer
and his crew telling me
I was worthless,
and I believed 'em.
Ben, I don't think this is
just about saving their lives.
I think there might be more to this.
Have you checked with
the engineering department?
Yes, and surprise, they are trapped
in their offices,
just like everyone else.
Ian, we gotta get out of here.
Oh! Oh, you wanna You wanna get out?
I mean [LAUGHS]
Why didn't I think of that?
It's it's not like
every single other
department isn't also trying
to call me every 30 seconds,
or that I'm trying to figure out
how to lift this lockdown by myself,
or that I have to monitor Ben's leaps.
I mean, that would be crazy.
Oh, wait, yes, it is exactly like that.
Feel better now?
I, uh I am working as fast as I can,
but it's It's gonna be a while.
Should we talk about it?
Given how you literally have me trapped
with no ability to walk away?
Sure, let's talk about it.
He's your father.
He's a con man with a gambling problem
who left me to raise myself.
If I didn't have a really strong group
of friends to lean on
And a guardian angel
What can I say?
I know talent when I see it.
Every few years, he reaches out,
says he wants to reconnect.
And every few years, I say yes
because I'm an adult
and what's the harm, right?
But somehow, every few years,
when he disappears
after I've lent him money,
I'm still disappointed.
Like Lucy with the football.
Charlie Brown.
It's Charlie who wants
to kick the football.
Lucy's the one who always pulls away.
You get my point.
Yes. I do.
But take it from a father
who's made a lot of mistakes,
it's better to risk
disappointment than to give up.
That sounds great for a greeting card.
But it's not always the case
in real life.
Just think about it.


It's not withdrawal.
No, I'm just about to collapse
from heat exhaustion.
Ben, Leah's flagging.

Stacy, we need to take a break.
- Stacy
- We've taken three breaks
this morning.
Well, then maybe we should stop,
sit in the shade until it cools off.
We can't stop!
Look, you were right.
This is harder than I thought.
But we have to keep going,
and you and I need
to look strong for them,
because we have a way to go, and I
I gave Leah the last
of our water ten minutes ago.

Ben, Elbow Bend is still
over two miles away,
and Ziggy says the odds suck
no matter what you do.
I keep thinking about that box, Addison,
back at the school,
the one they stick you in
and leave you for days.
There's probably a kid in it right now.
I know.
You said it yourself, this is more
than just about me saving their lives.
I was sent here to help them escape,
and I will help them escape.
- What happened?
I stepped in a snake hole. It hurts!
Leah, I'm just gonna
take a look at your ankle.
- Okay?
- Uh-huh.
It's broken.

Her foot got caught in a snakehole.
- They're they're everywhere.
- Okay,
I don't want anyone to panic, okay?
My mom used to say,
the more scared you are,
the more fear you have
as fuel to fix things.
In that case, your mom
should know I could power
a 747 right now.
No, Ben is right.
We have to focus. What do we do?
First, we're gonna build
a world-class splint for Leah.
Then, we're gonna get to that creek.
It's 2.1 miles as the crow flies,
but it's at least downhill.
Water is the only thing we need.
We can go hungry for weeks
if we have to.
But we won't have to.
I'm sure that cabin will have food.
Ben, I checked again.
Ziggy says there's no cabin
for, like, a dozen miles.
- Okay.
Here's what we need for that splint.
All right, you need
to stabilize the joint.
- Find two branches.
- We need two branches.
All right, we need some kind
of cushion and a cord.
Okay, do you have some
T-shirts and a belt, maybe?
All right, now you just
gotta secure the ankle.
Now we just have to secure the ankle.
Okay, that splint should
allow Leah to stand on her own
and walk with assistance.
I'll get better at it.
Nice job, imaginary hottie.
It is nice to be acknowledged.
Everybody ready?
Next stop, the creek.

Here, you can have my painkillers.
You sure?
I don't need 'em anymore.

Well, uh, I'd I'd like to say
that I know how much longer
this might take,
but unfortunately Or fortunately
I'm not Jenn, so I still have no idea
how much longer it's gonna take.
Not a time for jokes? Okay, noted.
Uh, hey, Addison, I don't suppose
that you would mind coming out
of the imaging chamber
to help me free Magic and Jenn.
No, I can't right now.
I will as soon as I can.
[SIGHS] Okay, Ben,
it's only about a quarter mile
to the creek.
Wow. I really can't feel anything.
How many did you give her?
One, I swear.
Do these pills make you chatty?
I feel like they're making me chatty.
It's funny because usually
I like to feel pain.
That's weird, right?
They say it's about control.
Like, people who self-harm are
actually seeking control,
which makes sense because for me,
it doesn't matter how well I do
in school or anything else.
I'm interested in girls.
Just so happens that means
that my mom and dad think
that I'm going to hell.
And Stacy, I know you would just tell me
not to care what they think,
but I can't help it.
I love them.
Can you forgive them,
show them the kindness
that they couldn't give you?
And who exactly will that help?
It'll help her.
I mean, all my life, I just
assumed I was a misfit toy,
like, broken in the box.
But it seems like
you guys don't feel that way.
Like, maybe to you I'm not weird.
Leah, we don't think you're
weird because you're not weird.
We think you're kind of great.
- You do?
- Yeah.
Then again, look at us.
You really wanna be lumped in
with this group?
That's a low bar.
No, no, no, no, no, no!
There's no water.
On all the maps, this was a blue line.
1996 must have been
a dry year for runoff.

There's no way.
There's no way this is the leap.
There's no way.
There's no way this is the leap!
There's no way I don't save these kids.
Maybe he's talking to his friend.
Or maybe he's lost it.
[BARELY AUDIBLE] There's no way.

I have to do this.

What do you see?
That's a perfect circle, right?
That's not natural.
That's because it's a pipe.
An intake pipe For fresh water.
It's illegal to draw water
from a creek like this,
but that doesn't mean
people don't do it,
especially people who want
to live off the grid
and who want to stay
Stay hidden.
What is it?

We made it.
We made it!
The cabin was off the grid.
That's why Ziggy couldn't find it.
Wait, who's Ziggy?

Hey guys, there's a generator out back.
Should I try to power it up?
No, no, no. No need.
We got lights.
What about food?
Tons of food. Like, so much.
Take your pick. There's
a full cupboard back there.
We got water.

Was that your uncle you tried?
He's not like my parents.
Okay, he's really cool.
He's on local news.
Okay, I get it. You guys don't have
someone like him, but I do.
So trust me.
Fine. I trust you.
But under one condition.
You have to dance.
- But my ankle's broken!
- No, come on.
- It's I I can't
- Come on, come on, come on.
Get up. Get up. [LAUGHTER]

Oh. Oh, no. Why
- Don't look at me.
- Up.
- Oh, no.
- Oh-hoh-hoh, yes.
Oh, so yes.

Oh, I've had it up to ♪
Oh, I've had it up to ♪
Oh ♪
I've had it up to ♪
Here ♪
What did he say?
My dad, what'd he say?
Is he in trouble?
- Is he hurt?
- He's lonely.
He said he's lonely and worried
you'll never call him back.
[GROANS] Is it worth it?
Is it really worth the risk
of being disappointed?
It's worth the risk.
What, no quip?
No thoughtful pearls of wisdom,
just a straightforward answer?
It's worth the risk.
Anyone order room service?
God, it feels good to be real.
I've gotta admit,
you were right about this place.
You doubted me? You doubted me?
No. No.
No, no, no, of course not.
Of course not.
- Really?
- Mm-mm.
Letting go ♪
And if it's real, well,
I don't want to know ♪
Don't speak, I know
just what you're saying ♪
So please stop explaining ♪
I don't need one
of your speeches, Klepto.
It's not a speech.
Just an observation.
An observation, huh?
You're a leader, Stacy.
You're the reason we're all here,
and you're the reason
we're gonna make it.
But being a leader's hard,
especially when it's not your choice.
Like when you lose a parent.
You're forced to grow up fast.
Too fast.
Just know that it's okay to slow down.
It's okay to let people in.
It's okay to make mistakes,
like, um, kissing the wrong boy.
Who knows? Might just end up
being the right one.
I thought you weren't
gonna give me a speech.
That was totally a speech.
- It was a speech.
- Mm-hmm.
It was also the truth.
No. No, no, no, no.
Blow out the candles. Someone's coming.
- What?
- Someone is coming.

It's the only residence in the area.
Only so far they could've got.

They're definitely here.
Ms. Thompson, Mr. Bacall,
we know you're here.
You're just making it worse
on yourselves.
Ms. Valencia,
I would to have to report this
little incident to your parents.
Or yours, Mr. Winters.


Hey! I'm out here, guys!
Hey, let's get this over with.
Yeah, take your time.
I can't really run anywhere, so
I'm here all night.
Where are the others, Leah?
They left about five hours ago.
Yeah, said I was slowing them down.
Well, I guess she isn't faking it.
We gotta help her.
What are you gonna do, fight them?
Leah's doing this to save us.
We go out there, get caught or worse,
and Leah's sacrifice was for nothing.

We need to get to Reno.
We get to Reno, and we disappear.
It's not finished. What we
set out to do, it's not finished.
What did we set out to do?
Escape! Leah just gave us that.
You didn't set out just to escape.
You set out to have lives.
And after having spent the last
day and half with you both,
you both want to have lives that matter.
You go out there now,
you'll never forgive yourselves.
What do you recommend? Huh?
We just storm the school,
just tear down walls of oppression?
Yes. That's exactly what we do.
Once and for all.
With Leah's help.
Leah's help? What are you talking about?
How can Leah help?
Do you know the hell you're
putting your parents through?
If you just listened,
you wouldn't have these problems, Leah,
but you refuse to help yourself.
We tried to give you all
the tools you need to succeed,
but you insist on being defiant.
Well, hopefully a week in the box
will help you see the light.
No! No! No!
Don't look at us.
You only have yourself to blame.
I'm sorry! I'm really sorry!

You are so over.
Start rolling right now.
Uncle George!
- Are you okay?
- Yeah. Yeah.
Wait, wait, wait. What is this?
That's my question for you.
What is going on here exactly?
- What is your name?
- His name's Ringer,
'cause he likes to ring our bell.
You like my hat?
You, you're the director
of Sierra Academy,
isn't that right
Director Sullivan, I believe?
- Uh
- What were you doing
to my niece? What are you doing
to the kids that come here for help?
No comment.
Now, this is private property.
I'm calling the police.
Rest assured,
they're already on their way.
Wanna guess who goes into a box next?
Well, have forensics go over the place
and let me know if you find anything.
- Gone?
- With all her most crucial
equipment stripped out
of her imaging chamber.
Don't worry. You'll get her.
How do you know that?
Because you're you.
You never give up.

Hey, Dad. How's it going?
No, sorry, I was busy.
[CHUCKLES] No, I haven't eaten yet.
I guess I could go for some dim sum.

You came back. I was hoping you might.
It was all Klepto's idea.
Yeah, but calling
your uncle was Stacy's.
What? I listen.
We're gonna get you all out
of here in a few minutes.
I just wanna make sure
you're all comfortable
- with going on record.
- Oh, with pleasure.
Not just with the press
The police, CPS, everybody.
You sure it'll change things?
Whew. Big time.
I have a pretty good feeling it will.
Sierra Youth Academy is shut down.
Director Sullivan and several
members of his staff
are indicted on multiple counts
of child endangerment,
and Leah's uncle does a whole
series of investigative reports
about child youth camps
just like this one
all around the Southwest.
What about the kids?
They're gonna be okay?
- Who's he talking to?
- Shh. Don't interrupt.
Stacy moved to Vegas.
She's managing a casino.
Roy lives in Boston, has four kids,
and runs a group home.
Leah is a rocket scientist Shocker.
And you're a sculptor.
Life isn't always easy,
but they stay friends.
Even go on vacations together.
Hm. Friends for life.

Oh, after this, I think we're
gonna be friends for life.
Yeah, we can be pen pals.
Or, I don't know, use a phone.
Am I the only one who's heard of email?
Um, yeah, did you think
I meant snail mail?
What's Sn oh.
I get it. [LAUGHTER]
Friends for life.
I have to do this.

Promise me you'll see this through,
no matter what happens.
If you're right about this,
what choice do I have?

Would you just excuse me
for just one moment?
You okay?
I, um
I remember.

Remember what?
Are you sure you want to do this?
It's the only chance we've got.
Why I leapt in the first place.

It's to save you.
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